My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1479

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1479

“Carmen, you are sitting next to Kimberly, so stealing her lipstick would be a piece of cake!”

Carmen cast a cold glance at the people around her before looking at Kimberly and Flynn, who seemed upset but were actually secretly glad. “We will know who the real thief is by checking the surveillance tape.”

One of the students immediately refuted, “Everyone knows that the school has removed all of the surveillance tapes this semester!”

There used to be security cameras in the classrooms. Since the students were unhappy as they felt that their privacy had been invaded, the school had removed all the security cameras since the beginning of that particular semester.

Since surveillance tapes were being mentioned, Carmen found it even more amusing. “Everyone may not know this—all the students in this class are children of influential families, so it would be impossible that your parents will allow you to live in a place that they are unable to monitor. All visible cameras have been removed, but I know that there are at least 5 hidden cameras in this classroom. Everyone’s moves are actually under the watchful eyes of the Parent Association. The cameras monitor our class day and night from 360 degrees without any blind spot—with high-quality lenses that are able to capture everything clearly, including the cheat sheets in your hands. So, do you still think that the security cameras are unable to capture the moment when the expensive lipstick was lost?” Her tone was filled with dissatisfaction as she spoke.

The security cameras in the classroom had indeed been removed. However, when she started studying in that school, five or six security cameras were already installed in the classroom.

Her gaze from her dark beady eyes made Hope a little awkward.

He was not the homeroom teacher for Alpha Class at first, but he became one when Carmen joined the class. The reason for that change was particularly clear to everyone.

Upon hearing that, the expression of Kimberly, the new student, drastically changed, but Flynn seemed not to believe Carmen. “You are lying. My father is the president of the Parent Association, but he has never told me about this.”

Oh, I see. Carmen’s merely lying. Kimberly felt relieved.

Seeing that Flynn seemed not to believe her, Carmen stepped away from her seat and uttered, “Since you think that I was the one who stole the lipstick, Mr. Fletcher, let’s go and check the surveillance tapes.”

After saying that, she took the lead and stepped out of the classroom. Hope, who thought that there was a need to take the matter seriously, said to Kimberly, “Let’s go. We are going to check the surveillance tapes.”

Flynn followed along as well.

Only Hope was able to access the security footage in the classroom as they were directly transmitted to the Ronney Group, Mitchell Family, The Imperial, and the military compound.

A few minutes later, they finished watching the security footage and the truth was revealed—it was indeed Kimberly who placed the lipstick into Carmen’s bag when the latter went to the washroom.

The security cameras had clearly captured everything. In fact, there were more than 5 security cameras in the classroom—there were 7 or 8 of them, placed in different places to monitor the classroom from different angles. The quality of the recordings was so top-notched that Kimberly’s every single move was lucidly captured.

After watching the recordings, Kimberly lowered her head with her face blanched and Flynn, who was at one side, did not dare to say even a word.

An infuriated Hope slammed the table. “Kimberly, what was that?”

Kimberly remained silent, but Carmen chimed in from the side, “Mr. Fletcher, it’s fine. This is a matter between me and Kimberly.” She gently placed the lipstick on Hope’s table and uttered in a straightforward manner. “This lipstick is very suitable for you, but I don’t like it. Thank you for secretly giving it to me. By the way, in regards to the matter of me pursuing your boyfriend, I would like to express my apology. He lied to me that he was single before this. If you don’t believe me, I have evidence to prove my words. That’s all from my side. I hope the two of you will stop seeking trouble with me.”

After saying that, Carmen placed her hand into her pocket and left, leaving behind Flynn and Kimberly to receive their punishment in the office.

Everyone almost could not believe their eyes when they saw Carmen returning unscathed. They attempted to listen to the inside story from her, but unfortunately, she refused to reveal even a single word. In the end, Kimberly and Flynn returned to the classroom with cold expressions.

It seemed like they had received their punishments.

The plot to the incident became unpredictable, but those who were involved refused to disclose the truth. Therefore, the other students could only make wild guesses. However, she moved to another seat after class.

Kimberly and Flynn’s expression remained cold throughout the period while Hope’s expression was even colder. I can’t believe that there are actually people who dares to use such a lowly mean to frame Carmen!

Hope had already forgotten about the past and all he remembered was that he used to be a university lecturer. It was because he fell ill and lost his memory about many events of his life. After that, when he went into the mountainous area to teach the poor kids, he encountered an earthquake, so the Fletcher Family forbade him from teaching in remote places and made arrangements for him to teach in Bayside High School instead.

However, he still learned about his past from others—he used to be a killer.

Now, he was merely an ordinary teacher who worked hard every day to increase the students’ advancement rate to universities. Alpha Class was his first batch of students and all of them were potential candidates to enroll in Bayside University. Therefore, he was sweating blood for his bunch of kids. I hope that all the students are as intelligent as my niece.

Carmen had long been on the list of guaranteed admission into Bayside University. She had already received a doctorate in management studies abroad, yet she returned to attend high school. The Bayside University was afraid that she would reject their offer, so they had gone to her house a couple of times to make sure that she would not change her mind.

Just like that, the incident went by without any pain and everyone continued to focus on their studies. Life as a student in the senior year of high school was boring and monotonous; the students repeated the same routine every day, which was doing practice exercises. Their workbooks, test papers, and questions piled up high.

Carmen’s daily routine was to pile up all her books on the desk while she hid behind the books to play with her phone. She checked the stock market and future contracts, observed the management of various companies, and checked the current financial market condition.

Suddenly, she received a notification from Messenger—it was Sophia who sent her a text message. ‘Dear Carmen, Bailey has recently visited Bayside City. You should have a chat with him when you are free. I’ve asked him to add you as a friend.”

She checked her Messenger and expectedly, she had received a friend request from an account with three apricot kernels as its profile picture. It’s him! Her heart started to race uncontrollably

The profile picture reminded Carmen of the three apricot kernels that she gave him as a thank-you gift for saving her life back then, but they were three bad kernels. I never thought that he would still keep them after many years.

For an unknown reason, she tapped on the ‘agree’ button and waited for Bailey to text her.

However, he seemed to be busy as he did not message her.

As she stared at the profile picture, she fell into a daze. I wonder what he is busy with.

Meanwhile, the man with green eyes looked at the blank chat while countless opening statements flashed across his mind, but none of them were turned into words and delivered across. After thinking for a while, he ended up keeping his phone away.

“Carmen, it’s time to submit the mathematics exercise!” The subject representative suddenly appeared with a large pile of workbooks in his arms. Carmen kept her phone away and found her workbook before submitting it.

After she had submitted it, the subject representative seemed to be dissatisfied and grumbled, “You are the last one to submit every time.”

Carmen felt helpless as well. It was all because I have to do the work for Flynn, that poor student! He was so lazy that he was unwilling to even copy his own work and insisted on having me copy them for him.

She glanced at Flynn and saw him scratching his head at a few questions. In the end, he gave up and borrowed completed workbooks from other students to copy. Tsk, loser.

He used to have average results that at least spared him from being in the last few places in class. However, in the entire year, not only had he been copying Carmen’s homework, but he had been copying her answers during tests as well, which caused him to be deeply immersed in the fake superiority of being a genius that he had gained as a copycat. Now that he severed all ties with her, she refused to allow him to copy her work, which made him realize that he did not understand a lot of questions. To him, the questions seemed to be written in a foreign language.

Kimberly now sat in the first row. As she sat very close to Flynn, she used to have intimate interactions with the latter during classes. She also found the questions difficult. When the subject representative came to them to collect their homework, he saw her frowning at a few questions, so he uttered in an attempt to please her, “Kimberly, let me give you the most well-done homework.”

As he was speaking, he respectfully took a workbook and opened it. The handwriting on the book was neat and the solutions were brief yet detailed. The solutions provided for every single question were simply perfect.

Kimberly and Flynn quickly copied the work. After they were done, they flipped to the cover page of the workbook and found the owner’s name—Carmen Fletcher. It’s her again!

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