My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1495

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1495

Despite the resistance within Carmen, her body was very honest, for she blurted, “Yes.”

Bailey took out the snacks, upon which Maisie swiftly grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds which she’d long since eyed. While shelling them, she stared at Bailey and Carmen with rounded eyes, but it seemed that there was no superfluous interaction between them other than eating snacks. Bailey ate as he peeled an orange, a banana, and the like for Carmen. It doesn’t seem as though there’s anything special.

At the side, Nathan found it incredulous as he watched on. I thought Bailey doesn’t eat snacks! And he never agreed when I asked him out for a meal! Thus, he could tell that Bailey was being very proactive and striving hard this time.

Conversely, Casper was still feeling aggrieved about his video that had been deleted earlier. While the video can be restored, Bailey’s attitude was just too overbearing and shameless! When he’d retrieved the video from the backup folder, he saw Carmen and Bailey happily eating snacks.

Everyone else was gathered there, chatting and laughing. Although Bailey was rather taciturn in nature, he still answered all the questions directed at him, trying his best to mingle with the others.

While Casper was waiting for an opportunity, he suddenly caught sight of Carmen’s family dog, Judge. The husky was brushing up everywhere while saliva dripped from its muzzle, so he furtively led the dog to Bailey. The drooling dog seemed to be very fond of Bailey, nuzzling into him. Casper waited for Bailey to get ballistic.

Carmen’s entire family loves pets, but according to my investigation and reasoning, Bailey probably doesn’t like pets. After all, there isn’t even a hamster at his house. Unexpectedly, Bailey merely took out a tissue and wiped off the dog drool on him before wiping the dog, even taking the opportunity to stroke its head. Judge seemed to have gotten acquainted with him as well, resting its head on his lap and dozing off. While this happened, Bailey even seized the opportunity to talk to Carmen. Casper saw red. He’s such a hypocrite!

He was just about to rack his brain for some other trick to reveal Bailey’s true colors when Bailey abruptly stood up and declared, “It’s almost noon, so I’ll treat you all to lunch.”

Bailey is treating us to lunch? Cheering, everyone sprang to their feet. Nathan was again astonished. I’ve known him for so many years, yet I’ve never gotten to drink a sip of water from his house. And he’s actually so generous today to treat everyone to lunch? This is too odd. Has he been bewitched? Bailey had indeed been bewitched today; he’d been bewitched by love that he was truly treating everyone to lunch.

Everyone was over the moon save Casper, who was upset, though honestly speaking, he knew that he was no match for Bailey. Bailey was his superior in all aspects and was even someone comparable to Cooper, not to mention his peers. Even the older generation fell far behind him since he not only made himself astounding wealth within the insurance industry, but he’d also stepped foot into other industries with impressive achievements.

But so what? If Carmen is sure to fall for him because he’s got impressive achievements, doesn’t that mean that every woman in the world will also fall in love with the richest men in the world? So what if he’s a big shot? Not every woman loves big shots! I’m going to eat him out of house and home today!

Since it was Bailey’s treat, he was naturally generous, so it was definitely Crimson House again. When they’d arrived at the restaurant, Casper ordered the most expensive dishes, but unfortunately, he didn’t quite have the ability to eat Bailey out of house and home.

After they’d all eaten and drank to their heart’s content, they all got ready to go home respectively. When they went down to the basement parking, Carmen saw three cars with the passenger door opened for her.

“Come on in,” Nathan called out.

“Come, come, get in. I’ll bring you for a ride,” Casper offered.

Bailey had also opened his passenger door, but he merely stood before the door without saying anything.

Carmen contemplated for a moment. Bailey suddenly treated everyone to a feast today, spending five to six figures for just this meal. Casper ate the most, and he even left a lot of food he ordered uneaten, putting them all to waste. No matter what, I’ve got to thank Bailey. Thus, she climbed into Bailey’s car.

At this, defeat manifested on Casper’s face, upon which Nathan patted him on the shoulder. Then, he left with Maisie and Audrey. Meanwhile, Hope and Drew squeezed into Casper’s car, and they all left separately.

In the car, Carmen arranged her thoughts. Seizing the opportunity when they were waiting for the red light, she said to Bailey, “Thank you for the treat today, Bailey.”

While focused on his driving, Bailey answered, “No thanks needed. It’s your treat next time.”

Carmen was rendered dumbstruck. Subsequently, she did some calculations. The bill came up to six figures today, so how long do I have to treat him? Money isn’t the problem. The problem is… Wait a moment. Is this another trick? Although she couldn’t quite figure out what exactly was going on, she just felt as though she’d fallen into his trap. I’ll have to pay him back for this meal, and a single meal isn’t going to cut it. When I pay him back, doesn’t that mean that I’ll have to eat with him? And it’s several times at that!

Very quickly, they arrived at Carmen’s house. Climbing out of the car, Carmen looked over her shoulder at Bailey and thanked him. “This is my house, Bailey… Would you like to come in for some tea?”

It was actually a perfunctory remark, but unexpectedly, Bailey immediately agreed. “Sure.” He drove his car into the garage before unfastening his seatbelt and slipping on his jacket. Then, he followed Carmen into her house, not at all regarding himself as an outsider.

All this had Carmen suspecting that the Bailey before her was actually a doppelganger. He’s such an aloof person, so why is he so friendly all of a sudden?

Meanwhile, Sophia, who’d already heard about Bailey visiting, hurriedly ushered him in and offered him all sorts of beverages. When Cooper learned that Bailey was here again, he likewise rushed out and attempted to scare him away with his death stare. Unfortunately, Bailey wasn’t Michael, so he’d never been afraid of his death stare.

On the contrary, Sophia was extremely enthusiastic. “We’re having a feast tonight, so you must come over for dinner, Bailey,” she urged.

“Sure,” Bailey answered. He then stayed at Carmen’s house for a while before going home for a shower. At night, he truly went over despite Cooper’s death stare the entire night.

Those who sell insurance are indeed thick-skinned, Cooper groused. Bailey is truly shameless, coming over the moment Sophia invited him to get a free meal and drinks while even having designs on my daughter!

Likewise, Casper had never seen such a brazen person. But honestly speaking, he’s the only one who dares do this, for other boys have never dared to do so.

While Cooper claimed that he wanted to find Carmen a love interest and encouraged young men to visit her, those who truly took him at his word only had to stay for three minutes before immediately being the recipient of the chilly death stare of the arms leader. He indeed wanted boys to pursue Carmen, but whoever truly did so would invite his wrath at once. Furthermore, if anyone truly won Carmen over, he’d definitely end up like Michael back then and experience the fear of being mauled by Chow and Eggplant.

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