My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 381-390

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 381

Standing not far off from her, Joel was dressed casually in a shirt, looking like he was out on a break. Even without his uniform, he still looked sharp like a sword which was placed in a scabbard and the military temperament he had was impossible to hide.

Joel grinned, not expecting to run into her today. Unlike that day during the competition when she wore an eye-catching red dress, she was now wearing a casual white-colored top with wide sleeves paired with jeans and canvas sneakers. On her delicate face, she had very light makeup on and overall, she looked very clean and refreshing.

The sight of her made his heart skip.

During the tournament, Sophia had seen Joel from afar and knew that he was the one in charge of security for that day. However, that day was too rushed, and she had left with the others to a party right after, so she didn’t make it in time to greet him. Furthermore, the fact that Michael disliked him also made her a little wary about going over to say hi that day.

But today, she paced over to him jauntily and asked, “General, what are you doing here?”

Without his military uniform, Joel maintained his usual smart aura, but his smile seemed more gentle as the edges of his lips curled upward slightly and he replied, “I have a gathering with my comrades in the afternoon.” Then, he recalled the day of the competition and added, “You did well that day!”

Since he was in charge of security, he had to stay outside of the venue to take care of various situations and couldn’t watch Sophia on the spot, but he had watched the livestream.

The scene was unforgettable; a lady in red calmly controlling a virtual character in golden armor to defeat the foreign team until they had to make a run for it. The atmosphere was so thrilling that even Joel, who was outside, could feel it simply by watching the broadcast.

The world of the young is burning with life! he had thought.

When he first met Sophia, she was a young girl who wasn’t very striking. If he hadn’t heard that she was bought by Michael, he probably wouldn’t have taken a second look at her.

Back then, he didn’t understand why a person like Michael would need to resort to buying a woman, but looking at her now, it was probably because Michael was a better judge of a person than he was.

Hearing the general’s compliment, Sophia was so embarrassed that she scratched her head and grinned. “I just got lucky. It was mainly because Stanley is a capable leader. I was just an errand runner who could hit a few enemies.”

She had just finished speaking when Joel smiled again. The genes of the Fletchers were indeed top of the class. There was the elegant idol like Michael, the young punk like Stanley and also Joel, who was oozing with righteousness and military persona.

Usually, he wouldn’t smile, but when he did, he was very good-looking and completely different from the way Michael smiled.

“How’s the company?” he asked.

Sophia was not expecting him to ask about the company, but it occurred to her that Irene had also invested in it, so she hurriedly replied, “The company is doing well and I’m planning to drop by later to take a look. Everyone is working overtime recently and even Stanley has shifted his home to the office.”

“Yeah, do your best but don’t give yourself too much pressure. You’re still young, so you’ll run into some failures before you can mature,” he said. Suddenly, his phone rang and he answered the caller, “I’ll be right there.”

After hanging up, he turned to Sophia and asked, “It’s Army Day today and we have a day off. Your drill instructor will also be at the gathering with my comrades. Would you like to join?”

My drill instructor? she repeated in her head.

The mention of military training reminded her of Commander Ford. After the training, they never kept in contact, and that seemed like a rule in their military camp.

When she heard that Joel would be having a gathering with Commander Ford, she was tempted to join, but the thought that Michael didn’t like Joel held her back. If Michael had gone out with a woman she didn’t like, she would definitely be unhappy about it as well.

Still, she contemplated it because the memories of her military training were etched into her mind and Commander Ford had taught her many things besides taking good care of her company. When the training ended, everyone had cried and was reluctant to leave.

That day, she even specially went to look for Commander Ford to bid farewell, but she couldn’t find him. When training was finished and they had to leave the barracks, they were all crying like babies, but their instructors were not allowed to send them off lest it made everyone sad.

It was destiny that she ran into him today, and she didn’t know when would be the next time she would get such an opportunity. So she thought about it a little more and then said to Joel, “Let me inform someone from home.”

Knowing who she meant by that, Joel nodded. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Sophia spun around and called Michael, whose face was currently covered in dust and mud while he ate boxed lunch with his crew.

During the shooting for this movie, his face was barely ever untouched as there was always some makeup on—either blood or dust.

Upon picking up Sophia’s call, the first thing he did was to flirt with her, “Chica, are you missing your hubby? Just clean your butt and wait for me. I’ll be back tomorrow to shower you with love.”

Sitting at the same table and eating boxed lunch with him, Harry rolled his eyes and cried silently, Can’t you cut out such disgusting stuff when we’re eating?

Despite being married for a long time, Sophia still couldn’t help but blush whenever Michael made a dirty remark. Very briefly, she told him about what happened today and finally said, “So yeah, that’s what happened and it’s Army Day today, so I’ll join them for a meal and then leave after that.”

It was silent for a long time on the other side of the line. Although she knew that Michael wouldn’t agree to it, she really wanted to meet Commander Ford as well as her battalion and regimental commanders who had taken care of her during training.

Despite knowing that he wouldn’t let her go, she still wanted to fight for this opportunity. To her surprise, Michael merely chuckled lightly after a pause and said, “It’s not a big deal. Go ahead and join them.”

In that moment, she was overwhelmed with delight and thanked him cheerfully, “Thank you, hubby.”

After hanging up the call, Michael stared at his phone for a split second before going over to the director and informed him, “It’s Army Day today so I’m taking two day’s off to join a gathering with my comrades. I won’t be here today and tomorrow.”

Speechless, there was nothing the director could do because Michael was the celebrity and he called the shots.

Meanwhile, Sophia left with Joel in a jubilant mood after putting her phone away.

As Joel was the host today, the venue definitely wouldn’t be too shabby. The gathering would be held at the largest leisure club in Bayside City, which was in Asco Entertainment City, and they had run into each other because that place was nearby.

Whenever she thought that she would be meeting her commanders whom she missed so dearly, a little surge of excitement would well up in her chest. She then gazed at Joel and asked nervously, “Will I affect the mood if I join the gathering with your comrades?”

“No, you won’t. Don’t worry, there are people bringing their families as well,” he assured.

Relieved, Sophia happily followed him.

As this was a wealthy area, it was filled with luxury stores and premium clubs. Asco Entertainment City, which they had just entered, belonged to the owner of Asco International, and the club was located on the fourth floor while the first three floors were branded stores.

Tagging behind Joel, the both of them had only reached the second floor when they met an acquaintance unexpectedly.

“So the both of you really know each other!”

Appearing before Sophia, a group of people were walking toward them. A young, beautiful girl was in the middle and she was surrounded by a few bodyguards dressed in black.

Isn’t that Natasha Mitchell?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 382

The sight of Natasha reminded Sophia of her own father, Cooper. Back then, Cooper was killed because of Natasha’s father, Alex Mitchell, and although there was no evidence, Alex became the head of the Mitchells after his death and even took away all his private properties.

Despite the fact that the current generation shouldn’t be involved with the feud of the previous generation, it seemed like the animosity between Sophia and Natasha had long been forged.

Carrying a small, delicate shopping bag in her hand while her assistant was carrying six shopping bags in her hands, it looked like Natasha was just done with her shopping spree. She had three bodyguards with her, and she looked rather mature for a seventeen year-old in an exquisite haute couture dress and a pair of limited edition heels.

Her gaze shifted back and forth between Sophia and Joel before she smiled cunningly and said, “So that’s how it is.”

It’s no wonder he had the guts to go against me. So he’s Sophia’s friend, she thought to herself as she recalled the day when she was locked up near the stadium for two hours. That had been the nightmare of her life and she had never been through such suffering nor endured such humiliation before in her life!

Looking at Joel, Natasha asked with a smirk, “Which battalion do you belong to and what’s your designation?”

Joel cast her a cold stare and it took him a while to realize who she was. “No comment,” he answered coldly.

It was only after the competition that Sophia heard about how Joel and Natasha were now enemies.

Under normal circumstances, even though the competition that day was a rather big event, it was still not important enough that Joel would be needed to maintain order personally. If Sophia hadn’t seen him at the scene with her own eyes, even she wouldn’t believe it. It was probably Old Master Fletcher who had assigned him the task.

It was only at an event like the charity banquet organized by Harry previously, where some of the attendees were foreign dignitaries and members of the royal family, could Joel be asked to handle security personally. Even then, it was not a prestigious enough event.

Without a doubt, Natasha must have thought the same and didn’t think that an important figure like him would appear, and so she went there to cause trouble.

Looking at the situation now, she definitely didn’t know who Joel was. Every year, he presided over the military training of Bayside University, and by right, the students should all know who he was. Unfortunately for Natasha, she had never joined the military training of the university.

Natasha knew that Joel had a high rank in the military and also had Sophia’s back. So today, she wanted to show Sophia how formidable she was, but not by directly picking a fight with her. Instead, she would make Joel her target.

He was merely a Major General and there was no lack of high ranking people in Bayside City! A General Officer was not worth mentioning at all! Today, she must let Sophia know that the backing whom she was so proud of was not worth the mention at all!

Displeased with Joel’s attitude, she spoke grimly, “You should know that I’m the Young Lady of the Mitchells and that my uncle has a rank in the military as well. By locking me up at the stadium that day, you’ve already violated military rules. Just one word from my uncle and you’ll be dismissed from the military.”

Wow, can she brag! She wants to dismiss me from my military duties? Joel sniggered.

Without even mentioning his own outstanding military achievements, his parents were both high-ranking military personnel, much more his grandfather, Mark.

An evil idea suddenly came to Sophia’s mind and she took a step forward, speaking sternly, “Have you lost your mind, Natasha? This man is an instructor in our military training!”

When Natasha heard that, she surveyed Joel from top to bottom and sneered to herself, Hmph! He’s merely an instructor in the military camp. How could a Major General be an instructor? This is a joke and I must have judged him wrongly. There’s no way he’s a Major General, but a Second Lieutenant at most!

“So he’s just an instructor, and here I thought he was some important figure,” she scoffed, completely looking down on Joel.

“Natasha, it’s Army Day today. Can you live with yourself if you speak to an instructor like that?” Sophia asked, fanning the flames.

Having no regard for either of them, Natasha was determined to get Joel into trouble today. So she lifted her chin and instructed him haughtily, “I want to know your designation.”

Sure enough, Natasha’s behavior which was deserving of a Darwin Award made the look on Joel’s face turn more and more unpleasant. All the warmth from earlier was gone and his face had totally turned into a block of ice. With his aura as strong and powerful as a tornado, they were at a tipping point which caused them to not be able to breathe and feel suffocated.

Obviously, Joel was mad and it delighted Sophia who gloated in silence, Now, fight!

Joel’s imposing manner had also frightened Natasha and she could feel goosebumps all over her body just by looking at his eyes which were carrying a murderous intent that she had never seen before. However, when it hit her that she had five people with her while he was only a man with such a low military rank, bravery surged through her. Decisively, she repeated her words from earlier crudely, “You must tell me your battalion and designation, or else you’re not leaving here today!”

Although he didn’t utter a single word, everyone could see that the look in Joel’s eyes had turned icier.

He’s angry now! He’s angry now! Sophia rejoiced silently, as though there was a little person in her heart jumping around in joy. Hurriedly, she grabbed Joel by the arm and said, “Forget it, General. Let’s have our lunch and not waste our time on such a snob.”

Even though it seemed like she was trying to persuade him, she had hit Natasha’s sore spot by calling her out like that. Even if he wanted to leave now, she wouldn’t let them leave without doing anything to them!

All her life, Natasha basked in all sorts of compliments from everyone and no one had ever called her a snob before.

Did she just call me a snob? she fumed. Losing all her patience, she ordered the bodyguards next to her, “Get him and inform my uncle to take care of this.”

Acting upon her words, her bodyguards surrounded Joel and Sophia took a couple of steps back, watching in anticipation.

There was a good saying on the Internet that went, ‘Don’t go out drinking on Army Day. Don’t get drunk if you’re drinking, and don’t cause any trouble if you’re drunk, or you’ll realize that the people at the table next to you are not only brutal, but also especially good in fights. That’s because veterans are gathering everywhere.’

As soon as three of her bodyguards had Joel surrounded, the news had spread and sounds of footsteps could be heard everywhere as some bulky men came over from every direction within seconds. Very neatly, they arranged themselves into a human barricade and Natasha and her bodyguards found themselves stuck in the middle.

Not only did these men look aggressive, but they were also exceptionally disciplined; a group of men blocked Natasha’s men while another group evacuated the onlookers in an orderly manner. With such a well-trained attitude, anyone could easily tell that they were all either active or retired soldiers.

Stunned by the aggressive appearance of these men, Natasha forced herself to put up a calm face and said to Joel, “Are you going to ask your men to beat me up in public? My uncle is—”

“Shut up.” Joel, who had been silent this whole time, finally spoke. As his voice travelled through the air, it felt as though ice had formed for thousands of miles.

Unlike regular military students who joined military schools as recruits, Joel joined the army when he was eighteen and worked his way up from an ordinary conscript. For several years, he was in the international peacekeeping force and also participated in major evacuation operations which shocked the world. As a soldier who had seen real situations and who was made Major General at such a young age, he was a truly remarkable figure.

It was actually a waste of his talents for him to go up against Natasha.

Still, Sophia couldn’t wait to see them in a fight right now! Regardless of what happened, Joel would be there to take care of it!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 383

Natasha had absolute confidence and she wasn’t worried about the group of soldiers at all. After all, she was a descendent of the Mitchell family and the only daughter of Alex Mitchell! As she thought about this, she suddenly gained confidence and lifted her chin to look at Joel, who was much taller than her, and yelled, “If you’re brave enough, tell me your number and unit! I’ll make sure you won’t get away so easily!”

Joel glared at her, eyes scorching but a cold expression on his face.

Upon hearing, Sophia hurriedly added oil to the fire. “General, let’s just leave. She’s the daughter of Alex Mitchell, who is the director of Mitchell Group. Her father is also the head of the Mitchell family…”

Joel snorted.

“General?” As soon as Natasha heard this, she felt even more confident and she coldly looked at Joel from head to toe. Joel was out for a party that day so he only wore casual clothes. At that moment, he didn’t have his usual domineering aura. Instead, he looked like a neighbourly uncle with a gentle and low-key attitude, not looking like the youngest major general of Cethos one bit.

“What rank are you? How dare you call yourself a general?” However, Joel was too lazy to bother with Natasha because it was pointless to quarrel with a person like her. He glanced at his watch and realized the party was starting soon and as Joel was the host, it wouldn’t look good if he were to be late. He turned to Sophia and said, “Let’s go.”

Sophia didn’t say anything and merely followed silently behind Joel. It seems that Joel doesn’t want to cause trouble. They are the Mitchells, after all. Since Joel didn’t want to create trouble, Sophia didn’t bother to make a scene either. Besides, she was getting hungry too.

However, Joel only took two steps forward before he heard Natasha’s dark voice coming from behind him. “Did I say you could leave?” As soon as she finished speaking, one of her bodyguards quickly pressed Joel’s shoulders. There was an African among Natasha’s bodyguards who stood at slightly over two meters, which made him one head taller than Joel. The African bodyguard pressed his hand firmly on Joel’s shoulder, not saying a word.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense. Many soldiers watching seemed to want to attack but they didn’t make a move. Instead, each of them stood idly by as they watched the drama unfold. Joel barked a laugh and suddenly fought back. He clamped the bodyguard’s hand that was on his shoulder and poked at his acupuncture point, hard. The African bodyguard instantly screamed in agony. Then, Joel turned around and kicked the bodyguard’s hip in a swift motion. With that, the bodyguard fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Seeing this, Natasha’s other bodyguard jumped in to attack Joel. This bodyguard, on the other hand, was short and quick. He was really cunning and his attacks were fast as he focused on hitting Joel’s lower body. However, Joel quickly fought back and with just a few moves, the other bodyguard fell to the ground. Joel pressed him onto the ground in a standard military movement before kicking him hard. Even at a glance, everyone could tell that he was trained.

Natasha stared at the two bodyguards on the ground. She was so scared that her face turned pale and she staggered back a few steps. Looking at Joel in disbelief, she screamed in horror, “You… How dare you… Do you know who I am? My uncle is…”

Joel really didn’t want to waste his time talking to her so he casually put his hands in his pockets and turned to leave. “Let’s go,” he said softly to Sophia. At that, Sophia hurriedly followed behind him, not forgetting to turn around to glance at Natasha in triumph.

Thinking that Natasha’s father might be one of the murderers that killed her father, Sophia couldn’t help but gloat. The group of bystanders disappeared in an instant, coming and going like the wind, leaving an outraged Nathasha and her two fallen bodyguards rooted to the spot. Natasha glared fiercely in the direction that Sophia and Joel left and thought, Just you wait! Meanwhile, Sophia obediently followed Joel to the place they were having the party. On the way, Joel suddenly turned around and said to her, “The next time you want to teach someone a lesson, just be blunt.”

Sophia immediately blushed. Joel had seen through her intentions in one glance and she was extremely embarrassed about it. Smiling awkwardly, she muttered, “Thank you, general.”

After a while, as if he had suddenly realized that he had said something insensitive, he added, “I’m not blaming you.” Sophia nodded and replied, “I know.”

Joel looked at her, as if there was something else he wanted to say, but in the end he held back. If he really wanted to teach an ignorant person like Natasha a lesson, all he had to do was give a simple order…

They had reserved a really big VIP room and were greeted by the sight of many people, most of them men. There were some women too, but it was obvious that they were family members. Seeing this, Sophia felt awkward and quietly tugged on Joel’s shirt.

“Didn’t you say that there were other family members attending?”

Joel didn’t answer her question. Instead, he pointed to a corner and said, “That’s your drill instructor.” Sure enough, Sopia saw Commander Ford. He was dressed in casual clothes, looking quite charming. Seeing him, Sophia happily walked over to greet him.

“Oh my, isn’t this Sophia who destroyed her ex-boyfriend’s reputation?” Commander Ford recognized her in a heartbeat. Truth be told, a lot of people recognized her as soon as she showed up. She took a seat and chatted with the instructors about the affairs regarding her military training. Before the food was served, there were people arriving and soon, someone familiar appeared. “Wow, Sophia. Why is it that I see you wherever I go?” Stanley said as soon as he entered the room.

“Why are you here?” Sophia asked as she looked at him strangely. Stanley found a seat and sat down. “This is a veteran gathering. Why can’t I be here? I’m a real veteran!”

Sophia thought about it for a moment. He’s right. Even though he was only a soldier for two years before he left the army, he’s still considered a veteran. There were many soldiers and veterans sitting around the table. Now that they were gathered together, they had endless topics to talk about. They drank alcohol, sang, chatted, and even arm wrestled. Food suddenly became the second most important thing. Sophia liked to attend parties that were filled with men because she could drink wine and eat without caring about women etiquette.

Everyone drank wine from big bowls so Sophia was embarrassed to use a small glass. She grabbed a bowl of wine to drink but after only taking two sips, she felt her cheeks start to flush. Seeing this, Stanley hurriedly took away her bowl of wine and said, “Stop drinking. If Uncle Michael finds out, he’ll beat me up.”

Sophia wiped her lips and said, “You’re the one who’s going to get beaten up anyway. I’m not afraid.”

With that, she drank two more gulps of wine. She was not a regular drinker but the atmosphere that day was really lively and as everyone else was drinking, she felt a little out of place if she didn’t. Stanley watched as she drank half a bowl and said, “Why did Uncle Michael let you come to this party? If I were him, I wouldn’t allow you to go out for drinks.”

He also found it unbelievable Michael even let Sophia out with Joel. After all, Joel and Michael were two family members who always fought each other whenever they met.

Moreover, Joel had a record. A few years ago, when something happened to Michael, Joel immediately stepped in to get close with Sophia, even though they were not to blame… Is there something wrong with Uncle Michael? If I were him, I would definitely speed over here like a wild horse whose tail was on fire, galloping at 230 kilometers per hour…

As soon as he finished thinking about it, he saw Joel stand up with a glass of wine in his hand and said, “Is everyone here?”

Everyone answered in unison, “Yes, we are.”

As soon as they finished that sentence, the door of the VIP room was suddenly pushed open and a man in a suit and leather shoes with looks of an angel entered. His appearance instantly made the other men in the room look extra rough and uncouth.

“Sorry for being late. There was a lot of traffic on the way…”

Seeing the man who just entered, there were two loud sounds of people spurting wine.


My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 384

Stanley stared at Michael who just walked in, shock written all over his face. We sure are related; we even have the same thoughts. The only difference is that I expected Michael to be a wild horse with its tail on fire but instead, he’s like a launched rocket, rushing over from the production set in the blink of an eye.

Sophia was holding and drinking wine from a bowl bigger than her face a moment ago. She looked up, never expected to see Michael who seemed to have traveled through a portal. Shocked, she spurted out a mouthful of wine and hurriedly covered her face with the big bowl. Sh*t! Why is Michael here? Shouldn’t he be filming in a studio outside the city?

As soon as Michael spoke, everyone in the room turned to look at him. Everyone knew who he was even though some of them didn’t watch movies. That’s Taylor Murray. I remember he came to visit during the military training last year, but why is an actor like him at a veteran party?

Though Michael came uninvited, he didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed. Instead, he walked in confidently and found a seat. Everyone looked at him before glancing at each other in confusion. Joel’s expression was frozen for a moment but he quickly recovered and introduced Michael to everyone.

“This is my cousin. He used to serve in a special forces but now he has retired and is pursuing an acting career.”

It suddenly dawned on everyone that they seemed to have heard rumors about Taylor working in the special forces before. Since Joel had personally said so, the rumors must be true. There were many fans of Taylor in the room so he was immediately surrounded as soon as he entered the room. As soon as Michael walked in, he immediately walked to Sophia’s side.

Seeing this, Stanley, who was sitting next to Sophia, hurriedly gave up his seat. Meanwhile, Sophia was still covering her face with the bowl. She had a small face and the bowl was really big so it completely covered her face. Before Michael even had the chance to talk to her, the door was swung open again and a man with blond hair appeared. “Oh, there you are!”

Even Harry’s here! Stanley instantly waved at Harry excitedly. “Mr. Harry, why are you here?”

Harry walked in leisurely with his hands in his pockets before he pointed at Michael and said, “I’m your uncle’s family member.”

Hearing this, Stanley frowned. Why does something sound off?

Harry liked to copy others. When he was young, he liked to copy everything Michael did and wore clothes that were exactly like Michael’s, which was why the both of them often got into fights. However, they stopped staying in contact with each other as they grew older.

Afterward, Michael met Harry when he became the instructor at the military training in Bayside University. This was why he immediately recognized the b*stard who copied everything he did when he was young at a glance.

Later, Harry copied Michael even more diligently to the extent that the both of them were wearing the exact same outfit that day. Furthermore, after hearing Harry say ‘I’m your uncle’s family member’, their relationship looked even more strange.

But in fact, Harry was just too lazy to think about what to wear. He thought Michael looked handsome in those clothes so he wore the exact same thing. Under everyone’s strange stares, Harry sat down next to Stanley. The atmosphere became even more awkward.

It was Joel who broke the silence. He raised his bowl of wine and said, “It’s not easy for all of us to gather together. Many comrades even specially came over from other states. Come, let’s have a toast!” Dozens of bowls filled with hard liquor were raised. After all, true men only drank hard liquor. Sophia, who was covering her face with a bowl, suddenly felt her bowl being taken away.

Drunk, she looked at Michael with a flushed face, not daring to speak. There was even slight fear in her gaze. Meanwhile, Michael didn’t even look at her. Instead, he poured liquor into her bowl and made a toast together with everyone. Sophia looked up at him and watched as he gulped down a whole bowl of hard liquor in a few mouthfuls.

After Michael finished drinking, he pulled out a row of Yakult from his lap and even tore open the packaging, inserting straws before he quietly pushed it in front of Sophia. She glanced at him like an aggrieved but happy puppy before lowering her head to drink.

It was when Stanley finished drinking a bowl of liquor that he saw the row of Yakult and reached over to grab it. “This is great. Drinking some Yakult after hard liquor is good for the stomach.” However, as soon as he touched the Yakult, a palm appeared in front of him and slapped his hand away.

“You’re a grown man. You shouldn’t be drinking Yakult on an occasion like this.”

Stanley glanced at Michael as he quickly withdrew his hand, afraid to say a word. Later, the men chatted while the women ate quietly. After Sophia quietly finished drinking two bottles, she focused on eating. There were originally ten tables in the VIP room but they were joined together to form two long rows.

Joel was originally sitting next to Sophia but Michael directly sat between them, effectively separating him from Sophia. Even though the two men were sitting next to each other, there was zero communication. Michael and Sophia were also surrounded by many people and Michael handed out several business cards.

“The film crew is in need of a large number of extras lately, preferably veterans. If any of you are interested, go to the address on my business card.” The atmosphere seemed happy and harmonious and the party went on from noon till night, as they drank a ton of wine and ate a lot of food. As for Sophia, she drank a whole row of Yakult and even secretly drank a few sips of wine. She kept burping during the second half of the party.

After they were full from eating and drinking, everyone left one by one. As the host, Joel stayed until the end of the party. Michael didn’t leave either. After Sophia finished eating a drumstick happily, she looked up and saw that almost everyone had left. Only a few people remained. Joel, Michael, and Harry were still there, and Stanley was still drinking happily. “Come, Uncle Joel! Let’s have a toast!” Stanley raised his bowl of wine and yelled.

Joel pushed his face away. He, too, had drunk a lot of wine and even though he still had a sharp gaze, he looked slightly drunk. All of a sudden, Joel stood up and said to Michael, “Mike, it’s been a while since our last friendly competition.”

Michael put down his bowl of wine and elegantly wiped his lips, a cynical smile on his face. There was a glint in his eyes as he said, “Why don’t we have another friendly competition then?”

They unexpectedly met each other’s gazes, and it was as if there was the sound of thunder and lightning in the sky. Michael quickly got up, pushed away his chair and walked to an empty space with Joel.

Michael had already taken his jacket off but now, he even removed his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body. Then, he stood opposite Joel and with a smirk, he said, “I’m hoping that you can show some mercy. I haven’t fought in a long time so my moves are quite rusty.”

Joel looked at him blankly and replied, “Of course I will; don’t worry.”

Sophia was lying on the table drinking Yakult when she suddenly heard sounds of a fight. Drunk, she slowly lifted her head and saw Joel and Michael fighting.

Even though they said it was a friendly competition, they fought fiercely. Moreover, they had some alcohol and with old and new grudges in their hearts, they fought so hard that their eyes turned red. Every punch they launched was filled with energy. Sophia looked at them in horror and yelled, “Stop it! Stop fighting!”

Harry gulped down a bowl of wine and pressed Sophia’s head back onto the table. “Just drink your Yakult, silly.” There’s nothing enjoyable in eating and drinking. But watching a fight, well, that’s interesting!

Meanwhile, Stanley was lying on the ground like a drunken shrimp. Although he saw them fighting, he didn’t have the energy to stop the two men.

Sophia tried to stand up multiple times to stop them but was pressed back to her seat by Harry every single time. Hence, she had no choice but to watch Michael and Joel fight each other in front of her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 385

In terms of skills or punches, both men were almost on the same level. One of them was always the first in the family while the other always came second, and the psychological gap between them showed. Joel had always pushed himself to his limits and his achievements were impossible for his peers to attain.

He had everything he wanted but he still felt he was still overwhelmed by Michael. He was unwilling to lose! As for Michael, he purely wanted to beat Joel up. It had nothing to do with Irene, Sophia, or what happened that day. He just didn’t like him!

With a whack, Michael was punched so hard that his nose started to bleed. Then, with a bash, Joel’s eye was bruised.

Sophia was so afraid that she quickly sobered up. Unfortunately, Harry held her down tightly and wouldn’t allow her to interfere with their fight. All of a sudden, the door was pushed open and Irene walked in.

When she saw the two men fighting in the VIP room, she screamed in horror. “Oh my God, Joel! You…” Irene hurried over. At that exact moment, Michael pushed Joel to the ground and was about to punch him but when he saw Irene, his tightly curled fist loosened a little.

In his moment of hesitation, Joel punched Michael before kicking him away. Immediately, Irene rushed over and helped Joel up, who was beaten up really badly. She was so distressed that she was about to break into tears. “Joel, why did you do that…”

Meanwhile, Sophia slipped under Harry’s arm and escaped his grip. She helped Michael up and looked at his handsome features, face swollen and nose bleeding. “We were having such a good time; why did you two have to end up fighting?”

Joel got up to his feet and wiped away the blood under his nose. Even though he looked angry, he said to Michael, “Mike, your martial art skills are as strong as back then. Thank you for going easy on me.” Michael wiped his bleeding nose and replied, “Likewise.”

With that, Irene propped Joel up and staggered as they left. Right before they left the room, Irene turned around and glanced at Michael meaningfully. He lowered his head, looking at the bruises on his fists before limping forward to take a seat. Meanwhile, Sophia was so shocked she was about to cry. She simply couldn’t understand how they suddenly got into a fight.

Michael was beaten so badly that his eyes were swollen and there was a steady stream of blood flowing down from his nose to his chin. He quickly took his shirt and carelessly wiped the blood away. Seeing this, Sophia used a tissue, carefully wiping away the blood on his face.

Meanwhile, she was also swiping away her tears and her voice was choked. Looking at a sobbing Sophia, Michael’s lips curled into a smile. “I’m fine. We often fought like this when we were younger.”

Sophia sobbed as she yelled, “What if something serious happened to you? What am I supposed to do?” She was angry yet afraid. After all, she watched Joel punch Michael over and over with her own eyes! He’s not a machine—he’s human! What if he breaks something? Seeing the tearful appearance of his chica, Michael finally realized that he had made a mistake. I am indeed drunk from all the hard liquor. I’m already way past the age of fighting and fooling around but when I saw Joel, I couldn’t help but feel the urge of beating him up.

He wiped away Sophia’s tears with his hand and whispered, “It’s okay, Chica. Stop crying. Let’s go home.”

Hearing this, Sophia sobbed twice before she called Hale and asked him to prepare their ride. Michael then put on his clothes and his sunglasses to cover up his bruised eyes. With that, he walked out and got in the car. Meanwhile, Harry carried a completely drunk Stanley.

When they left the room, they saw Joel and Irene, who just finished paying the bill. The two groups ignored each other and went their own ways. Leaving the restaurant, they went directly to the hospital. The doctors were already prepared when they arrived and gave Michael a full body examination.

While waiting, Sophia paced back and forth anxiously as tears kept streaming down her face. It wasn’t until the examination ended and the doctor came over with a thick report to tell her that Michael only had external injuries did she feel reassured. Michael, on the other hand, didn’t think it was a big deal. He wasn’t delicate and spoiled. Instead, he fought a lot.

When he was young, he often fought with people of the same age in the military compound. Later on when he was a soldier, he fought in the army, and after he retired from the army, he didn’t stop fighting either. Whenever he acted in action movies, he never used stand-ins and personally fought with the professionals to ensure his body remained fit. To him, fighting with Joel was a piece of cake.

They left the hospital after patching him up and stopping his nosebleed. On the way home, Sophia didn’t say a single word to him. It was obvious that she was really mad. She kept the car window rolled down, letting the wind blow her face. The wind from outside the window was so strong it dried the tears at the corners of her eyes.

As Sophia looked at the traffic outside the window, there seemed to be an unresolved worry in her gaze. In fact, she caught sight of the hesitation and doubt in Michael’s eyes when Irene entered the room earlier. She saw it all. However, she also knew that Michael couldn’t forget about Irene. The reason he fought with Joel was not because what happened that day, let alone herself. Instead, it was because of Irene. The more she thought about this the more she wanted to cry, but the wind made her eyes feel so dry that she couldn’t.

Meanwhile, Stanley slumped against the seat, snoring. His snore was the only sound breaking the silence inside the car. When Michael saw how upset Sophia was, he quickly checked his conscience and recalled everything he had done that day. Realizing the mistakes he had made, he scooted over and held Sophia in his arms. “What’s the matter, Chica? Are you angry at me?” However, Sophia didn’t respond. It was as if she didn’t hear him at all.

Seeing this, Michael let go of his pride and softened his voice, “Okay, I admit I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have fought today. Please forgive me, alright?” Even so, Sophia silently pushed away his hand that was on her shoulder and remained silent, continuing to look out the window.

Michael felt his heart sink and realized that he might have made a big mistake. This was the first time Sophia was mad at him. But at the same time, he was also very pleased. She being mad at him indicated that she really cared about him.

At this point, he completely let go of his manly demeanor and grabbed her hand with a smile. “Darling, please stop being mad at me. I promise that I will never fight again.” Throughout their journey home, Sophia didn’t speak a word, not only because of Michael’s fight but also because of Irene’s appearance that day. After they arrived home and parked, Sophia immediately grabbed her bag and got out of the car.

Seeing this, Michael hurriedly went to grab her bag from her and said enthusiastically, “I’ll help you with your bag!” However, Sophia was still angry and wasn’t willing to say a word to him.

As soon as Maria opened the door, a tiny figure ran out of the house and rushed toward Michael and Sophia. When Nathan saw Michael’s bruised face and the blood flowing down his nose, he stood still in fright. His dark eyes stared at Michael, as if he was scared of him.

Sophia hurriedly pulled Nathan to the side and coaxed, “Darling, your dad’s fine. That’s the makeup he put on set when they were shooting for the movie. He’ll be back to normal after he removes the makeup.”

With that, she turned around and glanced at Michael. Then, she held Nathan’s hand and went into the house. However, Nathan kept looking back at Michael the entire way, seeming a little scared. Even after returning home, Sophia continued to ignore Michael. She locked herself up in the study after washing up and did not allow anyone to enter.

After cleaning himself up, Michael put medicine on his face to reduce the swelling. However, he realized that he couldn’t enter Sophia’s study and saw that no one answered the door. Taking a bag of ice and pressing it on his face, he knocked on the door repeatedly. “Chica, my darling chica, will you open the door for me?” However, no sound could be heard from inside the room. Suddenly, Michael heard a cold chuckle coming from behind him. “You deserve it.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 386

When Michael turned around, he saw Nathan in Bambi pajamas, an indifferent and cold expression on his face that didn’t match his age. “You were fighting, weren’t you?” Nathan was not an ordinary child so Sophia’s lies could only trick herself. At a glance, Nathan already knew that Michael was fighting with someone.

Judging from Michael’s appearance, he was sure that the fight was fierce. After all, his face was swollen. He was never so badly injured when he fought with Stanley in the past. However, Michael quickly denied, “No, I wasn’t. I just had a friendly competition with Joel.”

Hearing this, Nathan was even more convinced that Michael was in a fight. Fighting with Joel and fighting with Stanley are two totally different things! No wonder Sophia’s so mad!

Nathan opened his bedroom door and walked in as he said, “It seems that she was worried that you might get killed.” Michael held onto the bag of ice and said nothing. Later, he entered the study, switching on his computer and logging onto the game. Sure enough, he saw ‘Sirius233’ online. Michael logged onto his other account ‘Call Me Taylor’ and started to chat with ‘Sirius233’.

‘Hubby,’ he greeted.

However, ‘Sirius233’ didn’t reply to him. Not willing to give up, Michael logged onto his main account, but because his identity was exposed, a group of people immediately surrounded him as soon as he went online. Having no other choice, he set his status as invisible. When he found ‘Sirius233’, he messaged her. ‘Chica.’ Still, he didn’t receive any reply. ‘Sophia! Sophie! Fifi! My darling! My princess…’

He chased ‘Sirius233’ around for more than ten minutes but ‘Sirius233’ didn’t say a word. All of a sudden, ‘Sirius233’ pulled out a sword and slashed off his head. Sophia had pulled out her sword that was worth 2 million and hit Michael’s game character, ‘Scary Phoenix’, in the head without any warning. He is a god in the game and can’t be killed anyways.

Even after she attacked him with her most powerful weapon, he still had a half tube of blood. Michael didn’t dare to move or fight back. Seeing this, Sophia went into a frenzy and it was as if she was the God of death, continuously beating ‘Scary Phoenix’ up. In ten minutes, ‘Scary Phoenix’ was killed by her multiple times. He was a god so he could be resurrected on the spot in a few seconds, only to be beaten to death again.

Harry, who was playing the game after he returned home, saw the system messages.

‘Your friend ‘Scary Phoenix’ has been hacked to death by ‘Sirius233’.’

‘Your friend ‘Scary Phoenix’ has been resurrected on the spot.’

‘Your friend ‘Scary Phoenix’ has been kicked to death by ‘Sirius233’.’

‘Your friend ‘Scary Phoenix’ has been resurrected on the spot.’

‘Your friend ‘Scary Phoenix’ has been mercilessly killed by ‘Sirius233’.’

Seeing this, Harry was completely speechless. He then rushed to the scene and saw ‘Sirius233’ chasing and slashing at ‘Scary Phoenix’. It was so brutal that it was comparable to a massacre. The ways ‘Scary Phoenix’ was murdered was unique and strange.

That must be some strong resentment! However, ‘Scary Phoenix’ acted like a little boy who had made a mistake. He didn’t dare to say a word and just stood there, letting her beat, slash, kick, strangle and even chop his body to pieces… It was so brutal that children shouldn’t be allowed to see it!

Just then, ‘Dragon Belle Warrior’ showed up and she asked Harry, ‘What’s wrong? Why are your dads fighting each other?’

Harry replied calmly, ‘Have you never seen domestic violence before?’

Seeing this, ‘Dragon Belle Warrior’ was rendered speechless.

Harry saw that there was an unfamiliar account name standing next to ‘Dragon Belle Warrior’ that looked like a bunny. He thought that it was a pet that Sean had just bought but after taking a closer look, he realized it was another player with the ID ‘Little Kitten’.

‘Little Kitten! It’s you!’ Harry immediately pulled out his sword that he bought for 2.5 million and gritted his teeth as he chased after ‘Little Kitten’, wanting to kill her.

On the other side, after Sophia killed ‘Scary Phoenix’ dozens of times, she was finally willing to speak. ‘Do you know what you’ve done wrong?’

Michael replied, ‘I shouldn’t have fought. I made a mistake and I won’t do it again next time. Sirius Sir, I beg you to forgive my sins.’

‘There’s going to be a next time?’

Michael quickly replied, “I wouldn’t dare! From now on, when I see Joel, I’ll definitely take a detour.’

‘Michael, you’re a b*stard!’

‘Yes, I am a b*stard!’

It wasn’t until the middle of the night when Michael saw ‘Sirius233’ log off. He hurriedly went to Sophia’s study and knocked on the door. “Chica?”

Bang! Sophia had thrown something at the door and continued to throw things around the study as she screamed hysterically, “Do you know how scared I was at the time? Joel hit you really hard. What if something happened to you? What if you got injured?

Even if you don’t think of me, you should’ve thought about Nate! Michael, you are a selfish b*stard who only care about venting your anger! You never think of the consequences or other people’s feelings. I hate you! I hate you!”

Michael stood outside the door and didn’t dare speak, quietly listening to Sophia cry and curse as she smashed things in the room. Michael kept admitting his mistake out loud and heard Sophia crying inside for half an hour before she stopped. Hearing that she went silent, he knew that her anger had subsided so he asked, “Are you hungry? I’ll go cook some instant noodles for you.”

Sophia replied, “I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat.”

Hearing this, Michael whispered, “Then open the door.”

“No, I won’t.”

Michael replied, “If you don’t open the door, I’ll wait right here the whole night.”

There was complete silence in the room for more than ten minutes and Michael just stood there the whole time. Occasionally, he made some noises to remind the person in the room that he was still standing at the doorway.

Twenty minutes later, the door opened with a click. Sophia instantly pounced on Michael and hugged him, burying her face in his chest and sobbing. Michael caressed her tearful face and saw that her face was puffy from all the crying, looking pitiful. “There, there. Stop crying; I know that I’ve made a mistake. It’s getting late now, so we should get to bed.”

Michael lifted her up and walked to the master bedroom. After they returned to their room, Sophia washed her face and rolled onto the bed, her back against Michael as she was still very mad at him. Michael undid his belt before climbing onto the bed and grabbing her legs.

“Come here; let me ‘unclog’ your body so that your anger will get released.” Then, he showed his ‘weapon’ and pushed her nightgown up to ‘unclog’ her body.

Angry and ashamed, Sophie covered her face…

After a long ‘unclogging’ session, Sophia’s anger had eased up a lot. However, when she thought of Irene’s appearance, she felt really upset. She knew that even though Michael said that he didn’t care about Irene, deep down, he definitely had a place for Irene in his heart that nobody else could replace.

Unable to sleep, Sophia tossed and turned. In the early hours of the morning, she suddenly heard the sound of rain hitting the eaves. Hurriedly putting on her nightgown, she got out of bed, pushed open the window, and saw an unexpected summer rain.

The weather in August was hot and humid so every time it rained, the air was filled with hot steam. Standing by the window, Sophia reached out. Feeling the cold raindrops fall into her palm, she finally relaxed.

In the dead of night, even the neon lights outside the window had disappeared. The whole city seemed to have fallen asleep and only she was awake; it was as if she had temporarily lost connection with the outside world. At that moment, she was alone in her little bubble.

She looked at the rain in a daze as she continued to recall what happened during the day. Sophia seemed to see Irene no matter whether she opened or closed her eyes. At that moment, she felt as if the person ‘Irene Weber’ seemed to be something insurmountable between her and Michael.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 387

At the beginning, she was desperate like an abandoned puppy and was bought back home by Michael. This doomed her status in Michael’s heart. No matter what, she was destined to never be as good as Irene. Sophia was never satisfied with the present and only wanted to make herself better to become someone who could be on par with Michael.

She dared not let herself rest while powerlessness and anxiety urged her to keep moving forward. Sophia was afraid that she would no longer be unique and excellent one day and could easily be replaced. She wanted to stay by Michael’s side forever… To her, Michael was irreplaceable, but to him, she could be substituted at any time.

All of a sudden, a hand reached out and was placed above Sophia’s small hand, catching some drops of the falling rain. On the knuckles were scars left behind from the fight during the day.

Sophia didn’t know since when Michael started standing behind her silently. He placed one hand on her shoulder and caught droplets of the rain with the other. “What are you thinking about?” “Nothing,” she replied. Using his height as an advantage, Michael placed his chin on her head.

He had thought about what happened during the day and knew that other than the fight, there seemed to be something else that Sophia was worried about. He knew that the reason was Irene, who suddenly showed up. However, Michael was really clear about his feelings—Sophia was the only person he loved.

Nathan wanted a family and a mother so Michael had brought Sophia home to live under the same roof as him. His love for her gradually grew as he got along with her. In his eyes, her strength and small tricks were funny and cute so he wanted to love her, protect her, and spend the rest of his life with her.

He kept her by his side not only to maintain the completeness of their family but also because he loved her. As for Irene, it had been a long time ever since he became disgusted with her, as if she was a mosquito that he had hit against the wall.

Meanwhile, he treated the person he loved like a warm blanket over his shoulders that he could touch whenever he wanted. Come to think of it, this was the first time they sat together in silence.

“It is said that a person will go through three relationships in their life. One that is ignorant, one that is unforgettable, and the last one is simple and warm.” Michael was the first to speak. With that, he lowered his head and looked at Sophia, who was sitting beside him. “Chica, do you want to be my unforgettable love or my simple and warm love?”

Sophia was dumbfounded. Other than the ignorant lover, the other two were given to Irene. As for Sophia, she also had one missing. The others were given to Richard.

Michael looked at her but she didn’t answer even after a long time. At that moment, only the night lights were switched on in the room and all they could hear was the pitter patter of the rain from outside. The sound came in waves and it was steady and quiet, but it filled their world completely.

Hearing the sound of rain, Sophia’s worries gradually calmed but she was still in a daze. One is an unforgettable relationship and the other is simple and warm. Must I only choose one? Even though he will always remember an unforgettable relationship, it will go by in a flash and wouldn’t last forever.

A simple and warm relationship can last a long time but it seems to be missing some excitement and passion. Love would then become as plain as daily necessities and like rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea, it will eventually deteriorate. All the passion and excitement will be gradually worn away and disappear with time. Meanwhile, Michael kept his head lowered, waiting for Sophia’s answer.

In the darkness of the night, all he could see was the soft and delicate outline of her lowered head that conveyed her sorrow and anxiety. After a long time, Sophia looked up at him and asked seriously,“Can I be both your unforgettable, as well as simple and warm love?”

As soon as she uttered those words, it was as if the world went silent. Sophia looked at Michael uneasily, afraid he would dislike her greed. Yes, I want to be unforgettable and I want to have a simple and warm relationship. I want to spend the rest of my life with him but I don’t want our love for each other to gradually disappear. We have to at least keep our passion for each other going.

The two of them looked at each other and it seemed like a long time had passed before Michael suddenly lowered his head and smiled. Leaning his forehead against hers, he said, “You greedy little thing. Since you want to be both my unforgettable and simple and warm love, you should also give something in exchange. If you can show me something that touches me, maybe I’ll consider.”

Sophia hurriedly grabbed his shirt. “I’ll exchange my unforgettable love with yours. I’ll exchange my simple and warm love with yours. Will that do?”

She looked at him nervously, hoping that he would say what she wanted to hear. However, Michael didn’t say anything in reply. Instead, he stroked her head and chuckled. “Are we memorizing lines? Why are we talking about unforgettable love and simple and warm love? It’s difficult to even pronounce these words. I’ve never acted in a romance drama but I used to be a soldier.

Soldiers like me have always been straightforward, so I’ll only ask you one question.” Michael then lifted Sophia’s chin and in a serious manner that he never had before, he asked, “Sophia Edwards, are you willing to sleep with me for the rest of our lives?”

Sophia couldn’t help but laugh. Then, she put her hands around his arms and leaned forward to kiss him deeply as she whispered, “Yes.”

It rained the whole night but the weather the next day was great. When Sophia got up early and opened the window, the air was very fresh and it seemed to smell sweet. It was as if she was in a particularly good mood after talking to Michael.

It was the weekend so Michael didn’t have to head out to meet the cast. All he wanted to do was spend the weekend with his young bride. However, there were always calls that disturbed their alone time. Sure enough, Michael received a call that day after breakfast. He had already set up the smart anti-harassment setting on his phone so calls that he didn’t want to pick up couldn’t come through. Those who could call him were definitely extraordinary people.

As soon as the call was connected, Michael heard Old Master Fletcher’s energetic voice. It seemed that Mark was in a good mood that day because he immediately called Michael by his nickname. “Mikey, it’s the weekend. Ask Sophie to bring Nate over to play.”

Michael put down the phone and felt a little reluctant. He was about to tell Sophia about this when he saw that she had already dressed and was leaving in a hurry.

“Sean called a moment ago and told me that Natasha suddenly went to the beachside villa to pick up my grandfather. She told him that she was taking my grandfather to the military compound. I have to go check it out.” As she spoke, she went out in a hurry.

Natasha always had a purpose whenever she visited Woody. She even brought Woody to the military compound this time so she must have an agenda. Whether she was trying to hurt Mark or Woody, Sophia had to go and see.

Natasha brought Woody to the military compound? Michael also started to get anxious. When he saw Sophia leave in a hurry, he wanted to follow her to check it out too. However, he hadn’t returned to the Fletcher family in ten years…

Seeing Sophia leave the house, Nathan hurried to catch up with her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 388

Natasha went to the beachside villa to pick Woody up while Sophia was only a few stops away from the military compound so when she arrived, Natasha and Woody weren’t there yet. When Sophia met Old Master Fletcher, the man was so excited that he insisted on playing chess with her and asked her about Michael.

“I heard that Mikey has been busy filming ‘War Dragon’ lately. How is it going? It’s led by the military, right? A big production is a real headache to film. Ask Mikey to do well. Furthermore, tell him that he has to hurry up and film the documentary film right after he’s done with ‘War Dragon’. If there are any photos from the set, remember to send a copy to me!” The Old Master chatted endlessly while they were playing chess.

Nathan sat obediently next to Mark that day. Seeing that Stanley wasn’t there, Sophia let his cat and dog out. She stroked the cat as she played chess and occasionally petted the dog beside her. Drinking some wolfberry tea, she was tense as she waited for news about Woody.

Why aren’t they here yet? Did something happen? Or maybe Natasha wasn’t planning to bring Woody to the military compound at all. Maybe she’s taking Woody somewhere else… Sophia was anxious and wanted to send someone to find them but Mark was in a good mood that day. She couldn’t bear to let him know about her worries so could only frown as she stared at the chess board.

“Sophie, is there something on your mind?” However, Mark could tell that she was worried about something at a glance. On that day ten years ago, there was also a young man who sat and played chess with him but his drooping eyes were extremely tense and serious, having something on his mind. Mark remembered that day clearly because it was the last time he saw the young man. After that day, the next time he saw him was at his funeral as he bid a final goodbye to the young man. Every time he thought about this, he couldn’t help but sigh. For some reason, as he looked at Sophia, he couldn’t help but think about the young man who passed away. Hearing Mark’s question, Sophia immediately broke into a smile and replied, “No, there isn’t.”

Even though Mark was old, he had sharp eyes and a strong sixth sense. He calmly placed a chess piece down and said to Sophia, “Sophie, you look like someone I know.” Sophia immediately perked her ears but remained calm. Looking at the chessboard, she stroked the cat in her arms. Stanley’s ragdoll cat used to be really beautiful. However, Nathan once pulled at the fur on its head, so now a patch of black fur had grown and the whole cat’s appearance was ruined. The cat lazily meowed as Sophia stroked at that patch of fur on its head.

Mark had many orange cats and the weather that day was great so the cats were out to play. At that moment, there were a dozen orange cats sleeping around Mark’s feet. The atmosphere was relaxed and quiet as the two of them moved their chess pieces on the chessboard, one after another. Sophia still maintained her usual chess skills and secretly went easy on Mark. She held back to an extent and it made Mark really happy as he played the game. After a long while, Mark said, “That person…is my godson. His name is Cooper Mitchell.”

Cooper Mitchell… Sophia had just picked up a chess piece and there was a flash in her eyes, but she quickly recovered and said, “Cooper Mitchell? He’s an alumni of Bayside University. I’ve seen the promotional video that he was in and he seems like an amazing person.” Mark saw her slight reaction and his old body curled up in the chair. Although he was still full of energy, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed and helpless at the thought of Cooper.

“It would’ve been great if my godson was still alive!”

If only Cooper is alive… Sophia also fell deep into thought. If he’s still alive, would we have already met each other by now? Although Sophia tried to hide her curiosity about Cooper, when she heard that Cooper was Mark’s godson, she asked, “Old Master Fletcher, what kind of a person was Cooper? Were you two close? Can you tell me something about him?”

Their chess match had ended. Because Sophia lost her focus, Mark won the game. She quickly collected the chess pieces and the cat took the opportunity to curl up on the chessboard and sleep. Mark lowered his head and stroked the cat before he suddenly looked up at Sophia and started to tell her about Cooper.

“Cooper is the son of my old friend, Woody Mitchell, whom he had when he was fifty. Woody had about seven or eight offsprings during his lifetime but none of them lived to adulthood. Before Cooper was born, Woody searched everywhere to seek an amulet to protect Cooper. The fortune-teller was a Levine, who also happened to be Daniel’s father. He told Woody that if he didn’t find a man who had a hard life and was a tiger zodiac to protect Cooper, Cooper would die at birth. After Woody heard this, he anxiously brought Cooper over to me in the middle of the night.” When Mark talked about Cooper, his expression was full of nostalgia and love.

“Coop was only a few months old when I met him. He laid in my arms silently as I looked at him and he looked back at me…” Mark was holding an orange cat and he demonstrated the way he held Cooper back then, his gaze filled with love and surprise. “When I saw Coop for the first time, I knew that that child would definitely accomplish something great. Sure enough, Coop didn’t disappoint me. He was the most gifted child I’ve ever seen!”

While holding the cat in his arms, Mark pulled out his big photo album which contained photographs that were really important to him. Photos of all of his descendants were in there.He quickly found a photo of Cooper among the dozens of photos of his; he was probably one of the few ‘outsiders’ in that album. It was taken ten years ago when Cooper last visited Mark and it was their last photo together. In the photo, Mark sat on a chair and a young man with a trench coat stood behind him. There was a hidden reluctance in the young man’s gaze but there was also determination. It was as if he knew that it was the final goodbye and they would never meet again after that.

Sophia looked at Cooper and gently brushed her fingers across his handsome face, having an indescribable feeling in her heart. This is my father! All of a sudden, tears welled up in her eyes and blurred her vision.

“Sophie, what’s the matter?” Mark asked as he looked at her in concern. Hearing this, Sophia hurriedly wiped away her tears and replied, “I’m fine. I think some sand went into my eyes.” Then, she turned her back to Mark and wiped her tears.

Mark put down the cat in his arms and got up. “Sophie, hold the cat while I head to the washroom for a moment. You’re not allowed to leave; do wait for Stanley to come home in the evening so we can have dinner together.”

After Sophia saw Mark leave, she continued to look at the photo of Cooper and him. Meanwhile, Mark entered the house from the garden but he didn’t go to the washroom. Instead, he made a call to Michael.

At that time, Michael was already on his way to the set as they had to finish filming ‘War Dragon’ by the end of the year. Once he wrapped this up, he had to rush to shoot the documentary film. He didn’t expect to receive a call from Mark at this time. Michael picked up the call and Mark heard him say, “Hello, Grandpa. What’s wrong?”

Mark was silent for a moment before he asked, “Mikey, I have something to ask you. You’re not allowed to hide secrets from me anymore.”

Hearing this, Michael was dumbfounded for a moment before he asked, “Go ahead, Grandpa.”

Mark asked, “Do you know what today is?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 389

Michael subconsciously glanced at the time on the car’s on-board display and racked his brain for clues but he really had no idea what Mark was talking about. Mark had a hunch that Michael wouldn’t know what day it was so he answered his own question. “Thirty nine years ago, Woody came to me with Cooper and begged me to take Cooper as my godson.”

When Michael heard Mark mention Cooper, he seemed to know what Mark was going to ask.

Mark had always been straightforward but he was already being pretty tacit that day. The second question instantly revealed the urgency he was feeling at that moment. “Tell me the truth: what is Sophie and Cooper’s relationship?”

There was a long silence from the other end of the phone. Mark had speculated that Sophia might be a descendent of the Mitchell family that was raised outside the family home and was happened to be found by Michael. Maybe she was more closely related to Woody, or maybe she was the offspring of one of Woody’s sons. However, he never thought that he would ever hear the three words, “She’s Cooper’s daughter.”

Cooper’s daughter? Mark was so shocked by the revelation that he couldn’t speak for a while. Then, he mumbled, “Coop… has an offspring? Are you serious, Mikey?”

Mark was 99 years old and there weren’t many friends that fought with him back then that were still alive. He had lived for almost a hundred years and seen too many deaths, personally attending multiple funerals of his descendants but Cooper’s death was the only one he couldn’t let go of. Back when Celine passed away, Mark was so devastated that his health was in a critical condition for a while.

However, Celine at least left Nathan behind, who somehow gave him some comfort, whereas Cooper didn’t leave anyone. He left without leaving any offsprings or even a lover, and Mark couldn’t help but pity him. But now Michael was telling him that Cooper had a daughter!

Mark thought that he had misheard so he asked again, “How is it possible that Sophie is Cooper’s daughter? Mikey, you can’t just say things like that without evidence!”

At that moment, Michael had arrived on set and he got out of the car, watching the hustle and bustle of people around the studio. His sunglasses covered the solemn look in his eyes as he said down the line, “Grandpa, I hope that you can keep this a secret and not reveal it to anyone else.”

Mark was startled to hear this but he agreed. After hanging up the phone, Mark was overjoyed and he kept mumbling to himself, “Coop has a daughter? Coop has a daughter! Coop’s daughter is here to see me!”

He thought that Michael deliberately sent Sophia over to cheer him up. After hanging up the phone, he leaned on his crutches and rushed to the garden to look for Sophia. However, he suddenly remembered that Sophia was Cooper’s offspring. He used to dream of recruiting Cooper to be a son-in-law of the Fletchers and introduced all of his granddaughters to Cooper but Cooper didn’t like any of them.

Thinking that Cooper remained single until he died, Mark couldn’t forget about his amazing genes. Now Cooper’s daughter was right in front of him, as if it was destiny. He hurriedly gave Stanley a call.

“Stan, what are you doing? What time are you coming home? You’re not allowed to go to work. Hurry up and come home! Sophie is here again; you must seize the opportunity!”

Meanwhile at the entrance of the military compound, Joel was wearing an undershirt, shopping at the commissary. He was on leave that day and even though he didn’t have to work, he still got up at six in the morning to train. Covered in sweat, he went to buy a drink.

After his fight with Michael the day before, he still had a few injuries and there was even a bruise at the corner of his eye. Just then, he saw a car stop at the entrance of the military compound to verify their identity. Joel could tell it was one of the Mitchell family’s cars at a glance.

The Mitchell and the Fletcher family were pretty close. Before the founding of Cethos, the economy was in a horrible state and they lacked military supplies. As one of the nation’s wealthiest families at that time, the Mitchell family had donated a lot of military supplies, airplanes, weapons and ammunition. And it was because of this that the two families were really close.

Woody and Mark were friends for many years and until now, Woody would occasionally pay Mark a visit. After buying a drink, Joel took small sips as he walked back to the compound. He didn’t have many opportunities to take a break throughout the year but getting off work that day made him feel empty. All of a sudden, he saw a car park in the garage and a few people got out of the car.

The compound was considered as a military zone so most people were not allowed to enter. Even if there were visitors, only a limited number of people were allowed to enter, which was why there were only three people in Natasha’s group—a bodyguard to hold their bags, Woody and Natasha herself.

Natasha immediately saw Joel, who was training in the park nearby, so she left Woody behind and angrily strode over. “Hey! Why are you here?” Nathasha asked rudely as soon as she walked up to Joel. I didn’t expect to meet someone I hate in the military compound today!

Joel glanced coldly at Natasha, his gaze filled with disgust. Wiping away his sweat with a towel, he slung it over his shoulder and said, “It’s none of your business.” With that, he walked toward his house, planning to head over to the gym after lunch. Natasha glared angrily in the direction he was leaving and suddenly grinned. Then, she supported Woody as they went to find Mark.

She asked her uncle about Joel but he stuttered and didn’t reply to her question, which was why she planned to ask Mark. Natasha was unconvinced that she couldn’t teach Joel a lesson.

Woody was really old so he rarely left the house in the past few years. He usually visited Mark once or twice a year and this was his second visit of the year. He was really excited and his usual dull expression was replaced with an energetic look. Walking fast with his crutches, he said, “Hurry up, Natasha! I’m sure your Uncle Cooper is here today!”

Natasha had a look of dissatisfaction on her face because she was embarrassed to bring Woody out of the house. She usually didn’t even want to visit him, let alone take him out. However, she needed to take Woody to meet Mark that day so that she could show up in front of Mark. She was going to be 18 years old soon and children from wealthy families got engaged relatively early.

The Mitchell family desperately hoped that Natasha could get married into the Fletcher family and as she couldn’t enter the Fletcher family house for no reason, Woody was a great excuse. Furthermore, Natasha could use the opportunity to talk to Mark.

Before Cooper’s accident back then, he went to visit Mark so there was a possibility that Mark had something that belonged to him, maybe even something that was connected to the 100 million Kuwait dinars. It wasn’t long before the three of them found Mark, sitting in the garden and playing with a big orange cat. He seemed to be happy and in a really good mood.

“Hey, Mason! Did Coop come to visit today?” Woody asked excitedly as soon as he saw Mark. Hearing this, Mark stroked the cat in his arms in frustration and replied, “Mason? I’m Mark!”

When Mark saw Woody, he felt an unbearable heartache and almost told him that Sophia was his granddaughter. Poor Woody… Although he had a son at an old age, in the end he still had to see his child die earlier than him. He even thinks that Cooper didn’t leave behind any offspring. If I tell him that Cooper has a daughter, he’ll definitely be overjoyed…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 390

However, after one look at the girl beside him, Mark decided to keep it secret. Since he had already promised Michael, he had to keep his mouth shut. Furthermore, telling Woody about Sophia’s identity now might do Sophia more harm than good.

The Mitchell family was full of cunning people. As an outsider, Mark couldn’t interfere with the Mitchell family’s problems. However, Cooper was his godson, and Woody was his old comrade for many years. He wanted to do everything he could to protect him.

During the war, foreign enemies invaded Cethos and they faced the danger of extermination. The children of the Fletchers spilled blood on the front line while the Mitchell family started a business and donated military supplies behind the scenes, ensuring the frontline soldiers had clothing and food.

That year, the winter was harsh and the snow was deep. Mark had top-secret documents with him but was trapped in a mountain with his subordinates. The enemy surrounded and trapped them for over two weeks, and they were running out of ammunition and food while many of them were wounded and sick. Mark was so desperate that he almost gave up.

At that crucial moment, reinforcements finally arrived and they fought the enemy and brought them military supplies. It turned out that Woody heard about the situation at the frontlines, so he personally brought the military supplies to Mark with the protection of a group of soldiers.

After many years, Mark still remembered how he was covered in cuts and bruises after he broke out from the foot of the mountain and saw Woody, who was wearing a trench coat as he stood at a distance. This friendship that started during the revolution never faded even after so many years. Moreover, Cooper was his godson.

Even though he couldn’t interfere with the Mitchell family’s affairs, if anyone dared to bully Woody and his descendants, he would be the first to fight back! In the span of a few seconds, Mark’s thoughts had traveled from the present to memories from decades ago and back again. Looking at Natasha and Woody who were smiling brightly while they stood in front of him, he handed Woody the fat orange cat in his arms. “Here’s Coop; hold him!”

Even though Woody was old and had dementia, he was still suspicious and he said, “From what I recall, Coop doesn’t look like this!” Mark replied, “It’s been raining a lot lately and the air has been humid. Your son was affected by the humidity and became hairy!”

Woody scratched his head and believed him. “Coop has got fur…” He held the cat and stroked it as he muttered, “Oh, Coop, how was your stay with your godfather? Daddy is here to take you home.”


Woody played with the cat’s ear and whispered, “Oh, my dear son, you really do look like your father!”


Woody petted the cat everywhere and suddenly panicked. “Coop, where is your amulet? Where did your amulet go?”

The cat meowed back.

Woody couldn’t find the amulet on his ‘son’ and he got really anxious. “Mason, where did my son’s amulet go? Why is he not wearing it?”

Mark pointed at the cat’s collar impatiently and said, “Isn’t that Coop’s amulet?”

Woody touched the cat’s collar and was relieved. Then, he said to the cat in a serious tone, “Coop, you must not lose your amulet. You must not lose it! It protects you. You’ll only be safe with the amulet on, understand?”

Natasha, who was standing to one side, watched the two old men communicate like idiots. The corner of her lips curled into a mocking grin and her eyes were filled with impatience. If it weren’t for Mark, a well-known warrior across the land of Cethos and a powerful man in the Fletcher family, she wouldn’t waste her time with these two.

After hiding the disgust and impatience in her eyes, Natasha smiled brightly as she opened the chessboard and said, “Old Master Fletcher, it’s me, Natasha Mitchell. It’s been a long time since I last played chess with you. How about a game of chess right now?”

Natasha had also played chess with Mark in the military compound before. However, Mark didn’t really like Natasha. For starters, Natasha couldn’t grasp the game at all. She either completely dominated the chessboard or went easy on him so obviously that Mark couldn’t accept it! Secondly, it was because Natasha claimed herself to be a genius who could surpass Cooper!

Hmph! My Coop is the greatest genius in the world! Not everyone can easily surpass him! I can’t believe that this blond girl wants to surpass Cooper. Well, from what I see, she will never be able to!

At this time, Mark thought about Sophia, who got called away by Stanley just now, as he reluctantly played a game of chess with Natasha. Meanwhile, Woody held the cat and treated it as his son, not noticing that his son had turned into a cat. Meanwhile, Sophia was being dragged away by Stanley. “Come on, Sophia! Let’s go play some games at my house!”

Stanley excitedly led his dog and Sophia to his house and Nathan followed behind with an upset expression. He wanted to see what Stanley was up too! Stanley had visited a principal of a prestigious university with Sean during the day to discuss the introduction of the educational administration system into the app, and successfully signed an agreement. After he signed the contract, he immediately received Mark’s call and rushed over.

Stanley was still wearing a business suit that fitted him perfectly even though he finished discussing business. He looked serious and coupled with his rebellious and unruly hair, he looked really outstanding. His hair and his outfit surprisingly matched. “Wow, that’s a great suit. Your taste in clothes has finally improved and you’re about to catch up with your uncle!”

Sophia casually complimented him. Hearing this, Stanley patted his suit proudly and said delightedly, “Of course! Who do you think chose this suit? Sean picked it out for me!” Hearing his praise, Sean, who was standing next to him, grinned happily.

The two of them went to discuss business that day and had ordered two identical suits. The only difference was Stanley’s dress shirt was white whereas Sean’s was pink. They really looked very dashing! Stanley entered his room, took off his clothes and put on a pair of army green shorts before walking out. He then switched on his computer and excitedly asked Sophia to look at his new game. “You’ve already progressed to this point?” Sophia gasped in amazement as she looked at the game he opened.

The sniper game that Stanley came up with seemed to be shaping up well and would probably be ready for an internal test soon. The display of the game was really beautiful, the operations interesting and the game innovative. It was commendable that the company managed to create such a good game in their first try. However, she knew that Stanley had poured a lot of time and effort into this. Since high school, he started interning in the gaming company that Michael invested in. It was why he was able to have such great achievements.

Later, the two of them turned on the computer and started playing games happily. Sean knew the reason why Stanley was in a hurry to head home. They initially planned to have a dinner celebration after they finished discussing business but Stanley suddenly got a call from Mark. He answered the call on speaker so Sean heard everything. Besides, after Sean found out that Natasha took Woody away that morning, he was prepared to come over to the military compound to check it out.

At that moment, Stanley and Sophia were playing games happily so Sean knew that it was time for him to leave. He dragged Nathan and said, “Nate, let’s take a walk around the garden.” However, Nathan was reluctant to leave and he stared at Stanley and Sophia with wide eyes, afraid that Stanley would do something untoward. When Stanley saw that Sean was leaving, he instantly pulled him back. “Sean, you can’t leave! Come on, let’s play a game together!”

Sean was a little embarrassed but stayed nevertheless. Oh, Stanley, you fool! Even I can tell that Old Master Fletcher is giving you an opportunity to spend time alone with Sophia! How can you not see it?

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