My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1458

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1458

Jordan seemed to be unwilling to be separated from this ‘father’ of his. He hugged Dana as he sobbed out loud like a kid.

When Dana saw this, he felt sad and slightly regretful. If only I could keep this son with me and be his father; how amazing would that be?

Even though we only spent time with each other for a few days, there’s already a father-son bond between us!

Upon seeing the deep bond between the ‘father and son’ who called each other affectionately and how they could not bear to be apart from each other, everyone else could not help but roll their eyes.

I’ve never seen a b*stard who would take advantage of something like this!

In the end, Jordan was still brought away by Jordaine; they had already agreed on this beforehand.

Jordaine would help them to deal with Jordan, but only on one condition—for them not to hurt him. She could give up on everything else except him.

She simply loved him too much and they were sure that she would treat him well.

Like Sophia and Anna, Jordan had lost his memories but his circumstances seemed to be different this time, because the brainwashing technique had improved a lot. Anna could still remember her past purely due to it being the side effects of the old technology.

However, Jordan would be like Sophia, unable to recall everything that happened in the past.

Jordan was already in his fifties. There were only about forty more years left for the rest of his life. He would have to start from the beginning and learn everything from scratch. Slowly but surely, he would build a new character.

Will the old Jordan come back?

Probably not. Jordaine would not allow that as well.

“Unexpectedly, an old man like Jordan also has a woman who loves him so much.”

After Sophia knew that Jordan was picked up by Jordaine, she could not understand the logic behind this.

Truth was, she was not the only one; many other people also could not figure out why.

Perhaps his d*ck is like Bailey, talented and unpredictable?

It’s actually pretty impressive that he has ‘served’ so many women!

At this moment, Sophia was resting in the private hospital. Scrolling through her tablet, she made some snide comments when she saw the news about Jordan’s retirement.

In reality, she had been resting in this private hospital all along and Michael had been accompanying her. On that day of the attack, Cooper made some extra preparations just in case Jordan planned to look for her trouble, so he hid her and hired two replacements. Unexpectedly, Jordan actually did arrive.

Cooper was more careful than anyone else. Not only did he place a huge group of bodyguards at the meeting venue, he also increased the number of the guards at the Imperial and Carmen’s primary school—basically any place that could become Jordan’s target.

Now that he had been caught, Sophia came back to the hospital to stabilize her condition. She took time to deal with some simple work but she was resting for most of the time.

Usually she would watch a series, eat some snacks, sleep, and cuddle with Michael.

Unfortunately, they could not carry out some vigorous activities now that she needed to stabilize the fetus.

It was a silent torture for her to see her attractive husband walking around and posing every day, yet she could not touch him.

After I give birth and recover, I’m definitely going to do him until I’m satisfied!

After Jordan retired, Lucy took charge of the entire Edwards Family and the Edwards Group. She also became the youngest family head in history and the only female head; apart from that, she was also the director of the group.

On the day she officially became the family head and the director, she announced her marriage. Hence, the media had been enthusiastically reporting about Dana.

After all, he used to be a she—he was the daughter of the Great Elder of the Winston Family and his gender on his identity card was ‘F’.

In the past, he was an intersex who even had flower tattoos on him. Apart from stunning both men and women, he had many mistresses and hunks with good figures, and he lived together with many of them. People from the Edwards Family had no idea why Lucy had her eye on him.

However, the current Lucy was completely different. She and her trusted employees had taken over the Edwards Group so no one dared to question her relationship with Dana. Apart from that, Dana was completely a man now.

Hence, people from the Edwards Group only dared to grumble among themselves, but the people from the Winston Corporation were celebrating in joy.

“That b*stard Dana has finally settled down!” they shouted. “What happy news this is! We should definitely hold a large-scale celebration!”

Harry was so happy that he almost cried tears of joy.

It’s like someone finally agreed to buy our old antique of 30 years that we could not throw away with a high price!

However, the Edwards Family was not satisfied with this and made harsh demands on the wedding preparations and the dowry.

“The Winston Corporation must give a huge amount of dowry, not unlike what Cooper gave Anna, or like what Michael gave Sophia!” those from the Edwards Family demanded.

Cooper had given half of Michel Group to Anna, while Michael had transferred a similar weightage of the Imperial shares to Sophia. Hence, the Winston Corporation had to match these standards at the very least.

Apart from that, their future children must take Lucy’s family name.

The Winston Corporation was more agreeable than expected. They were willing to give however much dowry the Edwards Family demanded, and there was no problem with their children taking after Lucy’s family name. In fact, they would have no problem if Dana wanted to change his family name to ‘Edwards’ as well.

As their discussion dragged on, the dowry suddenly became compensation for Dana to ‘marry into’ the Edwards Family.

Dana immediately changed his identity card to remove the irritating ‘F’ on it. After it was changed to ‘M’, he immediately registered with Lucy to become husband and wife. They then viewed a few venues to hold their wedding and also looked at houses and rings. Right after that, they came over to pick their kid up and also wanted Sophia to send them her signature orange cat. With that, Dana’s home with Lucy was finally complete.

In the hospital, Dana and Lucy came over to pick Nigel up, as Celine had sent him over to the hospital to accompany Sophia for two days. After all, he had been staying at her place for such a long time so they had developed a bond. Now that Lucy was about to take him away, everyone felt slightly wistful to see him go.

Looking at this kid whom she picked up from the bins, various different emotions raged within Sophia.

His biological father, Jordan, had children all over the world, so he didn’t care about Nigel’s existence. Meanwhile, his mother Tiffany only treated him as the product of a fertilized ovum and threw him into the trash cruelly. From birth, his existence was not welcomed.

Because of this, Sophia hoped that Lucy and Dana would treat Nigel well.

Celine had taken care of Nigel for a long time. Now that they were parting, she could not bear to see him go. With tears in her eyes, she held onto Nigel and did not want to let him go. Similarly, Carmen also wanted to hug him one last time.

“Don’t worry. No matter who Nigel’s parents are, he’s innocent after all. I’ll treat him as my own,” Lucy promised Sophia.

Meanwhile, Dana deliberately wore a pair of tights. Ever since he became a man, he would wear tights no matter what occasion it was so that he could show off his extraordinary masculinity, as though he was worried that others could not tell he was a man. No matter where he went, the probability of him turning heads was a hundred percent. Sophia did not even hear Lucy’s reply as she glanced occasionally at Dana’s crotch.

No wonder no one wants to go to the loo with Dana and there’s an air of reverence whenever Quinton talks about him.

Before Lucy and Dana left, Bailey appeared with a lawyer and a stack of documents for Lucy to sign.

He had a dark expression and did not seem to be in a good mood. When he was signing the papers, he looked like a delinquent who had just gotten detention from the discipline teacher.

“After Tiffany’s death, she left behind some assets,” Lucy explained. “As she didn’t specify any inheritance, according to the rules of Adams Family, her assets could be taken away by the family or donated to some public causes and funds. I’m here to fight for a third of my son’s inheritance.”

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