My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1484

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1484

Therefore, the two of them walked together in front while someone followed them from behind. However, they had already noticed Flynn following them, so Casper turned and glanced at him. “He is…”

Carmen coldly answered, “My ex-boyfriend.”

Suddenly, he stopped and turned toward Flynn. Then, he removed his gloves to reveal his hands. “You are Flynn, right? I know you—you are Carmen’s ex-boyfriend. Hello. I’m Casper, Carmen’s current boyfriend and we grew up together. I just returned from Northern Europe.”

Current boyfriend? Casper? So, Cas is actually his nickname. She also has a friend in Northern Europe whom she grew up with? Why don’t I know all of this? “Carmen Fletcher, what else have you not told me?” Flynn felt as though he had been lied to for a long while, so he was furious as he questioned her.

She angrily answered, “There’s a lot of things I’ve never told you! Cas, let’s go!”

Carmen was not in the mood to correct Casper’s actions, so she held his hand before the two of them went toward the open-space carpark. It’s better for Flynn to know that I now have an awesome boyfriend. Let’s see if he dares to bully me from now on!

Upon seeing them leaving while holding their hands, Flynn grew jealous as he followed them in anger. I want to see what kind of car Casper drives. It’s so obvious that this poor lad can’t afford a good car. I must mock him ruthlessly and tell him to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.

After a few steps, they arrived at the open-space, but the lights were a bit dim, so they could not figure out which vehicle was Capser’s car. Then, Casper took out his car keys and pressed the button, which activated the fingerprint lock. With a beep, the car drove out of the spot by itself.

A strange light rose in the car park as a sports car emerged from the light. Silently, the gull-wing door car was activated. On the car logo, there was a ‘dragon’ symbol, which looked gorgeous and smooth since it was the combination of both the art and the military industries.

The Dragon Sports Car was a sports car that was jointly engineered by Ronney Group and Michel Group. A genuine Dragon Sports Car had a gorgeous appearance that was produced by Ronney Group and a powerful engine that was made by the Michel Military Enterprise. Both its appearance and performance was top-notch, which was why many people were crazy for it.

At that moment, Flynn was dumbfounded on the spot. This car… can’t be bought by an ordinary person. What was even stranger to him was that Carmen did not seem to be surprised by the sports car as she spoke casually, “Why did you choose this car? The gull-wing doors aren’t even practical at all.”

While chatting, the two of them entered the car and the engine started as soon as the doors were shut. A few seconds later, the car drove away and Flynn was no longer able to hear the rest of their conversation.

“When you are 18, your mom will definitely give you an even prettier car.”

After Casper drove away in his car, Flynn was so furious that he kicked the air a few times before leaving unsatisfyingly. It’s just a lousy car… In the future, I’ll definitely own a car like that. I can’t believe Carmen is this sort of person. She is greedy and vain that she can just walk away with someone in his sports car. What makes her different from those girls who became a mistress at a young age?

However, in the dark, the whole scene was captured by a camera.

Carmen sat inside Casper’s car and left the school. He was a very particular person, so the inside of the car was spotless. Not only was there an automatic vacuum cleaner, but he even sprayed the whole place with a fragrant perfume. Just like his personality, the car was fresh and clean. There was always a classical and mysterious smell lingering around him that was exactly the same as his dad’s.

“What is Mr. Psychic doing lately?” she suddenly asked him. I don’t seem to recall seeing Daniel recently.

He smiled and shook his head. “What else can he be doing? There are 365 days in a year. For 100 days, he would remain in Reverie Mountain to deceive others. Then, he would spend another 100 days scamming everyone in Bayside City before traveling around the globe for another 100 days to con others. As for the remaining 56 days, he would stay with my mother in Northern Europe to continue conning members of her family.”

The poor Casper was abandoned ever since he was a kid and he was left with a bunch of younger siblings to take care of. Not only was he required to play the role as a parent, he also needed to be a responsible big brother, so he became very independent and caring at a young age.

Not long after leaving the school, Carmen saw a food stall beside the road that was selling roasted sweet potatoes. She told Casper to stop the car before going down to buy two sweet potatoes for them to eat.

The sweet and fragrant sweet potato was the same as the ones grown in the farm. As she ate the delicious sweet potatoes with Casper in the car while enjoying the heater, she said to him, “Cas, let me tell you something. Don’t simply tell others that you’re my boyfriend. If my mom knows about it, she’ll think it’s real. My grandpa may even chop you up to make minced meat eggplants. Are you not going to eat this half? Then, give it to me. I’m ravished.”

Casper only ate half a sweet potato as he gave the remainder to her. Then, he supported his chin with one arm while staring at her gleefully. “I always wanted to be your boyfriend, though. When you were a kid, didn’t you say that you wanted to marry me once we were adults?”

Carmen resignedly replied, “At that time, I wanted to marry a lot of people. I even wanted to marry Nicholas!”

He wiped his hands and revealed his clean fingers before rolling out his sandalwood bracelet to set up his formation. “Come, let me predict your future to see if you’ll marry me in this life. Just wait till I’m done with my calculation. And don’t interrupt…”

“Cut it out…” Carmen opened his hands. “Casper, I know all about your father’s tricks. Back then, he even sold my mom to my dad for 80,000. It’s all just a trick.”

However, Casper intended on carrying out his calculation. Carmen could not stop him, so she let him be while he pretended to be serious, as if he was calculating something with his fingers. Even without this, I already have an answer inside me.

Just when the answer was about to come out earnestly from Casper’s mouth, Carmen’s phone rang. Her ringtone was still a song from a traditional opera, ‘The Drunken Concubine’, that her father sang.

The call was from an unregistered number.

“Hello. Who is this?”

On the other side, there was a sexy and mysterious voice of a man. “Your mother asked me to come and pick you up.”

“Eh?” She then lifted her head and confusedly looked at Casper. Didn’t she already send Casper to come pick me up? Why did she send another person? I’m not some precious endangered animal, so do I really need many people to pick me up? “Who is this—”

Suddenly, someone knocked a few times on the window of Casper’s luxurious car. Knock! Knock! Knock!

The sound was crisp and firm. As soon as the two people inside the car turned toward the window at the same time, they realized that someone was already standing outside for a while. The person was riding Theo’s old bike, which he usually used to ride to work, with one hand holding his phone while the other knocked on the car window.

That same person was now wearing Theo’s military coat with a black scarf that covered his neck and half of his face. With the military coat and ushanka hat, Carmen initially thought he was Hope, but the voice was not the same. Also, the person had a pair of green eyes. His green eyes flickered like two searchlights shining on the people inside the car.

As Carmen remembered the voice in the phone, she glanced at the person’s appearance and his green eyes once more. At first, she thought that she had mistaken him for someone. She knew someone with green eyes as well as someone with a military coat, but when she saw the person with green eyes in a military coat, she was a little confused.

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