My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1434

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1434

Cooper had never thought that Jordan would actually come out with such a ruthless and vicious move! He hugged his daughter desperately, as if even death could not separate them.

He had once found her lying on the barren ground outside Michel Town like a lifeless body. He then saved her and watched as she stayed by him, looking active and adorable, which had given him an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness. However, never had he ever thought that right after he had sent a child to be frozen, he had to watch as another child died before his eyes! He held back his tears. No, I can’t let Sophia die!

At that moment, Sophia finally returned to her senses from this staggering news. The first person that crossed her mind was Tiffany. According to Linus’ explanation earlier, the bomb could only be removed after being disabled using the remote control. She suddenly recalled the weird-looking accessory on Tiffany’s wrist—it actually looked like a remote control. That must be the bomb’s remote control.

Jordan gave Tiffany the remote control probably because he wanted her to use it to ‘negotiate’ with Cooper so that he could be with her, and at the same time, separate him and Anna. However, Tiffany did not play this card. Instead, she decided to wait until her relationship with Cooper turned out well and they got married before telling them about the remote control.

She had thought ahead. If she had taken out the remote control at that time to force Cooper to be with her, they would not be happy after their marriage; besides, Sophia’s family would resent her and treat her with hostility.

Instead, it would be better to get married with Cooper after they had a baby together before showing them the remote control. After she managed to save Sophia, Cooper and his family would be grateful to her, and through this, she would be wholeheartedly accepted by Cooper and his family. Nevertheless, life was full of uncertainties. Betsy’s death had messed up all her plans.

Michael thought of the same thing as well and immediately asked Bailey, “Where’s Tiffany?”

Bailey did not expect that Tiffany was actually talking about a bomb. He replied with regret, “Everything was burnt to ashes. Nothing remained.” This was also part of Tiffany’s plan—to tell them the truth at the last moment before she died as an act of revenge on Cooper.

Michael refused to believe it and he immediately uttered to him, “Lead the way. I want to go to the scene to check out myself.” Maybe the remote control is fireproof.

Michael left in a hurry with Bailey to find Tiffany’s remote control at the scene, just in case it was still there. Quinton followed along as well.

Cooper first made arrangements on where to place Sophia before heading over. Upon wiping away his tears, Linus went over as well. Although Cooper did not blame Linus for the incident, the latter knew that he himself was guilty. If Sophia died because of this, he would not be able to live on as well. He would not be able to accept the tragic fact that he was the one who caused his sister’s death.

In fact, this was also Jordan’s aim—he intended to use Sophia’s death to give Cooper a blow and sever the father-and-son relationship between them. Michael would also part ways with Cooper and Linus if Sophia died.

By then, Cooper would be alone and helpless, doomed to live the rest of his life in guilt and misery, unable to stand back up. Losing his daughter would give him more despair and suffering than killing him alone. It was indeed a vicious plot.

In fact, the bomb had its limitations. Though the use of remote control was required to activate the bomb, the remote control must be within 10 km from the bomb in order to take effect. Therefore, Cooper immediately sent Sophia to another place in secret so that Jordan would not be able to find her. Nevertheless, she could not hide from him for her whole life, so they had to remove the bomb as soon as possible.

As the bombs were made by Linus to pass time, the relevant documents had long been gone, unable to be found. Even Linus had no other way to disarm it, since he initially thought that all three bombs had been destroyed.

Sophia was placed in a farmhouse located in a deserted area in the suburb. The farmhouse was in a secluded area, surrounded by a 10km radius of land with barely any people around. Meanwhile, the situation on Michael’s side was not optimistic. He came out from the ruins covered in black ashes, but empty-handed. The remote control had turned into ashes along with the Tiffany. No, according to what I know about Jordan, it would be impossible that he would give the remote control to Tiffany so easily. Therefore, even if we were able to find it here, it may not be of much use.

Michael hurried home before he got to clean the ashes all over him. However, upon arriving home, he did not see Sophia, so he instantly gave her a call out of fluster. “Chica, where are you?”

Sophia, who was at the other end of the line, kept quiet for a moment before answering, “Don’t worry. I’m fine. Dad has arranged for me to stay in a very safe place. There is an internet connection here, so I can still handle my work online.”

Without bothering to clean the ashes on him, he left the house in a hurry again while asking, “Where are you? I am coming over now.”

She hesitantly replied, “I am fine here, and there is internet. I have brought Nicholas and Shae over here, and I have enough food in the fridge. I can watch movies and chat online when I have free time.”

“Tell me your coordinates. I am going over to keep you company.” It was rare for Michael to speak in a domineering tone that allowed no room for rejection.

However, she still refused to give him a direct answer and changed the topic instead. “Carmen’s classes are almost over. If you are free, you should go and pick her up. There are still two babies at home, so you will have to take care of them.”

Although they could only hear each other through the phone and Sophia was trying her best to hold herself back, Michael was still able to hear her fear in her tone. The bomb could explode at any time, so she had to find a place and wait there alone. As long as the bomb was still inside her, she could not leave the place.

Sophia must be feeling extremely afraid at this moment, and she needed Michael now more than ever, so he must go and accompany her. However, before he managed to say anything, Sophia decided to hang up the call in a fluster. “I have a video conference later. I am hanging up now.”

After hanging up the call, she lay on the table, allowing tears to flow freely down her face. She was alone in the suburb. It was a quiet place without any people around, surrounded by only farmland. The signal here was bad, and there was no heater.

Although Cooper had sent people over to take care of her, she rejected all of them. She was a ticking time bomb. Currently, Jordan must be thinking of a way to come over to activate the bomb in her in order to give Cooper and Anna a blow. So, if she was destined to die, she should just die alone.

Cooper had chosen a lot of good ingredients for her and managed to fill the double leaf fridge with food. With all essential food and a liquefied gas tank to replace the gas pipelines, she would have no problem surviving here on her own.

Cooper felt heartache to leave her here on her own, but he had no other choice as he had to go to look for other ways to save her. Linus, on the other hand, had gone straight to his laboratory. He was determined to find a solution since the bomb was made by him.

“Darling, don’t worry. I’ll definitely save you. You must give me a call if you need anything.” Cooper kept turning back to look at her when he was leaving as he was afraid that this would be the last time he would see her. Sophia put up a strong front and smiled. “Dad, just leave. I’m not afraid.”

As a matter of fact, she was terrified—terrified that she had to stay hidden for the rest of her life, and terrified that she would die all of a sudden. She was afraid that she would lose her loved ones, but what she was even more afraid of was losing Michael.

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