My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1411

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1411

“Are you actually going to be a bodyguard for the green-eyed boy with the long eyelashes?”

Quinton just received the labor contract from Bailey, but the well-informed Michael already found out and immediately questioned him face-to-face.

Quinton replied, “I’m working undercover next to Bailey to find the three apricot seeds.”

Michael looked at him suspiciously. Then, he took a look at his labor contract.

Wow, that’s a pretty high pay for a part-time bodyguard. Are you sure you’re not being Bailey’s bodyguard for the sake of making money and adding a d*ck to your body like Dana?

Michael knew him well. The Phantom Wolf has gone bankrupt long ago and all the members have left the organization. They were the organization with the most brutal killers because of stimulants. But also because of stimulants, the organization completely crumbled to the ground. They no longer have fake drugs to sell and I have confisticated all their illegal gains. Quinton is now broke.

The salary of a teacher in Bayside University who is still under probation is pretty low. He is now conducting live lectures online and he even borrows my car to drive people around to earn money. He is pretty hardworking and pitiful.

Compared to online lectures and driving people around, the salary of being Bailey’s bodyguard is indeed higher. Well, I should just let him be. According to his income, he will probably need a few years to earn the amount of money needed for the operation. For the next few years, he will be busy earning money the honest way. It is better for him to have a decent job than idle around.

With that, Quinton became Bailey’s personal bodyguard. He would go to work after he finished teaching at Bayside University every day. Quinton even had to conduct live online lectures on holidays, so he was an extremely busy man.

After the summer vacation of Bayside University started, Quinton started working at the Adams Group full time.

Ever since Tiffany was kicked out by Bailey, almost all of the board of directors were controlled by this 15 year-old president. The pressure he faced was unprecedented.

While Bailey’s peers were anxious about high school, he was already in charge of a big company and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people. Naturally, more and more people wanted him dead.

Bailey knew this so he had increased the number of bodyguards; Quinton was one of them. In Bailey’s eyes, Quinton was the perfect bodyguard. After all, the Fletcher family had a reputation in Bayside City. Moreover, Quinton was a retired killer who had turned good, so most killers wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Quinton also occasionally returned to Michael’s place to bring him the latest news of the Adams Group.

With Cooper’s help, Tiffany had a chance to take control of the Adams Group again. There were rumors that Tiffany had an abortion for Cooper’s sake and that in order to repay her, Cooper promised to help her regain her position in Adams Group. However, there was no news about the three apricot seeds. Bailey hid it well.

A few days later, Quinton told Michael that Tiffany had fully recovered and Cooper had appeared with her at a branch of Adams Group. Tiffany was still on the board of directors and a shareholder. Her grand return had caused a huge sensation in Adams Group, but Quinton still had no news about the three apricot seeds.

Two months laters, Quinton came over again. He told Michael that there were rumors circulating in the Adams Group that Cooper and Tiffany were engaged. Furthermore, with Cooper’s help, Tiffany was working hard and gradually taking back control of the Adams Group. She was also secretly lobbying the support of other senior executives. Because of this, Bailey was under a lot of pressure and only slept two to three hours a day. He was so anxious that his eyelashes were falling out.

“What about the apricot seeds?”

Michael didn’t care whether the green-eyed boy was losing his eyelashes. He was only concerned about the apricot seeds.

Quinton helplessly said, “Your father-in-law and his fiancée are making your future son-in-law so anxious that he is about to go bald. How can you only be concerned about those three apricot seeds?!”

Michael was so furious, his face darkened. Seeing this, Quinton trembled in fear and left in a hurry. Sophia, who was standing at the side, had the same expression as Michael.

She was not mad about the three apricot seeds. After all, it was not a big deal for children to exchange small gifts with each other. She was mad about the fact that Cooper and Tiffany were probably going to announce to the public that they were a couple. Sophia was also furious that Cooper was cheating on Anna.

It seems that I have underestimated that scheming old hag. Being pregnant with Cooper’s children was not her ultimate goal. If she really did it because she wanted to have Cooper’s children, she could have just hired a surrogate. With her age and body, she couldn’t give birth at all, let alone give birth to a pair of twins. She was doomed to lose her babies from the beginning, but she still did it without any hesitation. That is because her goal is not to be pregnant, but to obtain Cooper’s attention and pity through miscarriage. Sure enough, she succeeded.

Right now, Cooper visits Tiffany from time to time and even appears in Adams Group together with her. This means that he is on her side and he is showing the people at Adams Group that he will support Tiffany and help her win. Moreover, he lent her a lot of money.

That old hag!!!

Sophia was so enraged, she stomped around the room. Meanwhile, Michael was also walking around anxiously.

Cooper and that old hag won’t be able to build a family anyways. Tiffany can’t give birth anymore and she’s old. At most, she probably wants to use Cooper’s influence to regain her position in Adams Group.

Cooper is a wise man. He wasn’t tricked into sleeping with Tiffany even after twenty years, so it will be the same for the next twenty years.

However, those three apricot seeds… Quinton said that other than taking a shower and exercising, Bailey carries those three apricot seeds everywhere with him. Even when taking a shower and playing basketball, he would leave the apricot seeds with the person he trusts the most for safekeeping.

Bailey values those three apricot seeds so much, he treats it like a precious treasure. He even cleans them regularly. It seems like a serious problem! Oh no… I will not let Carmen marry that green-eyed boy with long lashes who looks sad all the time!

Sophia and Michael were in two different worlds, worrying about two different things.

Sophia had been in contact with Callum. ‘Is your dad in love with someone else?’

‘My mom is in a bad mood. I asked her yesterday and she told me that she hasn’t been in contact with your father for more than three months. I’m positive that your father doesn’t love her anymore.’

‘It’s over. Your father and mother are about to break up. You are going to be an orphan that nobody wants.’

Sophia read through Callum’s messages repeatedly and her face darkened.

Cooper visits Tiffany every day, takes care of her and goes out in public with her like a couple. He even publicly sides with her. It’s natural for Anna to be upset after finding out about this. Perhaps this is the reason Jordan willingly gave Cooper’s sperm to Tiffany. He wanted her to use her to tear Anna and Cooper apart. After all, Anna’s publicly-known fiancé is Jordan and Cooper is just a man she is having an affair with. However, Jordan has wives from all over the world; whether or not Anna has an affair doesn’t matter anymore. The weird love triangle that they’re in has too much hatred involved, and they can no longer be judged by general ethics.

Late at night, Cooper returned home, looking extremely exhausted.

“Dad.” As soon as he entered the house, he saw Sophia sitting on the sofa, waiting for him.

It was late autumn so it was chilly in the room. Sophia was already wearing velvet pajamas.

Cooper nodded as he removed his jacket and hung it on the clothes rack. He sounded tired as he spoke. Cooper seemed to be really busy lately, but he still walked over to show his concern for Sophia. “The temperature has dropped today. Are you cold? Are your clothes thick enough to keep you warm?”

As he spoke, he squeezed her pajamas and felt rest assured after he made sure it was thick. Then, he continued to nag at her. “What about long johns? You have to remember to wear long johns too!”

He was both a father and a mother to Sophia. Other than giving Sophia care and advice at work, he also took care and gave attention to Sophia’s daily life. Whether or not Sophia wore long johns was also under his jurisdiction.

With an upset expression, Sophia asked, “Dad, are you going to marry Tiffany?”

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