My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1446

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1446

Under the earnest anticipation of the crowd, Cooper finally walked up to the stage. He took the microphone while observing the expressions of the audience below him. I am Sophia’s father as well as the maternal grandfather of the unborn children. Naturally, I have the naming right of my grandchildren. As for the children’s father, Michael… Well, everybody has forgotten about him. After all, he does not possess any nuclear weapons.

Cooper announced his decision, “I want to thank everybody for traveling so far to attend the weddings of both myself and my daughter. As for the changing of family names, which everyone seemed to be invested in, I have already made up my mind.”

The atmosphere suddenly felt tense as everybody automatically held their breath in anticipation. Cooper’s decision might cause a huge chaos!

Under the crowd’s undivided attention, he finally announced, “I will be getting married with my wife, Anna Yard. Since she will remain as the person in charge of the Yard Group, she will not change her last name. My daughter, Miss Sophia Edwards as well as my son-in-law, Mr. Michael Fletcher and my granddaughter, Carmen Fletcher, will not change theirs as well.”

There was an uproar among the crowd. You are going against the Michel Family head-on!

The Michels were in disbelief, as though they were being challenged for the first time.

Cooper continued to speak, “I’ve carefully thought about this. The Edwards raised my daughter and they gave her a chance at life. I respect her decision for not changing her last name. Even if my son-in-law, Mr. Michael Fletcher, were to marry into the family as a live-in son-in-law, according to the rules in Cethos, there is no rule that dictates the change of his last name. As for my granddaughter, Carmen Fletcher—her father, Michael Fletcher, has raised her since birth. Therefore, she will not change her family name temporarily. She is free to change it if she wishes to once she’s 18 years old. On the other hand, in regards to the last name of my unborn grandchildren—I fully respect my daughter and my son-in-law’s decision. One of them would be a Yard whereas the other would be a Mitchell. If I can’t fulfill the rules and feelings invested in this matter and you demand that I choose between withdrawing from the Michel Family or forcing my children to change their last names, I will choose to give up the status as a Michel.”

With that, he left the stage after making the shocking announcement.

The crowd erupted into chaos while the Michel family members swiftly stood up to surround him. We’ve come all the way here, but we’ve not achieved anything! How dare Cooper try to cut ties with our family!

“Fass! What is the meaning of this? Is this how you’re playing it?” The Michel Family came forward with a ferocious intensity. They surrounded Cooper and his family, which caused Carmen to burst in tears out of fear.

Upon hearing the child crying, the other families could not possibly leave the area. Therefore, they surrounded the crowd too.

The other families were especially pleased with Cooper’s decision. They are taking both families into consideration since Sophia is naming her twins with the surnames Mitchell and Yard respectively. Well, the Fletcher Family wouldn’t mind because Carmen is more than enough. Besides, it doesn’t matter to us what the family names the unborn children because it doesn’t stop us from loving them. In any case, they are part of our family!

However, the Michel Family simply could not stomach Cooper’s decision!

He was about to leave with his family, so he glanced at the crowd of Michels in annoyance. “I’ve made myself clear. Linus already bears the Michel Family name. My daughter and her unborn sons will have their freedom to choose. As for my wife, Anna Yard—there is no tradition of changing family names. My granddaughter will not change her last name too. This is my decision and it’s also my daughter, Sophia Edwards’ wish. If you think that I’ve gone overboard, please remove me from the company as well as the family.” I’ll take on the Yard Family name in the future.

Anna was delighted. I love this side of him; compared to thirty years ago, Cooper’s temperament hasn’t changed at all. He is still pursuing greatness like a wildly arrogant youth who chases after his dreams. The only difference is that he is more considerate now. Once upon a time ago, he was still young and immature when we eloped, so he did not plan meticulously. Right now, he is going against the Michel Family, but he’s not doing this out of spite. On the contrary, he can afford to do that because he has the capability now. It doesn’t matter whether the Michel Family wants him around. Even if Cooper leaves, Linus is still there to hold the fort down. In fact, Cooper’s departure is a loss to the Michels.

“Fass!!” The Michel family members were fuming and they started to scold him. “I’ll give you another chance! It’s not too late for you to retract your ridiculous statement.”

Nevertheless, Cooper did not reply to them. Instead, he held hands with Anna and led Sophia to leave. They detoured past the Michels to leave the venue.

Once upon a time, my mother rebelled to marry Woody by leaving the family for more than twenty years. In the end, she did not get the chance to see my father again even after her death. Somebody should be bold and adamant enough to turn the tides for such situations. Right now, I have the courage and capability to make these changes.

Cooper left without a care in the world whereas Daniel announced through the microphone, “Everybody has worked hard during the meeting, Dinner has been served in the adjacent banquet hall. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy.”

His voice managed to drown the angry roars coming from the Michel Family.

“Fass! You are a traitor! You and your descendants will forever lose the right to the Michel Family name!”

Unfortunately, the cheerful chatter before a feast swallowed their angry threats.

The Michel Family was losing their minds. In the end, they left the venue in a hurry.

However, Alice, who was among the Michels, stopped abruptly. She then turned to look at Daniel, who was standing amidst the crowd.

He was also staring at her.

The two of them locked eyes while the crowd moved briskly between them.

They were focused on each other as the rest of the world melted away. It felt as if an invisible bond held them together where they just could not take their eyes off each other.

Cooper and Sophia had made their choice earlier. They chose to go against the rule, which has been practiced for hundreds of years, whereas I am…

“Alice, why aren’t you leaving with us?” The Grand Elder, who had left in a hurry toward the entrance, barked at Alice after noticing that she had spaced out while standing rooted to the spot. He followed her gaze and was furious to notice that she was staring at a dark-haired young man.

He immediately recognized Daniel because Casper took after him—they had similar facial features, which allowed people to identify them as father and son with a mere glance.

“Daddy.” Alice broke the silence out of the blue. “Tonight, I won’t be returning with you guys temporarily.” Then, she added while walking toward Daniel. “Casper and I will be living in Cethos for a while. I’ll be relying on you for the company matters.”

The Grand Elder almost fainted in anger when he heard that. Is Alice planning to follow in Fass and Lucile’s footsteps? Is she leaving the Michel Family?! “Alice, you—“

At that moment, she only had eyes for Daniel as she strode swiftly to him. In full view of the public, she impertinently reached out to hold him.

Daniel could finally hold her in his arms in the open too. He even swung her in circles a couple of times in joy.

At that moment, I have finally decided that I want to fight back! I need to take the initiative to strike back for the sake of my happiness. I feel as if I have limitless power with Daniel’s support. Alice brought Daniel to her biological father, who seemed on the verge of fainting in anger, before announcing, “Dad, this is my fiancé, Daniel Levine. I’m planning to get married to him. But—” She then gave a solemn explanation. “Daniel will not change his name for me and we want to decide for ourselves in regards to our children’s last name. I will not leave the Michel Group. I hope that I have your blessings, Dad.”

The Grand Elder’s chest heaved heavily in anger. First, it is Fass and Lucile; now, it is my own daughter. They are doing this deliberately.

He turned to leave, but he spat cruelly before leaving, “The family rule has been practiced for more than a thousand years now. It will never change over an act of impulse! Alice, you are no longer my daughter!”

With that, the Michels left without a backward glance. Their action was the definition of cruel and ruthless.

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