My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1440

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1440

Callum also joined their reunion; he hugged his own brother and sister.

Even though he was born afterward in a test tube, he was still part of the family!

After years of being apart, their family was finally reunited together.

As Cooper looked at his wife and children, he could not help but cry.

A few years ago, he was still an eligible bachelor who did not believe in marriage. A few years later, he already had four children. My children are the most adorable kids in the world!

After their reunion, they were forced to temporarily separat in the end as Linus stayed to perform Sophia’s operation.

Cooper patted his shoulder as a form of encouragement before entering his car while Anna reluctantly bid farewell to Sophia.

Everyone entered the car, leaving only Sophia, Linus and Quinton. The three of them would only return after the operation was successful.

At the same time, Michael brought Judge into the car with him. It was something that they had previously agreed on—Michael needing to leave as well. If anything happens to Sophia, Carmen would lose her mother, so as a father, I can’t endanger myself either.

Before they parted ways, Sophia stood on the steps of the cottage while he stood below, which allowed them to meet each other’s gaze at eye level.

After the spring rain, the ground was now covered with mud—and together with his eyes, the air was moist.

However, she still tried her best to reveal a smile. “If we succeed this time, we’ll get married. I have already discussed it with my dad. He and Linus will help me out with the Michel Family. No matter what, this wedding shall not be delayed any longer.”

Michael nodded and did not say anything else. “Yes.”

As the two of them smiled at each other, they turned in the opposite directions and left without speaking further.

While wearing cotton sandals and a hospital gown, she turned toward the room.

The moment Sophia did so, her eyes, which tried to dry itself, were suddenly drenched in tears again. I don’t want to die. I have a mom now. I want to be a happy child with my parents. Also, I’m about to remarry Michael.

As soon as the door was closed, Michael stood outside and stared at the door panel. He refused to leave for a long time.

Once everyone was evacuated to a safer area, the operation would immediately begin.

Outside the cottage, there were a few guards on duty to prevent any accidents from happening and all of them had already signed a death certificate.

Inside the cottage, a sterile operation room had been set up with the equipment needed for the surgery.

Now that she wore the hospital gown, Sophia lay down on the operation table before she stared at the ceiling of the temporary sterile operation room. She had already been injected with anesthetic, so her body was now totally relaxed as her mind drifted away.

At that moment, Linus wore his mask to assist Quinton, who was making the final adjustment on the equipment.

Suddenly, Linus seemed to have heard Sophia speaking, “Linus, should we hold an outdoor or Church wedding…”

As he prepared the equipment with his head down, his emotions were now extremely complicated, so he suppressed the pain inside him and answered, “Both sound good to me.”

Sadly, before he could even receive a response from her, she seemed to have fallen asleep when he turned to look at her. Both of her eyes were now closed peacefully, but there were two lines of tears rolling down the corners of it.

Immediately, Linus felt a pain in his heart as he burst out in tears, which then drenched his own mask.

On the other hand, Quinton was ready for the operation, so he gently unbuttoned Sophia’s clothes to reveal the area where the bomb had been planted.

However, he seemed to realize something, so he instantly grabbed her hand and placed his fingers on her pulse before carefully probing .

Then, he looked toward Linus with deep, emotionless eyes, before he solemnly uttered, “She is two months pregnant.”

Upon hearing that, Linus’ hands seemed to tremble. A second child… My sister is going to be a mother again!

Quinton’s fingers were still on Sophia’s pulse as he continued, “The child is healthy. He doesn’t seem to be affected by whatever the father did.”

What he meant was that the child would be healthy and lively.

Linus took a deep breath while trying to focus, but his trembling voice still exposed how nervous he was. “Let’s start.”

Quinton nodded and took out his surgical knife.

Another spring rain came.

Michael should have left; instead, he stood under the eaves outside the door. The rain had splashed some mud on his black rain boots, but he remained motionless like a sculpture. Where can I go at this time? I’ll just stay here and wait for her. Wherever she goes, I will follow her. No one but death will tear us apart.

In the rain, Judge ran over to him and shook the water on his body off. The dog then quietly lay beside him with its ears on the floor since it probably knew what was happening.

Without an umbrella, Michael stood under the eaves while lifting his eyes to gaze afar at the horizon. Countless raindrops connected the land and the sky into one while the sound of raindrops rang in his ear.

In the meantime, he was also thinking about the same question—Should we have a Church wedding or an outdoor wedding?

Two months later, Michael eventually sold Villa No. 1, but he did so reluctantly. After they settled all of the formalities, Anna moved in with her son, Callum.

As for the selling price of Villa No.1, Michael was extremely heartbroken about it. If the price is too expensive, Cooper won’t be happy about it. If the price is too cheap, I won’t be able to live with myself.

In the end, he sold the house for an extremely low price. Of course, when it was compared to the estimated price that he had in mind, the amount was really low.

While Cooper moved his luggage, pets and robots into Villa No.1, he furiously scolded Michael, who was full of regret and pain, “My daughter married you for nothing! I didn’t even ask for any betrothal gifts, so what else do you want?”

Michael was frightened as he replied, “N-Nothing.” I’ve finally sent my godlike father-in-law away. From now on, this place would only belong to the two of us—how wonderful.

However, he never expected that Cooper would still be the same person as before. Even though Cooper had moved out, he only used his new house as a place to sleep before he was usually at his house instead. Not only that, but there were two more people with Cooper now—Anna and Callum. Isn’t this the same as before?

As for the pregnant Sophia, she was always running between the two houses. Ever since Anna and Cooper moved into Villa No.1, Sophia always showed at both places—even though the wound on her belly was almost fully healed and her three-month-old belly was much larger than usual.

The doctor explained by way of analogy that crowding and swelling were inevitable if there were two people sitting on the same car seat.

Ever since Anna moved over, her Norwegian Forest cat, General, also came with her and it would fight with Chrysanthemum from time to time. Even though General looked like a large cat, it was short-tempered because up until now, it still remembered the slap that Chrysanthemum gave all those years ago.

It also held shares in the Ronney Group, which made it rich, youthful and strong too. On the other hand, Chrysanthemum was old and poor without much confidence, so it was not a match against General’s mannerism and strength. However, Chrysanthemum was a local cat, so it had the power to join hands with the local natives living in the Imperial—just like that, a bunch of orange cats fought with a few of Anna’s cats for the top position in the Imperial.

A few days ago, Chrysanthemum even went to the Imperial Palace to seek help from the cats there to have the numbers to win. Unexpectedly, just as victory was upon them, they were all ambushed and captured by Carmen, who was nearby. She then shaved their fur to make pillows.

As soon as the guards at the Imperial Palace knew about it, they immediately came over to teach Carmen a lesson. After all, those cats belonged to the Imperial Palace and the government, which meant they were all civil servants with certificates, so their fur belonged to the country’s collective assets. That was the reason why she could not simply scalpe their fur.

If it had happened decades ago, Carmen’s crime for ‘insulting a socialist cat’s fur’ would be punishable by law.

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