My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1451

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1451

Alice and Cooper regained their positions in the Michel Family, while Sophia and Carmen were also allowed to go back to Europe to visit their relatives.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s old son-in-law, Michael, and Anna also tagged along.

Even though the Michel Family seemed to be quite hostile to them, they could do nothing about it so they relented helplessly.

According to Michael’s analysis, everything was able to succeed because of Daniel’s persuasion—he could completely thwart one’s mindset and beliefs.

Apart from that, the situation was also getting out of hand for the Michel Family. After the head of the family took the lead to leave, more people would follow suit.

Once such an opportunity arised, no one could predict what might happen next.

Apart from that, Cooper’s wife was also powerful—she was the head of the Yard Family. Even though the Michel Family did not like her, they also had to weigh the gains and losses. Sophia’s new idea of a luxury brand was also something new and if they could work together, they would definitely have a new business line coming up. However, if the Michel Family continued with their nonsense, a collaboration was out of the question.

Both the Yard and Michel Family were kings in their fields so their news was constantly monitored by the media. Once Cooper announced that he was going to join the Yard Family, the stocks of the Yard Group shot up while the Michel Family’s market value dropped drastically.

However, if one were to think of it from another perspective and change their mindset, the Yard Group would be able to work with the Michel Family immediately. What was there to lose?

Daniel elaborated on these few main points and spoke to the people from the Michel Family for the entire day. He chattered away, speaking from the glorious history of the Michel Family to the current success that Yard Group was flourishing in. After taking a few classic examples from the past and a few current successful examples, he finally succeeded in convincing them.

On top of that, he even managed to persuade the elders to acknowledge him as the son-in-law of the Michel Family.

Through this incident, the Michel Family finally realized that the world was constantly changing and that they could not hold on to the old rules anymore.

Even though such a huge family had been leading the times and accumulated a lot of wealth—they had even sparked a technological change—deep down they were very fearful of change. After all, no one knew what change would bring.

However, it seemed like this small change had brought upon a positive effect.

After Daniel had convinced them, he stayed back. When Alice came to know about the news, she happily returned to visit her family, as did Cooper and his family.

Both Sophia and Carmen had made the Michel Family love and hate them at the same time.

They loved their intelligence and perfect genes inherited from Cooper but they hated the fact that they did not take the last name ‘Michel’.

Of course, Sophia had a deal with them. In the future, Carmen’s French name would be Gianna Michel and she would use this name for all public events. Unfortunately, Cethos did not allow for double nationality. Otherwise, she would be able to sign up for a passport here.

The huge family stayed in the Michel Family compound for a few days, feasting and enjoying themselves until they were satisfied before leaving. When Carmen left, she brought many ‘local specialities’ with her.

A few days later, dozens of sheep appeared in Michael’s house—those were the so-called ‘local specialities’ Carmen mentioned; they had thick wool that could be sheared for a long time.

“Daddy, can I have them at the work studio?” Carmen asked excitedly.

There’s so many sheep! After their wool is sheared, I wonder how many pillows we can make!

Hearing that, Michael’s expression darkened.

In the end, all of the sheep were taken to a farm.

During the weekend, Sophia went to the farm to visit the sheep. She also took the opportunity to shear some wool as raw materials for Carmen.

Since Anna had never been to Michael’s farm, she came over with Callum. The entire family began to shear the sheep wool that belonged to the capitalistic Michel Family.

Seeing the animals in the farm, Sophia suddenly remembered something and asked Callum, who was shearing wool next to her, “By the way, what happened to the buffalo and the few sheep you stole the other day? Don’t tell me that you turned them into a stew?”

Sophia still vividly remembered the ‘local specialities’ she brought home from the reality TV show she attended with Carmen—they were stolen by Callum in the middle of the night using a helicopter.

Callum had his gloves on as he was shearing the wool. When he heard Sophia suddenly bring this up, he was confused. “Buffalo?”

He remembered doing some sneaky things but he had never stooped so low to steal anyone’s buffalo.

Sophia asked, “Carmen’s buffalo and sheep. Weren’t you the one who stole it?”

Callum shook his head. “It was not me!”

Michael, who was listening to their conversation next to them, focused on shearing wool, not having the guts to utter a word.

As summer holidays were here soon, Carmen had a series of summer plans—she was about to expand her online business store and set up an automated line in wool manufacturing. On top of that, she had already signed a contract with the farms at the Michel Family and they would become her long-term supplier.

The Michel Family had many farms and pastures with a huge number of great quality sheep. On top of that, because they knew her, she could get them for a much cheaper price.

Amidst his busy schedule, Michael took time to scour a new location for Carmen’s new physical store. Meanwhile, Linus also invented a series of automated machines that would manufacture pillows. Hence, even if the scale of Carmen’s business became larger, she would still be able to handle all the orders.

Carmen put in all her effort to attend to her ‘illegal business’ to earn money for her younger siblings.

Sean, who went abroad before the wedding for a transgender surgery, had finally returned.

There was not much difference in her looks but she had become more beautiful, alluring, mysterious, and elegant. After dyeing her hair blond, she looked passionate and elegant. Apart from that, she also had breast and hip implants, completely changing everything she had from the inside out.

After changing her identity card and birth certificate, Sean had finally become a ‘she’, but her name still remained the same—Sean Mitchell. While nothing seemed to have changed within her, everything seemed to be different at the same time.

An obvious change was that she looked happier. The sparkle in her eyes revealed the huge amount of happiness she felt, as if she had finally shed the chains that had been dragging her down for more than 20 years; finally, she was free.

However, her family was deeply regretful after seeing this. He was a good, young man before this, yet he suddenly became a woman. How can we accept this?

However, there was no turning back now, since even his parts were recycled.

Fortunately, Sean’s mother was very supportive. During their time abroad, it was her mother and Stanley who had been there, taking care of her and encouraging her.

After Sean returned to Bayside City and settled her identity paperwork, she went to Sophia’s house to pick her kid up and to give them some souvenirs as well.

Sean looked impeccable—she wore a pair of high heels that were trending this summer and a simple dress. Apart from that, she wore a diamond necklace that emphasized her fair skin. With her deep cleavage, every inch of her skin was perfect.

“Maisie, Papa and Daddy are here to pick you up!”

Laden with bags, Stanley followed behind Sean. From Stanley’s perspective, ever since Sean’s operation was successful, she had turned from a man to a powerless woman. Hence, Stanley had been doing all chores, such as carrying the bags.

After Stanley entered the house, he placed the bags down as he spoke excitedly to Maisie, who ran toward them. “Maisie, in the future you can’t call Daddy ‘Daddy’ anymore. You have to call her ‘Mommy’!”

Maisie accepted it immediately. To her, she already regarded Sean as her mother. Hence, she chirped happily, “Mommy!”

Sean nodded blissfully.

Following behind them, Quinton also happily entered the door with a few more bags in his hands—they were all presents for Carmen.

During this trip abroad, Sean’s operation was very successful and Quinton also got his ‘second-hand deal’ that Sean did not want anymore. Quinton had also saved up enough money for the operation to stick it back to him on an auspicious day.

For Sean, she had no further regrets in his life from now onward.

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