My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1442

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1442

That day would have arrived sooner or later.

Sophia had an ambitious career plan because she was not content with merely being an Academy Award winner’s wife. Instead, she wanted to be a dominant president and let Michael be the house husband, which was why she never gave up on her career.

Even though she retained the last name of ‘Edwards’ and refused to change it, her name was officially listed on the genealogy record book for the Mitchell Family. That made her the first person who did not bear the name of ‘Mitchell’ to make the list.

Not only did she refuse to surrender her side of the Mitchell Family, she also wished to be a part of the Michel Family. It made it look like she was a tad bit greedy. She figured, Since I’m already a member of the Mitchell, Michel and Fletcher Families, why should I break away from my original family after getting married? Not only that; hubby has to change his last name with me or they would sever my ties with the Michel Family.

However, she wanted to combine the resources from the Michel and Mitchell Families to build her own fashion empire.

The Yard Family excelled in fashion while the Mitchells excelled in advanced technology. As Sophia had worked for both families before, she knew a little of both industries. Therefore, she was now planning to launch a concept of high-tech fashion by perfectly combining advanced technology and fashion to create an unprecedented industry.

However, the Michel Family had only allowed her to choose one family—if she chose the them, she would need to change her last name along with Michael, Carmen, and the unborn baby inside her.

If she refused to change, she would not have any further connections with the Michel Family whatsoever, which meant that she could not rely on their resources or communicate with any member of the Michels.

What kind of a lame rule is this? Sophia felt that the rule was a little weird, but they had retained it for thousands of years.

Alice said that Casper was now unable to openly acknowledge his own father because of that.

Cooper had also made concessions due to that rule, which was the reason why Linus had not changed his last name up until now. Cooper also refused to bring Sophia home to meet the Michels for the time being.

They had been escaping the Michels for many years, but she and Michael had already sent their wedding invites out. Cooper and Anna were also getting married too, so it was time for them to give the Michels some explanations.

The Michels had already arrived at Bayside City, so Cooper booked a hotel for them to stay in. The number of people from the Michel Family who arrived was more than before; it looked as if the entire family elder council tagged along.

In a huge family like the Michels, the authority of the elder council was irreplaceable and even he needed to be respectful toward them.

Now, they needed an explanation on whether Sophia, Anna, Callum and Cade wanted to change their last name. The emphasis was on Anna and Cooper because she also needed to change her last name after marrying him!

It stirred up a huge response from the Yard Family.

The ancestors of the Yard Family had ordered that once a member of the Yard Family married someone outside the clan and disrupted the pure royal bloodline, the person would then automatically lose their rights to inherit the throne. Even though there was no longer any throne to inherit, they still needed someone to inherit the fortune of the Ronney Group! Yet, Anna chose to marry someone who was not from their clan.

Although Cooper was a mixed race and from a noble family in Bayside City, the Yard Family still could not accept her marriage to him.

Therefore, members of the elder council of the Yard Family were also on their way to their wedding, so Anna had also arranged for them to stay in the same hotel.

As for the Mitchells and the Fletchers, they did not oppose their marriage, so they were as quiet as a Church mouse.

In the Fletcher Residence, the moment Mark knew about the wedding, he threw tantrums about heading to the scene so that he could watch his beloved son and grandson’s marriage at the same time. This is double good news!

However, Joel kindly reminded, “Old Man, you’ve been dead for almost 2 to 3 years now.”

He’s right… I’ve been dead for a few years now. My death was publicly released in the news and I was even given an obituary. I can’t reveal that I’ve been alive all along. That thought immediately made Mark sad.

Everyone in the Fletcher Family did not object to the marriage—even though the ancestors of the Yard Family did some unspeakable things, which led to the Fletchers killing most of them in the past. Hundred of years later, the Fletchers even led a rebellion against them, so the two families were sworn enemies. However, from Theo’s generation onward, both families were already beginning to resolve the grudge between them.

Back then, Theo had saved Louis’ life. Anna herself was grateful enough for Theo’s help that she took the initiative to end the hatred between the two families. Just like that, both families resolved their hundred years of grievance, so it was best for them to connect with each other through marriage.

As for the Mitchell Family, all of them were fully subdued, but there were still some who had the courage to secretly criticize the marriage. After all, not long ago, she had publicly announced that Jordan was her husband. Now, not only was she getting married to Cooper, she even bore two sons with him. Although many members of the Mitchells were happy that he was now a father, nobody was certain as to who Callum and Cade’s biological father was. The two of them don’t look like Cooper at all. Instead, they look more like their mother—unlike Sophia and Linus who bear features of both their mother and father.

A marriage was a huge matter, so it definitely needed to be discussed by the families of the bridal couple first.

Therefore, the Michel, Yard, Mitchell and Fletcher Families all gathered together.

Cooper and Anna were themselves the newly-weds, but they were also the parents of the pair of bridal couples. With both identities behind them, their work was doubled, so they did not have the time to deal with each family one at a time. In the end, they simply gathered everyone together, so that they could handle everything at once.

Upon seeing that the two families that came from afar were now staying in the same hotel, tension was brewing in the air.

At that moment, Sophia suddenly reminded him, “Since we are getting married, we can’t forget our old home—the Johnsons!”

Cooper immediately smacked his own head. Oh yeah, I’m really getting old now. How can I forget something like this?

They were so busy that they almost forgot to invite the most important person—the Johnson Family.

Since they wanted to invite the Johnson Family, they needed to do it immediately. Therefore, Anna quickly asked Louis to rush the printing of an invitation card so that she could personally head to Riverdale.

Ever since she regained her memories, she never returned to the Johnsons in Riverdale. I can take this opportunity to send the invitation and take a look at my childhood home.

Back then, Louis was the one who left her in the Johnson Family Village. Although she had many unhappy memories about the place, it was still a place that she missed overall.

Even though both her brothers were inhumane and her foster father was not an intelligent man, she still had a mother and grandmother who loved her a lot. Not only that, everyone in the village treated her well.

After she left, Sophia also grew up in the village under everyone’s care. I must go on this trip.

If Anna was planning to go there, Cooper, Sophia, Linus and Callum would naturally follow her. Her older son-in-law also decided to follow them while he brought Carmen along.

Just like that, the entire family packed up their luggage and departed for the place.

When they arrived at the small town of Riverdale, Anna excitedly exited the car and she walked along the streets.

Due to her son-in-law, Taylor’s funding for the suburban town, the development of factories, resorts and a theme park for the past few years had helped with the local economy. Now, the delicate office buildings that were connected by subways had replaced those small houses. Not only that, lively pedestrian streets and theaters were built, which was completely different from her memories of the place.

She felt excited as the whole family ate street food. Then, they visited her and Sophia’s old school before taking the bus at the school gate to the Johnson Family Village.

Due to the hard work of Anna’s uncles, the village had massively developed in recent years. Now, every house was a little villa that came with their own television and phone. There was even a subway station at the village gate, but she still took the bus back home.

On the other hand, Cooper was also thrilled. Like a young man who was following his wife to her childhood home for the first time, he was feeling excited and nervous.

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