My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 371-380

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 371

Although her face was oily, Sophia put on a refreshing smile on her face. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend your piano concert because I have to take part in a world championship tomorrow.”

Natasha sized her up skeptically from head to toe before letting out a snort because she was unconvinced that Sophia could be someone who had anything to do with a world championship. “It’s enough as long as Michael will be there.”

When Natasha walked past her, she caught a sniff of the stench made up of instant noodles and cigarette smoke which could only be found in cybercafes. Frowning in disgust, she got into a car which was waiting for her at the front of the residential area and left.

Sophia could still smell Natasha’s rose-scented perfume and it lingered in the air long after she was gone.

Along her way back, she realized she smelled very bad, which was inevitable because she had been playing the game drenched in sweat for the whole night because of the excitement.

As she started scratching her disheveled hair, dandruff started falling off from her scalp.

When she reached home, Maria was keeping away the cups on the coffee table in the living room. Judging from the looks of it, she had just entertained a visitor, who was none other than Natasha that she just met.

Two invitation cards which gave off a pleasant-smelling scent were placed on the coffee table.

She didn’t even have to think to know who they were from.

She was upset in an instant wondering whether Michael was interested to attend Natasha’s piano concert.

Judging from Natasha’s tone, that seemed to be the case.

As Maria was keeping away two tea cups and a tea set, she reckoned Michael and Natasha must have been chatting in the living room just now.

There was even a strand of Natasha’s hair on the sofa!

They must have been edging closer and closer to each other and Natasha might have even sat on Michael’s lap just now!

The more she thought about that, the angrier she became.

At night, Sophia took a shower and trimmed her brows. Over the past fortnight since she came back from Kuwait, she had been spending most of her time waiting for information on Cooper and she had not been in the mood to take care of her own appearance. Because of that, she had turned into a messy middle-aged married woman without her realizing.

After applying a mask on her face, she returned to the bedroom to find Michael already lying on the bed, looking all fresh and clean. As soon as he saw her, he patted on the empty space beside him and beckoned her over. “Come, get into bed and let’s make love.”

Thinking about Natasha’s smug look and the two tea cups and two bright red invitation cards she saw in the living room just now, she was furious.

“Not for me. I’m too tired after gaming for one whole day and I have no energy for that.”

She lay down on the bed and deliberately turned to the other side to show that she was mad.

It seemed like Michael could not sense her anger at all as he extended his arm and wrapped it around her body before whispering gently next to her ears, “I’m going to attend Natasha’s piano concert tomorrow. Do you want to join me?”

I was right!

Sophia was about to blow her top.

Didn’t he know that she was not on good terms with Natasha?

Didn’t he know that it was Natasha’s father who caused her father’s death?

She couldn’t believe he still wanted to attend her piano concert despite that.

In a furious tone, she snapped, “I’m not joining because I have to be at the stadium for the tournament at two thirty in the afternoon.”

In fact, she still harbored a glimmer of expectation that Michael would go watch her game at the National Stadium when she said that.

But to her dismay, Michael responded thoughtlessly, “Really? Since the venue of Natasha’s piano concert is just opposite the National Stadium and it’s going to start forty minutes before your tournament, why don’t you attend the concert first before you go to the stadium?”

His answer drove Sophia up the wall.

Despite knowing that the stadium was only opposite Natasha’s piano concert venue, he would rather go and watch her concert than watching her game at the stadium!

She really wondered which one out of them was his wife!

Sophia was so pissed off that she didn’t feel like continuing the conversation with him. “I’m going to sleep because I need to be at my best at the tournament tomorrow!”

Are you trying to seduce my Lord by inviting him to that piano concert of yours?

Fine! You’ll be reduced to nothing once I win the tournament tomorrow!

Michael stretched his arm to turn off the night lamp. Some scented candles were lit in the room to release an extremely pleasant smell that could help them sleep more peacefully. As Sophia had spent the entire day as well as the previous night gaming, she soon succumbed to the overwhelming lethargy and fell asleep despite being angry.

A clock affixed to the wall atop was constantly producing a soothing ticking sound. In the serene environment, Michael planted a kiss on Sophia’s cheeks before he watched her tense body slowly become relaxed until she fell asleep.

In her sleep, she rolled over and wrapped her arm around him.

On the following day, Sophia went to the study to start gaming as soon as she woke up while Michael was nowhere in sight.

Everyone on the team was online to attend the last team training session.

When it was around eleven in the morning, Snow Fox sent a message to everyone: ‘Well, everyone should set off to the stadium right after having lunch. As the tournament is going to start at 2.30, I want to see all of you there at 2, especially for Sirius233 and Scary Phoenix. Both of you have to be there on time!”

Scary Phoenix replied: ‘Okay.’

Sirius 233 replied: ‘See you guys at the National Stadium later.’

Sophia then logged out of the game, left the study and washed her face before heading downstairs to have lunch.

She saw Michael at the dining hall. As he was going to attend Natasha’s piano concert later, he decided to have lunch at home with Sophia.

During lunch, he even said, “I’ll go and watch the tournament at the stadium after the concert.”

Stuffing all the rice from her bowl into her mouth in two swipes, Sophia responded to him icily, “You don’t have to be there.”

Then, she put down the chopsticks and left.

Micheal shook his head at her response and chuckled.

She had changed; she was no longer the timid little girl who used to try very hard to please him.

Now that she had become stronger, she started showing him her temper!

After packing up her bag with the stuff she needed for the tournament, Sophia was ready to go. However, she stopped when she saw Michael trying out some outfits in the dressing room. “Chica, my team of stylists is going to be here soon. Do you want them to fix your outfit too?” he asked.

Team of stylists?

Why did he want to look so good to attend Natasha’s concert while he didn’t even care about his appearance whenever he was with his wife?!


Sophia replied in a sharp tone, “Sure. I want to dress up too.”

Of course she needed to look good just in case there were going to be some handsome young men at the tournament later.

Regardless of whether she was going to win or lose the game, she had to look her best.

She carefully selected a long dress for herself and behaved as though she was preparing for a red carpet walk. Anyhow, she would bring on her A game during the tournament later on!

She couldn’t lose to Natasha in any event!

She had to be the champion!

The world champion!

After dressing up, they left home together with Nathan, who sat in the middle of them both in the backseat.

The little boy could sense something was not right with the atmosphere today because the couple, who were usually inseparable, didn’t talk to each other at all during the journey.

In the end, Michael was the one who broke the silence by buttering Sophia up, “I think I should just skip Natasha’s concert and head straight to the stadium to watch your game.”

Sophia turned her face away from him and spoke like an elegant but aloof wealthy lady who owned billions worth of assets. “It’s fine. You may go ahead to watch her concert because I can handle the tournament on my own.”

Suppressing the urge to laugh, Michael asked her, “Chica, are you angry with me?”

“Nope,” Sophia replied.

Yet, it was so obvious from her cross tone that her blood was boiling.

It was only then did Nathan finally realize what the dispute was all about.

Sophia then lifted Nathan and placed him on her lap while she said, “Nate, why don’t you come and watch the tournament with me?”

The aura she was exuding was too terrifying for Nathan to say no. Hence, he nodded and responded, “Oh, okay.”

The two sat close together and neither did they talk nor get near to Michael.

The atmosphere inside the car was extremely disharmonious.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 372

Soon, their car reached the concert hall where Natasha’s piano concert was held.

It went without saying that Natasha would choose the most sophisticated and distinguished concert hall in Bayside City because those who were invited to her concert were all big shots. A red carpet had been laid out in front of the main entrance of the concert hall and there were some reporters standing by to take photos.

When Natasha saw Michael’s car, she happily walked over to welcome him.

Natasha was the center of attention today because she was the star of the event. The long pink dress she was wearing together with matching makeup brought out her elegance and sweetness. Her look was specially customized by a team of professional stylists to make sure she was the most stunning belle of the day.

She stood there and saw Michael getting out of the car.

Michael was wearing a maroon-colored shirt designed uniquely with a black bow-tie. That outfit made him look like a knowledgeable and elegant man who was as profound and mysterious as a bottle of fine wine. At the same time, he exuded an exquisite and reserved aura that belonged to the aristocrats.

Jovially, Natasha approached him and flashed him a wide grin as she greeted him sweetly, “Michael, you’re here.”

Just seconds after Michael got out of the car, a loud thump came from behind.

The car door was violently banged shut the moment he alighted the car and it sped away next without a moment’s hesitation.

Michael turned round and chuckled at the car which was speeding away in anger.

Inside the car, Sophia was furious. What a jerk and hopeless flirt he is! she cursed in her mind.

Fine, just go and spend time with your little princess!

I’m not going back home tonight!

At the moment, the country’s flags were fluttering in the wind at the entrance of the National Stadium. As it was the first time in years that the Cethos team made it to the final round of the Esports World Championship, esports enthusiasts of the entire country were exhilarated. The National Stadium, which had a capacity of one hundred thousand people, was filled to the brim with esports fans.

The final round of the tournament was a battle between Dragon Fox Team from Cethos and King of Arthur Team from North America. The two teams with the most prominent skill in esports at the moment were going to vy for the championship at the stadium!

The Dragon Fox Team was represented by red which was their lucky color, and the eight players in the team would be wearing red. As for the King of Arthur Team, their lucky color was blue. The fans at the stadium were all wearing the respective color that represented the team they rooted for.

Nearly all local fans wore red and nearly all fans from other countries wore blue. As red and blue were the main colors of the stadium for that day, a sea of blue and red was formed.

Luxurious cars came and went at the entrance as the sixteen players who were going to star in the final round made their appearances one after another.

Four professional players of the Dragon Fox Team arrived at the stadium first. Today would be the day which represented the pinnacle of their career because if they emerged as the winner, their net worth would surely soar to an all-time high. Wearing the same red suits, they looked ambitious and determined to win.

Stanley and Sean arrived in red suits too.

When their last two teammates were still nowhere in sight at two, the remaining six players of the team went panic-stricken.

“Stanley, should you give them a call?”

“Are they going to stand us up again?!”

A babble of voices started among the fans of the red team. While all the players of the blue team were present, the red team was still short of two players when it was just thirty minutes before the start of the tournament.

Had the two players chickened out at the eleventh hour?

If that was the case, the red team was fated to suffer a crushing defeat to the blue team because they would be outnumbered.

The fans, who had spent several thousand bucks on the ticket and had been looking forward to the event for at least half a year, did not feel like watching the team they supported concede to defeat by the other team.

Under the scorchingly hot weather, Stanley was so anxious that his forehead was filled with beads of sweat. He took out his phone, gave a call to Scary Phoenix and started snarling as soon as the call was put through, “You’d better listen to me carefully: I’ve prepared my suicide note as well as the rope which I am going to hang myself with later. If you are to be absent, my pet dog and I will hang ourselves at the stadium and I will write on the suicide note that I died because of you!”

After ending the call, he called Sirius and did the same thing as soon as the call was connected. “You rascal, where are you now? We have to register our attendance soon!”

Then, a woman’s icy voice came from the other end, “I’ve reached the main entrance of the stadium.”

She was a woman!

Before Stanley had the chance to ask her any questions, Sirius had already hung up on him.

Staring at his phone, he looked bewildered because he had heard a woman’s voice just now.

Was Sirius a girl?

Just as he was staring blankly at his phone, a rapturous cheer suddenly erupted among the red team fans who were standing by the entrance of the stadium. They started waving the red flags in their hands vigorously, forming waves with them.

A car carrying a red flag slowly pulled up at the entrance, signaling the arrival of yet another player from the red team.

The players as well as the fans of the red team immediately huddled over as they were curious to see who was inside the car.

Many of the red team fans had started following them since the qualifying round but they had never seen the remaining two players, who were absent in all the previous rounds. As they only knew about the six players who had appeared before, they were extremely curious to meet the remaining two players.

Could the one in the car be Sirius233 who was known for deploying ruthless tactics?

Or, could he be the legendary player, Scary Phoenix, who could easily defeat other players with his overwhelming skill?

Under everyone’s anticipating gaze, the car pulled up before the red carpet that was laid out in front of the entrance. The car door was then opened from which a little boy wearing a red shirt hopped out.

The fans were taken aback to see the little boy.

After the little boy came a woman.

Stepping onto the red carpet stably with a pair of bright red high heels, a woman in a red dress emerged.

Under the eyes of the fans which were filled with surprise and admiration, the woman in red dress walked down the red carpet. The red dress wrapped nicely around her attractive figure and brought out her beautiful curves perfectly. Her lips matched the color of her dress and she had smokey eyes makeup to add a trace of icy and aloof charm to her look. The red diamond ring she was wearing elevated the whole look to another level as it gave her an extra domineering aura.

As her whole attire was red, she must be one of the players on the red team. But, which player was she?

The fans of the red team were all eyeing her confusedly.

Unlike other people, Stanley walked over to welcome her arrival joyously. “Sophia, where’s Uncle Michael?”

If Sophia was here, that meant Michael was here too.

His confidence would be boosted considerably with Michael around because his combat power was almost the same as two players. Hence, Stanley wouldn’t be too concerned even if Sirius couldn’t make it.

To his dismay, Sophia ignored him and went straight to the logo backdrop at the middle of the red carpet with a nonchalant look. Noticing that there were fourteen signatures on it, she picked up the pen and scribbled her user ID in the game.

The fans were shocked when they saw her messy signature of ‘Sirius233’ on the backdrop.

Stanley froze in his tracks and stared at the signature incredulously. Somehow, he found it hard to relate the woman in red with the user ID.

Without uttering a word, Sophia received the armband of the red team and tied it around her arm. Her username, ‘Sirius233’, was written on the armband in a very eye-catching manner. With the armband, she strutted along the red carpet with an impassive face toward the place where the game would be held.

Stanley scurried over and asked her disbelievingly, “Sophia, are you Sirius?”

“I’m your Dad in the game,” Sophia reminded him.

“Where’s Uncle Michael?”

“He’s dead.”

Apart from Stanley, all of the fans also found it hard to believe that the woman in red was actually Sirius, who played dirty in the game.

Was she really Sirius the Monster, who was ruthless and wicked in the game?

To everyone’s complete surprise, the player was actually a woman!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 373

She was the first female ‘Swordsman Game’ player who made it to the Esports World Championship and on top of that, she was a real stunner too!

Those geeky guys which made up most of the red team fans all cheered and growled lecherously at Sophia.

Throughout the whole time Sophia was at the stadium right from her arrival until the registration for her attendance, she maintained a poker-face and didn’t speak a word.

Still unconvinced, Stanley questioned her again, “Sophia, are you really Sirius233?”

“I’m your Dad,” Sophia repeated once again.

Stanley looked extremely puzzled.

Was Sirius really his aunt whom he had harbored a secret crush on for a very long time?

No one would believe a far-fetched tale like that!

Wasn’t Sirius the gay partner of Uncle Michael in the game? Wasn’t he a guy? Wasn’t he a scum?

Why did he suddenly become his aunt?

What was wrong with the world?

Everyone was getting anxious because Scary Phoenix had yet to make his appearance even though the game was about to start. Although Stanley was equally worried just as everyone else, he knew Scary Phoenix would be here because he had promised so. Moreover, Sophia was already here. Therefore, he started reassuring the rest of the team, “Guys, please don’t worry because Scary Phoenix will be here soon. Now, let’s offer some joss sticks to our Grandmaster for his blessing.”

Did they actually have a Grandmaster although esports had only become popular in the recent years?

Sophia strained her eyes, trying to see who could be their Grandmaster in esports.

Stanley took out several bundles of joss sticks from his bag and distributed them to the team before placing a photo in black and white in front of them.

It was Cooper in the picture.

Everyone on the red team went speechless.

Stanley introduced Cooper to everyone, “This man’s name is Cooper Mitchell and he was the one who invented online gaming some twenty years ago. Hence, he’s our Grandmaster in esports and we should pay our respect to him!”

Everyone lighted their joss sticks and bowed at Cooper’s picture.

After that, Sophia clutched Cooper’s amulet in her hands tightly in silence.

This was the largest competition she had ever participated in. Although she had taken part in global competitions in other countries before, she still had the jitters because none of them were as grand as this one.

Keeping the amulet in her tight grasp, it seemed like she was hoping to channel some energy from the amulet that could keep her going until the end of the game.

However, when she thought of how her husband was watching another woman’s piano performance with admiration in his eyes or maybe even having a piano duet with her in the concert hall just opposite the stadium, she felt disheartened.

Yet, she had no time to process her feelings at the moment. Michael was free to do anything he wanted and he may even decide not to go home tonight!

She couldn’t care less about that!

The game was about to begin in no time as all the players started logging into the game with their accounts. After logging into his account, Stanley peeked at Sophia who was sitting next to him. The sight of how adeptly she keyed in the password for the account ‘Sirius233’ still looked like a fantasy to him.

How could Sophia be Sirius, who was a jerk?

She didn’t look the part at all!

As for Sophia, she was stealing glances at Scary Phoenix’s position next to her.

Indeed, only a legendary player like him had the guts to skip such a grand event like this. Didn’t he worry that Stanley would really hang himself at the entrance of the stadium if their team ended up losing because of his absence?

Before the game began, all the players made their formal appearances in front of the audience.

The host first introduced the players of the blue team, “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s put our hands together to welcome the King of Arthur Team from North America!”

Cheers and whistles erupted among the fans of the blue team with blue flags fluttering and flying around.

The blue team consisted of globally renowned esports players and they were the reigning champion. Last year, the Cethos team was defeated by them and ended up ranking second.

This year, the blue team looked equally confident and they had their eyes on the champion trophy. Most of the blue team fans came all the way here from all around the world just to watch the electrifying battle between the two teams.

The host began to introduce the background and the attributes of each player in the team.

“The captain of the blue team is Bruce. His role is Swordsman and the weapon he uses is…”

Each time a player was introduced, it would send the stadium uproarious and the big screen would show the player’s most recent results as well as the avatar he was going to be using in the game.

While the blue team fans were all psyched, the red team fans reacted to the introduction rather calmly. In order to show their support for the teams they rooted for, all the audience wore the lucky colors of the team they supported, forming a sea of red and blue in the stadium.

At the same time, the seven players of the red team were watching the information of their opponents shown on the big screen backstage. Solemnly, Stanley pointed at their opponents and gave them a briefing, “Player No. 1 of the blue team is their captain whom I defeated in an individual game before. Since I know his strategies well, I can handle him. We’ll go according to our plan for the rest.”

Before the tournament, they had watched a lot of videos of both team and individual games of the blue team players in order to gain some understanding on how their strategies worked. However, their opponents must have done the same thing to them as well.

The weakest players of the red team were supposedly Sophia’s ‘Sirius 233’ and Sean’s ‘Dragon Belle Warrior’ because the two were amateur and the rest of them were professional.

Seeing that the game was about to begin, one of the players of the team started getting panicky because they still had only seven players. “Captain, why isn’t Scary Phoenix here yet? Is he going to stand us up?”

“He just deems himself too important to appear too early. Don’t worry, he’ll make it in time,” Stanley answered.

Sophia was so curious to see who was her ‘dom top’ in the game and she was worried whether it would be awkward when they met each other in person. When they were merely gaming online, she was fine with addressing other players by cheesy nicknames but things were different when they were going to do that in person.

She bet ‘Son of Scary Phoenix’ was somewhere at the stadium too…

At last, she decided to dismiss the concern because winning the game was her priority now.

Since Michael, that scum, was allowed to have a date with Natasha, why couldn’t she have some intimate interaction with her ‘dom top’ in real life?


Even if she ended up losing this game, she would still be rewarded with three points in credit, which was going to put her in front of many other people.

Of course, it would be the best if she could get the champion trophy because that would give her five points in credit.

After the introduction of the blue team was done, the players went on to settle down in their seats to get ready for the game.

The host’s enthusiastic voice came, “Now, let’s welcome the home team to the stage! The Dragon Fox Team is an outstanding team made up of prolific players. First of all, let me introduce the captain of the red team, ‘Snow Fox’!”

Stanley, who was wearing a traditional Cethos costume in red, headed to the stage. His punk style and metallic look matched with a buzz cut made all the girls crazy over him. The moment he emerged, a round of frenzied cheers erupted among the female fans all at once.

“Looking at ‘Snow Fox’ just makes us realize how important it is to work your hardest in your youth because ‘Snow Fox’ has been part of the national esports team ever since he was in high school. He was crowned as champion of many individual tournaments including ‘Swordsman Game’, and he is the symbol of young talents in esports!”

The rest of the players waited in line to make their appearances.

Still, Scary Phoenix was nowhere to be found.

At the same time, the piano concert in the concert hall opposite the stadium was still ongoing.

Cheerful and lively music resounded in the entire hall and rounds of ovation could be heard from time to time. As the only star of the event, Natasha won everyone’s admiration with her scintillating performance.

Every now and then, she would glance down at a seat where a very important figure sat. In fact, he was the reason why she held the piano concert.

At the end of a piece, she stood up and bowed to the audience but when she glanced at that seat again, she found that it was empty. At some point in time, the man who was very important to her had left without her realizing.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 374

Maybe he had just gone to the gents.

However, that man never reappeared again.

The atmosphere in Bayside National Stadium was reaching a climax at the moment. As Cethos was hosting the event, local fans outnumbered fans from other countries by making up two-third of the audience, and bright red flags were being waved everywhere in the stadium.

After Stanley was introduced, the host went on to introduce Sean and the other four professional players of the team.

“These four players were part of the national team that won second place last year, and they are here today to seize the championship trophy. Let’s wish them good luck!”

“‘Dragon Belle Warrior’ is the vice captain of the red team and he’s also a much admired scholar studying at Bayside University. ‘Dragon Belle Warrior’ has been playing the game for many years as the partner of ‘Snow Fox’, and both of them are deemed the perfect team by many other professional players of the game!”

Cheers came from the audience to welcome the two young and handsome guys.

Finally, it was the part which everyone had been looking forward to the most.

“Now, let me proudly introduce the last two players of the red team. First of all, let’s welcome the most dashing and charming player in the game—‘Sirius233’!”

Sophia, who was standing offstage, said silently to herself, There’s nothing I should be scared of since I own several billions!

Holding her breath to focus her mind, she then exhaled deeply before striding onto stage confidently.

Wearing an alluring red dress which wrapped around her tall and curvy figure perfectly, she emerged before the audience. When she waved at the audience, the red diamond ring on her finger gave out a dazzling bright red glow complementary to the sea of red in the stadium.

To everyone’s utter consternation, Sirius the Monster, the most dashing player who dated with many female players online, was actually a woman.

Many fans from other states bought the ticket just to be here to beat Sirius233 up but to their surprise, the player was actually a woman!

Not only was she a woman, but she was a very beautiful one too!

The stark contrast sent the excitement of the audience to an all-time high.

‘Sirius233’ was a player in the game worshipped by many female fans. When Sophia emerged on the stage, all the fans took out banners and signs on which ‘Sirius233’ was written to show their support.

The host remarked, “I’m really surprised to learn that the The Most Handsome and Wealthiest gamer is actually a woman!”

Looking slightly embarrassed, Sophia looked up at the big screen which was showing her character in the game. Her character was a very powerful swordsman who was known for his ruthless tactics. Bloodbaths occurred everywhere her character passed by as he was capable of killing other players in seconds. The cruelty of her character was a far cry from what she looked like in real life.

Perhaps it was because Scary Phoenix, the super big shot, had not arrived, the host was trying hard to buy time by passing the microphone to Sophia. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful female player participating in the Esports World Championship before. Sirius233, why are you so interested in esports while it’s something most other girls find boring?”

This was Sophia’s first time speaking at such a grand event and its scale was considerably larger than those campus belle contests she took part in before. Having drawn in a deep breath, she flashed the audience her most beautiful smile and answered the host’s question, “I major in game designing in university and I’m going to be starting my second year soon. As I’ve always loved playing computer games ever since I was little, it’s only natural that I have passion for esports too.”

At this, the audience cheered loudly.

Then, the host seemed to have received a cue from the backstage staff as he soon ended the interview with Sophia and let her settle down in her seat to prepare for the game.

“Ladies and gentlemen, including those who are watching the livestream now, please give me your full attention because the biggest surprise of the tournament this year is coming! Now, let’s welcome ‘Scary Phoenix’, the last member of the red team and the first ever player of ‘Swordsman Game’!”

A round of thunderous clapping erupted in the stadium, joined by even the fans and players of the blue team.

Based on the available information made public on ‘Scary Phoenix’, he was the first player who created an account in ‘Swordsman Game’ and he was also the most powerful player the game had ever seen. Many years ago, he led the Cethos team to clinch first place in the Esports World Championship. After years of seclusion, he suddenly made a comeback this year by attending the tournament with the combative power of his character reduced by 30%. It was easy to see how powerful he was!

Sophia, who was preparing for the game, widened her eyes in the direction of the backstage because she was curious to see what her dom top in the game actually looked like.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, a slender figure dressed in a maroon shirt emerged in the spotlight. In a natural and poised manner, the man walked up to the stage from the left side and strolled toward the middle.

His shirt looked like a blaze of flame which was burning brightly in everyone’s eyes, and the maroon shirt of his which looked elegant and mysterious happened to be the lucky color of the Cethos team!

Everyone was petrified, especially Sophia, when they looked closer at the man’s face.

As soon as the man appeared, the big screen automatically showed his character in the game as well as his past results in esports.

His user ID in the game was ‘Scary Phoenix’ and he was the player who won first place in the first individual tournament of the game.

Even the host was stuck in a trance as he stared at Scary Phoenix. As a professional host, it was rare for him to lose his composure like that. “A-Aren’t you Mr. Taylor Murray?”

Scary Phoenix took over the microphone and replied with a smile, “I’d prefer you to address me by ‘Scary Phoenix’.”

The stadium went uproarious at once.

The most powerful player of ‘Swordsman Game’ was actually Taylor Murray, the popular artist who had won multiple Best Actor Awards?!

Sophia was horrified to see her dom top in the game turning out to be her husband in real life.

She pinched Stanley’s thigh beside her hard and confronted him furiously in an undertone, “Why didn’t you tell me that your uncle was Scary Phoenix?!”

Stanley countered, “You’ve never told me you were Sirius too!”

The two glared at each other for three seconds.

Finally, Stanley found the right timing to expose Michael’s secret. “Your wife of your character in the game, ‘Call Me Taylor’, is Uncle Michael too!”

Sophia opened her eyes so wide that it looked like her eyeballs would pop out any minute.

Stanley sniggered, “I told you you weren’t a match for Uncle Michael a long time ago. Just admit it, Sophia—you were fooled by my uncle!”

Sophia glowered at him as though she was trying to pierce through his head with her penetrating stare.

So, her dom top as well as her wife in the game was the same person?

Was Michael the wife of her character in the game with whom she always chatted flirtatiously?

While his main account was the most dignified and powerful character in the game, his ghost account was ‘Call Me Taylor’, which was a flirtatious and sweet female character?

Soon, the introductions were done and the host announced that the tournament had officially begun.

Michael walked down from the stage and high-fived the players in his team.

Several years back when Scary Phoenix was still actively participating in tournaments, he was still a third-tier actor who had not yet won any Best Actor Awards, so no videos could be found which recorded the tournaments he was involved in. Hence, nobody knew that Scary Phoenix was actually Taylor Murray. The whole team was greatly motivated because they felt extremely honored to be on the same team with a globally renowned figure like him.

When Michael reached Sophia, she dazedly stretched out her hand and high-fived him with a look of utter disbelief.

Thanks to the fine job of the professional stylists, he looked more dashing than ever and he was literally glowing at the moment.

Shouldn’t he be flirting with Natasha at the concert hall at the moment?

Why was he suddenly here as Scary Phoenix?

Didn’t he say he wouldn’t be here?

Seriously? Men were so untrustworthy!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 375

Sophia’s face flushed red and her heart was thumping fast.

Sitting next to her, Scary Phoenix was logging into his account.

Sophia glanced at him surreptitiously as he deftly entered his user ID and password, looking like the real deal.

No way! She must be having a dream!

But the truth was, she wasn’t dreaming and Michael was really Scary Phoenix.

Was there anything in the world he couldn’t do?

Sophia kept her eyes glued to him as though she was trying to see through his body and reach his soul.

Michael, who seemed to be able to sense her gaze, cast a glance in her direction.

She immediately averted her gaze back to the screen of her computer.

When Michael stopped looking at her, she continued peeking at him immediately.

Suddenly, she noticed that she received a private message from Scary Phoenix.

Scary Phoenix: ‘Be at your best in the game later. If you can defeat the blue team, I’ll reward you with costumes in bed tonight.’

Sophia’s face turned crimson in an instant when she saw the blatantly dirty message. Out of instinct, she gave a scan to her surroundings and typed furiously: ‘Delete the message right now or it will be spotted by the audience later!’

Scary Phoenix replied: ‘Don’t worry, they won’t be able to read the message.’

Sirius233: ‘You shouldn’t be sending inappropriate things now even though they won’t be able to read it!’

They were participating in a top-notch global championship held at Bayside National Stadium which was broadcasted live all over the world; she couldn’t believe he was still in the mood to flirt with her at this hour!

Lord, could you take this more seriously?!

Michael finally stopped flirting with her and adopted his combat status when the game started. As for Sophia, she first took a deep breath before she was ready to start the group battle.

Several seconds before the game started, she sneaked a look at Michael again.

From her angle, all she could see was his side-profile that looked stern and serious. Exuding a totally different aura now, it seemed like he had transformed from a hopeless flirt into a prolific swordsman just like his character in the game

Before the game began, Sophia was still feeling somewhat jittery but now, she suddenly had a feeling that they would be able to defeat anyone as long as Michael was around.

The game officially started.

The battle started off intensely as all the players first went around to look for their opponents according to their strategy. As Sophia’s character was relatively weaker in the team, her opponent was also the weaker player in the opposing team.

Joint attacks was the main strategy of the opposing team as Scary Phoenix was besieged by three players at one time as soon as the game started. Meanwhile, the remaining five players of the team were tasked with stopping the players of the red team from going to Scary Phoenix’s rescue.

The blue team believed that once they managed to kill Scary Phoenix, his death would be a fatal blow to the red team!

Players of the red team immediately tried to break their defence to help Scary Phoenix. The audiences, some wearing red and some wearing blue, were cheering and clapping ecstatically because the game had started off in a very exciting manner.

Harry and Daniel were watching the game that was projected on the big screen on the VIP platform.

Harry sounded anxiety-ridden as he rambled on, “Daddy, hang in there! Gosh, Sirius is about to be finished off by the blue team too! Stanley, you stupid dog! Why don’t you go and help them out now?!”

Contrary to Harry, Daniel appeared much more collected because he wasn’t a gamer and he had no idea what he was talking about. He was of the opinion that Michael and Harry had been rude by leaving Natasha’s piano concert to be here.

“How will Natasha feel when she realizes you guys left her piano concert halfway?”

Harry and Michael, who had both received invitations from Natasha, were watching the piano concert at the concert hall opposite the stadium just now. However, they realized that Michael, who was the special guest of the concert, had actually left halfway through to play in the tournament at the stadium.

No one knew what sort of a scene Natasha would make if she found out about his departure.

Harry couldn’t be bothered about Natasha’s reaction because what concerned him the most at the moment was the fact that both his Daddies were struggling to fend off their opponents.

Nathan was also watching the big screen nervously at his two Daddies who looked invincible and powerful in the game.

In the meantime, the piano concert came to a perfect ending and Natasha received a standing ovation with numerous bouquets of flowers from the audience. Looking just like a princess who had all eyes on her, she held the flowers in one hand and the microphone in the other as she gave a sincere speech, “Holding a piano concert like this has always been my dream and it finally came true today. Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude…”

She glanced at Taylor’s seat but found it was still empty. In fact, Taylor had only watched her concert for several minutes before he left and never came back.

He was the reason why she had the piano concert today. She had dressed up to the nines for the occasion and performed the most beautiful songs in an attempt to move his soul. Yet, her grand piano concert turned out to be meaningless because it was missed by its most important audience.

Amending her speech on the spot, Natasha said instead, “I’d like to express my gratitude to my teacher…”

After the piano concert ended, Natasha went to take a rest backstage where she fished out her phone to make a call to Taylor.

At the national stadium, a phone in Nathan’s pocket suddenly rang with an unknown number shown on the screen. After he picked up, he heard a sweet and pleasant voice say, “Taylor, where are you now? My piano concert has just ended. How about we have dinner together tonight?”

Nathan answered her icily, “My Dad will be having dinner with Mom at home tonight and he has no time for you. Get lost.”


He hung up on her.

Natasha stared blankly at her phone.

She couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Did he just ask her to get lost?!

Was the boy Taylor’s son? She was surprised to learn that Taylor actually had a son this big.

No, it couldn’t be the case. Taylor must have lost his phone and a random kid must have found it. He even had the guts to speak so rudely to her.

She couldn’t believe there existed someone in the world who dared to speak to her that way. Immediately, she dialed the number and it was picked up by that boy again.

Trying hard to make herself sound friendly, she said, “Hi darling, can you please ask your father to get this? Tell him I’m Natasha.”

Nathan glanced at the screen where his two Daddies were working together to battle it out with their opponents in the game.

“My Dad is very busy now,” he answered.


He hung up on her again.

On the other end of the phone call, Natasha was so pissed off by the little boy that her entire body was shaking.

Immediately, she summoned her assistant over and seethed, “Where have Taylor and Harry gone? Find out where they are now!”

Her assistant knew the answer without the need to check. “Taylor has gone to the National Stadium to participate in the Esports World Championship. It has gone viral all over the internet now and you may check the news articles written about him.”

Natasha quickly checked her phone and found that news articles with the title ‘Taylor Murray is the champion of the Esports World Championship’ had mushroomed all over the internet.

She clicked into one of those and found pictures of Taylor gaming in the stadium.

She checked the timestamp and found that the tournament started at two thirty, which meant Taylor must have made his way to the stadium before that time. So, did he only stay at the concert hall for a few minutes just now?

Scrolling the article, she spotted Sophia in one of the pictures too. Was she referring to the Esports World Championship when she told her she was going to take part in a global competition last night?

Was an online gaming competition a legitimate global competition?

In her perception, playing online games was only something done by poor people who had nothing better to do in their lives, and she couldn’t understand why a competition was even held for something like that.

She was even more puzzled when she saw Taylor taking part in such a competition.

Abruptly, she stood bolt upright and thrusted her phone to the floor angrily. “I’m going there to see what it is all about!”

As her piano concert had ended, the audience were leaving the concert hall. Those who were invited to the concert were all big shots who were either extremely wealthy or enjoyed respectable social statuses. On top of that, all of them were very accomplished in the artistic world.

The audience left in an orderly manner as luxurious cars came and went one by one at the entrance of the concert hall.

Seeing this, Natasha was proud of herself because they had all come here to watch her performance.

Then, she made her way to the National Stadium. Although the game had already started, there was still a throng of people lingering outside the stadium as many of those who didn’t manage to get a ticket or couldn’t afford one were watching the livestream of the competition there.

There were at least thousands of them outside the stadium, which was way more than the number of people who attended her concert. There was even a troop of security officers watching over the area to maintain order.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 376

Inside the stadium, the eighty thousand fixed seats as well as over ten thousand temporary seats were all taken. The security team was under enormous pressure because it would be dire if an accident were to happen inside the stadium which contained a total of over a hundred thousand people inside.

Because the event was held at Bayside National Stadium, the security company took it very seriously by dispatching a troop of elite soldiers to maintain the safety and order of the place.

Old Master Fletcher was extremely worried about the safety of the stadium because both Stanley and Michael, who were dearest to him, were going to be there. Therefore, he had entrusted Joel with the task of overseeing the safety of the place.

Currently, Joel was focusing his full attention on examining the overall situation of the tournament. He was keeping an eye on both the condition inside and outside the stadium at all times so that in the event an emergency occurred, he would be able to get into action at the fastest speed. In the meantime, he was watching the livestream of the game with his phone too.

It was astonishing to him that more than one hundred thousand people were actually interested to watch a game played by sixteen players.

In the game, Stanley seemed like he had transformed into a God of War as he moved around gracefully and smoothly in the battlefield; he was the king of the world inside that game!

At the moment, Joel was slightly impressed by Stanley’s achievement in esports.

Suddenly, one of his staff reported that someone was making a scene at the ticket counter.

The event so far had been quite peaceful as his men had done nothing much other than having arrested some scalpers who tried to resell the tickets at staggeringly high prices. Hence, the commotion at the ticket counter immediately attracted Joel’s attention and it prompted him to make his way there to check out the situation immediately.

A group of people were surrounding the ticket counter and in the middle of the bunch stood a woman who was carrying a parasol.

The staff behind the ticket counter was pointing at the card on which ‘Sold Out’ was written as he prattled on, “All tickets were sold out long before this. The online tickets were also sold out as soon as they were available for purchase and we only have a limited amount of tickets at the door. Everyone else came to line up for them at six in the morning and everything was sold out within half an hour after we opened at nine. There aren’t any tickets left now!”

Unconvinced, the bunch offered to buy three tickets for ten thousand. “Give us three tickets. If it isn’t enough, we can offer more.”

As the weather was swelteringly hot, the staff was soaked with sweat as he continued to explain the situation, “As much as I want to sell you the tickets, I can’t because all the tickets are sold out!”

The bunch pressed on, “How about fifty thousand? Is that enough?”

Although the offer was indeed mouthwatering to the staff, he really couldn’t do anything because the stadium was already filled to the brim. He couldn’t even let his close friends sneak into the stadium, let alone someone who was splurging the cash.

“As all the tickets are sold out, you can’t buy it no matter how much money you are willing to pay for it.”

Under the shade of the parasol, Natasha pointed the electrical fan at herself as she started sweating profusely because of the heat. The hotter the weather was, the harder it was for her to control her temper. She couldn’t believe that such a cheapskate tournament actually had the audacity to put on airs by refusing to sell tickets to her. With a sullen face, she whispered something to her assistant to let her convey her message to the ticket staff.

One of her bodyguards then threatened the staff menacingly, “We’ll stop this tournament from continuing if we aren’t allowed in.”

The Mitchell Family definitely had the confidence and power to pull off something like that.

The staff members standing around them burst out laughing. “What’s going on inside is a top-notch global esports competition. Who do you think you guys are? Are you here just to look for our trouble? Get lost or I’ll summon the security officers here!”

Natasha had never been snubbed in this way before. After patiently waiting for more than ten minutes in such hot weather, she was still denied access in the end.

Finally, she lost it and nonchalantly instructed her people, “Smash it.”

Although the bodyguards were slightly hesitant when they heard her, they dared not defy the order of the princess in the Mitchell Family. Therefore, all of them made a dash forward and started smashing the ticket counter to compel the staff into giving them the tickets.

The staff immediately shouted, “Help! Someone is causing trouble!”

Soon, a troop of soldiers came and encircled the bunch of people. Natasha, who became even more fearless and confident at the sight of the soldiers, said in a commandeering tone to them, “Ask your captain to come here. I will only talk to him.”

As her uncle was an officer in the army, she was unruffled.

In her opinion, such a cheapskate tournament must be organized by some shady company which must have outsourced the security of the stadium to a small security company.

Soon, the head of the troop strode out of the stadium. He was a young man who gave off a confident and righteous air and much to Natasha’s surprise, he was a Major General.

Natasha assumed his ranking must be fake because it wasn’t likely that someone as young as the man could attain the rank.

Eyeing him with a skeptical frown, Natasha tried her best to make her voice sound level as she spoke to the young officer, “Sir, I just need a few tickets to get into the stadium.”

Joel answered her icily, “I’m very sorry but the tickets are all sold out.”

Natasha was unyielding. “My uncle is the commander of the military district of Bayside. So, I hope you can give us the tickets.”

Since she already pointed it out so clearly, she expected the Major General would have the gumption to do what she wanted but to her dismay, the young man didn’t seem to understand what she was trying to imply. In an emotionless tone, he repeated, “The tickets are all sold out and it would be the same even if your uncle was here.”

Natasha, whose face was covered with a sheen of sweat, was taken aback by how thick that young man was. “My name is Natasha Mitchell, my father is Alex Mitchell, the president of Mitchell Electronics Group and my brother is Justin Mitchell, who was one of the fallen heroes of the army. Why can’t I enter the stadium?!” she yelled angrily.

As soon as she mentioned Justin, a vein throbbed on Joel’s initially unruffled face as he snarled at his subordinates beside him right away, “Lock her up until the end of the tournament!”

No one had the right to humiliate Justin this way because he had sacrificed his life in order to bring glory to his family.

Shrieking and squealing all the way, Natasha and her entourage were locked up inside a room together with the scalpers.

Not only was the room filthy and stinky, but it was also crammed with people. There was no way Natasha, who was a wealthy young lady, could put up with such treatment. Along the journey to the room, she pointed at Joel and exploded, “Which unit are you from? What’s your troop number? Don’t think you’re free to do whatever you wish just because you’ve got a high ranking in the army! You’d better be careful because my uncle has a higher ranking than you!”

Joel responded to her confrontation with a sneer.

Then, he locked them up as troublemakers.

Natasha called her uncle, who was a high-ranking officer in the army, right away. After listening to her complaint that was made in between sobs, her uncle snapped, “That’s ridiculous! I can’t believe something like that actually happened! Natasha, you just need to wait for a little while because I can get you out with just one phone call!”

Natasha grumbled miserably, “Also, you have to hold that head of the troop accountable because he’s just too cocky! I suspect his ranking is fake because there’s no way an officer with such a high ranking would be assigned to supervise a cheapskate tournament like that! Also, I’m sure the organizer of this tournament must have skipped the proper procedure to apply for the permit and hence, it is an illegal assembly. Just force them to stop the tournament altogether!”

Her uncle patted his chest confidently and promised, “Don’t worry because I’ll tell everything to my superior!”

Calmly, Natasha then waited for Joel to come and let her out but no one came even after the tournament had ended.

After some time, she gave her prominent uncle another call but this time, he stammered, “Natasha, you’re being too insensible! That’s not the place for you to be acting wilfully! Perhaps you should take the chance to reflect on your own mistake!”

He hung up on her directly and he refused to pick up any of her calls afterward.

Natasha stared at her phone disbelievingly because she had no idea what could have gone wrong. How was it possible that her uncle was not able to get her out of this place?

As there was a television inside the room showing the live broadcast of the game, she was forced to watch it for two hours together with a bunch of scalpers.

From the screen, she could see that the atmosphere inside the stadium, which was a sea of red and blue, was extremely vibrant and full of excitement. The woman in the alluring red dress as well as the man in the maroon-colored shirt stole the show because they were given a lot of screen time, some of which were even close-ups.

In the game, the collaboration between Scary Phoenix and Sirius233 was almost perfect. Moving around in the game like a pair of Gods of War, their opponents stood no chance of resisting their attack.

They were good as partners because they had always been a couple in the game all the while.

The game was so intense and thrilling that even the bunch of scalpers couldn’t resist but clap and cheer for them.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 377

Toward the end of the game, both teams were left with three players and for the red team, they were Snow Fox, Scary Phoenix and Sirius233, who was incredible and had performed exceptionally well by using the move ‘Turbo Tornado’ to her advantage. The three players had great rapport as they worked seamlessly together to defend round after round of attacks from the blue team and finish off their opponents one by one.

Sirius233 was no doubt the most outstanding player of the game today. She started off as the weakest player of the team but surprisingly, she managed to fight her way to the very end and she seemed invincible despite only having a dangerously little amount left in her health points.

In the end, Sirius slaughtered the captain and also the strongest player of the blue team with her sword. After squealing miserably, the character died and the entire blue team was wiped out while the red team still had three players standing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the champion of the Esports World Championship this year is—the Dragon Fox Team!”

All eight players of the team leapt to their feet in excitement as they waved at the audience to thank their support. Stanley was so thrilled that he jumped from the spot he stood and swept Sophia off her feet.

“Sophia, we won! We won! We’re the world champions!”

Sophia felt exhilarated for the victory too.

Winning the world championship would give her five points in credit hours!

Amidst the excitement, Stanley suddenly felt a chill down his spine as though he was targeted by a predator. Trembling in fear, he immediately let Sophia down.

As soon as Stanley loosened his hold on her, Sophia turned round to throw her arms around Michael excitedly. She nearly went on to give him a smooch just like how they usually did at home but fortunately, her mind was pulled back to reality by the thunderous clapping and rapturous cheer from the audience. In the end, she only gave him a courteous hug.

Her action revved up the audience at once because not everyone had the honor to hug Taylor Murray, the hottest movie star at the moment!

After hugging Michael, Sophia immediately gave Sean a hug too to distract the audience’s attention.

Stanley was so ecstatic that he lunged forward to Michael and clung to him.

“Uncle Michael, I won! I won!”

Michael caressed his head and urged, “Be calm.”

As he had won the championship once before, Michael looked more composed at the moment but still, he was delighted.

In the midst of cheers and applause, the representative of the International e-Sports Federation presented the medals to the champion team. A gigantic trophy was then lifted up to the air by the eight players of the team!

The inside of the stadium which contained almost a hundred thousand spectators were immersed in a lively and heated atmosphere. Looking at the sea of red flags fluttering and waving vigorously in the audience, Sophia’s heart was thumping fast with an excitement which was beyond words.

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that she would one day be able to receive an award at Bayside National Stadium!

Her eyes then moved away from the glittering trophy to the man standing next to her.

This man was just like an angel that had fallen from his pedestal in the sky and came to brighten up every aspect in her life. He was so talented and strong in a way that was beyond her imagination because every time she thought she knew him well enough, he could immediately surprise her.

He was her husband, her ‘dom top’ in the game!

As the cameramen were constantly snapping photos of them, Sophia tried to tone down the admiration in her eyes and she tried to stop herself from constantly staring at him.

When it was time for a team photo, they placed the trophy on the floor in the middle and the eight of them stood horizontally in a line.

As the strongest player of the team, Scary Phoenix was urged to stand in the middle just in front of the trophy on which he placed his slender fingers. Although he would be awarded prize money from winning the championship, which was actually an amount that he would be able to earn by working for only a few days, what really gave him the joy was winning it together with the players in his team.

While Michael stood in front of the trophy, Stanley the captain stood to his left and beside him was Sean the vice captain.

Needless to say, Sophia stood next to Michael. At first, she planned to stand further away from him with the intention to avert suspicion but everyone was egging her on to stand beside him because her character was Scary Phoenix’s ‘bottom’ in the game.

Their characters were a famous couple in it.

The tournament came to a successful conclusion.

As the news of Taylor’s sudden appearance at the game soon spread around, the area outside the stadium was now crowded with not only esports enthusiasts, but also tons of Taylor’s fans who hoped to get a glimpse of their idol.

After the tournament ended, players of both teams walked down the stage and went backstage. Some of the players from the blue team who recognized Michael as Taylor Murray started approaching him to take pictures with him. Taylor was not only a popular figure in Cethos, but the entire world as well because he had acted in movies produced in both Cethos and in Europe. In fact, he was the first Cethos actor who was able to make a name in Europe.

Earlier this year, he had just finished shooting the movie ‘Doctor Invincible’ which was a sci-fi blockbuster much-anticipated by both local and foreign fans. The movie was currently in the editing phase and it would be shown during the next New Year.

However, Michael was besieged by a bunch of reporters who materialized out of nowhere as soon as he walked down from the stage.

“Mr. Murray, may I know when did you start playing online games?”

“Mr. Murray, I heard that Sirius233 and you are a couple in the game. Did the two of you meet each other before in real life?”

“Mr. Murray, can you comment on the performance of your partner?”

Usually, Michael would ignore the reporters because he couldn’t be bothered to answer their pointless questions.

But when he saw Sophia who was having an interview with a reporter together with Stanley from the corner of his eyes, he decided to answer the reporters.

“I started when I was just a kid and it has been over ten years since I started playing online games. In fact, I’ve been participating in esports tournaments even before I debuted as an actor and playing games is my lifelong passion which I will never give up. I hope no one reads too much into my relationship with Sirius233 because we shouldn’t confuse what happens in the virtual world with those in reality. In fact, the two of us only play as a couple to accomplish the missions in the game. As for Sirius233, I must say she is a very excellent esports player who has great potential in the future.”

With that, he ignored them and walked away under the escort of the security officers.

While Sophia was doing interviews with the reporters together with the rest of the team, her eyes had been tracking Michael’s slender and lanky body until the moment he vanished out of her sight.

The Esports World Championship came to an end and Taylor Murray’s surprise appearance successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

No one had expected that Taylor Murray, the winner of multiple Best Actor Awards, would also be a prominent esports player. On top of that, he had started participating in esports tournaments even before he started his acting career.

Once again, his popularity soared to an all-time high.

The tournament which had been a global sensation for around half a year finally ended. The fact that the tournament was won by a young team made up of Asians who had an average age of only twenty five caused a great stir in the esports world, and the surprise appearance of Taylor Murray gave the event a perfect ending.

After that, the crowd inside the stadium filed out in an orderly manner.

It was only then did Natasha get released from the locked room. She was green with envy when she saw the sea of people wearing a mixture of red and blue outside the stadium.

As she had been watching the livestream of the game just now, she spotted Sophia and Taylor together.

She was not a gamer but she could see that they actually had even more fans than her.

What was so special about that b*tch that made so many people love her?

Why did she get to take part in the same competition with her crush?

She was not worthy of having all those!

Taylor was supposed to date her, not that b*tch!

Natasha then spotted Joel somewhere outside the stadium and she threatened him menacingly, “You’d better be careful because I’ll remember you!”

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Joel merely snorted and ignored her.

As Natasha walked away, she tried to figure out Joel’s identity. There was no lack of influential and powerful people in Bayside City, and it was hard to determine who was the richest as another richer man would always appear. As for the public figures here, Natasha knew quite a few of them. Although that man earlier was a General Officer, he didn’t look particularly old.

However, it wasn’t a common occurrence for her to bump into people from the military, so there were many whom she didn’t know. Despite that, she knew that the youngest Major General in Bayside City was Joel from the Fletchers.

Once, she almost went on a blind date with someone from the Fletchers, but he was never enlisted in the army and didn’t have a decent character. Furthermore, he was even late, so she gave up and since then, she didn’t have the chance to meet the youngest general in Cethos.

The remarkable Joel Fletcher was also once in her list of future partners, but even before they could meet, all her attention was attracted by Taylor.

With her family background and looks, she knew that it wouldn’t be unattainable to be with him!

After she had left in a huff, her assistant finally found out who was the person in charge of the security today and she hurriedly cried out, “I found out who was in charge of security today! It was Joel Fletcher!”

Joel Fletcher?

Stopping in her tracks, Natasha snorted, “Check again. There’s no way it was Joel Fletcher! It’s impossible that he would be dispatched for such a lame competition!”

What do you take Joel Fletcher for? It’s impossible that he will be in such a place and attend this competition!

“Did you find out who is the organizer? Tell them to stop this cheapskate tournament! From now on, they’re not allowed to hold it anymore. Also, they have to apologize to me and void Sophia’s results!”

The whole time, her assistant was making calls. After a while, she reported to Natasha, “Ms. Mitchell, I’ve found out who the organizers are. The biggest organizers are the Nordic electronics giant, Michel Group, Asco International and the International E-sports Club Union. This…”

Natasha’s heart dropped when she heard that.

Michel Group from Northern Europe and Asco International were amongst the top 500 companies in the world. Besides being an international electronic giant, Michel Group was also the Mitchells’ main client and partner who knew each other’s strengths the best. As for Asco International, they also had global businesses involving real estate, energy, communications, electronics and more. Did these two big companies actually hold such a lame contest?

“Impossible! There must be a mistake! Check it again!” she instructed.

After the competition, everyone went for a celebratory dinner. Except for Scary Phoenix, all seven of them were there and they left for home after the meal.

Thereafter, Stanley brought Sophia and Sean to the next venue, which was the most important.

In a private karaoke room of Asco Entertainment City, Stanley held Michael and shook him violently while exclaiming, “Uncle Michael, we’re the champions! We’re the champions!”

Annoyed from being shaken so violently, Michael grumbled, “Calm down, your aunt is almost falling off from your shaking.” Holding out his arm, he held it around Sophia who was seated on his lap.

It was a happy day for Sophia today. After receiving approval from Michael, she couldn’t help but have a couple of drinks and it made her feel a little light-headed and flushed. The shake from Stanley left her feeling even more dizzy.

Releasing Michael from his grip, Stanley then turned to Nathan next to him. “Nate, we’re the champions!”

With an irritated look on his face, Nathan pushed him away and said, “That’s enough, I got it. You’ve already said it eight times.”

Unwittingly, Sean reached out and stroked Nathan’s head. Harry had also drank quite a bit and fought in a drunken stupor with Daniel over the microphone to sing.

“…as you sit in the boat, I walk by the shore…”

“…you carry the smell of her perfume…”

“Happy goat, pretty goat, lazy goat…”

A pair of big, round eyes hidden in the dark watched Harry fixedly and observed him secretly.

After giving Sean a good shake, Stanley dashed over to hug Sarah who had also joined them today. As the most indispensable illustrator and veteran in the company, she was also one of the shareholders.

“Little Kitten, we won! We won!”

Upon hearing the name which was imprinted on his heart, Harry, who was in the midst of singing, turned to look at Stanley with a tensed up face and bloodshot eyes. “L-Little Kitten?” he uttered, saying each syllable separately and shocking Sarah.

Very proudly, Stanley tugged at Sarah and introduced, “Yeah, Little Kitten, the chief illustrator in our company! Although she’s small in size, she has been a well known illustrator on the Internet ever since junior high, and her username is Little Kitten!”

Harry stared in disbelief at this cute girl with big, round eyes like a cat’s and then recalled the unsightly and indecent illustrations on the Internet.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think that the enemy would actually be lurking in Stanley’s company!

Holding up a beer bottle, he pointed it at Sarah and asked, “You’re the Little Kitten on the Internet?”

Waving her hands anxiously, Sarah denied, “No, what Little Kitten? I don’t know who’s that!”

A drunk Stanley pushed Sarah to Harry unsympathetically and said, “Uncle Harry, she is your die-hard fan. I’ve seen her status update on Skype before saying that her biggest wish in this life is to spend a night with you! As the boss of the company, I’m giving you to her as an employee benefit!”

With her face burning in embarrassment, Sarah retreated backward and cried, “Stop talking nonsense!”

Seeing that Sarah was put in a difficult situation, Sophia wanted to save her but a hand pulled her back and she fell into an embrace. As the warmth encapsulated her, a pair of lips met hers and they became entangled.

All of a sudden, she felt as though she had fallen into a cradle and her limbs turned to jelly. All her strength was sucked out of her body and her mind turned blank…

Nathan watched them and thought to himself in frustration, Why are they kissing again? All they ever do is kiss! From dinner until now, they’ve kissed at least eight times and now they’re continuing again after a break! They’ve been kissing all night and it’s still not enough?

In the other corner of the room, it was complete chaos as a drunken Harry, who was especially jealous of his enemy, chased Sarah around with a beer bottle in his hand. “Hey you, get over here! I promise I won’t kill you!”

Already looking a little flushed from having some drinks, Sarah ran around the room in terror and then slipped her tiny frame under the table.

Putting himself on all fours, Harry glared at her furiously and shouted, “Get out of there!”

“No, I’m not coming out! You’ll hit me!”

“I won’t hit you, so come out now. We’ll have a chat about your dirty comics.”

“You’re lying!” she cried.

Since she refused to get out, Harry could only stare at her on all fours because the table was too small and she had slipped under there nimbly like a cat. In contrast, Harry was a muscular man with a six-foot tall build who couldn’t get under the table, so he lay on the ground and started poking her with a selfie stick.

“Come out or I’ll stab you to death!” he shouted.

Sarah’s round eyes gleamed in the dark as she cried out, “I won’t come out even if you stab me to death!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 379

Even though Daniel wasn’t familiar with Sarah, he was very familiar with her dirty comics and he laughed in amusement, wondering why young girls nowadays had a penchant for such hardcore themes while Stanley smirked and clapped. The only one who could save her now was Sean.

The West Family was a new elite family in Bayside City and neighbors of the Mitchells, so Sean and Sarah had been good friends and he knew about her hobby for a long while now. He had long warned her about playing with fire, but he wasn’t expecting her to receive her payback so soon. Holding Harry back, Sean said, “Uncle Harry, don’t make things difficult for a young lady. She’s still young and ignorant…”

In fact, Harry felt bad about bullying a young lady like this, so he kept away the selfie stick and warned her sternly, “I’ll get even with you if you make me a character in your comics again.” Then, he grabbed the microphone and continued singing in a drunken stupor.

Thereafter, Sean sent Sarah home after saving her from underneath the table. Thinking that she would constraint her behavior a little after getting caught by Harry, Sean didn’t think that she would return home that night and draw another high-resolution illustration of Harry and Daniel in an indescribable and indecent gay scene.

They had fun and enjoyed themselves all the way till midnight and ordered a ride home. Since three of them lived in the same neighborhood, they shared a ride back together. Knowing that Stanley would definitely receive a beating from his father if he returned to the military compound completely drunk, Michael decided to bring him back to his place instead.

When they reached home, Sophia was so exhausted that she went straight to bed after showering.

Although Michael also had some to drink, he remained very sober and went to the basement to find Abel still at work investigating Fass Michel. Michael felt that there was no point in investigating him as his personal details were very clear. Also, according to the information provided by Abel himself, he was only thirty years old and he didn’t look like Cooper in any way.

But the men Abel sent out had finally captured a clearer picture of him from the front at the risk of their lives. Despite it being taken from afar, one could easily tell that this man had mixed-race facial features and blue eyes while Cooper had brown eyes.

With a deep frown, Abel said, “Investigating him is as tough as investigating Phantom Wolf, but your chica was sure that this man is Cooper. So, I investigated him according to her wishes.”

Maybe… After all, Sophia is Cooper’s daughter, so Michel could be Cooper. “Perhaps this is how smart Cooper is; disguising himself as the impossible. Figure out a way to leak the information about the assets in Kuwait being taken to him. If he’s really Cooper, he’ll definitely make a move,” Michael instructed.

This was also the same thought Abel had in mind until now. However, this required detailed planning because he might invite trouble upon himself if he wasn’t Cooper, and it would be bad for Sophia if the Mitchells learned about this.

Currently, Fass’ status was akin to an emperor in Africa because he controlled more than half of the African economy. With countless mineral orefields, many high-tech companies in the world needed to buy the minerals from him.

“Do we have any business dealings with the Michels now?” Abel asked.

After giving it a thought, Michael answered, “I think so. It seems like we have some dealings with them in the electronics, minerals and firearms sector.”

“Give me a position. I want to meet him in person,” Abel requested.

On the next morning, Sophia woke up, rolled over and her hands felt a familiar body. Placing her head gently on Michael’s arm, she watched his sleeping face in admiration. How can such a perfect man exist in this world? she gushed.

When he suddenly appeared yesterday, it was as though a deity had descended from the skies, and for a moment, she was actually more afraid of losing him than the competition. But all her worries and anxieties vanished the moment he appeared.

Very silently, she felt for her phone and checked the news. What happened yesterday was already a trending topic on the Internet today. Now, everyone knew that her idol was also a proficient gamer and the game had more than a million downloads within one night. It was even said that nobody could log in to ‘Swordsman Game’ as Taylor’s die-hard fans had overwhelmed the server.

There were even fans with amazing abilities who found pictures of Michael playing esports from more than a decade ago, and it turned out that he was already present at the first Esports World Championship. Back then, he hadn’t joined the army and was still a carefree teenager…

Sophia sighed after reading the news. It stressed her out that her rival in love mushroomed to tens of millions overnight. A man such as Michael, who was glowing with immeasurable talents, was destined to be popular regardless where he went and the focus of everyone’s attention. As his woman, Sophia felt a huge burden on her shoulders, and even though she was now a billionaire, it was still far from enough. I have to work harder in order to become a woman worthy of Michael! she thought with determination and snuggled into his arms as her hands wandered all over his body.

Calculating the time, it had been more than forty-eight hours since they last made love and she was now feeling a little lonely and empty. While she felt him all over, she waited patiently for him to wake up. Maybe it was because of the alcohol last night, Michael woke up at eight o’clock instead of his usual timing at six, and he went to brush his teeth after getting out of bed.

Watching him walk away in only his underwear, Sophia swallowed silently, but Michael was oblivious to his wife’s needs. Thus, he did his morning routine of washing up and then applying skincare on his face to finish off. Even though he had always relied on his actual talents as a celebrity and not his looks, he still had to take care of it and not neglect it simply because he was a man.

Just like him, Sophia had also gotten out of bed and slapped on some skincare after washing up. When he was done, Michael walked around the room butt naked and she gawked at his body as he paced back and forth in front of her. Swallowing again, there were a couple of times when she wanted to say something but stopped herself because she was embarrassed. That curvy ass, washboard abs ending with a V-shaped at the lower abs, and that strong and powerful waist…

Grabbing a bottle of sunscreen for men’s use, he began applying it on his torso and worked his way down. In between, he lifted his legs and raised his butt. It’s t-too tempting! Sophia ogled at the live nude show in front of her, almost bleeding from her nose.

“Chica, apply some sunscreen on my back,” he asked, showing her his back after passing the bottle to her.

Gulping, she then cautiously applied it on his back, thinking, What a perfect body of a man! I really want a bite of this!

On the other hand, Michael seemed not to have noticed Sophia’s eagerness and said casually, “Chica, stay at home by yourself today. I’m going out to see to some matters.”

Sophia nodded, but her eyes were still fixed on his body, and her hand was trembling as she applied the sunscreen. Even though she was reluctant for it to end, his back was only that big and she soon finished applying the sunscreen. After he had picked out his outfit and was ready to dress up, she mustered up the courage and asked, “Hubby, about what you said before the competition yesterday, does it still count?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 380

Michael spun his head around and asked in confusion, “Did I say something before the competition?”

As her face burned a bright red, Sophia retreated back into the covers and her eyes looked everywhere except at him. “Yesterday, you mentioned that there’s a reward after the competition…” she trailed off. She was so embarrassed that she hid herself in the covers, pouting her lips.

It seemed like he had forgotten about it. “Reward? What reward?” he asked, puzzled.

Fidgeting under the covers, she mumbled, “You know…”

“I actually don’t. What is it?” he pressed on.

“The one which you mentioned yesterday…” she whispered.

Almost about to blow his top, he said, “Speak louder; I can’t hear you.”

Abashed, Sophis ducked into the covers and shouted from within, “It’s that… costume… reward!”

With his intelligence, it’s impossible for him not to understand what I’m speaking about! He’s doing this on purpose because he was unhappy that I didn’t do it with him the night before, and he’s now doing this to spite me! But we already agreed yesterday that there’ll be a costume reward if we win the competition!

She waited for his reply for a long time, but there was no response for him. Her heart raced as she finally gathered enough courage to peek out from under the covers only to see a man in ancient Cethos clothing standing by the bed.

In a golden warrior robe, he wore a purple and gold crown on his head and mid-calf boots on his feet while his hair reached his waist. In a split second, it seemed as though he had travelled through time and dimension and entered the two-dimensional gaming world.

Sophia’s eyes almost popped out from its sockets. Isn’t this the exact same costume of his character from the game? Michael actually dressed up as him!

With a face like Michael’s, he could pull off anything. When he wore a suit, he looked like a bossy president of a company, and when he was dressed up in ancient clothing, he could play the part of a fairytale lad. He looked exactly like his game character, Scary Phoenix. No matter if it was the appearance or aura, the resemblance rate was ninety-nine percent.

After fixing his head gear, he picked up the custom-made prop weapon, struck a pose and put on a straight face before gazing at Sophia and asked, “How’s this costume?”

Trying her best not to drool as she spoke, she replied, “I-It’s passable.”

It was already noon by the time Stanley, who was taken in by Michael last night and slept in the guest room, woke up, and he rubbed his sleepy eyes. After he got out of bed, he had lunch at his place and that was when he saw Sophia’s blushing face, a typical look of a satisfied woman.

“Get out of here by yourself after lunch,” Michael said.

While he ate, Stanley was browsing through the news on his phone, and he suddenly flew to Michael’s side as though he had seen an alarming piece of news. “Uncle Michael, look at this! The ‘Swordsman Game’ is going to be filmed into a TV series of the same name. You’re really popular on the Internet now and everyone is hoping that you’ll play the male lead. Also, your die-hard fans seamlessly photoshopped your face onto the game character! This series will definitely become a classic piece of work if you play the male lead.”

Without even taking a look, Michael said, “I’m not interested.”

In fact, Stanley already knew that an A-list movie star like Michael would never play a role in a TV series.

However, Sophia seemed highly interested as she joined them and exclaimed, “Let me take a look!”

Some of Michael’s fans had photoshopped his face onto the Scary Phoenix character in the game. The end result of the amalgamation looked complete and perfect, and it looked very much like the Scary Phoenix she slept with last night.

Coincidentally, TV series which originated from games were very popular recently, so ‘Swordsman Game’ wanted to do the same while the trend lasted. Because Michael participated in the Esports World Championship, his fans were urging him to play the male lead of the game in its TV series! Despite the slim chance, they were still requesting for it.

Sophia’s eyes widened with anticipation. If her Lord can play the leading character…

Seeing her face filled with yearning and anticipation while appearing blushed and tender, Michael placed his fork down and declared, “I’ve changed my mind. If the script is good, fits my schedule and the team is great, I will give it a try.”

Dumbfounded, Stanley commented, “You don’t have a firm stand at all, do you?”

Next to him, Nathan ate in silence and sniggered, Well, he stands wherever Sophia wants him to.

With the end of the Esports World Championship, Sophia successfully obtained her five credit points while Michael returned to the intense filming of his movie. The movie he was filming now, ‘War Dragon’, was a big production, and he needed to go abroad to shoot some scenes.

In the meantime, Sophia did some self-learning every day at home and would go to the company occasionally to check on its progress.

That day after it was revealed that Sarah was actually Little Kitten, Sophia saw that she didn’t stop uploading her dirty comics on her page on the Internet, as though she wasn’t afraid of Harry at all.

If Sophia were her, she would have hid herself in a corner like she never existed.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back anymore and texted Sarah: ‘Little Kitten, why are you still making these drawings? Aren’t you afraid of Harry?’

Almost instantly, Sarah replied her text: ‘Not at all. What can he do to me? Let’s hangout tomorrow and I’ll show you my latest sketches.’

There are new sketches? Sophia mused and agreed.

On the next day, she went out after having breakfast to meet Sarah in a coffee house downtown, where Sarah took out the sketchbook with her new dirty drawings from her bag. Her drawings had surpassed any human‘s imagination with her favorite theme of pairing up Harry with irrelevant characters and coupling Stanley with Sean.

Through Sarah’s tainted eyes, there were no men she couldn’t forcibly couple together.

In the past, she loved drawing Taylor with Harry, but after she learned that Taylor was married to Sophia, her drawings of him lessened and she had now developed to become an expert at drawing Harry.

Especially recently after joining Stanley’s company where she could encounter Harry personally, drawing him had almost become her obsession.

As long as love existed in her heart, she could even couple Stanley’s husky with Harry.

As Sophia looked through her illustrations and saw Harry in indecent acts, she was seized by anxiety because her drawings were now bolder and even included group sex.

Oh my god…

Studies were too boring and she needed to look at some stimulating images to relieve her stress, so the both of them browsed through the sketchbook while drinking coffee until it was noon.

Glancing at her watch, Sarah then said, “I have a lunch date with my classmates. I don’t think you would like to join because you don’t know any of them, so I’m going by myself.”

After bidding her goodbye, Sophia finished her coffee, kept the sketchbook into her backpack and left the coffee house happily.

Later, she thought she would make a stop at the gym, but she usually went there to train martial arts with Gwen. Since it was just fitness, she could do it at home and what was more, her Lord would be home to instruct her.

Recently, Michael had left for the studios in the suburbs for filming and only returned home once a week on weekends. Usually, there was only Sophia alone at home, so she felt a little lonely.

Deciding that she would have lunch first, she had only taken a few steps away from the coffee house when a voice suddenly called out to her from behind, “Sophia.”

She turned around and saw a person she never imagined she would meet standing not far away from her. “General?!”

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