My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1469

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1469

Upon recalling his face, Carmen could not help but tear up again. I recall that when I was a child, no matter what nonsense I wanted, how naïve I was, or the illogical thoughts I had, Mom and Dad would always support me. I even scheduled some horrible stage plays for them to watch. Each time, Dad would watch it solemnly before providing some constructive criticism to me. Whenever he needs to attend the Parent Association conferences, he would always wear my favorite costume to present himself as my favorite character.

He has given me a perfect childhood and he is the best father in the world! Unfortunately… Before I was 6 years old, I used to have a happy childhood because I had both Mom and Dad. I had a perfect and complete family. After turning 6years old, I still had a perfect family, but Dad is missing.

Her phone suddenly vibrated and she answered the call happily. True enough, it was Flynn, but he had a cautious tone with an echo in the background. It sounded like a vast space and he was most probably phoning her in secret from the washroom.

“Carmen, you have to trust me. There’s nothing going on between Kimberly and I. It’s just wishful thinking from her side. The elderlies of the Stafford Family issued an invitation for a meal. They invited an important figure and our family needs me to meet with that important person. Carmen, I truly do not have a choice. I have to be with Kimberly in order to be acquainted with people of importance. The person has a significant status—do you know Adams Group, the king of international insurance?

Recently, the director of Adams Group is in Bayside City. I only have this chance to meet him. If I miss this opportunity, I won’t have a second chance to meet someone important like him for the rest of my life. This is why it is a rare opportunity for me! Carmen, you have to trust me that there’s nothing going on between Kimberly and I! I only love you! Have you forgotten about our dreams and promises?”

Somehow, Carmen was especially calm at that moment. In fact, she had to fight the urge to burst out in laughter.

She could not even hear what he said because she was focused on the memory of him holding hands with Kimberly while they were fooling around earlier. I finally understand why Poppy hates men so much. It is true that men are all idots. Without looking through the rose-tinted glasses that one calls love, I suddenly feel that Flynn is nothing like Dad. Flynn doesn’t even look like him. It’s an insult to Dad for someone like Flynn to even remotely resemble him! Flynn is a piece of trash and it can’t even be compared to Dad’s sht.

“I’m hanging up.” Carmen hung up on the call without waiting for Flynn to finish his words. Then, she stood up abruptly while addressing Poppy. “Take the dog home; I’m headed to the cybercafé.”

Poppy was shocked when she heard that. “We are still underage, so we can’t enter cybercafés!”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to Stan’s cybercafé.”

The two of them hurried to a nearby cybercafé.

In one of Audistin’s private rooms for the aristocrat, Flynn kept his phone in his pocket after making the phone call. He returned to his seat and sat next to Kimberly. He then assumed his role as her boyfriend while answering questions that were asked by the Elders from the Stafford Family. He looked calm as he waited for the important figure who had yet to reveal himself.

At that moment, she suddenly and quietly questioned, “What’s going on with you and the security guard’s daughter?”

Flynn chuckled when he answered, “What else is there? She’s just daydreaming beyond her capabilities. She doesn’t even know where she stands by pursuing me. Anyways, she kicked up such a fuss that the whole school knew about it; she even handed me a love letter in class. Besides, she confessed her love for me through the broadcasting station. I find it all very amusing, but you are the only one in my heart. Have you forgotten about that?”

Kimberly did not attend South Bayside High School; instead, she attended another international school because she was making preparations to pursue her studies abroad. Hence, she was not sure about the true situation, but she chose to believe Flynn. After all, with Flynn’s status, he couldn’t possibly fall for a security guard’s daughter.

Soon, the important figure arrived and both parties took their seats. Flynn was extremely excited to speak with the distinguished guest.

However, before he could have a good look at the important figure after the latter entered the private room, somebody suddenly came barging through the door—it was two young girls, who were wearing school uniforms, charging in.

Carmen led the way by striding forward. She wore a cold and distant expression when she aggressively removed a bracelet from her wrist. Then, she threw it viciously at Flynn’s face. She did not care where she was or the people present when she hissed, “Flynn Clark, I, Carmen Fletcher, officially announce that I am ending my five-month relationship with you. From now on, you shall continue to rely on others to climb the social ladder, whereas I will assume my role as a commoner. I am returning you the keepsake that you’ve given me! Also, I might be insignificant, but I’m not a fool. Did you think that I had no idea why you’ve been stringing me along? I have just published the paper on luxury goods online, which you have been eyeing for the longest time, and it has been officially approved. I have already submitted it with my name. Dream on if you were planning on using my thesis to win a prize as a stepping stone for more marks in your college entrance exam!”

There was complete silence in the private room.

Be it the Elders from the Staffords, the mysterious powerful figures, Kimberly or Flynn, they were all stunned into silence in shock.

However, Kimberly was the first one to snap back to her senses, so she immediately stood up. “How dare you! Do you know what the occasion is here? How could someone of your status show up in these premises? Security! What is happening?!”

Nevertheless, nobody showed up even after she yelled a few times.

Carmen glanced at Kimberly. In all honesty, I have no ill intentions toward her. In fact, I feel like I’ve wronged her. Therefore, she sincerely apologized, “I need to apologize to you, Miss Kimberly. I am sorry that I’ve been dating your fiancé for the past five months. I was the one who pursued your fiancé, so I would like to apologize to you. However, your fiancé did not inform me that he was already dating you. He informed me that he is single and that he doesn’t love you. He claimed he is merely acting around you. In fact, he vowed that he is only in love with me. He says that the reason why he has never publicly announced our relationship is because he’s the school hunk and he doesn’t want to put any pressure on me.”

Carmen clearly enunciated every word with a rhythmic flow. She spoke fast, but everybody heard her loud and clear.

It took a few seconds before everyone snapped back to their senses. Flynn was the first to stand up. He explained himself to Kimberly and the Staffords in a panic, “She is lying! She has always been the one pursuing me! Besides, she’s just a security guard’s daughter. With her family and her spending power, she can’t possibly know any luxury brands. How could she possibly write a thesis about luxury goods?!”

He hastily tried to prove his innocence to the Stafford Family. The Staffords may not be in the luxury goods industry, but they were involved in the business world. Hence, he showed a copy of the thesis to Kimberly’s father when it was still a work-in-progress.

“Mr. Greg, you’ve read my thesis and I have asked for your opinion too! How could a commoner produce such a thesis?!”

Kimberly’s father nodded in agreement. I remember that thesis—it explores the direction and future trend of luxury goods. The thesis is clearly organized and the points are clear with an advanced viewpoint. There were at least more than ten pages and it was packed with information. It truly didn’t look like something written by an underage senior high school student. I didn’t expect Flynn to have such an outlook and intelligence. That was my first time looking at my future son-in-law in a completely new light. There is no limit to his future! That is why I’ve agreed to bring him along to meet this important figure.

Greg regarded the young girl, who was still wearing her school uniform, with suspicion. She just doesn’t look like the type of person who could write that paper. His expression instantly darkened when he thundered, “Security! Chase these random people out at this instant!”

After that, he turned to respectfully apologize to the important figure, who sat across from him. “I am so sorry; the young woman has a loose screw. We will handle this issue as soon as possible.”

The man was an important figure indeed; he had witnessed all sorts of different situations, so he was not surprised by their predicament. On the contrary, he sat still at the side as he watched the events unfold before him.

The lighting was dimmer on his side, but amidst the darkness, his eyes were shining in an unmistakable brilliant green.

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