My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1486

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1486

The two of them ate the roasted sweet potato as they slowly walked back home. By the time they looked at the time, it was already 10.30PM.

Finally, Bailey found the way back home, so he rode the bike and quickly sent her back to the Imperial.

Although it was already 10.30PM, her house was still brightly lit and her spacious living room was completely filled with people.

In front of the French window, Casper was particularly anxious as he kept on looking at his phone while gazing outside the window from time to time. Finally, he saw a bicycle coming out of the dark night toward his direction while making a creaking sound.

Bailey had removed his thick ushanka hat and put it on Carmen’s head. At the moment, the big hat was covering her tiny face while his blond hair danced in the night breeze.

“They are back!”

However, Casper felt really upset. He calculated the time needed for them to return home and realized that it would only take them a maximum of 20 minutes to return, but they had been gone for almost an hour.

Moreover, the navigation system showed that they took a long detour. Were they actually lost? Or did they take the long detour on purpose? I guess only Bailey knows. He went into society at the age of 10 and after all these years, he has become a man. An experienced old man! Carmen is no match against him.

“They are back?” Sophia cheerfully stood up.

Upon hearing that Bailey and Carmen were back, everyone in the house had a different reaction.

Today was a big day.

When Daniel learned that Carmen was heartbroken, he counted his fingers and figured that her propitious star was in the move, which meant that her true love was about to show up. Sadly, he could not figure out who that person was.

Since he could not decipher who her true love was, every family was tasked to choose one of their own.

Harry’s family nominated Hope, Hale’s family chose Ashton, Daniel’s family selected Casper, and Derek’s family nominated Albert while Joel nominated Drew as the wildcard.

They were five brilliant children whom everyone knew well. On top of that, they grew up alongside Carmen and formed a strong bond with her.

Hope was an athlete student who attended a sports school and Ashton started acting at a young age. Now, at the age of 18, he was a small drama actor in the industry because he and Carmen had followed the master, Michael, since they were kids. He and the Academy Award winner, Drake, were even touted as Taylor Murray’s successors.

Needless to say, Casper was a definite candidate. Although he was still studying, he was already starting to take over his parents’ business. While managing the Michel Group’s industry, he also took on a part time job as a fortune-teller. As for Albert, he escaped death at a young age, so for the past few years, he was under Derek’s care and someone whom Cooper was focused on nurturing.

Drew was an even obvious choice. As Joel’s son, he was the warrior in that generation of the Fletcher Family. Not only was he brave and intelligent, he was also quite athletic.

Today, the adults gathered the five children and asked them to pick Carmen up from school at the same time. Therefore, the person who she chose to return with could be her true love.

However, if she chose Drew, it meant that she liked none of them.

When Albert remembered the fear of getting bashed by Carmen when he was a kid, he immediately hid after stepping out of the door, so he was automatically eliminated.

As for Ashton, he was no match against Hope, so he was knocked out too.

However, Hope was not as clever as Casper, so after being deceived by the latter, he was unable to pick Carmen up in the end. Instead, he went to pick Poppy up.

Initially, Drew was used as a wildcard, but to ensure his own victory, Casper also deceived him too.

In the end, Casper eliminated all his competitors and thought that victory was now in his hands because she could only choose him. However, Sophia suddenly sent out Bailey at the last minute.

Therefore, he was intercepted by Bailey.

Not only that, Carmen even happily left with Bailey, so Casper felt very upset about it. On his way back, he asked someone to call all of her relatives over to her house. That’ll scare him!

That was why the moment she returned home, she discovered that there were a bunch of people waiting for her. “Huh? Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Linus, Uncle Callum, Uncle Cade! Goddaddy and Godmommy? Mr. Psychic and Alice? Stan and Sean? You are all here! Uncle Joel, Aunt Maddie, Lola and Drew! Why are you all here?”

While changing her shoes, Carmen came through the door with Bailey behind her. He removed his military coat and carefully hung it, which revealed his black sweater inside. Without saying a word, he entered with her while his deep green eyes scanned everyone who was present at the scene.

Everyone also cast their gaze on him. There’s something fishy.

However, he chose not to leave and instead changed his shoes before entering the house.

Sophia enthusiastically greeted, “Bailey, you are here? Come in and have a seat! Carmen, go and quickly have a shower. You look really cold.”

Then, Carmen turned to Bailey. “Bailey, it’s late. Why don’t you return home first?”

Cooper coldly replied on his behalf. “It’s not that late. Everyone is still here. Bailey, come and have a seat here.” I can feel the bad intentions.

Yet, Bailey still decided to sit next to Cooper. On his left, there was Cooper’s gloomy face and on the right was Linus’ somber expression. A few of Carmen’s uncles and brothers tried their best to wear a solemn face as they circled around Bailey.

Carmen had already gone up for a shower, but she pulled Sophia along with her and whispered, “Mom, why did you ask Bailey to pick me up? He is a very busy man. He doesn’t have the time to pick me up!”

Sophia lied, “I didn’t. Bailey lives nearby, so when I brought the dogs out for a walk, I just happened to meet him. I told him that you weren’t back yet and he told me that he was going to your school anyway, so I asked him to pick you up on the way!”

Since she was obviously lying, Carmen did not believe her at all. “Then, why was he wearing grandpa’s clothes and riding his bicycle?”

Sophia shamelessly answered, “I told him that he looks good with his clothes and bicycle.”

In reality… She had actually said to Bailey, “Bailey, I think you should ride a bike to her. It’ll be more emotional. Good luck. You’ll definitely pick her up.”

Although his expression was cold, he was actually very passionate about it. As soon as she called him, he immediately arrived.

To make himself more sentimental, he also took Theo’s clothes.

That was how Carmen ended up seeing Bailey in that attire.

Instantly, she felt resigned while Sophia quickly pushed her into the bathroom, so she could have her shower. Then, she ran down to the living room in a hurry to prevent anyone from messing with her old son-in-law.

Bailey was already generally recognized as the second old son-in-law by the whole family 10 years ago.

However, the people in the family seemed to be very upset about it. After all, the two of them had an age gap of a decade, which was why the adults gathered a few ‘true loves’ today, but surprisingly, the young and dashing ‘true loves’ were no match against the charm of the old son-in-law.

As expected, she could not resist an old man, just like her mother. Although Bailey is just 27 years old and he isn’t old at all, he is still a whole lot older than the young Carmen!

Both Cooper and Linus wore a gloomy face, as if they could not bring themselves to accept the scenario.

Immediately, there seemed to be a storm brewing among the three of them.

The people around them could even feel their heads tingling as they quickly and tightly held their own sons. Oh my, this is scary. If our sons were to sit in that position today, we would have been frightened to death as parents, let alone our sons. That position has a high standard toward whoever sits on it! Not only does the person require courage, intelligence and remarkable abilities, he also needs to have a thick skin. Back then, it was Michael who sat on that seat. Now, it is Bailey Adams’ turn!

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