My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1449

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1449

“However, it was different for Coop. He loves me and my children. Even though he did not know in the beginning that he’s their biological father, he still treated them like his own. In fact, he cares about them even more than you, their supposedly biological father!” With the mention of Cooper’s name, Anna’s tone immediately softened. She sounded graceful and gentle when she talked about him.

However, her tone suddenly took a harsher turn. “You are worth nothing compared to him! Jordan, when Jordaine swapped your sperm to force me to deliver to Callum and Cade, you knew well that she was playing a trick on me. You also knew what would happen to them if they are not biologically your children. Stop playing dumb! Jordaine’s plans back then was to make me and my sons suffer a tragic death. Now that the truth has been revealed, have you even punished her?”

Jordan did not reply to her and remained silent.

“In that case, why do you still say that you love me? F*ck off!”

With the few words that clearly represented her feelings, she hung up on the phone and heaved a sigh. She then continued to try the wedding dresses happily.

She did not feel any guilt whatsoever toward him.

Even though she understood well that everything she had today was provided by him, she was thick-skinned enough to accept it since it was already given to her.

Jordan only gave Anna the opportunity and the resources. Over the years, it was her hard work that allowed her to slowly rise to power and arrive at her current position. She did not feel any guilt about her actions. I am heartless and ungrateful—all these were taught by Jordan.

Sure enough, he had taught all of her dark side—being ungrateful, scheming, and callous. In order to expand her business, she could even kill those closest to her.

On the other hand, Cooper taught her about kindness and gentleness. You are worth nothing at all, Jordan!

After hanging up, Jordan turned to leave Ido—the place where Anna and Sophia were trying their wedding dresses.


Jordaine had been waiting at a corner for a long time. When she saw him, she quickly walked toward him after calling his name.

He merely cast a conflicted look at her without saying another word.

After knowing that he had been raising Cooper’s sons for over two decades, he was indeed impulsive. He only had one plan in mind, which was to kill both his ‘fake’ sons. Unexpectedly, he was too rash in making his decisions, which, in turn, gave Anna and Cooper opportunities that almost defeated him.

After everything had calmed down, Jordan took some time to think about everything that had happened. Even though Jordaine said that she had made some mistakes at work, a smart person like him would have known that she intentionally did it. Based on his temperament back then, if he knew that they were not his sons, he would have strangled them to death himself. That was also her plan all along.

Once Jordan killed the pair of boys, it would send Anna into a state of great shock before she spiraled into depression. In just one move, Jordaine could eliminate her competitor and two future threats.

At that moment, he could not even bring himself to attack Jordaine even though she was now right beside him.

After all, she was managing Marks Group on his behalf, so he had many reasons for not killing her.

Huh! I’m a fool indeed! Here I am, thinking of using my feelings to convince Anna to return? Impossible! I’m the King here! If a King wants a woman, he doesn’t have to show her his true feelings. He can also use violence and power!

“Execute the original plan.”

Upon saying that, Jordan decisively walked away while Jordaine quickly followed behind him.

I can’t watch Anna marry Cooper just like this. Even if I have to tie her up, I will have to bring her back!

Meanwhile, both Cooper and Anna were clear that Jordan would not let the matter rest. They were already mentally prepared for his counterattack. If he wants to strike, just let him be! We will make sure that he will go beyond the point of no return!

While the wedding was being meticulously planned, the Michel Family also returned to Europe and they publicly announced that they had severed all ties with Cooper and everyone related to him, apart from Linus.

They also fired Alice from her position in the company.

On top of that, they also canceled all of their contracts with Sophia and changed her position to being a mere retailer of Dragon Eye in Cethos.

When she learned about it, she thought, They are being such a tyrant! If it weren’t for me, the Dragon Eye phones wouldn’t be so popular now. In Cethos, it has become a phone that everyone owns—from the city to the countryside. Its sales can even match the well-known brand, Serpent. Well, now that I’m focusing on my luxury brand, it’s fine if they want to change to another person-in-charge too.

Right before the wedding, Sean suddenly approached Cooper to apply for a few days of leave.

They had a discussion in Cooper’s study for almost two hours before Sean finally came out with a mixed expression on his face. He looked relieved and excited at the same time, as if he had received some encouragement from Cooper.

“What did you guys discuss?” Sophia quickly asked.

Sean did not reply to her question and merely replied, “I’ve made a decision. I just came here to ask for Cooper’s thoughts and he is very supportive of it.” I had already discussed my decision with my family, but I’m not surprised that they chastised me. No one but Cooper supports me.

After receiving Cooper’s support, Sean excitedly looked forward to his future.

The burden that had weighed on him for almost 20 years was finally lifted from his shoulders at once, leaving him feeling joyful and lightweight.

Sean left after his discussion with Cooper, who had just walked out of his study. As soon as she saw her father, she immediately asked him about their discussion.

Cooper merely shook his head and sighed. “He wants to have a gender reassignment operation, but his family doesn’t allow him to do so. I asked him to go ahead with the operation.”

Sophia was stunned after hearing about that. In the end, Sean still decided to take this route. In fact, I had already expected that this might happen one day. He should have been a woman from the beginning. It’s his male body that has been holding him back. Because the Mitchell family and the society have never allowed him to do so, he couldn’t let himself be free like Dana. After hiding for 20 years, he finally has the courage to pursue his dreams.

Quinton, who had been working hard at Carmen’s ‘illegal business’ by making animal’s fur into pillows, immediately stood up and ran outside. Now that Sean is going to change his gender, his male parts are going to be removed, aren’t they? I remember seeing his member when we were in the loo last time. Even though it’s not as big as Dana’s, it’s actually bigger than average. Maybe, perhaps… It’s possible that I could take advantage of this.

In no time, Sean already made preparations to leave the country. He had already made an appointment with a doctor abroad at a prestigious hospital, who was the best in that field.

The operation this time was not only to remove his male s*x organs, but for him to undergo a uterus transplant as well.

He wanted to be a complete woman to the point of bearing children. In other countries, there were several cases of men successfully giving birth with their transplanted uterus. A few of those cases had their operation done in that hospital as well.

It was something that Sean had been thinking about for a long time and he even recently found a uterus donor. It was Cooper’s encouragement that gave him courage to do so—he finally let go of everything and decided to remove the chains from himself.

As Sean was about to travel abroad, Quinton went to his house to diligently pack for him. In fact, he even offered to be their bellboy and answered every request that Sean had.

Quinton had also saved up enough money—the only item he lacked was a ‘second-hand deal’ from others.

Unfortunately, he could not seem to locate any volunteer in Cethos who was willing to donate their organs. It was almost entirely impossible to look for a ‘second-hand deal’ in that aspect.

Hence, it was the perfect opportunity that Sean was getting rid of his member. Quinton could obtain it without breaking the law and it could be immediately used.

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