My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 351-360

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 351

What’s with these young girls lately with all their idol-chasing and dirty drawings!

When Harry left, he took Sophia’s “little hobby” along with him. The little yellow book was privately printed and not publicly issued. There wasn’t any information about the publishing house, but it only had the artist’s name on the cover page. “I knew it—it’s you again!” Sarah was an up-and-coming artist on the Internet. Her illustrations were mostly graphic drawings of men, and she was known for her brutality and straightforwardness.

Harry hated her with a passion since she always drew him. It was such an insult! As soon as he posted a selfie on Twitter, she would illustrate and publish the horrible picture of him scratching his head and showing his chest unless he caught her in the nick of time!

How bad it would be if it spread out! Harry could easily track her down with his status, but it would definitely be an insult to him if people got to know that a young girl like Sarah created so much trouble for him. Hence, he followed Sarah’s Twitter account in secret. She had a total of 40 million followers, and he wanted to see if she still dared to draw such saucy pictures!

Meanwhile, Sophia was studying in her room. As she chewed on some beef jerky, she watched her live lecture. She didn’t know that she had lost one of her “little hobbies” until Calvin came over in the evening and discussed suing Richard. With that, she immediately turned off the broadcast. Richard had slapped her in front of everyone and also cut her high-end dress. In fact, he had to pay for her medical expenses which included the mental torture she went through, as well as the loss of her job. She didn’t ask him to apologize to her, but demanded that he compensated her monetarily instead. It wasn’t much—it was just 20 to 30 million.

After drafting the legal formalities with Calvin, he finally left. It wasn’t hard to make Richard pay until his entire family went bankrupt when Calvin was there.

As soon as Sophia’s lawyer letter was sent to Richard, she received an immediate call from Richard himself. Once she answered the call, she was met with a hysterical roar from the other side. “What are you doing, Sophia? I will give you whatever you want. Can you please let me go? We really can’t be together anymore, so please stop creating more nuisance!”

As she put on a facial mask nonchalantly, she replied, “Let me make this clear, Zane—you’re the one who has been causing trouble. In fact, I have been letting you go. It was you who cut my dress, and you hit me as well. Did I force you?”

On the other side, Richard was speechless. He was silent for a while before he suddenly lowered his voice and threatened her, “Just wait for me, you b*tch. Your lawyer’s letter is not a deterrent to me. I will definitely leave you dead with no place to bury you!”

Sophie smiled and said, “How are you going to kill me off?”

“You should be aware of the Harper Family’s power. Killing you off is not a big deal. Just wait and see!”

As she fiddled with her mask, Sophia said into the speaker, “Zane, everyone here is civilized. Please don’t say such things anymore as I am a law student myself. I can completely regard whatever you said just now as a death threat to me.”

Richard Harper sneered, “Ask yourself, Sophia—am I in any way sorry to you? Yes, I am with Xyla. I know you hold a grudge, but you should see the facts in front of you clearly. It’s impossible for us to be together!”

Sophie wanted to laugh, but she didn’t dare do so for fear that her mask would crack. “Your sister broke my leg; your family slandered me for an abortion, miscarriage, infertility, and had me expelled from high school. I was ruined completely and lived on the streets. Your sister even got someone to rape me, yet you’re here telling me that you’re not sorry for anything?”

Richard once again had nothing to say and finally responded viciously, “Wait for me—once I have a word with the Harper Family, I will not let you see the sun tomorrow!”

With that, he hung up the call.

Sophie promptly sent the recorded conversation to Calvin. “He has threatened to kill me. Can you help me with this? If he goes to jail, there’s no need for compensation; if this does not warrant jail time, I want him to pay until he goes bankrupt!” No one knew how desperate and helpless she was when she was thrown away back then; now, it was a totally different story!

Of course, Sophia kept her guard up; she knew that it was possible for the Harper Family to use some other means of retaliating. In fact, they would most likely hire several underworlds to block her path. Richard and Kayla were born to the same mother, and the both of them obviously inherited the same mind from their mother.

As they had expected, Sophia had been going in and out of school for the past few days when Hale informed her that someone was indeed following her. She then calmly said, “Since they want to follow us, let’s drive to a remote place and keep the evidence.”

Back at the Harper Family, Richard had been driven to a dead end. The video of him beating up people in public during the pageant had been posted on the Internet, and it was further sensationalized due to the handsome Taylor. The more popular Taylor was, the more Richard suffered!

Naturally, the Harper Family was not in harmony. Due to Richard’s affairs, the Harper Group had to pay a large compensation. Not only that, their management rights were revoked. If it hadn’t been because of their marriage with the Huff Family, they would have been driven out of the company’s decision-making circle a long time ago. All of this was because of Sophia!

Richard and Kayla were indeed born to the same mother; despite the ongoing court case, the first thing they thought of was using underworld tactics to kill Sophia! Even if it meant using up the last bit of money on their hands, they had to humiliate Sophia no matter what!

Richard caught wind that Sophia had been forced to the suburbs; she would soon be brought to him and let him be ravaged!

Richard waited excitedly, already thinking about countless ways to make her ruin her knees and beg for mercy! It was exhilarating, truly exhilarating…

Meanwhile, he waited at a hotel near the suburbs. After waiting for an hour, he finally heard a knock at the door.

“SF Express! Open the door!”

Here came the signal!

In an instant, Richard opened the door excitedly. However, he came face-to-face with Sophia together with a bunch of cops behind her.

Richard froze.

“It’s him, Comrades!” Sophia testified angrily.

The police rushed in and grabbed Richard, who hadn’t even come back to his senses…

After this hiccup, the lawsuit between Sophia and Richard ensued. The death threats and personal threats of buying unemployed people in the society were enough to teach Richard and the Harper Family a valuable lesson. Sophia did not want an apology—she just wanted them to rot in jail and pay the price!

It didn’t take long for the Harper Family to sell all equity in the Harper Group and eventually moved away from the property near Sophia’s household.

Michael had once asked Sophia why she wanted to report this matter and take it to court in the first place.

Sophia smiled and said nothing; she wanted to use the law and let the bad guys who hurt her get the retribution they deserved!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 352

After the Harper Family lost a large sum of money, it completely ceased. Later on, Richard supposedly registered himself into a private business school for adults where the classes were full of major coal owners and the sort, while Xyla Huff entered the entertainment circles. As such, Sophia felt that the world was at peace.

It had been several days since the campus belle contest. One day, a phone call reached The Imperial. “Boss, Boss, there’s a phone call for you!” Maria suddenly knocked on the door.

It was still early in the morning in the master bedroom, so the person under the covers on the bed was still pretty reluctant to get up. Since Michael had had a long week of filming before returning home, he still wanted to sleep some more, but Maria woke him up instead. Michael glanced up with his sleepy eyes. Displeased, he asked, “Who is it?” Who’s this crazy person calling this early in the morning?

Maria answered, “Someone called Natasha Mitchell. She said she wants to thank you.”

Michael replied, “I don’t know her. Just hang up.”

He fell back onto the bed to go back to sleep, but the Sophia in his arms was wide awake now. Springing up like a rabbit, she said, “I’ll go answer it.” Why would Natasha be calling? And to look for him at that? I’ll have to hear her out.

During the campus belle contest, she sensed that Natasha had other intentions toward Michael. She really wanted to know what she was calling him for! Answering the phone, Sophia had barely said anything before Natasha recognized her. “Sophia, I know it’s you. I want to talk to Taylor, not you.”

Sophia answered, “Well, I’m sorry, but Taylor’s still sleeping.”

Natasha’s voice over the phone sounded languid, nothing at all like that of a 17-year-old girl. She chuckled. “I heard that you’re actually a poor college student being sponsored by Taylor, and you’re staying in his house as the children’s nanny?”

She even found out about this. Impressive! Before Sophia said anything else, the voice on the other end of the line spoke again, “So in reality, you didn’t get married off to an old man, but instead got bought over by Taylor to be a nanny.”

It was said that Taylor was married, but Natasha, even with all her means, wasn’t able to find out who his wife was. Taylor’s missus, whoever she was, must have an extraordinary background because none of the famous or popular actresses she knew were likely to have married him.

Although Natasha did suspect that Taylor married Sophia, it was a hypothesis she ultimately rejected. How could she ever match up to Taylor? The best she could be was a nanny for him. After all, how could Taylor stand her peasant-like presence?

Sophia didn’t refute any of Natasha’s guesses. “Regardless of whatever you think, I still don’t know why you’re calling this early in the morning.”

Natasha laughed, her tone becoming friendly. “Well after the campus belle contest that day, I went back and thought about it. Mr. Murray was right; I’m still much too young to actually lose. I appreciated his reminder, for it had helped me understand that failure is the mother of success. It really inspired me, so I called to specially thank him.”

“I’ll pass the message on to him,” Sophia answered. Then, she suddenly added on another sentence. “The boss and his wife haven’t gotten to see each other for some time now, so it seems like they’re still in bed.”

Natasha had nothing to say to that. Somewhat anxiously, Sophia hung up and went back to sleep with her idol in the bed. If she really wanted to thank someone, shouldn’t she have thanked Harry instead?

Harry was publicly punished because of her, for the title ‘Ethan Winston, the Wild Pianist’ was still on the headlines! It was so obvious that Natasha was trying to make a pass at Michael. There were plenty of women that liked Michael, but this woman’s power was clearly greater.

Soon, the final exam of the first academic year arrived. Nothing extraordinary happened and Sophia easily achieved top grades within her major. Simultaneously, she even went the extra mile and sat for the School of Computer Science’s final exam too.

This field wasn’t her major after all, so the studying took some effort and her grades weren’t as good as Stanley’s or Nathan’s, but she was still in the top 10 of her class, which was shocking enough. Now that exams were over, summer vacation was here!

Sophia had already formulated a plan for the summer vacation preparations. She planned to finish the rest of the courses for her major during the summer vacation as the postgraduate entrance exam would occur during the new school year.

Also, she had to study computer science because she would also have a postgraduate entrance exam for that.

The School of Business Management had their exams relatively early, finishing before the other majors were done. As soon as she finished her exams, she received a notification informing her of her participation in the shooting for the new school year’s promotional video.

Bayside University would release a new promo video every year, showcasing the university’s culture and rich history, as well as its state-of-the-art facilities. Miss Misty Pageant and Mr. Misty Pageant would have to be there. As Sophia was crowned Miss Misty Pageant this time, she would be one of the leads in this year’s promo video with some important scenes.

Every year, the Bayside University’s promo video would be shot and produced by students of the School of Cinematography, with the music composed by students from the School of Music. The actors in the video would be Mr. and Miss Misty Pageant or other students from the School of Cinematography. The entire production crew was made up of students and the ultimate quality of it was also determined by the students.

Before shooting commenced, everyone collectively watched the promo videos of past years to figure out what direction they wanted to go in. This year’s director was a senior from the Directing major of the School of Cinematography. He selected a few scenes to show everyone.

Sophia watched them very seriously, wanting to see how past Miss Misty Pageants acted in their roles in the promo video. The first scene shown was from last year’s promo video; Sophia had already seen it before. Bayside University had gone to South Bayside High School to film last year.

Last year’s Miss Misty Pageants didn’t seem very outstanding, aside from Natasha, who was the champion. She relied on her exceptional looks to attract the audience, overshadowing the others.

Each promo video was only a few minutes long, so it didn’t take too long to finish watching one. After watching last year’s video, they proceeded to watch more from previous years. Several more videos later, Sophia was now watching a promo video from about 20 years ago.

The senior who was in charge of that promo video was now a popular director. The filming equipment used 20 years ago wasn’t as advanced as it was now, yet the promo video seemed to have become a classic that couldn’t be surpassed. It looked like that talented senior had already been flourishing as a director since he was a student.

In the clip, frames flashed by rapidly, showing several well-known spots of the Bayside University campus. Piano music played throughout the whole video, with the actual scene of the piano playing appearing many times. However, only a pair of fair hands could be seen. Slender and white, that pair of hands danced across the piano keys, producing elegant music. The face of the piano player was never shown, but those fingers seemed to belong to a boy. For a man to have such hands, he must have been an extraordinary character, and no one knew who this graceful senior was.

With this curiosity in mind, Sophia watched the rest of the promo video. The face of the man finally appeared in the last few seconds of it, smiling toward the camera. He had very beautiful mixed race facial features, and his smile was like a March spring breeze—very friendly and incredibly handsome. The man’s face only appeared for about two seconds. It was merely just a flash frame, but he was easily the highlight of the entire promo video.

After looking at that face, Sophia was in a daze. She seemed to be stunned and amazed by his temperament. When she came back to her senses, she thought that the senior looked familiar, like she had seen him somewhere before.

That was until she heard Molly excitedly telling her, “So did you see that senior that appeared in the promo video just now? That’s Cooper Mitchell, Natasha’s uncle! He’s one of the best students in all of Bayside University’s history!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 353

So it was Cooper Mitchell! No wonder he looked so familiar!

Apparently, the director and Cooper had worked together on the video. After its release, the entire student crew was amazed. They whispered amongst themselves, with the focus of their gossip being Cooper.

“Oh, so he’s Cooper Mitchell! My god, he’s so handsome!”

“So that’s Natasha’s uncle! He received his double Ph.D. from Bayside University at just 18 years old. God, how can there be such a talented person in this world?!”

“I’m so jealous! If only I could have such an amazing and handsome uncle!”

Natasha heard everyone’s whispers and her lips moved into a confident smile, but she was sneering secretly in her heart. What a bunch of peasants! What wishful thinking! However, being Cooper Mitchell’s biological niece, she was naturally proud about it. Thus, she couldn’t help but straighten her back and enjoy the looks of envy people threw at her.

After watching the videos, everyone dispersed. Sophia and Gemma exited the School of Cinematography’s building and decided to take a look at the Alumni Corridor. The Alumni Corridor was also one of Bayside University’s well-known spots; it was where the best students of the university were displayed along the corridor. The long corridor was continuously expanding, with new ‘Best’ students being constantly added.

To be displayed in the corridor, one had to be the top student of Bayside University. On average, a new student was added to the corridor every few years. From its establishment until the present, a total of over 60 students have been added to the Bayside University Alumni Corridor.

Sophia had never visited the corridor before, and today was her first time. In the corridor, as she was walking, she stopped when she saw Michael’s portrait. When Michael was studying in the university, he attended under the name ‘Taylor Murray’. So now, the name under the portrait was also ‘Taylor Murray’.

With that one portrait of his handsome face in the corridor, instantly, the whole corridor became more star-studded.

Bayside University had many other campuses and amongst them was the Bayside University of National Defense. It was a military academy and from its name alone, it seemed to have nothing in common with Bayside University.

However, they both operated under the same academic systems and were both under Bayside University management. Thus, alumni from the Bayside University of National Defense were also present in the corridor, including Joel Fletcher and Irene Weber.

Finally, she came across Cooper Mitchell’s portrait, which had his accomplishments listed beneath it. He was 18 when he received a double Ph.D. from Bayside University in music and economics. He really was a rare talent. In the hundred years of Bayside University’s history, he seemed to be the only one with such gifts.

Other alumni often only got their portraits put up in the corridor upon graduating and making a difference and a name for themselves in the world. For example, Michael Fletcher only got his place in the corridor after becoming the first actor from Cethos to receive an Oscar.

Even Joel only had his portrait recently hung, whereas Cooper was the first alumni to ever be featured in the corridor while still an actual student.

Looking at the timing of it, he must have been 17 when he was given a place in the Alumni Corridor as he looked 17 in the featured portrait. Cooper’s childhood face carried a carefree smile but according to his list of accomplishments, he wasn’t just a Bayside University Ph.D. graduate. At that point, he had also taken over the family business and was the junior president.

Cooper Mitchell, seemed to Sophia like a tall mountain that lay in front of her. A tall mountain that she would not be able to surpass. No, he was everyone’s tall mountain!

Sophia raised her head to look at Cooper, trying to envision him experiencing the past 20 years. She tilted her head and looked at it for a long while before subconsciously holding onto the pendant that lay on her chest. Who knew when would she be able to be like Cooper and be featured in the corridor?

Sophia followed along with the crew of the promo video, shooting for several days straight until it was done. After that, it didn’t take long for everyone to get the sample of the promo video. She happily took the samples home to show Michael. After all, this was her debut role!

Michael played the sample tape on the living room television. After watching it once, his eyebrows crinkled; he felt as though something wasn’t right so he watched it again. What the hell kind of video is this?! The entire video was filmed very well—its pacing was appropriate and the soundtrack to it was emotional. Everything was of high quality and the editing was excellent too. The only problem was Sophia.

Whenever Sophia was featured in a scene, the entire film’s composition and color grading changed completely. Her makeup didn’t match the style of the video. While others had on light makeup that gave them an elegant and suitable temperament, Sophia had heavy makeup that did not match her clothes. The composition, angle, and positioning of the camera were also huge issues.

Amateurs, as a whole, wouldn’t be able to tell what the problem was. They’d only get one feeling—she was ugly! She had essentially been portrayed as Bayside University’s number one flirtatious gold digger trying to fish for a man!

Sophia might be a greenhorn who didn’t know how to make movies but she had a husband at home who did this professionally. Two days ago when Sophia was at home researching and preparing for the promo video shoot, Michael had also glanced at it.

He noticed that it was the same situation as last year wherein the whole crew revolved around one person, deliberately filming them beautifully and making the others seem ugly.

It was evident who that one person was. One only had to see who was the nicest to watch in the sample and who seemed to be problematic. Who knew that one could use a promotional video to create so many new avenues? He had really underestimated Natasha!

Michael directly told Sophia, “All of your scenes need to be reshot. Those close-up photos too; retake them!” Not only were the visuals in the video ugly, but the photos to be posted on the official website were shot particularly ugly too. There were major issues with the composition and the angles of them. They had tried to shoot the pictures from below but it was typically really difficult to get good pictures from that angle.

When Sophia watched the samples, she did feel that something wasn’t quite right, and now she finally saw what was wrong. She never thought Natasha would be so bitter as to deliberately make her seem ugly! And not only her, but everyone else was shot to seem ugly too! She frowned.

“But if we were to reshoot everything—seeing that they could make me look ugly the first time—they’d do it again the second time. After all, the senior director is one of Natasha’s people.”

Michael set down the remote control. “Leave this to me. I’m the professional.”

With that, he took away the samples. The next day, he invited a team of professionals to reshoot Sophia’s scenes. Michael personally supervised the entire production. Although Sophia only had a few scenes, he ensured that they were the most beautiful shots.

And sure enough, it was professionally done. The new sample arrived within a few days and the new scenes had been perfectly edited into the original sample. Sophia now looked like a dynamite. All her angles and the composition of the frames were now first-class, and her make-up was perfect. Everything achieved the original artistic concept.

However, it was already too late. At that point, the original promo video had already been uploaded onto the university’s official website.

Michael glanced at the website. In the promo video, Bayside University and Natasha looked beautiful. Everyone looked really energetic and portrayed the university well. Everyone except Sophia, who just looked ugly. Because of this, Sophia was a little discouraged. After the hectic past couple of days, with Michael sacrificing his own time to accompany her and personally oversee the production on the two-day shoot, it was still too late. The promo video crew had done all this deliberately!

The college entrance exams were over and it was time to release the results. These next two days would be when Bayside University’s official website would gain the largest amount of traffic. Who wouldn’t want to appear on the homepage looking stunning?! Things had already progressed until this point. Although it was a little regrettable, it ultimately was not a big deal. If Natasha liked being so smug about it, Sophia could only let her be!

However, this matter wasn’t a small issue to Michael. His wife’s issues were never a small matter! If his wife was unhappy, then it’d be a huge issue! If his wife was unhappy, then he’d be unhappy!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 354

Michael called the vice-principal, “I am going to change the promo on the homepage; please, check it in a while.”

Without waiting for the vice president’s response, he hung up the call and immediately told Gemma to hack the official website of Bayside University and put up the promotional video of Sophie on it. He also asked Gemma to change the background of the homepage. As long as there were people’s faces, it was replaced with Sophie’s beautiful photos!

After a while, the vice-principal called, “Michael Fletcher, do not piss me off! What if the website crashes? The user traffic right now is very high. Do not create a mess!”

“Do you still want the building or not?”

The Vice Principal hung up the call after a minute of silence.

Sophie on the other side took the tablet and watched the video on the official website happily. Sophie had never imagined being able to take the entrance exam for Bayside University. Every time she secretly entered the official website of the Bayside University, she was jealous of the students in the photos that used to be posted on the official website. The Bayside University was her childhood dream! When she was in high school, she used to secretly download the promotional video of the university on her mobile phone and watch it frequently. This used to help her keep up her spirits. Who knew that one day she would be able to be on the official website of Bayside University; to be on the cover page of the website; to become the star of the promotional film. The promotional video also highlighted her champion status. This reduced the shine of Natasha Mitchell.

The couple cuddled up on the sofa in the living room while watching a film. They were also sharing kisses. Seeing both of them being attracted to each other like two magnets, little Nate went out to play with his toys, sighing helplessly.

There are children here!

However, Little Nate was used to his parents’ public displays of affection as they were not ashamed of their behavior at all. Little Nate just tried to ignore it. Go kiss and make a little sister as soon as possible. I can’t wait to hold a little sister in my arms.

But he also heard that Sophie was unwell and it was very likely that he would not be able to hold a little sister within the next two years. Although it was a little regretful, Sophie’s health was important as well.

The sun outside today was a bit fierce and little Nate could only play in the living room. His other friends had gone back to their hometown to relax for the summer vacation. Little Nate played with his robot alone and directed the robot to walk around in the living room. His parents were still in the midst of an intense make-out session. They were not perturbed.

After the promotional video was put on the official website, it was also on Stanley’s APP, which caused a very big sensation among prospective students and old students. Natasha and Sophie became well-known among the students of Bayside University.

Natasha already had an image as she was the princess of the Mitchell family and her best friends were all upper-class ladies of Bayside City or royal princesses of Europe. They are proficient in various talents and have won many international awards. They are the best at the Bayside university. Her phrase ‘I am 17 years old and time is running out’ had become her golden phrase.

On the other hand, Sophie was also a very eye-catching personality among that year’s freshmen. She was beautiful and had a strong academic personality. Unlike Natasha, she had risen from a poor family and attracted much attention. After she separated from her ex-boyfriend, the whole school was full of turmoil. Her extraordinary song for the belle contest became a masterpiece that everyone started to imitate and it became an indelible classic in the history of the Bayside University campus belle contest.

Each of them had their own specialties and fanbase according to their personality. Some people preferred Natasha’s princess character and some people preferred Sophie’s common character.

Stanley’s APP quickly launched a poll, which allowed both their fans to come together, taking the opportunity to increase the number of users of the APP.

Natasha Mitchell of the Mitchell family’s ancestral home of Bayside City slammed down the tablet in her hand after watching the new version of the promotional video on the website.

D*mn, what good tactics! She managed to bribe the website owner to change the video!

The new promo film was entirely based on Sophie Edwards as the protagonist and her part had been re-shot. It must have been guided by professionals. It felt completely different from the previous one and Natasha’s part had been deleted. Natasha had become a foil for others in the entire story. “ Haha!”

Natasha gave a grin; her delicate face changed suddenly as she overturned things on the table in front of her. Bang, bang!

The bottles and jars on the dressing table began to fall to the ground and the little maid at home was silent as she was afraid to approach Natasha.

Natasha’s unusually slender and beautiful hands that were used to playing the piano had green veins protruding from them as she firmly grasped the hem of her skirt.

Half an hour later, she calmed down a bit, turned on the tablet again, and looked for the document that she had received about Sophie. In the document, a dirtily dressed little girl was standing next to the garbage dump, happily holding a can she found in the trash can while wearing a big smile on her face. It was a 7-year-old Sophie. This is the earliest picture of her that could be found so far.

Natasha still couldn’t believe that she was defeated by such a low-class, poor girl! Next time, if fortune would take her side, she would definitely suppress Sophie until she crushed her self-esteem.

At the Imperial basement, Abel shook hands with Michael. “I’m really sorry; I still can’t find your father-in-law.”

When Abel searched for Phantom Wolf, he had already entered the information of all the big figures in various countries into his database, as those people may be Phantom Wolf or his associates, or even the next targets of Phantom Wolf.

Even after investigating in the database for a long time, he still couldn’t find the trace of Cooper Mitchell. Since he had been hiding for more than ten years, it was hard to track him.

Michael flipped through Abel’s database and the database could be described as a collection of endless financial and material resources.

Michael launched three satellites into outer space. The signals could cover the entire earth and the information obtained by the satellites could provide a panoramic view of the entire world. Cooper was meticulous in his work. Perhaps that was why, despite having all this, Cooper Mitchell still couldn’t be traced.

Michael clicked on a folder on the touch-screen and saw that there were many introductions of people in it.

He opened them one by one, “Who is this again?”

Abel replied, “I used to investigate and search based on Cooper Mitchell’s age group and these people in this folder are people with suspicious age groups. They are mysterious. They don’t easily show up and the information about them is also incomplete. They are the focus of the next step in our investigation. ”

Clicking on the folder, he found that the characters in it were not insignificant.

“This…” He saw a name that he struggled to pronounce. He was an Oscar actor. He had worked with Michael in two films. He was considered an old partner. He was an old, white man and he was gay. Back then, he had molested Michael once, which traumatized him for life.

“D*mn, why did you put in this pervert? How could this person be Cooper Mitchell!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 355

Abel patiently explained, “After Cooper Mitchell declared his death, he may have changed his name and even got a facelift. So, age, height, and skin color cannot be the only criteria. Here are some mysterious characters whose backgrounds cannot be determined. The actor Charles has a very mysterious background, so we can’t rule out the possibility that he is Cooper Mitchell.”

Michael clicked on another person’s profile, “Walman, from the Walman Group? This… Although it is very mysterious, the background is very clear. He is a descendant of the Walman family in Northern Europe and is a white man. How could this be Cooper Mitchell?”

Abel frowned and explained, “He has a mysterious background; no photos can be found and his age information is blank. The Walman Group is one of the top ten electronic giants in the world. Cooper Mitchell was also in an electronics company back then. The Walman Group also emerged within the last ten years. Therefore, I have every reason to suspect that he is Cooper Mitchell.”


Michael noticed another. “What? William? How could William be Cooper Mitchell! This person is the heir to the 78th order of the British Royal Family! He must be a Duke or a pianist.”

Abel explained, “This man can play the piano, he is proficient in eight foreign languages, is a fan of Cethosian culture, and can write beautiful calligraphy. I have reason to suspect that he is the new identity of Cooper Mitchell after he faked his death.”

Worked in electronics, wealthy, mysterious, able to play the piano, proficient in multiple languages, and has a good understanding of Cethosian culture—these were all Abel’s screening criteria.

Till when do we have to investigate this?!

During the summer vacations, although Sophie was still busy learning, her schedule was freer and she had to visit Stanley’s company when she had time.

On the weekend, Stanley and Sean came over with the dog and invited Sophie to visit Woody Mitchell outside the city. They also brought a barbecue grill and they went to the beach to have a barbecue for the weekend.

Woody still lived in a seaside fishing village outside the city. There were a group of retired old rich people nearby and there were many places he could visit.

Sophie had gotten herself a driver’s license. So, today she was the one that drove. The seven-seater car had a large capacity and it wasn’t cramped even with her child and her dog.

Little Nate sat next to the puppy and imitated the way it stuck its head out of the window.

When they arrived outside Woody’s villa, it was already noon. There were several cars parked in front of Woody’s villa and it seemed there were guests. A faint piano sound came from Woody’s house.

Sean looked at the car—there were three of four of them. There were bodyguards in the car chatting. Two bodyguards stood at the door of the villa. Listening to the piano sound coming from the villa she could roughly guess the identity of the guest today. Sean suddenly warned everyone in the car, “Don’t get out of the car; I’ll take a look first.”

Stanley quickly pushed the dog’s head down, closed the windows, and watched Sean walk into Woody’s villa.

Sophie looked at the car through the car window and frowned as she listened to the piano sound coming from the house.

Woody Mitchell’s guest today is Natasha Mitchell?

The bodyguard at the door knew Sean and let him in without any interrogation.

As soon as Sean entered the door, he saw Madam Lewis in the living room welcoming him in a worried manner, “You are here; Miss Natasha is also here!”

Madam Lewis was very unhappy with these Mitchell family children who only came to the old man if they needed him. Usually, they never came. If they came, they must have had ulterior motives. However, the old man was suffering from dementia and was easily led by the nose.

Today, Natasha Mitchell suddenly visited the house and Madam Lewis knew that she had ulterior motives!

Sean shook her head toward Madam Lewis and said, “I’ll go see what’s happening there.”

He entered the room from which the piano sound came and saw Natasha sitting in front of the piano. She was playing a piano piece that was composed by Cooper Mitchell when he was 17. It was called ‘Salvador’.

That was the old man’s favorite piano piece because it was his son’s independent composition, so he sat and listened to it in amusement.

Sean was even more worried that Natasha had a motive for being here.

As her hand fell on the last syllable and the beautiful piano sound ended, Natasha retreated from her musical trance, took a deep breath, and looked back at Woody with a smile, “Grandpa, did I play well?”

Woody clapped his hands, “It sounds so good; you play better than Cooper!”

Natasha walked up to Woody gracefully and shook the old man’s arm coquettishly, “Grandpa, why don’t you give me Uncle Cooper’s amulet. It’s not like he needs it anymore!”

Among the Mitchells, Natasha was the only one who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Cooper’s piano skills. She was also the most capable of playing the artistic conception of Cooper’s ‘Salvador’. The piano piece just now made the old man happy. Natasha thought she was able to coax Woody to take out Cooper’s amulet, but unexpectedly, Woody shook his head. “The amulet has been taken away by Cooper! It belongs to him, so he took it away.”

Natasha didn’t believe that the amulet was given to Cooper. Cooper has been dead for so many years! It seems that the old man doesn’t want to give it to me!

Natasha had already sent someone to search the entire house, but she couldn’t find the amulet and the caretaker, Madam Lewis, did not know where it was too. After grinding for a while, the old man still did not let Natasha get the amulet and she left empty-handed with a sullen face.

“Natasha, don’t go; play another song!”

It was a pity that Natasha had already left with a cold face; no matter how much the old man pleaded, she still wouldn’t look back.

Looking at Natasha’s face, Sean pretended he did not notice it.

Sean’s side of the family was also a relatively important branch of the Mitchell family because of Cooper Mitchell. Back then, Cooper had once saved the Mitchell family’s empire and he had been regarded as the hero of the family since then. Sean’s father was dead, yet his grandfather and uncles all held large amounts of shares in the Mitchell Group. Thus, they had voting rights in the company and the family. However, Natasha didn’t want anything to do with Sean.

Sean often came to Woody’s villa, so Natasha was also suspicious about whether Sean took the amulet. She had also investigated it privately, but she still found nothing. She would never give up that amulet!

Woody was very happy to see Sean. “Wow, Sean, have you seen Cooper? Why hasn’t he been back in so long!”

Sean looked in the direction where Natasha left and after confirming that she had left, he replied, “Uncle Cooper is downstairs parking the car; he will be up soon.”

The old man was overjoyed and went downstairs with a cane. Sean supported him and saw his face glowing with an extremely happy smile. The old man seemed much more lively.

He murmured, “Cooper is home! Cooper is home!”

Outside the villa, Sophie watched Natasha walking out of the villa and get into her car angrily. Several cars drove away quickly. After a while, Sean helped Woody walk out of the villa.

“Cooper, where are you?”

Hearing Woody’s voice, Sophie’s heart melted. She opened the car door and walked out.

“Dad, I’m back.”

Woody greeted her happily and Sophie hurriedly went up to support him. The sun was dazzling outside, so she helped Woody into the room. Sean and Stanley removed the barbecue grill and ingredients from the car. Little Nate put on a hat and led the dog down.

The air conditioner was turned on in the house and everyone instantly cooled down.

Woody warmly greeted Sophie and immediately asked Madam Lewis to make some tea.

The place where Woody lived was a high-end resort; the nearby beaches were all private but they were all very clean and quiet. Woody’s house was not far from the seaside. It was just a few minutes away and it was very suitable for barbecues. When the tide receded at night, they could also pick up seashells.

Woody took Sophie into the piano room.

“Cooper, you haven’t played the piano for me in a long time!”

Natasha probably played the piano for the old man in this piano room just now.

Sophie didn’t like playing the piano very much, but she was still qualified and had no problems playing it. She sat on the piano bench and began to play the piano according to the music sheet in front of her. The name of the song was ‘Salvador’.
Author: Cooper Mitchell.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 356

She followed the sheet music and began to play. The wonderful and lively musical notes from the piano jumped around the villa, falling upon everyone’s ears.

Sean, Stanley, Hale and the others downstairs were busy preparing the barbeque grill and the ingredients. They heard the music too, but unfortunately, everyone didn’t understand it, merely knowing that it was lovely to listen to, and that it was artistic.

Sophia played according to the piano score, gradually getting into the atmosphere of the music. It was a very cheerful song that seemed like it was written by someone in love. The song was full of the feelings of love and the essence of springtime. Every note carried a strong sense of adoration and care. Upon finishing the song, she was in a pleasant mood. After playing the piece, she noticed that the old man was listening with gusto. So, she turned to the second page of the score and continued playing.

Sophia played the piano all afternoon and the old man was very happy to listen to it all. After playing the piano, Woody mysteriously led Sophia into a large room on the third floor. “Cooper, look. I moved your room here. You’ll stay here tonight!”

The room was very large; the study and the bedroom were combined into a single space, decorated in the vintage British style. Half the space of the room was taken up by bookshelves that held a large collection of books, while the other half of the space would be Cooper’s private living quarters.

This room shouldn’t have been here. After Cooper died, Old Master Fletcher had moved it over from the Mitchell ancestral home. He had also deliberately decorated it to be exactly the same as the original room. Everything in the room was arranged neatly; even the items on the desk were still very new, while the plants on the desk were all green and healthy. All the details were exactly the same, and someone came in everyday to clean the space.

Woody probably couldn’t accept the fact that Cooper had already died, so he thought that if he cleaned the room regularly, his son would be able to return. However, Cooper Mitchell had been dead for years…

Woody said, “Son, you must be tired after playing the piano for so long. You have a rest now. I will call you when dinner’s ready.”

Woody left the room and Sophia lay on the bed. The bedding was brand new. It seemed to have been washed and dried recently, for it still smelled like it had been sun-dried. After lying down for a while, she stood up and walked around. She looked through Cooper’s books, then she opened the windows to look outside. One side of the floor-to-ceiling windows showed the endless sea not far away. As the wind blew, waves rolled on the surface, creating a calming sight. When one opened the windows on the other side, one could overlook the entire resort; the view was fantastic.

Seeing Sophia emerge from the third-floor room, Stanley shouted from downstairs, “Sophia, Sean and I are going to the nearby market to buy seafood!”

Sophia watched them leave, but Hale, Gemma, and Gary’s cars were still parked downstairs. At this time, Madam Lewis served Sophia some cold drinks. While placing the drinks on the table, she said, “The things in this room belonged to Young Master Cooper. When Young Master Cooper passed away about ten years ago, Old Master Mitchell had his things moved over from the Mitchell ancestral home. These past years, aside from those of us that are tidying and cleaning, Old Master Mitchell has never allowed anyone to enter the room. You’re the first one—”

Sophia, who was standing outside the windows, quickly turned to look at her and smiled as she nodded. “Thank you, Madam Lewis.”

Madam Lewis watched her looking back and was stunned. All those years ago, there was also once a teenager who had stood there outside the windows, turning back to her and thanking her. At that moment, time seemed to have overlapped, and the two figures separated by over ten years of time seemed to merge into one before Madam Lewis’ eyes. It was no wonder Old Master Mitchell thought the girl before her was Cooper. Even Madam Lewis, who had brought up Cooper since he was little, also thought that the two people were somewhat inexpressibly similar…

Madam Lewis collected her own emotions and said, “You have a good rest. I will call you for dinner later.”

As Madam Lewis went out, Nathan came in. He washed his feet in the bathroom next door, and lay down on the bed. As Sophia looked at the sleeping Nathan, she increased the temperature of the air-conditioning and quickly covered him with a small quilt, afraid that he would catch a cold. She continued looking around Cooper’s study, examining the gramophone, then the multiple calligraphy manuscripts that belonged to Cooper, placed on the bookshelf.

Cooper’s calligraphy was very beautiful; even the words within the calligraphy workbooks were written with vigor. For some time, she stared at the yellowed manuscripts in a daze…

Putting down the manuscript, she drew a book from the shelf to read. She turned a few pages and read until she felt a little tired, then she moved to lie on the bed for a little while. The sounds of churning waves resounded in her ears, sounding like a lullaby to her, and she soon fell asleep. In her dreams, Sophia suddenly heard the sound of a piano. It was the song she had played just now, ‘Salvador’. She followed the piano sounds and found the person playing the piano.

The figure of the man was hidden behind a fog, and only the silhouette of his figure could be seen. As she got closer and closer, she still couldn’t see the man’s face, but she could hear the cheerful sounds of the piano suddenly turning slow, becoming filled with endless sadness. This song was supposed to be a cheerful piece of music, but it now sounded like a funeral song, sad and hopeless. She approached step by step and called out to the person within the fog. “Cooper?”

In the midst of the fog, she saw Cooper Mitchell. He looked just like the way he appeared in the school’s promo video. While playing the piano emotionally with his eyes lowered, his eyebrows were furrowed with despair and sorrow…

Suddenly, a sound awakened Sophia. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat up before noticing a man in a white shirt standing in front of Cooper’s bookshelf. Feeling wary, she demanded, “Who’s there?”

The man looked back at her and said, “Shhh. Keep your voice down.”

A scarred face appeared before Sophia’s eyes. Abel? She glanced at the sleeping Nathan, gathered her clothes and walked over to him. Lowering her voice, she asked, “Abel? Why are you here?”

Abel was wearing a pair of white gloves and searching for something on the bookshelf. “I’m looking for Cooper’s fingerprints.”

Cooper had disappeared for over 10 years. Even though he could have changed anything, including his name, appearance, background and identity, there were two things he couldn’t alter—his DNA and his fingerprints.

Abel often sneaked into Cooper’s room to look for his fingerprints, but he was always particularly careful, worried that he would raise suspicion. This time, with Sophia sleeping in Cooper’s room, he had the perfect opportunity.

Sophia was puzzled. “Why do you want to find Cooper?”

Abel searched the room while he told her, “We suspect that Cooper isn’t dead.”

“Cooper’s not dead?!” Sophia was stunned.

Abel continued, “This matter is very important, so don’t mention it to anyone. We are now looking for the relevant evidence, and Cooper’s fingerprints would be very reliable ones.”

Sophia was immersed in this major news. After a while, she said, “If Cooper isn’t dead, where is he now? Why are you looking for him?”

She didn’t know why, but she felt nervous. She knew that Abel directly obeyed Michael’s orders, so if he was doing something, it meant that Michael wanted something done. Why would Michael suddenly look into Cooper’s affairs? Could it be that Michael had been planning something, just like Natasha?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 357

If so, had Michael’s sudden promise to allow her to have contact with Woody merely been a ruse to use her as a tool to achieve Michael’s own goals?

Her heart clenched; she didn’t want to see Michael involve Woody in his idea…

Looking at Sophia’s worried expression, Abel made her reassured by saying, “You don’t have to be so nervous. Boss just wants to find Cooper and ask him to verify something very important.”

Is that so? Sophia was still suspicious, but she took a glove from Abel’s toolbox to help.

She remembered Cooper’s manuscripts that she had just read, and there should be a fingerprint on it. So, she quickly took it out and turned a few pages. Sure enough, there was a faint fingerprint in the corner of the page. It must have been accidentally smudged there with his inky finger, but then carefully hidden away by Woody.

Seeing the fingerprint, Abel’s expression grew concerned and he carefully kept the manuscript away.

He had come on this day as Nathan and Sophia’s bodyguard, allowing him to safely and boldly conduct his search. Aside from the fingerprint, he had hoped to find other clues, so he continued to rummage through the bookshelf.

Sophia was extremely worried, so she asked, “Is Cooper really not dead? If he didn’t die, then where is he now? What does Taylor want to ask him? Does it have anything to do with Old Master Mitchell?”

As Abel continued his search, he replied, “Cooper couldn’t have died. Boss wants to ask him about certain matters, but it has nothing to do with Woody.”

Sophia was still uneasy, afraid that Cooper had done something to have wronged Michael, so the latter was seeking revenge, and she was worried that it would affect Woody in the future.

While carefully opening Cooper’s book, Abel suddenly stopped and his gaze seemed to be fixed on something. Then, he turned around slowly toward the small figure not far behind him.

Nathan had woken up for some time, standing in front of Cooper’s desk, his hair messy from sleep. Raising his head, he looked at the ugly man in front of him, his eyes full of horror and curiosity.

Abel was shocked. His gaze swept across Nathan’s body, but after a second, he forced his eyes away from his own son.

That was his son; his biological son who became orphaned at 3 months old.

However, he didn’t dare acknowledge him. He would rather never let him know the truth!

Seeing Nathan suddenly pop up, Sophia was afraid that he would be frightened by Abel’s appearance. Quickly blocking his line of sight, she said, “Son, this man was sent by your daddy to look for some information. Let’s not bother him. How about we go see if Stan has brought back a big crab?”

Thus, Nathan was whisked away by Sophia. As he was leaving, he still looked at Abel curiously. It was as if he seemed to know this person from before…

Abel stared at the door after Sophia had left for a full minute before closing his eyes.

He had obtained Cooper’s fingerprints now, so the rest would be left to be long-term considerations. With Sophia around, it would be easier to get his hands on Cooper’s things.

Sophia took Nathan downstairs and saw that Stanley and Sean had returned, but they had also brought home an unexpected person.

Sophie looked at Michael who was talking to Woody while sitting on the living room sofa, stunned. “Hubby, why are you here—” Isn’t he supposed to be with the filming crew today?

Michael saw Sophia, and before he could say anything, Woody spoke up first. “Cooper, come here. This is Nate’s mother, Celine.”

Sophia was speechless. Well, if he could mistake a young damsel as his own forty-year-old son, then I suppose he could also mistake Michael to be his twin sister, Celine. After all, they look so alike.

Michael played along and pretended to be Celine. “Old Master, I’m already registered for marriage with your son!”

Woody was stunned for a while before he could react. “You and Justin got a divorce?”

Michael frowned and answered, “Yeah, we’re divorced, and now Nate is under my custody.”

Woody scratched his head and said, “No wonder I’ve been seeing Nate follow Cooper around…”

He happily accepted the fact that Cooper and Celine were married; he was so overjoyed that he even ate two extra bowls of rice at dinner.

During dinner, Sophia deliberately didn’t eat as much, wanting to leave room in her stomach for the seafood feast.

After dinner, Old Master Mitchell went to bed early and everyone went to the beach for the barbeque. Harry and Daniel also joined in, as the resort was their property as well. Also, Michael even brought a few bottles of red wine from home.

Everyone else was at the seaside barbeque eating and drinking, enjoying the blowing seabreeze, but Michael, Harry and Daniel seemed to be talking about something important at the side. It looked like a very serious scene, for Hale had even been put on guard to block people from joining them.

Nathan led the dog and picked seashells along the beach, while Sophia was happily eating a big lobster. As everyone was busy drinking, she was busy eating all the seafood.

Stanley was already drunk; he looked like a dead dog, lying on the beach chair as he babbled nonsensical words.

Sean had also drank a lot of alcohol. Under the night sky, his facial features appeared softened, making him look like a girl with short hair. He looked at the dark sea horizon with sadness in his eyes.

As the two of them continued to gobble down seafood, Sean suddenly said, “Sophia, Cooper’s amulet must be kept properly. You can’t let anyone from the Mitchell Family see it. I’ve been hearing rumors among the Mitchell Family that they’ve found Cooper’s private assets kept within foreign banks. They’re thinking of ways to access it, but they need the password and the token.”

He glanced at the amulet Sophia was wearing on her chest, his eyes worried. “They suspect that the token needed is the amulet.”

Sophia was in the middle of tackling her lobster as she mumbled, “Isn’t the Mitchell Family already very wealthy? They still care about this bit of money? How much is the fortune worth?”

Sean replied, “100 million Kuwaiti dinars.”

Kuwaiti dinars? What the hell is that? Sophia scratched her head, trying to think about it for a long time, before her eyes suddenly widened. “Kuwaiti dinars? And 100 million?! That’s so much!”

Kuwait was a rich oil country with the world’s most precious currency—the Kuwaiti dinar. One Kuwaiti dinar was equivalent to about 23 Cethosian currency, so 100 million Kuwaiti dinars would be more than 2 billion worth of Cethosian currency!

Sean shrugged. “If it really is currency, even after ten years, it is still currency. However, if Cooper’s deposit was gold or land titles, after these past 10 years, the value of these could have appreciated significantly.”

The value it was 10 years ago wouldn’t be the same as the value it was now. When converted, it could easily be more than 2 billion Cethosian currency!

Sophia ate a crab in shock. “You Mitchells are really rich!”

Sean corrected her and highlighted the focal point. “It’s Cooper who had money. The entire Mitchell family now is living off the wealth Cooper earned. Now that they know about this new pot of money and property, they’ll be trying their best to get it.”

Unfortunately, the bank required a token and a password to be present at the same time when withdrawing the money.

As it was a password and token that was decided upon by Cooper, there was a high probability that the amulet was that exact token.

As for the password, it might also have something to do with the amulet, so she asked, “Can’t they just make do with the password?”

Sean shook his head with a mocking smile. “The password is made up of a thousand random digits without any pattern. The withdrawing party is required to recite it all at once without pausing or reading off the information.”

Sophia was rendered speechless.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 358

A thousand-digit password? Who the hell would know that?! Cooper Mitchell really was a genius! Wasn’t he afraid of forgetting the password himself?

Sophia took off the amulet and gave it back to Sean. “You should take it back since it’s worth 2 billion. I’m terrified my neck will be chopped off!”

Since Sean brought up this matter, he must be meaning to ask for the 2 billion.

Sean took a look at the amulet and gave it back to her. “I don’t think it’s likely that the token is the amulet. That year, Natasha’s father managed to swipe this piece of obsidian away. He scanned the whole thing over using X-ray. The amulet is merely a piece of obsidian; there’s no password, no mystery, nothing.”

Sean’s eyes became a little sad. “Furthermore, Cooper has done more than enough for the Mitchell Family, yet they still want to squeeze out the last bit of his value. I don’t want the money to fall into the hands of the Mitchell Family. It has been so many years, so the Mitchell Family should learn to sustain themselves. Depending on Cooper’s original inheritance isn’t a long-term solution.”

Then, he looked at Sophia solemnly. “Please protect this amulet. You don’t need to have any worries about it. The property shouldn’t have anything to do with this amulet.”

Sophia instantly felt the burden on her shoulders grow heavier. As she opened her mouth to tell Sean that Cooper was still alive, she suddenly remembered Abel’s advice, so she gave up.

In the end, the property was still Old Master Mitchell’s. The property belonged to Woody and Cooper, so it would be best that she leave it for the time being and wait for Michael to dig up Cooper, who was supposedly still alive. Then, she could return the item to its original owner.

This was obviously a Mitchell Family affair, yet she didn’t know why she was so concerned about it, so she readily agreed to the plan.

Sean looked over at the Power Trio who were sitting in the distance, still discussing their matters, before reminding Sophia, “Don’t tell anyone about this; not even Mr. Michael.”

Sophia felt placed in an even more difficult position. She frowned, but she still agreed. Since this was a Mitchell Family affair, she’d leave it until Cooper returned before bringing it up again. Tay Tay is already so wealthy, so he probably wouldn’t be so intent on the 2 billion.

Then, the two continued to eat the seafood.

Unbeknown to them, among the Power Trio, there was someone who was proficient in lip-reading.

“A thousand-digit password!”

Harry was surprised at first, but he quickly became excited. Patting Michael on the shoulder, he said in a high voice, “Your brother-in-law really was a weird one. A thousand-digit password? What if he himself had forgotten it?!”

Michael took a sip of red wine and didn’t speak as he watched Daniel spying on the conversation between Sean and Sophia. According to the lip-reading, they had surmised the issue of the 2 billion.

The Power Trio were dependent on each other. With the three people forming an entity and each of them functioning as a leg to support it, they were able to stand firmly. Furthermore, they each had their own unique skills.

Harry had the most finesse, so he played the role of the charismatic superior who was able to control their subordinates. Meanwhile, Michael controlled the overall situation. Lastly, Daniel’s role was equivalent to that of a military strategist; he also collected information from various sources for the Power Trio, and he was the one proficient in lip-reading.

When the conversation on the other side ended, Daniel concluded, “It seems that Sean is not as simple as we thought. He knew that the money falling into Alex’s hands wouldn’t be ideal for him, so he planned to let Mrs. Fletcher temporarily keep the amulet. In fact, his plans were to borrow your powers to protect that property.”

Sean probably didn’t seek out Sophia specifically to safeguard the amulet, but it just happened to fall into her hands. Therefore, she became the safest place for it, as she had Michael’s protection.

He boldly told her about the 2 billion issue so that Sophia would be more careful and attentive toward protecting the amulet. Surely, he had considered the idea of Sophia taking the fortune for herself, but then he must have decided that since she wasn’t a Mitchell, it would’ve been impossible for her to know the password.

Sean probably wanted to use Michael’s power to temporarily safeguard the property, but he missed out some important points—Sophia was actually Cooper Micthell’s daughter, and Michael was very concerned about his father-in-law.

This 2 billion would be regarded as Michael’s small gift to Sophia.

After all, the property should have belonged to her in the first place. Instead of letting the Mitchell Family squander it, it was better to let her have it!

Sophia had just finished talking about the amulet with Sean when Michael walked over.

He was wearing beach shorts. Walking barefooted to them, he sat down with Sophia in his arms. Smiling, he asked, “What are you talking about?”

Sophia felt her conscience being pricked, so she didn’t dare answer Michael. However, with the 2 billion hanging on her body, she still felt rather sorry toward Michael if she didn’t tell him about it.

Thus, she ate a really big lobster to mask her guilt and said, “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Sean smiled and said, “Mr. Michael, Natasha asked for Uncle Cooper’s amulet again today. You’d better help Mrs. Fletcher take good care of it.”

Michael subconsciously looked at the amulet hanging from Sophia’s neck. Keeping his usual expression, he said, “Naturally.”

Sean supported the drunk Stanley and went back to rest first, while Sophia lowered her head and continued eating. After Mr. Morgan was done helping to clean the area that now resembled a battlefield, they started the second round of the barbeque.

A lot of food was grilled, so Harry and Daniel also joined them.

The crowd continued with the barbeque, chatting away about irrelevant things. After picking up a basket full of seashells, Nathan rushed toward them, looking excited as he expected praises and validation.

Meanwhile, Sophia still kept her head down and continued eating the seafood, hiding her guilty conscience.

The issue with the amulet and the 2 billion… Should I tell him or not?

She felt that she should be on Michael’s side in this matter, but Sean had only told her about it because he believed in her to keep it a secret. If she spoke about this with Michael, she would be betraying Sean, but if she didn’t tell Michael, she would then be betraying him instead.

Thus, she continued eating her crabs while being tangled in thought, and without knowing it, her bingeing eventually turned into stress-eating.

She kept on eating crabs for a long time before finally realizing that the mountain of crab meat within her bowl didn’t seem to get any smaller. Thus, she glanced at Michael, who was seated beside her, and noticed that he had a mountain of crab shells before him. He was using a small tool to remove the crab meat from its shells. Without taking a single bite himself, he had been placing the meat into Sophia’s bowl instead.

So caught up in her thoughts about the issue with the 2 billion, she didn’t even notice that Michael had been deshelling crabs for her.

When she saw another piece of crab meat being placed in her bowl, she looked skyward, a raging battle happening within her heart.

A voice spoke inside her head. Oh, Michael is such a good man, so how can you side with an outsider instead of him! Sophia Edwards, you ingrate!

But then, another voice retorted, But it was 2 billion!

Sophia almost mentioned the 2 billion issue out loud.

Michael earnestly deshelled the crabs for her, chatting around as he extracted the crab meat. When Nathan came back carrying a basket of seashells, he saw Michael using the small tool to extract crab flesh, so he walked over to him and opened his mouth wide, waiting to be fed the crab.

However, he didn’t expect that Michael would ignore him and place the food into Sophia’s bowl instead, even when her bowl was already filled with crab meat.

Nathan’s face darkened instantaneously.

Meanwhile, Sophia really couldn’t hold any more food in her, so she pushed the small bowl with its mountain of crab meat to Michael. “Hubby, how about you eat these? I’m already full.”

Michael had guessed that she was probably stuffed from her stress-eating, but the look on her face as she binged while caught up in her conflicting thoughts was just too cute.

Then, Michael took off his gloves and wiped his hands clean with tissue. Pushing the crab meat to Nathan, he said, “Here, look at the crab I peeled for you. Aren’t you touched?”

Nathan rolled his eyes. Please, these are obviously Mommy’s leftovers!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 359

After Sophia finished her meal, she brought a torchlight with her to pick up seashells. The night sky and the sea were completely dark, and as she walked on the seashore barefooted, she felt really relaxed. The breeze blew so strongly, her maxi dress flew like a fluttering butterfly. Michael watched the little girl running around in a distance and it warmed his heart.

All of a sudden, Daniel asked, “Is she really Cooper’s daughter?”

Michael continued to look at Sophia and didn’t say anything in reply, as if he tacitly agreed.

A look of awe instantly appeared in Daniel’s gaze but he quickly started to look worried. If Cooper found out that his daughter was bought for 10 million and sold for 80,000, his reputation in Bayside City would completely be ruined.

Harry clicked his tongue and frowned as he said, “Old man, you have a big appetite. Knowing that she’s Cooper’s daughter, you still… Aren’t you afraid that your father-in-law might resurrect from the dead and choke you to death?”

Harry used to admire Bear Grylls because after all, the guy had fought a bear before. However, at that moment, the person he admired the most was Michael. He couldn’t believe that Michael would dare to sleep with Cooper’s daughter. Isn’t he afraid that Cooper would suddenly appear from nowhere and kill him?

However, Michael was extremely calm. “It’s too late now. What can he do?” After hearing this, the other two were rendered speechless.

These two were also from the generation when Cooper poisoned people’s minds so they hated Cooper ever since they were young. He had tried to ruin his peers! The three of them fell into a moment of silence. If Michael continued his investigation and really found Cooper one day, the lives of the people in Bayside City would definitely change. The existing power would be redistributed and there might even be a change in politics.

At that time, Bayside City was still under the rule of the Four Great Families. The Edwards family was the wealthiest family in the city, the Mitchell family’s electronics business was on a global scale, the Fletcher family held military power, and the Winston family was powerful in military, politics and business. However, among the four, the Mitchell family was the weakest.

Ever since Cooper passed away, the Mitchell family business had been gradually going downhill, because having a genius like Cooper in their family was already a miracle. Without Cooper, the Mitchell family’s decline was inevitable.

Furthermore, there were a few new families that were rising in power so the Mitchell family’s position as one of the Four Great Families was in danger. Therefore, the Mitchell family urgently needed the two billion. In fact, they didn’t just need two billion, but ten times more than that!

During their moment of silence, the seafood on the grill crackled and Hale grilled the seafood conscientiously. Although he had no right to interrupt in the conversation of his boss, at that instant, he couldn’t help but speak up.

“Boss, I think you should tell the lady boss about Cooper. After all, she’s his daughter. With her help, it might be easier to find him.”

The three of them immediately turned to look at Hale. Even though Hale was nervous, he continued, “I noticed that the lady boss is acting more and more like her father. Maybe we can have a breakthrough from her.”

Hale’s words reminded Michael that their search for Cooper was like a chicken with its head cut off. They hadn’t got a clue even after searching for so long. If they started their search from Sophia, they could probably find something, but Michael had his own concerns.

The greater expectation, the greater the disappointment. If he let Sophia know that she might have an awesome father right now but found out that he was dead in the end, how would she feel? At that moment, Sophia had found many seashells, fish and small shrimps, and she was running back into the house happily to keep them in a safe place.

She had been living in Woody’s house for the past two days. Although she was a little embarrassed, Woody was very welcoming and insisted on letting her stay so she had no choice but to stay. Unexpectedly, she saw Woody, who was wearing pajamas, sitting in the living room watching television as soon as she entered the house.

“Mr… Dad, why haven’t you gone to bed?” Sophia asked as she walked up to him and wiped her dirty hands clean.

After Woody saw her coming over, he mysteriously beckoned her over. “Come here, Sophia. I have something to give you.”

Seeing that there was nobody else around, Sophia tactfully refused him. “Dad, it’s getting late. You should go to bed early. We’ll watch television together tomorrow, okay?”

Woody looked around vigilantly before he said, “Hush! I’m only showing this to you. You must not let anyone else know about this.”

Hearing this, Sophia felt like she was about to get in trouble. What if Woody gives me something more valuable than the amulet and the two billion? I can’t take anything else!

Woody grabbed her arm with one hand and crutches with the other. Then, he staggered as he walked up the stairs, as if he was about to show her something really valuable. Sophie was so afraid, she hurriedly sent a text message to Michael and asked him to save her. Later, Woody brought Sophia into the piano room that they entered that noon.

Woody pointed at the piano that Sophia played and said, “Coop, this is your favorite piano that you’ve played on for over twenty years. “ At that moment, Michael finally rushed back. As soon as he entered the piano room, he saw Woody open the piano stool, where a lot of music scores were hidden. Woody then pushed aside the music scores and found a big, thick book that was covered in dust.

Woody handed it to Sophia and said, “Coop, this is your favorite book. You must not lose it, understand?” Sophia looked up at Michael, who was standing at the doorway. After she saw Michael nod in response, she bent over and took the heavy book from Woody.

As she bent over, the amulet on her neck fell out and Woody hurriedly caught it. He could still feel Sophia’s body temperature on it. He stared at the amulet and his expression looked complicated. Then, he said to Sophia earnestly, “Coop, this amulet comes in a pair. You had a younger sister but she died at birth, and the other half belonged to her. No matter when, the amulet has to be paired together to be useful.”

Sophia was confused but she nodded in reply. “Yes, father.”

It was late at night. After Sophia finished washing up, she lay on the bed and flipped through the book that Woody gave her. She didn’t know what the book was about because it was written in languages that she couldn’t recognize and there wasn’t even a single picture.

She put the book aside and glanced at Nathan, who was sleeping soundly next to her. Then, she rolled over and saw that Michael was scanning Cooper’s bookshelves with a strange device, as if he was checking whether there was a secret compartment in the bookshelves. Sophia watched him and after giving it some thought, she asked, “Hubby, why are you investigating Cooper Mitchell? Is he really still alive?”

Abel already told Michael about the events in the afternoon so he wasn’t surprised at Sophia’s question and he replied, “I’m not sure whether he’s dead or alive right now. However, I’m positive that he didn’t die in the car accident more than ten years ago. He faked his death and escaped.”

Sophia was in a daze and she suddenly remembered Woody’s silver hair and his complete loss of sanity. She had heard rumors that Woody became like this after he heard about Cooper’s death.

After all, Cooper is Woody’s only son! What happened back then that Cooper had to fake his death and escape? He even abandoned his old father. Back when Cooper died, Woody was already in his seventies. Cooper was a son that he got at an old age. How could he be able to withstand such a huge blow?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 360

Sophia suddenly remembered something and said, “Woody told me that Cooper fell in love with a girl back then, but he didn’t agree to let them be together so he privately talked to the girl and asked her to leave. However, he told Cooper that he murdered the girl. Maybe Cooper faked his death because of this.”

Michael’s searching movements paused. That’s it. Everything makes sense now. Woody found Annabel and asked her to leave. On the other hand, he told Cooper that Annabel was dead. Since then, Cooper resented the Mitchell family, and Annabel secretly left and gave birth to Sophia. This is fate!

He continued to search around the bookshelves. When Woody moved over from the Mitchell family residence back then, he moved everything from Cooper’s room and made sure that it was kept the same. Then, the Mitchell family had divided up all of his belongings; his private bank accounts, personal belongings and all of his fortune became someone else’s possession.

This room was also already searched by everyone multiple times including Abel, who came at night but didn’t find anything. Even though Michael knew that he might find nothing, he still wanted to check it out himself. The bookshelves occupied the whole wall so there may be something behind it.

All of a sudden, Michael said, “The reason I’m looking for Cooper is because I have something very important that needs to be verified by him.” Then, he turned to look at Sophia, who was on the bed, and said, “Cooper might secretly come back to visit Woody. If you find any of Cooper’s traces, you must tell me.” Sophia nodded in reply.

With that, Michael continued his search around the bookshelves. The bookshelves were huge and had over a thousand books on them. The Mitchell family had already looked book from book so they would have found something if it was hidden here. Meanwhile, Sophia was a dilemma.

She was contemplating whether she should tell Michael about the two billion. For one moment, she was thinking about the gentle look on Michael’s face when he peeled crabs for her, but the next moment, she remembered Sean’s trusting gaze.

Urghh!! It’s so hard to make a decision! After thinking about it for a while, she decided to tell Michael. After all, she was eating the food he prepared, living under his roof and using the allowance he gave her. I can’t be ungrateful! Well, f*ck friendship! Maybe Tay Tay doesn’t even care about this money at all!

With that, she mustered up the courage and told Michael everything that Sean told her today.

Michael secretly wanted to burst into laughter. He had watched Sophia struggle to make a decision the whole night and thought that she would never come to a decision! He replied, “I have no interest in the Mitchell family’s money at all. I’m only interested in Cooper.”

After that, he continued to look for clues of Cooper’s whereabouts. However, after Sophia heard his reply, she was completely dumbfounded. He’s only interested in Cooper?!

She had seen pictures of Cooper before and he was indeed extremely handsome. Furthermore, Michael’s sister had almost gone on a blind date with Cooper, which meant that Michael and Cooper definitely knew each other.

Micheal is not interested in the Mitchell family’s money and is only interested in Cooper… At that moment, Sophia suddenly thought about rumors that Michael was gay.

The thought of this possibility made Sophia feel like her world had collapsed and she stayed awake the whole night. Michael also searched all night but found nothing.

The temperature of the following day was pretty high so the crew was given time off. Michael planned to stay at the beachside for two days before going back.

That way, he could also stay in Cooper’s room to find more clues. On the second day at the beach, everyone went to swim in the sea. Later, Michael and the others sat under the umbrella and discussed Cooper.

Daniel said, “I contacted the people in Kuwait last night and they have verified that Cooper indeed has 100 million in Kuwait. However, it’s not in cash, but in property and gold with a total value of 100 million. That’s the price that they were valued at more than ten years ago so it’s not only worth 100 million now. In order to get those assets, you must have a token and a password.

A few days ago, Alex appeared in Kuwait and he even brought the amulet. However, the token and the password were not a match because the token that Alex brought was a counterfeit. This means that Cooper’s amulet is not the token.”

Hearing this, Harry chuckled and said, “How desperate is the Mitchell family? I can’t believe that they’re even looking into a dead man’s assets. I think they’re addicted to leeching off somebody else’s money!”

Michael shook his head and said nothing. That money was probably the last thing that Cooper left for the Mitchell family. After investigating Cooper for the past few days, he had found many hidden secrets about the Mitchell family, and Michael could understand why Cooper would abandon his father and leave.

Cooper really did everything he could for the Mitchell family. He seems to have left in a hurry, but he in fact arranged everything. He left money for the family and even arranged people he trusted to protect Woody.

At that moment, Sophia was sunbathing lazily at the side and was thinking about the words she heard last night. Michael wouldn’t look for Cooper without no reason. Is he really…

As soon as she thought of that, she felt extremely upset.

Just then, Sean got out from the sea and went ashore for sunscreen, which was next to Sophia. Seeing that she was staring at the sea in a daze, he hurriedly asked, “Sophia, what’s the matter?”

Thinking about last night, Sohpia asked, “Sean, do you think your uncle likes men?”

Before Sean could answer, Stanley came over and confidently said, “Just give up. My uncle likes men and the person he likes is Mr. Harry. They are the nation’s favorite couple.

If they could get married in the country, you wouldn’t have stood a chance at all!” As soon as he finished speaking, Nathan, who was sleeping on the beach bed at the side, suddenly got out of the bed and ran away like a rabbit toward Michael’s direction to tell him what he just heard.

Seeing this, Stanley was so frightened, he hurriedly chased after him. “Nathan Fletcher, you rascal! Come back here!” With that, the two ran toward Michael’s direction.

Unfortunately, Stanley was too late. As soon as Nathan rushed over, he hurriedly told Michael what Stanley said. After Michael found out that Stanley was spreading rumors again, he raised his fists and walked over. Sophia silently watched Stanley being chased and beaten by Michael, and she smiled.

Meanwhile, Sean already finished putting on sunscreen. As he put down the bottle of sunscreen, he said, “I don’t know whether Uncle Michael is gay, but I know that he really cares about you.”

In fact, Sean wasn’t gay either. It was just that the person that he liked was coincidentally a man. Although he couldn’t tell whether Michael was gay, it was obvious that Michael cared for Sophia.

Sean had always been observant, and he could tell that Michael’s affection for Sophia was very deep. It wasn’t the kind of love between a master and a pet. Instead, it was the love of a husband for his wife. Stanley had once said that back when Michael was in the special forces, he was once assigned to an island for field survival training.

There wasn’t any food on the island and he barely survived after eating crab for more than ten days. From then on, Michael never ate crab again. Although he didn’t even take a bite of crab last night, he peeled crabs for Sophia the whole night.

Michael wasn’t an ordinary man so there were thousands of women who admired him, but he only had feelings for Sophia. It’s a miracle. However, isn’t every relationship in this world a miracle?

That was also the reason why Sean gave the amulet to Sophia with confidence—it was because Michael cared about her and would do everything he could to protect her, which meant that the amulet was temporarily safe.

However, Sophia is still putting on a sad face. I wonder why…

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