My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 161-170

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 161

When the reporters saw the car, they thought that it belonged to some big shots, so they were prepared to take some photos. However, upon seeing the paper attached on the window, their paces came to a halt.

Who on earth is this? ‘Luxury car for rent. Price starting from 3,000 per day’?

The Harper Family certainly wouldn’t give their invitation cards to ordinary people. Therefore, the people who are present here are all nobilities or elites. Could it be that there is some poor guy who came in here by mistake?

Richard looked at the car, puzzled and shocked. He had verified all the invitation cards of the Harper Family before they were given out, so he was certain that the receivers were not ordinary people. Unless it was those two people…

As expected, after the car stopped, Stanley was seen getting out from the car.

Stanley was indeed handsomely dressed today. He was 1.85 meters tall, had a model-like figure, tanned complexion, as well as a spirit and vibe that seemed different from other people after having gone through military training. Together with his chiseled, good-looking facial features and a suit, he looked good on camera even in his military buzz cut. With a quick glance, people would think that Robert Pattinson was here. His looks were on par with the two male models that walked on the red carpet before him.

His outfit looked extraordinary, and it seemed to be from an international brand, L/K. However, together with the dazzling sign that stated ‘Luxury car for rent. Price starting from 3,000 per day’, his temperament instantly gave people an impression that they were high-quality replicas.

When the media spotted a male guest that looked pleasant to the eyes, they started to take lots of photos of him. However, most people eagerly took photos because they noticed that this person wore high-quality fakes to attend the banquet organized by the Harper Family. They were curious, and they found this scene embarrassing for him, so they took a lot of photos.

When Richard saw that Sophia’s new boyfriend came dressing in high-quality replicas with a rented vehicle, he found it understandable.

Their identity and spending power could only allow them to go this far. After attending the banquet today, Stanley would probably have spent his entire one-month earning from working at the construction site, and Sophia would have at least used up 6-months’ worth of earnings from making deliveries.

Xyla was extremely delighted as well and tugged on Richard excitedly. “It’s Sophia and Stanley! Let’s go and welcome them!”

Richard smiled. He tidied his bespoke suit, which was worth 100,000, and took Xyla, whose outfit was worth a few million, to meet Stanley, who was wearing ‘high-quality replicas’.

Kayla, who was unwilling to be outdone, tagged along as well.

After Stanley got out from the car, he immediately turned to the back seat to open the car door, and the reporters got closer to them.

The first person that was seen getting out from the car was a little boy with a gloomy expression. Seeing that he was so cute, everyone reluctantly took a couple of photos of him.

The next person was the one they had to pay attention to.

As the reporters had been informed by the Harper Family in advance about the things they had to take note of, they could instantly tell who might be in the car. Therefore, they took out their lenses, preparing to take as many photos as they could.

A person—no, a ball, a big red ball, came out from the passenger seat of the Cayenne.

It wasn’t cold at all inside the car because the heater was switched on. However, when the car door was opened, the cool air outside entered the car, causing Sophia to instantly shiver, and her body subconsciously curled into a ball. She rolled out of the car like a ball.

Stanley held his hand out to her like a gentleman, and Sophia took his hand. Hence, Stanley, who was dressed in ‘high-quality replicas’, held Sophia, who was wrapped up like a ball, and together, they walked toward the red carpet under the cameras of the bunch of reporters.

The reporters were rendered speechless. Everyone else came in formal suits, but the two of them actually came in ‘high-quality replicas’ and a down jacket.

And even the down jacket might have been a high-quality replica as well.

Stanley tossed his car keys to the valet while adjuring, “Be careful. Make sure you don’t scratch the car. I spent 5,000 to rent this car for a day.”

The valet sneered and drove the car away.

Sophia, who wore a down jacket, and Stanley, who wore ‘high-quality replicas’, walked on the red carpet. The flashes of cameras landed on them one after another like lightning, while Sophia was clumsily holding Nathan’s hand.

They were greeted by the three people from the front—the Harper siblings and Xyla. Richard wore a formal suit, and standing on his left was Kayla, who was wearing a pink evening gown. The floor-length skirt was embedded with jewels and pearls, and every detail was made extremely luxuriously; even her tiny hair pin was exquisitely designed.

Xyla wore a white evening gown, looking like a fairy that descended on earth, dazzling and stunning.

When the three of them walked toward Sophia, her red down jacket seemed to reflect the brilliant glare they emanated.

Richard shook Sophia’s hand in front of all the reporters. He even humbly uttered, “Thank you for attending our banquet today.”

When he was speaking, he tried hard to hold in his laughter for fear that he would laugh out loud in public. It was because Stanley and Sophia really looked ridiculous today!

Stanley and Sophia looked friendly as well. “Let’s talk inside.”

Though Sophia was wearing thick clothing on her, her shoes were thin. She curled up under the freezing temperature. She slid her hands into the down jacket, and her face was hidden under the collar; she looked extremely ridiculous.

Under the freezing coldness, is demeanor and looks more important than staying warm?

“Hurry up and go in. I’m freezing here!” Sophia urged Stanley from behind.

Holding two invitation cards in his hands politely, Stanley chatted with Richard enthusiastically while walking into the hotel.

Before Sophia even entered through the door, the news that she had shown up at the banquet in a down jacket had spread around the banquet hall. The students of Bayside University, who were close to the Harper and Huff Family, specially waited for her at the door to watch her humiliating herself. Some of them even broadcasted live on their university forum about Stanley wearing ‘high-quality replicas’ and Sophia wearing a down jacket. It was really embarrassing!

The guests present even started to discuss among themselves right in front of them.

“This is the first time I’ve seen anybody attending a banquet in a down jacket. They are so pitiful. They must have never been to such occasions before this! The clothes are so old-fashioned; she must have bought it online during the 12 December sale!”

“Stanley seems to be wearing clothes from L/K. That’s actually an international brand, and the goods are expensive. But in my opinion, those are high-quality fakes!”

“Haha, the person-in-charge of L/K for our country is here today too. I’m looking forward to his reaction when he sees the high-quality replicas!”

Upon hearing everyone’s discussion, Sophia clumsily poked Stanley with her finger. “Look, you are humiliating yourself by wearing high-quality replicas!”

Stanley refuted, “You are the same as well, wearing a down jacket on this occasion. You don’t feel embarrassed, but I’m ashamed for you! You are so ugly, looking just like a penguin, and the ugliest one, no less!”

“I didn’t want to wear a down jacket too, but the weather is too cold! At least I’m not wearing high-quality fakes! You are as ugly as sh*t, and the smelliest one, no less!”

“Do you think that I wished to do so? I’ve spent all my money to rent the car. If I bought new suits, I wouldn’t have been able to even afford to eat instant noodles for this semester! I even spent lots of money for this hairdo!”

“You are practically bald, so you look the same no matter what you do with your hair!”

“I used to have a crew cut, but today, I have an induction cut! There’s a large difference between the two!”

The two of them argued with each other, completely unfazed by the fact that the Harper siblings and Xyla were beside them.

Richard stifled a snicker, while Kayla and Xyla were covering their mouths and chuckling after trying hard to hold in their laughter but failed.

Nathan’s little face had a dark expression. This is so embarrassing!

Kayla headed into the hotel first. When Stanley and Sophia were ‘flirting’ with each other, she quietly said something to the waiter who was collecting the invitation cards.

When they finally arrived at the entrance, Stanley produced the invitation card and took Nathan into the hotel.

However, when it was Sophia’s turn, the waiter glanced at her in her down jacket. Wearing a professional smile, he uttered, “I’m sorry, Miss. You are not appropriately dressed, so you can’t enter the banquet.”

Therefore, Sophia was stopped outside.

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Stanley chortled heartlessly. “Hahaha… You insisted on wearing the down jacket, so you are now being stopped outside. Serves you right!”

Mockeries were heard from the crowd. Richard smiled sarcastically and said, “I think this is as far as you can go. You don’t need to attend the banquet. You need to dress in formal attire to attend the banquet. I understand your situation, so I won’t force you…”

As they had arrived at the main entrance of the hotel, the warm air from inside blew toward her face, causing her face to flush red, and her body started to feel hot under the thick jacket.

However, her looks gave everyone the impression that she was feeling so embarrassed that her face was flushed!

Stanley carried Nathan in his arms and headed inside. Although he was wearing high-quality fakes, those were still formal attire, so he was granted entry.

“Sophie, you can continue to dilly-dally. I’m not waiting for you! I’ll bring Nate inside to have some food first!”

Sophia looked at Stanley disappearing behind the door with her reddened face.

Xyla uttered to her while pretending to be caring, “I have an evening gown that I’ve worn before this. How about I lend it to you?”

Kayla scoffed, “Xyla, she can’t fit into your dress! Her measurements and status don’t match yours! Besides, an evening gown shouldn’t be worn twice!”

Xyla replied in a flirtatious manner, “I was going to get rid of the evening gown anyway, so it’s better to give it to Sophia! I think it would fit her!”

A sneer by Xyla was replied with a scoff by Kayla, and together, they demeaned Sophia over and over again.

Sophia kept quiet for a few seconds before asking the waiter, who was covering his mouth while laughing, “What kind of attire is considered appropriate?”

Everyone broke into laughter. It turned out that she came without any knowledge, so it was no wonder that she would humiliate herself.

The waiter could barely suppress his giggle as he probably hadn’t seen such an embarrassing scene. “At the very least, you can’t enter wearing a down jacket.”

Half of Sophia’s face was hidden under the collar of her down jacket, which made her look like a walking jacket. And to make things worse, the jacket was gaudy and bright red, and the hoodie was over her head, barely revealing her pair of eyes.

She thought about it seriously. “If I take off my down jacket, can I go in, then?”

The waiter was stunned as he didn’t know how to reply.

Nevertheless, Sophia refused to allow him to have the time to phrase his words. She immediately took off the hoodie over her head, exposing her elegantly coiled hair-do where every single strand of hair was set in place. Her black hair bun was coiled and twisted, forming a stylish and beautiful arc. Her hair was embellished with white pearl hair pin, which made her look delicate, graceful and gentle.

Zip! She then gently pulled down the zipper of her down jacket, and the piercing sound of the friction between metals was heard by everyone. She bent down while pulling the zipper from the top to the bottom, slowly opening her jacket. The jacket was slowly pulled apart starting from her shoulders.

A row of pearls was revealed from the parted down jacket.

Richard, who was standing behind Sophia, seemed to have flames ignited in his eyes, and his gaze was completely focused on her.

The gaudy, bright-red down jacket was gradually pulled apart, revealing a fair, tender neck that resembled a swan’s, her sharp jawline, and also her red lips, which contained a hint of a snicker.

As the down jacket slid down, her bare scapulas were perfectly shown in front of everyone. She looked like a cocoon slowly splitting apart, and the beautiful butterfly gently spread its gorgeous wings, preparing to soar to the sky at any time.

Half of her back was then revealed. Her fair, jade-like complexion was flawless; her lines were soft and captivating, resembling Venus’ figure, and not a single imperfection could be found.

The down jacket was completely taken off, and everyone was finally able to see her attire underneath. It was an ivory backless sleeveless evening gown. Ivory color best enhanced the skin tone, causing her complexion on her chest and back to look extremely fair. A diamond necklace hung on top of her fair chest, gleaming like stars.

The ivory evening gown was so long that the hem reached the floor. The custom-made gown perfectly accentuated her sexy hourglass figure.

There was a pin-drop silence at the scene.

Richard, who was behind her, could only see her back, but his eyes brightened up at the sight of her astonishing looks.

Sophia blinked her dark eyes, and she handed her down jacket to the waiter. “My apologies. It was too cold outside, so I had to come in my down jacket. Can I enter now?”

On her right hand, a ring was shining with dazzling red glimmer.

The waiter was awestruck by her appearance and stuttered, “Y-Yes, of course!”

Then, he eagerly helped her to store her down jacket.

Carefully stepping on her diamond heels, she paced inside in a poised manner. As she was slowly walking on the red carpet, the hem of the ivory evening gown dragged along the path.

It was not until she had taken a few steps that the crowd came to their senses.

Xyla and Kayla looked at the dazzling Sophia in disbelief.

A hint of viciousness flashed across Xyla’s eyes, but she just scoffed. She then caught up to Sophia and pretended to tug her hand in astonishment. “Wow, Sophia, are you wearing the ‘Eternal Love’ from Ido? Where did you get the replica? It looks real!”

Xyla’s words reminded everyone who had fallen in a daze due to her beauty.

It’s impossible that Sophia could afford such a stunning evening gown. It must be a fake! How much has she spent on it? 1,000? Or 2,000? And also the ring on her finger—it looks like a replica of the Imperial Diamond Ring from Ido. It looks real, but it’s still a replica nonetheless. The real ‘Eternal Love’ has been bought by the Harper Family, and it will be given to Xyla as a surprise gift today! By wearing a high-quality fake of the ‘Eternal Love’ today, isn’t she only going to humiliate herself?

After a brief moment of astonishment, everyone returned to the scornful attitude they had earlier. Ugly words kept popping out of their mouth while their eyes kept turning toward Sophia.

Although they were fake, the ‘replicas’ brought out her temperament, and they didn’t look fake at all. This caused everyone to wonder where she got them from!

Upon hearing Xyla’s pretentious awe-struck comments, Sophia lowered her head to look at the ring on her finger. The crimson diamond resembled a poppy, radiating an enticing gleam.

Her fiery, red lips slightly quirked up as she replied, “I have no idea too. It was a gift from someone.”

No matter how she answered, everyone would think that they were fake.

Xyla hugged her arm pretentiously before deliberately placing her diamond ring, which was worth a million, next to her ‘replica’, as if she was comparing them.

“You like the ‘Eternal Love’? I love it as well!”

However, her diamond ring that was worth a million was vaguely unmatched to the high-quality replica—the color of the replica actually overpowered a real diamond ring, and the replica seemed more elegant!

Not only was the ring inferior to the replica; even Sophia’s ivory gown seemed to outshine her snow-white gown.

A nosy student at the scene secretly took a photo of the two of them in an attempt to post it to the forum of Bayside University. However, even after she took several photos of them, Sophia seemed immaculate in the photos, shining bright and fair like a princess. Her pearl-white skin and ivory gown complemented each other. It was a perfect look.

Ivory gowns could easily brighten one’s skin tone. However, only those with a fair complexion would have the courage to wear it; those without a fair complexion would only embarrass themselves if they put it on. Now, Xyla was eagerly gluing herself onto Sophia, and the ivory gown made her look darker by a few tones. She looked tragic compared to Sophia when she stood next to her.

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She looked dashing, with the grace of a queen. Her exquisite facial features radiated an extraordinary temperament, and her eyes were sincere, causing her to look like a righteous person. The crimson ring on her finger looked natural on her; in fact, it gave the observers a visual impact of roses blooming amidst white snow.

On the contrary, the other one had her nasty thoughts written on her face. Her eyes were cloudy and filled with malicious intentions. Her temperament, face, and her attire were unmatched to Sophia’s; even the genuine diamond ring on her hand looked inferior to the high-quality replica.

This… must have been due to the angle and camera filter!

However, no matter how she took the photos, Sophia was still the obvious winner.

Xyla’s initial intention was to mortify Sophia, but if she were to post the photo, she herself would be humiliated instead. Therefore, she had no choice but to delete the photo. Nevertheless, there were other students who kept posting the photos in the forum of Bayside University.

Looking at Sophia’s stunning scapula and her complexion that was flawless, fair and mesmerizing, Richard’s feet involuntarily followed behind her. The few people then entered the banquet hall.

The hall was already merry and lively when they entered, and Sophia’s appearance astonished everyone. She calmly walked in and accepted everyone’s surprised gazes.

Upon entering the hall, Xyla uttered, “Sophia, I can’t stay with you. Richard introduced me to a few directors and film producers, so I need to be there.”

After saying that, she dragged Richard away. His mind seemed to be filled with Sophia, but he couldn’t show it on his face. Meanwhile, Kayla walked away gracefully as well.

Stanley was eating when Sophia found him.

The banquet of the Harper Family certainly wouldn’t be short of food and beverages, and they were all top-notch cuisines. However, most of the guests were concerned with their own images, so they only had a taste of the food; this guy, however, gobbled up his meal.

Sophia took a plate to get some cakes. While doing so, she reprimanded, “Don’t act like a hungry ghost. It’s embarrassing!”

Stanley, who was busy eating, said between bites, “I spent 5,000 for this banquet. 5,000! It would be a waste if I don’t eat more! Am I right, Nate?”

Nathan was eating pudding, and he didn’t say anything, but his large, watery eyes were fixed on Sophia, filled with astonishment.

Stanley noticed that her ‘battle robe’ was different today. He freed one of his hands and slapped on her bare, pretty back, forming a red mark. “Aren’t you cold for wearing so little? You should put on your down jacket again!”

The banquet hall was as warm as summer, and the gowns of the ladies were gorgeous yet short.

Sophia didn’t reply to him; she focused on her food instead.

Everyone else was chatting with one another and building connections, and only the three of them were focused on eating.

As the star of the banquet today, Kayla was like a princess, being surrounded by many. Ever since the incident, her popularity and exposure had increased. After clearing her name, she would become a hot topic when she entered the entertainment industry.

The girl who acted as a minor character—only her face was revealed and she had no lines—in ‘Doctor Invincible’ a while ago met a few directors at the banquet today. She had been internally selected to play the role of the supporting actress of a major film.

Xyla and her were comfortably having conversations with the group of directors, producers, and famous actors, while the three of them—Sophia, Stanley and Nathan—were left alone in a corner.

Kayla glanced at the three people, who were eating heartily. Don’t you think that you can wear fakes to attend our Harper Family banquet and leave after having a meal!

Sophia disliked wearing an evening gown because it wrapped around her body tightly. She couldn’t even breathe, and she had to suck in her tummy all the time. She dared not eat much for fear that her tummy would bulge, and it would look ugly. Luckily, she had a slim waist, so she could at least eat a little.

After eating, she attentively eavesdropped on the conversation among a few wealthy businessmen about the property and stock market.

As the banquet tonight was open to the public, there were plenty of reporters at the scene.

Suddenly, a few people who looked like reporters walked toward Sophia. They took multiple photos of her and started to ask some harsh questions.

“Miss Edwards, can you tell us whether the clothes you are wearing are fakes?”

“Wearing fakes is very disrespectful toward the original product. Can you tell us about your opinions on this?”

“Is the ring on your finger a high-quality replica of the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido—the ‘Eternal Love’?”

“Can you tell us why you wore high-quality replicas to attend the banquet by the Harper Family? Could it be that you are still holding a grudge against Miss Kayla Harper for framing you, so you used this disrespectful behavior of wearing high-quality fakes to show your dissatisfaction toward the Harper Family?”

“Miss Edwards, are you unsatisfied with the compensation given by the Harper Family and are hoping to get more?”

“Miss Edwards, stop focusing on eating only. Please say something!”

Sophia elegantly finished her pudding, and her perfect makeup was still impeccable. She replied, “No comment.”

The reporters gathered closer around her, throwing her sharper questions, one after another. “Miss Edwards, as far as I know, the original version of the gown that you are wearing now seems to be one of the evening gowns that L/K released this autumn. Every single gown is extremely pricey, and they’ve applied for intellectual property protection. Miss Edwards, are you aware that by wearing a replica, you have violated the intellectual property rights of L/K, so they have the rights to sue you at any moment?”

“Is your boyfriend also wearing a high-quality fake from L/K?”

“The person-in-charge of L/K for our country is attending the banquet tonight as well. Miss Edwards, are you prepared to deal with a lawsuit from L/K?”

“Miss Edwards, Miss Edwards! Please answer my questions! Stop playing with your phone!”

As Sophia’s boyfriend, it was natural that Stanley was dragged into the situation as well. However, he seemed calm; he leisurely tidied the tie around his neck before answering on behalf of Sophia, “Dear reporters, on what basis did you assume that we are wearing replicas? Since you think that L/K will sue us, let’s just wait for them to send us a subpoena. We would like to continue eating, so it’s inconvenient for us to accept your interview.”

The group of reporters attempted to continue asking, but they put aside the thought for now because it wouldn’t be too late to ask those questions after the arrival of the person-in-charge of L/K since they were sure the couple were wearing replicas.

After the reporters backed off, Stanley consoled Sophia, “Don’t be afraid. I know L/K’s person-in-charge. With me here today, they certainly won’t be able to deride you.”

Sophia hummed in response.

Stanley carried Nathan to the side and nudged himself to her front. “Am I handsome today?” he asked playfully.

Sophia replied, “Yeah.”

Hearing that, Stanley felt content. He then took some puddings for her. “Come. I know you like this. Have some more.”

Sophia lowered her head and continued eating without bothering to reply to him.

Stanley stared at her unblinkingly. She looks gorgeous today.

However, plans could never keep up with the changes in life. When the reporters were eagerly waiting for the arrival of the person-in-charge of L/K to uncover the truth about Sophia’s attire, an extraordinary big shot arrived unexpectedly.

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Mr. Harper, who was entertaining the guests, suddenly received a call from a security guard stationed outside.

“Boss, someone from the military is here. He doesn’t have an invitation card, but he seems to have a rather high position in the military, and he made an imposing appearance. Should we let him in?”

Mr. Harper was puzzled. “Someone from the military? But we didn’t send out any invitation cards to people with military backgrounds. What’s his name?”

The security guard replied, “He said that his name is Joel Fletcher.”

Joel Fletcher?!

Richard, who overheard the name, was shocked. He immediately put down the champagne in his hand and dashed out to greet him.

After a while, Richard was seen humbly and respectfully attending to an incredibly good-looking man in military uniform.

Joel’s presence stirred up a rather large commotion at the scene, especially among the students of Bayside University.

“Oh, my! I-It’s the General!”

“Is this a sign that the Harper Family is doing exceptionally well? They actually managed to invite the General to attend this event!”

“Who’s Joel? Is he someone powerful?”

“He’s the first legitimate successor of the Fletcher Family, and he’s also the youngest Senior Colonel in our country. If nothing unexpected happens, he’s going to be the youngest Major General very soon!”

“Why would Joel come to this place? Could it be that he has some kind of relationship with the Harper Family?”

The unexpected appearance of Young Master Fletcher instantly raised the quality and level of the Harpers’ banquet sky-high.

Joel instantaneously became the center of attention of the banquet upon appearing. Everyone wished to build a connection with him. Though Richard had no idea why Joel was here, his presence today was a great honor to the Harper Family.

Moreover, due to the restriction of their identities, the Fletcher Family would usually keep a low profile, so they seldom attended this kind of banquet.

So why did Joel appear today? The imaginations of the reporters were starting to run wild.

“If it isn’t Young Master Fletcher. I’m really flattered that you came to my daughter’s birthday banquet. I really am.” Mr. Harper was beaming when he led her beautifully dressed daughter out. “Kayla, say hello to Young Master Fletcher.”

Kayla’s face reddened. Her heart raced, and she lacked the courage to even glance at Joel. With her head bowed, she intermittently peeked at him as she squeezed her gown and shyly greeted, “Hello, General.”

Joel’s the dream guy of all the girls in my grade, and everyone wishes that he would take another glance at them! When we were in military training, Joel was the only thing we talked about during our late-night chats, and it’s totally out of my expectation that he would attend my birthday banquet!

Joel coldly nodded, and his expression was impassive. “I happened to pass by, so I came in to take a look.”

Joel, in his military uniform, had an air born of menacing battlefields; it was totally incompatible with this luxurious banquet, which was filled with gorgeous, rich men and women. However, he was still undoubtedly the most dazzling man in the entire hall.

As he came uninvited, he bought a little gift from a nearby jewelry shop to make himself seem less impolite. And now was a suitable time for him to take out and hand the gift to Kayla. “Happy birthday.”

Kayla was overjoyed to the point that she almost cried. She shyly took the little present from him and thanked him while biting on her lips. “Thank you, Young Master Fletcher.”

Kayla actually received a birthday present from Joel! At that moment, everyone at the scene was stunned yet jealous of her, causing Mr. and Mrs. Harper to beam proudly.

Upon seeing the bashful Kayla and Joel in his military outfit, imagination about a romantic story between a soldier and a beautiful girl instantly popped up in the reporters’ minds. They used their cameras and enthusiastically took photos of them together with the intention to write a long story about them after they went back.

Joel must fancy Kayla, which could explain the reason he’s here. This is Kayla’s birthday banquet, and he even gave her a present in front of everyone, so this must be the truth.

Harper Family’s company was listed on the market smoothly, and they even managed to get the support of the Fletcher Family. The Harpers were going to become more successful!

Richard was secretly pleased with his sister when he saw that she actually had this kind of achievement. Mrs. Harper had even decided on the names of Kayla and Joel’s children.

The media and the members of the upper-class gathered closely around Joel in no time.

Sophia and Stanley, who were surrounded by the reporters earlier, were suddenly left alone. They stood outside of the crowd without anyone else around them.

Stanley, who had butter all over his mouth, was shocked, “Oh, my. Why is my uncle here?”

Didn’t he refuse to come today? With my uncle here, the Harper Family definitely won’t be able to humiliate Sophia today! Stanley thought to himself in pleasure.

Upon seeing Joel, Sophia felt that every single muscle in her body was shaking.

Oh, no. Why is Joel here? Why am I having such an uneasy feeling? I can sense that something bad is about to happen!

She had the feeling that today wouldn’t be a peaceful day, so it would be better for her to go back earlier. After all, she had had enough of showing off today.

She immediately took a few bites of the pudding, wiped her mouth, and hastily fixed her lipstick. She attempted to quietly slip off when everyone was surrounding Joel.

When Stanley saw her running away, he grabbed Nathan and chased after her. “Sophia, where are you going? Wait for me! Are you trying to escape? You can’t do this. I’ve spent all my fortune—5,000 in total—to accompany you here to show off! You can’t leave now!”

Sophia couldn’t be bothered by his 5,000 because that guy was actually very rich. Without taking the Fletcher Family into consideration, Stanley entered the gaming industry since high school, and he was also part of the national gaming team. He was known as the Robert Pattinson of the E-game industry, and he could earn a few million cash prizes every time he won a national e-game competition. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to be poor!

While Joel was surrounded by many people, his eyes flicked across the hall as he silently searched for something. Finally, he found a dash of fair ivory color among the remarkable men and women around him. It was like the white moonlight that shined on the earth, brightening up his vision. Subconsciously, he wanted to chase after it.

At that moment, Sophia was heading toward the exit. Stanley wiped his mouth before carrying Nathan and chased after her.

Unexpectedly, when they reached the door, a wave of reporters popped out from nowhere and surrounded them with their ‘weapons’. “Miss Edwards, where are you going? The person-in-charge of L/K of our country is arriving at any moment. Are you planning to escape?”

Sophia cursed inwardly, but she looked emotionless. “No comment.”

The little commotion here seemed to not have an effect on the conversations among the members of the upper-class over there. Nobody had noticed them for now.

The reporters surrounded her eagerly. “Miss Edwards, since you are planning to leave now, is it a declaration of your guilt?”

“How do you view yourself for your act of wearing high-quality fakes? Did you know that they were replicas before you wore them?”

To stop Sophia from leaving, one of the reporters even deliberately stepped on the hem of her gown. As she was wearing a sleeveless tube top gown, she dared not move when her skirt was stepped on for fear that her gown would slip down if she did.

Before she could say anything, Stanley was enraged, and he grabbed the reporter who was stepping on her skirt. “What are you doing? Put your dirty feet away! Is that something you can afford to step on?”

They would actually stoop to stepping on a girl’s skirt, so it was obvious that the reporters had received money from the Harper Family.

Since the Harper Family prefers to play dirty, I won’t be nice to them as well! Come and fight me! I have Joel supporting me. I’m not afraid of them!

Seeing that Stanley’s fist was almost thrown at the reporter’s face, Sophia suddenly patted on his shoulder and shook her head at him. “Stay calm.”

Stanley retracted his arm in displeasure. Green veins popped up on his face out of extreme rage. He pointed at Sophia’s skirt, which was firmly stepped on, and growled, “Get your filthy foot off her!”

The reporter, who was dressed in a suit, didn’t even cast him a look. He was full of himself as he knew that Stanley wouldn’t dare to look for trouble. I’m a reporter. If he has the courage to hit me, I’ll publish it in the news tomorrow and make sure that his reputation is ruined!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 165

The reporter kept pestering Sophia. “Miss Edwards, you haven’t answered my question! Are you leaving in a rush because you are feeling guilty? Are you lacking the courage to face the situation? If L/K were to send you a subpoena, have you thought of how you’d respond to it?”

The cameraman brought the lens closer to Sophia, causing the camera to almost touch her face.

It was impossible that nobody hadn’t noticed what was going on at the corner. In fact, Kayla had noticed it long ago. When Sophia was humiliated but couldn’t leave as her skirt was being stepped on by someone, Kayla was talking to Joel on the other side—it formed a stark contrast between a wild chick and a real young lady of a wealthy family.

However, the show with Joel as the main character was way more interesting than the show on the other side. Therefore, nobody wanted to go over there.

Sophia remained silent for a while. The reporter’s foot was firmly placed on a corner of her skirt, and he went so far as to intentionally rub his shoes on it, instantly making a black stain on the long ivory skirt. He even crushed one of the jewels on the spot.

Sophia remained motionless. If she moved, her sleeveless gown might really slip down there and then.

When the reporter continued to press on, she finally coldly asked, “Which publisher are you from?”

Feeling impatient, the reporter switched to his other foot to step on her skirt as he growled, “Miss Edwards, don’t change the topic. Please answer my question first!”

Sophia didn’t reply. She suddenly noticed that other reporters were hyped up. “The person-in-charge of L/K for Cethos, Kenny Blair, is here!”

Hearing that, a few reporters immediately left. However, there was still a foot quietly stepping on Sophia’s skirt persistently.

And at that moment, Joel finally saw the nasty leather shoe on the corner of her skirt, and a cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

Kenny Blair was not only a well-known designer; he was also the person-in-charge of L/K for Cethos despite his young age. Therefore, it was only natural for him to radiate the vibes of a successful person. Upon entering the hotel, he was instantly surrounded by reporters.

“Kenny, are you here today because you were invited to attend Miss Kayla Harper’s birthday banquet?”

“Kenny, will you continue to use the previous style for the new products released by L/K ladies’ series this winter?

“Kenny, what do you think about high-quality fakes?”

“Fakes?” Upon hearing the word, a strong sense of disgust was aroused in him. “I think that fakes are a form of disrespect to intellectual properties. Those who wear or make replicas are losers and thrash!”

A reporter was excited, as if he was a child who would get rewarded for blowing the whistle. “Kenny, there’s a person wearing the replica of an evening gown, which was just released this autumn by L/K, here at Harper Family’s banquet today!”

Hearing that, Kenny’s expression fell. “Which design?”

“The ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’!”

‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ was an evening gown which was specially designed by L/K for Cethosian ladies with fair complexions. The entire gown was pure white in color, looking just like the bright moon reflected in the mirror-like water in an ancient well. It was extremely pricey, and there were only five sets available for sale! The five pieces of gowns were all purely handmade, and Kenny was personally involved in the design and production of the dresses.

And there was actually someone who had the nerve to wear the replica of the ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ right in front of him?

Kenny was enraged, as if his own daughter had been kidnapped, but the kidnapper deliberately placed her before him to rub it in his face. He quickened his pace toward the banquet hall, while the reporters, who had been bribed, eagerly led the way.

“Who’s wearing a replica?” Kenny growled the moment he stepped foot in the hall.

“It’s her! It’s her! That’s the person!” The reporter pointed at Sophia.

When Kenny looked in the direction of Sophia in fury, he saw a seemingly-young lady wearing an ivory evening gown. She seemed to be donning the most stunning and breath-taking gleam of moonlight on her. She profoundly defined what it meant by ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’. Her beauty was staggering!

But it’s a fake! No matter how gorgeous it looks, it’s still a fake!

Under the reporters’ expectant gazes, Kenny strode angrily toward Sophia in a fast pace. However, when he got closer to her, he realized that something was wrong.

Why does this replica look so genuine?

As the designer of this gown, he was personally involved in the making of some of the detailed aspects. The intricate embroideries on the gown were meticulously embroidered by him, but even he himself couldn’t see any difference between this replica and the genuine gown—the cutting, vibes, and even the material was 100% similar.

I spent 6 months making this gown, and it has just been released a couple of months ago, but now, it has been replicated? On top of that, it has been replicated in such a perfect manner?

All of a sudden, his footsteps came to a halt, as if he saw a staggering sight.

Next to the girl, who was wearing the ‘replica’, stood a man in a black suit. His buzz cut was eye-catching, and he was looking at him with a fierce expression.

Isn’t he my ‘father’ from the game—Stanley?

Kenny also played the ‘Swordsman Game’, and he came to know a ‘father’, who had a rather intimidating background, in the game. Through this ‘father’, Kenny expanded his business, causing L/K’s sales in their country to gradually increase. Their company managed to defeat their opponents, and he was promoted and had a salary increment.

One of the reporters winked at him from one side. “Kenny, that man over there is wearing a replica of L/K’s suit too!”

His words made the corner of Kenny’s lips twitch. That’s my ‘father’! What’s with the eyesight of these reporters? Is my ‘father’ someone who would wear a replica?

Suddenly, Kenny seemed to have noticed something unbearable. Without any consideration of the consequences, he dashed forward. The reporters thought that he was going to give Sophia a piece of his mind, so they frantically took photos, perfectly capturing his every slight movements with the cameras.

Kenny charged toward Sophia and reached out his hand fiercely, but his target wasn’t Sophia; it was the reporter who was stepping on Sophia’s skirt instead. With a roar, he gave the reporter a hard push.

“What are you doing?!”

Kenny’s push caused the reporter to stagger a few steps back, and the camera in his hand smashed to the ground and broke. The reporter looked at him blankly, without any idea on what was going on.

Kenny’s eyes reddened. What did I just see? Someone actually stepped on my ‘daughter’ with his feet!

With both knees on the floor, he picked up the corner of the ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ that had been stepped on, and his expression reflected his agonizing pain.

‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’! L/K’s best work this autumn! Every single piece was fully handmade! It took dozens of gold-rated tailors 6 months to produce a single piece! This was L/K’s most classic and limited-edition product! But it was actually being stepped under someone’s shoes!

Cradling the piece of clothing, his hands were trembling, and his eyes were reddened!

The grief and pain was overwhelming!

When Stanley, who initially intended to blame him for being late to come to their rescue, saw him in such a depressing state, he felt so sorry for him that he gave up on the thought of rebuking him.

As a designer who was passionate in clothing, ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ was a product of Kenny’s hard work. It was him who had the idea first, then after designing and finalizing the draft, he participated in the making of a number of details. Therefore, every single piece was stained with his blood, sweat and tears.

Stanley immediately consoled him, “Good boy. Don’t cry, Ken! I love you, son!”

Kenny wailed loudly.

Upon seeing the gown that he cherished so much being ruined by someone, he was engulfed by sadness. He couldn’t help but cry out loud, successfully attracting the attention of others.

Sophia was rendered speechless by the turn of events. What happened to the plan where we were going to shame them? Why did I find myself in a more embarrassing situation?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 166

She turned her head around and felt speechless when she saw the young man hugging the corner of her skirt while sobbing. However, looking at the dirty footprint on her beautiful dress, she too found it quite a pity as she felt that something nice had been tainted.

The reporter who trampled on the skirt was baffled; he just sat on the floor with a puzzled look.

What is going on? Where am I? Who am I? Why is Kenny crying while hugging a replica? Could it be that this replica is actually something valuable?

Joel strode toward them at once. The Harper Family naturally followed behind him, together with the large crowd of people.

Kenny suddenly wiped away his tears and grabbed the reporter who had just trampled the skirt. While gripping the corner of his shirt, he roared, “Do you know how hard it is to make this gown? Do you know how hard it is to embroider on mulberry silk, which is extremely thin, by hand? There are 108 jewels in total, and you need to string them up and combine them together with the gown. Do you know how many times L/K failed and ruined the material before we managed to even produce one piece? There are only 5 gowns in the whole world, and we are proud of every single piece of them! We have invested lots of blood, sweat and tears into them, so every single piece is my treasure! From where did you get the courage to step on my treasure with your feet?”

The reporter was made dumbfounded by his bawl. His expression transitioned from being puzzled to pale, and then his whole face turned crimson. “I-I—” he stuttered.

Stanley immediately tried his best to separate Kenny away from the reporter while consoling him, “It’s alright. Ken, stop crying!”

With his teeth gritted, Kenny pointed at the reporter while barely holding back his urge to charge at him and break his legs. “Which publisher are you from? Let me tell you something. You are in deep trouble! You’ve dug your own grave! L/K won’t let you off easily!”

The crowd gathered around them and slowly understood what had happened. It was no wonder that Kenny was so furious—his product had been stepped by someone. Anyone would have gone mad if they saw this. On top of that, this ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ was fully handmade, which made it extremely precious!

However, the gown on Sophia was clearly a high-quality replica!

When Richard found out about the incident, he quickly came over to retrieve the situation. “Mr. Blair, stay calm. This is just a high-quality replica!”

Unexpectedly, Kenny snapped at him, “High-quality replica? Are you saying that the daughter that I personally gave out was a replica?”

Richard reminded him kindly, “Based on this lady’s net worth, she certainly can’t afford to purchase ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’.”

When ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ was newly released by L/K, Kayla and Xyla both had their eyes on this piece of gown, but they didn’t manage to secure one. All available stocks had been booked by others as there were only 5 sets in the whole world. The Harper Family had intended to raise their price to purchase two of them, but the price they had offered were outmatched by the others, so they had no choice but to give up on them.

Therefore, he was sure Sophia definitely couldn’t afford to have one.

Nevertheless, upon hearing Richard’s ‘kind’ words, Kenny sneered. He pointed at the gown on her and enunciated, “This is not a high-quality fake. This is the limited-edition evening gown that L/K has just released during the autumn this year. There are only 5 sets in the whole world. I know how each piece looks like; I know them well, just like how I know my daughter. Do you think that I wouldn’t know if it was a fake?”

Richard looked at Sophia, baffled. The latter was impassive, looking like a goddess under the glimmer of moonlight.

So the gown on her is actually not a fake? This is a limited-edition gown. It’s impossible that she was able to purchase such an expensive gown that even the Harper Family couldn’t get a hold of! Could it be that she rented the gown? For 5,000 per day?

Kenny had gone completely mad as he continued to grab the reporter. “Stepping on my gown is like stepping on my daughter! I’m going to beat you to death!”

The two of them were at the verge of a fistfight, and Stanley couldn’t separate them. There were also a few famous designers from L/K who came. Upon seeing their product being trampled, they charged toward the reporters to fight with them, and a few security guards instantly rushed forward to help. The scene was chaotic.

Looking at the chaos, Sophia picked up the corner of her skirt to take a look at it regretfully before sighing.

When Kayla, who was standing next to Joel, saw the chaotic scene, she pretended to be afraid and cuddled up to him flirtatiously. “Joel, I’m scared—”

However, there was no one next to her as Joel had already strode toward the center of the chaos. He glanced at the two people, who were in the middle of a fight, and then at the bunch of reporters and bodyguards in a mess, before quietly ordering his deputy officer. A brief moment later, a group of armed soldiers charged in, and in the blink of an eye, the chaotic situation was put under control.

The group of soldiers dashed in and out like a gust of wind, dragging out the bunch of reporters along with them. The whole world was now finally quiet.

Kenny was still hugging Stanley while crying his eyes out. “My daughter! My Moonlight!”

Stanley felt very embarrassed, but he still stroked his head. “Ken, calm down. Calm down!”

When Young Master Fletcher took action, there would be nothing he couldn’t deal with! Kayla looked at him in delight, and her heart was racing.

Joel must be in love with me, so he took action to stop the chaos! After all, today is my birthday banquet!

Upon having such thoughts, she lifted a corner of her skirt and ran toward him joyfully. “Joel!”

However, Kayla was disappointed again. Joel took two steps forward and walked up to Sophia while observing her looks today in a serious manner. During the messy situation just now, she didn’t seem anxious. She looked different from the dirty and messy appearance she had when she was in military training. Currently, she looked noble and elegant, just like a white swan slowly spreading its wings and showing off its beauty under the moonlight. She seemed to be emitting gold light with an enchanting beauty that would make people fall in a daze.

Sophia stared at him in puzzlement. Why did he come to me? Is he going to say something to me? What’s he going to say? The lives of the upper-class society are so messed-up, so I need to protect myself!

She broke the silence. “Hello, General!”

Joel hummed in response. He cast a glance at Stanley, who was consoling his ‘son’, and asked, “Is your gown still intact?” His voice was unbelievingly gentle, which was totally different from the serious expression he had on earlier.

Kayla’s hasty but excited footstep came to a sudden halt, and she stared at the scene in disbelief.

How dare a wild chick like Sophia talk to Joel?

Feeling disgruntled, she dashed toward them and hugged Joel’s arm, pretending that she was close to him. “Joel!”

Before Joel said anything, Stanley was pissed off. He pushed aside his ‘son’, who was crying bitterly, and walked up to her angrily. “Hey! Watch where you are placing your hand! Move!”

Stanley pushed Kayla away and stood next to Joel. He then smiled and put on a stern expression. “Hello, General.”

Joel didn’t even cast him a look as his eyes were focused on Sophia. He found the large, dark footprint on her impeccable dress an eyesore, and there was even a crushed jewel. He asked, “Do you need me to get someone to fix your dress?”

Sophia resoundingly replied to him, “General, thank you for your concern. The gown is all good. It’ll be alright after I wash it when I get home and get L/K to replace it with a jewel of the same kind!”

Joel nodded. “Okay.”

He then caressed Nathan, who had been quietly standing next to Sophia and staring wide-eyed at him.

The Harper Family and all the guests looked at one another in puzzlement.

What’s the relationship between Sophia and Joel? Why did Joel speak so gently to her? Wasn’t he here for Kayla? But why is it that he didn’t talk to Kayla, but he talked to Sophia instead?

The scene fell into a fleeting silence. Everyone stared at Joel and Sophia while intermittently glancing at one another.

Joel stroked Nathan’s little head before he spoke to Sophia, “You are the only student with a perfect score in Bayside University this year. I’ve promised to have dinner together with you. Does what happened today considered as keeping my promise?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 167

A tiny person screamed in Sophia’s heart, Arghhh! Don’t come near me! Didn’t we just have dinner together? Why is he still here? Upon recalling the face-off during the meal, Sophia couldn’t help but feel as if she had walked out of the ordeal barely alive. If I have to go through another similar meal, I would rather die!

She answered elegantly without missing a beat, “General, thank you for keeping this promise in mind. I managed to obtain a perfect score in military training all thanks to your guidance and encouragement, General!”

Suddenly, two pieces of earth-shattering news got out! Sophia was the only person who received a perfect score during Bayside University’s military training? Wasn’t she expelled? If she was the only one with a perfect score, it means she got first place. The person who receives the Best Individual award in the military training gets to have a meal with the General, Joel. Does it mean that Joel is here for Sophia—the person who received the Best Individual award? Does it mean that he isn’t here for Kayla?

The man wearing his military attire and the girl who was illuminated by the moonlight, looked like an exceptionally handsome couple. No one dared to come forward to bother them. Joel held back his strong aura before speaking to her gently, “I received news today that you were here. Hence, I rushed over. I hope I’m not too late.”

Sophia’s heart raced anxiously, and she had this uneasy feeling that something horrible was about to happen. Nevertheless, she nodded. “No, you’re not. The banquet hasn’t even started!”

Joel’s taut lips relaxed slightly. “Well, that’s great. Can I share a dance with you at the ball after the banquet?”

The tiny person in Sophia’s heart waved her hand frantically. No, I don’t want to! Stay as far away as possible from me! She could only reject him. “I’m not good at dancing.”

Seeing that his uncle had arrived, as well as noticing that the situation was under control, Stanley rushed over while tugging against Nathan’s hand. “Someone stepped on Sophie’s dress, and it looks extremely ugly now. Forget about attending the banquet; why don’t we go somewhere else for food?”

Uncle Joel is extremely posh, and so the Harpers would reap the benefits the longer he stays here in their banquet. Since we have sufficiently humiliated them, it’s best to keep his merits and fame to ourselves and leave as soon as possible. We wouldn’t want the Harpers to take advantage of Uncle Joel.

Joel nodded in agreement. I don’t like this sort of messy banquet at all. I wouldn’t have shown up here if I hadn’t learned that Sophia was here.

Sophia walked toward the entrance after she said her piece. No one dared to stop her now. Who would have the audacity to stop her with the presence of Joel and rows of soldiers to make way for her?

Meanwhile, Kayla’s heart sank when she witnessed that. It turns out Joel isn’t here for me. No, even though he didn’t show up for my sake, since Joel has seen me, he must be interested in my breathtaking good looks! He wouldn’t have decided to leave if it weren’t for Sophia! Sophia is truly a b*tch! How dare she seduce my Joel! She has a death wish! Besides, who on earth is Stanley? Who does he think he is to shove me away?! This is my birthday banquet. Everyone should pay attention to me, and that includes Joel!

She then walked to Joel’s side quietly before deliberately saying, “Joel, if you think it’s too noisy here, I can take you to somewhere quiet!”

However, Joel acted as if he did not hear her at all; instead, he spoke gently to Sophia, “Let’s go.”

Sophia had Stanley and Joel flanking her, whereas Nathan clung onto her dress from behind. After that, the three Fletchers escorted her out.

“Joel, wait for me! Wait for me!” Kayla chased after Joel in a hurry; unfortunately, he acted as if he didn’t see her. Who on earth is Kayla?

Kayla chased after Joel closely from behind, but he didn’t even spare her a glance. As the leading character for tonight’s event, Kayla was the center of attention. Hence, she stopped chasing after Joel after taking a couple of steps. She wanted to chase after him, but she didn’t have the courage because he obviously only had eyes for Sophia. Kayla figured it was apparent that he wasn’t bothered by her, and so she didn’t want to further embarrass herself by throwing herself at him.

However, Kayla felt extremely unsatisfied while staring at the direction where Sophia and Joel left. She stomped her feet in frustration, and she could feel the anger boiling in her chest. The fury in her chest felt as if it was about to burst forth anytime as tears brimmed in her eyes. How did this happen?! This is all Sophia’s fault! No wonder she showed up for this despite the challenges. It turns out it’s because she learned that Joel is coming, and that was why she dressed up ostentatiously to seduce him! Joel came here for me, but Sophia, that vixen, snatched him away! That must be it! That’s the only explanation!

The Harpers seemed to have realized that Joel was preparing to leave, and so they came forward to stop him. “Young Master Fletcher, you’re leaving so soon?”

Joel nodded in response. “Mm-hmm.”

Mr. Harper immediately fawned over him by suggesting, “Well, the banquet has yet to officially start. There’s a ball later. Why don’t you have a seat first?”

Joel frowned while shaking his head. “No need.” Then, he left hastily. The main point was that Sophia left in a hurry, as if she was chased by a ghost. Hence, he had no choice but to run after her. The banquet tonight gave him an odd feeling, as if something huge was about to happen, and so he wanted to leave as soon as possible too.

The Harper Family wanted him to hang around. Therefore, they kept advising him against leaving while chasing after him by buttering him up and hitting the elevator button for him.

Suddenly, the hotel head of security suddenly spoke to Mr. Harper, “Mr. Harper, there’s a situation outside that requires your immediate attention.”

“What happened outside?” Mr. Harper asked hastily, and he was shocked when he heard that.

Sophia, who was arriving at the entrance, felt her mind go blank when heard that there was a situation outside. The uneasy feeling overwhelmed her once again. I have a feeling I wouldn’t get to leave today!

True enough, the next thing she knew, Mr. Harper appeared exhilarated after the head of security whispered something by his ear. Then, he grabbed onto Joel. “Mr. Fletcher, you have to hang around for a while longer. I need to excuse myself because a VIP is coming soon.” Then, Mr. Harper ran down the stairs to welcome the VIP.

Richard and Kayla stared at their father while looking puzzled because they weren’t sure what was happening.

In any case, Sophia started panicking. She had a feeling that she had to escape right now. My life is at stake if I don’t escape right now! Hence, she picked up her pace automatically. She was planning to take the chance to escape unnoticed while the Harpers were distracted as they welcomed the VIP.

However, the Harper Family’s banquet hall was located on the third floor, and so everybody came up via the elevator. Currently, all the elevators were operating, thus Sophia had no choice but to wait anxiously for the elevator.

Simultaneously, Joel’s deputy officer suddenly whispered something in his ear. The news made Joel scowl even deeper than before.

Sophia had an especially bad feeling about tonight when she saw Joel’s expression! I need to leave! I need to leave right now!

Meanwhile, Stanley seemed oblivious to the changes of his surroundings. He was still pestering Joel by asking him, “Uncle Joel, what is it?”

Joel was about to say something when the elevator doors opened suddenly. A large group of bodyguards in black came rushing out of the elevator, forming two neat lines at the waiting hall of the elevator on the third floor. They waited respectfully on either side of the middle elevator with stern expressions etched on their faces.

Suddenly, there was a commotion again in the banquet hall. There were speculations about which important figure the Harpers managed to invite this time. Joel Fletcher has arrived earlier. Who could it possibly be this time?

Sophia felt goosebumps all over her body. There was only one thing on her mind—I’m doomed!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 168

Amidst the hushed discussion in the crowd, the most revered number 3 elevator in the middle finally opened its doors. Mr. Harper was standing in the elevator respectfully with a slight bow while two men in suits and leather shoes stood beside him. Both men wore identical black suits, but they were radiating completely different vibes.

One of them stood valiant while looking very handsome. A pair of gold-wire rimmed glasses settled on his straight nose, making him look especially gentle with the faint smile playing across his lips. In fact, he was emanating a type of exceptional charm. On the other side, the other man looked arrogant with his eye-catching blonde hair. His large eyes and bushy eyebrows made him look aggressive.

As soon as they showed up, the entire banquet hall seemed to sparkle brilliantly with the fame of the celebrities silencing the room for several minutes. After moments of dead silence, someone screamed at the top of their lungs, “That’s… Taylor Murray!!”

“Ethan Winston is here too!”

“Oh my God! The Harpers’ banquet is such a huge deal! I can’t believe they managed to invite Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston! They are awesome!”

Michael and Harry walked side-by-side. They wore the same clothes, but with completely different styles and charms. A smile or a twinkle in their eyes were enough to send the women present into a frenzy.

Mr. Harper felt himself glowing with pride while basking in the fame and brilliance of the two extremely famous celebrities. These two aren’t merely any actors—they are Academy Award winners for Best Actor. They have been in the film industry for over a decade now and everyone all around Cethos are aware of who they are. Furthermore, they are good with finance. I heard that one of them owns a large share of Asco International and is therefore well known in the financial world! Our ancestors are definitely kind to the Harpers today. Apart from Joel, they even sent over two Academy Award-winning Best Actors!

Kayla was delighted as well. Due to her broken leg, she was unable to attend the meet and greet session for ‘Doctor Invincible’. As a result, she was extremely jealous and full of hate when she saw Xyla boasting about the photographs she took during the event. Yet, she never expected that the two Best Actors would attend her birthday party. Oh, my God! I feel like I might faint from the exhilaration!

She subconsciously glanced at her usual close friends and noticed that they were also fascinated by Ethan and Taylor, as if bewitched. It was especially true for Xyla, who looked as if she was about to drool from the corner of her mouth. Kayla couldn’t help but feel proud and pleased with herself since their appearance had obviously reflected well on her.

Xyla was extremely irritated when she saw how pleased Kayla was, so she thought to herself, When Richard shows the Eternal Love off, you’ll definitely be green with envy.

The Harper siblings and Xyla welcomed the Best Actors in a friendly manner while enthusiastically greeting them. Both Best Actors wore black suits, which automatically made them look cold and arrogant. Hence, the Harpers could already feel their unmistakable presence from a distance and felt goosebumps all over their body reflexively.

Joel merely smirked when he saw Michael and Harry turning up all of a sudden. On the other hand, Sophia was scared witless, so the first thing she thought of was, I need to run for my life! I’ll end up dead if I don’t escape now!

She turned to run away, but Stanley, who was oblivious to the circumstances, grabbed onto her dress. “Sophie, why are you running away? Look, my uncle is here. I’m sure he is here to support you! Ah, how could such a gentle and kind person exist in this world? He wouldn’t even allow others to bully his subordinate—the nanny!”

She felt anxious and started to panic when she saw how intoxicated he was. Nevertheless, she was helpless, considering that she couldn’t move as Stanley clung onto her dress. His actions were as bad as the reporter earlier.

The Harpers eagerly invited Michael and Harry into the banquet hall. Michael suddenly looked as if he noticed something because he was striding toward a corner. Joel was standing in that corner. Michael then greeted him with a friendly and warm smile—his appearance screamed ‘polished scoundrel’. “Joel, it’s been such a long time.”

Joel nodded indifferently.

The two had previously appeared together during the cast and crew meet-and-greet in the barracks, so it wasn’t odd for them to be acquainted with each other. However, what was odd was Michael walking past Joel after greeting the latter to make his way to someone else. Who is Taylor looking for?

The man walked straight to Sophia, who was hiding in the corner, and stopped in front of her. Standing tall at six-feet-one, he stared at her—she was barely tall enough to reach his neck—at a corner in a blind spot with love and tenderness in his eyes. Sophia looked up and met his gaze with a stiff expression while smiling awkwardly at him.

Everybody was puzzled when they saw that. How is Sophia associated with Taylor?

Michael kept his head bowed while speaking in a deep and alluring voice, “How do you like the Eternal Love ring?”

Sophia instinctively glanced at the Ido’s Imperial Diamond Ring that she wore with a sudden warmth radiating along her finger. She had already signed a lease with Bayside City Museum, so she would deliver the ring to them in two days’ time and only brought it out to the event today for the fun of it. Initially, she planned on keeping a low profile without showing its brilliance to the public, but she never expected him to casually expose her with what he said.

She then stole a glance at the crowd surrounding her—many of her university mates stared at her in shock. They definitely did not expect me to wear an original L/K while wearing the authentic Eternal Love! It’s the Ultimate Ring in the world—priced at 70 million!

Xyla was especially dumbfounded when she heard what Taylor said before her mind went blank. Is Sophia wearing an authentic Eternal Love? I can’t believe it’s the authentic ring! Didn’t Richard say that he had already purchased the Eternal Love ring for me? How could it possibly be with Sophia?

The news of Richard purchasing the Eternal Love for Xyla as a surprise gift had merely been a rumor circulating among university students. The small social circle was currently in a frenzy upon learning this piece of update.

“Mary, didn’t you mention that the Harper Family was the one that bought the Eternal Love? How did it end up on Sophia’s finger?”

“Oh, I heard that from Helen. Helen! You gave me a full account of how the Harpers had purchased the Eternal Love! You have to prove that now!”

“I have no idea. I heard someone had bought the Eternal Love, so I assumed that it was the Harpers. I deliberately asked Xyla about it and she did not deny it either.”

“It seems like she has flattered herself. Well, I suppose we were excited for no apparent reason!”

Everybody had started a heated discussion about this issue whereas Xyla, who was now the topic of discussion, started to tremble slightly. She felt exposed, as if the crowd had ripped her clothes apart to openly stare at her and that everyone was trampling over her self-esteem from inside out. She subconsciously dug her nails into the flesh of her palm and her bloodshot eyes stared at Sophia, as if they might spit fire. How dare that b*tch wear such an expensive ring! Who gave her the courage to do so?

Sophia seemed to be shining brilliantly at that moment. Everyone finally understood why her imitation outfit seemed more superior than Xyla’s authentic outfit. It turns out Sophia’s outfit is the real deal!

Those students, who were gleefully posting on Bayside University’s forum a moment ago, were utterly humiliated and started to delete their posts in haste.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 169

Sophia felt extremely embarrassed. I only wanted to show up as a silent yet high quality counterfeit. However, the fact that I am wearing a ring worth 70,000,000 has been exposed. Does it mean that all the future cards in my hand have now been revealed?

After weighing her options, she answered wittily, “Thank you, my Lord, for responding to my invitation today. The evening gown and ring that you have lent me are of the right sizes. After tonight’s banquet, I will return them to you once I have sent them for dry-cleaning. As for the gem that was maliciously crushed by someone, I’ll also find a way to return it to you.”

Everybody realized with a start after hearing her say those words. It turns out that Taylor was the one who lent Sophia’s outfit to her tonight.

No wonder everything looks so expensive!

She even achieved first place in the army training, so not only did she earn the chance to dine with Joel, but she even had the chance to have a meal with both Taylor and Ethan!

Does that mean that all three idols are only here at the Harper Family’s banquet for Sophia’s sake?

Did she deliberately schedule her meal with the three idols today to humiliate the Harpers?

That’s truly humiliating and she even did it publicly. Furthermore, the masses were eager to learn more about how she was able to invite those three idols, considering that it was almost impossible to invite them and for them to show up simultaneously under normal circumstances. Hence, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the crowd to meet all three of them.

Although her dress and ring are borrowed, they are all from our idol!

Ah, I must have done something right in my past life if my idol lends me a dress and a ring!

Upon facing Sophia’s quick-witted reply, Michael did not expose her lies and instead replied to her tenderly, “I was planning to rent it to the museum. The rent would have been at least 1,000,000 per year.”

She blushed deeply because she did not expect him to catch her secretly pocketing money.

Nevertheless, he seemed unfazed by such a small sum of money, so she acknowledged by maintaining her silence and kept her head bowed without further comments.

After that, he reached out to her like a gentleman. “Let’s enter together.”

She hooked an arm around his to hold onto him, looking especially embarrassed under the scrutiny of countless women’s jealous and resentful gazes. “Sure, I just arrived not too long ago.”

She was clearly caught when she was trying to escape.

Michael held onto Sophia as they marched down the red carpet and made their way into the Harper Family’s banquet hall. Somehow, they looked as if they were shining brightly, especially when they were enveloped by the radiant glow of being everyone’s idol. That made them shine bright like a diamond.

Initially, Joel had planned to leave with Sophia, but now that he bumped into Michael, there was no way to leave. I should be the one standing beside Sophia right now, but I certainly did not expect Harry to cross the line and usurp my position.

With that, she had her left arm on the graceful and elegant Taylor while her right arm held onto the aggressive Ethan. Joel and Stanley guarded her closely while she held onto an adorable little boy. It was a star-studded group, which made it look like everyone doted on Sophia.

Both genders were jealous and resentful upon witnessing this—and they wanted nothing more than to be in her shoes. How is she able to be so happy? Forget that her new boyfriend looks more handsome than Richard and she even gets to have a meal with those three idols!

Today, the Harper Family’s banquet had received lots of attention due to the presence of the three idols. However, the crowd could only observe from afar—despite the three idols present among them.

The banquet would officially start at 8PM, which was to allow everyone to have free time and chat with each other. Several people sat on a large couch in the banquet hall at the moment.

Sophia was seated in the middle, shining radiantly like a beautiful moon. Her breathtaking facial features were illuminated by the moonlight, no doubt making her the most dazzling women among the female guests. However, her whole body was tense at the moment. She sat with her back straightened and her hands were on her knees while she maintained a dignified and demure expression.

Currently, Michael and Harry were seated on her right. In fact, Michael even had Nathan in his arms. On the other hand, Joel and Stanley were seated on her left side on the couch.

The six of them shared a couch, so there was a group of aggressive-looking soldiers standing on the left side whereas a group of burly-looking bodyguards in black stood on the right side.

Both groups of people viciously eyed each other, as if they were ready to fight each other at any moment.

A ghost of a smile played across Michael’s lips whereas Harry’s expression was almost unreadable. Joel’s smile did not reach his eyes, but Stanley was grinning broadly. Nathan was not smiling as always while Sophia had an awkward smile that was plastered across her face.

The atmosphere was tense and the smell of gunpowder overpowered the aroma of the alcohol wafting from the banquet hall, making her feel that her back was drenched with sweat. If I have a choice, I will choose death.

How did it end up like this? I merely wanted to attend the Harper Family’s banquet to humiliate them. How did it become so out of control? Joel is always busy with work and he should have been preoccupied with his troops. How could he possibly have the time to swing by? Shouldn’t Michael and Harry be filming abroad? How did they show up out of the blue? I should have checked the almanac before leaving the house.

She sat between Joel and Michael, but the two men shot daggers at each other.

“Joel, I heard that you’ve recently been transferred and promoted. I assume that you must be extremely busy with work. How did you make the time to attend the banquet?” Michael asked while staring at Joel with a faint smile across his face.

Joel had a straight posture—like a typical military personnel. “Michael, haven’t you heard of ‘stealing a moment of leisure from a hectic schedule’? We are both doing the same thing after all.”

Sophia did not dare to comment or make a sound as she observed these two Lords going for each other’s throats.

Stanley was enjoying a plate of cake and his lips were smeared with cream. He commented vaguely, “Here, Uncle Joel, have some cake.”

Joel rejected him. “No, thank you.”

Harry remained silent; instead, he held onto his godson, Nathan, while feeding him cake. Nathan stared at Joel while munching his cake, afraid that the latter would snatch his mother from him.

The group on the couch had fascinated the crowd, but no one dared to approach them due to the tense atmosphere even though they were ready to move.

Kayla observed Sophia, who was surrounded by a group of idols, from afar with such frustration that she stomped her feet. This is clearly my birthday party and the idols are obviously here for my sake. What gives Sophia the right to snatch my idols?!

She tried to approach them and ignored the vicious and aggressive glares from either side. She walked to the group seated on the couch in her stilettos with a charming smile and flashed her pearly whites when she spoke to the idols in a sweet voice. “Joel, Taylor, Lord Winston, would you all like to have a glass of cocktail?”

However, no one answered her.

Michael and Joel were glaring at each other and they couldn’t be bothered to answer her whereas Harry was busy looking after Nathan. On the other hand, Sophia was distracted while planning a way to escape. Hence, Stanley was the only one eager to have a taste of the cocktail and smacked the couch enthusiastically. “Come over here. Serve more, I’d like to have some.”

Kayla walked away in embarrassment after peeking at her idols, who could not even be bothered to spare a glance at her. When she turned, she noticed that several young ladies from wealthy families were mocking her with laughter. It is clear that the idols aren’t interested in her, but she’s throwing herself at them. She is so embarrassing!

Soon, the banquet started with the well-trained servers zig-zagging through the VIPs to serve cocktails. She came with three glasses of cocktails and placed it on top of the coffee table in front of the couch, bracing herself while trying to search for a common topic to chat with her idols. “The entire Harper Family is knowledgeable about wine. We have stored more than 50,000,000 bottles of red wine in our wine cellar located in Freistan. The cocktails today are prepared with the red wine from the Harpers’ own collection. Talking about the Harper Family’s red wine…”

“I want this!” Stanley suddenly jumped up and took the glass of cocktail before running away, completely ignoring the fact that Kayla was in the middle of her introduction.

Her expression instantly soured.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 170

Kayla had only brought three glasses of cocktails, so it was obvious whom she brought it over for. Therefore, it was clear that she was not prepared to spare even a glass for Sophia or Stanley.

Stanley took a huge gulp after snatching a glass, looking as if he enjoyed it immensely. He then took another glass. “Here, Sophie. This looks like it’s the best. You should have this.”

Sophia accepted the glass of cocktail with a forced smile while holding onto the glass. “Haha… Haha.”

Cold sweat trickled down her bare back.

He mumbled to himself, “General is from the military, so he doesn’t drink whereas Uncle Michael can’t drink as he needs to sing. Nathan is too young, so he’s out. Since Winston is an idol, it would be embarrassing if he goes on a drunken rage after having one drink of liquor too many. I should keep this glass for my son! No, that’s not right. My son can get his own drinks! Therefore, this belongs to me!”

He picked up the last glass of cocktail before deliberately taking a sip and intentionally clinking glasses with Sophia. “Come on, Sophie. Cheers! Let’s celebrate our success in crashing the party.”

Sophia stole a careful glance at the two men, who were still staring daggers at each other, before clinking glasses with him with a terrified expression.

Kayla’s beautiful face turned gloomy and upset with her eyes looking as if she was ready to devour Stanley whole. He is a mere laborer for physical work! He shouldn’t show up at such an event and be an eyesore!

However, now that she was in front of her idols, she couldn’t reprimand him like how she usually did. Nevertheless, she complained in a sweet and girly tone, “These cocktails are for my idols. Why did you finish them? Why are you acting in such a horrendous way? You aren’t even aware of common courtesy; you—”

Stanley completely ignored her since he was busy downing his cocktail. The three idols kept quiet while maintaining a strange force around them. In fact, they were oblivious to the outside world.

Sophia could barely keep herself afloat, so she lacked the strength to reprimand Kayla even if she wanted to.

After she complained, Kayla noticed that her idols were not interested in her at all. Therefore, she was extremely angry and resentful. Coupled with the way the surrounding crowd mocked her with laughter, she felt humiliated and horrible—as if she had been attacked by needles. She had no choice but to leave with an empty serving tray.

Someone took her place once she left.

“Taylor! I didn’t expect to see you here!” An expensively dressed young lady greeted, seemingly delighted to meet Michael and Harry.

A trace of blatant disgust flashed across Michael’s eyes when he saw her.

Thanks to her family connections, she would always receive information not privy to the public, such as Michael’s flight schedule, hotel room number, and so on. She had the activities and schedule on her fingertips, so she would always show up at events where he was to pester him.

Apart from the constant harassment, she would even take pictures and record videos before boasting about them on the fans network. Somehow, she was able to gain access to his phone number and deliberately sent him nude photos. After doing that, she would even brag about it to other fans.

The most disgusting thing was when she discovered Michael’s room number in advance at the hotel where he was filming. She snuck into the room and stripped naked before lying on the bed. Fortunately, it was Hale who entered the hotel room and the image of seeing her naked in bed was forever burned in his eyes. The incident remained forever in his mind, rendering him pale whenever that incident was mentioned even though it had already been many years.

Miss Stalker Fan even spread the word that her father was in charge of Cultural Affairs and his approval was needed if Taylor’s films were to be premiered in Cethos. Hence, she claimed that they had a close friendship. She also claimed that she was in a relationship with Taylor, so she was known as ‘Stalker Fan’ within the fans network—the kind of person which fans and celebrities alike hated the most.

Although Michael never outwardly expressed his resentment, he had a deep dislike for Miss Stalker Fan from the bottom in his heart.

She pointed at Sophia while commanding her, “You, over there! Get lost. I want to sit here.”

Sophia wanted nothing more than to leave and give her position to Miss Stalker Fan. However, she knew that the fan had evil intentions toward her husband, so she could not help but feel that she should not surrender her seat as his significant other in the household registry.

Hence, she smiled while cocking a brow at Miss Stalker Fan. “Excuse me, but I was the one who invited Taylor, so I’m not giving up my seat!”

Miss Stalker Fan became furious, lowering her voice while hissing at her, “Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the right to sit beside my idol?”

Sophia was about to scream at her, but someone jumped the gun. “Well, do you have the right to do so?”

Sophia glanced at Joel, who was seated next to her. His tone was cold, laced with murderous intent when he spoke, “Get lost!”

Stalker Fan’s eyes reddened with tears and she looked aggrieved. She knew who the person sitting in front of her was and well aware that her father’s position as a department department was nothing compared to that of Joel. Her lips parted, as if she was about to say something, but he did not even accord her with the opportunity to do so.

“Get lost!” he repeated.

Stalker Fan glanced at Michael, who seemed unfazed, before stomping her feet and leaving while looking extremely sorry for herself.

After scolding and chasing her away, Joel spoke to him, “She’s merely an ungrateful wretched thing. I know you don’t have the courage to burn bridges with her, so if she dares to cause problems for you in the future, let me know and I’ll sort it out for you.”

Michael did not answer him but merely responded with a smile.

Sophia replayed what Joel said before thinking, Whoa, that’s a full blast of masculine charms! It looks like Joel is the one who’s on top!

However, from Michael’s perspective, Joel was teasing him for not having the power to defend himself against a woman!

Therefore, a trace of darkness started to spread in his eyes.

Kayla returned in a disastrous defeat. As the host tonight, the Harpers had lurked around for the longest time possible since they yearned to approach the group of big shots. However, the big shots radiated the sort of aura that indicated they weren’t in a welcoming mood, so the Harpers knew that nothing good would come out if they forced their way forward.

Needless to say, Joel had the military ranking of Senior Colonel and he was well on his way to becoming the youngest Major General in Cethos whereas Ethan and Taylor weren’t ordinary celebrities—both being Academy Award winners for Best Actor and they were Best Actors with a national treasure ranking. Apart from being in showbiz, they had an exceptional status in the financial world as well. The Harpers wouldn’t have been able to invite people of their stature to their family banquet under normal circumstances. Now that the big shots took the initiative to show up, the Harper Family was determined to force a good relationship with them.

After loitering for a while, Richard made the first move and said, “I’ll go.”

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Sophia to invite those three idols to Kayla’s banquet. It would be such an honor if news spreads that the Harpers managed to invite such important figures for the banquet.

Sophia must have done this on purpose! I can’t believe she sacrificed her chance to have a private dinner with these idols to create such a rare opportunity for me. I must thank her properly!

Nevertheless, I know I can no longer give her what she wants because I’m no longer the innocent boy in senior high. In the past, I could have given up everything for the sake of love and even do whatever I wanted while ignoring my family’s objections.

Numerous thoughts flashed through Richard’s mind in such a short time. Sophia has given a lot of thought into this matter for me. I can’t give her a proper status, but other than that, I can give everything else to her.

“I’ll go with you, Richard.” Xyla held onto his arm hastily while making her way to the dazzling idols.

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