My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 181-190

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 181

Michael’s expression darkened, but he maintained a poker face when he chased Stanley out of the house. “It’s getting late. You should get going now!”

The Imperial wasn’t too far away from the military compound, and so Stanley would be able to get home by taking a bus.

Michael checked his reflection in the mirror when he walked into the house while mumbling to himself, “Illegitimate daughter, my foot…”

The character Michael was playing had fallen into a desperate situation in the show, so he deliberately left the stubble along his jaw without shaving it off just to make himself look haggard. Therefore, in comparison, he could tell the vast contrast when he returned home to see his young and delicate ‘child bride’, who looked as pretty as a flower…

Upon entering the house, he saw Sophia studying in silence, but she was frowning deeply. She was scribbling across the paper, as though calculating something, whereas Nathan was sitting beside her while doing his homework in a serious manner.

She had a pair of earphones on, and her laptop was turned on too. She was playing the lecture from the Further Mathematics class.

Lately, there had been a rise in live broadcast. Even Bayside University lecturers would do some live broadcast to give lectures when they had the time. Sophia had been watching these live broadcasts and online tutorials at home for the past few days to make up for the lessons she missed.

Seeing as Sophia was studying so seriously, Michael didn’t want to bother her.

Suddenly, the phone Sophia left by the bed rang, but she didn’t hear it. Nathan heard the ringtone, and so he turned around to check. Coincidentally, he saw Michael sneaking in to take Sophia’s phone away. Nevertheless, Nathan remained silent, and he continued with his homework, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Michael took the phone away to answer it outside of the room. He glanced at the caller ID on the screen. Richard Harper.

Why is this fellow calling again?

After answering the phone call, Michael kept quiet while waiting for Richard to speak.

Richard did not say anything because he was too ashamed to speak to Sophia. They were in a stalemate for more than ten seconds, but Richard broke the silence in the end.

“Sophia, thank you for helping with this issue. It looks like there’s hope for my sister. Director Jenkins has also agreed to work with us. However, we have to pay a huge price. He wants the Harpers’ ancestral home. Sophia, you know how important the Harpers’ ancestral home is for us. Mother almost fainted after learning that we are losing our ancestral home. Therefore, Sophia, if you can, please get the ancestral home back for me, can you? I am sure you can. As long as you put in more effort when you’re with Joel. As long as he says the word, anything is possible. But you shouldn’t worry and don’t feel pressured because I don’t mind such things. No matter what happens, you are still the purest girl in my heart. Once my sister’s affairs are in order and we get our ancestral home back, I’ll take you to meet my mother officially. Although she is unhappy that you didn’t manage to preserve the Harpers’ ancestral home, she will have nothing to say as long as you are able to get us the ancestral home back. Sophia, if it bothers you, you can undergo hymen repair surgery in the future.”

Michael listened to Richard’s entire monologue. He even left the phone on speaker mode when he was having dinner. Michael paid close attention throughout the phone call, and so everyone heard Richard’s affectionate but despicable confession to Sophia.

During dinnertime, Sophia felt utterly embarrassed. She kept her head bowed while she had her meal as she listened to Richard’s pretentious monologue from the other end of the phone call. Richard claimed that he wouldn’t despise Sophia for sleeping with Joel, but later, he explained that he would be more than happy to send her to the most high-end center for the best hymen repair surgery. The next thing she knew, he was claiming that he looked forward to their perfect future while suddenly remarking how cruel reality was. Hence, he requested Sophia to work harder in order to have Joel’s ear by getting in bed with him.

Richard spoke for an entire twenty minutes before hanging up on the phone call.

After dinner, Michael returned to the room. Then, he typed and printed out some of the classic phrases Richard mentioned over the phone call. He made a mini drama script out of it, and he acted it out with Sophia while searching for his inspiration to act like a playboy.

Coincidentally, he had accepted a role as a guest star in a movie to play the character of the female protagonist’s playboy ex-boyfriend.

Sophia sat still and acted as his prop.

Michael got into character while arranging his expression. His eyes were darting around, and he seemed distracted. In fact, he looked especially guilty, but his eyebrows were slightly raised, which gave him an air of superiority. Despite his guilty conscience, Michael made it seem as if he felt he was innocent. He forced a trace of heartfelt affection across his face, but he just couldn’t hide the greed and hypocrisy overflowing from his soul.

“Oh, Sophia!” he repeated Richard’s lines. He placed a hand on Sophia’s shoulder while gazing into her eyes affectionately, and the depth of his feelings looked more like he was doing charity—he looked as if he was facing a stray dog. It was obvious that he did not like it, but he went against his wishes by throwing the stray dog a bone. “Sophia, thank you for helping with this issue.”

Sophia regarded Michael while blinking a few times. She continued observing his performance.

Michael is undeniably one of Cethos’ best actors. He matches the image I had in my mind of Richard when I heard him over the phone earlier. He looks so engrossed, and he is presenting Richard’s despicable side of a true scum.

Michael continued with his lines, as if he was possessed by a playboy. “It looks like there’s hope for my sister. Director Jenkins has also agreed to work with us… You have to understand that your sacrifice now is for our future. Sophia, I will not detest you for your actions. You can undergo a hymen repair surgery in the future. Although we can’t have a marriage certificate, we can go abroad. I can organize a grand wedding for you at a place where nobody knows us, and I will make you the most beautiful bride on earth.”

During Richard’s phone call earlier, Sophia held back her laughter throughout the ordeal. Nevertheless, she couldn’t endure it now, and she finally burst out laughing. “Pfft…”

It was not that she wanted to laugh, but Michael looked too cute. He was wearing the frog pajama, which was vibrantly green. He even imitated Nathan by putting on his hoodie while expressing the hypocritical and insincere affection. The contrast made him look absolutely adorable.

Nevertheless, Michael was still acting out the role of a playboy, and he felt as if he had found the feeling of it. His expression remained unmoved despite Sophia’s countless bursts of laughter.

Sophia kept giggling. Suddenly, Michael wrapped his arms around her abruptly, and he sealed his lips against hers. He drowned her laughter with a deep kiss, and she was caught off guard. She felt her head spinning with the kiss. After catching her breath, she finally caught up to Michael’s pace and rhythm.

What should I do? I can feel myself falling for him…

Nathan glanced at the two of them kissing, and he turned his back to them in silence to continue with his homework.

After a few days, Sophia started preparing to return to the university for the final exams. The weather was getting colder, and it had started snowing. The snow made the world appear exceptionally loveable. Sophia sat by the floor-to-ceiling glass window while staring at the snowy scenery outside. It was already mid-winter and chilly outside, but the room was still warm and toasty, like spring. It was as if they were two different worlds.

In the past, Sophia was scared of snowing because winter was too cold. There were no heaters in the university hostel, and so students who had the choice would return home for winter. Hence, she would be the only one left in the hostel while she trembled in cold.

After breakfast, the snow stopped, and the ground was already covered with a thick layer of snow. The family of three left the house to enjoy the snow.

Michael didn’t have to film today, whereas Sophia felt better too. With winter and snow, they were just in time to enjoy the scenery.

“Dear, where are we going to enjoy the snow?” Sophia asked curiously while looking out of the window.

Michael flashed her a mysterious smile, and the car sped off in the direction of Riverdale.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 182

Entering the place where she once lived, Sophia fell deep into her thoughts. I was born in the suburbs of Riverdale. Later on, I was accepted into Riverdale High School. I had lived in Riverdale for eighteen years, but after Joe took me away, I’d never returned here.

I have too many things buried here…

Without realizing, the car came to a stop. The car door opened, and Nathan was the first to jump out of the car. His anti-skid lined boots made small footprints all over the snow-covered ground. Once he got out of the car, he immediately saw a grand house, and so his eyes popped wide open in surprise.

Sophia got out of the car behind Michael. He held her pink gloved-hand in his large warm palm. With her small hand in his, he took a couple of steps forward.

Similarly, Sophia immediately saw the grand house in front of her. She scanned her surroundings, and she realized that she was standing near a bus station. The bus station was named after this large mansion—Harper’s Mansion.

“Isn’t this the Harpers’ house?”

The Harper’s Mansion was extremely recognizable because it had an elegant and classic Cethosian garden. It preserved its style from two hundred years ago. Although the mansion had been constantly renovated and had expanded over the years, its architecture style had never changed. The main architecture structure of the building maintained its appearance from when it was built, and so it could be considered as a cultural relic.

Why is he taking me here to the Harper’s Mansion for no good reason?

Upon seeing the Harper’s Mansion, Sophia recalled some bad memories. Once upon a time, when I was out of options and came to the Harpers for help, Richard refused to see me. I couldn’t even enter the mansion. They beat me up before tossing me out.

At that time, if Richard had been willing to trust me, even a little, my life might have changed.

However, if Richard had been willing to help me at that time, I might not have been able to meet Michael.

Maybe the first half of my life was painful and full of suffering because I was gathering my luck to meet Michael.

Michael stood behind her, and he suddenly patted her shoulder. “The Harpers sold the Harper’s Mansion to get Kayla out of jail. It belongs to you now.”

Sophia stared at him in utter shock.

They actually sold the Harper’s Mansion? But this isn’t any ordinary mansion! It’s almost like a folk garden or even a cultural relic. It has exceptional research value, and this has always been the pride of the Harper Family! They put this above their lives, so how could they possibly sell it off so easily? But if Michael said it, the credibility is 100%. After all, he is the person who bought Ido’s Imperial Diamond Ring casually. Does that mean that the Harper’s Mansion belongs to me now?

Michael held onto her small hand while speaking to her, “Let’s go and have a look inside. The snow scenery inside is wonderful.”

They walked into the courtyard of the Harper’s Mansion. Sophia was still in a daze, and she just couldn’t digest the reality.

The majority of Harper’s Mansion was constructed based on classical styles—whitewashed walls topped with grey roof tiles and red fences. The Harper Family had been in the construction business for generations. Their ancestors were Cethosian merchants, and so their accommodation preserved a strong influence of the ancient style. There were miniature hills and streams in the garden, accompanied with countless trees and flowers that made up the garden architecture. There were pavilions, terraces, open halls, miniature bridges, and streams too. There were seven to eight courtyards in total, and each had its unique poetic charm.

Michael led Sophia through several archways and parlors. They enjoyed the scenery inside while strolling in the mansion. Although it was already winter, the scenery looked even better here. The snow was dazzling white, and it gave off an inexplicable feel against the white walls and grey roof tiles.

Sophia was already feeling much calmer revisiting the Harper’s Mansion. I recall my first time coming here. Richard brought me over, and I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights while simultaneously feeling out of place. I kept making mistakes, and everybody mocked me and laughed at me. It was also during that time that I realized the gap between Richard and me.

In school, he was a straight-A student, and so was I. We wore the same uniforms, and we had the same textbooks. The only difference we had were our scores.

However, outside school, he was the eldest son of Riverdale’s well known Harper Family, whereas I was a nobody.

The Harper’s Mansion had everything in it; even Michael clucked his tongue as he was impressed by the architecture. The Harpers are skillful in construction. I wonder how many generations put in effort for this garden. Well, I’ve decided to forgive the Harpers for 10 minutes for the sake of this garden.

The family of three strolled around the place as though they were having fun in a park. Nathan found this fascinating. He had been living in an old castle abroad since he was a child, but the castle had a European style. Therefore, this was this first time looking at a building with such an antique design. Furthermore, it was different from the ancient Imperial Palace nearby their house, and so he couldn’t help but wander around the mansion.

Hale and Gary followed them from behind. Hale was holding an SLR camera to take photos for them.

After wandering around a few gardens, they already took more than a hundred pictures.

Sophia was holding onto her SLR camera as well. She realized that she was talented in taking photos because each shot seemed even better than the one before.

In the end, they arrived at the building the Harpers used to stay in. It was a restored Western building. However, it didn’t feel out of place when put together with the other buildings within the mansion. On the contrary, it gave off a unique style.

The Harper Family had shifted away in a rush. The garden was now filled with Michael’s subordinates, who were busy cleaning and checking the inventory.

Sophia stood at the best viewpoint within the Harper’s Mansion, where one could observe the entire mansion by opening the windows. This was once Kayla’s room.

From that angle, the Harper’s Mansion had a completely different look. In fact, it seemed like a piece of jade that people just wouldn’t forget after taking a glance.

Why did Michael buy such a large place?

Doesn’t he have enough houses? He has a Villa No.1 and Villa No.8 in The Imperial. Aren’t those enough for him?

“Dear, why did you buy this place?”

Michael was feeling warm from all the walking, and so he took off his scarf. “No specific purpose. It just looks nice,” he answered.

Sophia was rendered speechless. However, it is undeniable that the gardens are exceptionally beautiful…

Then, Michael added, “This is your mansion now. You can do whatever you want with it.”

Such an aggressive billionaire!

The price of this mansion must be higher than Ido’s Imperial Diamond Ring. The important thing is that with such a large mansion and space, it has immeasurable value for collection and research. It’s a good idea to keep it while its value grows.

“Rent it out! 1 million per year!” Sophia decided abruptly.

Michael lovingly caressed her head, which was covered with a furry cap. He responded to her, “Sure. I’ll get a tenant for you.”

Michael’s social circle consisted of the rich and powerful. Therefore, it wasn’t an uphill task to contact someone who could afford to rent the place.

Sophia was blushing slightly, and she seemed slightly embarrassed. I have been married to Michael for such a long time, but I haven’t slept with him. He has given me a house and a ring. I’ll have a guilty conscience if I continue to refrain from sleeping with him.

I think it’s best to sleep with him as soon as possible even though he likes to have relations with men…

She thought of Joel, Harry, and Daniel. She thought of the large group of gay friends Michael had queueing up in front of her, and her eyes became dull again.

I suddenly feel so cheap. I can’t believe I can accept a man like that!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 183

Michael is a good man, but how do I judge if he is truly a good person or if he is just acting? He is one of the best actors in the country, after all. He can easily act and pretend to suit his needs.

However, isn’t Michael doing exceedingly well for faking his love? I merely mentioned in passing that I liked the Eternal Love, but he was attentive enough to pick up on that. Then, he purchased the Eternal Love for me.

I’m sure that he bought the Harper’s Mansion not simply because of how beautiful it looks. He bought it for me. He knew about the hurt the Harper Family has inflicted upon me, and he wanted to vent my frustration on my behalf while helping me grow my personal savings…

Sophia had always been wary, and she constantly reminded herself not to fall for Michael. Otherwise, she might repeat the same mistake. However, it wouldn’t be called a heart if one could guard it forever.

How I wish that time could freeze now forever. I’d like to be in this moment with such a unique atmosphere forever. That would be more than enough for me. It would be enough…

After visiting the Harper’s Mansion, the family of three left for the next destination, Audistin.

Audistin was a chain brand—its Health Club was still the most popular because Daniel was in it.

People spread word about Daniel and his abilities, making him seem almost God-like. He was rumored to be the only disciple of the Master of Reverie Temple. Some people even went so far as to refer to him as a reincarnation of a celestial being. In reality, he was just a swindler who was defrauding the rich and famous.

After the family of three entered from the back entrance into Audistin, Sophia went to the bathroom, whereas Michael brought Nathan to meet Daniel.

After using the washroom, Sophia took a walk in the club’s main hall. This Health Club’s businesses were slightly more complex. They offered services such as acupuncture, aromatherapy spa, facial and body sculpting, chiropractic, essential oil back massage, Tarot card reading, fortune telling via examining bone structure, fortune telling via analyzing names, physiognomy and divination, marriage analysis, geomancy, and even the art of fertility.

The main hall paid homage to the God of Wealth, Goddess of Mercy for child-bearing, Jesus, and the Lucky Cat.

Rich people emphasized more on preserving health nowadays. This was especially true during winter because it was the best period to detox. Hence, there was an exceptionally large crowd in the club.

Many people made appointments with Daniel for fortune telling, and so there was already a long queue. However, the crowd had no choice but to wait for a while when they learned that Daniel was carrying out physiognomy for Taylor Murray.

Sophia entered Daniel’s lounge. Once she opened the door, she saw the mahjong table already laid out, and four people sat at the table—Michael, Stanley, Harry, and Daniel. On the other side, Nathan was engrossed in playing games on the laptop.

“Two Stones!”

“Score, haha!”

“Pay up, pay up!”

The queue outside is getting longer, and here they are, playing mahjong!

Stanley had a cigarette between his lips, and he beckoned to Sophia. “Come, Sophie. Let’s play mahjong!”

Sophia caught a whiff of tobacco smoke before she could get any closer. She scowled and grabbed Nathan before walking out of the lounge.

Daniel was picking a mahjong tile when he spoke, “Sophie, go ahead and have fun! Everything is free-of-charge.”

Michael was also busy picking a mahjong tile. “Chica, your body has just recovered. Have a back massage or something. I will be waiting for you here.”

Stanley burst out laughing. “Haha, Uncle Michael, why are you addressing Sophie with such a suggestive nickname?!”

Harry commented, “Kids should smoke less!”

Sophia blushed deeply, and she took Nathan away. Michael was having fun with a table full of his gay friends, and so it would be inappropriate for her to stay. Hence, she had no choice but to leave. Sophia had an Audistin card, and so she ordered for a massage. Meanwhile, Nathan kept close to her; he tagged along wherever she went with his laptop.

After the massage, Sophia felt utterly relaxed. She checked the time, and she noted that it would be time for a meal soon after a footbath session, and she could then grab something to eat. However, she saw someone she was least expecting in the main hall.

The Harpers were here. Mr. and Mrs. Harper, Richard, and Xyla.

Kayla was there too.

Kayla was suspected of hiring hoodlums to r*pe Director Jenkins’ daughter in the hotel. However, due to insufficient proof, coupled with the fact that she was a minor with mental illness, her capable team of lawyers managed to get her released.

After the series of incidents, Kayla appeared especially haggard. Initially, her birthday banquet was almost close to perfect. Her three idols showed up, and many people were jealous of her since she seemed to have snagged Joel. Nevertheless, everything was ruined at the last critical moment.

I have always felt that it wasn’t my fault. In fact, it was Sophia’s fault. If it weren’t for her, I would have still been the honorable princess, and I would have most probably ended up with Joel.

But what about now? My reputation is ruined, and I almost lost my innocence. Although the Harpers tried savaging my reputation through public relations, this incident will forever haunt me like a stain.

This was all thanks to Sophia. She is the source of all my unhappiness!

She is the perpetrator. Nevertheless, she even got into bed with Joel somehow, and she even dared to try to join the Harper Family!

Who does she think she is?

Hence, when Sophia showed up in Audistin all of a sudden, Kayla almost couldn’t hold back her urge to charge forward to kill her!

The entire Harper Family wasn’t surprised when they saw Sophia because Richard mentioned to her over the phone that they would be meeting Daniel Levine for fortune telling. He was actually hinting her to meet him here.

True enough, she is here for another chance encounter!

However, Sophia was truly oblivious to the fact that the Harpers would show up here today. Michael was the one who answered Richard’s call, and he even jotted down notes and wrote a play from the phone conversation. Michael had been using it every day to figure out how to play the role of a playboy at home.

Although Sophia did recall hearing those lines, she was mainly focused on Michael’s handsome face. Therefore, she did not know that the Harpers would be here today.

Mrs. Harper snorted in disdain when she saw Sophia. Contempt flashed across her eyes.

How dare she have the audacity to grab my son’s attention when she didn’t even complete the task at hand! It’s her honor to get a glimpse of my breathtakingly handsome son!

“Sophia!” Richard, who was sitting on a chair in the rest area, stood up abruptly while looking delighted. He was about to approach Sophia when Xyla reminded him just in time, “Richard, take note of your status.”

Xyla and Richard had a discussion before coming over. Richard officially voiced out to Xyla, explaining that he wanted to accept Sophia because she managed to get Kayla out of prison. Besides, Sophia managed to bed Joel, and so she would be able to benefit the Harpers.

Xyla almost lost her mind to anger, but she agreed anyway. She acted as if she understood the importance of the cause while accepting the fact that she was about to share a husband with Sophia.

Richard was extremely moved that Xyla was so considerate and kind. He even promised her that he would love her more than he did Sophia. In fact, he would take Sophia to tie her tubes while promising Xyla that Sophia would never affect her position as his legal wife.

How could Xyla possibly accept sharing her husband? She wanted nothing more than to murder Sophia!

She claimed that she would stop pestering Richard, but now, she has basically announced to the world that she’s competing with me for Richard’s attention and the position in his heart!

If I trust her, I might not even know what hit me after she snatched my husband away right under my nose.

As a woman, I have a sixth sense by nature. Since I was able to snatch Richard away from Sophia previously, it means that someone else may snatch him away from me too.

I will never let that happen!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 184

However, she could not show her anger because she needed to pretend that she was an understanding wife, who understood the larger scheme of things so that Richard would not find her annoying. I have to find a way to push Sophia away from Richard. However, at the current moment, she has made such a huge contribution to the Harper Family. Therefore, I can’t be obvious with my motives.

“Richard, this is Audistin, which means that Joel’s acquaintances or subordinates might be here. If you casually approach Sophia, what will happen if he finds out?”

Richard stopped dead in his tracks. Upon recalling the fact that his woman slept with another man for his sake, he couldn’t help but blame himself while being riddled with guilt.

However, whenever he reminded himself that she did this for their future, it instantly eased up his guilt.

Xyla was extremely resentful when she noticed how eager he was to chat with Sophia. Nevertheless, she pretended to be understanding and gracious. “Richard, why don’t I help to look out for the two of you?”

His eyes sparkled when he heard that and shot her a grateful look. “Xyla, you are the best!”

They both casually walked toward Sophia.

As Sophia was just done with her footbath and back massage with essential oil, she was about to take Nathan to meet Michael. They should be done with their game of mahjong, I hope.

However, she had barely taken a few steps when she suddenly heard a voice from behind her. “Sophia!”

She frowned deeply. What is wrong with Richard? Why is he throwing himself at me? Why is he doing that while claiming that I’m the one trying to get closer to the Harper Family?

In order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding, she feigned that she did not hear him and never bothered to acknowledge him. Instead, she led Nathan into a room and closed the door, effectively closing the door in Richard’s face.

Richard knocked on the door a few times. He noticed that the door was locked and a thought struck him. Sophia now belongs to Joel exclusively, so no one else can have her. That’s the reason why she can’t be in contact with me.

He left with regrets.

Sophia became the owner of the Harper’s Mansion today, so she was in a rather good mood and decided to forgive the Harpers for 12 hours. Little did she know that behind her back, the dramatic Harpers had already written her as the protagonist in their imaginary life-and-death epic drama.

Michael was still playing mahjong while the clients waiting outside were becoming impatient. Daniel had a cigarette between his lips when he played mahjong, wearing an annoyed expression when his assistant entered to urge him several times. Finally, he unwillingly left his lounge to work.

Sophia was obviously the replacement since there were only three players.

Unfortunately, she stared at the mahjong tile on the table with a dazed expression, seemingly not to have learned such a high-end game. She fumbled for the longest time, but she was still clueless. Stanley even mocked her. “Sophie, you usually look intelligent, but why are you stupid at such important times like this? You can’t even play mahjong!”

Michael picked up a tile while quietly stubbing the cigarette between Stanley’s lips. “Kids shouldn’t smoke!”

Sophia, who was sitting across Michael, was staring at her mahjong tiles intently. Her pink and adorable face looked extremely cute, especially with her current expression.

I want to pinch her cheeks badly!

Suppressing his urge to pinch her, he commented, “Chica, if you can’t play the game, you will be played. Why don’t you observe Daniel when he helps the Harpers with their fortune telling?!”

Is Daniel predicting the Harper Family’s fortune for them? That’s great!

Sophia put down her mahjong tiles and walked out to Daniel’s ‘office’, pretending to be someone who served tea and brought a few cups of floral tea.

Daniel’s office was filled with a pleasant scent that reminded her of a refreshing breeze—the decorations were simple with a few famous calligraphy and paintings on the wall while the incense, which was lit, on the black table somehow made people relaxed.

He wore a mandarin jacket, which seemed dated, and had a string of prayer beads in his left hand while a cross hung on his chest. The table in the middle was for the Daoist Three Pure Ones whereas the one on the right was to worship the God of Wealth and the Lucky Cat was hanging on the left wall. The room was a mix-and-match; neither was it Oriental nor was it Western. It was obvious that he was a swindler, but people just seemed to believe him.

While wearing an unreadable expression on his face, he pretended to examine the Harper Family’s horoscope as the Harpers waited anxiously at the side.

Sophia entered Daniel’s office with the tea, placing a cup of it in front of everyone in an orderly manner.

Richard’s knotted brows relaxed upon seeing her entering the room and his eyes twinkled with a smile. Mrs. Harper also saw Sophia, but the former merely cocked a brow and it was impossible to tell whether she was delighted or angry.

No wonder we were able to quickly secure an appointment when we were trying to schedule for one with Daniel. Considering that there are many people trying to reserve an appointment slot with Daniel, it’s almost impossible to see him in person if we had scheduled it within these few days. However, when we tried to book an appointment two days ago, Daniel informed us to come today. It looks like Sophia is working here as a server and has pulled some strings for us.

On one hand, Mrs. Harper felt that it was only natural for Sophia to serve the Harpers. On the other hand, she figured that since Sophia had slept with Joel, she could be entangled with Daniel too. A loose woman like Sophia will never join the Harper Family. Well, unless she is able to connect Kayla with the Fletchers. If she is able to marry into the Fletcher Family, I might consider giving Sophia a chance.

Sophia stood at the side in silence after serving tea while observing how Daniel was able to fool the entire Harper Family.

After going through the entire Harper Family’s horoscope, he glanced at Kayla’s horoscope again before frowning deeply and pretended while gesturing with his fingers.

He counted with his fingers for almost thirty minutes and the Harper Family remained silent throughout the entire time. This is a familiar situation.

When Joe brought Sophia to see Daniel years ago, he gestured and counted with his fingertips for a few minutes. In the end, Daniel predicted that Sophia would bring death to the entire Edwards Family.

After what seemed like eternity, he finally broke the silence while shaking his head. “Out of the five elements, your daughter lacks gold, which explains why she has been ‘absorbing gold’. The older she gets, the more she will absorb. Gold represents fortune and wealth. Therefore, Mr. Harper, you have been recently short of ‘gold’ because your daughter has absorbed all of it.”

The Harper Family looked horrified when they heard that, looking as if everything had finally made sense. It is true that Kayla has been spending a lot of the Harper Family’s money lately. She made a mess in school and even caused trouble in Audistin. The Harpers have spent almost nine figures to sort out her affairs.

We have spent a large sum for her charity banquet, but she did not appreciate that. On the contrary, we even lost the Harper’s Mansion—and that in itself is an astronomical figure! Master Levine sees through everything as a bystander. His explanation is like a wake-up call! He is a true master!

Kayla stared at her palms as the color rapidly drained from her face. It turns out that my life lacks gold, which is why the Harpers are going through so much hardship! How is this possible? This is all Sophia’s evil scheme!

She was blinded by anger and slammed the table before abruptly standing up to point at Sophia, who was standing beside Daniel, screaming, “It is indeed all because of you, you btch! You must be having an affair with this quack and told him to speak ill of me, didn’t you? You, btch! I’ll kill you!”

Richard immediately pushed her down onto the chair while viciously threatening her, “Do you still think you haven’t caused enough trouble?”

Mr. Harper immediately apologized to Daniel in a hurry, “I am so sorry, Master Levine. My daughter is immature, so, please don’t take it to heart. Do continue; please continue, hehe—”

Daniel had a frosty expression with his handsome face being upset. “Mr. Harper, if you think that my fortune telling is inaccurate, you are free to leave.”

The Harpers immediately panicked when they realized that Daniel was fuming. We can’t afford to offend Daniel Levine!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 185

Mr Harper immediately apologized when he saw that Daniel was angry, “Who doesn’t know about the great Master Levine? My daughter is young and has been frightened, so her mental state isn’t steady lately. Please don’t take her words to heart!”

Daniel’s mood became a little better.

On the sidelines, Sophia sneakily laughed. Half of Kayla’s words are right. Daniel is really just a quack, but how did she arrive at the conclusion that I’m having an affair with him?

When Kayla saw that Sophia was laughing sneakily with a proud face, a raging anger suddenly burst out of her—she wanted to rush over and kill her!

He further explained, “Your daughter lacks the element of metal, so it’s impossible to change her fate. Now, I have three methods for you to consider.”

The entire Harper Family quickly raised their ears to listen.

He continued speaking, “The first method is to abandon your daughter. You must sever all ties with her and let her destroy herself. From now on, you must not interfere with anything that involves her.”

Everyone in the Harper Family looked at each other. Abandon the daughter? How is this possible?

Kayla’s face suddenly paled out of the fear that her parents would believe the quack and throw her out of the family.

Upon seeing the way the Harpers reacted, Daniel knew that it wasn’t a viable method, so he smiled and recommended a second option. “Mr. Harper, your daughter is destined to eat away at your wealth. If you don’t marry your daughter off and let her ruin another family, you will continue to lose your wealth in the end!”

Everyone in the Harper Family was even more frustrated. How can we marry her off when her reputation is terrible lately? Even though we’ve covered all the scandals up, rumors about her mental illness have still leaked out. Who will be willing to marry an insane person?

Mr. Harper was getting anxious as he hurriedly urged Daniel. “Master Levine, don’t keep us waiting anymore. Please tell us if there is another way!”

Danial pretended to meditate for a long time before responding, “Naturally, there is a third method!” He then pulled out a world map and explained, “The world consists of five continents. Corresponding with the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, Asia is earth, Europe is fire, Africa is metal, America is wood, and Oceania is water. Among them, Africa is metal. Therefore, you need to send your daughter to Africa for a year or two so that the lack of metal in her life force can be naturally mended.”

Once that was said, Sophia and everyone in the Harper Family was shocked.

The five continents that correspond with metal, wood, water, fire and earth… Who invented this theory?!

She was left in awe as she had a deeper understanding of Daniel’s ability to spew nonsense. Will anyone believe in this kind of nonsense? There are really people who believe in it!

Mr. Harper patted his thigh and fiercely shook Daniel’s hand. “Master Levine, you are really our savior. We initially planned to send Kayla to Africa for a few months! I can’t believe our thoughts are the same as yours!”

They wanted to project a good image for Kayla—and the best way would be through charity, a donation to the School of Hope, volunteer as a teacher in the underdeveloped mountain areas, or head to Africa as a volunteer.

They had already signed Kayla up for a volunteer project in Africa. The living conditions there were very difficult, so they planned to send her over for a few months to suffer. After her return, they would send a draft of her speech for a few days to public relations to clear her image.

At that moment, she was exasperated to the point where she wanted to cry. She initially threatened her family with suicide when they wanted to send her over to Africa. Just when she was about to change their mind, Daniel’s words today only made her travel to Africa inevitable, whether she liked it or not.

The Harpers grabbed Daniel’s hand and thanked him while paying him millions of ‘introduction fee’. When he was about to leave, Kayla’s eyes revealed that she couldn’t wait to kill him and Sophia. This must be part of Sophia’s scheme! She planned all of this with Daniel!

The moment they left the Harper Family, Daniel had a look at the message that was sent to his cellphone. The millions that the Harpers paid him had already been transferred into his bank account, so he put his phone away contentedly while calling Sophia, “Mrs. Fletcher—”

“Hmph!” She grunted because she couldn’t get the issue about her reputation out of her chest.

As soon as she exited the room, she found Michael. He was already done with his game of mahjong and now waited for her in the lounge with Nathan. When Michael saw her coming out, he said to her with consideration, “You’re done?”

She nodded her head as she felt good watching Daniel mess around with the Harpers. Not only did they lose their beloved house, but they were also sending their daughter to Africa as a volunteer. She took the initiative to approach him and ask, “Hubby, what are we having tonight?”

Michael naturally grabbed her shoulders. “What do you want to eat?”

Sophia thought about it. “I want to eat hot pot! Lamb with hot pot is the best thing to have during winter!”

He smiled and kissed her cheek. “Let’s go.”

Michael held Nathan with one hand and Sophia with the other as they walked out.

After that, he called Hale to make a reservation at the restaurant. Even though Nathan was stoic, it was obvious that he was happy as he gently hopped around when he walked. After all, he was merely a kid, so it was hard for him to conceal his happiness on his face, no matter how cold he usually looked.

The family of three drove to the restaurant to eat. On the way there, she excitedly thought about what she wanted to do with the Harper’s Mansion in the future. Michael already had his phone with him, so he sent the pictures that they took today to his Messenger.

Therefore, his gay friends were able to see his daily interaction with his wife again. Back then, he would send pictures of his son from time to time, but now, he keeps flashing pictures of his wife for no reason. He has finally become insane.

When Sophia took a look at her Messenger, she saw that he had posted a bunch of pictures of the three of them in the Harper’s Mansion, as if they were strolling around the park.

She quietly gave it a like.

The family of three were having a good time, but on the other side, the same cannot be said of the Harper Family.

They had already moved into the copycat real estate that they developed—The Luxurious 16—but the new house was not as good as the Harper’s Mansion. Back then, Kayla had the best room in the entire mansion and she even had a little traditional wooden building all to herself, but she had nothing at that moment. The best room in the house had been given to Richard and Xyla as their matrimonial room. Moreover, her family was still trying to send her to Africa.

Kayla had smashed all the antiques and vases in the house, leaving Mr. Harper with no choice but give his beloved daughter a slap. Finally, she stopped.

She felt that she had lost everything the moment her father slapped her. It’s all because of Sophia! If it isn’t for her, I will not have fallen to this point! Sophia Edwards!

Richard’s recent family affairs gave him a headache. Once he was done with a pile of work, he thought about Sophia, so he quickly gave her a call.

It was only in that moment that he knew how to appreciate her. When he reflected on the days that they were together, she always seemed strong and independent. She always took care of him and he did not need to worry about anything else whenever he was with her because she would never cause trouble for him. If only Kayla and Xyla were as thoughtful as her.

Sophia had thrown her phone aside and took a bath after returning home. Therefore, his phone call was answered by Michael again.

As soon as the call was connected, Richard’s emotional voice came through. “Sophia, thank you so much for today. If it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have been able to meet Master Levine so soon… My parents are very satisfied with you, but my sister is in trouble now. What my mother meant was that if you can manipulate your connection with Joel to help Kayla or any bachelorette in the Harper Family to hook up with the Fletchers… In that case, my family’s position will be strengthened and your position in the family will also be even higher. Maybe my mother can even allow you to bear my son. In the future, our son will be able to inherit a part of the Harper Family’s fortune.”

Michael was rendered speechless as he listened to Richard’s words.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 186

Michael resisted from laughing as he stoically hung up on the phone.

Nathan wore a pair of frog pajamas while playing games in his room. After logging into his ‘NateHiro’ character, he went around to defeat monsters.

Michael had also changed into his frog pajamas as he leaned on the door frame, looking at him. “Darling, are you playing games?”

Nathan ignored him.

Then, Michael returned to his room and grabbed his laptop before placing it next to Nathan’s laptop. “I really want to play games with you. What game are you playing? Can you teach me how to play it?”

Nathan thought about it for a while before answering him, “I’m playing the ‘Swordsman Game’.”

Michael smiled. “Oh gosh, I’ve already installed it on my laptop, but I can’t figure out how to play it. Can you teach me how to log into the game?”

Nathan glanced at him before placing his fingers on his laptop keyboard and began to register the latter’s details in the game.

After Sophia was done with her bath, she saw that the father and son were already playing games. Nathan was impressively helping Michael’s character in the game.

It was obvious to her that Michael was still a novice at the game—he was so new that his character had to die a few times while he fought the little monsters in Novice Village. Even though Nathan looked impatient with him, the latter was still his father, so he suppressed his frustrations and helped him through a few rounds.

“Darling, hubby, are you playing games too? Wait for me. I also want to join!”

She quickly logged into her new character before locating Michael and Nathan’s location in the game; the family of three were now a team to fight monsters.

She still dare not log into her main character because Sirius233 was still Scary Phoenix’s b*tch.

Michael didn’t seem to have played a game before, which explained his clumsiness. He took ages to kill a monster and his skill level was close to zero. She continued to help him to fight monsters while sighing in her heart, It looks like my idol is not completely perfect. There will always be something that he isn’t good at, like playing games.

The family of three were in the midst of playing games together when Hale entered to look for Michael. The moment Hale opened the door, he saw three frogs huddled together and playing games.

When he saw Sophia being proud of herself for helping a novice like Michael defeat monsters, he felt that it was impossible for her to ever escape Michael’s grasp.

The phrase ‘being played into someone’s hands’ can probably be used to describe Sophia and Michael… Other families spend their time together playing house whereas this family bonds by playing games.

Michael played for a while before following Hale to talk about business.

“Boss, according to reliable sources, Phantom Wolf has already entered Cethos, and he is now planning to cause trouble.” Hale’s expression was serious even though he was facing a massive frog.

Michael silently removed the hood and read his report with a dark face.

Phantom Wolf was the codename for the leader of an international terrorist organization. The ZF Organization had no name with members around the world, causing lots of terrorist attacks. Many world leaders were frustrated because of them, so lots of countries formed an alliance to catch those international criminals, but there hadn’t been a successful way to capture their leader.

The organization had existed for almost a century with a horrifying background and Phantom Wolf was their leader’s codename. Every decade or so, Phantom Wolf would appear in Cethos. Although he was driven out of the country each time he showed up, he seemed to have a special connection with the land.

The last time he came was two years ago when Michael laid a trap to capture him. Even though he was severely injured, he still managed to escape in the end.

He had discovered Phantom Wolf’s whereabouts not too long ago and deployed a lot of men to capture the man, but he still managed to escape the carefully planned trap. No one even knew what Phantom Wolf looked like.

Michael’s men only managed to catch a photo of Phantom Wolf’s back—the man was treacherous and cunning, so it was the only picture they had after a long period of investigation.

He looked at Phantom Wolf in the picture. Phantom Wolf was a man who wore a baseball, but only his back was seen. Even though his face was obscured, every inch of his body was oozing a dangerous aura.

“Phantom Wolf…” Michael called his name out as a sense of hatred filled him. My sister and my brother-in-law died in his hands!

When he was done with his business, he returned to the room and saw that Sophia and Nathan were asleep after they finished playing their game. The sight of two frogs—one big and one small—leaning against each other was exceptionally sweet.

Michael tilted his head to admire their sleeping position and gently closed the door a while later.

The moment he closed the door, Sophia immediately opened her eyes and thought about a particular serious question while staring at her fingers. Why don’t I choose a perfect day to sleep with Michael? It feels so exciting and embarrassing that I’m about to sleep with my idol.

All she could think about was the dirty pictures that he sent her, making her so excited that she couldn’t sleep.

However, whenever she thought about his gay friends, she felt defeated again.

I must not like Michael because he is simply oxic! Not only is he the dream of 2 billion girls in the world, but I have rivals in the form of 2 billion young men! Why do I have to face many rivals just to like this man? Not only are girls my rivals, but boys as well!

The next day, she woke up earlier and went to school with Nathan.

After a snowfall, it had turned Bayside University into an exceptionally beautiful campus, as if it was coated with silver and snow. The janitor had already cleared out the snow to make a path.

Sophia sent Nathan to the School of Computer Science and met Stanley on the way there. As the weather was cold as of late, he did not dare to ride his motorbike; therefore, he drove here in a second-hand car that he bought from a car dealership. He then parked his car in the campus’s parking lot among the other luxurious cars.

“Sophia! You finally decided to come to class!” He instantly touched her fluffy knitted hat.

Before she could even respond, Nathan answered, “Get your hands off her!”

Stanley also rubbed his tiny head before dragging him to his classroom. “Sophia, you can head off now. I’ll help to take care Nathan for you.”

Upon seeing them leaving, she walked toward her classroom.

On the way there, she felt that everyone looked at her with a strange expression.

What is it again?

Sophia was confused. She never thought that Kayla would dare to get her involved in what happened at the Harper Family’s banquet the last time. If Kayla didn’t, Sophia intended to slowly kill her, but if she did, the latter could immediately end her. I merely asked for a normal leave from the university. Do they have to look at me like that?

Then, a familiar face was walking in front of her.


Sarah was a new friend whom Sophia met during military training. After she returned from school, they would both occasionally catch a meal together. Both their names started with an ‘S’, so they felt closer to each other. She was one of Sophia’s few friends and even gave a nickname to the latter.

“Sofie!” Sarah called out upon seeing Sophia and greeted her happily. “Are you feeling better? You look even prettier after being gone for a month.”

Sarah was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her family had built their wealth from scratch, so she did not have the arrogance of an elite, which made it easier for her to talk to anyone.

After exchanging greetings, they grabbed each other’s shoulders and walked toward their class. “Wow, I didn’t attend that banquet because I didn’t receive any invitation. You’re so brilliant, considering you actually talked to all three idols at the same time. You even wore your idol’s dress and ring. You’re so awesome!”

Sophia asked curiously, “Why do I feel that everybody is looking at me with a strange expression?”

Sarah sighed. “Lately, I don’t know which brain-dead magazine company has decided to spew nonsense again. Here, look at this.”

She had bought a magazine from a newsstand on her way to campus. On the magazine cover was a picture of Stanley devouring a plate of pudding with ferocity. It seemed to be taken at the Harper Family’s banquet.

The title of the magazine read, ‘The Dream to Marry Into A Rich Family Gone. Ex-Girlfriend of the Young Master of Harper Group Obsessed With a Loser Gamer!’

Sophia was rendered speechless.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 187

Sophia flipped open the magazine and found the article that discredited her.

All of the pictures published in the article were ugly photos of Stanley eating. They described him as a local boy who was from a village in the city and an idiot who knew nothing but playing games. The magazine even compared him to Richard’s picture.

Richard’s clear picture was perfectly edited and whereas Stanley’s picture was taken from the side. The magazine never even edited his photo, so his pimples were very obvious. When both pictures were being compared with each other, the difference was abundantly clear.

As she read through the article, she suddenly felt a little sorry for herself. ‘Girl from a village in the city dreams of being a rich person, but she failed to hook up with the Young Master of the Harper Group, shattering her dreams. Therefore, she could only settle for a poor and yokel gamer who only knows how to play games. Even the car and outfit she wore to a banquet were all rented.’

‘Even though she was able to wear her idol’s dress, she still needed to return it afterward. She was still a peasant once she removed the skirt. The agony of a shattered rich dream! In the end, her ex-boyfriend was with the perfect girl from a family of the same status as him while she was left with her full-time job. When she returned home, she could only eat instant noodles with the gamer, who has a face full of acne. The two of them even had to share a cooked radish together.’

When Sophia had finished reading the article, she was in a bad mood as she couldn’t help but feel sorry for her ‘devastating loss’.

Sarah comforted her, “This magazine is intentionally discrediting you after being bribed by the Harpers. It has gone off the shelves of every newsstand on campus. Don’t be sad since it’s all nonsense. At least your Stan is still a handsome man!”

As they walked forward, they saw a boy walking toward them in a coquettish manner while swaying his waist—it was obviously Sean.

He wore a red winter suit with a white hat that only revealed his tiny face, making him look like a pretty girl.

The three of them walked together while discussing the earlier article in the magazine. When Sean saw Stanley’s ‘beautiful photos’ in the magazine, the corners of his lips seemed to twitch, but he said nothing in the end.

On the other hand, Sarah couldn’t stop complaining about the magazine. “Bah! What kind of a sh*tty magazine is this? What nonsense are they writing about? Look at how they describe you in this article! The girls in our class are now saying things behind your back, such as how you have failed to hook up with a rich family or how a peasant like you is trying to work up the social ladder. They are just jealous! Let me tell you a secret—lots of boys in our class know that I have a good relationship with you, so they have secretly asked me for your contact number!”

The three of them chatted their way to class.

Once class was finished, Sophia snuck to the library to read some books. However, on the way there, she ran into people who seemed to point their finger at her while some of them even spoke loudly, as if they wanted her to hear what they said.

“That is Sophia. Oh dear, she failed to marry into a rich family. That’s such a pity for her!”

“If I am her, I won’t even dare to show my face in Bayside University. It’s too embarrassing!”

“You are right and she even found herself such a sh*tty boyfriend. She must have felt jealous in her heart, seeing how glamorous her ex-boyfriend is now.”

However, she walked past them as though she couldn’t hear what they said.

She could not be bothered on what others thought of her because she was focused on her exam preparations. She heard that after Michael left the army to pursue his studies in Bayside University at that time, he received yearly scholarships. I need to emulate my idol!

A few days after she returned to school, it was time for exams. Bayside University was rather efficient in marking their papers as the turnover rate was fast—on the evening of the exam itself, students would be able to check their results for a specific course through the school’s website.

All the students sat for two exams for professional courses on the first day. On that night itself, the class monitor announced the results for the two exams via their Messenger group.

The moment the results were released, the Messenger group became lively. ‘Sophia is so brilliant. She has missed a month of class yet she still managed to obtain good results. For both courses, she received 98 out of 100 each!’

‘She is so brilliant! It looks like we have no chance for the scholarship!’

When Juliette saw the messages in the group, she hesitated for a while before sending Sophia’s results to Kayla in the end.

Kayla violently smashed her laptop as soon as she saw Sophia’s results.

She lived a miserable life this semester since Sophia had ruined both her life and studies. Therefore, she lacked the mood to study, causing her to fail both exams today.

Moreover, everyone else in her family did not do well in the exams—even Xyla didn’t receive a satisfactory result for today’s two exams as she had barely passed and the scores for her specialized subjects were even worse.

Richard had been busy with the company affairs, so he missed a lot of classes, causing his results to barely hover above the passing grade.

Kayla had received zero credits for her military trailing and now failed two important courses, so she was practically never going to graduate from school. How could she be in a good mood?

How can a btch like her obtain good grades? Never mind first place in class! Why should she deserve these high grades? I had purposely asked the magazine to release this article at the end of the semester and intentionally asked every newsstand in school to sell this magazine, so that I can let everyone in school know how miserable and shameless Sophia is! I want everyone to know that she is just a delusional btch! I want everyone to despise and look down on her. I want everyone to mock her on her face so that she won’t be able to sleep at night while secretly crying. That way, she won’t be able to attend classes during the day! I want her to lose her focus on her studies so that she will get zero marks for her final exams without even passing one subject. I want her to be out of Bayside University in shame! However, this b*tch’s skin isn’t as thin as I expected. I can’t believe she can still remain unperturbed and obtain good grades even when everyone is mocking her on her face!

Coupled with her discontent toward the new house, she began to smash everything out of anger again.

“Urgh, you are all against me! I hate you! I hate you all!”

After smashing everything for half a day, she held her knees and curled up in a corner while silently crying. No one came to care for her now that almost everyone in the family had abandoned her, making her feel as if the whole world had given up on her. It’s all because of Sophia!

Kayla cried for a while before suddenly rising to her full height and wiped her tears before sending Juliette a voice message. After she sent it, she let out a menacing laugh. If I’m going to fail, let’s all fail together!

Since it was merely the first semester, there weren’t many subjects that needed revision. Therefore, Sophia only needed to sit for 6 exams, which took her 3 days to settle.

It was time for the last exam on the afternoon of the third day—the most important degree course. If she were to fail this subject, it would directly affect her credits and by then, it was possible that she wouldn’t be able to receive her degree certificate four years later. Therefore, everyone tried their best to focus and work hard to achieve the highest grades possible.

Sophia had also taken the exam very seriously, so she arrived at the examination room earlier. After she revised for a while, she took the opportunity to head to the restroom before the start of exams.

Juliette saw that Sophia had left a stack of draft papers on her seat. Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she blocked the surveillance camera on the wall with her body and secretly flipped open the draft papers before tearing a corner from a page. She placed it inside her clothes and pretended that nothing had happened.

The exam soon started. As soon as the teachers revealed the questions, only the rustling sound of pens being scribbled on paper was heard in the examination room.

Sophia was focused on answering the questions as she did her calculations on her draft paper and could have filled up an entire piece in merely a few minutes.

Quinton Clark was the invigilator and meticulously checked on everyone’s situation as he walked past the many candidates. Occasionally, he would peer at everyone’s answers.

Only half of the time had passed and she was already done with all of the questions. However, as she was still unable to hand in her answers, she flipped through her paper and checked the answers for every question.

He peeked at her paper from behind, seemingly satisfied as he nodded his head.

However, when he glanced at Juliette, who was sitting behind her, he noticed that she hadn’t answered the questions even though half of the time had passed. There was even a big question at the end, which she left blank.

He felt that her behavior was a little strange, so he paid more attention to her.

After a few glances, Professor Clark finally noticed that there was something weird with her actions. Then, he quickly went over and saw the corner of a crumpled draft paper pressed under her elbow. She took a look at the contents on the draft paper before starting to write rapidly!

“Juliette, what are you doing?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 188

Professor Clark roared.

Juliette was so scared that she started to tremble and quickly hid the note, which was in her elbow, behind her back immediately. She looked up at Professor Clark with a pale face and answered as her eyes darted around, “N-Nothing…”

The students, who were busy answering the exam questions, raised their heads and looked at Juliette and Professor Clark.

He was furious as he repeated his words. “I saw everything. What is in your hand? Take it out!”

Professor Clark was usually very gentle, so it was the first time that the students saw him in such fury. What does Juliette have in her hand? Everybody looked at the hand which was behind her back.

Juliette continued to shake her head. “Nothing. There is honestly nothing.” Her entire body trembled in fear when she answered. She gritted her teeth while tears rolled down her cheeks.

Sophia turned to glance at them, but she seemed indifferent. Then, she returned to her questions.

Professor Clark suddenly charged at Juliette and grabbed a piece of paper from her hand—it was the corner of a piece of rough paper. Scrawled across the piece of paper were the answers to a few major questions, multiple-choice questions, and objective questions. She’s cheating!

He stared at the piece of paper in disbelief and crushed it on the spot while questioning her, “Juliette Sanders, do you know that this is considered cheating? Who gave you this piece of paper?”

Everybody realized with a start, I can’t believe someone is cheating! Isn’t she aware of the consequences of cheating in Bayside University? She will receive zero marks for all her subjects! She would also be suspended for one semester and repeat the year! Even if she receives her graduation certificate four years later, she won’t receive the degree certificate! More importantly, she wouldn’t be allowed to sit for the postgraduate entrance exam!

Everybody wanted to know which two unlucky b*stards had the guts to cheat in Bayside University’s final exam.

Juliette shook her head as tears continued to stream uncontrollably. However, she stuck to her story. “I wrote this and I didn’t cheat!”

Professor Clark compared the handwriting on the slip of paper to the notes in Juliette’s notebook. Who will deliberately tear a corner off a piece of draft paper for the answer before copying it slowly onto the exam paper? Besides, the handwriting is different!

Juliette’s handwriting was elegant and cursive whereas the one on the answer sheet was narrow and beautiful. He flipped through Juliette’s notebook, but he couldn’t find one with a torn corner. Someone had obviously passed her the slip of paper! “I am asking you for the last time. Who handed you this piece of paper?”

Juliette lowered her head in silence for a while as the tears continued to stream down her cheeks. Suddenly, she pointed at Sophia, who was sitting in front of her, and answered softly, “I-It’s… Sophia!”

There was an uproar and everybody looked at Sophia, who was seated in front of her. Professor Clark marched toward Sophia. Then, he picked up her notebook to check—true enough, her handwriting was narrow and beautiful. Furthermore, there was a missing corner in one of her notebook pages. He flattened the piece of paper, which was cramped with answers, against the torn page in Sophia’s notebook. Upon comparing them, they matched like a jigsaw puzzle. This is from Sophia’s notebook!

Sophia was still engrossed in checking her formula when she was accused of something that she did not do. Therefore, she turned to glance at Juliette while maintaining a blank expression.

Juliette lowered her head since she did not have the courage to meet Sophia’s gaze. Professor Clark regarded Juliette before glancing at Sophia, quivering with fury. “You two, come to my office now!”

Sophia did not utter a word as she stood up while placing her draft paper, which showed her working, and test paper separately on the table, according to the requirements of handing in the examination paper. After that she packed her admission ID, ID card, and everything else before walking out. Juliette followed her closely from behind.

Professor Clark furiously collected their exam papers. Then, he called for an inspection teacher to enter and invigilate the exam before entering his office with a stern face.

Sophia and Juliette did not speak to each other in the office. One of them was guilty and kept her head bowed whereas the other had an open expression, as if she had nothing to hide. Professor Clark glared at both of them with gleaming eyes once he entered his office. He slammed his palm on his office desk while thundering, “You two better give me an explanation. What is going on? Don’t you both usually perform quite well? What made you do such a thing?”

Juliette burst into tears and explained while shaking uncontrollably, “It’s my entire fault. I did not study well. Miss Edwards is kind enough to help me. Since it is my fault, please punish me if you have to!” Nevertheless, once someone was caught cheating, it did not matter who was actually cheating because the person who aided them would have their grades nullified for that semester and also wouldn’t receive their degree certificate.

Sophia answered openly and truthfully, “I don’t know what happened. I did not pass the exam answers to anyone. My conscience is clear.” She seemed relaxed with her hands in the pockets of her down jacket, looking as if she wouldn’t accept defeat until the end.

Professor Clark glared at them and he lost his patience. “You two, wait for me here. I will head to the surveillance room now to check on the surveillance tape. I’ll see how you plan to get out of this!”

Juliette lowered her head as her gaze followed him. She knew that it was useless even if he checked the surveillance tape because she had prepared beforehand by practicing Sophia’s narrow and beautiful handwriting and tearing a piece of her draft paper.

The surveillance camera was behind them in the exam venue. As Juliette sat behind Sophia, it would not be able to capture all of her movements. As long as she was adamant with her answers while maintaining reticence, Sophia would not be able to escape from being charged with assisting to cheat.

Professor Clark left his office and the door closed with a loud bang, leaving them as the only ones in the office. After a long pause, Sophia finally broke the silence. “Spill, what happened? There are no surveillance cameras in the office.”

Juliette remained silent; she did not have the courage to answer Sophia.

Seeing this, Sophia threatened her, “Why don’t I expose the incident of you placing a nail in my shoe during our military training?”

There was a loud thud before Juliette kneeled down in front of Sophia and kowtowed twice at her. “Sophia, I know that I have wronged you. I will drop out of Bayside University! I am sorry. I am so sorry!”

She regarded Juliette, who was kneeling on the ground, but there was no pity in her gaze. “What is it this time? Is your mom sick again?”

Juliette remained silent for a long time before speaking again, “Previously, my mom had her surgery after receiving a sum of money from the Harpers and it was successful. However, someone from their unit had framed my dad for an embezzlement case. My dad will be released as long as the Harpers say the word…”

“Haha.” Sophia burst out laughing. “Are you saying that the Harper Family came looking for you again to frame me?”

Juliette did not dare to answer, but continued to kowtow to Sophia. “Sophia, I am sorry to have wronged you. You have such good results, so I am sure you will be able to graduate. I am so sorry. I am truly sorry!”

After a pause, Sophia suddenly took her phone out of her pocket. She pressed a button before Juliette’s voice rang from her phone. “However, someone from their unit had framed my dad for an embezzlement case. My dad will be released as long as the Harpers say the word.”

Juliette stared in disbelief at the phone in her hand. No wonder she has kept her hands in her pockets all this while. It turns out that she has been recording our conversation with her phone.

Sophia stared at her with a blank expression. “Stop pretending. I have recorded everything.”

After the initial shock, Juliette was emboldened and smiled sadly. “That is right, Sophia. The Harper Family has threatened me. However, didn’t we agree that you’ll give me the answers since I didn’t study well? You willingly did this.

No matter what happens, you can’t escape from being charged with assisting to cheat during an exam. Sophia, I have wronged you. I shouldn’t have allowed you to pass me those answers. I have dragged you into receiving this punishment. I am sorry. I am so sorry.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 189

Ever since the incident in the military training, although Sophia was still close to Juliette on the surface since they always discussed problems that they faced in lectures and went to the library to revise together, she knew that if the latter had plotted against her the first time, she could do it again for the second time—and maybe even the third time.

Hence, she was not afraid at all when she saw Juliette’s determined expression in accusing her.

In the worst case scenario, she could return home and please her idol husband. Then, she could change her results anytime she liked.

However, the door was suddenly opened at that moment. Professor Clark, who was supposed to head to the surveillance office to take the surveillance tapes, stood there and looked at Juliette in disappointment. “Juliette, you’ve disappointed me!”

Sophia was not surprised to see Professor Clark’s sudden appearance. Even though he said that he was about to head to the surveillance room, there were no footsteps once he walked out, so it was rather obvious that he was eavesdropping at the door.

Juliette was too nervous to notice it, but she had been paying close attention all along.

Professor Clark’s appearance had immensely shocked Juliette. She immediately broke into tears after quickly assessing the situation. “I’m so sorry, sir. I’ve disappointed you! I shouldn’t have asked Sophia to pass the answers to me. It’s all my fault! I’ve dragged her down, but if you want to punish someone, just punish me! This has nothing to do with her! She is just being extremely kind. Her results are very good, so please don’t punish her!”

Although she kept insisting that Professor Clark should punish her alone, she was accusing Sophia with every word of hers. If the charges were confirmed, Sophia would also be unable to escape from the inevitable outcome of failing to obtain her degree.

Not only was she unable to obtain her degree, but the charge would be added to her personal profile and forever become a smear in her life. No other universities would dare to allow her to enroll and she would no longer have any chances of obtaining a degree. In fact, her personal profile would be referred to by educational institutions all around the world, so it would be arduous for her to enter the universities abroad as well.

Upon looking at Juliette’s behavior before and after he returned, Professor Clark’s anger was suddenly appeased. Leaning against the doorframe and crossing his arms in front of his chest, he smiled instead. “Fine, I’ll do as you wish. Since your usual performance is stellar, Miss Edwards, you’ll only be lightly punished and your case will not be made public. I’ll merely give Miss Edwards some counselling sessions. Her grades will remain the same and won’t be entered into the system. As for you, Miss Sanders, all your results will be null and void and you’ll have to retake all the modules. Apart from that, your attempt to cheat in the exam will be filed in your personal profile and you won’t be able to get your degree in the end. What do you think?”

Juliette raised her head and looked at him in shock. She probably did not expect that he would be openly biased. “Sir, you—”

“Thank you, sir!” Sophia jubilantly responded. “Juliette, thank you for pleading on my behalf as well! If there are no other matters, I’ll take my leave now.”

Professor Clark nodded seriously. “Have a great winter break, Miss Edwards. Your results are quite good this time; remember not to slack too much during the break!”

However, Juliette couldn’t agree to the outcome—she suddenly ran to Sophia and pulled her back, not allowing her to leave. “Professor, you can’t be that biased. She has to be punished for this as well!”

At that point, she could no longer be bothered to keep up with the appearance. If she did not complete the task that Kayla gave to her, not only would her future be ruined, but her entire family would be destroyed as well. Hence, no matter what, she had to drag Sophia down with her.

Sophia was exasperated when she saw Juliette grabbing her hands and said coldly, “Let me go!”

However, she refused to comply and grabbed Sophia even tighter instead. “Professor Clark, if you insist on helping Sophia, I’ll make a big fuss out of this so that everyone knows that you are siding her.”

Professor Clark was speechless upon hearing that, but Sophia suddenly said with a cold tone, “Since that’s the case, why don’t we look for a professional authority to confirm the handwritings? It’s impossible for two people to have the exact same handwriting!”

Juliette froze upon hearing that.

Sophia pushed her aside coldly. “If it’s not enough to identify the handwritings, we can also check for the fingerprints on the paper. If I’ve indeed written on it, my fingerprints will definitely be on it. If not, it shows that you are merely slandering me!”

She had been intelligent from the beginning up until the current moment—she did not touch the paper, so it would only contain Juliette and Professor Clark’s fingerprints.

Juliette turned paler.

However, Sophia took a few steps forward and looked at her threateningly. “How’s that? Is the fuss big enough for you now?”

Juliette no longer had any words to say and hopelessly sat on the ground while bursting into tears.

Sophia didn’t even glance at her and picked up her bag before saying ‘thank you’ to Professor Clark and quickly leaving. Since she had already completed all of her questions, she regarded it as handing in her papers earlier.

As soon as she left, Juliette suddenly crawled to hug Professor Clark’s thighs as she kneeled on the ground. “Professor Clark, please don’t punish me! I’m also being forced to do it! All the questions were done by me. I didn’t cheat in the exam! Please help me, sir!”

Upon hearing that, Professor Clark’s stance softened and he sighed.

On the other hand, Kayla had also finished her last paper and did not hand it in until the last possible moment. She hadn’t even completed the final question, which consisted of half of the marks, so her results would be disastrous in the end. It could be said that she no longer had any chance of graduating.

However, as soon as she remembered that Sophia would fail in her results or that she might even be expelled by the university due to cheating in exams, she immediately cheered up.

After she submitted her paper, there weren’t many people left on the first floor. Then, she entered the restroom alone.

As soon as she entered, Gemma had suddenly appeared from nowhere and placed a board in front of the bathroom, which read, ‘In Maintenance. Please do not enter’.

The lights immediately dimmed as soon as Kayla entered the bathroom.

The skies had darkened rather early since it was winter. On top of that, they were on the first floor, so the lighting wasn’t quite good and made the bathroom quite dark. She could barely make her way around the area.

“Ugh!” Kayla yelled as she opened one of the cubicle doors. However, as soon as she opened it, a foot stepped on her back.


She was kicked into the cubicle before her face was immediately buried in the toilet bowl.


Her shrill scream was interrupted as a cloth was forcefully stuffed into her mouth. A reeking smell immediately entered her mouth.

Before she could take the cloth out of her mouth, she immediately received a rain of punches and kicks. Suddenly, a leg stepped on her joints and forcefully broke her leg.

The cloth had muted her screams. She was in so much pain that she rolled around on the ground and cried, but the punches that fell on her never seemed to stop.

Using the weak, natural light that shone from outside, she finally saw the culprit who attacked her.

Her eyes immediately widened. Sophia! It’s her!

At that moment, Kayla finally confirmed that the person who broke her leg in the military training was, without a doubt, Sophia.

It was the second time. Just when her injuries had finally recovered, her leg was broken for the second time.

“Sob, sob.” With wide and round eyes, she struggled like a dying dog. However, in such a small space, she had no power to rebel as she was no match for Sophia.

Sophia’s cold voice sounded in her ears. “How about this, Miss Harper? How do you feel about someone breaking your leg?”

“Ugh—” Kayla flailed around as her hands tried to grab her surroundings.

Gemma suddenly knocked on the door—it was a sign of someone else approaching the restroom. Sophia retreated quickly, but before she left, she stepped on Kayla’s leg once more. The pain immediately caused Kayla to yell out in anguish.

When she crawled out of the cubicle and removed the cloth in her mouth that was used to wipe the toilet bowl, the lights in the washroom had been restored, but Sophia was nowhere to be seen. The windows of the restroom were also wide open.

Hugging her leg that had been broken, Kayla wriggled like a dog on the floor and screamed louder than someone who was being tortured.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 190

Someone finally heard Kayla’s agonizing screams and took her to the hospital. The poor thing had her legs broken again—her face was swollen and her front teeth were broken due to the beating.

On the other side, Sophia gladly carried her bag and went to pick Nathan up. She saw Quinton Clark when she was on the way there, so she casually greeted him. “Professor Clark, you seemed to be done with invigilating the examination.”

Quinton replied, “Yeah, I need to work overtime to mark the exam papers. I’ll try to finalize the results by tonight.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Professor Clark.” She meekly bowed to him before walking away briskly.

His eyes were unfathomable as he looked at her back view disappearing in the distance. I was told earlier that Kayla’s legs were broken by someone…

After the exam, she was in a great mood and went home happily.

Michael will probably be at home tonight. Maybe I shall sleep with him tonight! Today is still a safe day for me! She had made up her mind to sleep with him tonight!

However, the moment she opened the front door, she saw Michael heading upstairs while grabbing two eels in his hands.

He wore an apron, looking as if he was about to cook something in the kitchen and the two eels in his hands looked hideous. She was frightened at the sight and her face instantly paled.

Upon seeing that she had returned, he was delighted. He put the two eels into the aquarium and uttered, “Chica, you are back. Come and have a look! I’ve caught another two eels; they are thick and long!”

With his gloves on, he looked at his eels in pleasure. Sophia had completed her exams today, so he decided to kill two eels as a celebration. As the eels in the aquarium have been all caught and slaughtered, he personally went to the pond, where the eels were reared in, and caught two of the thickest eels to replace the ones that had been killed.

However, he never expected that it would give her the fright of her life.

“How are your exams?” he asked as he removed his apron and gloves.

Due to the fright, she remained quiet for a moment before she answered, “It’s good. It’s really great.”

I suddenly don’t wish to sleep with Michael. He’s a psycho! Who knows if he will take out some psychotic toy halfway through the lovemaking? I’ve decided to delay this for a little longer. I’m still young—just a kid—and lovemaking is still too early for me. I’ll wait for another three or five years. I hope that I’m able to delay it until then.

While Sophia lived in fear of the eels, the situation in the Harper Family was as gloomy as usual.

The sophomores also had their final examinations today. Right after Richard exited the exam hall, he was informed that his sister had been beaten up and her legs were broken before dashing to the hospital in worry.

Kayla’s injuries sustained from the second beating were even worse than the last time—not only her legs were broken, but her teeth were shattered and even her face was swollen from the beating.

Upon seeing him, she became hysterical. “Richard, it was Sophia who beat me! It was her! She was also the person who broke my legs in the barrack! It was her! It was her!”

He was unconvinced. “It’s impossible that it was Sophia who did all this. She even specially invited the three idols to your banquet to introduce them to you! It’s obvious that she treats you well!”

She scoffed, knowing that he wouldn’t believe her. “Richard, it was really her. You need to trust me. She found out about it! She discovered that I was the person who hired someone to break her legs twice!”

“It was you who did it?”

Richard recalled about the incidents that happened years ago. Before he had dated Sophia, her legs had already been broken once.

She was still a freshman in high school when her legs were broken by someone for no reason. At that time, she had no money to treat the injuries and delaying treatment would cause permanent disability. It was him who paid for her medical bills and searched for the best orthopedic student. He even helped her to return to school as quickly as possible so as not to affect her studies.

Sophia and Richard were in a relationship after that incident.

He repeated his question in disbelief. “Kayla, don’t lie to me. Was it really you who did that?”

Kayla didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong and, instead, regretted the action that incidentally led Sophia to be together with him. “I initially attempted her to warn her not to be delusional and dream about dating you. Unexpectedly, the incident where her legs were broken brought you two together.”

“You—” He was at a loss for adjectives to describe his sister. How could she do such a thing?

Nevertheless, since plenty of her dark secrets had been revealed, she did not mind revealing two more. “The second time was when she came to my place to seek help after being expelled from school. I thought that she was disgusting, so I had someone break her legs and throw her out like trash. I even hired two gangsters to rape her, but she unexpectedly managed to escape. She even managed to get someone to treat her legs.”

So much has actually happened without my knowledge! Daniel is right—this sister of mine is simply here to make my life a living hell! Richard peered at his sister with an expression that he never had before.

“Let’s do the math—I broke her legs twice, but she broke my legs once in the barrack and this is the second time. She’s seeking revenge! Do you believe me now? My legs were broken by that b*tch!” Kayla had a scowl on her face with protruding green veins as she coldly looked at Richard.

Richard couldn’t believe that the unreasonable lady in front of him was actually his sister. How many evil deeds has she done?

“You—” He pointed at her with trembling fingers and finally lost his temper. “What exactly do you want? You are really making the lives of the Harper Family difficult! Have you counted how many times our Harper Family has helped to clean up the mess you made and deal with the consequences of the problems you have caused? Master Levine was right—you only bring misfortune to the Harper Family. You’re a jinx!”

With that, Richard dashed out of the room in rage. Xyla, who remained silent at one side, chased after him in worry and consoled, “Richard, don’t be mad. Kayla is stubborn, so that’s just how she speaks. Everything will be alright once she is more mature.”

He sat on a bench in the hospital, feeling exhausted as he rubbed the middle of his brows and looked at her accompanying him. Feeling a little comforted, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and uttered, “Thank you, Xyla. If only Kayla has half of your thoughtfulness, there wouldn’t have been so many issues to deal with.”

She leaned in his embrace happily, hoping that the moment would last forever.

However, since Sophia had returned, Xyla knew that he would be snatched from her if she didn’t strive harder for him. I must stay strong and hold my ground!

“Richard, the misunderstandings that Sophia and Kayla have are getting deeper. Now that she has broken Kayla’s legs, I’m afraid Mrs. Harper won’t be able to tolerate her if she finds out about this.”

The mention of the incident gave him a headache. Why will Sophia suddenly take action on Kayla? My mother just had a slight change in her impression of Sophia, so if she’s willing to try harder, she’d be able to make my family like her even more!

“Sigh…” He let out a sigh and gave Sophia a call. I need to ask her myself what exactly happened.

Xyla leaned in his arms and eavesdropped on his call to Sophia.

The call was connected and Sophia’s voice was heard. “Hello, Zane. What’s the matter?”

Upon hearing Sophia’s nonchalant voice, Xyla gritted her teeth in anger inwardly, wishing that she could fly to the other side of the call through the telephone signal and strangle that b*tch to death.

Richard gulped before he asked, “Sophia, Kayla was beaten up today. She said that it was you—”

“What? Your sister is beaten up? Oh my, how could this have happened? This is scary… I’m sorry. The food is here. I’m hanging up now.”

A beep was then heard.

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