My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1493

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1493

A few of them finally dragged Carmen out of her house before Casper drove them to Bayside University to have some fun. Today was another sunny day and the soccer field of the university was now occupied by those bathing in the sun. Several of them brought snacks, so they laid down a mat and ate the snacks with their dogs.

“Cas, do you want some biscuits? Or some nuts? Do you prefer potato chips? What about some peanuts and melon seeds Eight-Treasure Congee?”

Maisie was like a little mouse with lots of snacks inside her bag all the time. Today, she even brought a huge variety of snacks. Just like her father, she loved to eat; whenever they went past a herbal store, she couldn’t help but buy a herbal drink before leaving.

Carmen refused Maisie’s peanuts and melon seeds Eight-Treasure Congee that she handed to her and chose to drink some juice as she lay down comfortably on the mat under the sun. Ever since she went to high school, she had never been this relaxed before.

A while later, Casper took off his jacket and exposed his thin undershirt that he had put on deliberately, faintly revealing his tender body. “Let’s go and play some basketball.”

After that, the girls kept on eating while the boys went on to play basketball.

For some reason, everyone gathered here today at the same time, as if they agreed in advance to meet here. Ashton, Hope, Casper, Drew and Albert were all here. Nathan also rushed over and led a group of boys aside to play basketball. Then, a lot of fresh faces arrived one after another and all of them had a young body, of which they deliberately revealed right in front of Carmen.

Yesterday, news about Bailey taking advantage of Carmen had reached Cooper’s ears. Although Bailey didn’t actually do anything in the end, Cooper was still furious about it. Early in the morning, he gathered a large group of young men here to open Carmen’s eyes so that she wouldn’t be completely taken by Bailey.

A bunch of young tender hunks were playing basketball at the court and Nathan hid among them. Truth was, he had been paying close attention to Carmen to see which one she would like but sadly, she seemed to be uninterested as she kept on playing with the dogs. The young hunks don’t seem to be as attractive as dogs.

However, this reaction of hers was considered normal for her. When she studied at Eton College, almost all the children from noble families in Europe and America were gathered there, but she didn’t fall in love once because she had no interest in ordinary boys.

Suddenly, Carmen, who was caressing the dogs, sat up straight with a flushed face as she looked toward a direction blankly. After a quick glance, she immediately withdrew her eyes as if she was a thief but a while later, she secretly looked toward the direction again.

At first, Nathan was curious which young man was able to draw her attention, so he quickly followed the direction of her eyes. Unexpectedly, it was a man with familiar blonde hair, green eyes and long slender legs. Bailey came toward them purposefully while wearing sportswear, a basketball in his hands.

Upon seeing that, Nathan sighed deep down. Oh no! Bailey is here to mess up everything again—no, wait. It’s Sophia who is messing things up again.

All of these were obviously arranged by Cooper and he deliberately excluded Bailey from his plan, but here he was, so it must be Sophia who told him what was happening. She really loves this old son-in-law.

Thinking back to a few years ago, Nathan and Michael were also here to teach Bailey a lesson.

I can’t believe that many years later, I’m still one of the people challenging him. I’ve known him for many years; he is an extremely cold person, who almost has no other desires other than work. He isn’t concerned about anything and he usually does nothing, except for working out. Even if he is on vacation, he does not indulge in any leisure activities. There really isn’t anyone that can ask Bailey to come with just a call but recently, as long as he receives a call from Sophia, the ‘king of the insurance industry’ will be there immediately. I can’t believe this!

Nathan notified Casper, Hope and the others around him with a look as he whispered, “Pay attention to my eyes. Once I give the signal, take him down!”

Yesterday, not only did they fail to get Bailey drunk, they ended up embarrassing themselves and Nathan even threw up in front of everyone. Bailey was the only one who maintained his elegance until the end, and he even took advantage of Carmen while being drunk. Today, I must get my revenge!

As soon as Bailey showed up, he instantly became the center of attention. The elf-like prince had charming and alluring facial features along with a pair of rare green eyes. Add that to the fact that he had a domineering height, he undoubtedly became the best among the crowd. He came alone, carrying a bag and a ball in his hands; his purpose seemed to be very clear as he walked toward Carmen.

Due to what happened last night, Carmen’s ears were now burning hot. When she saw Bailey walking toward her, she immediately thought of the cannibalistic giant she witnessed yesterday, so she quietly hid behind the dogs and looked at him shyly. Unexpectedly, he was still walking toward her unwaveringly.

Upon seeing that he was approaching her, Carmen’s insides were restless and she had nowhere to hide, so she could only lower her head and pretend to look at the dog.

Amidst everyone’s shock and curious eyes, a pair of large men’s sneakers stopped in front of Carmen. After putting down his bag, Bailey took off his jacket and bracelet before putting them in her hands as he caressed her head. “Help me look after them,” he murmured.

She nodded her head in a daze.

Bailey ruffled her hair again and there seemed to be a gentle smile flashing at the corners of his lips. Then, he turned around and walked toward the basketball court. Naturally, his smile was gone by then and it was replaced by the sheer dominant presence of a king, as if he was charging toward a battlefield. Today, this was just another battlefield for him.

Upon seeing him joining the group of young hunks to begin his battle, Carmen came back to her senses while hugging his bag and bracelet blankly, not knowing what to do. Afterward, a group of her friends gathered around her and questioned her while winking.

“When did you two confirm your relationship status?”

“Good for you! You’ve found your second love in just a few days!”

“I wasn’t fond of this old man back then but the more I see him, the more I realize that he looks quite good.”

Finally, Carmen responded to the situation a little. According to Bailey’s attitude just now, he seems to be treating me as his girlfriend. Last night, I didn’t resist and even went with all his actions. Does that mean we’ve confirmed our relationship? Does Bailey think that way too? Is this how I get my second love?

Carmen was still in a daze because everything was progressing so fast. I’m not ready for this yet! Her mind wasn’t that conservative at all and she never felt that she must become someone else’s after just a kiss. What age are we living in now? No matter what happens with me and another person, I’m still myself. So, does Bailey feel that I am now his after we’ve just kissed a little last night? Hmph! In his dreams!

Carmen said proudly to her curious friends, “What are you talking about? How can I confirm my relationship with him if he has only been here for a few days? Do you really think I’m that superficial? I’m always serious when it comes to love.” I will not be restrained by someone just like that!

The battle began as Bailey charged into the group of young hunks, like a true warrior infiltrating the enemy’s lines. He was ruthless wherever he went and the group of young hunks were no match against him at all. Although the young hunks that Cooper arranged were dashing and tender, they still weren’t enough to go against Bailey.

Whether in terms of physical strength or personal charisma, Bailey always came out on top. His toned body was still charming as ever even if he was in the mix of a bunch of young hunks.

Carmen, who was determined not to treat him specially, couldn’t move her eyes away from him. Oh my. He looks so good…

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