My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1491

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1491

Why do I blush so easily these days? What’s going on?

Carmen patted her cheeks.

Bailey hadn’t drank this much in many years but he had no other choice.

If I can’t convince Cooper, it’ll definitely be difficult for Carmen and I to be together. I’m not like Michael and I won’t back down. I must face Cooper directly!

He smiled but he suddenly staggered. After all, he had drunk a lot.

“Oh my! Bailey, I’ll send you back home,” Carmen murmured as she quickly supported him.

Bailey couldn’t seem to talk any more, so she was even more determined to bring him back.

Besides, his house was only a road away so she would reach there in no time.

There weren’t many people in Bailey’s house; there was only a butler, a cook and a maid who did the cleaning of the house.

Since Bailey was still conscious, he could still walk. When Carmen arrived at the door, she could see the maid coming out to help him in. With that, she had done her job so she was preparing to return home but surprisingly, the maid seemed to have already recognized her. “Miss Carmen, you should come in and have a seat!” she said enthusiastically.

“You know me?” She was shocked.

The maid looked like a local and she was really friendly. “Of course I do. I’ve been here for many years, so I definitely know you.”

Carmen felt confused as she scratched her head, but she still entered as she was curious to see how Bailey’s house looked.

Bailey’s house was a single villa with seven to eight guest rooms and three floors. The first floor was for the guests, the second floor for the guest rooms, and the third floor was his personal living area. The moment she came in, she could see a robot busy sweeping the floor.

The decorations for the entire house were simple and cold, just like Bailey’s personality. It was so monotonous that there was almost nothing matched with each other. Also, there were very few pieces of furniture, to a point where one could almost describe the place as ‘the lesser the better’. It was designed so simply that no extra items were left.

The decorations were completely different from Carmen’s house. As they had many pets and children in the house, it needed to be warm and comforting.

One could probably guess the family’s atmosphere just by looking at the decorations.

Her house was warm and lively. After Michael was put into cryogenic sleep, Sophia needed to be strong all the time by playing the roles of both father and mother so that the children would never feel lacking in life since losing their father. Therefore, the house was decorated to be warm because she considered every aspect for her children.

As for Bailey’s house, it was cold and simple.

Meanwhile, Bailey had completely used up his willpower at Carmen’s house. Although he was a good drinker, he still couldn’t stand the challenge of so many people from her family but he refused to let them underestimate him. Now that he came back home, he was completely drunk so he was starting to stagger. Luckily, the maid was there to support him.

However, it was difficult for the maid to support him alone, so Carmen quickly went over to help. And so, the two of them supported him onto his private elevator and went up to the third floor before entering his bedroom.

His bedroom fit perfectly with the decorations of the entire house; the place was decorated with a cold color scheme of black and white, resembling the minimalist yet luxurious style of Northern Europe.

Bailey couldn’t speak ever since he came home and the moment he entered his room, he immediately slept on his bed.

After placing him on his bed, the maid murmured, “I’ll go make some broth. Can you please help me take care of Mr. Bailey for a while? I’ll be back soon.”

Carmen nodded as she watched the maid walk out the room hurriedly. Looking at Bailey on the bed, he seemed to be sleeping soundly and his long eyelashes casted two tiny shadows on his cheeks.

When he was asleep, he lacked his usual aggressive aura. Instead, he looked more like a sleeping elf with soft facial features that had an indescribable beauty.

Carmen’s face was flushed red while she used all her strength to flip him over so that she could remove his jacket. It was only after covering him up with the comforter that she saw the bracelet on his wrist.

She stretched out her fingers and stroked the three pendants on the bracelet. As she looked closely, she realized that they were three apricot seeds.

However, no one seemed to know where he got these three apricot seeds from.

She remembered that when she was a kid, she was captured by bad guys and Bailey had saved her.

To repay him, she grabbed a few apricots for him to eat.

At that time, it was the only thing she could give him. It was a local speciality that she had gathered from the farm so that she could give them to her family when she returned home, but she saved a few specially for him.

She didn’t know whether Bailey ate the apricots or not and she was too embarrassed to ask. As she thought about it now, those apricots were rotten at the time so he wouldn’t be able to eat it.

I was so stupid back then.

In her later memories, she also remembered that he would always wear this bracelet on his wrist.

Looking at it closely today, she realized that the three apricot seeds were worn for so long that its corners had been polished down.

Are these three apricot seeds related to the apricots I gave him back then? I’ve forgotten how many apricots I gave him in the past. Maybe it’s not… but what if it is?

Once her assumption came to mind, she could feel her heart beating strangely.

There was a box for jewelry on the bedside table which he probably used to store his bracelet. Therefore, Carmen gently lifted Bailey’s hand and tried to remove the bracelet from his wrist but suddenly, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her whole hand.


Carmen’s face started to flush as she tried to withdraw her hand but when she pulled her hand back a little, Bailey would immediately tighten his hold around hers, grabbing her hand again.

He seems to be sleeping soundly and his eyes are still closed.

Carmen struggled for a moment but it was useless, so she let him be.

His hand was broad and warm, and it seemed to have a faint fragrance of red wine. Bailey then held Carmen’s hand on the edge of his pillow while sleeping soundly. His thin lips were only a few centimeters away from her tender hand and she could now feel his burning breath with the back of her hand.

A slight movement would seemingly end in him kissing her hand.

She didn’t dare to move but his breath seemed to have some sort of strange force that was pulling at her heart strings, causing a tingling feel while her whole body was engulfed by some weird feeling.

Carefully, she removed the bracelet from his wrist and put it inside the box. Carmen was careful not to wake him up but she could only move with one hand, which made her rather clumsy. When closing the box, she accidentally made a loud bang.

Inside the silent room, the loud noise sounded like someone throwing a huge rock into a lake, causing huge waves.

Carmen’s heart also trembled as she glanced at Bailey instinctively, as if she was afraid that she woke him up.

As soon as she turned her head, she could see that Bailey had opened his eyes silently. His deep green eyes were now staring at her motionlessly and there seemed to be a light burning within.

Yet, he didn’t let go of her hand; instead, his grip had become tighter.

“Bailey, you’re awake!”

Carmen murmured while trying to withdraw her hand but before she could do so, Bailey suddenly got up and carried her up from the side of the bed before placing her on the mattress. Then, he pressed his whole body against her and gave her a burning kiss, effectively silencing her surprised gasp.

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