My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1496

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1496

Even Casper himself wasn’t exempt from being the recipient of Cooper’s death stare after he’d noticed him visiting a few times. Thereafter, he was intimidated and gradually dared not go to Carmen’s house anymore since he had to avoid Cooper every single time. Bailey, however, was different. He ignored Cooper’s death stare and went to Carmen’s house as he liked whenever he had time, always going over to look for her blatantly. Besides, he even dared ask Carmen out right in front of Cooper, which was something Casper didn’t even dare contemplate. After all, he was afraid of being mauled by Chow and Eggplant!

Not just anyone could withstand Cooper’s death stare; the few boys who used to visit Carmen’s house often were also terror-stricken by Cooper’s stare, and even Hope who lived next door didn’t dare go over if there wasn’t anything pressing.

Hence, Casper couldn’t do anything despite seeing Bailey coming over frequently to ask Carmen out.

Bailey was also a very conscientious person. Every time he took Carmen out, he always drove her home on time without spending the night with her or even holding hands. He kept track of the time very well each time, giving Cooper no excuse to blow up that he could only shoot him the death stare. No, in his eyes, it was merely a helpless look.

In the summer, Sophia planned to take the entire family for a vacation; Cooper, Anna, and the others would also be joining. When Sophia asked Bailey over for dinner, she casually noted, “Bailey, we’re all going for a vacation. Are you interested in joining us?”

Carmen who was eating perked up her ears as well. She initially thought that Bailey wouldn’t be interested, but to her surprise, he instantly agreed. “Sure! It just so happens that I’m thinking of going for a vacation as well.”

Thus, Bailey packed a simple suitcase under Cooper’s death glare and overtly went for a vacation with the entire family as the invisible old son-in-law.

In the blink of an eye, spring was gone to be replaced by summer. As per Casper’s anticipation, Carmen officially entered Bayside University for her second doctorate. I can now bond with her as we go to school and back home together every day! Bailey can’t possibly be anywhere there, can he?

“Don’t overtax yourself studying every day. You’re still young, after all, so don’t give yourself so much pressure. Classes are over now, so let’s go and grab a bite. I know of a restaurant that has exceptionally delicious food,” Casper remarked as he followed beside her after having rushed over to her class when his class let out and successfully met up with her.

Carmen had on Bayside University’s uniform and safety glasses with huge frames. Hugging her books to her chest, she walked toward the university gates. It feels great without bodyguards following me 24/7 and everyone turning their gazes on me everywhere I go! I’m just an ordinary student who doesn’t even garner a second glance now even as I stroll around campus. Even the air feels sweeter with a hint of freedom. I like this feeling! “I don’t feel like eating anything since I got braces,” she replied.

“You got braces? Let me have a look!” Reaching out, Casper pried her mouth open. Sure enough, he saw a set of metal braces over her once white teeth, the ugliest and most primitive metal brace at that, rendering her entire mouth significantly bigger.

“Wow! You actually got braces, and it’s such an ugly one to boot! What were you thinking?” Casper couldn’t understand her at all. This is simply too ugly! Even if she wanted to get braces, there are plenty of choices nowadays, so she totally didn’t have to choose such an ugly one.

“You don’t understand. This is quick and effective. Besides, the adjustment I need is minute, so I won’t need to wear it for long. Most importantly, I can lose weight by getting braces!” Losing weight is the most important thing. Otherwise, I won’t fit into the evening gown for my coming-of-age party!

“You didn’t need to get braces just to lose weight!” As Casper chased after her, the two of them headed to the university gates while messing around, the scene as harmonious and beautiful as when they were young.

On the way, they soon bumped into the others. Albert, Hope, Ashton, and Poppy had also gained admittance into Bayside University, so they all gathered together to head to Carmen’s house for dinner. Hope joined the School of Athletics, Poppy joined the School of Computer Science, Albert joined the School of Business Management, and Ashton naturally joined the School of Cinematography. Ashton, who rose to fame at a young age, wore a mask since he had a burden to maintain his image as a pop idol.

As they walked toward the university gates exuberantly, they again encountered Hope Fletcher—a lecturer at Bayside University—brushing past them on his bicycle. Every time he passed by the alumni corridor, he’d go in for a look at the person known as ‘Quinton Clark’ in there. When he saw him, it was as though he saw himself in his past life.

When they reached the university gates, Theo would usually be guarding the gate conscientiously in the guard shack, dressed in his security uniform. Today, however, Carmen spotted him with a cold expression on his face as he bickered with a student the moment she arrived at the university gates.

“Where’s your daughter? Don’t tell me you truly married her off to a rich man for the betrothal gift? Well? Say something! Where’s Carmen Fletcher? Why are you here? Where did Carmen go?” Sure enough, it was Flynn. He put in some hard work during the last few months and gained admittance into Bayside University, but never had he expected to see Theo guarding the gate again just after a few days here.

Beside him, Kimberly was exceedingly chagrined. All jobs require academic qualifications here in Bayside City, and girls without academic qualifications can only get a job with physical labor such as hotel staff, so a girl like Carmen Fletcher can only get married and have babies after getting expelled! I thought she’d disappear from Flynn’s life forever, but never had I thought that Flynn still remembers her and is even asking about her here at Bayside University! Carmen Fletcher, Carmen Fletcher, Carmen Fletcher! That’s all he knows!

Theo stared at him with a frigid expression on his face. He abhorred this low-quality version of his son, so he didn’t bother answering him. Unexpectedly, Carmen suddenly rushed over and dragged the thundering Flynn away. “Have you lost your mind, Flynn Clark? Why are you harassing my father?”

Her sudden appearance surprised Flynn and Kimberly greatly, especially when they noticed that she was wearing Bayside University’s uniform. “You… Carmen Fletcher, you actually got into Bayside University as well?” Flynn exclaimed excitedly while clutching her shoulders, seemingly both surprised and delighted.

At the side, Casper got irritated and slapped his hands away. “What are you doing? Remove your filthy hands from my girlfriend’s shoulders. Let me tell you, if you harass my girlfriend again, I’ll crush you!” he warned as he dragged Carmen away.

As his granddaughter was there, Theo took out his bicycle and gave Carmen a ride home for dinner.

The group of people then left. As Flynn watched them leave, his eyes shone with surprise and delight. It’s simply marvelous that she got into Bayside University! He didn’t know why he was so ecstatic, but it was simply a matter of fact.

Kimberly, on the other hand, was aggrieved. Why did someone who doesn’t belong here show up? Wasn’t she expelled, whereupon she went home and married an old man? Why did she appear here? Besides, she was even wearing metal braces, looking awfully ugly!

Kimberly had connections in this university. After all, her name contained royal connotations and meant ruler or chief, as evidenced by the great Lord Kimberly. Thus, she quickly found out that there was no one named Carmen Fletcher among the undergraduate students nor in the prep course. She couldn’t get the records for the graduate school, but she was certain that Carmen couldn’t possibly be with the graduate school. This means that she didn’t get into Bayside University at all! Hah! She’s probably here to bag a rich and handsome guy!

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