My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1447

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1447

Even though his own daughter had broken the rules, the Grand Elder was adamant on abiding the rules in a cold and cruel manner.

He and the rest of the Michel Family were the only ones left because the crowd had left for dinner in the adjacent banquet hall. The crowd had already dispersed after the intriguing event and the staff members were left to tidy the place up.

Alice did not expect to swiftly break ties with her father and family. She had gone through the potential scenarios in her mind countless times, but in reality, she was not mentally prepared at all. However, her body was much more grounded and honest because she did everything in a rush and recklessly.

She stared at the Grand Elder as he left and she appeared to be sorry to see him leave.

“It’s not too late to go back if you regret it,” Daniel’s soft and breezy voice spoke from behind her. He sounded elegant and gentle at the same time.

In any case, Alice would never regret her choice. Instead, she turned to hold onto his hand. She smiled at him while explaining, “The family will seize my personal assets soon. That means I’ll be left with nothing at all. You’ll have to look after me from now on.”

Daniel had never smiled happily in his life before. Between Alice and me, one of us would always have to sacrifice everything for us to stay together. This time, it seems like Alice has abandoned the rest of the world for me.

“No, don’t worry. I will never look after you,” he stated. “You might have left the Michel Family, but you still have the network and resources readily available for you. Besides, I’m not in need of money. I believe that with time, you will rise again. Don’t you ever dream of me looking after you.”

The two of them then happily smiled at each other.

This is the correct way for us to communicate with each other. How could Alice possibly end up as a trophy wife? She is always a golden phoenix who is ready to soar into the heavens. Even if she has temporarily lost her shine and luster, she is still a golden phoenix. She has given up everything to be with me, so I can’t trap her in a cage like a trophy wife. It is the Michel Family’s loss to give up on her.

“Daddy, Mommy!” As Casper showed up out of nowhere, Daniel bent down to pick him up. Then, he brought his fiancée and son to join the rest of the crowd for a meal next door.

It was extremely lively in the banquet hall next door where the senior family members of the Yards, the Mitchells, the Fletchers and the Johnsons were. While enjoying their meals, they complained about the Michel Family.

Thanks to Cooper and Anna’s marriage, both the Yard and Fletcher Families managed to resolve their differences. They set aside their grudge and even toasted each other.

She solemnly introduced her relatives from the Johnson Family to the crowd. From my point of view, I am both Anna Yard and Annabel Johnson. The relatives from the Johnson Family are my family members too. Besides, my daughter bears the Edwards last name and she will never change that because she will never forget their kindness.

During the mealtime, Linus toasted Cooper while sincerely wishing him, “Father, I wish you a happy marriage.” I am very lucky because I met Cooper when I was still young. I am fortunate enough to grow up with him around and I’ve witnessed the challenges he’s been through over the years. Now that he has finally found his own happiness, I’m happy for him as his son.

Cooper clinked glasses with Linus. He then glanced at his son with eyes that shone with pride. “Son, I am not forcing you, but I hope that you will have your own family soon. Look, your younger sister is already pregnant for the second time.”

It was the first time that Cooper had urged him to settle down.

Nevertheless, Linus chuckled without directly answering him.

I know about Linus’ s*xual orientation, but from where I stand, it doesn’t matter whether he prefers men or women. I am happy as long as he is happy… However, it’s best not to follow Sophia’s footsteps by settling for an old man. Everything is fine as long as I do not get another older son-in-law.

Cooper thought of something and he added as an afterthought, “You’ll have to exercise more effort for the Michel Group.”

Linus nodded in agreement. He had kept quiet when Cooper renounced the Michel Family name. On one hand, the Michels claimed that they would remove Cooper’s entire household register, but on the other hand, they conveniently excluded his son from their decision.

Everybody understood that Cooper left Linus in the Michel Family. Cooper had a few descendants with different last names, but Linus was the only one bearing the Michel Family name. Hence, although Cooper had left the Michels, Linus still remained in the family. The Michels also decided to let that matter slide as well.

Everybody knew the truth because Alice, Fass and Lucile had simultaneously left. If Linus were to leave, the Michel Group would suffer a terrible loss. In fact, it would be a life-or-death impact for them. After all, Fass was the soul within both the Michel Group and the Michel Family.

With Cooper’s departure, the Michel Family’s businesses were not impacted, but they had lost their soul.

Since Linus did not take the initiative to leave the family, they would never chase him out.

Since the horrible Michel Family had left out of anger and Cooper and Sophia being removed from that family, the largest victor in that situation was the Mitchell Family. Now, they had Cooper all to themselves and they even received the naming right of Sophia’s twins. Hence, they had the best of both worlds.

All the three families had settled their issues. With everybody’s blessings and wishes, the wedding was soon around the corner.

Alice had officially relocated to Cethos and she moved into The Imperial with Daniel. As she could not adapt to the cloudy and humid weather on top of the hill, she could not stay at the Daoist Temple for long periods of time. In the end, he moved down the hill with her and Casper.

Daniel’s forever-empty house finally became lively. He and Alice had been busy for the last couple of days as they visited the shop owned by the Winston Family to buy some furniture to decorate their new home. Everyone else also sent gifts to help them with their task of beautifying their home.

Sarah and Harry sent a set of bedroom furniture whereas Stanley and Sean gave the couple a whole set of kitchen furniture. Furthermore, Sophia gave them four sets of bed, seven sets of kitchenware and some assorted things. On top of that, she even gave them a car and a pair of orange kittens.

Michael thought that she was stingy after looking at the gifts. Hence, he added a pair of Samoyed, a pair of giant poodles and a husky puppy.

Daniel exclaimed in frustration, “You are just trying to clear your storage, aren’t you?!”

With everybody’s generous contribution, his house eventually turned into a cheery home. Their wedding had been scheduled to be after Cooper’s one because they were worried that there could be unforeseen changes. Hence, they were adamant on getting their marriage certificate on the same day.

Alice had decided to be together with Daniel. Simultaneously, he reached out to make use of his network to help her prepare for her new company.

Everything seemed to be developing in the right direction whereas Sophia’s belly was growing larger on a daily basis. Due to her large belly, it seemed slightly forceful for her to fit into her wedding gown. In the end, she chose a Church wedding ceremony because the wedding attire would be able to accommodate her current figure.

Both mother and daughter went to Ido to choose their wedding attire and wedding gown with Michael and Cooper following suit.

Ido, which was under Ronney Group, had started its operations again. Not only did they continue with their line of wedding gowns, but they now offered other wedding costumes too. As Sophia was unsatisfied after trying on several pieces, she continued to try more at a leisurely pace.

Anna, who was next door, was also taking her time to choose her wedding gown. As the director of the Ronney Group, she wanted the best gown from the shop.

Both father and son-in-laws, Michael and Cooper, could not take a break at that point even if they wanted to. They were walking around while holding onto their phones.

“The helicopter, which is used to scatter the flowers, has to be fast!”

“Casper and Carmen will be the flower children because Sour Face doesn’t seem to be keen on it.”

“Use Michel Sportscar as the standardized wedding cars. Since we are wearing the traditional wedding costumes, we’ll have to follow the customs! When we need to pay our respects to the elders within the family, let the elders from the Mitchell and Fletcher Families take their seats. Mom and Dad will be too busy to handle that part.”

Anna took almost the entire day to try the wedding gowns. She was elated to the point where she lost track of the time since she was enjoying herself with the delicate process.

At that moment, the phone she kept in her purse started to suddenly ring. She took out her phone to check who the caller was and she noticed that it was an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, may I know who is on the line?”

The caller remained silent, but she could hear the heavy and steady breathing over the line.

Anna could immediately tell who it was from the rhythmic breathing. It’s him—Jordan Edwards.

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