My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1436

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1436

The Lantern Festival had yet to arrive, but the temperature was as low as ever. Sophia would often feel sluggish and unwilling to leave the house. However, every afternoon, when the temperature slightly rose, Judge would scratch the door, bugging her so that she would take him out for a walk.

Though the sun was bright today, the weather was cold as usual. Since Sophia was more sensitive to cold, her limbs would often feel chilly. Despite wearing thick, warm clothes, her body temperature still dropped, and she still felt cold when she was outside.

With their hands held together, the two of them took a stroll at the nearby snowfield. The snow, which had yet to melt, was fluffy, and their footprints appeared on the snow as they walked.

The two of them sauntered in the snow. It had been a long time since they had taken such a leisure stroll.

However, the dog was running around happily, which made the atmosphere suddenly become a little silly.

Michael only wished to enjoy every minute and second he had with her.

As they were walking, they talked about their past.

They talked about every little moment they had had together—the first time they fell for each other, the first time they made love to each other, their past relationships. They practically talked about everything.

“Why did you pick me back then?” Sophia curiously asked.

Her question made him recall the past when he first saw her photo. He himself did not know why she was the only person he had selected out of the pile of photos of beautiful girls.

At that time, her looks were not outstanding at all, but both he and Nathan selected her at first look.

I don’t know as well… perhaps it was fate.

He held her hands to keep them warm as he answered, “I don’t know the reason as well. Anyway, I just want you.”

She shyly smiled.

The two of them walked further and further into the snowfield. Gloomy clouds hung in the sky again later in the afternoon, and after a while, it started snowing. As they were not aware of the sudden change in weather, snow landed on them and dyed their hair white.

The two of them spent their days with only each other’s company in this desolate suburb. A husband and a wife, together with a dog. They cooked, walked the dog, and had walks together, living the best of their lives.

Meanwhile, in Bayside City, everyone was working tirelessly. Linus was trying to figure out a way to deactivate the bomb in his laboratory, while Cooper was trying his best to deal with Jordan.

It would be quite impossible for Jordan to ignite the bomb in Bayside City since he had to consider the consequences.

Now, Jordan had merely lost his control over the Yard Family and had yet to be driven to a corner, so he probably would not set off the bomb yet. Nevertheless, Cooper had to keep him under control.

After Tiffany died, the security at Bailey’s side had loosened a little. Quinton, who would help out with Cooper whenever he was free, suddenly thought of something and suggested to Cooper, “Maybe we can use Jordan and Tiffany’s son to negotiate with Jordan.”

Cooper looked at the child, who was being fed with milk while being held in Celine’s arms. The young boy was preoccupied with drinking milk, totally ignorant about his parents’ existences and identities.

Although Celine was mentally retarded, her natural motherly instinct had led her to carry the child in her arms as if he was her real child. Meanwhile, the child, who had a strong survival instinct, was gulping milk.

Upon noticing their glances at the child in her arms, Celine took the milk bottle and left with the baby in her arms.

Cooper resignedly shook his head. “It won’t work.”

On one hand, he refused to use a child to achieve his objective.

On the other hand, since Jordan had given his sperms to Tiffany so easily, it would only be natural that he would not mind the child’s well-being.

Therefore, it would not work to use the child against him.

It would be impossible to get the remote control from Jordan as well. Hence, the safest way would be to have Sophia hide away somewhere while waiting for Linus to come up with a solution.

Although Michael and Sophia had left the house, Cooper would check up on them every day via the security cameras there. The two of them seemed to be living happily, and Michael would cook for her every day.

They were living a simple life, just like a pair of ordinary husband and wife.

They would finish all the food they made every day, which suggested that it would not be a problem for them to gain eight or ten pounds if they continued with this diet.

One thing to point out was that the way she dressed was a little improper. He had told her that he would check them out via the security cameras installed there, but she kept walking around the house wearing sexy sleepwear. She was not shy at all!

They would make video calls to talk to Carmen every day at the same time. Carmen thought that her parents had gone abroad for business, but she was quite busy herself; she not only had to prepare for the new-semester examination in primary school, but also for the new product, which would be launched in the online stall soon. Besides, she had been busy grooming the cats and dogs at home since it was the time for them to shed their fur.

Theo and Quinton would take turns to pick Carmen up from school.

Today, Theo was waiting at the school entrance to pick her up.

As usual, he was eye-catching when he stood among a bunch of middle-aged men and women, who were also waiting for their kids, looking outstanding as ever.

The school ended at 5.00PM, but most parents got out of work at 6.00PM, so those who came to pick up the children were mostly nannies, drivers, or their grandparents. Therefore, Theo would always be the most eye-catching individual among this bunch of adults who were waiting for their children.

Picking up a child from school was a ceremony, so it should be conducted ceremoniously—other people wore sandals and pajamas to pick up their children, but Theo insisted on wearing a tuxedo to look handsome and stunning.

Just like any other day, a person approached him and asked, “Young man, are you here to pick up your child? How old is your child? Which grade is your child studying?”

Theo stuck his chest out and proudly replied, “I’m here to pick up my granddaughter!”

The person opposite him cast him a look of disbelief—as usual—and appraised him from top to bottom, as if he were an idiot. He probably thought that Theo had something wrong with his head.

Soon, schooltime ended for Carmen’s class—Third Grade Alpha Class.

Alpha class was a class for elite students with the best academic results. When Carmen was admitted into the school, she managed to join the class by getting a high rank for her interview and written test results.

Carmen was still a first-grade student last semester, but she was transferred to the third grade this semester. As a matter of fact, she was able to join the sixth-grade class based on her results, but Michael thought that she should enjoy her years in primary school and experience interacting with her peers of similar ages, so he thought that she should join the third grade at most—although she was already able to solve linear equation with two variables.

After school had ended, Theo looked around for his granddaughter. Since everyone in the class wore the same outfit, he looked for the shortest one.

Carmen was in high spirits after attending class for the first day as a third-grade student. Along the way, she chattered like a little sparrow about what happened in the school today. “In this year’s new semester trial examination, my English result was not as good as everyone else’s, but my Mathematics and Spanish results were better than everyone else’s. Everyone in the class is so amazing, so I need to work harder! Hey, grandpa, I even received a red flower from the student who sat next to me.”

When they arrived at the entrance, Theo held Carmen’s hand on their way to the car before she entered the car. At the same time, a vehicle of Adams Group happened to pass by them. As it was currently a peak time to pick children up from school, there was high traffic at the nearby roads, and the cars had to travel at a much slower speed.

Coincidentally, the person who was driving the car was Quinton. He drove over to them and parked the car by the road before rolling down the car window and greeted Carmen. “Carmen!”

Carmen, who was delighted to see Quinton, skipped over to him and shouted, “Uncle Quinton!”

Bailey happened to be sitting in the car as well.

Upon hearing her crisp voice, Bailey, who was resting his eyes, opened his eyes before a shred of sorrow flashed across his green orbs.

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