My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1455

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1455

Recently Jordan had been completely cornered by Cooper. If he appeared in Cethos, Cooper would immediately take action.

Hence, Jordan had been hiding in other countries. No one knew where he was and it was not easy to trick him out of hiding.

However, there was a chance right now.

Lucy was planning to get rid of all the people loyal to Jordan in the Edwards Group so that he could have a clean break with his former business. Apart from that, Lucy also had a series of big plans after that to publicly take charge of the Edwards Group entirely.

When that happened, Jordan would definitely appear in Cethos to stop her. Otherwise, he would lose the entire Edwards Group.

After Sophia had been admitted to the hospital, Michael also stayed in the hospital with her. Even though the couple seemed to be detached from the outside world as they were busy with their pregnancy, Sophia had actually been keeping close tabs on the situation outside.

The next day after Linus visited them, there was a huge change within the Edwards Group. All the higher-ups resigned but Lucy still remained as the director and there were many changes in the board of directors; even Ian was promoted.

Because the higher-ups were all changed to younger people, everyone in the Edwards Group was not happy about this. At this moment, Jordan, who was the life and soul of the Edwards Group appeared and publicly supported his daughter. Apart from that, he also announced that he was going to step down from all his duties related to the business and transfer all his shares to Lucy, so that he could retire early.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors of a huge emergency family meeting within the Edwards Family.

In the meeting, Lucy would inherit the position of the family head from Jordan, who would also sign the agreement to transfer all his shares to her. Apart from that, he would publicly welcome Sam—who had broken the ties with them—back into the family.

Sophia knew that Jordan was just a puppet and a replacement; the real Jordan had already escaped.

She wondered if the announcements from the fake Jordan would take legal effect but if the real Jordan did not appear, the fake one would undoubtedly replace him.

If the real Jordan wanted to regain his control over Edwards Group, he must appear and stop everything.

If not, everything would be too late!

Sophia glanced at the date. The internal family meeting would be held three days after the directors’ meeting, as if they were deliberately leaving some extra time for Jordan to return from overseas and stop the proceedings.

Even though Sophia was resting, she had been keeping a close eye on this incident as she counted down the days.

Not surprisingly, there would be a huge group of fighters hiding around the meeting venue to wait for Jordan’s appearance.

His existence made everyone unable to have a good night’s sleep. Only after they had eradicated him would they be relieved.

As days passed, the Edwards Family meeting had finally arrived.

On that day, all the representatives of the Edwards Family descendants around the world had arrived and they had booked a huge hotel to organize the succession ceremony. As the first female family head of the Edwards Family was about to be appointed, everyone treated this event of the utmost importance.

On the day of the ceremony, many people walked in and out of the hotel entrance. Countless representatives from the Edwards Family had appeared—they were no less than a thousand people, all of whom were the elites of the elites, while many more did not even earn the right to attend this ceremony.

As one of the most powerful families in Bayside City, witnesses were needed for such a huge event. Hence, many people from other families also arrived just to witness the event. After this day, the results were about to be announced to the entire upper-class society in Bayside City.

Two elders from the Fletcher Family, Harry from the Winston Family, as well as Cooper and Anna had arrived. Such a powerful group had stunned many people indeed.

Meanwhile, there were many more people hidden in the dark.

It was a day that attracted everyone’s attention.

As the main character of the event, Lucy looked indifferent. She watched the representatives of the Edwards Family taking their seats as if this was a normal working day, not an ounce of emotion within her.

Meanwhile, Sam and Nicole also showed up. They would be returning to the Edwards Family today, with Sam as the 9th Old Master Edwards and Nicole as his wife.

“Don’t be nervous, Lucy. I will help you out,” Sam told Lucy gently.

Lucy nodded at him and adjusted her family crest before taking huge strides into the hall.

Ian pursed his lips and followed behind her with a solemn expression.

Truth was, he knew about his true identity. To the outsiders, he was the son of the Grand Elder of the Edwards Family, but his biological father was actually Jordan.

The Grand Elder also knew about this yet he did not dare to announce the truth. Hence, he could only grit his teeth and swallow this painful truth down.

In reality, Ian and Lucy were step-siblings who shared the same father and today, they were fighting for their future!

The meeting had started with the current head, ‘Jordan’, holding Lucy’s hands as they entered the hall, marking the official beginning of the succession ceremony.

If the real Jordan did not appear, he would lose everything from the Edwards Group today.

Lucy, the Winstons, and the Mitchell Family were all waiting for him to appear.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Sophia and Michael were watching the live broadcast of the family nervously as they also waited for Jordan to appear. Taking advantage of their focus on the broadcast, Quinton slipped into Sophia’s room and stole her tonic and snacks—not once, but twice.

While Quinton was stealing the tonic and Sophia and Michael were watching the broadcast, no one realized the weird atmosphere around the hospital.

This was a high-end private hospital in the suburb of the city that specialized in servicing the wealthy. The quality was top-notch and there were only a few patients. Apart from that, the surroundings were also very quiet. Ever since Sophia was admitted into this hospital to rest, they stopped attending to other patients, so there were even fewer people.

Suddenly a few cars stopped silently at the entrance. In broad daylight, countless men in black barged into the hospital and knocked out the security and medical staff.


The door of the ward was kicked open and Sophia, who had been watching the broadcast, was shocked. As she let out a shrill scream, Michael turned around to look at the door. When he saw the man in black approaching, he reacted quickly and took out a gun from his pockets. Unexpectedly, the man was even quicker than him; as soon as he entered, he immediately took out a gun and shot two tranquilizers at Michael and Sophia, who were not quick enough to react. In the blink of an eye, both of them had fainted.

The man’s actions were very precise and swift, without any hint of delay or hesitation. He immediately put the two fainted people into a black bag and dragged them away easily.

Quinton, who was next door, managed to resist their attacks. Unfortunately, since he had just finished a surgery, his physical and mental reactions were not as good as before. On top of that, he had taken some anti-inflammatory drugs that caused some drowsiness. In no time, he was defeated and dragged away with a jab of tranquilizer on his buttocks.

And so, the three of them were brought away.

After they left the hospital, a car was already waiting for them. Then, they immediately left.

At the Edwards Family meeting, the fake Jordan was about to sign the documents, yet the real deal still had not arrived.

If he did not appear at this moment, everything Jordan had in the Edwards Group would be taken away by Lucy.

Unfortunately, the longer he did not appear, the more anxious everyone else became.

On the other hand, a few cars had left the hospital even before the alarms were activated. After a short drive, the cars stopped at a deserted warehouse and the three captives with black masks over their heads were brought out of the car. Then, they stumbled to the warehouse and were thrown onto the ground.

In front of them, a figure slowly walked out from the darkness—sure enough, it was Jordan.

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