My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 451-460

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 451

Nicole became the center of the reporters’ focus due to her role in the movie, alongside the two main male protagonists. During the interview, she presented her best self and reacted in a decent manner, while the reporters subtly avoided any sensitive topic. Instead, they asked her questions about the movie ‘War Dragon’ and were given sufficient answers.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Xyla were left in the cold as they jealously glared at Nicole. What has this b*tch done to deserve playing as the main female protagonist? She should go back to acting in her ‘soap opera’! Xyla wished Nicole could just concede to her and step down from the main role, but she soon realized that there was another challenger standing in her way—Olivia.

With someone who possesses powerful connections like her, I suppose she is out of my league, but since I stand no chance to play the role, Nicole doesn’t deserve to either.

Then, Xyla looked askance at Olivia, whose jealousy got the better of her, and said, “I’m tired of this bullsh*t! It’s like Nicole has no sense of shame at all! Her little experience doesn’t even qualify her to play the main role. No one else fits the role better than you do, Olivia! Don’t you ladies think so?”

Xyla’s words instantly evoked echoes from the other walk-on ladies. “You’re absolutely correct! Look at Nicole! She seems exactly like an escort who sleeps around, and it really grinds my gear to work with people like her!”

“Exactly! She is barely educated, and her acting skills suck, but unfortunately, we’re no match for her when it comes to performing in bed!”

“That’s right! Who else is a better candidate than you in playing the protagonist, Olivia?”

Despite what they said, every one of them had the same thought deep down, which they reckoned only they themselves were the best fit for the role. Meanwhile, Olivia’s ego was inflated by those fake compliments as she began to be convinced that she was a better candidate than Nicole was to play the role, although she had only been in this line of work for less than a year. In fact, Olivia was chosen into the cast because of her relationship with Elizabeth. Besides that, the director happened to be Elizabeth’s fan, or she wouldn’t even have made it past the audition.

After brief contemplation, Olivia approached Xyla and said, “Xyla, I know your boyfriend works in Glory Entertainment Company, so you’re the only one who can make this happen.”

Upon noticing Olivia’s reaction, Xyla knew what she was up to, so she pretended to say, “Just speak your mind, Olivia! I’ll do everything in my power to help you!”

Olivia’s eyes lit up. “I want to smear Nicole’s name and drive her away from the cast!”

In the meantime, the new semester in all universities across Bayside City would begin in the middle of September, which was around when Michael would finish his shoot. Until then, Sophia was waiting for her husband to finish his work so that they could visit the Panda Foundation together. While the news about the Imperial Seal’s return was still viral across the nation, the announcement regarding Taylor’s new movie about this national artifact only added to the star’s recent popularity, as well as that of the War Dragon’s cast.

At the same time, both the actor and actress were absorbed in the filming process, while Sophia had high expectations for the movie, believing that it would set a new record in the box office. Soon, Michael gave the hotspot to his personal assistant, Danny, who was needed by his side at all times, so he could only follow wherever they went in order to stay connected.

As the shoot was nearing completion, both actors were seen filming a final fight scene. Trained by the special force, Michael performed all his stunts by himself, while Harry easily managed the actions, thanks to his ancestral background in the underworld. Because of that, the shoot went on without a hitch. In fact, this was Taylor’s first action movie, in which he played as a mercenary, although his role was a villain.

On the other hand, Sophia was busy chatting with her friends on social media, reading a text message from Stanley. ‘Eddie, when are you going to be back? Do you still care about the company? Hey, Eddie! Say something, Mrs. Murray! Are you there?’

Sophia’s profile pictures on her Messenger and Twitter accounts were all Michael’s images, as they both shared the same alias. Therefore, Stanley often mocked her as another Michael’s crazy fan, making fun of her alias, Eddie. Nonetheless, her conspicuous profile provided her just the perfect cover because no one would have thought that this crazy fan was actually Taylor Murray’s wife.

Before Sophia could respond, Sean replied in the group chat. ‘We had a meeting two days ago, in which the elder was against Natasha’s extravagant spending, but Alex played a lovely father and stood up to defend his daughter. What can I say? Haha.’

Stanley joked in the group. ‘I guess you guys must be really rich! Is every tile on the floor in the Mitchell Residence made of gold?’ Not long after that, he sent another message to the group chat. ‘Mrs. Murray, or Eddie, your love rival is building a museum for your husband, so you’d better get another national treasure to keep her mouth shut. Since you already donated the Imperial Seal the last time, you should probably donate the Sacred Skull this time.’

As a matter of fact, the Sacred Skull was also among Cethos’s national treasures that were worth no less than the Imperial Seal. While the seal had witnessed every glory and defeat throughout history in the past millennium, the Sacred Skull was a shred of convincing evidence that mankind had existed on Cethos’s land for more than a million years.

Nonetheless, it was subsequently lost along with the Imperial Seal and was still missing even until the present. Therefore, Natasha couldn’t possibly make a comeback unless she possesses the Sacred Skull and donates it.

Stanley then responded in the chat. ‘Level with me, Sean. Is the Mitchell Family planning to donate the Sacred Skull? The way I see it, you guys have probably gotten your hands on that artifact, don’t you? Nobody dares to challenge the Mitchell Family’s wealth, after all.’

Sean replied in the group. ‘I’m not going to lie, Stan, but we don’t have it with us.’

As both of them were happily chatting with each other, Sophia finally texted a message in the group chat. ‘Sorry to interrupt, but has Natasha gotten Michael’s permission to proceed with the museum’s construction?’

Sean responded with a question. ‘Well, who else knows that better than you do?’

Sophia typed her answer. ‘Nope, I’ll make sure he never authorizes any part of her plan.’

‘Haha!’ Stanley responded in the chat.

Soon, something started to worry Sean because all statues that symbolized Taylor had to be authorized by the actor himself. Otherwise, it would be a violation of the law, and the Law Enforcement Bureau could reasonably demolish all construction. Jeez! Sophia could be waiting for the completion of Natasha’s museum construction so that she could call the Law Enforcement Bureau to destroy everything she builds.

By then, they could suffer a heavy penalty for copyright violation besides the expensive construction cost for the museum. Oh dear, I can’t imagine how much money they are going to lose if we go along with Natasha.

At the thought of that, Sean decided to call his family to tell them what was on his mind but soon gave up the idea when he realized he shouldn’t interfere with Alex’s business. I guess it’s not easy to be the family head in the Mitchell Family. No wonder we’re not even half of where the West Family is right now. I wish Cooper were here to look into this matter, but unfortunately, he isn’t returning anymore.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 452

Sophia finally laid down her phone on the set where War Dragon was being filmed. Upon taking a peek at Michael, who was in the middle of the shoot, she secretly sneaked to the set next door to take a look at the actress in action.

In fact, there was a scene in which Nicole, who was the female protagonist, had to rescue her sister from their enemy’s hideout, which featured a huge amount of intense actions with a bitter sentiment.

This part of the film talked about how the female protagonist finally decided to swallow her pride and worked with the male protagonist. When they split up to rescue the captured victim, they both engaged in a fierce battle with their enemies respectively on the way, and this scene was about Nicole’s side of the story.

This scene was initially part of the plan as the female protagonist only showed up after the male protagonist finished the fight, whereupon it ended with both of them exchanging gazes upon rescuing the victim.

Nevertheless, the director was later impressed by Nicole’s performance, so he decided to add on some fight scenes that featured the female protagonist in action. Excited about the extra fight scene, Nicole put her back into the filming and memorized all her moves beforehand to smoothen the shooting process.

Refusing to have a stunt double, Nicole insisted on performing her own stunts from the beginning of the filming. As soon as the camera began rolling, the stuntmen started trading blows with Nicole just like what they had planned in their choreograph. At the moment, the crew was filming a scene that showed the female protagonist’s prowess in taking on ten enemies at one time.

Nevertheless, they later hit a snag just as they were about to finish the shooting as one of the stuntmen was supposed to hit Nicole in the stomach according to the script. Since the fight scene was not an actual brawl, the stuntman was required to take extra precautions in the execution in order not to hurt Nicole.

Soon, the professional stuntman landed three devastating punches in Nicole’s stomach, much to the latter’s surprise. The next moment, the actress was seen covering her stomach with her hands, rolling on the ground in agony. “Cut!” The director excitedly shouted, “What a perfect shot! Good take, everybody! Let’s move on to our next scene!”

After that, Nicole struggled to get on her feet while enduring the excruciating pain in her stomach. At the same time, her experience as a stuntwoman in the past told her that that level of power wasn’t necessary at all in filming.

Nonetheless, she quickly dismissed that thought, knowing that accidents were hardly avoidable when shooting fight scenes. In the end, she decided to let things slide.

“Are you alright, Nicole?” Sophia noticed the painful look on Nicole’s face and caringly asked about her condition.

Nicole bore with the pain and shook her head. “I’m fine, so don’t worry about me.”

In the next few shots, the stuntman kept making mistakes, landing all his strikes on Nicole without pulling his punches at all.

Meanwhile, Olivia gleefully watched on the sideline as the poor actress kept taking a beating from the stuntman, gloating over her suffering. You brought this all on yourself for insisting on performing the stunts by yourself, Nicole. I’ll wait until you get maimed so terribly that you can’t film anymore. By then, I’ll be the one who takes over your role as the female protagonist.

After a long day at work, Nicole felt as if all her organs were everywhere in her body. Feeling pain in her ankles, she rolled up her pant legs, only to find her ankles swollen. Despite the overwhelming pain, she immediately covered her ankles when she saw someone approaching, acting as if nothing ever happened before she got into the car and returned to the hotel.

After everyone else left, she secretly made her way to a hospital far from the hotel to see a specialist. In the end, the medical result showed that she suffered internal bleeding and multiple fractured bones.

In fact, the doctor had long known Nicole ever since War Dragon’s cast came here because of the actress’s frequent visit due to the injuries she sustained during her filming.

For that, he felt sympathetic for her and angry at the same time. “Nicole, you really need to know when to stop. We don’t know how long you can keep doing this, and I’m afraid that the worst could happen. By then, you can forget about your entire acting career.”

After that, Nicole responded with silence and took a stack amounting to a few thousand from her bag, whereupon she pushed them to the doctor. “Doctor, can you keep my injury a secret? After all, it concerns my career.”

In the last few visits, the actress appeared to be severely injured and was told that she should avoid shooting fight scenes. Therefore, the doctor was frustrated to find out that she didn’t listen to his advice.

Meanwhile, Nicole knew she might be forced to take a hiatus from her acting career if the filming cast learned about her injury, but she wasn’t going to pass up this golden opportunity because she had been waiting for it for ten years!

The doctor, who was aware of her condition, had been accepting her money to keep the matter a secret until this time because it no longer sat well with his conscience to take her money again. In response, he returned the stack of cash back to her and said, “Save the money to buy some quality medicine for your wounds instead.”

Soon, Nicole immediately begged the doctor, saying, “Please, doctor! I really need you to keep this a secret for me because my next few scenes are going to be really important for my career. There are only just a few more days left until the filming is done. By then, I’ll take a break from all my work and rest in the hospital.

I’m begging you!” By the time she exited the hospital, it was already late at night. I don’t know whether I can last until the last day of the filming, but I’m not about to give up this chance. No, not in a thousand years!

As the actress was about to step out of the hospital, she was greeted by a heavy downpour, whereupon she quickly found a shade under a closed shop while waiting until the rain let up.

Besides being an actress, she was also a popular figure on the internet, so she usually wore sunglasses wherever she went. While the rain kept pouring, she reached out for her phone and lit up the screen, instantly seeing the smiling faces of a number of orphans.

In fact, Sophia had donated some funds for constructing a new orphanage in Taylor’s name so that the orphans could live in a safe place and lead a comfortable life. Besides, they would also receive some funds or donations in kind from Taylor Murray’s Charity Fund, other than the government’s subsidy and the public donation.

Therefore, the orphanage’s fate seemed to be promising now that all obstacles had been overcome, while the kids could go to school for free. Upon unlocking her phone, Nicole was greeted by the wallpaper in her background, which was a man’s picture, the man who was buried deep in the actress’s heart.

A few years ago, both of them met each other up for the first time at an airport in Europe, but sadly, that was also the one and only time they had ever seen each other. Knowing that she’d never see this man again, this picture became the only thing he left her with.

After transferring the picture through multiple phones, the image pixels even started to fade as the man’s appearance became more and more blurry.

Nonetheless, she could still remember how he looked vividly in her mind, including his eyebrows, attire, and speech tone. Apart from that, she could also recall the brand and model of his watch, as well as the pointer on it when he talked to her.

The picture was the only thing that kept Nicole going on every time she was overwhelmed by her struggles over the years. Deep down, she hoped she could be like Taylor Murray, who was known by the entire world because she could perhaps draw the man’s attention if she achieved that.

Then, her mind flashed back to the moment when she was still a shy little girl who came to the airport to see that man. However, she felt herself on the verge of giving up because she was getting less and less motivation from the man as time went on.

Staring at the man’s face in the picture, tears began to well up in Nicole’s eyes as she endured the agonizing pain in her stomach and ankle. I really wish I could see him!

While it was heavily pouring, a strong howling wind suddenly blew in her direction and brought the rain with it before she found her phone drenched and soaked. The next moment, the man on the screen faded away into the darkness as her phone no longer responded anymore. “No!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 453

In that instant, Nicole was overwhelmed by fear and panic when staring at the dark screen, feeling as if she had lost the beacon of light in her life. This is like my future that’s bleak and uncertain because I can’t see anything at all.

With her eyes on the dark screen, she murmured, “Are you leaving me too now?” Then, she curled up by the roadside and buried her face in between her knees, as her pants and shoes were soaked in the rain. Despite the summer season, Nicole still felt cold amidst the chilly rain while enduring the pain in her stomach.

As the rain wouldn’t let up, no one seemed to notice this soaked little girl in the corner. At that moment, Nicole felt as if she had been abandoned by the world.

While the sound of the rain reverberated in her ears, she looked up but was only greeted by the water splashing from the ground as she listened to the hasty footsteps that passed by her. Nevertheless, no one was willing to stop in their tracks for her. Instead, they only just walked past her and disappeared from sight.

The rain only started to let up later that night, while the street was seen to be less crowded than before with only a few passers-by. Besides, most of the lights for sightseeing had been turned off, except the streetlights as the city quieted down. Soon, Nicole heard heavy footsteps approaching, which were accompanied by the sound of the rain falling on the umbrella.

The next moment, she saw a pair of black boots stopping right in front of her for a few seconds before the figure walked away. Then, she noticed an umbrella that was big enough to cover her from the rain was placed in front of her. Surprised, she immediately replied, “Thank you!”

Wearing a black raincoat with a dark hat, the man’s figure disappeared in the rain as his voice was accompanied by the rain. “Don’t mention it!”

Those words quickly reminded Nicole of something, whereupon she quickly grabbed the umbrella and stood up. With her memories now evoked, she felt a rush of adrenaline running around her body before she finally decided to give chase. It’s him! I know it’s him! That was his voice! That must be his, and there is no way it could be wrong! I just heard his voice!

“Mister!” Nicole caught up with the man in an agitated manner that she forgot about her condition. Therefore, she felt an excruciating pain in her ankle when she took a few steps forward, eventually falling onto the ground amidst the rain and breaking her sunglasses in the process. Overwhelmed by pain, she lifted her gaze to stare at the man, only to realize that he had already stopped to look back at her.

In the dim, empty street, the rosy hue shone across the horizon as if it was the only thing that connected heaven and earth. Soon, the man’s chiseled face became clearer amidst the drizzles as his blue eyes and good looks took Nicole’s breath away. Even after all these years, this man looks so handsome, like he is a deity that people worship.

He then knitted his eyebrows, watching as the woman rose to her feet clumsily. After that, she agitatedly stared at the man with her eyes lighting up with happiness. “Do you still remember me? Seven years ago, we both met at a European airport, and there was a huge delay in all flight schedules back then. So, I secretly took a picture of you.”

The man squinted a little, seemingly able to place her face. Then, he was seen with a surprised expression on his face as he said in a calm tone, “I think I remember you.” Oh gosh! He remembers who I am! Nicole was touched, replying with a trembling voice, “My name is Nicole Walker. I’m an actress, and I’m shooting here recently.”

After that, she was waiting for the man to say his name, but instead, he took off his raincoat and gave it to her. “You’re drenched.”

It was at that moment that Nicole realized the shirt that she was wearing was soaked, which vaguely revealed her curvy figure, as well as her pink lingerie. Shy, she immediately took the raincoat and put it on herself. Soon, she caught an aromatic scent from the raincoat that melted her heart, feeling warm deep down.

In that instant, she was like a bashful little girl who had just fallen in love for the first time. On the other hand, the man proceeded to walk away amidst the rain while she limped and followed behind him.

Meanwhile, it was a rainy late night when Michael decided to read through the script. In the meantime, Sophia suddenly had a whim to look at Annabel’s pictures. Having those pictures in soft copy, she’d go through them with her computer occasionally.

Then, a picture of Cooper and Annabel caught her eyes, which turned out to be taken twenty-two years ago. Jeez! I hadn’t noticed this all this while until now that I look at it. She suddenly discovered something in the picture.

“Lord, come have a look. This picture of my dad and mom was taken at the film studio.” Michael quickly approached to have a closer look and saw both of them standing on the arch bridge with an ancient castle in the background in the picture.

While Annabel was smiling brightly, Cooper curled his lips upward slightly with his eyes full of happiness. He was seen placing one arm on Annabel’s shoulders and the other on the rail.

Even though it had been more than two decades, the place could still be seen with traces that were left behind all those years despite the great change. For example, the arch bridge was one of the biggest tourist attractions in the ancient area even until now. As Michael usually went in and out of the film studio, he had been to that place countless times. “Let’s find a time to visit that place.”

Soon, the rain stopped later as Nicole continued to follow right behind the man until they entered the ancient area in the film studio. Determined, he showed no signs of stopping. “Mister, where are you going? I film here, and I know this place like the back of my hand. Perhaps I can take you to where you want to go.”

The man said in a calm voice, “No thanks.”

After the rain, the ancient area in the film studio was shrouded in dead silence, which was surprising as there was not a single soul in sight, and neither did Nicole see any other filming crew shooting. Soon, they found themselves walking in a dim street slowly and silently, seemingly afraid of ruining the peace here. Meanwhile, the man looked like he was searching for something.

After all, it had been twenty years, and the place had changed a lot with the passage of time. Not long after that, they passed by the court and eventually arrived on the arch bridge where the man stopped in his tracks.

In fact, the film studio was initially an ancient village before it was developed and commercialized. However, the arch bridge had remained for hundreds of years, still serving its purpose until this day as one of the favorite shooting spots for most filming crews.

While there were no streetlights on the bridge, the man stood still in place with his white shirt wrapped around by darkness. He then placed his hands on the bridge rail and continued to stand there for the next half an hour.

In this half an hour, he stood there as if he was a statue, staring at a place that seemingly reminded him of something in the past with his lament hidden in the darkness. It’s been twenty-two years! I never thought I’d ever set foot on this land again, and neither did I think I’d ever revisit the place once more.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 454

He was still a naive teenager when he placed his hand here the last time. I suppose things really are different now.

The bridge was still the same bridge from the past century, but everything around it had changed. The past resemblance just wasn’t there anymore; even the people had changed.

The atmosphere suddenly quietened down, causing Nicole to be afraid to speak.

The man’s silhouette looked miserable, as if he was having a remembrance of something…

Hence, Nicole took the hint and did not bother him.

After the rain let up, the moon rose among the grey clouds as the gentle moonlight illuminated the ground, creating a mysterious frost around the man.

Who, exactly, is this man?

Nicole’s entire body was drenched, and a gust of cold wind sent her trembling as she tightened her windbreaker.

“It’s late. You should go back,” the man suddenly spoke up before he started leaving slowly.

“Your clothes—” Nicole tried to catch up to him.

“Keep it.”

Nicole stopped chasing after him, as she knew that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her, so she watched him disappear slowly into the night.

The sky was as dark as ink as it engulfed the man walking away through the masonry bridge before he disappeared under the dim street lights…

When Nicole got back to the hotel, she took off the man’s clothes and tried searching his pockets to see if there was anything that could help her get into contact with the man.

Unfortunately, she ended up with empty hands as there wasn’t anything in the pockets.

Nicole folded the man’s clothes tidily and kept them as she thought to herself, Maybe if I become a celebrity in the future, he will still remember me then…

She promised herself to finish her parts while ensuring the quality of it the next day. For him, I mustn’t fall!

Soon, everything would be over once the shoot ended.

Olivia had bribed the martial artist to pull some strings so that Nicole wouldn’t be able to continue the shoot coming up next, but she hadn’t expected Nicole to be able to get through it!

The martial artist couldn’t be too obvious about it, as the director might notice them, so Olivia didn’t dare to go overboard as well.

Nicole had been holding on firmly so that no one would realize that something was wrong, as she wanted to remain lively in front of the director.

Hence, not one of them realized that she was injured all over…

In the blink of an eye, it was finally the start of the semester at Bayside University. Michael had gotten someone to prove that Sophia joined a site inspection intern program at Asco International so that she would be able to join the cast as a walk-on actress and leave with him upon completion.

Today’s shoot involved some scenes with some walk-on actresses, so Sophia had already gotten changed into her outfit earlier on and had been waiting for her scene.

Today’s scenes involved a group of female bit parts trying to escape but eventually got caught by soldiers.

When the direction shouted for them to start, many women started running while a group of men chased after them from behind before capturing all of them.

Sophia, too, ran as fast as she could and got caught by another actor to be dragged back into the car just like how it was scripted.

Suddenly, she felt someone pinching her backside. When Sophia turned around, she saw a good-looking and charismatic man, who looked like he was in his twenties, grabbing her.

It’s not possible for someone so handsome to be a groper, isn’t it?

Sophia acted according to the script and continued struggling while the male bit part grabbed her. While they were struggling, she could feel her clothes getting pulled down to the point where her pale shoulder was revealed before her bosoms were squeezed harshly.

When Sophia turned around to look at the male actor again, she noticed his lustful looks fixated on her exposed pale shoulder.

It was really him!


She didn’t expect herself to land such a harsh slap on the male bit part’s mesmerizing face as her handprint immediately became evident on his face.

That slap from Sophia caught the entire set by surprise.

“How dare you hit me?!”

The male actor covered his face where Sophia’s handprint was evident as his eyebrows knitted together in anger.

“So what if I hit you?” Sophia retorted coldly as she grabbed onto her clothes.

This man was obviously trying to molest her, as he even tore away the buttons on her clothes.


The male actor’s anger flared up as he raised his fist and wanted to fight before the assistant director came over and told him off.

“Alright, alright. Don’t be bothered by these small actors. They’re just babies anyway. They aren’t matured yet.”

After the male actor was successfully stopped by the assistant director, they immediately picked up the scene where it was left.

As the main characters and the director were shooting another scene at the next set, the assistant director was left in charge of this shoot as the parts here weren’t that important.

Nicole, who had been resting by the side, immediately came over to pull Sophia away. “Let’s go. Don’t lower yourself to fight with that kind of person.”

Sophia huffed as she was dragged away and didn’t forget to glare at the male actor before she left.

The male actor glared at her as well. There was a ghost of a smirk on his face as if he was a vulture that had found its prey.

As the buttons on Sophia’s stage outfit were completely torn off, Nicole took her to the logistics tent at the back to change into a new outfit.

Although that little commotion ended just like that, many of them had noticed what happened.

When that male actor finished shooting his parts and went to rest, around three assistants dashed over to fan and send him water. The service he received was even grander than that of Taylor’s.

Although he was attractive and had a slight resemblance to Taylor, his eyes were full of hostility.

The thought of getting slapped just now made him curse in anger, “Stupid b*tch!”

“James, is your face alright?” Richard acted as if he was worried and asked.

Richard was present because Xyla was acting in one of the scenes they were shooting today.

James took a mirror and stared at his own reflection. The handprint on his cheek was still fresh.

Although what happened in the scene just now should have been cut, the assistant director decided to keep it as the handprint mark made the girl’s rebellion even realistic.

James covered his swollen cheek before he spat.

“I’m alright.”

He didn’t dare to lash out in front of the Young Master of the Harper Group.

However, after Richard scanned their surroundings, he whispered next to James’ ear, “That woman’s name is Sophia Edwards, and she’s just a nobody working at Taylor’s house as a nanny.”

James’ eyes immediately brightened, for he’d initially thought that she was some rich tycoons’ daughter as she was acting so defiantly against his approaches. Tsk, she’s just a nanny, huh?!

“Who was that guy just now? Why does everyone seem so afraid of him?” Sophia asked Nicole as she changed into a new outfit at the logistics tent.

Nicole frowned as she answered, “That’s Olivia’s big brother, James Murray. He has a habit of molesting supporting female actors in the set, so you better not offend him!”

Olivia and James Murray. A bossy little sister and a licentious big brother. They are really disgraceful to their family!

I see, so they are Michael’s relatives!

Sophia pouted, after which she decided to let it slide after scolding them mentally. After she got changed, she exited the logistics tent.

Since James was Michael’s cousin, she decided not to say anything and remained silent to avoid putting Michael in a predicament.

Since Hale wasn’t there, Michael didn’t know about what happened just now.

Right then, Hale was dispatched to another place by Michael to carry out a mission, so he would be back late.

Not wanting to see James’ face in the set, she set off to walk around in her costume with Maria as well as a selfie stick.

The film studio was huge. She had only gone to the Ancient Area and finally had the chance to go to the Modern Area today.

A while later, Michael could see Sophia sharing a lot of pictures on her IG Stories. Most of them were group photos with other walk-on actors, and it seemed like she was having a good time.

He only took a glance at the photos and did not see them in detail before he placed his phone down and continued shooting.

However, Michael did not notice that there was a person that had been on his mind for a long time in the group photo…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 455

Sophia and Maria slowly walked back to their hotel after having dinner outside.

Today had been a productive day as they had managed to have fun, eat good food and hang out with many interesting people.

The duo walked through the alley in the Modern Area to return to the Ancient Area.

The alley was quiet because there weren’t any shootings going on here today. Right after the two of them came out of the alley, a few buff men came out from the corner of the alley.

Something’s wrong!

Sophia instinctively took a few steps backward, wanting to turn around. However, a few other men came out from the back and surrounded the two girls, blocking every possible pathway to escape.

“Haha! Stupid b*tch, I’ll see where you can escape this time!”

James’ arrogant face appeared behind the buff men as his lustful gaze landed on Sophia’s face.

Half of James’ face was swollen, and the handprint was still evident, making his ferocious face look hilarious…

On the other hand, Richard and Xyla stood from afar and watched as James’ men dragged Sophia and her nanny into one of the unused rooms in the alley.

How pleasant!

Could Sophia even survive after falling into James’ hands?

James will be responsible for her downfall, but who would dare to get into trouble with him?

He’s Taylor Murray’s cousin after all. His only cousin!

And this Sophia girl is nothing but a mere nanny!

After finishing his shoot on set, Michael felt his phone vibrating and took his phone out to see a picture message from Sophia.

The picture was taken from the top, showing a sandal on James’ face while James had a horrified look on his handsome face as blood dripped off his nose while his eyes were widened.

Chica: ‘I’m about to hit your cousin!’

Michael didn’t know what really happened since he wasn’t close to James, but he knew that the latter wasn’t a reputable person, so he might have offended Sophia on set.

Well, I guess he deserves it, then.

Michael: ‘Approved.’

Although he didn’t know what Sophia was doing right then, everything should be alright since Maria was there with her.

In fact, Maria wasn’t Maria’s real name, and Sophia was the only person who called her that. Before Sophia, everyone knew her as Jack!

Right when Michael finished packing up and was preparing to head back to the hotel, he received a call from Stanley, after which he frowned.

Why is this stupid dog contacting me again?

Usually, Stanley would only call if he needed money or the password for the wine cellar in the basement of the house.

The password to the wine cellar changed hourly as well as every time it was opened, and Michael was the only one who had access to the password.

When the call was connected, Michael asked in a bored tone, “What do you want, stupid dog? I don’t have the password or any money.”

However, Stanley sounded anxious. “Uncle Michael, something happened! Didn’t you realize? Have you seen Aunt’s IG Stories? She posted a total of 54 pictures; six collages of nine pictures! Look at the fifth and sixth pictures of the third collage she posted! It’s bad!”

How ridiculous.

Michael hung up on him. However, he still took a look at the fifth and sixth picture of the third collage that Sophia posted.

Those two pictures were taken with a man.

He was an attractive young Caucasian man with eyes as blue as the ocean.

However, this was the film studio, so it wasn’t weird to see any good-looking or even foreign actors.

The man’s skin tone was fair, and he looked like he was an elf from a fairy tale. His flawless face stood out no matter where he was as Sophia stood next to him and smiled like a blooming flower.

The two of them seemed close as they both pouted and clenched their fists together in the pictures.

The image looked smooth under the filter, and the two of them looked so harmonious, as if they were a good match together.

They actually looked like they were a couple!

Most importantly, Sophia actually posted two pictures of them! Two!

Okay, now that’s odd! Sophia only posted one group photo each with every other walk-on actor, but she actually posted two with this particular man!

Right then, Michael received a series of messages from Stanley through Messenger. ‘Uncle Michael, have you seen it? That dude looks way better than you. Look! Look how happy Aunt is! She even posted two pictures of them! Something’s about to happen. Uncle Michael, you better confront Aunt about this! Do not let her cheat on you!”

Stanley was way more anxious than Michael when he saw the picture Sophia posted.

There’s actually someone hotter than my uncle at the film studio. Is it even possible?! And hey, Sophia took a picture with him too! Something’s about to happen. Something big is going to happen!

On the other hand, Michael was staring at the picture and zoning out.

This white man’s face…

It was generally hard for those in the Cethosian region to differentiate between those from other continents. Moreover, this picture was filtered, so it would surely be different from his face in real life. However, his face was so attractive that it was easy to recognize him.

Still, the coincidence was too uncanny, wasn’t it?

While Michael was deep in thought while staring at the two pictures, Hale hurried back with a piece of huge news.

“Boss, I received news that Linus Michel just entered the country. Should we schedule a meeting to visit them?”

Suddenly, Michael stood up abruptly and gave Hale his phone. “Linus is at film studio right now, so I want you to find a way to get to him.”

Hearing his superior’s demand, Hale was shocked.

He had just received the first-hand news and didn’t even know which part of Cethos Linus was at, but Michael had already known?!

When Hale took Michael’s phone, he looked horrified the moment he saw the group picture of Sophia and an unnamed man.

Isn’t this man Linus Michel?

Why did he show up at the film studio? How did he end up in a group picture with Sophia?

However, before Hale could question the situation, Michael had already left in a hurry.

Seeing that his superior was leaving, Hale immediately chased after him.

Sophia left the set to have fun after acting as the walk-on for a while today. She posted her picture with Linus during the afternoon, and this indicated that Linus was at the film studio today. Therefore, there was a chance that he might still be at the film studio.

But, Michael still couldn’t figure out why Linus would come here.

There weren’t any of his projects here though. Or… was he here for vacation?

Michael didn’t know why, but he suddenly thought of the masonry bridge, the group picture, as well as Fass Michel.

If Fass was really Cooper, could he be here to honor something?

“Danny, figure out a way to get the surveillance near the bridge in the Ancient Area!”

Then, Michael found Sophia according to the GPS location that Maria had sent him. However, he could hear howlings from her direction before he got closer to her.

“Help! Stop hitting me!”

“Stop hitting my face! Somebody help me! My face is the source of my income!”

“I’m telling you, my cousin is Taylor Murray! If you keep hitting me… Ouch!

Michael could also hear Sophia’s taunts between James’ yellings.

“Aren’t you powerful just now? Didn’t you want to record a video of me being naked?”

“Come on, take a video! Post it on the Internet after you’re done and get it on trending!”

“So what if your cousin is Taylor Murray? He’s my btch! Do you hear me? He’s my btch!”

Michael was speechless.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 456

Michael felt that it was better if he didn’t show up right then so that Sophia could go all out. The place that Sophia was hitting James was in an unused room at the film studio’s alley. There were many empty rooms built for shooting proposes that were unoccupied even now.

Hence, when a random person passed by occasionally and heard James crying for help, they’d assume that it was just another shoot.

There was still rubbish remains in the room from the crew that shot here this morning. Maria had already subdued the leftover buff men, and they were all lying on the bed, their fate remaining unknown.

James had been beaten to the point where he started crawling around and crying. The man in his twenties had snort and tears all over his face. Sophia watched as he crawled on the ground like a worm, occasionally giving him a few kicks. Using his leather belt as a weapon, she would give him painful welts when she felt like it.

A few welts later, James had completely lost his arrogance as he sprawled across the ground with a bruised face and pleaded, “I was wrong, and I won’t repeat the same mistake! Please let me go!”

However, what replied to him was another series of slapping from Sophia, causing him to end up crying on the ground. Still, Sophia wasn’t satisfied.

Grabbing James by his hair, she pushed his head into the flowerpot and made him choke on the soil before lifting him by his hair and giving him two slaps. Then, she pushed him back into the flowerpot and repeated it a few times.

“Does having a powerful cousin allow you to be arrogant? So what if you have a cousin? Does having a cousin mean that you can take advantage of others on the set? James Murray, do you know that you’re ruining your cousin’s reputation?”

James couldn’t say anything as his entire mouth was filled with soil. Still, the thought of these siblings fooling everyone and causing trouble on the set using Taylor Murray’s name pissed Sophia off. As Taylor’s fan, Sophia had been constantly worried about her idol’s reputation, fearing that anti-fans might find fault in the things that he had done and bash him again.

However, she didn’t expect James to openly use Taylor Murray’s name to boss everyone on the set around and even tried to take advantage of the supporting actresses. He’s literally attracting more anti-fans for my idol!

Sophia started tearing James’ clothes apart and dragged him under the light before taking her phone and started snapping a few pictures of him butt-naked.

Although she was very tempted to kick his manhood, she swallowed the urge to do it, as these siblings were the only children in Elizabeth’s family, and James was her younger brother’s only son. Darn your cousin!

Since this was the Murray Family’s sole inheritor, she must at least teach him a lesson even though she couldn’t beat him to death. “To hell with your cousin! Get up!”

Sophia lifted James, who was covered entirely in soil. Poor James was completely out of luck as he was dragged through his hair by Sophia about a few meters away. Although Sophia was petite, she was incredibly strong and could subdue James anytime she wanted.

While James was still shrieking, she took a taser and adjusted the pain level to ‘painful’ where one jab could cause immense pain. This was a taser specifically designed by Michael for ‘pervert’ prevention, and its effects were certainly gruesome.

“To hell with your cousin!” Sophia cursed before bringing the taser down on James’ backside.

“Ah!” A gruesome shriek echoed across the empty building.

“To hell with your cousin!”

Another harsh jab.

“Ugh!” James howled as his entire body trembled in pain.

When outsiders overheard the commotion over here as well as the repeated lines over and over again, they’d mumble to themselves, “It seems like this shoot had gotten a bit too much NGs!”

Michael wanted to take a puff as he stood under the streetlight outside and soon realized that he had quit smoking after going through his bag, so he went to a cafe nearby to get coffee. While he drank his coffee, he waited for Sophia as he continued counting how many times she cursed James’ cousin.

A while later, Sophia finally had enough of cursing James’ cousin. She kept her taser as she had gotten hungry from exerting too much force. Meanwhile, James had tears all over his face as he had already peed himself and fainted from the torture.

Sophia dragged the naked James, who was covered entirely in pee and soil, out of the room before she found a lamp post and tied him up with his leather belt. While she was tying him up the lamp post publicly, many people had passed by as they stopped dead in their tracks before quickly moving away.

They all couldn’t help but wonder what crew was this with such a nasty plot! The actor on the set was really open-minded, even to the point of going full naked!

After tying James up, Sophia went to the faucet nearby to wash her hands. While she was washing her hands, a man’s voice rang out behind her.

“Yo, have you finished cursing James and his cousin?”

Sophia’s petite body trembled slightly. What the f*ck? Why is my idol here? No way! Did he see everything that I’ve done to his cousin? Oh lord, no, no, this can’t be! Am I going to lose my youthful teenage girl’s image in front of him?

After Sophia’s mind went blank for a few seconds, she turned around as the fierce glare she had just now disappeared before she complained pitifully, “He tried to molest me today by groping my backside and my chest. He even wanted to take a video of me naked!”

Since when did that happen? Hearing the girl’s explanation, Michael frowned. If that was so, Sophia had every right to curse his cousin, or even his entire family lineage.

Michael didn’t expect his bride to be taken advantage of in just a matter of a short time. Feeling guilty, he walked toward her to grab her wet hands. “Don’t be angry anymore. I’ll let you curse his cousin all night long, alright?” He tried to coax Sophia.

Sophia nodded seriously as she pouted. “Alright.”

While Michael held Sophia’s hand as they left the alley, he instructed Hale, who was walking in their direction. “Castrate him.” Michael’s eyes were icy cold when he said those two words; it was completely different from him trying to console Sophia just now.

Hale nodded grimly. After they left, he raised his leg and brought it down on the unconscious James’ bare manhood…

Sophia heard what Michael said just now as well. His tone was so cold, and it was unlike the usual him; when he said those words, it made her tremble slightly. After that, Sophia finally realized that Michael was triggered. He’s really pissed off. However, she was still slightly worried. “That’s the last man in the Murray Family, though. Do you really want him castrated?”

“Murray is not my last name.”

Sophia shrugged at that, as she didn’t dare to say anything else. It seemed like Michael’s relationship with the Murray Family wasn’t good as well. So, did it mean that she could do whatever she wanted on the set without being afraid of offending Olivia in the future?

When Sophia went back to the hotel and came out from the showers, Maria had already placed all the dishes on the dining table. Then, she started eating while scrolling through her phone. She had posted many pictures of her having fun in the film studio today, and also many group pictures with other walk-on actors.

Sophia scrolled to the pictures that she took with the foreign actor.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 457

This guy is actually so hot that he could be compared to Michael!

Also, he looked way better in real life! His voice is nice as well!

Sophia couldn’t help but go through the pictures one by one with that man as she still had some that she didn’t post in her photo gallery.

What a handsome man! Oh my God! His eyes, his eyelashes, his skin, his gaze!

He looks so bright! I really feel like kissing him!

On the other hand, Maria had already explained what happened during the picture-taking session between Sophia and Linus to Michael.

Sophia was eating and walking around while taking pictures with good-looking walk-on actors. Running into Linus was completely accidental as they didn’t know he was Linus from the Michel Family and thought that he was just a handsome actor.

Michael got his men to search around the hotels and the summer resorts after listening to Maria and Hale’s report, but none of them found Linus and his men.

According to the information that they had gathered, it was unlikely for Linus to show up here, but he did.

Without alerting Sophia, who was still eating, Michael suddenly recalled the picture of Cooper and Annabel on the masonry bridge. “Hale, have you found any surveillance near the masonry bridge?”

Faced with the question, Hale looked regretful. “I went there yesterday night, but the surveillance from nine to midnight was completely gone along with its copy.”

They are gone?

This is too much of a coincidence!

Linus, who was photographed by Sophia, the picture, as well as the sabotaged surveillance…

Michael was certain that Cooper was here!

However, these were only predictions, for Michael must find stronger evidence to be able to get in contact with Fass Michel!

That day wouldn’t be far away.

Beating a person up was really an energy exhausting physical chore, as Sophia got really hungry from just beating James up for a while. After having dinner, she brushed her teeth and went back to their bedroom while Michael sat on the love swing and read his script.

In the bedroom, the mood was already turned on as leather whips and candles were placed at the side.

Seeing these objects, Sophia shivered slightly.

This situation right now…

Michael placed his script down when he noticed that Sophia came back. Then, he walked over and grinned lightly, showing his pearly whites. “Are you ready?”

Hearing her man’s question, Sophia nodded. “I’m ready.”

However, she took a step backward whenever Michael took two steps forward.

Sophia was afraid.

A man in his thirties was like a wolf, while a man in his forties was like a tiger. Michael was right in the middle of it, so he was like a wolf just as he was like a tiger.

Michael forced Sophia to the wall corner while he placed his strong arms against the wall and looked at her before himself. “So, what have you prepared for James’ cousin?”

The filming crew started their work on time just like previously the next day.

Richard was looking forward to seeing the video of Sophia getting violated uploaded on the Internet.

He knew that James was a daring playboy that had once caused the death of a model. The Murray Family was slightly powerful now as they were eating at Elizabeth’s capital these recent years, so the issue didn’t go out of hand as the media had to respect the Murray Family. However, James became even more savage when he found out that Taylor was Elizabeth’s son.

The last time Richard tried to make a move, he got caught by Sophia and ended up losing his money as well as himself.

This time, he learned to sit back and take advantage of others. If James was the one making a move, it wouldn’t be related to him at all.。

Richard had been visiting the filming crew for a few days now. When he saw that Sophia didn’t come in today, he was sure that she had already fallen into James’ trap.

In less than a day, the footage of Sophia getting trampled over would go viral on the Internet, and she would be discarded by Taylor like an unwanted dog.

By that time, Richard would swoop in to take her away and torture her!

However, he didn’t see any videos of Sophia being uploaded after waiting for almost half a day. Even James himself didn’t come today. When the assistant director tried contacting him, his calls went unanswered.

The director’s face darkened.

He gave the siblings roles in the movie because of Elizabeth, but he didn’t expect them to be so disappointing. Their acting skills weren’t even that good in the first place, not to mention that they kept causing trouble on set.

Moreover, James would always go missing in action.

This time, the director had finally run out of patience.

He stopped trying to contact James since the call wouldn’t even go through. He deleted his part in the scene since he could always get someone else to replace him anyway.

Right then, James had just woken up on the median strip of one of the streets at the film studio. He was tied up on a palm tree used for landscape, and the lower part of his body was aching really badly.

When James opened his eyes, he realized that there was a crowd staring at his naked body.

The crowd initially thought that this was a filming scene, so none of them dared to go closer and were searching for the video camera from afar.

James was tied up for about half a day before he finally cried out for help. By then, the crowd finally realized that it wasn’t a shooting scene and immediately untied him.

Olivia, who was on set, only found out that something happened to James during the afternoon. No one was alerted that he went missing for the entire morning since he’d usually wake up at some random bed of some venue during the afternoon, and no one would discuss that publicly.

However, none of them had expected James to be stripped and tied up on the streets to attract onlookers!

When Olivia was informed about what happened, she immediately rushed to the hospital and almost fainted when the doctor told her that James was castrated.

He had lost his ability to reproduce!

James was the only son of the Murray Family!

The Murray Family only had one son for each generation, which had been ongoing for eight generations now. How could James be castrated just like that?!

Through the glass window, Olivia could see that James was completely bandaged and had an oxygen tube inserted in him. He suffered many bone fractures, serious external injuries as well as minor internal bleeding while his manhood was crushed by force. James hadn’t regained his consciousness until now.

Olivia was dumbfounded, for she didn’t know what to do, so she immediately tried to contact her family. However, she suddenly changed her mind and decided to contact Michael.

Since Taylor was part of the Murray Family, the family’s well-being mattered to him.

Unfortunately, it was Hale who accepted the call.

“Miss Olivia, Taylor is still in a shoot, so I’ll get back to you later.”

Then, he hung up.

Olivia had no choice but to contact Xyla, who was in the same filming crew, and get her to tell Taylor to come over.

“James was castrated?”

Xyla was shunned when she heard the news; even Richard was shocked.

After waiting for almost half a day, instead of receiving the footage of Sophia getting violated, they received the news that James got castrated?

This was just…

As James’ condition wasn’t good, Olivia immediately lodged a police report, and the police came to the hospital right after to take depositions from James, while Richard and Xyla rushed to the hospital as well.

James only managed to regain his consciousness during the afternoon…

Simultaneously, Sophia was rubbing her eyes as she got out of Michael’s SUV during the afternoon.

Her backside hurt so much it affected how she walked.

Sophia had made some exaggerated claims of wanting to teach James’ cousin a lesson, but it backfired on her as Michael taught her a harsh lesson. She was carried by Michael into his SUV earlier in the morning and had slept in the SUV for an entire morning. Sophia only managed to show up on set during the afternoon.

Having a scene to film at night, Michael was going to eat his dinner on set. As the chef was serving his dishes, a group of police, as well as Olivia, suddenly came.

“That’s her! She’s the one who hurt my brother!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 458

Olivia and the police surrounded Sophia.

Seeing Sophia, Olivia was incensed. I didn’t expect that this b*tch would do such a thing. The Murray Family won’t have any descendants anymore because of her!

“Are you Sophia Edwards? We need you to cooperate in the investigation of a case for intentionally causing harm to someone.” The police strode toward Sophia.

Upon seeing the police, everyone fell into silence and shifted their attention to Sophia. What do they mean by intentionally causing harm to someone? Who has she hurt?

Shocked, Sophia questioned, “Intentionally causing harm to someone? Me? How may I help you?”

Seeing the feigned surprise on Sophia’s expression, Olivia was so infuriated she wanted to beat her up. “You castrated my brother! Now he’s impotent! How are you going to pay us back?”

Is James Murray actually impotent? Did Sophia castrate him?

The actresses on the set were delighted to learn the news.

The womanizer, James, has harmed countless women before. He only has himself to blame for this outcome!

Terrified by the ruthless-looking Olivia, Sophia hurriedly sneaked behind Michael, after which the policemen quickly put the agitated Olivia under control.

Olivia shouted hysterically, “There are no more descendants for our family because of you! I have to kill you!”

Sophia stuck out her head from Michael’s back and gazed at her in an innocent manner. “Olivia, I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t on the set yesterday, so how could I even harm your brother?”

“Stop denying. Some people saw you with my brother yesterday. It’s you who harmed my brother!” The police almost couldn’t control the ferocious Olivia. Seeing Michael, she yelled, “Taylor, you have to stand up for my brother! She castrated my brother! Our family won’t have any descendants anymore! Taylor!”

With a frown, Michael replied, “Sophia works for me. Since she’s involved in this case, I’ll go to the police station with her.”

Under the attention of everyone, Michael, Sophia, and Maria headed for the police station.

Inside the police station, Olivia held Michael’s arm and wailed, “Taylor, James is impotent now. He’s the only son of our generation!”

Agitated, she turned to Sophia and said through gritted teeth, “I want this b*tch to pay us back with her life!”

Meanwhile, Sophia was making a police statement.

“Where were you from 7 to 9 pm last night?”

Calmly, Sophia replied, “I was playing a video game in my hotel room.”

“Do you have any witness?”

Sophia answered, “Maria is my witness. We share the same room, so she was with me all the time last night.”

The policeman recorded what she said. Then, he asked Maria and the hotel receptionist, who all said that Sophia had returned to the hotel around that time.

The policeman then asked Sophia, “What’s the relationship between you and James Murray?”

Sophia replied, “I don’t know him.”

Seeing that Sophia was lying, Olivia stood straight up in a fury and snarled, “She’s lying! Yesterday, she slapped my brother on the set!”

Frowning, Sophia said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just a walk-on, and I simply rehearsed with your brother. That slap is for the drama. I don’t really know him.”

Olivia was indignant, for she didn’t expect that Sophia was so masterful at falsifying truths. She then pulled at Michael and said, “Taylor, she’s lying. Yesterday, my brother accidentally touched her, so she’s resentful. I swear she’s the one who harmed my brother!”

Michael had never uttered a word since entering the police station.

He accidentally touched her? Pfft.

The policeman continued making the statement. “Mr. James Murray has awakened and accused you of harming him in an inhumane way. How are you going to explain yourself?”

As a law student, Sophia replied calmly, “I don’t agree with Mr. James Murray’s accusation. First of all, I have an alibi. Secondly, as far as I’m concerned, Mr. James Murray is a martial artist who has won countless championships. How would I be able to harm a martial artist like him?”

James started his acting career one year ago as a martial artist. When he debuted, his agency touted him to be the most handsome martial arts prodigy. He had won two international martial arts championships as well as countless contests since young.

On the other hand, Sophia was slim and frail. Hence, it was inconceivable that she was able to harm James.

Seeing that Sophia was still distorting the truth, Olivia was so enraged that she wanted to kill her. “It’s you! My brother said it’s you who harmed him!”

As James’ sister, Olivia knew him full well. He won those championships by bribing the judges and other contestants, so he wasn’t really great at martial arts at all. In reality, he was just a weakling!

Faced with her accusations, Sophia merely ignored her. Irritated, the policeman frowned and demanded, “Silence!”

Shooting a look at the policeman and Sophia, Olivia pulled Michael’s sleeve and protested, “Taylor, say something!”

Michael remained silent with a scowl.

The policeman continued asking Sophia, “Last night at 7 pm, some people saw you and James at the location where he was harmed. Do you have an explanation for that?”

Sophia replied, “I have a witness to prove that I was in the hotel around that time.”

Left with no choice, the policeman told the witnesses, Richard and Xyla, to confront Sophia.

Trying to suppress his excitement, Richard looked at Sophia in an insolent way. Certainly, she didn’t expect that I was there! I can prove that she was with James at that time!

The policeman asked, “Mr. Richard Harper, please repeat your testimony.”

Richard cleared his throat and said in an upright manner, “Last night around 7 pm, I was taking a walk with my girlfriend, Xyla, when I saw James Murray and Sophia Edwards at the crime scene. They were arguing.”

Xyla hurriedly chimed in, “That’s right. We both saw them at the same time.”

Xyla was gleeful. Initially, she wanted to make use of James to harm Sophia, yet it never crossed her mind that Sophia was able to castrate James. That’s wonderful! Since James became impotent, the Murray Family and Taylor wouldn’t let her off. There’s no way she’d be able to flip over the situation!

Olivia grinned and waited for Sophia’s explanation.

Without any emotion, Michael raised an eyebrow. So Richard and Xyla are involved in this as well.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 459

Michael had figured out what really happened.

The policeman then questioned Sophia, “What do you have to say about the testimonies of Mr. Harper and Miss Huff?”

Unperturbed, Sophia replied, “I was in the hotel room at that time, so I think the accusation of Mr. Harper and Miss Huff against me is nothing more than a fabrication.”

She then elaborated, “Two months ago, Mr. Harper was involved in a kidnap case, and I was the victim. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Harper is awaiting his trial.”

In an instant, Richard turned dark, for he had forgotten about it.

Seeing the change in Richard’s expression, Sophia said coldly, “Mr. Harper, while waiting for the trial, you’re limited to live and work in a certain area. If you want to leave that area, you have to get permission from the relevant government body. Mr. Harper, did you have permission to go to the film studio?”

The policeman took a look at Richard, as he didn’t expect that the latter was involved in a criminal case.

Sophia continued, “My lawyer is on his way here, and I’ll leave the rest to him.”

With a frown, the policeman completed the statement and left the room.

At that instant, only a few people were left in the interrogation room.

Olivia stood straight up in a fury. “Sophia, I suggest that you admit your crime quickly. There’s no use denying it. Even if you escape unscathed this time, my family and Taylor will never let you off!”

Knowing that the police were watching them from somewhere else, Xyla persuaded, “Sophia, you’ve committed a serious crime. Even if you can leave the police station this time, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be convicted in the future. Richard and I saw what happened, so stop denying it. There were other witnesses around that place as well!”

Sophia kept her mouth shut.

Wanting to destroy Sophia, Xyla continued to coax her, saying, “There are security cameras around that place. Even if the police don’t trust Richard’s testimony, the security footage will be the proof.”

However, Sophia remained silent.

Seeing that, Xyla decided to stop persuading her. It was alright if the police didn’t trust her, for it would be enough that the Murrays trusted her.

Even if Sophia could escape imprisonment, there was no way the Murrays would let her off the hook.

Seeing that Sophia wasn’t willing to admit her crime, Olivia clenched Michael’s sleeve and begged, “Taylor, please say something. James is the only son of the Murray Family, but he’s impotent now… Taylor! Taylor!”

Hearing that, Sophia refuted, “Are you saying that Taylor isn’t a son of the Murray Family? As long as he’s here, there will still be descendants for the Murray Family!”

Her words infuriated Olivia. “Taylor isn’t really a son of the Murray Family!”

Michael raised an eyebrow upon hearing that, but he remained silent.

That’s right. The Murrays have always preferred sons to daughters. To the Murrays, the daughters are not even considered humans, as they are just tools to provide for the Murray Family!

Olivia realized that she said the wrong thing and continued nervously, “Taylor, you know that James is the only son of our generation. Now that he’s impotent—”

Finally, Michael said, “Let’s wait for the police’s judgment.”

Knowing that she had hurt Michael’s feelings, Olivia dared not utter a word anymore.

Although the stage name for Michael was Taylor Murray, he wasn’t part of the Murray Family. Everyone knew this fact, but it shouldn’t be said out so publicly.

A while later, the police came to inform Sophia that she could leave. Meanwhile, it was found out that Richard was indeed awaiting trial and didn’t have permission to go out. Therefore, the police demanded that he returned to Bayside City and reported himself at the police station there immediately.

Since the case was pending investigation, Olivia and the others had no choice but to leave.

Upon stepping out of the police station, Olivia turned to Sophia and threatened, “B*tch, I won’t let you off. I will take revenge for my brother!”

She then shifted her attention to Michael and continued, “Taylor will see through your true colors one day!”

Ignoring her, Sophia got into Michael’s car and left.

When the car was out of sight, Xyla said hypocritically, “Olivia, what should we do? That b*tch is such a good liar. Taylor doesn’t seem to trust us.”

Olivia sneered, “I will make Taylor trust me.”

It was very late when they returned to the hotel, but Michael still had to handle some matters.

He wasn’t worried about the accusation against Sophia at all. Since James wanted to harm Sophia, he must have made preparations and destroyed all the security cameras around that place.

Even if the police managed to get the footage, they would only see James and a few brawny guys following Sophia and Maria into an alley.

It was Linus who made him feel concerned.

Linus really appeared around that area. However, it was too late when Michael went to look for him as the latter and his entourage had left the place the day before.

Michael was just one step away from the shocking secret, but it was difficult for him to get to it.

Lying on the bed, Sophia was still worried. Seeing that Michael was done with the shower, she questioned anxiously, “Do you really not feel sorry that there will be no more descendants for the Murray Family?”

Michael was drying his hair with a towel as he said, “Not at all. They’re not a royal family. So what if there are no more descendants?”

“But… James is the only son of their generation. What if they want to get even with me?” Sophia asked in anxiety.

Nonchalantly, Michael replied, “Don’t worry. Come what may, I will always protect you.”

Sophia felt warmth in her heart upon hearing that.

At that instant, she wanted to make love to Michael, but due to the pain in her backside, she decided not to do it.

With Michael’s promise, she was relieved. Casting away the guilt she felt, she fell into sleep in peace.

After drying his hair with an air-dryer in another room, Michael returned and saw that she was asleep.

Turning off the bedside lamp, he took a seat by the table and started reading his script.

Unexpectedly, a yellowish photo of the Fletcher Family taken thirty years ago was inside the script.

In the photo, Elizabeth and Theo held one child respectively, while their happiness radiated from the photo.

Michael whisked across the smiling face of Elizabeth.

Mom is the most beautiful woman in the world, for her beauty was frozen at that moment in the past.

Naively, he had tried to look for his mother’s family members. However, upon getting into contact with the Murrays, he finally understood why his mother left her parents and got herself killed.

The Murrays had a long tradition of opera singing. However, their business declined, and they became poor. As the eldest daughter, Elizabeth had to drop out of school and sing opera elsewhere to put food on the table.

In order to send her brother, Larry Murray, overseas for higher education, the Murrays sent her to take part in erotic movies. Upon getting a massive chunk of money, it was all spent on Larry’s overseas education and improving the family’s living standard.

It wasn’t certain whether Elizabeth was just naive or forced to do it at that time, but those erotic movies became a stain in her life forever.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 460

After Elizabeth became famous, most of the money that she earned was used on her family. When the Murray Family received her money, they started to dabble in business, which immediately took off.

However, after her death, they lost the infinite supply of money, so the Murray Family’s success went down the slope. Although it had been years, they were still using her money to earn more for their business.

Even though she worked hard her entire life for the Murray Family, they resembled a parasite that lived off her, trying to suck everything and never gave up even after her death. For her to choose death, she could have been desperate and disappointed in the Murray Family. If they had showered her with some love, even just a little, she would not have chosen to die alone.

That was the reason why Michael couldn’t care less about the Murray Family, but he also wanted to avoid any skirmishes with them. However, if they go overboard…

Olivia went to the hospital to take care of James. However, someone unexpectedly barged into his ward and suddenly stabbed him twice with a kitchen knife while he lay on the bed. Although the culprit fled the scene, he was quickly arrested by the police to assist with the investigation, resulting in an attempted murder charge being added to the current issue.

It turned out that some time ago, James had fooled around with a young model until she died. Due to the influence of the Murray Family and James being a relative of Taylor Murray, the entire incident was suppressed; James was still living a carefree life whereas the young model was dead for no apparent reason.

The person who hurt James was her father. He even admitted that he was the one who castrated James to avenge his daughter’s death and wanted to kill him for her sake. With that, the motive for the attack was discovered. As James’ life was in a critical condition, he was transferred over the night and the murderer was brought to face justice.

When Richard caught wind of the news from the filming crew, he couldn’t believe what he heard. Richard had seen James kidnapping Sophia with his own eyes and the man had also admitted that she was the one who landed him in trouble. How did things end up this way?

However, Richard couldn’t even take care of himself. The next day after James was attacked, Richard was forced to return to Bayside City. In fact, it was better for him to leave as he did not want to visit the shooting crew often. With Xyla there, he had no freedom at all to fool around outside.

As soon as he returned to the Bayside City, he could do whatever he wanted. Since the Huff Family was no longer the same as before, he did not have to worry about anything. Even if he was caught in the act, she and the Huff Family did not have the say to call off the marriage.

On the other hand, Sophia’s butt hurt whenever she was with the filming crew on a daily basis. She had no idea where Michael found the energy—even though he was a middle-aged man—to film many action scenes during the day. Even though she was just an extra, the schedule was already challenging for her.

It would obviously be more tiring for him as the lead actor. However, as soon as he returned to the hotel, he seemed to be possessed by another spirit. He’s going to f*ck me until I die!

The new semester in Bayside University had already started and Michael was about to finish with his filming. Since he was the lead antagonist, his scenes weren’t as many as compared to the main protagonist and even gave some of his scenes to the lead actress, so he was about to finish with his parts.

“Once I’m done filming, we’ll have to see the pandas before going for our wedding pictures. We’ll only be back after a while.”

Taking advantage of each second to film the final scenes, Michael chatted with Sophia on the phone. Their group chat was rather active as she had sent another handsome picture of Michael to everyone.

Stanley complained, ‘Eddie Fletcher, can you please stop being lovey-dovey during business hours? My job’s already difficult enough yet you don’t seem to care about the company affairs. Only Sean and I are keeping it afloat—we are exhausted! This is very immoral of you.’

Sean added, ‘By the way, Sophia, Natasha has returned to Bayside City, so she most likely won’t be visiting the film studio anymore. However, you must be careful as the Mitchell Family is investigating Eddie Fletcher and the identity of Uncle Michael’s wife.’

Sophia replied, ‘Alright. I will be more careful. By the way, how is Nathan doing? Have you guys visited him?’

Stanley appeared again. ‘Oh my, Eddie Fletcher, you still remember that you have a son? Look at this yourself!’

With that, he sent a series of images over. One of which was Nathan wearing the army uniform—he was so tanned that his baby fat was gone as he trained with the adults with a gaunt jawline and tanned skin, looking very pitiful. On top of that, he even pouted while trying to keep his tears back. How pitiful!

Upon looking at the pictures, Sophia felt extremely sorry for him. My baby son! How did he become like this in a mere few days? How much has he suffered?

Although he was technically not her biological son, his father was Justin, who was Coop’s junior. Hence, Nathan and Sophia were slightly related by blood; so, no matter what, he was as good as her biological son to her.

Stanley explained, ‘He’s still training in the military compound, so he can’t leave. Not to mention, he hasn’t completed his exercises. My, oh, my, what a poor kid. His dad doesn’t love him and his mom doesn’t care about him. He’s like wild grass on the roadside. How pitiful.’

However, there wasn’t much that Sophia could do about it. After all, Nathan had really hurt Michael this time, so the latter decided to be serious with his words. Michael’s deep, fatherly love had burdened Nathan to the point where the young child couldn’t straighten his back. It seemed like if he couldn’t complete the 100 exercises, his father wouldn’t allow him to return.

‘Stanley, take care of him on my behalf. I will be back in a couple of days.’

Upon listening to Sophia’s request, Stanley was quite arrogant. ‘Hmph! In your dreams! Take care of your own son yourself—unless you give me the password of your wine cellar in exchange.’

There were many bottles with quality wine in Michael’s wine cellar, but it came with top notch security where the passcode would change on an hourly basis. To enter the cellar, Stanley would need to obtain the latest passcode from Michael himself. The wine cellar had always been Stanley’s goal.

Not only were there bottles of good quality wine, but there were also those which had been passed down from Elizabeth—Classic Lafite, French Cheval-Blanc, and many others, making it a heaven for Stanley.

He was met with silence from Sophia’s side. Stanley knew that the wine was more important than Nathan’s well-being. Michael would never allow Stanley to sneak into the cellar to ruin his precious wine.

In the afternoon, when Stanley looked at his phone, he realized that Sophia texted him with a password. ‘This is the password of the cellar for the next hour.’

Damn! As soon as he saw that, he quickly rushed out of his company and raced to Villa No. 8 at The Imperial and went straight to the wine cellar underground to take a bottle of wine. He also took a bottle of beer that was Sean’s favorite along.

He managed to make it within an hour. After he took the wine, he quickly replied, ‘Aunt, thank you so much! I will take care of your son for you. Don’t worry, I’ll treat him as my own! But, how did Uncle Michael give you the password with ease? Even if I kneel before him, he wouldn’t budge.’

After a while, Sophia replied, ‘After I slept with him at the tent, he gave it to me.’

He was speechless upon hearing that. We are already thousands of miles apart yet she still shows off in front of me!

In the filming crew, Sophia sat down on a bench to look at her phone while her butt ached. She had given her all for her son.

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