My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1409

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1409

Tiffany was four months pregnant, but her belly had not started showing yet. Arriving at the hospital under the bodyguards’ careful protection, Tiffany was extra vigilant and did not greet Sophia and Michael even after she saw them. Any ordinary antagonist would have taken the opportunity to jeer at Sophia at such a moment.

However, Tiffany did not even spare Sophia a glance after bumping into her although she knew Sophia was looking for every possible chance to kill her unborn child. Well, I guess that’s the difference between a normal antagonist and the ultimate boss, Michael marveled inwardly.

In fact, he had been looking for opportunities to harm Tiffany the past few days too but to no avail because Tiffany was extremely cautious. Besides, Copper had given her the highest level of protection, and Michael couldn’t even seize a good timing to lay a hand on Tiffany though the hospital where she went for prenatal checkups was actually under his management. My old father-in-law is totally acting against his usual calm and rational persona!

Michael knew there was not much time left for him. How could he leave with a peace of mind if even Cooper was unreliable? He had originally intended to leave Sophia and Carmen in Cooper’s hand.

Regarding that, Cooper had also made his statement. If Michael as Sophia’s husband who was thirteen years older than her was able to take care of the two ladies for a lifetime, then him as the father who was eighteen years older than Sophia would be able to do the same too. However, Michael became perplexed at this moment. For the first time in his life, he started doubting Cooper who had always been powerful.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still annoyed after leaving the hospital, and she was cursing Tiffany non-stop on the way back. “Look at that old woman. She’s so arrogant! What’s so great about being pregnant? Just you wait, I’m going to do IVF and I’ll get a pair of twins too!”

Michael furrowed his brows. Earlier on, he had already learned about the process of IVF. It was indeed grueling and torturing from the stage of fertilization to conception and labor. He couldn’t even bear to let Sophia suffer the process though she was only in her late twenties. Yet, that old woman was seeking all these troubles when she was almost fifty years old. Does she really love Cooper so much?

Moreover, it had probably not been easy for her to get pregnant at this age, and she might miscarry anytime when Sophia started taking action.

During the weekend, Sophia secretly asked Lucy out again to the bar where they usually went. Recently, two of them would meet up for a drink from time to time. There weren’t many customers at midnight. The bunny girl on the stage was singing out of tune while several drunk men lay disorderly over the tables. There were only very few who remained sober.

After two glasses of wine, Sophia gradually lost control over her emotions. “Who is that old woman to bear my dad’s child? My dad’s totally out of her league!”

Sipping her wine quietly, Lucy did not chime in and only spoke up after Sophia finished ranting. “According to my understanding of your father, he’ll definitely not do so. He must have some other plans.”

Sophia smirked and remained silent. Cooper was a calm and rational man in her opinion. Putting aside the way he treated his children and Carmen, Cooper was almost like a robot. Nonetheless, this matter concerned his offspring. Would he treat that child the same way he treated Sophia?

Back then when Virs-18 hit the country, Sophia was on the verge of death. In order to accumulate merit on behalf of Sophia so that she could quickly regain consciousness, Cooper had desperately released the cure and caused the money which he had invested over the years to go down the drain. That was the day when Cooper was the least calm and rational throughout his life.

In fact, Sophia too had reckoned that Cooper might have some other plans, but she still couldn’t stand seeing Tiffany being this arrogant.

Sophia’s car was parked at the same old spot outside the bar. Sitting shotgun, Michael was scrolling through his phone while occasionally lifting his head to glance at the parking lot across the street, where Lucy’s car was parked.

It was still the same original model. Actually, this ex-girlfriend of his was a nostalgic person. She had been using this car for many years, and she was already using it when Michael started dating her. The car had gone under repair several times, and it was amazing that she was still using this old manual car after so many years.

In the past, Michael could always see Dana sitting in the car waiting for Lucy. But alas, now that Lucy was engaged to that toad, Dana was unlikely to appear anymore. Michael felt sorry for his ex-girlfriend for marrying such an ugly man. He couldn’t imagine making out with someone who had a face as hideous as his.

Michael kept glancing toward Lucy’s car. It was dark inside the car and it seemed like no one was in there, but Michael knew there was someone in the car. Perhaps he was staring at the car so frequently that even the person in the car had noticed him. The car door was opened all of a sudden, thereafter a man in black suit who looked like a bodyguard got out of the car and came to knock on Michael’s car window.

“Hey dude, let’s get a drink!”

Holding a bag of peanuts and Cokes, the man took off his obstructive sunglasses and revealed his face. It was Dana!

Michael had no idea why Dana was here, and they had started drinking even before Michael could realize. Sitting outside the bar, two of them had some snacks and Coke but dared not to take alcohol because they still had to drive later.

Michael did not ask Dana where she had been. Silently sipping his Coke, Michael looked toward the bar. While they were drinking, Dana gave a burp out of the blue and said, “Just stay out of Cooper’s affairs.”

Michael put down his can of Coke and asked in astonishment, “Even you’re aware of that?” Has the news about Cooper’s child traveled so far already? Even Dana who popped out from nowhere knows about that.

Smiling smugly, Dana did not answer the question.

Suddenly, Michael recalled that on the day of Lucy’s engagement, Sophia came home and said that she had seen Dana at the ceremony, and that Dana was standing beside Jordaine’s son, Moore. At that time, Michael thought Sophia was drunk.

Ever since Dana’s incident, the Winstons had not revealed her whereabouts. Even Harry had not answered Michael when he asked him, and so Michael actually thought Dana had died. But she turned out to be alive!

In other words, the person whom Sophia suspected as Dana that night was indeed her. Is her current condition so abject that she needs to work under Moore? That’s impossible! She must have approached Moore as an undercover agent.

Lost in thought, Michael reckoned Dana had actually perceived something but remained silent. It seemed like she had gotten back together with Lucy again and was helping Lucy to deal with Jordan, and the first step of her plan was to lurk around Moore.

Moore was one of the most capable sons whom Jordan loved the most. As such, Moore and his mother must have participated in many schemes of Jordan. For instance, Jordaine must have contributed to stealing Cooper’s frozen sperm.

Just as Michael’s thoughts were running wild, Dana stood up and said, “My bladder is having some issue and I’ve been urinating quite frequently.”

With that, she swayed to the nearby bushes to pee. It was already midnight anyway and there was barely anyone in this remote area. A few drunkards too had come out from the bar to pee in the bushes. That explained the extraordinarily lush greenery outside the bars.

Meanwhile, Michael was roasting Dana inwardly. How can a girl just pull down her pants and pee by the roadside?

He secretly peeked at her, wondering if she would squat down. However, little did he expect to see Dana unzipping her pants and pulling out a penis. Instantly, Michael was knocked down with a feather as he stared at the huge pecker with his eyes wide open.

What a long, thick, scary d*ck!

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