My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1403

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1403

Harry sighed as he patted Michael’s shoulder with immense regret.

Michael was already in his forties, yet he was still living together with Sophia illegally as their remarriage kept being delayed. Originally, he was expected to marry into the big and powerful Michel Family. However, now that Harry had slaughtered his father-in-law’s lover’s daughter in one fell swoop, his dream of marrying into a powerful family was shattered.

Just then, Michael pushed Harry’s hand off his shoulder and comforted him. “Don’t worry, I’m also rich and powerful.”

Naturally, Michael knew the Adams Family was not going to let this go easily. Not only would they not let go of the Winston’s, but they might also smear his name. After all, Sophia was the one who had stabbed Betsy first.

Then again, Michael and Harry had been working together for many years. In Bayside City, they were the mafias whereas the Adams family were newcomers. As such, they weren’t afraid of the Adams Family at all. Now, it all depended on Cooper’s stance…

After all, Sophia was involved in this as well. Would Cooper want his little darling to pay for what she did?

No, that was out of the question. Betsy deserved what happened to her.

Harry and the Winston Family were fearless. To them, this was just another small matter. For the most part, that person had it coming to be killed by Madam Winston for kidnapping the young master of the Winston family.

Frankly, they even held a feast to celebrate and congratulate Madam little kitten on her first kill.

At first, the Winston Family did not approve of Sarah. She was short and cute, which didn’t match Harry’s domineering aura at all.

In the underworld, they were all about ruthlessness.

However, Sarah’s sweet face couldn’t look ruthless at all even if she tried.

But this time, she successfully won over the entire Winston Family when she tore apart the insurance lady from the Adams Family.

At last, their Madam Winston finally became ruthless!

While the Winston Family were in a celebratory mood, Tiffany, on the other hand, was devastated.

She had been in a daze ever since she watched the doctors fail to resuscitate her daughter, whose corpse would soon be transferred to the morgue.

Just a few hours ago, my daughter was still alive. How could she be gone just like that?

Truthfully, she couldn’t accept the fact that her daughter who was alive and well, and who she had raised for over twenty years, was gone.

Tiffany looked at Betsy’s corpse, whose skin was ghastly pale from the excessive loss of blood. It was only after she was cleaned up did Tiffany clearly see the wounds that were littered all over the body. Every slash was deep, and each of them seemed to have stabbed Tiffany in the heart.

Her daughter—her only daughter—had been so brutally tortured and killed.

She loved Harry, and all she wanted was to be with him!

She didn’t harm anyone. All she did was invite Harry’s son over as a guest.

How could they kill her?

“That’s enough.” Cooper hurriedly held Tiffany and let the hospital staff take Betsy’s body away.

Undoubtedly, he deeply regretted Betsy’s death even though she had brought it upon herself. Despite that, he knew better than to make any remarks.

“Tiffany, she’s gone. Don’t be too sad. You need to take care of your body.”

Don’t be too sad… How could she not be sad?

Tiffany was smiling bitterly when her vision blurred, and she passed out.

Amidst the haziness, she seemed to hear someone speaking…

“Ms. Tiffany is three months pregnant. It looks like she suffered an emotional shock and fainted. No worries, all she needs is plenty of rest. Older mothers are not advised to do anything strenuous…”

“Ms. Betsy’s body is still in the morgue.”

“The police are gone.”

“I’ve already gone to the Winston Family to apologize. Harry is a sensible person and they agreed to not hold the Adams Family accountable.”

Upon hearing Harry’s name, Tiffany, who was lying in the hospital bed, fought hard to open her eyes and listened to Bailey and Cooper’s conversation by the door of the ward.

“I’ll leave Tiffany to you for the time being. I have just reached an agreement with the Winston Family. We’ll leave this incident behind us and Betsy’s death will not affect anything. I won’t make things difficult for you either,” Bailey said to Cooper.

Deep down, Cooper felt responsible for this incident.

Betsy had been harassing Harry for a long time, yet Harry had never once taken any action because he was Michael’s close friend and neighbor, whereas the Adams Family and Michel Family were family friends. Moreover, Harry respected Cooper, which was why he let Betsy get away with what she did over and over again. Otherwise, he would have chopped her up himself long ago.

Furthermore, he had advised Tiffany and Bailey many times to restrain Betsy. Unfortunately, Betsy never once took Bailey seriously while Tiffany condoned her behavior. Ultimately, this was their family affair, and Cooper could only do so much without straining any of the relationships.

At that moment, Cooper thought that he should have been more assertive then. If he had been, perhaps this situation would not have happened.

“I’m also responsible for this incident. As for the Winston Family, I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you,” Cooper replied.

The Adams Family were considered outsiders. Although they were a world-renowned insurance giant and they were powerful abroad, even more so than the Winston Family, the latter ruled the underworld in Bayside City. In fact, it was Betsy herself who started this mess, so she deserved what happened to her. Meanwhile, Bailey was worried that the Winston Family would take their anger out on the Adams Group.

If the insurance industry wanted to survive, they had to be on good terms with the underworld. If the mafias started any trouble at all, the insurance company would be losing money to the point of bankruptcy.

Therefore, immediately after the incident, the first thing Bailey did was go to the Winston’s to apologize and vowed to restrain Tiffany to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Cooper didn’t want the two families to be against each other either, and he thought that Bailey’s approach was wise.

As the two were discussing, they realized Tiffany had woken and was sitting up on the hospital bed, quietly watching them.

Her green eyes shone brightly as if resentment had lit them up.

Turning around, Cooper saw that she was awake and hurried to her side. “You’re awake? You need to lie down, you’re pregnant. You need to be careful and take care of the baby.”

Instead, Tiffany stared straight at Bailey, who was standing at the doorway.

Bailey was fifteen. He was dressed in a black formal suit and looked like he had just come from a business meeting. His green eyes, identical to Tiffany’s, were also staring back at her.

With a smirk, Tiffany sneered, “So, you’re saying that my daughter’s death was her own fault, while the Winston Family is innocent? You even approached the Winston Family and thanked them for getting rid of your competitor?”

Other than the Winston Family, the person who would be happy about Betsy’s death was this brat before her.

With an indifferent expression, Bailey spoke in a business-like tone. “Tiffany, I’m deeply sorry about Betsy’s death, but the Adams family’s business in Cethos cannot be affected by her death. I’ve appeased the Winston’s, and they have promised they wouldn’t—”


At once, Tiffany interrupted Bailey with a miserable and sarcastic laugh.

“In other words, you won’t be avenging my daughter’s death, and instead, you’re going to beg the murderers for mercy?”

With a perpetually emotionless face, Bailey kept his true thoughts as usual in the deepest corners of his tender fifteen-year-old mind. Nodding, he answered, “Yes. While you were unconscious, I had a video conference with the board of directors and the elder’s council. They have unanimously agreed to drop the charges for Betsy’s death in exchange for the Winston Family’s forgiveness.”

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