My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1415

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1415

“How is it possible that my father had a baby with Tiffany? Didn’t she have a miscarriage?” Sophia asked Sean. In a panicked tone, Sean hurriedly explained everything to her.

After hearing what he said, Sophia became really solemn. At the same time, Cooper received a similar call.

He was much more upset than Sophia was.

I can’t believe Tiffany gave birth to my baby! No, to be exact, she didn’t give birth to my children. She did the IVF and found a surrogate while also getting herself pregnant. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to give birth, but she still got pregnant to distract everyone’s attention.

Tiffany knew that as long as her children were still fetuses, even Cooper would be unreliable. Perhaps he would have even secretly make her have a miscarriage, so she had prepared a backup plan.

She had gotten pregnant to distract everyone while secretly engaging a surrogate. Now, the surrogate had delivered a healthy baby boy to her. The baby had arrived in Bayside City and Tiffany was about to take the child to meet Cooper.

Cooper suddenly had a son. In the end, he still became a father to a newborn baby.

A lively baby boy was different from a fetus. Sophia could do everything to make Tiffany have a miscarriage, but she couldn’t lay hands on a child.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“It’s Tiffany!”

Sophia immediately threw her phone onto the couch in anger.

That b*tch is shameless. How can she do such a thing? Now that she’s bringing the baby to meet Cooper, Cooper once again becomes a father. I’m afraid that old hag has Cooper trapped. So this was what she had been planning all along.

“I’ll go meet that old hag!” Sophia stood up furiously and stormed to the door.

Doesn’t she feel shame?! That b*tch! Unexpectedly, when she opened the door, she realized it wasn’t Tiffany at the door, but Theo and Michael.

“Huh? Didn’t you leave?” Sophia asked in surprise, but no one answered. Instead, she was greeted with a passionate kiss.


The unexpected fierce kiss made her dizzy. Cooper also thought Tiffany had come but when he went out, he saw Theo enter the house with a suitcase in hand and a blank expression.

Michael, who was supposed to be on the plane, was kissing Sophia.

Seeing this, Cooper thought that it was unexpected but reasonable. It was as if he had foreseen it.

He came back after all.

“Why are you back?”

As the couple kissed passionately in the background, the two old men exchanged a few words.

When Theo entered the house, Carmen hurriedly grabbed a pair of slippers for her grandfather while Justin took the suitcase from Theo. Rubbing Carmen’s head, Theo replied, “Air traffic control reported that the fog is too thick and the wind is too fierce today, so we came back.”

The plane could still fly if they wanted to leave, but Michael didn’t want to leave.

The research and development progress of the antidote had reached 80%, and clinical trials were under way.

They had invested a lot of money in the dental stem cells project and it was developing rapidly. Moreover, Quinton and Theo were two healthy, living organ banks that were on standby. There were infinite dangers in the future and nobody knew how things would go, but they already had several backup plans to deal with countless possibilities.

Even though cryogenic sleep was the safest bet and nobody would die or lose an organ, it was not the only thing that mattered.

Cryogenic sleep would cause Michael to suffer the greatest loss. For Michael, every second he couldn’t be with Sophia under the same blue sky was a great loss. Cryogenic sleep would be a waste of his life.

Even if his health was deteriorating, he would rather spend the limited time he had to give her all of his love.

After Michael was done kissing his wife, he let go of her. Sophia was so dizzy from the kiss, she could hardly think and was seeing stars.

“Didn’t you say that you were going abroad for a business trip? Why are you back?”

Even though Sophia seemed to have vaguely heard Theo say the reason, she asked again.

Changing his shoes, Michael said, “Air traffic control stopped us from flying, so we couldn’t leave.”

After answering Sophia hastily, Michael held her warm hand and walked into the living room. In this world, the coldest thing was ice and the warmest thing was her hands.

The trip to the airport had been the hardest moment of Michael’s life. It felt even worse than waiting for an execution.

He was afraid that time would fly by so quickly that he wouldn’t have enough time to reminisce about his short past before he had to face his unknown fate. At the same time, he was afraid that time would pass too slowly, and that every second for him would be pure torture.

On the way to his unknown fate, Michael had thought about his life. He was scared and terrified, but death was not what he feared. It was the separation of life and death instead.

In the end, he had decided to go home. Holding Sophia’s warm hand, all of his fear and horror instantly disappeared. With her by his side, he felt endless courage and drive.

If he had to make a choice between his life and Sophia, he was willing to use the rest of his life to be with her!

Theo was very supportive of Michael’s choice. If Michael’s health can’t fully recover and his organs fail, I’ll give him mine. He can take all of it if he wants. I don’t need them anyway. If any of his organs fail, we’ll find new ones to replace them. Michael is wealthy anyways. If my organs don’t work, we’ll search the world to find a suitable match. We’ll definitely find one! Cryogenic sleep is the safest bet, but it is also the riskiest.

Although he can stay alive, the biggest risk is the unknown. Nobody knows what he’ll lose while he’s in cryogenic sleep, and nobody knows what he’ll see when he walks out from the cryosleep chamber…

Which was why the two of them came back. Sophia had no idea that she had just gone through a possible separation. After Michael entered the house, she peeked out of the door and glanced at the surveillance monitors to make sure that Tiffany wasn’t there.

“That shameless old hag!”

Sophia continued cursing as she ate her dinner. She was even more agitated than Cooper. After all, she had seen how Tiffany raised her children. When her son grows up, he will certainly be like Betsy. I can stab Betsy with a knife, but that child is hard to deal with.

Sophia rambled on indignantly. Linus occasionally threw in some comments while Michael remained silent the whole time. His eyes kept wandering between the dinner table and Sophia’s bowl. As soon as he saw that it was empty, he immediately added some food into her bowl.

Sitting next to her and listening to her talk, Michael felt that even her breathing sounded sweet.

The atmosphere around the table that night was unusually somber.

One reason was because Cooper had a newborn child, and the other was because Michael had made his decision.

After dinner, Cooper asked Michael to head to the study.

“Why did you change your mind?” Cooper asked.

Michael sat down and Cooper poured him a cup of tea. The two of them usually bickered with each other and rarely sat down to discuss things in such a calm manner.

Michael took a sip of tea before he replied, “After giving it some thought, I realized that it wasn’t the best choice for her.”

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