My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1417

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1417

Michael glanced at the surveillance monitor and saw that Tiffany’s car was at the gates with other cars.

That’s a lot of people. It seems that she has gathered her whole family to directly move into The Imperial.

However, Cooper, Sophia, and Linus were all not home. Only Michael, the son-in-law, was left at home.

At that moment, Michael didn’t know what to do.

Should I let them in? If I do, Tiffany will definitely grab the opportunity to stay here. However, the baby in Tiffany’s arms is Cooper’s child. What if something happened to him outside? This old hag is really cunning. She’s purposely making things difficult for me.

They are still waiting outside. I’m sure that Tiffany hasn’t discussed it with Cooper before she came over. Moreover, she specially chose to come when Cooper and his family are not home. She predicted that I wouldn’t dare to offend her.

Michael hurriedly made a call.

“What?! That old hag is there with the child?!”

Judging from Sophia’s tone, Michael could tell how furious she was at the other end of the phone.

“No, you can’t let her in. Once she enters the house, it would be impossible to get her out. You can’t let her in. Just tell her that you’re not home!” Sophia said hurriedly.

However, all of a sudden, Michael heard another voice. “Let her in.”

It was Cooper’s voice and he sounded helpless and dejected.

“Dad!” Sophia was extremely dissatisfied.

Cooper sounded unsure but his tone also seemed to be irrefutable. “Just do what I say…”

With that, the call ended. Michael told the guards to open the community gates. A short while later, Tiffany entered the house with four nannies behind her. There was even a group of people carrying her luggage, and all of them marched in as if Tiffany was married into the family.

Seeing that only Michael was alone at home, even though it was within Tiffany’s expectations, she said, “Mike, it seems that you’re the only one here. It looks like I came at the wrong time.”


Tiffany already regarded herself as Cooper’s wife and spoke to Michael as if she was his mother-in-law. Furthermore, there was a strong sense of maternal love as she gazed at Michael, as if her love for her son-in-law would grow the more she looked at him.

Michael glanced at the baby in the nanny’s arms. Except for his eyes, the baby didn’t look like Tiffany in any other way. He could tell that the baby was mixed race, but it wasn’t really obvious.

Cooper was a second-generation mixed race and two generations later, Carmen’s mixed race features were also far less obvious compared to her mother.

That’s my father-in-law’s son!

Michael had goosebumps but he still forced a smile and said, “Cooper already got the news and he’s on his way here.”

Tiffany entered the living room and the group of people followed behind her. Tiffany picked up the child she had with Cooper and walked toward the elevator. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that elevator passcode so she asked Michael, “Mike, I’m holding a baby in my hands and I can’t press the elevator button. Can you help?”

Michael secretly grumbled. Naturally, he knew what Tiffany wanted him to do—she wanted to move into Cooper’s room. At that moment, she was holding Cooper’s child, so she had absolute advantage. She’s simply forcing herself in!

Michael had no choice. Can I refuse her? I can’t, right?

So he replied, “No problem.”

He entered the passcode and got into the elevator. Tiffany smiled triumphantly as they took the elevator to the third floor. Then, she directly moved all her things into Cooper’s bedroom.

As the only owner of the house left at home, Michael had to check up on her and he watched as Tiffany’s men put down her luggage.

Tiffany’s face was all smiles as she held the baby in her arms.

Then, Michael saw the strange bracelet on her wrist that looked like a tiny remote.

With a smile, Tiffany said to Michael, “From now on, we’re family. When I get married to Cooper, I’ll definitely give you and Sophia a present.”

A present? It doesn’t sound good. Perhaps she is going to kill Sophia, Linus, and Carmen on her wedding day. That way, she’ll be the only winner.

Tiffany is a terrible person. If it weren’t because Cooper was strong enough, she might have just kidnapped him and r*ped him, just like what Tanya did to Theo.

Since Cooper was too strong, she changed tactics. He stole his sperm and inserted it into her body instead.

Michael didn’t dare to imagine any further so he nodded in response.

When Sophia returned home, it was already too late. Tiffany’s child had already moved in and he was using what Carmen had used when she was a baby. He was even sleeping in the ‘royal crib’ that once belonged to Carmen.

Celine’s daughter had started walking on her own and everyone called her Bianca.

Carmen and Bianca leaned over the crib and watched Tiffany’s son with the cats and dogs that had gathered around.

The little baby rolled around in the crib, celebrating his hard-earned life. When he saw Judge’s head lean close, he smiled and tried to grab Judge’s head with his tiny hands.

Nathan, Quinton, and Michael came over and glanced at the child, and all of them felt goosebumps all over their bodies.

In the living room, Sophia and Cooper had solemn expressions on their faces. The two pairs of eyes were gloomy as they emitted a cold aura.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was sobbing at the side. “Coop, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. All I wanted was to have a child with you. I had a miscarriage and lost the twins. I can’t lose this child. Coop…”

Cooper didn’t say anything. Sophia was silent too, but she really wanted to give Tiffany a kick.

Seeing that Cooper wasn’t saying anything, Tiffany gestured at the nanny and the nanny immediately brought the child over. Then, Tiffany carried the child to Cooper and said, “Coop, look at our baby. Why don’t you give him a name?”

Cooper stayed silent but it was obvious he was furious. He glanced at the baby and said, “You can name him.”

With that, he got up, put on a jacket, opened the door and left. “I have some business to deal with, so I won’t be coming home tonight.” Soon, his figure disappeared into the darkness.

Cooper was gone just like that. Tiffany’s tactic had caught him off guard and he needed time to accept it.

Even though Cooper left, Tiffany didn’t chase after him. Instead, she carried the baby around as she tried to coax him.

She knew that Cooper would never give up on this child.

It’s good to have one of your own in an important position.

“Dear, come and meet your uncle.” Tiffany called Carmen to come over. Carmen was fascinated and she looked at her uncle who was in Tiffany’s arms.

Then, she glanced at Linus. Bianca babbled at the side, seeming like she was welcoming her new uncle.

Meanwhile, Sophia snorted and went back to her room.

Their evening family time was canceled because of Tiffany’s arrival.

Tiffany was not surprised by Sophia’s attitude.

It’s okay. She’ll definitely love me in a few days. If I enter the family like this, they won’t treat me as their own, so I have to be Cooper’s wife. Not only do I want to live here, but I also want Sophia to recognize me as her mother! I want the whole family to recognize my position!

Tiffany glanced at the ornament on her bracelet and there was great confidence in her gaze.

And this is my trump card!

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