My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 291-300

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 291

Even though Michael knew that the possibility was unlikely, he didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Once the comparison was done, Abel replied, “It isn’t him.”

Michael let out a sigh of relief as he was hoping that Quinton wasn’t Phantom Wolf. After all, Quinton was once his student. He and Harry then discussed the progress in the basement before using a secret passage to enter his study. When they exited his study, he entered Sophia’s study room.

She was in the midst of doing her assignments quietly. When she saw him coming in, she asked nervously, “Is Professor Clark Phantom Wolf?”

Michael shook his head. “The fingerprints and lip print don’t match. His whereabouts have been transparent for the past few years, so he can’t be Phantom Wolf.”

From the given information, Quinton went abroad after graduating from Bayside University. He studied economics while he was abroad—with lots of information to support that claim. After returning to the country, he became a lecturer in Bayside University with an untainted resume.

Sophia was also relieved, so she continued to do her assignment. Sadly, she could no longer concentrate the moment Michael entered. How can I focus when my idol is lingering around me? She accidentally went from doing her assignment to doing the guy in bed.

He was terrifyingly vigorous that she felt that she was being tortured to death, thinking, I feel that my parts will wear out sooner or later. After their first breakthrough, his demand became even greater—he needed to come at least once every night, making her feel that she was about to be the first girl to be worn out by intimate activities in history.

Until the day when Phantom Wolf was found, Michael didn’t feel safe for Sophia to return to school, so she had to stay at home and temporarily teach herself.

Stanley wanted to visit her everyday to teach her English and Further Mathematics, but was left standing at the front door each time. After his visit became too frequent, Michael had asked someone to put up a sign at the entrance. ‘Stanley and dogs are not allowed to enter.’

Stanley, who was walking his dog, was denied access to the house along with his pet. He shouted at the entrance, “Sophia, has my uncle placed you under house arrest? Please reply to my Messenger! My dog is so cute. How can you forbid it from entering? You all are monsters! Michael, I will sue you for abusing my aunt! You are an abusive demon!”

Ever since the incident, Sophia has stopped going to school. She applied for sick leave, but it’s obvious that she isn’t sick at all. Michael has definitely grounded her and she might have already been beaten up by him. Judging from his temper, he would simply hit her if she doesn’t agree to what he says. Poor Sophia. It must have been hell for her! Stanley was becoming anxious, so he quickly returned home with his dog to think of a plan.

The moment Michael returned home in the evening, he received a call from Old Master Fletcher. “Mike, why don’t you ask Sophie to come and play chess with me? Darn it, everyone sucks at playing chess here. I like playing it with her, so I’ll ask Stan to pick her up later. I’ve decided, so you can’t object!”

Michael felt resigned. I seldom return to the Fletcher Family nowadays and only return to visit Old Master Fletcher once a year. Since he likes Sophia, I’ll just let her head over to have fun with him. The military compound is definitely safe for her.

A short while after the call ended, Stanley came to pick Sophia up. Michael also purposely asked them to bring Nathan along. The weekend had almost arrived, so he wanted Nathan to accompany the old man as well. The old man will eventually know of Sophia’s presence sooner or later, so it’s better for him to familiarize himself with her first. He didn’t need the Fletcher Family’s acceptance of Sophia; he only wanted the old man’s acceptance.

Before they left, she asked him curiously, “Who is that old man?”

He was helping Nathan to move the things that the latter needed into the car while answering her question, “He is my grandpa.”

He is actually Michael’s grandfather! She was suddenly in awe as she still hadn’t known who Michael’s grandfather was, but if his father was a brilliant man, his grandfather must be even more accomplished. She asked again, “Your grandpa must be a famous person when he was young, right?”

While closing the trunk of the car, Michael responded, “Yes, he is famous. I’ve signed up for a documentary film and will be playing him.” After much consideration, he decided to make the movie and play a younger Mark. There had been lots of movies portraying the old man, but he always wanted Michael to play him once.

When the car started to move, Sophia thought about what Michael had told her. He wants to play his grandfather? This means that his grandfather is also a revolutionary hero! As his fan, she had heard rumors in the fans network that Taylor was rumored to have accepted a role in a documentary film. In the film, he was going to play the role of the founding general—Mark Fletcher.

Wait a minute, Mark Fletcher?! Sophia was suddenly shocked. Mark Fletcher is actually Michael’s grandfather? The Mark Fletcher who left a stunning record in history books? The Mark Fletcher who took up an entire page and three or four knowledge points in my modern history textbook? Oh my God, that means I have played chess a few times with Mark Fletcher! She started to break out in cold sweat due to shock.

However, ever since news that Taylor would portray Mark was revealed, many netizens came out to oppose the casting. They wrote that Taylor would tarnish the name of the revolutionary hero—Mark Fletcher. Now that Sophia knew about the piece of news, she felt extremely proud. Who else is better suited to play Mark Fletcher other than Michael?

The car soon arrived at the military compound. Unlike previous times, they did not stop at the garden and instead drove straight to the Fletcher Residence. While on the road, she ran into Stanley. The moment he saw the raw wound on her neck and the bruises on her face, he became furious. “Look at yourself. That scumbag! He actually laid his hands on you and you still chose to be with him! Leave him!”

She definitely couldn’t tell him that it was actually Phantom Wolf who injured her. As she touched her face, she felt that it was still a bit swollen as Phantom Wolf had slapped her a few times. Therefore, she answered, “It’s because I fell down. Stop imagining things!”

Even then, he still wouldn’t believe her, secretly vowing in his heart, I must save her from this hell.

For their current meeting, she was exceptionally nervous when meeting the old man. He is a founding general. How can I not be nervous?!

The old man currently lived inside Villa No.1 with guards patrolling the area. As Sophia and Nathan walked in that direction, they could see from afar that Old Master Fletcher was already sitting in the courtyard, waiting for them with his chess board. When he saw them coming, he patted his thigh happily. “Oh, you all are finally here!”

As soon as Sophia arrived, Old Master Fletcher immediately wanted to play chess with her. She did not dare to defeat him like before, so she carefully and silently lost on purpose. After one round, the old man saw what she did, so he knocked on his cane and bellowed, “Little girl, don’t think that I can’t notice you losing on purpose! I won’t allow it! I want you to play. Play the game properly!”

After his admonition, she quickly returned to her usual level and badly defeated the old man. Finally, he felt satisfied.

While playing chess, the old man asked her, “I’ve heard that Mike has agreed to play me? Is that true? Has he signed the contract? Are there any set photos?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 292

Old Master Fletcher didn’t know about the marriage between Sophia and Michael because he still saw Sophia as Nathan’s nanny, so he assumed that she knew a lot about Michael.

Sophia was surprised that the old man cared a lot for Michael’s work, and it just so happened that she was his fan. Therefore, she was able to answer his question truthfully as she knew everything about her idol’s whereabouts. “He hasn’t signed the contract yet, but the filming crew is now negotiating with the agency. He himself has agreed to do it, and the procedure has already begun.”

The old man was extremely happy. “That is great. Tell him to hurry up and sign the contract. Remember to print a set photo for me after it is taken!”

The two of them continued playing chess while Old Master Fletcher constantly asked about Michael’s well-being. “How was the charity banquet that he and that Winston kid held? I even purposely sent Josh there to help with the security! When will that ‘Doctor Invincible’ movie be released? Didn’t he guest star in a movie recently? What movie was that? How’s Nate’s grades in school recently?”

No matter what Old Master Fletcher asked, Sophia was able to answer everything smoothly. She even knew that Nathan had grown a centimeter tall!

The old man grew excited talking to her. Even though he would usually send people to give him an update on Michael and Nathan’s recent situation, the information he got in the end still wasn’t as detailed as the ones given by Sophia. She even knew the exact grade of Nathan’s examination and the name of the girls he talked to.

It soon became dark as they chatted, so Old Master Fletcher went out to practice his Tai Chi.

Sophia and Nathan went to the guest room; they planned to stay here for two days. At first, she thought that the experience would be stressful, but Old Master Fletcher was exceptionally friendly, so all her nervousness was gone bit by bit.

After dinner, Sophia stayed in her room to play games. Suddenly, she received a surprising call.

“Sophia, why haven’t you been coming to school recently? The rumors say that the Edwards Family is bothering you. How are you? Do you need my help?”

She was now busy playing her game, and she didn’t expect Richard to call her. She didn’t stop her hands; even though her fingers were fractured, it still didn’t prevent her from playing games. She kept on playing with her thumb up as she replied to him impatiently, “Make it quick.”

Richard paused for a while before asking her concerningly, “Sophia, are you really planning on dropping out of school?”

She didn’t know where he got that information from. “I’m just taking a sick leave at home.”

He replied to her, “Sophia, you can stop pretending to be strong. I know that the Edwards Family has been bothering you. Why don’t I help you persuade Mr. Edwards? We are a family after all.”

Sophia answered, “Hmm.”

God damn it! I can’t believe that Stanley sold me out. I really want to just beat him up!

Richard continued, “By the way, Sophia, why can’t I contact that boyfriend of yours recently? I’ve already come up with a contract for him. Glory Entertainment is now lacking an actor like him. Tell him to find the time to come over and sign the contract. We are going to shoot a documentary lately, and our company is now contacting the production crew. We’ve already confirmed two actors, and I want to give Tyler the role of Mark Fletcher. That role is reserved for Taylor Murray for the time being, but we’ve already gained some momentum on the internet to force the investors to replace Taylor. As long as Tyler signs with us, we will give him the role of Mark Fletcher immediately. If he can play the role, his future will be limitless. But the people in Glory Entertainment prefer Nicholas to play the role. Sophia, I get the say on—”


Sophia ended the call.

This is disgusting. They actually want that sissy, Nicholas, to play the role of Mark Fletcher? Don’t they know that Mark Fletcher is a hero in Cethos? How can a sissy play that role perfectly? Do they really think they can just discredit my idol like this?

She then exited the game and went to check a few famous forums. Sure enough, there was a wave of keyboard warriors discrediting Michael in an organized manner.

This time, they were mainly targeting Michael for playing the role in the documentary film. The documentary film was taken very seriously, so all of the actors were requested to have a high level of awareness. Before they shot the film, the actors were required to go through specialized political training. They also required actors who were not involved in any major scandals or misdeeds.

Before this, the keyboard warriors spread rumors about Michael being a pervert, a bully during shootings, and a person who owed a lot of people money, but in the end, all of them were proven wrong. Now, they had gotten a new idea to discredit him.

‘Taylor played a traitor before. How can we allow a traitor to play a revolutionary martyr? This is an insult to our hero! Other than that, Mark Fletcher joined the revolution at the age of 14, and he became a commander at the age of 19. The film is about Mark Fletcher’s story when he was 18 years old. How can we allow a 30-year-old man to play an 18-year-old young man?’

‘Taylor received a knighthood by the Queen of Europe, so he is definitely a foreigner. How can a foreigner play our revolutionary martyr in the film?’

‘Taylor’s mother has acted in p*rn before, so how can he play a revolutionary martyr?! Overall, I’m opposed to Taylor playing the role of Mark Fletcher!’

Sophia kept on reading the news while arguing with the people on the internet who were discrediting Michael. She pulled out her passion for playing games as she typed her words angrily with her fractured thumb up.

‘F*ck you! How is Taylor unworthy to play a revolutionary martyr? What’s wrong with being a 30-year-old man? If you have the same handsomeness as he does when you are 30 years old, you can play the role too! What’s the problem with him having played a traitor to the nation? Can’t an actor who’s played a traitor act as a revolutionary martyr? My Tay Tay even acted as a woman before! You said he is coming to an old age? My hubby is still young!’

Nathan, who was beside her, was rendered speechless.

A celebrity-obsessed woman is so crazy!

The room they were sleeping in had a sense of age because the rooms in the Fletcher residence had a long history. Even though the house had been renovated many times, the sense of age was already ingrained in the walls and air of the house.

Nathan had probably come here many times before, and he knew every inch of the room, so he opened a closet familiarly.

Sophia quickly stopped him. “Nate, don’t simply touch anything. What do I usually teach you? When you enter someone’s room, you are not allowed to touch their stuff unless you get their permission!”

Ever since Nathan was scolded for breaking Stanley’s leg, he had become more obedient lately.

He rolled his eyes and refuted, “This is the place your husband used to live before he turned 18!”

Eh? Michael lived here before? He lived in the Fletcher residence when he was young, so does that mean this was his room?

She became curious, so she opened the dusty closet. Inside the closet, the items were folded neatly and placed in different compartments. All of it was boy’s fashion, including clothes, shoes, hats and belts.

He is my husband anyway, so it should be fine for me to take a look. I’ll just put it back after I’m done.

She then happily went through everything in the closet.

Inside the closet, there were clothes that Michael used to wear before, but the style dated back a few decades. He even had a collection of military uniforms, gun models, and tank models. It was obvious that he loved being a soldier very much.

She could even find toys and musical instruments that he played when he was a kid. There was also a poster of him in a band!

She also found a lot of photo stickers. At that time, one could only get photo stickers from a photography studio, and people put them inside mini photo-frame keychains. The young Michael looked so tender, and his face was oozing with youthfulness.

She fell in love with this photo, so she consciously put it in her pocket.

Nathan caught her in the act and shouted, “Look at what you’re doing. You taught me not to touch other people’s stuff, but you are now stealing one yourself!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 293

Sophia quickly explained, “You can take it if the other person gives you permission. Your father would definitely allow me to take it.”

There were so many plaything for her to take. Not only did she find Michael’s photo sticker when he was young, she also found an old poster and a disc during his time in a band. There were many things here that she couldn’t find on the internet.

She could actually take whatever she wanted, including a box of underwear that Michael had worn before!

At the end, she discovered a huge photo album, which included all of Michael’s photos from when he was a baby to the time he left the Fletcher residence.

She started flipping the album page-by-page carefully, as if she had just discovered some treasure.

The first page was filled with pictures of Michael when he was a baby, but in the pictures, there was always a pair of babies that looked similar to each other. The only difference was that one of them had a penis and the other didn’t.

The boy must be Michael, and the girl must be his older sister, Celine.

She sighed as she flipped the album. “Nate, look at how handsome your dad is. If only you can be as handsome as him when you’re grown.”

She even took photos of the pictures with her phone so that she could look at it for fun after going back home.

The pictures were arranged in chronological order. Therefore, she got to see the twins grow up slowly. Their identical faces were filled with happiness and innocence everyday as they lived a carefree life.

As time passed, the siblings grew older and older.

Suddenly, Celine had a dashing man beside her, and Michael had a pretty girl beside him too.

At this point, Sophia started looking at the photos selectively, and she stopped taking pictures with her phone because it was all photos of her husband holding hands with his ex-girlfriend.

This is burning my eyes.

At the end, there were fewer and fewer pictures.

Finally, the pictures stopped on the day of the twin’s 18th birthday. There were many people in the group photo, including the twins, Justin, Irene, Joel, Stanley, Caleb, and many more…

There were no more photos after that.

Sophia flipped through the entire album again, but after the group photo they took on their 18th birthday, there was no more.

“Nate, why isn’t there any more? Where are the other photos?”

Where are the photos of him in a seductive military uniform that I’m looking forward to the most?

Nathan explained to her, “He joined the army when he was 18 years old. When he moved out, he took all the important photos away.”

He moved out? He took away all the important photos? Does that mean these photos were deemed unnecessary by him? This means that there is a sequel to this album. I want to see it so badly! I’ll be sure to look around for it when I go back home.

They spent the whole weekend in the military compound. The life of a retired veteran was boring and monotonous. After waking up at 6.00AM, Old Master Fletcher went out to practice his Tai Chi before coming back home to have breakfast; after breakfast, he went outside to have fun with his dogs, birds and grandson; after lunch, Old Master Fletcher would turn on television to watch the news for a while; after dinner, he would go out to play chess with a bunch of old men and practice his Tai Chi again before going back home to sleep.

On Saturday, Sophia brought Nathan out to practice Tai Chi with Old Master Fletcher before dawn. She carried a bottle of wolfberry water with her as she enjoyed the life of early retirement.

Stanley also came early and followed them while walking his dog.

Sophia followed Old Master Fletcher and practiced Tai Chi with a bunch of other old men. After they were done, he pointed at a sandpit and said, “Mike used to play with sand there.”

A sandpit that my idol played in!

She quickly jumped into the sandpit and asked Nathan to take a photo of her with the sandpit.

Then, they arrived under a big tree while Old Master Fletcher pointed at it. “Mike used to climb this tree.”

Sophia quickly took a photo with the tree also.

He pointed again at a small pond. “Mike used to touch fishes here.”

Therefore, she quickly took a photo there too.

After walking around, Old Master Fletcher abandoned Sophia. “Sophie, I’ll bring Nate to look around at another place! Stan, she finally got the chance to come here, so why don’t you accompany her around? She can have lunch at your place, but remember to come play chess with me in the evening.”

Sophia was rendered speechless.

After that, Old Master Fletcher left with Nathan contentedly while Stanley said to Sophia with a happy face, “Let’s go, Sophie. I’ll bring you around to have a look.”

Therefore, she reluctantly followed him. At first, she thought that he would actually bring her around so that she could at least take a good look at the place her idol grew up in, but unexpectedly, Stanley’s definition of walking around meant bringing her home to play games!

After they were done with their game, she had lunch in Stanley’s house. As soon as they finished their lunch, she went to find Nathan.

In the evening, Old Master Fletcher finally didn’t leave her with Stanley. Instead, he took out a huge photo album and told his old story about the revolution to her. He talked about long expeditions, armies joining forces, and the founding ceremony of the country.

After he was done with his old stories about the revolution, he talked about the Fletchers.

The album in his hand had pictures of everyone in the Fletcher Family, including himself. Even though he was almost a hundred years old and was wearing reading glasses, he was still able to identify everyone in the picture with just a glance.

“This is Stan’s older brother, Caleb. He is my tenth great-grandson, and he has achieved a second-class merit. He has been a talented boy since a young age. In their generation, he is one of the top five!” He turned over another picture that had a fat baby inside. “This is Cody. I gave him his name. He is my 18th great-grandson. This year, he is 3 years old, so he is still younger than Nate.”

Sophia also looked at the pictures attentively. The Fletcher Family really is a big family! Old Master Fletcher really knows his grandchildren very well. I can even feel the indescribable pride in his words.

Finally, he reached Michael’s page. As he looked at Michael’s photos, he said, “This is Mike, my youngest grandson. He really is a brilliant boy!” When he mentioned him, he couldn’t help but look more lively. “Mike looks like me the most! Every part of him is exactly like me! But his personality is too strong. Back then, he suddenly wanted to quit the army, and I didn’t allow it.

After that, he violated numerous military discipline by beating up people and drinking alcohol. At the end, I could only discharge him. After he was discharged, he continued with his study and work. With a little inheritance he got from his parents, he was able to expand it a hundred times more in just ten years. With such a mind, it would have been great if he hadn’t left the army!”

The old man sighed as his eyes were filled with loneliness and regret that couldn’t be concealed.

Then, he turned over to another page. In this page, there was a picture of a married couple—Celine and Justin.

When Old Master Fletcher saw this page, he seemed to have aged significantly, but he still held his spirits high as he introduced them to Sophia, “They are Nate’s parents. Celine was Mike’s sister, and she was only ten minutes older than him. The two of them looked exactly the same. Look at him. Mike often wore women’s outfits in some scenes, and when he put them on, he’s a spitting image of his sister.

This is Justin, Celine’s husband and Nate’s father. I was the one who brought the two of them together. Back then, I asked Celine to go on a blind date, but she refused to, so she went there and beat Justin up. Tsk-tsk. Surprisingly, Justin was even more fierce than her, so both of them got together at the end. Haha…”

The moment he mentioned Justin, he raised his head to glance at Sophia.

Whenever he mentioned the blind date between Celine and Justin, he couldn’t help but remember that person.

Initially, that person should have gone on a blind date with Celine, but he also refused to, so Justin replaced him.

After living for a long time, he had probably developed a seventh sense at the age of a hundred. Through Sophia, Old Master Fletcher could always see the shadow of that person…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 294

On the other side, Sophia glanced subconsciously at Nathan, who was playing with the Fletchers children at the sandpit outside of the door. Her heart ached for him.

In the end, Old Master Fletcher turned to the page with Stanley on it. He started the introduction with key points, “This is Stan, and he is even more capable. He has a keen eyesight; he never missed when he used to shoot birds with a slingshot when he was still a child. He used to be a sniper in the military.

In fact, he is able to lock onto a target within 3 seconds before killing the target in one shot! He has the best marksmanship amongst all my great-grandchildren. He is not only proficient in all kinds of firearms; he is even skilled at using the bow and arrow. Look at this picture; isn’t he cool? Tsk-tsk. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Stan has a perfect score in hitting his targets.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t like being in the army. He left the military together with his uncle to join so-called Esports. He isn’t interested in shooting a real gun in real life, but he enjoys shooting in a game. He plays ‘Counter-Strike’ and something called ‘Crossfire’. Isn’t that shooting with a gun?! Recently, he even participated in an Esports World Championship.

He established a company together with a few classmates, claiming that they are creating a sniper video game. Oh, my! I am too old to understand the younger generation’s thinking. Anyway, my Stan is the best!”

Sophia remained silent while listening to Old Man Fletcher praising Stanley. After he was done with the high praises, she turned the photo album to a page with Michael on it. “Old Master Fletcher, tell me stories about Taylor.”

Old Man Fletcher was even more talkative at the mention of Michael. He started going on about Michael in an eager manner, as if he was reiterating tales from the revolutionary period.

On Sunday night, Hale came over to pick Sophia and Nathan up. Old Man Fletcher seemed reluctant to let them go. “Sophie, drop by whenever you are free!”

Sophia nodded. “Of course.”

I will always drop by as long as Old Man Fletcher doesn’t toss me to Stanley.

While staring after Sophia and Nathan as they left, Old Man Fletcher mumbled to himself, “Is it true that the girl isn’t a Mitchell….”

Michael had not returned by the time they both arrived home. Sophia started going through the drawers once she arrived home. It’s not in the bedroom, nor is it in the study. I’m not sure where it is.

“What are you looking for?” Nathan stood behind her while staring at her sweating from the exertion of searching for an unknown object.

Sophia answered him, “Kids like you won’t understand.”

“Hmph!” Nathan snorted coldly.

I understand more than anyone else. Sophia is looking for the tempting picture of my dad in military attire. I shall not tell her where it is!

Michael arrived home at 9.00PM. By the time he got home, Sophia had already showered and tucked herself under the quilt while waiting for him to sleep with her.

After making love, Michael noticed that Sophia seemed hesitant to tell him something. She looked as if she had something important to tell him, but she was too afraid to do so.

“Chica, what is it?”

Sophia’s head emerged from underneath the quilt while she stared at him earnestly. However, she immediately used the blanket to cover her face once Michael asked her that.

“Nothing. Nothing is going on.”

This is so embarrassing. I want to see him in military attire. However, how could I possibly voice my thoughts so openly?

Michael chuckled while putting his pants on. He left the room, and when he returned after a while, he had something in his hands.

Sophia peeked out of the blanket, and she saw Michael entering the room with a large dictionary in his hands. “Dear, what is that?”

Michael sat on the bed before getting underneath the blanket. He turned on the bedside lamp while explaining, “This is my personal photo album.”

Personal photo album! It’s the sequel to that photo album!

Sophia’s eyes lit up, and she sat up immediately. She scooted over to Michael to look at the photo album.

The temptation of military attire! The temptation of military attire!

Under Sophia’s scrutiny, Michael flipped to the first page of the photo album. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, just so that she could come nearer to have a closer look.

Sophia’s eyes looked as if they were about to glue onto the photo album. She flipped to the first page eagerly, but the first page was a picture of Michael and his sister.

She looked through every photo. Nathan mentioned that Michael took away a portion of the photographs when he moved. Those pictures should all be here. This photo album has pictures that Michael treasures.

For example, Irene and Joel aren’t in here. Apart from the large group photo with them, they aren’t in the rest of the pictures. There is even a picture of Theo Fletcher and Elizabeth Murray. The other photo album has these too. These must be Michael’s most precious memories.

There is a photograph with Michael and his family of four in this photo album. There is also a picture of a young Michael picking Stanley up. This most probably represents Michael’s favorite memories in each stage of his life!

Before he was 18 years old, his best memories were of his parents, Old Master Fletcher, Celine Fletcher, and a handful of childhood friends. The period after he’s 18 years old is the time I am anticipating. These are all photos with Michael in military attire. He is alone in some pictures, but there are also some group photos with Celine and Justin.

Michael looks extremely young and refreshing in the photos. His ruby red lips and dazzling white teeth, coupled with his handsome military attire and his sturdy, well-sculpted figure…

Michael explained each photo to Sophia. “This is a picture of me when I was 20 years old. I was a freshman in Bayside University’s military training, positioned as a drill instructor in Company 28. Look, this is Quinton Clark, the professor in the course you are specializing.

This is a picture of when I was the lieutenant in the Special Operations Squadron, whereas this is my older sister and Justin. In this picture, I was transferred to the military song and dance ensemble. This is when my sister was pregnant with Nate.”

He flipped through the photo album, one page after another. In the end, they arrived at the page where Nathan was born. Michael was holding the bundle of joy tightly in his arms while grinning ear-to-ear. In the end, there was a group photo of the family of four.

In the picture, Michael, his older sister, and Justin were exceptionally happy. Their brightest and most beautiful smiles were captured in that moment. Unfortunately, there were no longer group photos of them from then on.

After that, there were only pictures of Nathan alone taken every 6 months.

He has always been as cute as a button ever since he was a child!

Ever since his sister passed away, Nathan became Michael’s hopes and dreams, and it was especially obvious since the photo album was filled with his pictures. Michael’s photo came up occasionally; for example, when his movie hit more than a billion at the box office, or when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor award, or the first time he took the role of a female.

When they came to one of the pages, Michael suddenly reached out to cover one of the pictures before Sophia had a glimpse. Then, he even took away the photo to hide it from her.

“What is that?” Sophia asked.

Michael answered her, “Um, it’s a set photo from a movie. It was my first time in a horror film, and it’s slightly scary; I’m afraid of scaring you.”

Sophia suddenly felt moved beyond words.

My idol is so considerate!

She continued flipping through the album.

She sudden caught sight of herself; in fact, it was her two years ago.

“This was taken when I just arrived here! Oh, my God! Why is this picture here?”

In the photo, Sophia looked dark and ugly while awkwardly entering Villa No. 8 in The Imperial. Hale was holding onto her worn suitcase, whereas she was looking up in shock while staring at the place where she would be living for a long time. Her eyes shone with surprise, her hair as messy as a pigsty, and her clothes were out-fashioned, making her look like an ugly duckling.

She felt extremely ashamed of herself, and so she flipped through the page hastily. However, there were lots of photos of her after the page. Her selfie, some group photos she took with Nathan, pictures of her and Michael, and also some photographs of her during her military training with her in military attire. There was also the first group photo she took upon entering Bayside University’s main entrance and so on.

There were also pictures of her with full make-up on while wearing ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’, and one where she was wearing ‘Greenery’ at the banquet. There was also a picture of her wearing cartoon pajamas while she was playing computer games, and a picture of her in school uniform while she was heading to class.

“Oh, my God! When did these photos make it into this album?!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 295

I wasn’t aware of the existence of these pictures. I can’t believe Michael saved them all, and it seems like these pictures are important to him.

Michael’s fingertips traced across these photographs lightly while lingering on Sophia’s petite face. “I prefer printed photographs because they are easy to store, and I can look at them whenever I want,” he explained.

It had gotten late at night. Michael waited until Sophia fell asleep before retrieving the photograph he hid just now to place it in its original position.

That photo was taken after he left the military to start his career in investing and entrepreneurship. He acted in films while investing in the internet industry.

Michael was not short of money at all.

Elizabeth was famous internationally, and she had a mind for business. Hence, she accumulated an astonishing amount of wealth and connections. She even had the chance to marry into a foreign royal family. However, she was in love with no one but Theo. Therefore, she came with an unparalleled sum of dowry and wealth when she got married to him. Before dying for love, she had planned ahead for both her children’s future.

She placed her and Theo’s inheritance under Old Master Fletcher’s care. After her death, her children inherited everything. Elizabeth also requested Old Master Fletcher to take good care of both her children; when the siblings were old enough, she wanted them to choose for themselves—Old Master Fletcher could arrange for them to join the army, or they were also free to join the entertainment industry.

If they were to choose to join the military route, everything would be smooth sailing with the Fletchers’ background and support.

On the other hand, if they were to choose the entertainment industry, it would have been easy too. Elizabeth had been involved in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, and she had an abundance of reliable networks. In fact, she had countless people working for her globally. Even after her death, she could guarantee that her children would have a smooth career within the industry, and that they would never have to go astray as she did in the past.

In the military, Michael had support from the Fletchers, whereas in the entertainment industry, Taylor Murray had the resources his mother left behind for him.

Since I am the late Elizabeth’s son, I have never had to worry or think about resources and movie contracts. My late mother had endless close friends and fans. They are always more than willing to help me, her son. I don’t even have to lift a finger to be the most popular celebrity in the industry.

However, I am unwilling to just rely on my parents. Apart from filming, I have other ways of earning a living. I understand that money is power.

As long as I have money, I’ll be able to have my own mercenary group abroad. I’ll be able to track down Phantom Wolf anywhere in the world, and I’ll be able to protect myself and my loved ones too.

All those years ago, I was very optimistic about the internet industry, and so I invested in many internet companies and online games. One of them was the ‘Swordsman Game’.

That year, the ‘Swordsman Game’ wasn’t that popular. However, as a player of the ‘Swordsman Game’, I participated in the Esports World Championship. Furthermore, I won the singles category’s championship, and so I succeeded in launching the ‘Swordsman Game’ abroad and to the whole world.

I have always kept the photo of me winning the championship.

Michael kept the picture into the photo album while flipping through the album again. He lingered at Sophia’s breathtaking beauty for several moments before finally keeping the photo album again.

These are all the best memories I have.

Meanwhile, Joe was doing everything he could to find out the identity of Sophia’s husband. However, despite using countless methods, he just couldn’t find out any information. Furthermore, he went so far as to lodge a police report, and so he was running out of ideas by now.

He thought of grabbing Sophia from the university to interrogate her in person, but she was on sick leave now. Hence, she had not been attending classes in university.

Joe started panicking. That old man might kick the bucket anytime now. I have to make a move soon because time is money!

“Dad, dad! I found it!” Faye returned home in exhilaration. “Dad, the b*tch filled in her address when she registered her information for the class!”

Joe was delighted, and he took the phone from Faye. It was some information Faye procured from a classmate of Sophia’s, and the classmate gave her Sophia’s personal information.

Sophia was still attending classes in university, and so it was inevitable that she had to register her home address and associated information.

I can’t believe Sophia’s home address is Bayside City, Maple Road 18, The Imperial, Villa No. 8.

Joe was stunned to silence, and his eyes popped wide open in shock.

The Imperial?! Am I mistaken?!

The Imperial is a legend among wealthy people. I heard that one of the elders from the Edwards Family planned to buy a villa in The Imperial. However, he did not succeed in purchasing one because the houses were priceless, and they were unavailable in the market.

Is it true that Sophia is living here? In that case, just how rich is my future son-in-law?

Joe might die of happiness, and he decided that he would drop by The Imperial to reconnect with his family the next morning!

At The Imperial’s Villa No. 8, Sophia had just had her breakfast before sending Nathan off to university. Then, she went to the basement to check on Abel’s progress.

Upon procuring Phantom Wolf’s thumb print and lip prints, it should be easier to locate him.

However, Abel shook his head. “After comparing all the lecturers in Bayside University which matches the criteria, none of them is him.”

Sophia frowned deeply. “Have you checked students, postgraduate students, and doctoral students?”

It would be a larger range.

Abel answered, “I am still investigating.”

Sophia didn’t dare leave the house as long as they couldn’t locate Phantom Wolf. Who knows when the psychopath would show up out of the blue.

I’m getting bored to death at home, though.

Suddenly, Maria reported, “Madam, the community security phoned, claiming that someone is looking for your outside.”

“Who is it?” Sophia left the basement to return to the living hall.

Maria replied to her, “The security said that he is your father.”

Sophia rejected straight away. “Ask them to get lost.”

“Okay.” Maria turned around to pick up the phone. She relayed Sophia’s message honestly to the community security guard through the phone. “My madam asked them to get lost.”

After hanging up on the phone, the community security guard repeated Maria’s words to Joe and his entourage, who were waiting by the entrance. “Madam from Villa No. 8 told me to ask you all to get lost.”

Joe was furious when he heard that, and he shook in anger. “What? She actually asked me to get lost? I am her father! Who would ask their father to get lost?! I don’t care! I will enter today!”

As the most high-end community in Bayside City, The Imperial had the best security measures available. Therefore, the residential area was strongly secured, and it was impossible to trespass. Only those with a pass or those who had the permission of the owners within the community had permission to enter.

The security guard got angry when he heard that, and he brandished a taser. “Where do you think this is?”

Joe started screaming angrily at the entrance, “I don’t care! I will enter today! I would like to see what you can do about it!”

The security guard at the entrance was extremely experienced. After all, they retired from special forces, and they took direct instructions from Michael.

Since Madam asked them to get lost, we will not allow him to set foot into the compound. With a loud whoosh, eight burly security guards came charging out of the tiny guard booth and blocked the entrance automatically. Scared witless by the sudden change of events, Joe took a step backward.

The leader of the security guard still held a taser. “Mr. Edwards, this is not a place for you to behave atrociously. My advice for you is to return home.”

Joe was clearly fuming, but he abandoned his business, worth tens of thousands, to come here. Therefore, he just couldn’t return home empty-handed.

Joe left temporarily to return home.

Coincidentally, he had recently bought a house from the Harper Family’s copycat real estate area. He had just shifted into the house for a few days, and he was neighbors with the Harpers.

A copycat real estate was just a copycat after all. In fact, there was a vast difference between the fake and the real deal. Joe had been daydreaming every day while staring at The Imperial across the road. I have been dreaming of moving in. If I get to live there, it’d mean that I am one of the aristocrats! No, I will be the crème de la crème of the aristocrats!!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 296

I didn’t expect things to come so effortlessly!

It wasn’t a long journey, and so he walked back home. Coincidentally, he bumped into Richard, who lived in the same residential community, leaving the house.

“Mr. Edwards, where did you go? You seem rather upset.”

Initially, Joe wasn’t planning to tell Richard about it. However, he heard that Sophia and Richard were once a couple, and she used to love him deeply. In fact, rumors had it that she was still in love with him.

Maybe this fellow can help me!

Joe answered Richard hastily, “I heard that damn girl is living in The Imperial across the street. However, she just wouldn’t come out to meet me. I’ll head over in the afternoon again, and you should come with me. She might take your past relationship into consideration if you’re around and let me in.”

Richard was shocked to his core because he constructed The Imperial’s copycat real estate, so he knew about the market value of The Imperial.

I did not expect Sophia to live there!

I knew that Sophia’s husband is rich, but I wasn’t expecting him to be so wealthy!

The information of the owners in The Imperial is confidential. Even though I am living right next to them, I have no idea who the owners in The Imperial are. Luxurious cars drive in and out from the community on a daily basis, but I’ve seen Taylor, Ethan, and some state ministers’ cars coming in and out of the entrance. Although some of them were just entering the community as guests, it’s possible to deduce the owner’s identity from their guests.

To have an old man with one foot in the grave occupying such a nice house is an utter shame. If I, Richard Harper, take over it…

Something gleamed in his eyes.

Richard agreed straight away. “Sure. I have known Sophia for many years, after all. She might honor me if I show up.”

Joe felt relieved, and so he returned home happily. Then, he even phoned Faye, who was on campus.

Joe was in charge of blocking the entrance, whereas Faye was tasked to find out more about Sophia in the university and grab Nathan.

Since they were not able to get the adult, it was best to make a move on the child. They would start by luring Nathan to the Edwards residence just so that Sophia and her old husband would show up.

Faye went to the School of Computer Science and arrived at Nathan’s class.

Nathan was the only freshman in the School of Computer Science’s Junior Class. Apart from having a different set of assessment criteria, he had been attending classes just like the rest of the students. In fact, he was in the same class as Stanley.

Nathan requested for the transfer voluntarily because there weren’t female students in Stanley’s class. He didn’t like girls in his class because every time he attended his classes, the girls would kiss and hug him or even lift him high up.

Faye arrived at their class, and she was about to sneak into the classroom to grab Nathan in between classes.

At that moment, Stanley was in the middle of brainwashing Nathan.

“Nate, just look at how young your mom is. She is only a 20-year-old freshman, but she’s already a stepmother at such a young age. Tell me—is this healthy for her growth? At her age, she should be happily attending classes while traveling around the world or working a part-time job to experience life during term break. She shouldn’t be looking after a child at home at such a young age. After her graduation, your dad will no doubt lock her at home to become a baby-making machine. Say, wouldn’t that be destroying her dreams? She is a human, not a dog. She is entitled to her own dreams and future. Therefore, if you are truly fond of her, you should get her to divorce your dad.”

Sean did not have classes that afternoon, and so Stanley got him to come over to help brainwash Nathan. Stanley sat on Nathan’s left, whereas Sean was on Nathan’s right, and he agreed with Stanley by explaining, “Nate, I know that you are fond of her. However, she is still young; just look at other girls her age, they are all doing things they like. They are either hanging around the mall, going on vacation, or are in a relationship. On the other hand, just look at Sophia—she is always busy looking after you every day, and she has forgotten to care for herself. You and your mom are still children, and so you and your dad are not doing the right thing. You have taken her life away, you know? Nate, she is not your nanny, but you are hanging onto her every day to keep you company. Recently, your dad has even resorted to locking her up at home while stopping her from attending classes. This is not right.”

Nathan’s cheeks were puffed in anger, and he was pouting while looking upset. He was mulling over the thought in a serious manner. Is it true that dad and I are holding mom back?

Coincidentally, Faye arrived, and she swayed her large 36D breasts while stopping in front of Nathan. “Oh, my! You are such a cute boy! Go ahead and greet me as your Aunty! I am your mom’s older sister!” she exclaimed happily.

Faye was older than Sophia, indeed, but due to her bad results in the past, she repeated her senior year in high school. Somehow, she managed to scrape by and enroll in Bayside University. Nevertheless, she had to repeat a year due to insufficient GPA and credit hours; she failed her military training, and so she had to repeat the training again. That was the reason she ended up in the same year as Sophia.

Nathan had a frosty expression while facing Faye, and he ignored her.

Stanley knew about Faye. She was the one who broke her nose from Sophia’s punch.

“Who are you? Get away from Nathan!” I might be resentful toward Nate, the naughty boy, but that does not mean that others have the right to bully him.

Stanley slammed the table while commanding immediately, “Gary, toss this person out!”

Gary moved immediately upon receiving the instruction, and he entered the classroom to toss Faye out.

Faye was thrown out of the classroom in an embarrassing manner. She screamed and caused a ruckus at the classroom entrance. It was such a commotion that the security guard came over to chase her away.

Faye returned home angrily, and she joined Joe and Xyla by blocking the main entrance of The Imperial. They claimed that they wouldn’t leave until they met Sophia’s husband.

This time, the security gave them the same answer—“Get lost!”

Faye swayed her large bosom while almost pressing it against the security guard. “Hottie, please let us in. I haven’t seen my younger sister for a very long time. I miss her.”

However, the security guard was unmoved; instead, he swatted Faye’s hand away from his shoulder. “I am sorry, but without the owner’s agreement, no one is allowed to enter.”

Richard explained hastily, “Can you please pass the message on to her? Tell her I am her schoolmate, Richard Harper.”

She will meet me once she hears my name!

The security was adamant. “I am sorry. Please leave.”

Richard took out a large wad of cash from his bag while shoving it into the guard’s hands. “Please help us out. We have no ill intentions. Mr. Edwards here is truly the father of Villa No. 8’s resident, Sophia. She had a misunderstanding with Mr. Edwards, but they are father and daughter after all…”

The security guard pushed his money away. “I am sorry, but you are not allowed to enter.”

It was evening rush hour now, and so there was a constant stream of cars entering and leaving The Imperial. The cars had to flash a pass card in order to enter the residential community. If the residents found it troublesome, they had the option to reveal their faces for a 3D facial scan to confirm their identity.

A car stopped by the entrance, and the window lowered, revealing Daniel’s face. There was an automatic scan which confirmed his identity and allowed him to pass.

“Master Levine!” Joe acted as if he saw his savior. He caught up to the car with hurried footsteps. “Master Levine, do you live here? This is such a coincidence! My son-in-law lives here too. It turns out you are neighbors! You are just in time to take me in for a visit!”

Daniel guffawed loudly while placing a hand on his car window. “Mr. Edwards, unless I’m very much mistaken, we have burned bridges before this! Do you truly believe that I will let you in?” he asked.

Joe’s expression stiffened, and he was utterly humiliated. He chuckled in embarrassment, but before he could say anything, Daniel already drove away.

Joe cursed under his breath when he saw the car speed away.

No matter what happens, I have to find a way to enter today. I will knock on every car window that passes by. There is a good chance it might be someone I know! In fact, the person in the car might very well be my son-in-law!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 297

After Daniel left, another car passed by not long after. It stopped for ID confirmation, and Joe dashed forward to knock against the car window. “My dear son-in-law, I am Joe Edwards! I am Sophia’s father!”

There are only a handful of residents in The Imperial. If he is my son-in-law, I’m sure he’d recognize me if I shout aloud. If they aren’t, I’ll just apologize and move on. I might even learn about my son-in-law’s identity.

The back passenger car window lowered, and the blonde man seated in the car took off his sunglasses. He revealed the face that often showed up on the golden screens in the cinema.

“Do you think that I am your son-in-law?”

Ethan Winston!

Joe suddenly answered respectfully while rubbing his hands together, “It turns out it’s you, Best Actor, Mr. Winston. It seems you live here too! It so happens my son-in-law lives here, and he is living in Villa No. 8. Do you think you can—”

“No, I can’t.” Harry closed the window, and the car sped off, leaving them behind.

Joe started scolding aloud once he left, “Bah! You’re looking down on others just because you have the title of Best Actor! When I shift into the neighborhood, I will make sure to teach you a lesson!”

Soon, another car arrived, and Joe repeated the same thing by charging forward while hitting against the car window. “Son-in-law!”

The window lowered, effectively revealing a familiar face, which often showed up on cinema screens. Therefore, Joe immediately recognized who it was. “Well if it isn’t Best Actor Award winner, Mr. Murray. My name is Joe Edwards, and I’ve met you before. My son-in-law lives in the housing community in Villa No. 8…”

“I’m sorry. It’s out of the way.” Michael knew his motive, and so he closed the window coldly before leaving.

I don’t like him as long as chica doesn’t!

Joe started screaming profanities again once the car disappeared out of sight.

Richard knew that things wouldn’t work if this went on. He was convinced that they wouldn’t enter the community after offending everyone within the neighborhood.

Suddenly, he saw Stanley walking a husky from across the street.

Stanley was walking the dog while making his way toward the main entrance. However, the security guard blocked his way once he arrived. “I’m sorry. You are not allowed to enter too.”

Stanley asked angrily, “Who do you think you are to stop me from entering? I’ve always entered easily previously!”

The security guard took out a placard. “Today, Madam Edwards from Villa No. 8 specifically sent a placard over. Here, have a look.”

There was a phrase across the placard. ‘Joe Edwards, Stanley Fletcher, and the dog are not allowed entry.’ However, she must have figured the dog was too adorable to be denied entry, and that it didn’t deserve such treatment, because there was a slash across the word ‘dog’.

On the other side, Joe and Richard were fuming, and Joe grabbed the guard by his collar. “Why can’t I enter? I’m her father! Is it wrong for a father to visit his daughter?”

Stanley was even more furious. He pointed at the general direction of the residential community while screaming vehemently, “You married such a young bride despite your old age. You are clearly robbing the cradle! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?! I don’t care; I insist on entering! I want to save Sophie! She hasn’t been attending classes for the past few days! I can’t let you lock her up for so many days!”

He phoned Sophia. “Sophie, let me in! If you don’t let me in, I will inform your husband, telling him that you’ve cheated on him!”

After ending the phone call, Stanley waited at the main entrance while puffing heavily.

On the other side, Joe and Richard were also waiting at the entrance in frustration. Stanley saw them both, but he ignored them deliberately.

After a while, Sophia came out, wearing a white bunny pajamas. She snuck into the neighboring ancient Imperial Palace for fun during the day, but she received Stanley’s phone call once she arrived home.

Stanley lost his temper once he saw her. “You had better open the gates for me. Otherwise, I’ll inform your husband about your cheating on him!”

“Cheating, my foot!”

Sophia got the guard to let him in reluctantly, and Stanley entered with the dog.

I found out that my uncle is preparing a feast tonight at home! He will open a good bottle of wine from his cellar once there’s a delicious meal! Tsk-tsk, Michael’s wine cellar is filled with bottles of aged wine he inherited from Elizabeth! Even having a whiff of it is worth the trouble! I’m also dropping by to check if he has been hitting Sophia again. She mentioned that she fell and injured herself the last time, but I don’t truly believe that. Most men with a military background are involved in domestic violence, with me being an exception!

Joe followed Stanley closely from behind while smiling happily to walk through the entrance. However, the guard blocked his way from entering the community.

Joe pointed at Sophia while reprimanding her, “Sophia, you animal! I am your father! I will sue you in court for being an unfilial daughter if you refuse to let me enter your home today!”

Sophia merely responded with a smirk before leaving.

Joe was still cursing loudly, but Richard looked as if he had realized something important.

Judging by Sophia’s attitude toward Stanley, she seems afraid that her husband might find out she has a boy toy on the side.

Richard suddenly came up with an idea.

Michael had already arrived home at Villa No. 8. There was a delicious feast in his home today, and he even invited a group of his gay friends for dinner at home. Harry and Daniel were both present, whereas Stanley insisted on crashing the party.

Stanley was utterly shameless, and so he would always show up no matter how many times he was beaten up. In fact, he reprimanded Michael once he entered the house, “Uncle, I want to criticize you. You can’t lock Sophia up at home. She needs to attend classes in university. It’s the mid-term exams in a few days’ time; if you continue locking her up at home, I will tell on you to Old Master Fletcher!”

Before Michael could reply to him, Daniel entered the house while lighting a cigarette. However, Michael stubbed it immediately. “No smoking in the house.”

The dishes were served, and they sat at the table. It was not a large crowd; there was the Power Trio, Sophia, Nathan, and Stanley.

No one understood the reason Michael suddenly invited everybody over for dinner, but they showed up anyway since it was a free meal. After all, they lived in the same residential community. Besides, Michael always accompanied his meals with a bottle of aged wine.

The reason for tonight’s feast was to celebrate Michael no longer being a virgin, and him having to fulfill his duty as a husband on a daily basis from now on. Naturally, one wouldn’t say such things openly.

Stanley was here specifically for the food and wine while checking in on Sophia. Nevertheless, the food and wine were his priority.

Initially, everybody was anticipating a delicious feast. However, when dinner was served, they realized that there wasn’t any meat; even Michael’s favorite eel dish was missing. The highly-anticipated wine was missing too; instead, everybody had a bottle of peanut milk.

The dishes on the table were all green in color. Stanley, who came all the way here just for the meat and wine, put his chopsticks down immediately. “Uncle, this is not right of you. Since you invited us here for a meal, you should at least serve some wine to go with the dishes! I know that you have over 30 million worth of red wine in your cellar; please don’t take me for a fool.”

The other two guests nodded in agreement. Who would come over here for dinner if it weren’t for the wine?! Besides, it’s all vegetables!

Michael served a bowl of black rice congee for Sophia, who was sitting beside him, before stating, “We aren’t drinking wine tonight.”

What? We’re not drinking wine?

The small group seated at the table clearly disagreed with this decision.

It’s fine to have a meal at home, but the wine is the main agenda. Once upon a time, Elizabeth loved her wine, and so she had a collection of wine from all over the world. Michael inherited her entire cellar of wine collection. There are even bottles of 30-years aged wine among the collection! Those are true liquid gold! In fact, it would be an honor to have the chance to even have a sip of the wine.

I can’t believe he’s saying that we aren’t having wine today!

Stanley was the first to lose his temper. “I don’t care! I want wine! Maria, serve the wine!”

Maria rushed over while her slippers slapped against the floor. She looked at him apologetically. “About that, Young Master Stan, Boss and Madam are preparing to conceive recently, and so they aren’t having alcohol.”

The single men at the table felt scandalized by the sudden public display of affection.

Sophia blushed in embarrassment too.

It’s not appropriate to announce such things so loudly!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 298

Harry had the biggest reaction. “No wonder you’ve stopped smoking and drinking alcohol lately. You’ve even stopped consuming exotic animals! It’s fine if you alone quit smoking and drinking—why should we accompany you by stopping too?!”

Michael answered him, “Because I say so. Don’t eat if you don’t like it.”

He then picked up his chopsticks to have a mouthful of vegetables. He glanced at Sophia beside him, who was blushing while keeping her head bowed. Her face is flushed red, and she looks so adorable. Then, he poured another glass of milk for her. “Here, have some milk.”

Sophia was too embarrassed to look at others, and so she drank her milk while keeping her head bowed.

No wonder Michael has been going to bed and waking up early these days. He has been drinking wolfberry-infused water, and he even stopped smoking and drinking alcohol. Besides, he has been working out every day; it turns out he is preparing for our pregnancy. Eh! I am still a child, and I’m not prepared for that! However, it seems like a good life experience to have a child with my idol. What should I name my baby in the future?

The rest of the single men at the table started eating as well. Nevertheless, the table full of nutritious dishes suited for pregnancy preparation tasted like sour grapes.

In the end, Michael’s feast of celebrating him losing his virginity ended smoothly. After dinner, the Power Trio chatted in the living room. Michael eventually took out a bottle of red wine from his wine cellar to serve his guests. There was a bottle of wine and a bottle of milk on the table. Two of the three wine glasses with long stems had red wine, whereas the other one was filled with milk.

The three of them clinked glasses while watching a recent film sample. Michael was holding the wine glass while swirling the milk in the glass, presenting the elegance of drinking wine.

Sophia was observing in secret while hiding in a dark spot.

Ah, my idol is so handsome. He could even bring out such elegance while drinking milk, as if he were drinking a glass of red wine.

She did not disturb the three men since they were deep in conversation. Hence, she stayed in her study while doing her assignment in silence.

Stanley stole half a glass of Lafite and a 20-year-old Fiery Red from the wine cellar. He even filled up half the empty mineral water bottle he had with him before hiding it in his dog poo bag to take it home.

After stealing some alcohol, he snuck into Sophia’s study to see that she was doing her assignment. He checked his breath to make sure that he wasn’t reeking of alcohol, and then he approached her while asking, “Are you really going to make a baby with my uncle?”

Sophia was solving some questions together with Nathan, and she was flipping a page while answering him, “Mm-hmm.”

Stanley started brainwashing her immediately. “Giving birth is extremely painful. Besides, you will age ten years if you give birth to another naughty boy like Nathan!”

“Who are you calling a naughty boy?” Nathan was so angry that he threw his pen away.

In all honesty, Sophia was not prepared to give birth to a child because she merely wanted to study.

However, Michael seemed to be well prepared in that department.

Stanley got closer to her. “Let me tell you. My uncle is an actor. Do you understand what an actor does? He is the best at acting; don’t you know that he’s had you fooled and wrapped around his finger?”

The incident with the game was an example. After mulling over what happened from the beginning to the end, Stanley broke into a cold sweat out of fear.

I have always known that Sophia has a wife in the game, named ‘Call Me Taylor’. I thought the name seemed familiar when I first saw it.

Later, I realized with a start that it was Michael’s female character in the game! Taylor Murray is ‘Call Me Taylor’! He has been pretending to be a woman in the game all this while! He even lied to Sophia by claiming that he doesn’t know how to play games! He’s really gotten her fooled!

I can’t endure it any longer, seeing as Sophia has been lied to for such a long time. I have decided to pluck up my courage to expose Michael’s true colors. He won the singles category in the first Esports World Championship! He is also the secret owner of multiple gaming companies! He is also ‘Scary Phoenix’ and ‘Call Me Taylor’!

Stanley grabbed Sophia tightly by her shoulders, and he broke the silence gravely. “Sophie, you have to listen to me. My uncle is—”

Ring, ring…

Stanley’s phone started ringing, and he noticed that it was a text message when he checked. Upon reading the text, Stanley was shocked to his core. ‘Do you want to be permanently banned from the game?’

The overbearing aura was almost suffocating.

Suddenly, Stanley felt like someone was strangling his neck. He felt suffocated, and he was trembling from head to toe. He ran downstairs with his phone in his hand.

“I’m going home.”

Sophia thought that something had happened to his family. Hence, she turned around to continue with her assignment questions.

Stanley dashed to the living hall and held onto the leg of the big boss who was seated on the couch. He cried his eyes out while looking pitiful. “Uncle, I was wrong. I will never dare to repeat my mistakes again. I won’t dare to have ideas about Aunt Sophia again. I know it’s my fault! I’m begging you not to ban me from the game, please!”

For someone like him, who played Esports, there was nothing more horrible and cruel than being banned from a game. It was equivalent to Doom’s Day!

I spent endless effort and countless money to build a character. Once it’s banned, I’d have nothing left. In reality, if a property has been declared worthless, it is possible to make good use of waste materials. However, once the assets within a game are sealed, the expenditure would be in vain, and there would be nothing left for the player.

It just so happened that Michael was the big boss in charge of the game behind the scenes, and so he could ban Stanley anytime effortlessly.

Previously, Michael had been reprimanding Stanley on a small scale. However, the mention of banning his account proved that he was truly angered now!

Michael held the stem of the wine glass while swirling the milk elegantly. His legs were folded, and he broke the silence suddenly. “Take your stupid dog with you and get lost.”

Stanley took his stupid dog and left hastily.

The game is more important! There is no doubt that the game is more important! Love and feelings can come after.

After escaping from The Imperial, Stanley felt as though he had just escaped the jaws of death.

In the past year, after getting married and becoming a father, Michael has become much gentler than before. I almost forgot that he is actually even scarier than Joel.

There were many night joggers nearby. Stanley held onto his dog’s leash while making his way out of The Imperial, and he bumped into Quinton once he left the gates. Quinton was not in the same faculty as Stanley, but they were quite close since Stanley was always dropping by Sophia’s class. Furthermore, he and Nathan had been inviting Quinton to help Sophia with her studies.

“Hey, Professor Clark! Are you out for a night jog?!”

Quinton was wearing a full sports attire with a backpack. He jogged into The Imperial while answering him, “Mm-hmm, I am here to send some revision materials for Sophia. The mid-term exams are just around the corner, and Sophia has been missing a lot of classes.”

The guard let Quinton in without even asking any questions when they saw him. It was obvious that even the guards knew him.

Stanley glanced at the ‘No entry for Joe Edwards, Stanley Fletcher, and the dog’ placard while glancing at Quinton, who had permission to come and go as he pleased. Stanley couldn’t help but pout unhappily while sighing his discontentment.

I can’t even compare to a lecturer nor a dog.

Stanley walked away with the dog gloomily. However, he felt goosebumps all over his body after taking a few steps forward.

As a retired military member, he was extremely alert to his surroundings, and so he knew that someone was observing him from the dark.

Stanley scanned his surroundings, and with his keen senses, he found the source of the surveillance. It was the black Mazda across the road.

It seems like Joe isn’t giving up!

I am suddenly curious about Joe’s reaction if he finds out that his so-called old and ugly son-in-law is in fact my uncle.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 299

Initially, I thought of spilling the beans, but now that I recalled the text he sent me, I’d rather forget about it. It’s not that simple to cause trouble because Michael might find out if I’m not too careful.

In the past, no matter how horrible I was, Michael would never threaten to ban my account.

However, now that he is threatening to ban my account, I’m sure that he will do it.

Richard put down his binoculars after he saw Stanley leaving.

He stared at the mysterious community of The Imperial, and he fell deep into his thoughts.

It seems like I was wrong before. Sophia is very close with Stanley, and that is due to his relationship with Sophia’s husband. She must have another man on the side, and that man is not Stanley, as we guessed, nor is it Joel. It must be—Tyler Murray!

I have almost forgotten about this person’s name, but I still remember the stage name I got him. No wonder I haven’t been able to contact Tyler. It turns out he is just a boy toy Sophia has on the side. Since he is her boy toy, I’m sure she doesn’t want him to become popular. If he were to end up famous, people might expose him for being her kept man.

Joe will never give up. When faced with such riches and wealth, he is willing to abandon his dignity to get what he wants. Putting everything aside, a property at The Imperial is enough for Joe to abandon his rationality to try and seize the real estate for himself.

However, it’s difficult for Joe to get his hands on the inheritance. Although he is Sophia’s father, her household registry has never appeared in the Edwards Family. Therefore, the only way to prove their relationship as father and daughter is via paternity testing, but that would require consent from both parties.

Compared to Joe, I believe I have a higher chance of winning. I am Sophia’s first love and boyfriend after all. I think I am entitled to the asset!

I am willing to share half of the huge sum of inheritance with Sophia. What I want most is the property in The Imperial!

However, I need to plan meticulously how to procure the asset. It will never work by blocking their entrance, just like Joe. He has forgotten that Sophia is the key here!

The next day after Michael’s banquet, he returned to his film set, whereas Sophia started working on the questions Quinton sent in yesterday.

It was her entertainment break after completing the questions, and so she turned on her laptop immediately to check out the entertainment news.

Recently, Glory Entertainment started placing Taylor in a bad light. After they were ruthlessly humiliated the last time for exposing the scandal revolving Taylor, they were once again creating ghost accounts to boycott him.

It was mainly due to the documentary film. Being able to star in a documentary film was a symbol of a heavy hitter. The pay wasn’t anything to shout about, but it was something outstanding to show for on an actor’s resume. Every big shot within the industry dreamed about getting into the crew, even if it were a walk-on part that lasted for a few seconds.

There were rumors on the internet claiming that Taylor took on an important role as the character, Mark Fletcher. Therefore, a lot of companies had their eyes on him; they wanted nothing more for him to drop dead just so that their own celebrity could take the role.

Glory Entertainment was doing the worst damage.

Previously, they were against Taylor playing Mark Fletcher. The reason they resisted him for the role was because he had once played roles as a traitor and a psychopath. Therefore, they claimed that allowing him to act as a revolutionary martyr was a humiliation toward revolutionary martyrs as a whole.

Today’s news caused an uproar—‘Taylor Murray is married to a woman!’

The ghost account exposed that Taylor was a homosexual, but he had been married to a woman for years. He was a horrible scumbag that would have a fake marriage to have children!

Upon reading that scandal, Sophia knew that Richard must have exposed this scandal. During her military training, Richard and Xyla barged into the hotel room to get Michael’s signature. At that time, he admitted that he was married.

Once the news of Taylor being married surfaced, a large group of fans went against him. Besides, due to the influence of homosexual fanfiction and the recent homosexual culture, everyone assumed straight away that Michael was gay. In fact, they assumed that he was a gay man who got married with a woman because he wanted to trick her into having a child with him to continue his bloodline. Therefore, he was described as a scumbag who fooled a woman into marriage just for an heir!

This was the true scandal that caused an uproar. Once that spread like wildfire on the internet, many feminist activists, who were active on the internet, started reprimanding Michael for his actions.

Gays cheating their ways into marriage was a very sensitive topic. Now that Michael was entangled in such a scandal, it would be almost impossible to salvage his reputation unless he tried clarifying his stance.

True enough, Michael remained silent, and his management company played dead again.

The news of Taylor having a fake marriage resulted in a mass boycott. It made headlines for a long time. Feminist activists weren’t the only ones to call him out for his actions; countless celebrities came forward to reprimand him as well.

Even Harry, who was suspected to be a gay friend of Michael’s, was dragged into the criticism.

Sophia followed the news closely. After reading the news, she asked herself worriedly, Have I been fooled into a marriage?

No, I have never felt as if I’ve been fooled into a marriage. Although it’s impossible to conclude Michael’s sexual orientation with a single word, I will never let my idol be defamed because that is where I, his No. 1 fan, draw the line!

I’d like to see who are the ones rubbing salt into the wound. She started making notes in her mental notebook to take revenge in the future.

Many fans quit the fan group Sophia joined previously.

Once a male celebrity had been exposed to be married, they would usually suffer a drastic drop in female fans numbers. In fact, some female fans might not be able to accept the fact that their idol was married, and they might even take the extreme measure of committing suicide. Therefore, most male celebrities chose to keep their marriage a secret. Sophia was quite worried that some foolish fans might commit suicide over the news. True enough, within two days of the news stating Taylor was married, there was an online rumor claiming that a fan of Taylor’s couldn’t accept that her idol was married, and so she would live-broadcasted her suicide attempt.

The fan even said that if Taylor didn’t show up to explain himself to his fans, she would commit suicide by burning charcoal while live-broadcasting it.

Sophia saw his fan broadcasting their suicide live the moment she went online. She was so scared that she dashed into Michael’s study with her phone in hand. “Dear, look! A fan of yours is broadcasting her suicide live!”

The female fan had started sealing her windows. If the doors and windows were sealed shut, she would die of carbon monoxide poisoning if she started burning charcoal in her room. She claimed that she wanted to wait for Taylor’s appearance. She even phoned Taylor’s management studio. She claimed that she was waiting for her idol’s reply because she wanted an explanation.

If she couldn’t get an answer, she would die in front of everyone.

When Michael had Sophia’s phone in front of him, the live broadcast was showing the girl phoning his management studio. The phone kept ringing, but no one was answering. The fan was crying her eyes out, and there was a constant stream of live comments coming in.

‘Poor girl. You’ve fallen for a scumbag for over ten years!’

‘Taylor Murray, you are a scumbag! Are you worthy of your fans? We love you so much! What gives you the right to get married?!’

‘Young woman, you shouldn’t do anything stupid! Taylor must be aware of such a huge thing. They are ignoring you on purpose. No one would bat an eyelash even if you end up dead!’

‘It’s not worth it to throw your life away for someone like that!’

Michael glanced at the screen lazily while responding, “Oh.”

Sophia stared at him in disbelief. “Oh? What does ‘oh’ mean? There’s a fan committing suicide over you. Shouldn’t you show up to reassure her? It’s a human life after all!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 300

Michael glanced at the calendar on the wall. “It’s a weekend today, so the agency is closed. I’ll ask them to make a statement on Monday.”

Sophia’s gaze almost burned a hole on his head.

She had long seen through him. He was rich and a big player; the reason he entered the entertainment industry was only because he enjoyed acting. Since he didn’t rely on acting as his main source of income, he didn’t even bother to deal with all those scandals. He wasn’t afraid to be shunned by everyone because no one could resist him.

Besides, he wasn’t concerned about the feelings of his fans at all. In fact, he was totally unfazed even though countless of his fans were devastated due to his scandals.

However, as his die-hard fan, Sophia was so anxious that she jumped from her seat and ran off, phone in hand.

“Gemma, look into the IP address of this broadcast. Find out the IP address and report it to the nearest police station! Hale, bring some men to the scene to see if there’s anything you can help out with!”

Gemma found out the IP address in just a few seconds and reported it to the nearest police station. At that moment, the fan had already sealed off all the doors and windows, and she would lose her life in a few minutes.

Seeing that Hale was about to drive to the scene, Sophia felt worried, so she tagged along. Upon arriving at the scene, they noticed that the police and ambulance had arrived, and the girl had been rescued. She was barely alive, so it was lucky that help arrived in time. Sophia then followed them to the hospital. After making sure that the girl was alright, she anonymously paid the hospital bills and hurried off.

It was late at night when she finally arrived home, full of sweat. When she went online, she expectedly saw the internet flooded with curses directed toward Michael.

He was unperturbed by both the rumors of marriage fraud and suicide broadcast by a fan. These two incidents were already enough to attract the public’s hatred, but when they were coupled with some instigation by the online promoters to heat up the discussion, the internet became overwhelmed with reprimands directed toward Michael.

The key point was that he seemed to be totally unaware about this. He went out shooting every day and returned home on time for dinner. He was living the life of an old retiree, going to bed and waking up early, and drinking wolfberry-infused water.

The ‘War Dragon’ crew had started filming. Plenty of fans left comments on the film crew’s official page to show their protest, and some fans even went to the film set to create trouble and disrupt the filming.

Therefore, Michael was able to stay home happily. He was boycotted by his fans, so the filming crew asked him not to continue with shooting to avoid the limelight, which allowed him to stay home and have a couple of days off.

Sophia was so mad that she nearly spat blood. My idol, please be more concerned about the situation!

Even Nathan knew that his father was being badly reprimanded, so he went home furiously and complained to Sophia, “Mommy, they said that my daddy is a gay man who committed marriage fraud to get someone to bear his child.”

Sophia was fuming with anger. “Your daddy is not a person like that; your daddy is the most handsome idol in the world.”

He pouted in displeasure.

Although she knew who was pulling the strings behind them, she had no strength to fight back as she needed to prepare for examination. Therefore, it would be her time to perform after her exams were over!

The mid-term examination of Bayside University was an extremely important exam. As Faye knew that Sophia would definitely come on this day, she had had someone to keep an eye on her in advance. After the exam, she stopped her at the main gate of the university.

“Sophia, you cannot leave. You must take me to go and see my brother-in-law today!” Faye blocked her way and refused to let her leave.

Sophia coldly went around her.

Faye chased after her as she was unwilling to give up and maliciously threatened her, “Let me tell you this—if you refuse to tell me who your husband is today, I’ll destroy your reputation so that you won’t be able to continue to stay in Bayside University!”

Sophia chuckled before getting in her car and left.

Looking at Sophia’s car driving away, Faye had a sinister smile on her face. She then took out her phone to give Xyla a call. “You can order your team to start posting.”

At night, when Sophia arrived home, she dared not relax at all; she immediately started to do her revision to prepare for the examination tomorrow. The exam lasted for two days, and the mid-term exams carried a lot of weight of the overall assessment. Therefore, she must not do it half-heartedly.

After she started revising for a while, she suddenly received a call from their class monitor, Molly Lawson. “Sophia, check out our university forum now. Something has happened!”

What is it now?

She put down her book, logged in to Bayside University’s forum, and found a trending post on the first page of the forum. ‘Shocking news—Sophia Edwards, a student from Economic Law, has a few kept men, who are students from Bayside University!’

Upon seeing that, she was rendered speechless.

Anyone who saw the title would know the whole story. Someone anonymously spread the news that she had a few kept men who were from the same university even though she was already married. A photo was attached in the post as evidence—it was an intimate photo of Michael and her.

The photo seemed to have been taken on the day the cash-counting competition was held. The photo where Michael and her were hugging intimately was taken by someone without their knowledge.

There was also another photo of when she was playing games in the cybercafé together with Stanley.

Since she was already married, the incident where she had a few kept men who were students from the same university seemed to have become a fact.

As the top educational institute of Cethos, it was definitely an appalling news to have such a scandal coming from Bayside University. On top of that, the report was made by someone using her real name, which generated a lot of clicks for the forum post.

There was another staggering information in the post—Sophia’s kept man actually looked exactly the same as the famous Best Actor, Taylor Murray. Rumor had it that he had gone through plastic surgery to have this look.

Someone even suggested that Sophia was obsessed with Taylor, so she intentionally had a kept man, who was a student from the university, and had him go through plastic surgery to have Taylor’s looks!

The post analyzed the situation and presented it in an organized and logical manner that was almost impeccable. It contained a lot of alarming news, and every single sentence could arouse the gossipy nature of its reader, inducing a hot discussion in the university forum in just a short period of time.

Sophia had been a fan of Taylor for over 6 months. After fighting with Taylor’s haters for so long, she had gained a lot of experience. Therefore, with just a glance at how the post was written, she knew that this was the work of Glory Entertainment’s professional team!

Glory Entertainment’s public relation team and promoters’ skills in defaming a person were one of the best in the industry. They were able to make their celebrities, who lacked acting skills, into famous idols, so of course they were able to defame someone as famous as Taylor Murray to the point that he was hated by everyone. Therefore, it was a piece of cake for them to slander her.

Looks like they really have high expectations on me by hiring an expensive team from Glory Entertainment to write this kind of post! Those people from Asco Entertainment are useless. We should replace them with the team from Glory Entertainment by offering them a high pay!

Sophia had no intention at all to bother with this kind of slanderous post. She just asked Gemma to hack the forum to delete the post.

However, she had underestimated the degree a slanderous post could circulate in the internet era. The next day, when she went to university, everyone looked at her in a strange manner. Even during her examination, the invigilator, Professor Clark, looked at her as if he had something to say.

“Professor Clark, what’s wrong?” she asked curiously.

He shook his head. “Take your exams first.”

After the paper in the morning, she went to the School of Computer Science to pick Nathan up to have lunch together. When they were in the canteen, everyone’s gazes on her were even weirder.

What exactly is going on? Could it be that this is due to the slanderous post yesterday? I’ve asked Gemma to delete it. I’ll just ignore it for now; the exam is more important.

After the exam in the afternoon, the mid-term examination was over. Sophia thought that she had performed well as she had answered all the questions properly, so her score this time around should be excellent. Her goal was to become the top 3 in her entire course.

It’s only halfway through the semester, but I have participated in many competitions, one after another. After I become the champion of the Esports World Championship, I’ll be able to obtain another five marks, and I will become more capable to compete for the national scholarship, she thought to herself in pleasure.

However, to her surprise, the moment the examination papers were all collected, Quinton suddenly said, “Sophia, the vice chancellor asked for your presence in his office.”

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