My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 331-340

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 331

After school, Sophia returned home with the rosary around her neck. The black obsidian cross was hard to miss and easily recognizable with a mere glance.

Michael had already warned her not to have any interaction with the Mitchells. Not only did she meet up with Woody, but she even brought Cooper’s rosary home with her.

The moment she opened the door when she arrived home, she saw Michael watching TV on the couch. Nathan dashed for his new toy as soon as he went to the door while she stood without moving, afraid to step in.

Seeing that no one was in the living room, Nathan went out to play with the toys in his hands. With nobody else around, she faced her back to the living room with an anxious yet reddened face before poking her butt in.

Since she had done something wrong and deserved to be punished, she should enter with her butt first.

Actually, Michael had already known about the events that transpired for the past couple of days and he was strongly adamant of her not being involved with the Mitchells. Like a quagmire, it would be impossible to break free once contact, even a minute one, was made.

Yesterday, she had offended the eldest daughter of the family head of the Mitchell Family, Natasha, whereas today, she kept Cooper’s rosary, which all the descendants of the family had been aggressively eyeing for.

He thought to himself sarcastically, How amazing she is!

It was getting harder to suppress the fact that she was born with the Mitchells’ genes.

Setting aside the fact that Woody mistook her for his son with a mere glance, even his slow-witted grandfather, Mark, had called to confirm her background a couple of days ago. “Are you sure that girl is from the Edwards Family, and not the Mitchells?” he had asked in a serious tone.

Her involvement with the Mitchells were getting deeper—whether she knew it or not.

Despite that, the frustrations he had inside for the entire day evaporated when he saw how she wriggled her butt through the door earlier. Standing up, he paced over and gave her butt a tight slap.

Smack! Sophia’s face reddened, but she was afraid to withdraw her butt.

Michael gave her a few more slaps in succession, with each one being louder than the last.

Smack! Smack! “Have you realized your mistake?” he asked sternly when she was silent and afraid to say something.

She lowered her head and answered, “Yes.”

He slapped her again, but stroked it afterward. “What did you do wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have been involved with the Mitchells,” she answered timidly.

After giving Sophia another slap, Michael asked, “What else?”

Retracting her head, she said, “I shouldn’t have accepted Cooper’s amulet.”

Then, she surrendered the rosary herself.

Upon taking the rosary from her, he still felt her warmth radiating from it and it felt different as it was a little warmer than his own. With the amulet in hand, he headed into the living room with her following behind and standing at the side as her head drooped.

Staring at the rosary in his hand, it looked exactly as how he remembered it to be. It was said that Woody had obtained it from a high priest and Cooper had worn it since childhood, never removing it even once.

In every photo of Cooper, the rosary could be seen. It was all a terrified Michael had subconsciously stared at every time he was writing in front of Cooper. Over a long period of time, he was brainwashed by what he saw and the rosary became a nightmare from his childhood!

Legend had it that it was a rock with spiritual powers. Therefore, everything was smooth sailing for Cooper since young because of the rock’s blessings.

He later passed away because he had removed the rosary. The first time that he took it off was the time when he met with a car accident.

The descendents of the Mitchell Family had vied aggressively over each other for it, but Woody regarded it as his life and wouldn’t give it to anyone.

However, he had easily passed it to Sophia.

Of course, Michael didn’t believe that the rock had any spiritual powers at all; it was merely an amulet. Back then, Cooper probably had already prepared himself to completely sever his ties with the Mitchells and even removed the rosary to return it to Woody. Maybe he didn’t want to take anything away from the Mitchells.

Based on the information that Hale had given Michael, Woody had privately sought out Annabel and offered a sum of money to leave his son in an attempt to force them apart when her relationship with Cooper was exposed. At the same time, he lied to Cooper that he had her killed.

As kind-hearted as Woody’s solution to the problem was, it still created a wedge between father and son, turning them into strangers from then on. It was probably around that time when Cooper hatched a plan to sever all ties with the Mitchells! For ten long years, he planned the future of the Mitchells and Woody before leaving with no loose ends and anything that belonged to the family behind.

Michael held the rosary in his hand for a long time until it became warm, but for some unknown reason, it didn’t feel like his own warmth on the rosary. Rather, it still felt like Sophia’s warmth and he sighed. Maybe this rock really has spiritual powers and can recognize its owner!

Sophia was still nervous—she had liked the rosary and wanted to wear it for a couple more days before returning it, but he would never permit that.

Focusing on the rosary before looking at Michael, who was holding it, she observed that he would sigh for a moment before frowning in the next second.

Suddenly, he patted his own thigh and called out to her, “Come over here, chica.”

She went over and sat on his thighs before he put the amulet on her. “This rock has spiritual powers and it will bless you in your studies if you wear it.”

It could have been her fate with the rosary. Although Woody’s eyesight was failing him, he could somehow tell that Cooper’s child had returned.

With the rosary around her neck, Sophia was absolutely delighted as she admired it in her hands.

Michael had almost blurted out the truth about her background a few times when he saw how happy she was, but he held back on his urge.

At that point, he had much more to consider—she was Cooper’s daughter, the one who inherited his insane genes and that made her as good as a sleeping dragon! It was only a matter of time before she would break through the skies and he felt that he wouldn’t be able to keep her protected much longer. Sooner or later, the Mitchells would discover her identity!

It was as though the blood flowing in her was gradually drawing her closer to the Mitchell Family’s quagmire—and unless she stayed at home for the rest of her life, there was no other way to prevent it.

He growled internally, However, if she’s sucked into their family conflicts… That will be a massive headache!

Michael had once made up his mind to bring the secret to his grave, but it was getting arduous to conceal Cooper’s genes in Sophia and he had to be prepared for the day when she would be discovered.

If only Cooper could be found now…

As he decided on what to do next, he reminded, “Minimize your contact with the Mitchells, but Old Master can be an exception. He’s getting on in his years and doesn’t have any children, so you can go and visit him whenever you’re free!”

Sophia was overjoyed—he had outdone himself in being kind! He has really lived up to his name as an idol! No matter from which angle you look at him, he’s perfect and shining with the brilliance of humanity 365 days of the year!

After receiving the amulet, she wore the rosary.on a daily basis. Perhaps she could have been possessed by the prodigy’s soul, but she felt that her brains were more active and she was able to learn things at a faster rate.

Within a few days, she had discreetly passed a professional-grade minority language exam and obtained a third-level certificate in Computer Science without a glitch.

Her obsession with obtaining certificates was something that she couldn’t control and she suddenly received a call from the university one day. “Is this Miss Edwards? The finals for Miss Misty Pageant, which you had registered for, has been brought forward to the 18th. It will be held at the university’s main auditorium at 2 in the afternoon. Please be prepared beforehand!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 332

“What?” Sophia, who had spent the entire day studying, was bewildered. “I’ve never participated in your contest, let alone be in the semi-finals!”

Upon hearing that, the other person responded, “I’m not too sure on the specifics, but you definitely have signed up for the contest and even sailed past the semi-finals.”

Sophia started to panic. “The problem is I’m not talented at all! I would have to perform, right? What am I going to present?”

The voice in the phone suggested, “According to the details of your registration, you’ve passed the 10th grade in piano. You can perform by playing the piano!”

Even after hanging up on the call, she still had no idea who had signed her up for the campus belle contest. It seemed like someone wanted to make a fool out of her! She was just a ‘nerd’; what did she know about a performance?

Acing a test in front of the audience?! Damn, the person wanted to make a fool out of her? They could dream on! Upon glancing at the calendar, she realized that it was already the 15th. How am I going to prepare for a show in 3 days’ time? And playing a piano at that?

She was sure that she would not be the only one who would play the piano and if she did not present something unique, she would not obtain a good score. At that moment, she suddenly realized that Michael would be giving a talk at Bayside University on the 18th.

The venue of the campus belle contest finals seemed to be at the school auditorium on the same day too—if what was stated on the poster was accurate. His talk clashed with the contest! She immediately asked Michael, “Hubby, are you giving a talk at the school on the 18th?”

Upon hearing that, he replied while typing away on his computer, “Yeah, I am giving a talk on campus on the 18th. I’ll also be one of the judges for the campus belle contest while I’m there.”

Sh*t! My idol’s going to be a judge? Does this mean that there will be twenty to thirty girls frolicking in front of my idol? At once, Sophia felt sour—as if envy started to spread in her heart.

Just at that point, he sneakily questioned, “I heard you joined the campus belle contest. Do you want me to give you a high score?

As soon as she heard that, she blushed and hastily ran off. This is not good; my idol is judging the contest. I’m going to embarrass myself in front of him! Other than playing the piano, she couldn’t think of other skills that she could make a performance out of.

That day, Sophia finally went to the piano that she had never touched after passing the final grade, wiped away the dust and played for the entire night. Back then, she did not have a specific goal when she learned the piano—she merely tagged along whenever Richard went for piano lessons every weekend and secretly learned while occasionally practicing at the school’s piano room.

Since she moved in with Michael, she would even play on the piano in his garage when she had nothing to do. Eventually, she hired a teacher and had piano lessons for a year before receiving her Piano Grade 10 Certificate. Since then, she hasn’t played the piano.

Upon hearing the piano’s beautiful melody, Michael was extremely pleased. In fact, he was the one who signed Sophia up for the campus belle contest. His talk had also been deliberately moved to the same day. Not only that, but he had volunteered to be the judge too. If he was being honest, he never intended to embarrass Sophia.

He merely wanted his chica to be more active instead of spending all of her time revising. Even if she played the piano, it was good enough for him. After all, Cooper was a great pianist!

Yet, she thought it was her rivals who sabotaged her to make themselves look good. To avoid being humiliated, she would have to prepare for the contest and set aside her research for the time being. She wanted to steal the show—and for her idol to look at only her instead of others!

As such, Sophia spent the entire night practicing on the piano—it was a Saturday the next day and the campus belle contest finals would be on the following Monday, leaving her with only the weekend to prepare for it.

On Saturday morning, Stanley had brought his dog over to Michael’s place for a visit together with Sean. At the sight of Stanley, Michael immediately became upset. “Why are you here?” he asked coldly.

Stanley grinned. “Hey Uncle, it’s not that I wanted to come. It was Aunt Sophia who asked me to come over to help her out. Oh, I brought all of your old toys too.” He had Hale and Gary move everything into the house and placed it in Michael’s spacious gym.

The old toys that Stanley referred to were musical instruments that Michael used to play as a teenager—drums, DJ mixer, electric guitar, and so on. Once he had joined the military, those items no longer became of use to him anymore, so it was left with the Fletchers.

Did Sophia plan to form a band with Stanley? Is she going to sing? Did my young wife have hidden talents that she has yet to reveal to me? An enthusiastic Michael peeked inside his gym room—it was a perfect area for rehearsals as the room was spacious with a mirror too.

He had only managed to sneak a glance before Sophia blocked his way with a flushed face. “Hubby, I’m using your gym for two days, so you can’t peek!”

Michael tried to look past her into the room. “Are you going to sing?”

She mysteriously teased, “This is my little secret; I can’t reveal it yet!”

Little secret? What little secret do you have that I can’t know? What secret do you have that I don’t already know? It did not matter what secret she kept from him—he was going to watch her perform onstage anyway, so he just had to wait for another two days!

Michael had to refrain himself from spying on Sophia’s rehearsals out of his eagerness for her performance. After all, he was the judge of the contest—she would have to perform for him sooner or later.

Whenever the three of them were constantly in the gym room, rehearsing for the show, he would occasionally hear music spilling from the room. However, he had no idea what they had planned since no one was allowed to enter.

They had rehearsed all weekend and by the time Sunday night had arrived, Stanley was so drained that he dozed off on the floor of the gym room. At the same time, Sean was exhausted to the point that he leaned against Stanley to sleep.

Even while Stanley was asleep, he reached over and cushioned Sean’s head with his arm. The two teenagers fell asleep next to each other, showing their beautiful side profiles. One was brawny and full of masculinity whether the other was feminine to the point where his elegance could rival a woman’s. It was a lovely sight that would make every fujoshi’s dream come true!

At that point, Sophia took out her phone and secretly took a photo of them before sending it to someone named ‘Little Kitten’ on Messenger. “New erotic materials for you!”

The weekend was soon over with Monday arriving again. The entire Bayside University was buzzing with excitement. Not only was the campus belle contest finals happening on that day, but Taylor Murray would also be coming to give a talk on campus too.

For five years, it was rumored that he would be returning to Bayside University for a talk. Some students had waited from their freshman year up until their graduation for the rumored talk that never occurred.

They watched him growing from a Cethosian movie star to an international movie star—and finally, winning the Academy Award for Best Actor. He was finally coming to Bayside University.

The auditorium quickly became crowded and the backstage was occupied by contestants who prepared to go onstage, making the atmosphere tense and exhilarating.

Not only would the champion be the campus belle and be on the homepage of the school’s official website for the entire year, but she would also be in the school’s promotional video. It would have been an honorable achievement!

With the goal of stealing the show on her mind, Sophia arrived backstage early to prepare as well. Since Tay Tay was coming today, she would give it her best shot, no matter what. She wanted him to only have eyes for her—she could not allow another woman to steal her show!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 333

Both Stanley and Sean had arrived at that moment. While setting up the equipment, Stanley saw how nervous Sophia was and tried to calm her down. “Stop worrying, we have a killer performance lined up. We’re gonna win this! Come on, look at me. Let’s take deep breaths. Breathe in, breathe out.”

Sophia had never been such a nervous wreck until that very moment.

At that moment, Sean chimed in. “If you’re feeling nervous, just hold your amulet. Your dad had it on him for 29 years and he aced every test. Just hold it and you’ll feel better.”

Upon hearing that, she reached out to touch her amulet and prayed. “God bless me. Please watch over me.”

With her newfound courage through the amulet, she started to calm down.

While the other girls were already prepared, she took her time and went to get her outfit.

“Sophia, you really came!”

The voice came from behind her. As soon as she turned, she saw Faye’s unfamiliar face.

It was not too long ago since Sophia last saw her, but she looked like she underwent puberty again. She no longer looked like the Faye Edwards that Sophia remembered—the girl looked as if she had bigger eyes with softer cheeks. Not only did her forehead look fuller, but her nose was sharper too!

Faye and Xyla had walked together as they approached Sophia with Richard following behind them.

It was because of Sophia that Xyla and Richard became the laughing stock of Bayside University and as a result, disgust and hatred were clearly etched on their faces.

To Sophia, they looked better with that expression on their faces. In fact, she preferred it over their condescending attitudes.

Glancing at the trio, Xyla rolled her eyes. “A performance is a requirement for the campus belle contest. I wonder what you have planned. Wait, let me guess… Are you writing calligraphy?”

Faye immediately added and laughed, “Perhaps she’ll ace a test on stage, haha!”

Before Sophia could respond, the overprotective Stanley strode over and stood before Richard. In addition to his bronze crew cut, he looked vicious with an angry scowl on his face, making a startled Richard backing away quickly. “Hey! If you’re gonna pick on my aunt, you’ll have to go through me!”

Richard knew he couldn’t beat Stanley in a fight—he didn’t even have the guts to do so. Therefore, he flashed a cold smile.

As a matter of fact, Richard had already done his research on Stanley Fletcher. While the Fletchers were a big family, some members were less favored and powerless.

The Fletcher Family came from a military background for generations, making it a tradition for its members to attend a military academy. Therefore, by attending Bayside University, Stanley was a nobody among the Fletchers and only used his family name to get his way.

“I’m not going to fight you. I’m just here to support my ex.” Richard fixed his tuxedo that was disheveled as a result of stepping back from Stanley earlier.

Upon hearing that, Stanley was about to respond before Sophia interrupted from behind. “That’s enough, Stan. Be careful or you might catch an STD.”


Upon hearing that term, everyone at the scene was shocked. Richard clenched his fists while his face wore a ghastly expression; his glare went past Stanley and met Sophia’s smiling eyes.

She was half-smiling and looked at Richard as if her sharp eyes could see through his soul.

“Enough with the slander, Sophia! Don’t cross the line! Did you forget who paid your medical bills when you broke your leg in junior year?”

An outraged Xyla stood next to Richard. “You are the reason why I’m spiteful! You’re well aware of what you did behind Richard’s back when you were still together. Now that you have everything, you’re shamelessly hurting him! Not only that, but you are spreading rumours about Richard having STD! Who do you think you are to compete for the title of campus belle?”

Sophia could care less about responding, so she continued to smile while looking at Richard, who stood behind Xyla.

He was too embarrassed to look at Sophia in the eyes as he flushed before dragging Xyla away. “Let’s go, Xyla. Speaking to them does nothing but stain my reputation.”

Sophia let out a cold chuckle as she watched him flee.

It turned out that Hale had already reported to her yesterday about Richard’s medical records at a private hospital—it was true that the latter suffered from STD!

After the brief interruption, everyone returned to their business—some were doing their hair and makeup while the others rehearsed.

For the campus belle contest, Faye performed a classical dance solo while on the other hand, Xyla sang while Richard played the piano as her accompaniment.

To be honest, Richard’s piano skills were outstanding—he would always practice in the piano room every weekend while Sophia secretly learned from him back in junior year.

She was more determined in learning the instrument than him and it was during that period of time where she learned to play. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to show her skills.

At that moment, the couple had begun their performance. The music sounded affectionate with a trace of blues, perfectly matching Xyla’s honey-coated voice. Their combination made them a match made in heaven!

So much so, those students who called them dirty names a few days ago could not help but envy them both as they were such a good pair!

The song that Xyla had chosen was a difficult one. The Huffs had already planned for her to enter the entertainment circle, so since she was young, they had already spent a fortune for her one-on-one classes. For that reason alone, she was not bad at singing at all.

Furthermore, Faye was excellent at dancing and with her sculpted face, she was the goddess of the university!

Among the contestants, Faye and Xyla stood out the most with their performances overshadowing most of the others.

Other than the scores given by the judges, the online voting would play a large role in determining who the winner was. At that moment, it was crucial to have built good relationships with their peers.

Xyla thought, I wonder how many good friends Sophia has.

She sang triumphantly, thinking that she would win the contest and would often look over with pride at Sophia, who was mumbling to herself with her head hanging down. Huh, she must be jealous of me!

All of a sudden, an unfamiliar person came to the backstage and shouted, which caused Richard to stop playing. “You there, give up the piano. Natasha needs it to rehearse.”

The tone of his voice was firm and indisputable. Richard was about to immerse himself in the music when he was rudely interrupted and angrily stood up. Just as he was about to erupt, he saw a group of people escorting a girl into the room.

That girl had an unique face. Not only did she look classy and had great charisma, but she also had an unparalleled aura. Wearing a tube top dress that was matched with a pair of stilettos, her impeccable appearance made her look flawless. Standing at 5 feet 7, her curvy figure was also comparable to a supermodel, making her noble and glamorous.

It was none other than Natasha Mitchell—from junior class!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 334

Once Richard knew about Natasha’s true identity, he was so frightened that he did not even squeak but made way for her after being awestruck. “Oh, it’s you, Natasha. This way!”

Upon hearing that, he and Xyla hastily moved from their position to make space for Natasha. Xyla was extremely unsatisfied, but she didn’t dare to oppose because of who Natasha was.

As the eldest daughter of the Mitchell family, Natasha was also the successor of the Mitchell Group. Not only was she an outstanding student, but she received close to full marks in every exam as well. When she was only in her freshman year, she had already earned first place in various international competitions and by the time she entered her second year, she had completed all the courses in her university degree through self-study and even began her postgraduate entrance exam.

On top of that, she was also the campus belle in Bayside University. Whenever there were foreign guests visiting the campus, she would represent the university as the most distinguished student to accompany them on their tour.

When Sean noticed Natasha’s arrival, he calmly obscured Sophia by standing right in front of her. He winked at Stanley and the latter immediately understood before proceeding to inform her about Natasha’s arrival. “Properly hide your amulet!”

Members of the Mitchell Family had been fighting each other over the possession of the said amulet, but Old Master Mitchell did not have any intention of passing it to anyone. In the past, there was even someone who wanted to snatch it in broad daylight. Even though Woody Mitchell was old and no longer had any authority, he still had a band of good brothers, such as Old Master Fletcher.

Due to Old Master Fletcher’s power, they were unable to make a move on Old Master Mitchell. Even if Cooper Mitchell was already dead, he still had a handful of loyal followers that he trained in the Mitchell Family, who looked up to Old Master Fletcher.

There was a time when Natasha’s father had made an extremely close imitation of the amulet, plotting to replace the genuine one, but Old Master Mitchell saw through the plans. With his crutches, he walked up to the door of Natasha’s father’s house, forcing them to return the original amulet to its rightful owner.

If Natasha ever noticed that the amulet was in Sophia’s possession, a mayhem could break out at once.

As soon as Sophia heard Stanley’s words, she immediately stuffed the amulet in her collar before looking at Natasha and frowning at the same time.

Upon noticing her arrival, the students in the area were awestruck and quickly flocked toward her to welcome her. After all, she was Bayside University’s most distinguished student and also the eldest daughter of the Mitchell Family. Who would not want to have a connection with her, albeit the slightest one?

“Wow, Miss Natasha, you look absolutely stunning today!”

“Miss Natasha, why are you here today?”

Natasha was in her second year, but she was only seventeen years old. When she was fifteen, she had already enrolled in Bayside University, which was why everyone looked up to her.

She looked toward the crowd with a lofty aura and glanced over the female crowd consisting of all shapes and sizes. With a smirk, she snickered in her heart, What simple minds.

Without warning, she announced, “I have applied to be this year’s campus belle.”

The female crowd was shocked, especially those who thought they stood a chance at winning. Wasn’t Natasha the previous winner of last year’s campus belle? Why is she even competing with the freshmen this year? She isn’t even on the list of finalists either!

However, Natasha ignored the crowd’s bickering as she sat on the piano bench and started to practice on the piano.

At once, elegant piano notes reverberated throughout the whole backstage—those who heard the notes immediately knew that whoever was playing the piano had a high degree of mastery.

In fact, she had learned how to play the musical instrument when she was at a young age and even had her own piano concert when she turned ten. Under the tutelage of a world-class piano master, her degree of mastery surpassed the average person by a huge margin.

At once, the female pianists who were preparing to perform on stage paled. After all, competing against she in terms of playing the piano was akin to having a death wish.

When Sophia saw the crowd surrounding Natasha, there was a glint of sadness in her eyes.

After all, a princess would likely be someone like Natasha, being showered with love and care at a young age without any worry at the same time. What a nice life to have!

At that moment, Stanley suddenly patted Sophia’s shoulder and asked, “Now that the genuine outstanding student is here, are you having cold feet now?”

Sophia looked at the scene for a while and averted her gaze. “Give me some more time and I will surpass her.”

Natasha was indeed a genius from the Mitchell family. When she was ten years old, she held her own concert and studied in Bayside University by the time she turned fifteen. At the current moment, she was preparing for her postgraduate entrance exam. On other hand, Sophia was already twenty, but still in her freshman year.

Despite the stark difference, Sophia did not think that she was that far off from Natasha. When she was eight years old, the village held a survey on the school age of the villagers. It was only at that moment when they realized that she was not enrolled in school and allowed to study from then. Therefore, she could not be compared to Natasha whatsoever.

Even after school hours, she had to return to her house to help with the farm work. Due to her poor background, there was no way for her to develop her skills.

Despite all the odds, she still believed that she was not late and that she was still young, so everything was still possible!

From now onward, there would not be any saying of ‘if only she had Natasha’s conditions, she would have done this and that’. She swore that she would surpass Natasha, no matter what!

At that moment, Gemma held Nathan in his hands and led him backstage.

“My son, let Mommy hug you!”

Sophia sighed while extending her hand. His face was set in stone while he reluctantly allowed her to hug him.

Nathan and Michael always came in a pack. If Nathan was here, then Michael was surely…


Suddenly, there was a commotion at the front stage. In that instant, Sophia’s ears instantly perked up as she remembered that Michael’s speech was arranged before the campus belle contest. She also acknowledged the fact that it was almost time for his speech after looking at the clock.

The idol had arrived!

She frantically followed everyone’s footsteps to the front of the stage to observe the scene.

Michael was not the only who arrived; his inseparable partner, Harry, was also here.

The truth was that Harry wasn’t interested in taking part, but Michael had convinced him that his future bride wanted to join the campus belle contest. In fact, it was her first time joining a large-scale competition. He was concerned about her being nervous, which would cause her to underperform and resulting in a lower score. Therefore, Michael was here to instill hope in her by having Harry added to the panel of judges.

That was the story of how Harry, who was playing games at home, was dragged into the situation.

Under the vice-chancellor’s guidance, the duo entered the giant hall through the VIP lane, which caused a huge commotion for the students who were present.

The school hall with a seating space of six thousand people was now packed with people; those who arrived late were unable to enter and could only watch the livestream from outside.

Michael was looking absolutely stunning today as he leisurely walked down the path with his black suit decorated with emerald green patterns. The emerald green pattern was also subtly radiating a luxurious aura while dazzling lights shone on him.

In that instant, he was literally a God radiating light!

The Michael at home would normally wear a tracksuit while the one who was outside would wear a formal attire.

He was looking absolutely handsome!

In fact, Harry also wore the same suit as him, but the two of them gave off a whole different vibe.

“Aaaaah, my idol! Aaaaa, My husband!” Sophia and a group of girls screamed .

The appearance of Michael and Harry caused the crowd to become insane and at once, various screaming sounds reverberated throughout the hall.

They waved at the crowd, following the workers on duty to the VIP guest lounge to catch a breath.

While the students offstage were blocked by security, those who were preparing for their performance backstage surrounded the VIP guest lounge instead.

“Let’s go and watch them too,” Sophia said after noticing that everyone was gone and quickly headed in the direction of the lounge as well.

Despite the huge response, everyone was merely observing from outside the door for the fear of disrupting their idol’s rest time.

“Oh my God, my idol is so handsome!”

“Awwwwww, my husbands are so handsome!”

A bunch of girls drooled at the two idols from a distance as they took out their cellphones to secretly take their idol’s photos.

Sophia also followed suit. After all, Michael was exceptionally stunning today by donning a suit while wearing a pair of leather shoes.

He was absolutely rocking the outfit, which made it a pity that he was topless while usually wearing a pair of pants at home.

She happily decided to take a nap before he changed his clothes after returning home.

While the two idols rested in the VIP guest lounge, the vice-chancellor was over the moon about the situation. It had never crossed his mind that when Michael arrived, Harry would tag along!

On top of that, Harry also wanted to donate a gymnasium, which made it an absolutely amazing situation!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 335

Michael insisted in front of the vice-chancellor, “I want you to rate my wife’s performance with the maximum score possible. If she doesn’t achieve first place, I refuse to donate the building.”

The vice-headmaster responded, “No problem, I will make sure that your wife receives the maximum marks available!”

Michael turned towards Harry, stating, “This applies to you too; give my wife the maximum marks available.”

“Okay, fine,” Harry mumbled, rolling his eyes while playing with his cellphone.

The campus belle contest consisted of three events with each one bearing a maximum score of ten marks. The final score would be a combination of the total score from the panel of ten judges and the online votes.

That was the reason why Michael thought deeply on how to secretly help Sophia to gain more votes.

In order to be on the safe side, he commanded the vice-chancellor and Harry, “Rate everyone else zero marks other than my wife.”

That meant if the trio gave other participants zero marks, it wouldn’t come close to her score—even if the other judges gave a high score to the other participants.

Harry sighed, “You have the money, so you are the boss. Therefore, whatever you say must be seriously adhered to.”

From a distance, the participants were busy taking photographs, observing that Michael was in a discussion about something, with absolutely no idea on what the topic was.

Meanwhile, Richard’s focus averted from him when he noticed that Sophia was also snapping photos with her cellphone. His focus was completely on Taylor, who was opening his suitcase that contained the dress that she prepared for the show.

The campus belle contest consisted of three events—catwalk, a speech, and a talent show with the first one requiring participants to present the best side of themselves. Hence, it was an important event for all of the participants.

If only Sophia’s dress can be destroyed… Richard’s eyes glinted as she walked past.

While everyone cooed over the two idols, Natasha suddenly emerged from the crowd and instantly made a beeline toward Michael and Harry, who rested in the VIP guest lounge.

“How is she able to enter the VIP guest lounge just like that?”

“What does Natasha want to do with those guys?”

The crowd looked at Natasha with envy as she headed toward the lounge, but they had no choice and allowed her to pass. After all, she was the most distinguished student in Bayside University and one of the daughters in the Mitchell Family.

Who else would have the guts and confidence to strike a conversation with the two idols other than Natasha herself?

On the other hand, Sophia was fuming when she saw Natasha headed towards Michael, “Leave my husband alone!” as she bellowed in her thoughts.

It was at that moment when she understood why Natasha, the previous year’s campus belle, made her way to join the current year’s campus belle contest. Presuming that her assumptions were right, the reason why Natasha joined the competition was because Michael was the judge. Little b*tch, don’t you dare be any closer to my husband!

The vice-chancellor was thrilled when he saw Natasha entering the VIP guest lounge. After all, she was one of the most prestigious students that Bayside University has ever had and was also the previous winner of the campus belle contest. He immediately welcomed her with an overly excited tone, “Why did you enter the VIP guest lounge, Natasha?”

“Vice-chancellor,” she began to start a conversation with a wholesome smile. Her smile had been honed by mimicking the famous models. While maintaining a model’s perfect posture at all times, she continued with her words. “I have also joined this year’s campus belle contest.”

He frowned upon hearing those words. If she joined the competition, wouldn’t that mean that she wanted to go head to head against Sophia?

“Weren’t you the winner of the previous campus belle contest? Why are you competing with this year’s batch?”

Natasha giggled, “Who said that the previous year’s campus belle can’t join this year’s competition?”

The vice-chancellor was at a loss for words as he was stumped. Because of that, he would have felt a sense of guilt if he followed Michael’s request to give a score of zero.

Meanwhile, Natasha trained her gaze on Michael while she looked toward him and Harry. She extended her alluring hand toward Michael, saying, “Nice to meet you, Mr Fletcher. My name is Natasha and I am a sophomore from Bayside University.”

To ensure that Michael acknowledged her, the vice-chancellor added, “Michael, the lady here is the eldest daughter of the Mitchell Family and her father is Alex Mitchell.”

Alex Mitchell was the current family head of the Mitchell family as well as the CEO of the Mitchell Group.

Despite the introduction, Michael did not have much of a reaction. He smiled in his usual manner while shaking Natasha’s hand, responding, “Nice to meet you.”

At that moment, Natasha’s eyes were filled with joy.

“How can she waltz in and shake my idol’s hand just like that? Hmph!”

“As long as you have a wealthy and influential father, you are also able to shake hands with an idol.”

Students who saw her shaking his hands with their own eyes had reacted in a shocking manner.

As Sophia observed the entire situation, her eyes widened to the length of plates. That was outrageous! How could that woman shake my husband’s hands in front of me?! That sl*t was doing that on purpose; there’s no way she didn’t know that Mr Fletcher was married!

Upon seeing the situation, she was absolutely determined to defeat Natasha in the campus belle contest!

After Natasha shook Michael’s hands, she maintained a cool attitude of a model and later greeted Harry before calmly speaking, “Mr. Fletcher, I heard that you are very skilled in playing the piano. Would you please join me to perform a piano duet?” That was the reason why she joined the competition.

Natasha was a hundred percent sure that Michael would not refuse her invitation; given her background and irresistible looks, there was no way in the world that he would say no to her.

Despite her expectations, he slightly frowned and apologized, “I am very sorry. It’s been several years since I’ve touched a piano. I may have lost my touch with it.”

“It’s alright. I was only hoping that I would have been able to share the same stage with Mr. Fletcher, that’s all,” she responded with a slightly contented look in his eyes. With that said, if Michael was not an idiot, he would have understood what she meant—it was a chance to join a prestigious family like the Fletchers.

Even so, she and most of the Fletcher Family had no idea of his true identity. In the eyes of outsiders, he was the son of a famous diva, Elizabeth Murray. Thus, everyone assumed that he eagerly tried to enter distinguished families like the Mitchell Family.

The truth was that Michael harbored no plans of entering any esteemed and rich family. Why should I even try to do so when I’m already part of one?

He shrugged off the chance to marry into a prestigious family, giving it to Harry instead. “Aren’t you the one competing today? My rusty piano skills would definitely affect your performance. My friend, Harry, will be the one playing instead. He is skilled in playing the musical instrument; he even achieved the tenth grade when he was eight! Please allow him to be my replacement for the duet.”

If Michael spoke another word to Natasha, he was afraid that it would make Sophia furious!

He skillfully shifted the responsibility toward the innocent Harry, who was busy playing with his cellphone. After hearing those words, Harry raised his eyebrows and mouthed toward him, “I swear…”

Harry’s face wore an irresistible smile when he turned toward Natasha, insisting, “Mr. Fletcher is pulling your leg. I’ve never achieved a tenth grade in piano when I was eight. I only achieved that achievement when I was nine.”

Natasha, who was rejected, did not show any sign of dissatisfaction; in fact, she already had Michael under her watch. It was merely a matter of time before he would be hers, so the small rejection meant nothing to her. “I am sorry for bothering you, Mr Winston.”

“It’s okay,” Harry reassured while smiling, but when no one was watching, he later gave Michael the evil eye.

Michael responded with an amused smile while having an unpredictable expression.

As time went on, it was time for his speech.

So, Michael went onstage and gave a speech, according to his script. His script consisted of babbling nonsense onstage like a product salesman, causing a resonance among the crowd.

Ever since the news of the idols being judges for the campus belle contest were spread, those who did not sign up for the competition started to regret it with a vengeance. There was absolutely no chance for commoners to suddenly show up and join the competition other than Natasha herself—since she had a direct connection with the higher-ups.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 336

According to the original plan, Michael’s speech would be 30 minutes long while the contestants prepared for their first round of the competition backstage. They did their make-up and hair as they all wanted a chance to win the highest point in the first round and to show themselves off in front of their idol.

Even with Natasha as the strongest opponent and no one bore any hopes for the winning title, there was still a spot for runner-up and third place!

As Sophia’s entry number was number 12, it meant that she still had some time to spare. So, after she did her makeup, she took out the outfit that she prepared for the competition and went to the changing room to wear it.

With a mysteriously smug smile on his face, Richard watched her walk into the changing room with her clothes.

As expected, she exited the room in less than a minute with a scowl.

“Why are you not dressed?” Stanley asked when he realized that she hadn’t changed her clothes.

She scowled again and kept silent. For the competition, she had prepared two sets of outfit—one was for the runway and speech while the other one was for the performance later.

When she shook the other outfit that she took from the case, she realized that both of the outfits had been messed with and there was no way to wear it, especially with holes all over the chest and rear end.

It was still fine when Sophia brought it in earlier, so someone must have messed with it while everyone looked at the idols.

Stanley was enraged when he looked at the now useless outfit. “Who did this? Show yourself now or I’ll shoot you in a minute!”

As his roar boomed across the backstage, everyone shot weird glances at them and noticed the two torn outfits; surprised glances were shared but it wasn’t long before those people quickly resumed with their own errands.

With clothes that were badly torn up, there was no way that she could go onstage in it, let alone burrow from anyone.

It looks like I can only wear my casual clothes for the runway! It’ll be a miracle for me to obtain a high score! Sophia knew the people behind it and glared accusingly at Xyla and Faye as they walked happily towards her.

“Oh dear, Sophia! What happened to your clothes? Why are they ruined? Would you like us to lend you a few outfits?” Faye questioned sarcastically.

As Sophia stopped Stanley from making a scene, she gazed coldly at them and replied in a cool tone, “It’s nothing; it’s just a small problem.”

Suddenly, there was a mighty roar of cheers from the front of the stage as the host announced, “Many thanks to our idol for the heartfelt speech and now let me announce that the ‘Miss Misty Pageant’ for 201X officially begins now!”

The pageant has begun!

The well dressed Xyla and Faye walked off smugly to wait for their turns.

Xyla was dressed in a light pink gown that accentuated her petite, adorable character while Faye was to perform a classical dance for the talent show later, so she had prepared a glamorous traditional gown for the runway.

According to tradition, contestants for the Miss Misty Pageant needed to have a male companion while they walked the runway.

Faye’s male companion wore a matching traditional outfit like hers, making them look good together; Xyla’s runway partner would definitely be Richard and they were the definition of a golden couple.

Sophia’s runway partner was supposed to have been Stanley, who had already changed into his outfit, but it seemed like she would no longer be able to strode the runway together with him.

Everyone gloated at her for her misery and only Molly, the class representative, seemed to be concerned for her as she walked over. “What are you going to do? Would you like me to lend you some clothes?”

Molly’s outfit for the show was valiant as her runway partner was her brother, a national basketball player, and they were catching people’s attention.

Sophia was in deep thought and replied, “Class representative, I have already thought of a way to resolve this, but could you please do me a favor and tell the host to push my turn to the last?”

Molly left hurriedly to inform the host of the change in plans.

While everybody waited backstage for their turn, the odds of Sophia making it on time seemed rather slim as she had not even changed her clothes.

As everyone whispered amongst themselves while waiting to go onstage, a sudden bright light brightened the entire backstage as the dashing Harry Winston walked in.

All the girls screamed uncontrollably, “Oh my goodness, it’s Harry!”

“Why is our idol backstage?”

He seemed like he hadn’t noticed everyone’s astonished stare as well as Sophia in the corner, choosing to walk straight toward Natasha and offering his hand out like a gentleman. She acknowledged him with a small smile while still maintaining her posture as a well-known aristocrat before gently placing her hand in his.

So, Harry was Natasha’s runway partner!

Suddenly, it was as if everyone else’s male companion paled in comparison.

She had already beaten everyone else in the first round!

Even though she had the idol as her runway partner, she still felt a pang of disappointment. Harry was great as a runway partner, but she would have preferred to have Taylor Murray as her first choice, but she understood that when he rejected her request for a duet, he wouldn’t accompany her for the runway.

Even with the rumors about Taylor being married couldn’t stop her passionate feelings for him. She will ensure that his attention would solely be on her today.

Shortly after the runway session had begun, Natasha was the first to go onstage and never cared about being the finale. Her only wish was to be the first one so that she could crush any hopes that other contestants had!

When the music for the runway started, Harry and Natasha walked up the stage together. He glanced at a corner and felt a little anxious.

The host started to announce the contestants. “Now, let’s begin the runway session of Miss Misty Pageant… Let’s give a warm welcome to all of our contestants!”

“Our number 1 contestant is Natasha from the School of Foreign Languages. Natasha was last year’s Miss Misty and her companion for the runway is… Oh my, it’s Harry Winston!”

Then, a commotion started when Natasha walked with her hand in Harry’s arm.

She wore a pearl coloured fish scale-like long gown, looking regal and elegant like a princess, and could even hold her own while standing next to him.

Harry dazzled everyone with his tall lean body that was wrapped in a tight fitting suit; it was as if he was a walking aphrodisiac and sighs of pleasure could be heard everywhere he walked.

When they both stood onstage, they looked stunning and seemed like the perfect match made in heaven!

Natasha looked over the crowd and glanced at Michael, who was sitting at the panel of judges. She saw that he nodded at her direction with his eyes filled with praise and admiration.

Her heart was filled with glee; it was then that she knew she had caught his eye and having his heart would be an easy task.

The truth was that Michael had looked at Natasha with his eyes filled with admiration and praise and even clapped his hands for her, but as soon as she had finished her round with Harry, he lowered his head and wrote a 0 on her scoresheet.

He was even considerate enough to write a 0 next to Harry’s name while glancing at the vice-chancellor, urging him to pen a 0 as well.

Then, it was Xyla and Richard’s turn next and although they were the known golden couple, she was nervous due to Natasha’s earlier performance, but still performed well.

Michael had clapped with the crowd and looked at the participants with the same praise and admiration look before giving them zeros.

Faye was beautiful, zero.

Molly wasn’t bad, zero.

Zero, all damn zeros!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 337

When all the contestants went offstage, they all felt really good about themselves.

“The idol looked at me earlier. Oh my, I saw him smile at me, so it means that I did really well!”

“I saw him draw a circle when he was writing down my score. The idol must have given me a full 10 points!”

When Natasha heard about this, she scoffed, What a bunch of idiots! How could Michael grade them a full 10 points when they don’t even know what kind of quality they are?

She was confident about her own performance as she had most likely even outdone Cooper when he was alive. This year’s Miss Misty would still be mine and the idol would naturally only belong to me as well! With my flawless face, unsurpassed achievements and an respected background, there is no man in this world that I can’t have!

While Harry stood next to her, he looked over to Michael, who was sitting at the panel of judges and was tediously drawing circles all over the scoresheets. Then, he glanced at her as she felt confident about herself. He sighed, Idiot.

After that, they only needed to wait for the last contestant to be onstage before beginning the group runway sessions.

The host had already started announcing, “And for our last Miss Misty contestant, Sophia from our School of Economics and Business Administration. Sophia is our top student in the school and she was accepted by our School of Finance with flying colors. Not only has she been awarded with many academic awards, but she possesses a professional English language certificate and also a Piano Grade 10 Certificate…”

After hearing the praises from the host, Xyla and Richard smiled at each other, knowing that there was no way Sophia would be able to go onstage and complete the runway show without any outfits.

Natasha felt a perk of interest towards Sophia after listening to the host’s introduction. Even though she knew that Sophia was far from a threat, she was definitely one of the more outstanding contestants in this year’s Miss Misty Pageant.

Then, the stage lights flickered and shone towards the left entrance of the stage—as a charming, young girl stood there readily for her turn.

As the spotlight shone on the girl, everyone clearly saw the image of her. There were no gasps of astonishment or whispers—instead, it was dead silence across the audience as looks were shared with each other to the point where no one knew whether to cheer or boo at her in the end.

Other contestants wore their best glamorous and beautiful outfits, eager to present their beauty through their choice of clothes, but the last contestant only wore a—school uniform!

Hence, the first Miss Misty Pageant contestant to walk the runway in a school uniform was born!

Furthermore, other contestants for the Miss Misty Pageant had handsome, charming young men as their runway companion, but the particular one chose a young boy as her runway partner!

Even the judges were rendered dumbfounded and speechless.

A giggle escaped from Xyla as she tried hard not to laugh out loud. Sophia is really wearing the school uniform on the runway!

As the music began to play, Sophia followed the rhythmic beats and slowly walked up the stage.

Her valedictorian look was even more convincing with the Bayside University’s summer uniform—her left hand held a book while a sling bag was casually hanging on her shoulders. The uniform showed off her slim physique, making her look innocent yet suggestive at the same time whereas the black and wine red colors stripes on her skirt matched with the black knee-high pantyhose, which revealed enough flesh on her thighs and showcased her long, lean legs. Lastly, she finished the look with a pair of black leather school shoes that made her look mysterious and elegant.

The background story behind Bayside University’s school uniform was that the inspiration came from a wine red rock from the Misty Lake, so the university had hired a well-known designer to design it before giving it to L/K to manufacture it. From its quality to a sense of fashion or even reputation, the uniform was no less than a branded version and perfectly captured the Bayside University’s image.

Then again, no one had ever seen a contestant in the pageant wearing the school uniform for the runway, let alone walking on it with such a young ‘male partner’.

Sophia and Nathan slowly walked under everyone’s curious stares—it was as though Bayside University’s hundred years of history was shown on her as she walked elegantly with the school uniform and her skirt swaying back and forth over her pearl white thighs; it was like she had the breeze moving around her.

Her make-up was light and clean as she wore a black frame glasses with a stoic expression on her face. Yet, there seemed to be a glimmer of a confident and proud spark hiding deep inside her eyes, concurrently making her seem arrogant yet friendly and everything else seem just right.

Suddenly, she reminded them of their stern teacher in high school who never returned to their home country!

Nathan was walking next to Sophia in his custom-made black school uniform with a look of indifference, making him seem older than he was. The two of them walked to the front of the T-stage and presented themselves to front of the crowd.

It was then that the crowd was awakened before claps and cheers rained like thunder throughout the hall. Some of the seniors were even frantically pressing the CALL button and flashes of glow sticks were everywhere.

Michael was the first to clap in the judges panel. Aha, I knew that my wife is still the cutest! Full marks all the way! Those who don’t give her full marks would be a bunch of idiots!

After that, the judges had started to write their score and he finally penned his long-awaited 10 marks and even did the same next to Harry’s name. He glanced over to check on the other judges—the vice-chancellor provided a 10, others gave a 9 and the lowest was a 8.8.

Very well. Since you didn’t give Sophia a full mark, I’ll remember your faces.

After Sophia’s jaw-dropping performance, she stood in front of the T-stage for a few seconds before turning to leave the stage. She extended her hand to hold hands with Nathan as they left together.

Earlier, he bore the look of a cold, domineering director, but suddenly after holding hands with his mother, he looked like an adorable young boy.

“Ahh! He’s so cute!”

“Little Nate is just too adorable!”

“If only I had a son like that too!”

All the girls started to lose their composure over that unique duo.

Even with Nathan’s distant and arrogant looks, he was still an adorable boy, which worked in Sophia’s favor, especially when they left the stage together holding hands because it illustrated a side of her maternal radiance.

The judge who wrote 8.8 marks quietly replaced his original score with a mark of 9.5.

Her astonishing performance left the other contestants speechless as they would never have expected that their fancy, glamorous gown were not nearly as good as her school uniform. Even the efforts of choosing and selecting the best male companion to walk the runway seemed like nothing when compared to Sophia trodding the runway with her own son!

As Xyla stared at Sophia and her son walking away while holding hands, a malevolent look flashed through her face as a cruel plan rose in her mind, glancing at Natasha.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 378

Before it was Sophia’s turn to come onstage, Natasha was the best performer—she had the best dress, the most beautiful face and the most handsome partner. It was almost a hundred percent certainty that she would be in first place.

However, no one had expected Sophia to show up. It was impossible for her to win if one were to consider her outfit and partner, but she had somehow found herself a way—she seemed ambitious!

But the title belonged to Natasha!

When Xyla saw that Sophia and Nathan left the stage while holding hands, she suddenly congratulated, “Sophia, what you did earlier was amazing! There is no doubt that the Miss Misty title will be yours!”

Upon hearing that, Faye seemed to understand what Xyla attempted to do and continued in a sour manner, “Yeah! You’ll definitely be this year’s Miss Misty!”

As soon as they spoke, the girls in the room were in discontent, especially Natasha, who had a rank of being first. First place for someone like her? Did these idiots misunderstand the importance of Miss Misty? It represents the image of the Bayside University! It’s not like anyone can simply acquire that title!

Natasha was eyeing Sophia with a vicious look on her face. She was extremely confident in herself, knowing that the throne of the Miss Misty Pageant would definitely be hers, but Sophia’s appearance had indeed raised her awareness and made her feel threatened.

After the solo catwalk show, everyone went onstage for the final walk where everything ended with a group photo of the contestants.

Natasha and Harry were definitely the best duo, which was enough to overshadow the other contestants.

While holding onto his arm, she enjoyed the gazes from the boys and calmly accepted the envious glares from the girls at the same time. She knew that she had always stood out from the crowd as she was always the finest out of all!

When the show almost came to an end, the audience suddenly screamed—as it turned out, Sophia and Nathan had appeared again.

Sophia had been holding Nathan as the both of them came onstage together. In order to cater to his figure, she had intentionally slowed down, taking a pause after taking two steps.

Even though he was being held onto, he tried to keep up with his mother’s pace. He was in a school uniform and carried a small backpack with a cold expression. The moment he showed up, every girl beamed at him.

He was adorable!

Even the judges in the panel smiled when they saw him.

He was the youngest student in the history of Bayside University, entering at the age of five with good grades! His mother was also someone with exceptional grades while his father was a wealthy man who liked to donate to the construction of a school building. Who wouldn’t like someone like him? He was a prince!

Out of the group of people in gorgeous dresses and fine makeup, Sophia had stood out the most with her simple makeup and a kid in uniform beside her.

Stanley had instructed the boys from the gay school to switch on their light sticks. The audience gleamed with light sticks that supported her!

The students from the gay school—from freshman to junior—were all in attendance to support her. At the current moment, some of the boys were screaming, “Sophia Edwards! Sophia Edwards!”

The atmosphere was being electrified. Humans were the easiest to be influenced under atmospheric circumstances like that. When the gay school started to scream in support for her, it had stimulated the rest of the audience before they followed suit.

“Sophia Edwards! Sophia Edwards! Sophia Edwards!”

With such a supportive call, the other contestants on the stage immediately felt uncomfortable, especially the once dazzling Natasha.

Despite that, she was not agitated as she knew that she was extraordinary. No matter how loud the students had shouted, all that mattered was the scores given by the judges.

Besides their scores, there was also a real-time voting via a designated app by students who were present and those who livestreamed the show.

After the first round of catwalk ended, everyone retired backstage to prepare for the second round.

The second round was public speaking.

Natasha was still the first to come onstage. She was relaxed and gave her speech that was titled, ‘Always One Step Ahead’.

In the meantime, Harry had also returned to his seat in the panel of judges, noticing that Michael had retained the score for him while he was onstage with her.

Without a doubt, everyone had been given a zero except for Sophia, but he discovered that Molly, whose score was originally a zero, had a score of 9.

He heard from Gemma that Molly had requested one of her classmates to urgently send a school uniform for Sophia, saving her from a lot of trouble.

At the moment, the contestants who were backstage anxiously checked their ranking via the app.

According to the app, Sophia and Natasha’s rankings had been shifting between the first and second place, competing only with one another the whole time. Besides, their votes were much higher than the other contestants.

When Xyla looked at the votes, her hand, which had been grabbing her phone, turned pale. Although her eyes were drooping, they were infuriated and she suddenly let out a laugh. Sophia, why don’t you continue to pretend? You’re vexing Natasha! No matter how powerful your husband is, there’s no way that he will be more influential than the Mitchells!

Currently, Sophia was still in her uniform. She had asked Molly to find her the uniform or else she would have to walk the show in her daily casual outfit.

Sophia was very distressed as she glanced at her clothes, which had been destroyed. The one who tore her dress was wicked, seeing that there was no way for her to repair the dress. The outfit she had prepared for the catwalk and the performance were all torn into pieces.

If Kenny learned that his works were destroyed, he would be saddened. Although the dress couldn’t compete with the Greenery and the Moonlight in an Ancient Well, it was still one of the limited editions from L/K!

After a sigh, she gave Gemma a phone call.

For the time being, Natasha had already begun with her speech.

“Since I was a young child, I had always known that one should never lose at the starting point. I set goals for myself and used my Uncle Cooper as the standard. When I was five, I was already active in international competitions when others of the same age were still playing around in kindergarten. I had participated in the Beethoven International Young Artist Piano Competition and others. I had also competed with professional pianists… At the age of eight, when the other kids were still learning multiplication and division, I started to study Further Mathematics and memorize the dictionary… At the age of ten, I began preparations for my first cello concert…”

The audience had given her rounds of applause upon listening to her awesome life experience; even the cheers of astonishment came from the judges. On the app, her votes were steadily rising, instantly leaving Sophia behind with hundreds of votes in advance.

Her resume was enough to defeat all the other contestants! What a young hero!

As a way to end her speech, Natasha said in her last sentence, “Even though I have worked very hard, I know that my efforts are not enough. My goal is to outshine Uncle Cooper and although this is a very ambitious goal for me to say, I believe that one day, I will achieve it. I’m already seventeen and I’m running out of time!”

The audience had broken into thunderous applause!

Looking at the audience and the judges, she was very pleased, especially when she saw Taylor showing his admiration. The corner of her lips were slightly curved and she proudly left the stage.

Without even needing to look at the app, she knew that her votes were the highest among all the others!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 339

The applause had lasted for a long time after Natasha’s speech had ended. After clapping a few times, Michael quickly drew a zero in the column and checked the online votes on his phone.

His wife’s votes were doubtlessly a hundred votes behind, but he was not affected by the online voting whatsoever.

In the history of Miss Misty Pageant, there was no app for the online votes—it was a new thing that was launched for the current batch.

The voting app had been specially made for the university students—they could use the platform to socialize, order takeout, shop, grab a cab, purchase movie tickets and it also included an arena for forums, watching dramas and novels, tournament consultations, checking academic grades and selecting courses and electives.

When the app was first launched, it immediately became popular on campus with almost all of the students and teachers having installed it and showing it off to other universities.

Furthermore, the app had a function for live streaming and naturally, today’s Miss Misty Pageant was being broadcasted live and exclusively viewable on the app.

The app was undoubtedly made by students from the gay school. That’s correct; those were from Stanley’s company!

Who worked in his company? Sophia!

One had to admit that Stanley was a genius. When he was a child, the other kids from the Fletcher Family were living an ordinary life—they attended school during the day as well as marching with the army in the morning and at night.

Most of them had attended the military academy or were serving in the army by the age of eighteen, but he was one of the rare exceptions. He went clubbing and played games on a daily basis. If his father or grandfather hadn’t forced him, there was no way in the world that he would be out there to march with the others.

The Fletchers had once thought that the kid was hopeless.

When he was in high school, he became even worse. Aside from skipping class and playing games in the internet café, he had skipped class in the name of internship when he was actually heading to the game company where Michael had invested in to play computer games. However, looking at how well he did, it seemed like he wasn’t there to play games but to acquire some knowledge!

The first app that Stanley’s company had developed was rather decent. Michael had read the plan and wanted to incorporate it into his games after the app was done.

The app was only part of the plan—they would continue to make a series of it and embody them into the development of online and mobile games.

Most of the employees in Stanley’s company were Bayside University graduates. Even their interns were the current university students. All of them had paid close attention to the data and if necessary, hehe… They would be making sure that Sophia would come first in the competition!

Suddenly, the employee received a call from Stanley. “Get ready to publish a notification on the app; I’ll forward the information in a moment…”

After Natasha’s speech, the students waiting behind her were all stressed out. Compared to her, the other contestants had been more lacking—no matter whether it was the stage presence, the ambience or the language used, they would not be able to compete with her.

She was professionally trained for public speaking and used to formal occasions. Conversing with foreign dignitaries was effortless for her and environments like that was merely a piece of cake for her.

On the app, her votes had been the highest!

Sophia was behind by hundreds of votes and the third was Molly.

The ranking had continued until the public speaking stage was almost over. Sophia was the last to go on stage.

Everyone had been having high hopes for the most eye-catching dark house of the night and were eager to listen to her content.

Soon, it was her turn. Still in the school uniform, she strode toward the microphone and settled down. Standing still, she took a cold glance at the audience, patted the microphone and started her speech.

“The topic of my speech today is—What’s the Matter with Being Late?”

What was the matter with being late?

Natasha had just finished her speech on ‘Always One Step Ahead’ and Sophia was here to say otherwise—was she going against her?

Upon hearing the title, Natasha sneered at the backstage. It seems like she has overestimated herself!

As she faced the audience, Sophia started her speech. “How did you live your life when you were eight?”

The app had a live comment function for the broadcast and it was shown on the big screen at the scene. When she threw out a question, the live comment section went excited.

‘I was attending hobby classes when I was eight.’

‘I was in third grade when I was eight.’

‘I won in the International Junior Math Olympiad and I could recite the Three Hundred Tang Poems.’

Sophia let out a chuckle when she saw the reaction from the big screen. With a casual tone, she continued, “So, we have some people who won international competitions at the age of eight, some have billions of fortunes under their name at the age of eight and some could recite poems at the age of eight. However, when I was eight, I was still collecting trash with my grandmother to earn a living. I have never been to school. At the age of eight, I couldn’t even write my own name.”

In response, the crowd was in chaos. Those who could afford to attend Bayside University were usually from a decent family. They might not be extremely wealthy but from a well-off family. They had grown up in the best environment and none of them had been in a situation like that.

It seemed like the audience and the screen were frozen. Everyone’s eyes widened, looking at the girl on the stage. No one could have imagined that an optimistic girl like her would have such a life experience!

Proceeding with her speech, Sophia continued, “I’m an orphan, adopted by my grandma and grandpa. At the age of eight, I followed my grandma to collect waste in order to support our living. I couldn’t afford to attend school; I’m illiterate and uneducated.

There was no one who could teach me how to read and I couldn’t even recognize the numbers. At the age of eight, the schools near our village started to check on the dropouts and when they learned about my situation, they exempted me from paying tuition fees so that I could be enrolled.”

“At the age of eight, I was in the first grade. I held a pencil for the first time, flipped a book for the first time and attended classes for the first time. My books, my bag, my stationery, even my school uniforms, were all donated to me by my classmates. At the age of eight, I recognized the first phonetic alphabet in my life and finally knew how to write my name.

Students of the same age have begun to learn and memorize ancient poems, but I couldn’t even memorize the phonetic alphabet table. Students of the same age have begun to learn addition and subtraction, but I couldn’t even write numbers. Even the teachers said that I was too late to start learning at eight.”

“But am I late? No, I’m not! So what if I was late? I was in first grade when I was eight but I had worked harder than anyone else. When they were playing, I was studying. When they were resting, I was still studying. I skipped grades in primary schools. When the others took six years to complete primary school, I took only four years.

I graduated from primary school at the age of twelve and was formally enrolled in middle school. With my actions, I proved to the world that so what if I’m late? People have been saying that one should start doing things as early as possible, but there are also people who are of the opinion that great talent matures late!”

The audience burst into cheers and applause at her speech.

But Natasha was disgusted sitting in the backstage. A lowlife thinking that she has run the show! A horrible pheasant who picks rubbish is bragging about its might! How hilarious!

Sophia went on with her speech, “At the age of twelve, I was admitted to the best middle school in our town. On the first day of my English class, I realized that most of my classmates were capable of communicating in English fluently or at least in some simple daily communication.

But look at me; I didn’t even know a word, let alone the alphabet letter! My English teacher had also told me that it was too late for me to start learning English. Was I late again?

No, I never thought that I’m late! For a total mark of 150 for the English test, the class secured a 100 average score for the first academic month and I was at the last place with a mark of 21. All the teachers had given up on me.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 340

“But I didn’t give up. I have worked a hundred times harder than anyone else. In the second month, I caught up with the class average. In the third month, I was already in the top ten of the class. By the end of the first semester, I got a perfect score for my English! Since then, my English results have always been in the top ten for the whole grade! I have once again proven with my actions that I’m not late!”

There was another round of thunderous applause and cheers. Compared with Natasha’s innate advantage, Sophia was indeed the real genius!

“At the age of fifteen, I enrolled into Riverdale High School with results of being in first place from my middle school. At school, I was exposed to chess for the first time. I wanted to learn, but I didn’t have any knowledge about it.

The hobby class teacher told me that it was too late for me to start learning chess at fifteen. But I didn’t give up and was the champion of the Bayside City’s Youth Chess Competition a year later.”

“At nineteen, I attended the first ever piano lesson in my life. My piano teacher told me that I was absolutely late at nineteen if I wanted to start learning piano and it would be impossible for me to do well, but I refused to believe it. I placed a lot of effort into it and worked a hundred times harder than the others. One year later, I received my Piano Grade 10 Certificate.”

“Before I enrolled in university, I had no knowledge about any minority languages. However, in my first year of university, I obtained two minority languages’ certificates. Before this year, I was an art student. I had never once in my life been exposed to any knowledge on computers.

This year, I decided to learn computer programming, game design and app design. Look at me now, I have participated in the development of the app that you are now using to vote.”

“Colonel Sanders worked hard at the age of 27 and founded Kentucky Fried Chicken, Samuel L. Jackson wrote ‘Journey to the West’ when he was 50, Steve Carell became a successful comedian at the age of 42 and Betty White was only famous at the age of 51!”

The audience almost went frantic with their applause!

Compared to Natasha’s ‘I’m already seventeen and I’m running out of time’, it seemed like everyone preferred ‘I’m only twenty years old, so what if I was late?’

After all, not everyone would have had the same reputation like Natasha when they were seventeen!

The live comment section exploded.

‘I’m twenty and I’ve decided to start dancing!’

‘This junior is inspiring! She has just reignited my dream to work harder! I’m 21 and have decided not to waste my life anymore. I’m going to start studying medicine!’

‘I’m already in my third year but I hate my current major. From now onward, I’ve decided to enrol in my second major!’

“Oh my God! This app was actually designed by a junior who has only been into programming for a few months? This is so amazing; I support you!”

On the app, Sophia’s votes spiked like a rocket. In a blink of an eye, Natasha was pushed down from her number one spot, but her fan base was very powerful. The moment they noticed that something went wrong, they immediately caught up. Both contestants chased one another wildly on the ranking board.

Looking at the live comment section on the screen, Natasha was still scoffing. It seems like lies like this can be very useful to deceive those underachieving students!

Those who don’t work hard all love this kind of thing the most!

However, how will the judges be fooled?

While at the panel of judges, Michael did his best to clap for his wife. When he was finished, he immediately gave his wife a perfect score and simultaneously ensured to vote for her on the app—the account was being registered with the university’s student number. Each user would be able to vote once every ten minutes until the event ended. He used his former student number to register and vote.

The second round of public speaking came to an end. The scores given by the judges were all collected with the total being calculated for the contestants—from the ones by the panel and the online votes. The marks from the first round, which was the catwalk, would also be concurrently announced.

The host announced in a melodious voice, “The first place in the first round goes to No. 1, Natasha Mitchell with 9.88 points. The second place goes to No.23, Sophia Edwards, 9.86 points and the third place…”

Upon hearing that, Natasha was acting as if it was what she deserved, but Michael, who was in the panel, frowned.

How did it happen?

I had painted so many zero for Natasha; how can my wife still be in second place?

He quickly took a glance at his phone and discovered that her online votes from the first round was so splendid that he had no idea when she accumulated a thousand more votes than the second place.

What happened?

Michael immediately contacted the admin, Stanley. According to Stanley, it seemed like it was Harry who fished for votes on her behalf on Twitter.

Michael clicked into Harry’s Twitter account and saw that the latter had posted an advertisement for Stanley’s app. The app was now not only being used by the university, but it became popular among the students around the campus.

Stanley had visited most of the universities and signed contracts with them to link their administration system with the app. Anyone could simply register themselves on the app with their own student number.

The Twitter post was originally only meant to promote Stanley’s app, but Harry never expected that his fans would download and register themselves—just to vote for him!

Even though Harry did not participate in the contest, he had graced the catwalk together with Natasha! There was no way that his fans would stop voting for her.

So, he had accidentally drawn votes for her!

He had more than 40 millions followers on Twitter! Even if only one million registered themselves, that in itself was already a terrifying number.

Upon knowing the result, Michael almost wanted to choke him to his death on the spot!

Not knowing what had recently happened, the innocent Harry stared at Michael with saucer eyes.

The first round had come to an end but Harry’s fans were still downloading and registering themselves like crazy. They went insane when they voted for No. 1 and as Michael was glaring at him, Natasha’s online votes were rising again. In a heartbeat, her votes were again two thousands ahead of Sophia!

No matter how many students Bayside University had, they were no match for Harry’s fans. No one can ever compete with the numbers of followers he had on Twitter!

No matter how many zeros Michael had given to Natasha, it was now completely useless!

He had thought of so many ways but missed out on that part!

Michael immediately logged into his account—the one which he had not been using for years. He retweeted the advertisement that Stanley made to promote the app and left a message that read, ‘Student No. 23’s speech was moving for someone like me who was only admitted into university at the age of 23. If you can dream it, you can do it. What’s the matter with being late?’

Once they saw that their idol had personally nominated for No. 23, his fans quickly downloaded the app, registered and started voting.

Since he had humbled himself to personally solicit votes for Sophia, her online votes finally began to catch up and track Natasha’s, as if they battled in the battleground. As both Taylor and Ethan’s fans were involved, it seemed like the front was no longer the girls’, but a battleground between the fans of the actors!

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