My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1481

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1481

Sadly, Casper was unable to see Carmen because he was being pushed away by the affectionate girls.

On the other hand, Flynn felt furious because she was still cheering for the other boy, so he kept going against Casper.

However, Casper was a mixed race, so he was already at a height of 1.9 meter at the tender age of 19. Not only that, Flynn’s technical skills were not as good as his, so he was not a match to Casper at all. After realizing that he could not defeat him, he suddenly stomped on Casper’s foot.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

Carmen immediately saw that Flynn was cheating, so she rushed up in a state of anger toward him. As soon as Casper saw her coming, he cleverly hugged and lifted her up like he usually did when she was a kid.

After spinning her for a few times, he placed her down while his peach-like eyes were full of affection. “Carmen, long time no see. Do you miss me?”

The moment everyone saw their intimate interaction, the entire basketball court was in an uproar. What’s happening? They actually know each other?!

At that moment, Flynn felt that he was being completely cuckolded. I couldn’t even hug her in such an intimate manner. I’ve been dating her for five months, but she still won’t allow me to hold her hand or kiss her. She has forbidden any intimacy with me, let alone spinning her in circles! For some reason, I’m starting to feel like she is seeing me as her dad.

“Cas, don’t stop me. This guy is deliberately hurting you!” Carmen was agitated that she only wanted to grab Flynn and avenge Casper’s shoe.

However, Casper did not seem to feel anything. “It’s fine. Let it go.”

After being deliberately stepped on by someone, he was no longer in the mood to play basketball as he only had Carmen in his eyes.

They had not seen each other for many years, so he wanted to talk to her.

After that, Nathan and Casper chatted with her while the three of them left the court.


Behind them, Flynn continued to howl.

He was panicking for the first time. Back then, he thought that he had occupied the more assertive role when dating Carmen, but earlier, he witnessed the intimate interaction between her and that strange boy. They seem to have known each other for a long time and their relationship doesn’t look ordinary. Also, that boy is much more handsome than me!

Sadly, Carmen did not seem to hear his screams at all as she left under the company of two handsome guys.

After furiously smashing the basketball in his hands, Flynn also left the court.

Since all the hunks had left, the students also gradually dispersed.

Casper and Nathan were about to leave after having a chat with Carmen, so she watched as they went to the washroom to wash their hands before leaving. Consequently, she turned to return to her classroom.

In the evening, the campus was bathed in the golden sunlight while a burst of heat rose from the ground, filling the entire campus with a breath of spring. Meanwhile, she stepped on the damp ground as she walked to her classroom without any hurry.

Beside her was a little artificial lake with clear water and dazzling waves. Under the water, the fishes swam in an agile manner while their tails broke the figure being reflected on the surface of the lake.

After the figure was shattered into thousands of pieces, it was slowly restored into a complete reflection.

Upon seeing that reflection, Carmen lifted her eyes and saw a man walking on the opposite embankment of the lake.

The figure was far away for her to clearly see his face. Yet, she could roughly make out his profound facial features while his blond hair danced in the night wind. His shadow was stretched to the ground by the setting sun as he walked in a relaxed manner.

Although she could not see his face clearly, her eyes could not help but feel attracted to him. Since the figure walked unhurriedly, she maintained the same speed as him.

In the spring evening, the heat of the day had not faded, but the cold of night was already rising. She brushed away the obstructive branches of the willow tree and stared at the figure on the other side with her eyes wide open. She tried to adjust her sight, but no matter what, she was just unable to clearly see the other person’s face. That man really has a different kind of arrogance and coldness to him. Is he a student in the school? He isn’t wearing a uniform and his blond hair will definitely cause him to be questioned by Theo if he enters the school. There’s only a few blond-haired biracial students in the school and I recognize all of them.

Carmen tried to adjust her sight again, but after passing by a cultural wall, the figure suddenly disappeared from the side of the lake. Eh?

She suddenly felt at loss, so she quickly walked a few steps ahead and took a short detour to the direction of the figure earlier. As she looked around, she noticed that there was no one and mumbled to herself, “Where is he…”

Surprisingly, she felt a weight on her shoulder as someone suddenly patted her. At the same time, she could hear the deep voice of a man. “Are you looking for me?”

She turned and saw a man who rode a sports bike standing behind her. With one foot on the ground and the other on the pedal, he wore a helmet that completely covered his face, but through the helmet, she could see a pair of green eyes.

“Bailey?” Carmen exclaimed.

The man standing opposite her slowly removed his helmet and revealed a young dashing face.

It was an absolutely perfect face with handsome features that were created by the Gods. There was an unusual aura with two mysterious lights hidden in his deep green eyes, which were specifically used to attract other people’s souls.

After not seeing each other for a decade, the two of them grew a lot.

The once adorable and innocent Carmen was now an emotional young woman.

Compared to his appearance 10 years ago, Bailey’s mannerism and looks did not seem to have changed.

However when he first entered society a decade ago, he was always working with fear and trepidation, causing him to be unable to sleep at night or lose his appetite. While facing the unpredictable future and his painful past, he was full of worries and sorrows.

Now, he had built himself a business empire and gained power on the way. For the past 10 years, he experienced many difficulties and obstacles that his peers could never imagine. He changed from a naive young president to an absolute leader with power and authority who was in charge of an empire.

He matured faster than anyone else.

After 10 years, he finally met her again and he felt nothing but happiness.

However, he looked unfazed on the surface to the point where she could not even find the slightest joy on his face after reuniting with her. Instead, he slightly nodded his head and replied, “Hello.”

Bailey’s tone was calm and indifferent.

Since he was 10 years old, he had trained himself in the battlefield of adults and to protect himself with spikes to the point where he had quickly forgotten how to speak to a person gently.

His current tone was probably his gentlest.

“Ah, Bailey. It really is you!” Carmen jumped to him like she did when she was a kid before lifting her head and cheered. “Oh my God. Bailey, you are lanky now!”

Bailey’s green eyes were profound, but they did not reveal themselves to anyone at all. After hearing her praise, he still nodded his head flatly. “Yes. I’ve grown up.”

His voice was only a little more gentle and a little less formal compared to the voice he used for business meetings.

Yet, Carmen seemed to be used to his tone as she asked enthusiastically, “Why are you here?”

He stoically answered, “I just happened to ride past here.”

But mainly, he was here to see someone.

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