My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 491-500

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 491

Since their chat was private, the others couldn’t see their messages. All they could see was both of them standing still in the game.

Meanwhile in the Messenger group, Imported Young Man asked, ‘What are they doing? Why are they standing still?’

Stupid Dog: ‘They’re probably having it out in private. Let them be.’

Stupid Dog: ‘What the hll? Why is my name Stupid Dog while Linus is named as Imported Young Man? Sophia, you’d better fcking change my alias right now! And change it to something nice!’

Sean: ‘…’

In the game, Sophia read the text sent by Natasha. It was the same trick as usual, acting weak while sowing discord. Natasha claimed she was trying to clear the misunderstanding, but she seemed to be hinting at something else. Placing her fingers on the keyboard, Sophia started to type out a response.

After a while, Natasha received Sophia’s reply. ‘You are?’

Natasha wasn’t convinced that Sophia had forgotten about her and believed that she was just pretending. Smugly, Natasha replied, ‘I’m Taylor’s sister. I’m the one who took care of him when he was shooting at the film studio.’ Let your jealousy and resentment pour in!

During that period of time, Natasha spent almost every single day with Michael but she had never once met Eddie! She waited for Sophia to erupt in anger but it was only after quite some time that she received an unperturbed reply.

‘Oh—you’re the traveling tramp that Taylor flirted with. I’m sorry, but Taylor has flirted with too many women and I just can’t remember who you are.’

Natasha stared at the two-word phrase ‘traveling tramp’. She knew each of the words but when it was combined as a phrase, she didn’t know what it meant so she asked, ‘Mrs. Murray, what is a traveling tramp?’

Sophia replied patiently, ‘It’s a name for girls who are so cheap that they pay a man to have her. Other people travel a thousand miles to send their affection but this kind of girl travels a thousand miles to offer her body. That’s how the name traveling tramp came about.’

Traveling… tramp? Staring at these simple words, Natasha, who was brought up in a protected environment and was nurtured with an elite education since young, was completely stunned. She followed Taylor all the way from Bayside to the film studio just to move him with her passionate love, but all she received from this person was vulgar words that tarnished her pure and persistent love for him. Burning in anger, Natasha furiously typed out a reply. ‘Mrs. Murray, you’ve misunderstood me; I’m not that kind of woman. I’m Taylor’s sister, Natasha, whom he cares for dearly like a sister!’

Scary Phoenix: ‘Since both of you have already slept together, stop pretending to be his sister and admit that you’re a traveling tramp. I don’t mind anyway.’ As expected, Sophia was cursing her in an unconventional way because she had flown into a rage.

Understanding dawned upon Natasha and she quickly replied, ‘Mrs. Murray, I know that you’re extremely angry now and I’m truly sorry toward you and Taylor. What happened that night is all my fault, so please don’t blame him.’

However, Scary Phoenix replied, ‘Men will be men and they will inevitably cheat. Taylor already has a dozen illegitimate children outside so what’s the big deal since you only had one night stand with him by accident?’

A dozen… illegitimate children? Natasha stared at that sentence in disbelief. Michael has a dozen illegitimate children?

Suddenly, Sophia added, ‘Every year, Taylor sleeps with countless 17 or 18-year-old girls like you, who willingly offer their bodies for free! Some of them even travel across the globe to offer their bodies, much less you, who only traveled miles.’

Looking at the paragraph of nasty words, Natasha’s face turned pale and her fingers on the keyboard started to tremble. It turned out that in Michael’s eyes, she was a b*tch who traveled miles just to offer her body to him? She was just a toy to him? No! How is that possible? She was the precious young lady of the Mitchell Family and she believed that she had an extraordinary place in Taylor’s heart! How could Taylor be that kind of person?

But looking at the few words from Sophia that seared her eyes, her breathing became unsteady. Calming herself down, she typed, ‘You must be joking, Mrs. Murray. How can Taylor be that kind of person?’ However, her hand couldn’t help but tremble.

Sophia lazily typed out a reply, ‘Plenty of women long for Taylor. Do you know the young lady of the Mitchell Family? I can’t even bear to look at how she shamelessly sells herself to Taylor for free. She not only travels miles to offer her body, she even pays for it! Taylor paid a huge amount of money in my name but that dumb*ss spends her money just to provoke me. How hilarious! Fortunately, I’m magnanimous and I won’t even question Taylor when he sleeps with the traveling tramps. I just need to focus on taking care of my husband and son. With the Fletcher Family as his backing, there isn’t any woman that Taylor can’t get. He has countless sisters and you’re just one of them, so don’t worry about it.’

After typing that, Sophia smiled maliciously. As a naïve girl who grew up under the protection of power, it was time for Natasha to experience some storms so she could learn that the world wasn’t always what she wished.

After that, Natasha stopped replying and even her game character didn’t move an inch. Sophia finally went back to the game and played with her friends. After a round, everyone bid goodbye and left the game.

Meanwhile in the Mitchell Residence, Natasha was utterly flustered. This was the first time she felt her world was tilted sideways. She tried to convince herself to not believe what Eddie said, but a part of her seemed to whisper that Eddie might be right and men would always be men.

Putting others aside, even the Mitchell Family wasn’t stranger to those nasty things. Those elders might look righteous in front of everyone but behind the curtains, they would do simply anything. Even Alex wasn’t an exception. Although he married a woman from a distinguished family, who was Natasha’s mother, Natasha knew that Alex cheated with a young model and even had an illegitimate daughter. Men were indeed disgusting!

At night, a loud shout suddenly rang out at the Mitchell Residence’s entrance.

“Natasha, I’m your grandmother! Are you home? Is anyone home? Open the door!”

It was Old Madam Murray. Unfortunately, no one answered the door, even if she shouted herself hoarse. Old Madam Murray couldn’t figure out why the Mitchell Family changed their mind all of a sudden. After all, she was Taylor’s grandmother!

The Mitchell Family promised to find a doctor for James but they suddenly stopped paying the fees today. At the same time, Larry’s company was found to be evading tax so he was arrested for investigation. To top it all off, Olivia might even be sentenced to death since she trafficked and abused drugs. Even James couldn’t escape from the punishment because he was the one who taught Olivia to take drugs in the past. Besides, the news about him acting tyrannically in the film crew and being charged with a murder lawsuit was exposed.

Not only was the company sealed for investigation, the Murrays were arrested too. Even the Mitchell Family changed their minds. Within a day, it seemed like the whole world had changed. While the desperate Old Madam Murray shouted curses and made a scene at the Mitchell Residence entrance, Sarah, who lived next to the Mitchells, called Sophia.

Soon, Michael sent someone to escort Old Madam Murray to the airport. “Where is Taylor? Where did that b*stard go? Tell him to come here and face me!” Even when Old Madam Murray was seized, she didn’t stop cursing.

Not only James’ injury wasn’t treated, he was also sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Larry had evaded tax and without any help from their connections to bail him out, he probably had to spend a few years in prison. The Murray Family was ruined. Completely ruined! And this was all Taylor’s fault! He was the culprit!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 492

Unfortunately, no matter how loud Old Madam Murray cursed, Michael didn’t show up. It was Gary who settled everything and sent her to the private plane that flew her directly back to her hometown.

Since the Murray Family’s company was sealed for investigation, the living expenses for Old Madam Murray would be paid by Michael from now on. It wasn’t difficult to pay for an old woman’s living but Michael had no feelings for the Murray Family, not even the slightest.

With this incident, his last tinge of good opinion for the Murray Family completely vanished. Beside him, Sophia quietly listened to Michael as he instructed someone to settle Old Madam Murray’s issue through the phone. There weren’t any emotions on his face except indifference. Is he severing ties with the Murray Family?

The Murray Family was heartless back then and she bet that they were cruel to Elizabeth too. Had the Murray Family been kinder to Elizabeth, perhaps Elizabeth wouldn’t choose to die after Theo passed away. If she was Michael, she might not be fond of the Murray Family too.

Sophia had returned to the university for a few days and it so happened that there was a special event in the university. A few important guests were visiting the country and they were hosted by the President personally. After visiting many iconic places in Bayside, their next stop was Bayside University, the building that resembled the highest learning institution in Bayside.

If a foreign guest came to visit, the leaders of the university would personally host him, along with a few outstanding students to accompany the guests for a tour around the university. As the winner of Miss Misty Pageant, Sophia was naturally one of the students that had to accompany the guests.

The leader of the university even wrote a script, which included the time when the guests would be visiting the multipurpose building and that someone must play the piano that was placed in the hall of that building.

When the guests visited the basketball court, there must be students playing basketball. In short, they had to exhibit the extraordinary study environment of Bayside University.

Not surprisingly, Natasha would be the one playing the piano at the multipurpose building. When Sophia was informed of the arrangements that were made by the university’s leader, she couldn’t help but rant in her friends group. ‘I not only have to accompany the guests for a tour the whole day, I also have to accompany them for a meal. Did any of you take up a job?’

Sean replied, ‘I didn’t receive any notice but Stan and their basketball team will be having a friendly game with the basketball team from the School of Athletics. I bet it’s a show for the guests.’

Sophia typed, ‘I wonder who the guests are, requiring such ostentation.’

‘They will be here tomorrow so we’ll find it out by then,’ Sean replied, to which Sophia added, ‘I’m going home now. See you at Rocky Pinnacle tonight.’

After a while, Sophia appeared in the group that she created for games. ‘There is a double experience event in ‘Swordsman Game’ at eight tonight. I’m looking for a team so for those who are interested, please reply 1.’

Soon, many people appeared one after another in the group.

Imported Young Man replied, ‘1.’

Stupid Dog replied, ‘1.’

Sean replied, ‘1.’

The First Wife of the Admin replied, ‘1.’

Harry replied, ‘1.’

At eight o’clock that night, Sophia logged onto her account and created a team. Meanwhile, Michael joined using his ‘Scary Phoenix’ account.

Under Scary Phoenix’s lead, they cleared the area without effort no matter how difficult, and it was truly satisfying. Everyone in the team won awards in the Esports competition. Even Linus, who just joined them recently, was as skilled as the others in games. Besides, his account was bought from a high-level player so it was rather easy to play with.

While defeating enemies, Michael browsed through the chats between this account and Natasha two days ago. After he read through the shocking conversation between Sophia and Natasha, he suddenly felt lost. He truly was out of touch with the world of youngsters. Perhaps it had been a big blow to Natasha, hence why she didn’t disturb Michael for the past two days.

While playing games, Sophia chatted with the team in voice message.

“Sophia, let’s have a barbeque on skewers tomorrow!” Stanley said.

Upon hearing that, Sophia murmured, “No, thanks. I have to accompany some guests tomorrow at the university.”

“You only need to accompany them for lunch at best,” Stanley commented. “You don’t have to accompany them for dinner. Besides, I found an interesting place so I plan to bring all of you there tomorrow. Are you coming, Linus?”

Michael invited Sean to the team to search for Cooper, but Stanley was still kept in the dark. He didn’t even know Linus’ identity but from what Sophia said about Linus in the past few days, he knew that Linus was also in the computer industry and was an academic overachiever, not to mention an expert in gaming too. This caused Stanley to eagerly want to meet him so that he could seek advice regarding the industry from him. Since he was still in Bayside, Stanley might as well invite them out.

Linus asked, “What is barbeque on skewers? ”

“You’ll know when you come with an empty stomach tomorrow,” Stanley commented and Linus replied, “Alright. Let’s fix a time and venue.”

And so, the few of them fixed the time and venue. Even Linus was excited to have barbecue on skewers. He had a strong thirst for knowledge and had a superb learning ability. After just a few days joining the group, he had learned to create GIFs and frequently engaged in a GIF battle with Stanley.

Stanley then asked, “Does anyone else want to join?”

Sean and Sarah replied in the group, whereas the two remaining old men kept their silence. Truth was, Michael had been silently reading their chats. Although he felt guilty, he strongly hoped that Sophia could gradually grow closer with Fass. Perhaps it was up to her to unearth some secrets. After fixing the time, everyone logged out from the game.

That night, Sophia went to sleep early. She was rather excited to have a university tour with the guests tomorrow. After all, the few of them were chosen from tens of thousands of students in Bayside University and it was an honor for her. Therefore, she had to be prepared so that no mistakes would happen.

Meanwhile, Michael was still working. As he read Linus’ history and experience that Abel investigated, he gave a call to Abel. Linus’ experience was unbelievable and Michael started to agree that the younger generation would quickly surpass the older.

Abel was in Africa when he replied to Michael, “I’ll definitely find a way to meet Fass in person this time.” Perhaps some secrets would be revealed once he met Fass.

Meanwhile, Fass had left Cethos before them and should be in Africa now. Linus, however, was still in Cethos. According to the information that Michael found, Linus came to inspect the Michel Group’s branch office in Cethos. Michel Group’s market was mainly in Europe and America. Although they sold their products in Cethos, they didn’t have a high market share. It seemed like Cethos market wasn’t the focus of the Michel Family.

To be precise, Fass was the one who didn’t attach great importance to Cethos market whereas Linus, who just got onboard recently, seemed to be interested in entering the Cethos market. In fact, Linus came this time to get a foothold in the Cethos market.

The main business of Michel Group was computers and technology, including smart computers, tablets, wristwatches, motherboards, software development, game development and the like. Linus was an all-rounded genius in technology and had an extraordinarily sharp vision for the company’s management, as well as the development of both software and hardware. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken over an enterprise, which had over ten thousand employees and running a business of hundreds of billions, at such a young age.

Even the Esports World Championship was sponsored by the Michel Group, and the electronic equipment that was used in the competition was provided by them as well.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 493

The next morning, Sophia arrived early at university to make preparations. She had even ironed her school uniform the night before. These foreign guests were held in high regard by the university leaders and as soon as Sophia arrived, she was led into the office by the leader for their final training.

The students were expected to be in their best state for the reception. As student representatives of Bayside University, they had to be extraordinary. As such, eight student representatives were selected to accompany the guests.

All eight had remarkable backgrounds, not to mention they were very talented and skillful. Among them were top students of Bayside University and also the winners of the Misty Pageant.

After the leader’s pep talk, everyone waited in the office for the guests who would be arriving shortly. While waiting, Sophia asked in the game group chat, ‘What’s for dinner?’

Stupid Dog replied, ‘Barbeque on skewers.’

‘Barbeque,” Sean and Imported Young Man both replied in the group chat.

Sophia was thrilled that Linus was joining them. After all, he was knowledgeable so she might be able to gain some knowledge from him after dinner and a couple of drinks.

Suddenly, Linus continued, ‘Good news is, I have decided to study at Bayside University in Cethos so we’ll be university mates soon.’

While the group chat was filled with celebratory comments, Sean grimaced at the news and thought, Linus is going to attend Bayside University?

In fact, Linus had graduated with a PhD in Economics and Management at the age of fourteen and currently had a double PhD. Now that he was going to attend Bayside University, Sean wondered if Linus was just seeking the thrill of beating rookies.

Just then, Stanley said, ‘I have a match against School of Athletics this afternoon, so you have to come watch our game. By the way, Sophia, I think I saw Mrs. Murray at the complex building just now. She was playing the piano in the hall.’

Mrs. Murray? It took a while before Sophia understood. She laughed and typed in the group chat, ‘Ha!’

Just then, it also dawned on Sean and Sarah, and the group chat was filled with laughter. Linus was the only exception as he did not understand the joke. ‘Who’s Mrs. Murray?’

Patiently, Stanley explained to Linus, ‘Nat, the one we met in our game the other day. She’s always harassing Taylor. Her name is Natasha Mitchell. A while ago, she claimed to be Taylor Murray’s wife during a press conference.

Since then, we nicknamed her “Mrs. Murray”.’ The Mitchell Family tried to cover up for Natasha, but the public would not forget about this “celebrity marriage” meme. Secretly, they all addressed Natasha as “Mrs. Murray”.

As soon as Linus was in on the joke, he laughed along with everyone else. The group chat was filled with emojis and it was a joyous atmosphere. There were a total of seven people in the game group chat. Sophia, Linus, Stanley, Sean, and Sarah were all youngsters, who had a lot of common topics to talk about.

Not only that, they were all in the same industry so they usually would have over a hundred messages in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the other two older guys barely spoke in the group as they did not want to startle the youths and stop them from chatting in the group. Not only that, they barely had anything to chat about with the youngsters.

However, Michael always read through the messages every day, even right now.

“Everyone, please prepare to greet the guests.” Being one of the teachers that were responsible for the guests’ reception today, Quinton had come in to remind everyone to get ready. All at once, the student representatives put away their phones and left the office one by one to greet the guests.

“Don’t be nervous, guys,” he reassured.

When it was Sophia’s turn, Quinton even patted her shoulder. “It’s okay; don’t be nervous. The guests are knowledgeable in computer science. You can take this opportunity to ask for advice. You’re starting a business, right?”

This was the first time Sophia had seen Quinton ever since returning from summer break. After not seeing each other for a few months, Quinton looked tanner and was not fair-skinned like before.

Upon hearing this, Sophia nodded. With that, the eight outstanding student representatives and the school leaders had gone to greet the guests. As Sophia stood in the crowd, she saw from a distance that the school leader was approaching with blond-haired, blue-eyed guests in tow.

Curiously, Sophia watched the guests who were said to be VIPs of the World’s Top 500 Company—the Michel Group. Sophia knew of the Michel Family, while Abel suspected that Cooper was the head of the clan. However, it had not been confirmed yet.

Also, Michael did not want Sophia to know the progress of his search for Cooper, and she did not know if his whereabouts were confirmed. If it was confirmed…

Oh—let’s leave it to fate, Sophia thought before she started to zone out. It was only when her classmate nudged her with their elbow that she came back to her senses. At that moment, she saw the guests approaching.

Although Sophia could not differentiate the blonde-haired and blue-eyed foreigners, there was a person among the guests who looked very familiar to her. The guests were a diverse group of people. Among them was a blonde-haired boy, who was very attractive.

He had elf-like features and had the appearance of a male model. When he arrived, almost everyone’s attention was focused on him.

When a ray of sunlight shone on the blond boy, he looked as if he was shining brightly. It was Linus Michel! The Michel Family was involved in computer technology and Linus was knowledgeable in the same field. Could Linus be related to the Michel Family?

At that moment, Sophia wanted to greet Linus, but she was afraid she had the wrong person. So, she secretly observed him as she followed him.

Quinton, who was the host for the reception of the foreign guests, introduced everyone to each other. “These are the top student representatives of our school.”

“These are the executives from the Michel Group, one of the World’s Top 500 Companies. The Michel Group has donated scholarships to our school worth 5 million.

Meanwhile, Sophia was focused on the blond boy. That seems to be Linus! she thought to herself.

Then, Quinton and the other lecturers and leaders began to take the guests on a tour around the school. Just then, Linus, who was walking in front, suddenly turned around and winked at Sophia. Only then did Sophia confirm that he was indeed Linus.

According to their plan, the student representatives each had to lead a guest; none of the guests were to be left alone. Upon seeing Linus, a few girls had approached him, all hoping to ‘claim’ him. Honestly, Sophia couldn’t blame them. Linus was in fact very attractive.

Originally, Sophia had wanted to lead Linus. However, due to his popularity, there was already a queue. So, she went to a random older man, speaking to him in fluent English while leading said guest around the school. Sophia and the guest chatted as they toured around the school in a group. He was an executive of the Michel Group, so they were able to find a common topic and talked about computer science.

Following the planned route, Quinton led the group on a tour to the school’s landmark buildings, including Lake Misty and other scenic spots. Everyone was enjoying themselves throughout the tour. Meanwhile, Linus spoke to the girls in the local language fluently, making the girls giggle.

Finally, they reached the multipurpose building. As they were about to enter, a melodious piano sound could be heard. Just from listening, anyone could tell that the piano player was an expert.

At that moment, the guests were astonished and asked who was playing the piano. Proudly, the school leader introduced the person who was playing the piano; it was none other than Natasha Mitchell.

As a matter of fact, Natasha was one of Bayside University’s top students. The foreign guests probably did not pay attention to their local entertainment industry gossip, so the school leader was not too worried about them knowing the problems Natasha had caused.

“Natasha is one of the best students in our school. She was taught by the world-renowned piano master, Delca. At the age of ten, she had a solo piano recital and was already a widely recognized piano player at such a young age.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 494

Upon hearing the school leader praising Natasha, even Linus was interested to meet her. All at once, the girls felt bitter. Ha! She’s just a traveling tramp who was called out on her lies!

However, this was a major occasion so naturally, they could not tear each other down in the presence of their guests. It would affect the reputation of Cethosian education, not to mention the reputation of Bayside University. After all, Natasha was representing the top performing students of Cethos.

As the group entered the complex building, the sound of the piano got louder. The closer they got, the more beautiful the music sounded; they could even feel the emotions of the song as they listened at a closer distance.

Finally, they were able to see the person playing the piano as they entered the hall. It turned out to be a very young girl who seemed to be underage.

Natasha was wearing a snow-white long dress, with a tassel hanging on each of her wrists. As she played the piano, it was as if her hands were dancing across the piano keys as the tassels swayed.

The guests immediately surrounded the piano as they watched Natasha perform and praised her as they listened to the music. In fact, most of them were familiar with playing the piano so just by listening, they knew that her piano skills were top-notch.

However, they did not expect the performer to be a 17 or 18-year-old girl. Bayside University indeed deserved to be Cethos’s top institution!

As Sophia watched Natasha’s performance, she kept a polite smile and chatted with the guests beside her. As soon as the music stopped, the guests gave Natasha a round of applause. At that moment, Natasha walked up to everyone and murmured politely, “Welcome to Bayside University.”

Speaking eloquently, Natasha managed to gain the favor of the foreign guests. One after another, they all came forward to ask her for piano lessons.

At that moment, Natasha was filled with enthusiasm. As one of the most well-known students of Bayside University, she deserved all the glory and attention at this moment. Taking to it like a duck to water, she arrogantly glanced at Sophia who was neglected by the foreign guests.

While the guests spoke to Natasha, the eight student representatives who were carefully selected by the school leaders were left out. Keeping a smile on their faces, they tried not to look awkward. At this moment, Linus approached Natasha as the group of girls gawked in jealousy. With a handshake, Linus greeted her.

As soon as Natasha saw Linus, she was stunned. What a handsome man! she thought.

As he gazed at Natasha, a thought occurred to him before he happily announced, “I know you; you’re Mrs. Murray, Taylor Murray’s wife!” As soon as he said this, the atmosphere became a little tense. The foreign guests had no clue what was going on, while Natasha and the school leaders’ hearts sank. Linus wouldn’t just happen to know what Natasha did, right?

Embarrassed, Natasha was about to say something when Linus happily introduced her to everyone. “This is Taylor Murray’s wife. Taylor Murray is my favourite actor!”

Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston were world-renowned superstars from Cethos. As such, many of the foreign guests knew who Taylor was. Looking at Natasha now, they were all surprised and stared at her in admiration. She turned out to be the wife of Cethos’s movie star Taylor Murray!

All at once, Natasha felt extremely embarrassed and she couldn’t admit nor deny it. Although the foreign guests did not follow celebrity news, they were still curious about the mysterious movie star Taylor Murray. Thinking that they were meeting his wife, they were all excited and started to take pictures with her.

Many of them gave Natasha their business cards, hoping ‘Mrs. Murray’ would pass it to Taylor. They all seemed to have forgotten her name as they all addressed her as ‘Mrs. Murray’, which made Natasha and the school leaders’ expressions darken. However, because there were guests present at the moment, Natasha had no choice but to hide her emotions. She could only play along and admit to be Mrs. Murray.

Nevertheless, she would spitefully glare at Linus from time to time. If it weren’t for him, she would not be put on the spot like this. But her vindictiveness was only temporary, since she already knew Linus’ true identity.

The school leaders might not know it, but this young man who was disguising himself amongst the guests was in fact the second in command of the Michel Family, Linus Michel! Rumor had it that this man had achieved extraordinary accomplishments at a young age.

He had started working with his family when he was just a teenager and he would take part in decision making for the company. Aside from that, he was exceptionally skilled in software and hardware development, as well as company management. At the ripe age of 18, he had successfully taken over the Michel Group. He was the best of the best!

With qualifications like Linus, not even Taylor Murray could beat him! The Mitchell Family was hoping that Natasha would be acquainted with Linus Michel. Although she wanted Taylor Murray now, she could not help but yearn to win Linus’ attention as he stood before her.

She had hoped to impress him with her talents and make a good impression on him. In other words, she wanted Linus to be her plan B. In fact, she had known in advance that Linus would be here, which was precisely why agreed to play the piano. If they were regular guests, she would not even bat an eyelash.

As Natasha was surrounded by the guests asking for pictures, Linus looked back and winked at Sophia again. This time, he was grinning brightly. At that moment, Sophia realized he deliberately put Natasha on the spot! What an interesting man!

After touring the multipurpose building, the student representatives breathed a sigh of relief. Whenever Natasha was present, everyone’s attention would stay firmly on her while the rest became irrelevant. No one expected Natasha to volunteer to guide the foreign guests for the remaining tour of Bayside University.

At that moment, the student representatives were embarrassed as Natasha confidently chatted with the foreign guests. Being the most talented young lady of the Mitchell Family, Natasha quickly found something in common with the foreign guests.

They chatted about the stock market, futures, classical music and many more; there was nothing that Natasha was not well-informed on.

At that moment, being the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family who had received the best education since young, Natasha’s brilliance and excellence were on full display. Meanwhile, the other student representatives had become irrelevant and the atmosphere became awkward.

Natasha knew her actions would offend the other students, but she was not afraid because they were not on her level. She would not consider the consequences of offending them, simply because there was no need to. Even the school leaders were embarrassed. Glancing around, most of the guests were speaking to Natasha, but Sophia was still speaking to one of the guests, which made the atmosphere less awkward.

In fact, that guest was another one of the Michel Group’s executives, so Sophia and him had common topics to talk about. Not only did they exchange name cards, Sophia even took the opportunity to ask him for advice on some issues she faced at work.

As they chatted happily, Natasha suddenly interrupted them. “No way! There are only two of those wrist watches in the world. One belongs to my father; who would’ve thought the other one belongs to you!” Natasha said in amazement as she looked at the watch on the guest’s wrist.

Upon hearing that, the guest was pleased that someone had finally recognized the value of his watch. Without missing a beat, he flaunted his wrist watch in front of Natasha.

Soon, they started their own conversation while Sophia was neglected. Truth was, Natasha did that on purpose because she wanted to embarrass Sophia!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 495

As Natasha chatted with the foreign guest, she deliberately pulled Sophia closer as she shared the history and the exquisite details of this watch with her. She knew that Sophia was clueless when it came to things like this!

“This watch was released twenty years ago. At that time, there were only ten pieces in the world. Due to the exclusiveness, the watches were very valuable but so far, there are only two of them left. Collectors around the world go crazy over it. Look at the exquisite workmanship, Sophia. This was handmade by the famous master Justin—”

Silently, Sophia watched as Natasha happily chatted with the guest. When Sophia did not speak, Natasha pulled her over and insisted she stayed and joined in on their conversation.

Of course, Natasha did not actually want Sophia to join in. In fact, her intentions were just to make sure Sophia felt inferior and clueless, as well as embarrass her in front of the foreign guest. Not only did Sophia not want to join in their conversation, she couldn’t join in even if she wanted to. However, Natasha would not let her go and was determined to embarrass Sophia today.

“Sophia, didn’t you say you liked watches? This watch is undoubtedly a classic! Don’t you want to take a look?” As far as Natasha knew, Sophia was just a nobody who knew nothing about the luxury of watches. Plus, this watch was an uncommon one, which would not be easily recognized by those who did not have a genuine interest in watches.

Sophia—who was still being tugged by Natasha—felt she would be considered impolite if she left when the guest was still enthusiastically discussing watches. If she were to admit that she was clueless about watches, that would have been an insult to her status as a student representative. As the outstanding student representative of Bayside University, how could she not know anything about famous watches?

Even the school leader noticed that Natasha was deliberately causing trouble for Sophia, hence Quinton hurriedly approached them to smooth things over and joined in on the conversation. “Oh—this watch? I remember when it first released and how sensational it was back then. It’s too bad that there are only two of them left. This is indeed a iconic watch in the history of watches.”

Nonetheless, Natasha was not having it. She insisted Sophia join in on their conversation. “Sophia, didn’t you say you really liked this watch? Why don’t you look happy now that you’ve seen it?

Glancing at Natasha who was desperately trying to embarrass her, Sophia finally spoke, “No, because I know the third piece still exists.”

“The third piece?” Instantly, the guest was taken aback. He repeated her words incredulously, “The third piece still exists?” Back then, when he bought this watch from the auction house, it was extremely precious and was priced as such because there were only two of them left in the world. Yet, Sophia was telling him now that there was a third one?

Upon hearing that, Quinton was startled as well. Is there really a third piece?

Nodding, Sophia confirmed. “Yes, there is indeed a third piece.”

“Where’s the third piece?” the guest hurriedly questioned.

Glancing at Natasha, Sophia’s lips curled upward. “The second piece belongs to Miss Natasha’s father and the third piece belongs to her husband, Mr. Taylor Murray!”

Dumbfounded, Natasha glared at Sophia as she struggled to react. Meanwhile, the foreign guest furrowed his eyebrows. As he gave Natasha a strange look, he suspiciously repeated, “The third piece belongs to Mr. Murray?”

That meant Natasha had seen all three pieces of the watch, so why did she confidently state that there were only two left?

Grinning, Natasha tried to avoid any embarrassment and hurriedly covered up her lie. “How is that possible? I have never seen my husband with this watch.”

Natasha was certain there were only two pieces left. One of them was here, while the other belonged to only god knows who. It could not just happen to belong to Taylor Murray, could it? Even if it did, it was impossible that Sophia would know. When Natasha brought up the topic of this watch, her intention was merely to embarrass Sophia. She emphasized yet again, “Sophia, don’t tell me you don’t know anything about this watch? You can’t listen to rumors, because every watch of this is different—”

Realizing this was going nowhere, Quinton was about to mediate this dispute when suddenly, Sophia retorted, “Mr. Murray starred in the movie ‘War Dragon’ not long ago and there was a scene in the film where the villain had to wear a watch. That watch belonged to Mr. Murray himself and it is the same one you’re talking about. How could you not know about this? Aren’t you Mr. Murray’s wife?”

As a matter of fact, Sophia was indeed clueless about watches, but it just so happened that Michael had the same watch that Natasha was boasting about. As he rarely wore it, he had always kept it at home, up until the filming of ‘War Dragon’ where he used it as a prop. Being Michael Fletcher’s die-hard fan, Sophia was hyper aware of every inch of her idol’s body. When Michael put on this watch, she had studied it thoroughly.

To avoid being accused of lying, Sophia took out her phone and pulled up a picture of Michael when he filmed ‘War Dragon’. In the picture, there was even a close-up of the watch. Natasha did not know about this because it had not been released yet. While Natasha was frantically chasing after Michael, she did not even know his real name. On the other hand, although Sophia would not admit her love out loud, she would be the first to detect any changes on Michael.

As the guest examined the picture, he was astonished by the watch. It really was the same watch! Who would have known the third piece still existed and that belonged to Taylor Murray!

Now, it was Natasha’s turn to be embarrassed. She stood, not knowing whether to cry or laugh, her face stiff as she filled with spite. No one would have guessed that Michael Fletcher owned this watch. Meanwhile, it was no surprise that Sophia would know, since she was the one who usually did the house chores.

Natasha had miscalculated! At that moment, Linus watched the two rivals before lowering his head and smiling, his initial worry gone in a blink of an eye.

Upon verifying Michael Fletcher’s watch, the guest excitedly turned to Natasha. “Do you have any pictures of your father’s watch?”

All at once, Natasha was disgruntled. However, she had no choice but to force a smile and continue to cover up her lies. “Coincidentally, I don’t have any photos of it. I’ll be sure to show them to you once I find it later.”

Unexpectedly, the guest believed her. “Yes, of course. When I bought this watch, the seller had sworn this was one of the only two that was left; the other eight were confirmed to be destroyed. I could take the evidence and demand an apology from him. This is such an insult to the watch!”

In their circle, this was equivalent to illicitly exaggerating the value. It was an utter disgrace to the community of watch collectors! If there were three pieces left, the value of the watch would be vastly different compared to if there were only two left.

Back then, the seller swore that there were only two pieces. If the guest had any verification of the third piece, he could prove that the seller was lying! Not only would he want an apology from the seller, he wanted compensation too.

Instantly, Natasha felt uneasy and started to break out in a cold sweat as she realized she had gotten herself into big trouble. If she could get her hands on any proof that the third piece existed, then she would have offended a watch collector who would definitely confront her about it. On the other hand, if she could not provide any proof of the third piece, her lie would be exposed on the spot.

How was she going to get herself out of this?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 496

At this point, the atmosphere was extremely tense. Everyone had realized that Natasha had lied and it was now coming back to bite her. All at once, they gathered around to watch the situation unfold. Meanwhile, the foreign guest was an earnest man who insisted on leaving his name card with Natasha.

In fact, he wanted to visit the Mitchell Family the very next day to admire the wrist watch, and invite the relevant experts from Europe to verify and prove that there were three pieces of this watch instead of two.

Meanwhile, Sophia continued to fan the flames. “Don’t worry, sir. Mrs. Murray can easily get her hands on two of the watches; one belongs to her father while the other belongs to her husband. She would have no problem proving there are three pieces.”

Smiling, Natasha accepted the guest’s name card. She kept the card into her pocket, the paper already creased from her own vice-like grip. As things progressed for the worse, the guest insisted on continuing the conversation with Natasha. Since these watches had serial numbers on them, he demanded Natasha provide the serial number of her father’s watch.

Upon hearing that, Natasha’s expression darkened. However, she still had to figure out a way to cover up and to save herself from embarrassment. One moment, she said that it was auctioned off but the next moment, she said that it was a long time ago and that she couldn’t remember.

Now, with Natasha distracted, a few girls rushed to Linus’ side, surrounding him as they chatted happily with him. Meanwhile, Sophia remained silent.

In a blink of an eye, it was already noon and the group brought the guests to the cafeteria to try out Bayside University’s cafeteria food. One of the popular things about Bayside University was their food.

Although Sophia had a cook at home, she could not help herself from topping up her meal card and often sneaking into the school cafeteria to eat. The cafeteria food was a must-try for every visitor of Bayside University.

The school cafeteria was self-serviced, so everyone could take their food according to their preferences. As soon as Sophia entered the cafeteria, she sneaked into the bathroom and logged onto Messenger and texted Linus. ‘I didn’t know you work for the Michel Group!’

Swiftly, Linus replied, ‘I came here to develop our Cethosian market. Since Bayside University is a good institution, why not get a degree along the way?’

‘Along the way’… Right… Sophia thought.

At this moment, their gaming group chat had exploded with messages. It turned out that someone had taken Linus’ photo and uploaded it onto Bayside University’s social networking app and Stanley happened across the photo. Stanley wrote, ‘Damn, Linus! Can I ride on your coattails? Pretty please, Imported Young Man?’

While they had not met in person yet, Stanley and Linus had spoken on video call before. Though, he did not expect Linus to be the legendary teenage president. Linus had even met the country’s president with Joel as his security. Hence, Stanley simply had to ride on Linus’s coattails.

Linus immediately replied in the group, ‘Stan, you flatter me. You’re not bad yourself and you have your own company.’

Stanley wrote back, ‘Eat your lunch quickly and come watch my game. We’re having barbeque on skewers tonight, so don’t eat too much!’

Imported Young Man replied, ‘Sure.’

While Sophia was curious about Linus’ identity, she never asked him. She decided she would ask Michael when she got home. Perhaps he knew something. Soon, Sophia had taken her food and she sat in a corner to have her lunch. Meanwhile, Linus was surrounded by a group of girls.

This was a perfect opportunity so Natasha plopped herself down next to Linus. Natasha slowly chewed and ate her food like a proper young lady and she finished her food before asking, “Linus, do you have Messenger?”

“Messenger? What’s that?” Linus replied.

Giggling, Natasha chirped, “It’s a messaging app we use here in Cethos and it’s very popular. If you’re going to be studying here at Bayside University, you should download it.”

“Oh,” Linus responded.

The atmosphere was just right. Natasha had taken the opportunity to ask for Linus’ number, and so he gave her his assistant’s number. While the other girls wanted to be close to Linus, they knew where their place was and that they were not qualified.

In the afternoon, Quinton led the guests to watch the friendly basketball match between the School of Computer Science and the School of Athletics. Once the game was over, the Michel Group left. Supposedly, there was going to be a speech but due to unknown reasons, it was canceled.

After entertaining guests for the day, Sophia was exhausted. She did not attend classes as she had to be at the reception, so she went home early and took a shower before taking a nap. It was afternoon when she woke and their gaming group chat was very active.

Stanley: ‘Linus, come quickly. I’ve sent the location to you. I’ve prepared our national performance and after our barbeque dinner, I’ll make sure you experience the full traditional Cethosian culture. You’ll be sure to feel right at home!”

Imported Young Man: Alright! I’m coming over now.”

Immediately, Sophia also left on her motorcycle. Once she arrived, she realized they were meeting at Daniel Levine’s venue—Audistin—Bayside’s most popular chain club.

Audistin really was the perfect, fully-equipped venue. In addition to private clubs, there was dining as well. Sure enough, as Sophia walked in, there was a big hotpot in the middle and everyone was already there.

Among the attendees were the youngsters Sean, Stanley, Linus and Sarah. Dressed in casual clothing, Linus grimaced at the hotpot. He seemed like he had never tried it and even looked a little afraid.

As Sophia walked in, Stanley taunted her immediately. “Oh, our 18-year-old beautiful young woman is here. Why did you come alone? What about your other half?”

Placing her bag down, Sophia said, “He’s getting old and can’t move around much. He’s having wolfberry tea at home, so I came by myself.”

Upon hearing that, everyone burst out laughing and the atmosphere was pleasant. Meanwhile, Michael was listening to them from next door. From the surveillance camera, he could see and hear their every move. Tsk tsk tsk… Getting old? Can’t move around much? And wolfberry tea? He was going to show her just how much he could move around tonight!

On the other side, the five of them sat at a table and started barbequing their dinner. Initially, Linus was a little frustrated, but after a while he got the hang of it and was able to barbeque food on his own. The five of them were about the same age and shared the same goal in achieving success. As such, they had many things in common. Among them, Stanley was the most talkative. He boasted about being in the army and starting his own business after completing his military service.

Everyone drank and talked about their careers as they ate. Approximately three hours had gone by in the blink of an eye. Recently, the club introduced a karaoke-themed barbeque and they had moved the table into a karaoke room, enabling customers to eat while enjoying themselves.

Meanwhile, Stanley insisted he would sing while everyone ate and so he picked a song that he would always pick at a karaoke session. One after another, he sang songs about being in the army. He was drunk and his face was flushed as he sang and danced, even wanting to perform the goose step. In the end, no one could stop him.

Wherever Stanley was, the atmosphere was always lively. Linus was initially reserved and kept to himself but after a while, he finally let loose as he sang and danced with the rest of the group.

In the next room, a pot of wolfberry tea was at the center of the table as three older guys quietly sat and watched the group of drunk teenagers in the next room. The trio were sipping the tea while soaking their feet in hot water.

How fun it is to be young again, Michael thought. Indeed, he did not have the energy to party so hard now. It seemed that he really was getting old.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 497

At that moment, Michael, Daniel and Harry were watching the surveillance camera, waiting for any useful information they could get from Linus. However, these kids were so drunk that they had forgotten their objective.

“Old man,” Harry finally put down his glass as he asked Michael, “Why are we drinking wolfberry tea?”

Michael stayed silent. They couldn’t do anything else while they sat here. They couldn’t drink, yet they couldn’t sit there without consuming anything as well, so they had to order something to drink. Without knowing why, Michael had ordered wolfberry tea without a second thought. He really was getting old…

The atmosphere in the room next door was pleasant. After they were done singing, Stanley dragged Linus to experience their traditional Cethosian culture. Sophia enthusiastically followed them, thinking that Stanley would take them to watch a performance of some sort yet when they arrived, there was a mahjong table set in the center.

“This is our national performance!” Stanley announced proudly as he pointed at the mahjong table.

After dinner and drinks, everyone did not want to go home yet so they all sat around the mahjong table and played three rounds. They all used Venmo and made the transactions on the spot. As they were still in Audistin, Michael wasn’t worried at all. He got a deck of cards and played poker while watching the youngsters playing mahjong. However, as the five youngsters sat at the table, it occurred to them that they had a very serious problem—only three of them knew how to play mahjong!

Upon walking into the mahjong room, no one was leaving without getting tainted and the other two were destined to be dragged into this. Linus was curious about Cethosian culture, so he volunteered to learn. Sophia, on the other hand, was forced to learn. They took turns all night and finally had a rough understanding of how the game worked.

As Sophia’s Venmo was linked to Michael’s credit card, Michael’s phone kept on ringing all night from notifications from the bank.

‘600 was charged to your card ending XXXX.’

‘1000 was charged to your card ending XXXX.’

As they played happily, Sophia was growing more and more enthusiastic. Her cheeks were flushed even though she had lost tens of thousands in a single night.

On the other hand, Linus had lost even more. His losses were reaching six figures, but he got happier the more he played.

Outside of the mahjong room, Gemma dozed off while standing. Meanwhile, the two bodyguards Linus brought with him dozed off one after another. In the next room, Daniel and Harry had already fallen asleep. However, Michael was leaning against the sofa as he watched Sophia through the surveillance. How… adorable she was! Just look at that round face and pink, tender lips. She looked good from any angle!

There was a vast difference between the younger generation and the older generation. As the old men started to doze off, the youngsters were getting more and more lively. Stanley, who won money from the game, had ordered a barbeque set meal before they moved back into the karaoke room, so they ended up singing and eating.

After drinking, Stanley began to talk without any restraints. He drank as he ate, all the while babbling at Sophia, “Do you know what had happened to Sunset after you brought her over to your house?”

“She’s pregnant! Sunset is pregnant!”

“What have you f*cking done to my cat, Sophia?”

As Sophia ate the food that Sean brought over, she defended herself, “That’s none of my business and it’s certainly not my fault! I don’t have the body part to make your cat pregnant!”

As they bantered, Sean acted as the hardworking elder brother and barbequed the food. This grill was good and it was smoke-free, not to mention the room was well-ventilated. Smiling, Linus’ face was flushed from drinking as he countered, “Stan, what are you worried about? The truth will come to light when the kittens are born.”

Furiously, Stanley swore, “Hmph, just you wait. If the kittens Sunset gives birth to are orange, I will castrate your litter of orange cats!”

Sophia mumbled a response, as she had no confidence to refute. After all, she had happily filmed her orange cats taking turns on Stanley’s Ragdoll. Meanwhile, a drunk Sarah was hoarsely singing at the side.

Suddenly, Sean brought up a new topic. “Hey, aren’t we all born in the same year? I turned twenty one and my birthday was in July. Stanley’s is a month earlier. Sarah started school late, so she’s twenty one too and her birthday is in December.”

“I was born in September,” Sophia stated. Her actual birthday was in September, but the Edwards Family had changed it to October to blackmail Joe Edwards. However, Michael celebrated her actual birthday now.

Suddenly, Linus responded, “I’m twenty one this year too and my birthday is in September as well.”

Excitedly, Sophia asked him, “Oh, you’re a September baby too? Which date?”


Upon hearing that, Stanley spat out his drink. “Linus and Sophia, you were both born in the same year and on the same day!”

In the other room, Michael had almost fallen asleep. However, upon hearing this, his eyes shot wide open and something flashed in his eyes. They were born on the same day, the same year!

In the room, everyone was thrilled. Sophia did not expect to share the same birthdate with Linus and she questioned, “Were you born in the morning or in the evening? I heard from my grandmother that I was born in the evening.”

“I was born in the morning, in Europe. With the time difference, it seems like we were born around the same time.”

Upon hearing this, Stanley laughed. “This is fate, so just be sworn siblings already! This will stop my uncle from being suspicious all the time!”

Confused, Linus asked, “What are sworn siblings?”

Without waiting for a response, Sarah and Stanley started to chant, “Sworn siblings, sworn siblings!”

It seemed that they were all wasted. After the chanting stopped, they dragged Linus and Sophia to swear an oath. Stanley then took out two cigarettes and treated it as incense, holding the two of them as they bowed.

“Repeat after me. I, Sophia Edwards, swear to be siblings with Linus Michel. Though not born on the same day, we choose to die on the same day…”

Upon hearing this, Sean reminded, “Stan, they do share the same birthday.”

“I don’t care; you have to be sworn siblings!”

Linus thought it was fun and enthusiastically repeated Stanley’s words. Meanwhile, Sophia was drunk and in a daze, so she followed suit.

After reciting the oath, Sean brought over a glass of wine. “According to tradition, this should be chicken blood. But since it’s not available here, some red wine will do!”

After drinking a mixture of red and white wine, Sophia became even more drunk. Lying on the couch, she saw Stanley tugging at Sean to do the same. Meanwhile, Linus grabbed a fish from the barbeque tray, squeezed the blood out and served it to them in a bowl.

At dawn, Michael had come into the room and saw the five youngsters passed out in the room. Sophia was sleeping soundly with a blanket on the corner of the couch. Walking into the room, he gently carried her away.

At noon, Sophia finally woke up in a guest room of Audistin. She was in a daze before the memories from the night before came flooding back. She had become sworn siblings with Linus! How embarrassing! As she thought about that, Sophia ran out of the room!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 498

From that night onward, Sophia did not dare to appear in the game group chat for several days. She was afraid of remembering how she became Linus’ godsister that night and she was even more afraid to meet Linus in the chat. That’ll be awkward. She disapproved when Michael got himself a godsister, but now she had found a godbrother herself.

After Sophia became Linus’ godsister, Stanley often urged Linus to play mahjong with him. The two called each other brothers and they hung out together often. Stanley even cooperated with Linus on a big project.

The Michel Family focused on electronics, while Michael’s company produced online games. Thus, the two did not have much conflict and had cooperated with each other before.

Sophia also finally found out Linus’ identity, who happened to be the young president of the Michel Family, as well as Fass’ younger brother. Sophia wanted to ask Linus about Fass’ identity in person, but in the end, she suppressed that urge. Let’s wait till the time is right…

Soon, Linus also officially entered Bayside University and began studying his favorite economics degree. At the same time, the Michel Group announced its entry into the Cethos electronics market.

The Mitchell Family was the first to feel threatened by the Michel Family’s entry into the Cethos market. After all, the Michel Family and the Mitchell Family were in the same industry!

Today, the Mitchell Family held another meeting where the elders of the Mitchell Family and the executives of the group gathered together to discuss how to deal with the Michel Family. However, they could not come up with a definite plan even after much discussion.

The Michel Family was definitely the best among its peers globally. They had developed rapidly in the past ten years and if they entered the Cethos market, they would become a great threat to the Mitchell Family. That being said, the Mitchell Family might not even be capable enough to withstand the competition. Plus, their current family head, Alex, was not Linus’ opponent at all!

The Mitchell Family finally realized that they had only been doing well due to the foundation Cooper had built and their stability of the past ten years was because of the wealth left over from Cooper’s era. But now, the wealth left by Cooper was finally exhausted. A series of contracts that Cooper won for the Mitchell Family before his death ten years ago, which had supported the Mitchell Family for so long, had now expired.

As soon as the Michel Family entered the market, the partners turned to cooperate with the Michel Group instead. Compared with the Michel Family, the Mitchell Family was still too inexperienced and not competitive enough. Moreover, that blockhead Natasha had caused a lot of trouble for the Mitchell Family.

The stage name and marriage incident that had caused a huge commotion some time ago had caused Taylor to embarrass them on the spot, and Mark even came over to question them. Now, Taylor had hired a lawyer and was engaging in a lawsuit, and he had also rejected Natasha’s offer to build a museum.

To top it all off, Natasha had also boasted that Alex had the limited edition watch. Although the misunderstanding had been handled with Alex insisting that the watch had been auctioned off and the buyer’s identity was unknown. Still, she was thoroughly embarrassed.

The current family head’s total earnings for ten years was even less than Cooper’s yearly revenue. Thus, the Mitchell Family was now eager to find Cooper and ask him to come back. Only when he returned could the Mitchell Family be rescued from its current plight.

Alex’s expression began to darken while Natasha remained silent as she stood off to one side. However, extreme dissatisfaction and resentment filled Natasha’s lowered face.

Then, someone asked Sean, “Sean, how’s the progress of your search for Uncle Cooper?”

Sean, who was originally sitting while playing with his mobile phone, replied, “I don’t know. I’ve been busy these days so I haven’t been involved in this matter.”

Sean just brought the news back and relayed them to Alex, who was tasked with finding Cooper. Alex, on the other hand, would definitely not go all out to find Cooper. If possible, he would delay it as long as he could. Sean did not bother too much with the search either. He just stole information from the Mitchell Family and looked for Cooper with Michael.

Someone else chimed in, “Sean, you’ve been getting close with Linus recently, eh? You should make good use of your extensive network!”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Sean. Sean smiled bitterly. “It’s not me who is close to Linus, but Stan of the Fletcher Family. The both of them are currently working on a big project together. I just do some secretarial work in the company so I don’t know much about the business.”

After that, no one asked Sean questions anymore. The matters in the Mitchell Family were too complicated and Sean didn’t want to get too involved. Although he was also a genius in computer science, he chose literature as a major when he submitted his application. He never joined Mitchell Family’s enterprise and instead chose to start a business with Stanley.

Even if he joined the Mitchell Family’s business, he would not have been allowed to manage the core business. Cooper’s former subordinates had been excluded from the core of the Mitchell Family bit by bit over the years, and many of them had gone on to start their own business.

Someone then proposed a new plan. “We can cooperate with the Michel Family. Isn’t Linus unmarried? There are so many outstanding unmarried girls in the Mitchell Family so why don’t we unite by marriage?”

If they wanted to be allied with Michel Family through marriage, they would definitely choose the best and most outstanding unmarried woman.

The first person that came to mind was Natasha. Even if she had done shameful things before, she was still an excellent woman. If it was Natasha, Linus would definitely agree. Thus, they finally settled on a solution after discussion—marriage! They needed to find a way to let Linus be the son-in-law of the Mitchell Family!

After the meeting, Sean left with an indifferent smile on his face. This was the Mitchell Family. When they knew that a threat was coming, they didn’t think about how to improve their products and enhance their competitiveness, instead they thought about marriage. If Cooper was here, they wouldn’t have faced such worries.

After sighing, Sean left the Mitchell Family to go to the company. However, he received a call from Stanley. “Come on, Sean. Let’s go to Sophia’s house for dinner tonight!”

However, Sean murmured, “We’re going to eat for free again? Uncle Michael is getting upset. I don’t think it’s a good idea…”

Stanley cursed on the phone, “Sunset gave birth to a litter of orange cats. I must f*cking make Sophia pay for this!”

Upon hearing that, Sean was speechless.

The weather was getting cold as Bayside City entered late autumn. At Villa No. 8 of The Imperial, Stanley came to the door with a cat carrier. “Sophia, just f*cking look at this. Take a look! Come and take a look!”

He thrust the carrier at Sophia’s face and inside was a pair of orange kittens nursing from Sunset. They had barely started to grow tufts of fur. Sophia’s eyes darted around and she mumbled, “What does this have to do with me? There are so many orange cats in the military compound…”

“I don’t care; you have to take responsibility! You have to compensate me with at least two bottles of wine!”

Stanley and Sean came in while carrying the cat carrier together. As soon as he entered the door, he went to look for the wine. Meanwhile, Sophia took Sunset out and placed her in her lap as she watched the kittens. The kittens of Ragdoll and the domestic orange cat are really cute…

Nathan, who was holding his dog, also hastened over to take a look. Meanwhile, Sean went to the study to find Michael. Recently, Michael was shooting a documentary film in Bayside City so he could go home every day. “Uncle, has there been any progress in looking for Uncle Cooper?”

Michael shook his head. He had been too busy lately, so Abel was in full charge of this matter. He hadn’t seen Fass for a month after going to Africa too and did not have any photos, so he had no choice but to come back. Fass was so cautious that he did not even manage to take a picture.

Sean then told him about the results of his investigation. He did not use the power of the Mitchell Family to find Cooper, but he found many things about Cooper in the Mitchell Family’s data room, such as Cooper’s mother.

“Uncle Cooper’s mother’s background is very mysterious. The Mitchell Family couldn’t find any information about her identity and she died very young. I suspect that she is the daughter of the former family head of the Michel Family, Beyoncé.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 499

“I checked and found that Beyoncé Michel died suddenly more than 40 years ago. There is no photograph of her, but the time of her sudden death coincided with the time Uncle Cooper’s mother appeared.”

This was a major discovery. Michael took the photo of Cooper’s mother that Sean found and looked at it; she was a white woman.

Meanwhile, Sean continued to analyze, “The Michel Family is very xenophobic. Even women of the family are not allowed to marry outside the family, and their husbands must marry into and live with the bride’s family. Assuming that Beyoncé, the daughter of the family head, fell in love with someone who was over fifty years old from the East, she probably had a fight with her family in order to marry this man.

After succeeding in leaving with that man, from then on she broke ties with her family completely and changed her name, while the family declared that she was dead. At the same time, Old Master Mitchell brought back a foriegn girl from overseas. Everything makes sense.”

The man Beyoncé fell in love with was Old Master Mitchell. In her early twenties, she fell in love with a fifty-year-old man. Thus, the family must have been extremely opposed to it. However, she still followed Old Master Mitchell without hesitation. From then on, the Michel Family and the Mitchell Family became enemies.

“I have checked the Mitchell Family’s foreign marriage and transactions and found that the Michel Family and the Mitchell Family have almost zero exchange, and never had any business contacts although they are both global electronics giants!”

Michael frowned upon hearing Sean’s report. Things were getting clearer and clearer. Beyoncé was Cooper’s mother, and Cooper’s grandfather was the former family head of the Michel Family.

Many years after Beyoncé married and went to the East, the old family head of the Michel Family fell seriously ill. He thought of his daughter and sent someone to investigate her, only to find out of the existence of his grandson—Cooper.

Outsiders didn’t know the ins and outs of this matter, but Cooper and Fass were seeming to be more and more like the same person! If Sean’s inference was correct, it would prove why Cooper, a foreigner, could become the family head of the Michel Family.

“Now if you can get the DNA of the Michel family, maybe…” Michael frowned as he said. Beyoncé had died more than 40 years ago, so it was a bit difficult to investigate her. However, the Michel Family was big and powerful. If they could get a comparison of the DNA of one or two of them and compare it with Cooper or Sophia…

Sean smiled mysteriously and took out a sealed evidence bag from his pocket which contained a few blonde hairs. “Uncle, can we use Linus’ hair?”

In the restaurant, the dishes were served one after another. Everyone had arrived and the wine was set. Stanley and Sean drank alcohol while Michael drank milk. Meanwhile, Sophia and Nathan went aside to feed the cats. The four big orange cats rushed to eat the cat food dramatically.

After Stanley and Sophia discussed, they decided that Sunset’s pair of orange cats should be raised by Stanley. Meanwhile, Michael had to pay a monthly maintenance fee which was equivalent to a bottle of Cethosian wine, and had to promise to endorse their online games.

After the cat issue had been settled, everyone chatted with each other while having their meal. “Sophia, your new godbrother and I have recently cooperated on a project!” Stanley chirped.

Thinking of how she shamefully took Linus as her godbrother that day, Sophia felt so embarrassed that she badly wanted to dig a hole and hide forever. “You should’ve stopped me but instead you kicked up a fuss!” While speaking, she was watching Michael discreetly but saw that he did not look upset at all.

However, Stanley countered, “That man is the second in command of the Michel Family. You’re so blessed to become online friends with a domineering president. I’m helping you, don’t you know that?”

Sophia mumbled to herself, but in the end chose to keep quiet.

After talking about Linus, they started talking about school again and Stanley commented, “Sophia, you’re already earning so much money. What do you want the 8,000 scholarship for? The National Scholarship is only 8,000 a year and you spend more than that amount of money in the game.”

Sean laughed and teased, “Stanley, you don’t understand the minds of top students at all. This is about honor, alright?”

Sophia lifted her chin proudly. Yes, the honor of a top student. In her freshman year, Sophia studied very hard. She participated in many competitions one after another and won many certificates, not for the money, but for the honor! There was only one person per school who would win that scholarship! I’ll get the scholarship for sure!

After dinner, Stanley discussed with Sophia in detail about raising Sunset. First, he must determine the cat responsible for impregnating her. There were four big orange cats in Sophia’s house, two of which were male cats. Thus, it would not be easy for him to find out which cat was the father.

Meanwhile, Sean had already entered the study with Michael. Abel had prepared the documents and also appeared in the study. Seeing Abel, Sean was very excited. He hurriedly took a few steps forward in excitement and wanted to call out Abel’s real name, but in the end chose to respect his request and said, “Abel, what’s the result?”

Abel glanced at Sean, then at Michael, before saying, “I’m sorry, but I can’t confirm it.”

Sean had originally looked forward to hearing his results, but after hearing this, he lost hope.

“The Michel Family is so big so I may not be able to verify their relationship even if they were from the same family…”

Sean left the study rather disappointed. After he left, Michael asked, “What’s going on?”

He had been working with Abel for many years, so he knew that Abel was hiding something just by looking at his expression. After Abel confirmed that Sean had long been gone, he closed the door and then took out the comparison documents he had hastily gathered.

“This is a bit troublesome. Linus is the twin brother of your Chica, and is also Cooper’s son. The DNA of the three is perfectly matched.”

Therefore, Abel didn’t explain it to Sean just now, so as not to get him over-excited.

Meanwhile, Michael was not surprised to hear this news. From the beginning, his sixth sense told him so. When Linus appeared, he felt that he seemed familiar for some unknown reason.

That night, when they went out to have fun, he became even more suspicious when they learned that Linus and Sophia were born in the same year, the same month and even the same day. Linus really was Cooper’s son! He had completely inherited all of Cooper’s talents!

What happened that year? Does it mean that Cooper already knew about the existence of Annabel’s twins and was the first to find his son Linus? But why did he find his son but not his daughter? Or is it just a coincidence that he searched for Linus? Perhaps he didn’t even know that Linus is his son, which is why they addressed each other as brothers? What kind of attitude should I have when I see Linus? What are the consequences after I go meet him?

The next day, Sophia arrived at university early as it was the day when the school announced the winner of the National Scholarship. Every top student in school was looking forward to it. That small scholarship award sum was really nothing to look forward to. Eight thousand a year was nothing for Sophia, who had billions. What she wanted was the glory of being at the top of the list.

Imagine competing with thousands of academics in Bayside University, the highest-ranking academic institution with countless talented students, for the scholarship. It felt like all of them were fighting for territory and Sophia was one of the ancient princes. No one could predict who would be victorious in the end. However, Sophia had a high probability of winning. Her participation in the Esports World Championship would definitely give her a boost, much less other competitions.

“The result is here!”

The staff came over with a crimson paper. All major events of Bayside University were written in black calligraphy on red paper and pasted on the bulletin board.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 500

Sarah nudged Sophia’s shoulder. Sophia, who was standing in front of the bulletin board, was as nervous as most top students as she watched the staff post the result on the board. Written on it was the winner of the National Scholarship. There was only one winner per school, so the scholarship was extremely precious. All of Sophia’s friends were waiting to witness her glory…

After the result was posted, everyone flocked to see it, so the bulletin board was very crowded. Sophia searched for her name excitedly but to no avail! She thought she had read it wrong, but after reading it again, she still didn’t see her own name.

There was only one winner of the National Scholarship from the School of Business Management this year, but it was not Sophia. She looked at the results blankly, suddenly feeling puzzled.

“Stop searching. Your name isn’t there!”

A cold and ironic voice suddenly sounded from her side. Sophia looked sideways and saw Natasha standing next to her. Natasha wasn’t looking at Sophia but straight at the result on the bulletin board. Staring at the name ‘Natasha Mitchell’ on the board, her eyes shone brightly. Natasha was the only student who received a National Scholarship from the School of Foreign Languages ​​this year. She believed that no one could get this award except herself.

Natasha left triumphantly but Sophia stood in front of the bulletin board, making no move or speaking.

Sean soon realized that something was wrong and hurriedly comforted her, “It’s okay; it’s only 8,000. It’s nothing. The appraisal process for this kind of scholarship is particularly shady, so don’t take it to heart.”

Stanley also quickly persuaded her, “Exactly! It’s only 8,000. Come on, I can give it to you.”

Many students were not satisfied and started whispering among themselves as they stood around the bulletin board.

“Why did Natasha win the National Scholarship? As far as I know, the National Scholarship requires the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness. The topic of the stage name and marriage incident is still trending and she’s the infamous ‘Mrs. Murray’. How could someone like her win the National Scholarship?”

“Keep it down…”

Sophia rushed back to her classroom without saying a word and found the class representative. “Class representative, I hope to see our final result confirmation form again.”

The final score of the selected scholarship was a combination of academic performance and conduct evaluation scores. Sophia knew how much she scored in exams, but her conduct scores were evaluated by the class committee. She was confident in her exam scores and her conduct assessment as she had participated in many clubs and in many competitions, managing to receive tons of awards and trophies. Plus, she had never been absent from the collective charity activities organized by the school. These were all related to her conduct. She also published several papers in national journals, participated in two or three national competitions and the global Esports World Championship, all of which were written in her application form.

She had investigated other competitors in advance and no one had a better track record than she. Even if something fishy was going on, she had to know exactly how she lost and who was the stumbling block!

Sophia rushing into the class and questioning the class representative had placed the class representative in a very difficult position, so she couldn’t help but say loudly, “You have not been selected this time, so you should try again next year. There’s no point for you to say anything else now.”

Sophia asked calmly again, “I just want to know why I was unsuccessful.”

Seeing that Sophia wasn’t about to give up, the class representative found her score sheet and showed it to her. “Look for yourself.”

In her transcript, her test scores were fixed. No one could change it even if one wanted to. The only thing that could be changed was the behavior score. These scores would be evaluated by the class committee in a unified meeting. After taking a look, Sophia could see that she still had several items that deserved extra points, such as the Esports World Championship, which were not counted.

After getting a look at the score sheet, Sophia kept silent. Meanwhile, Nathan followed her into the class and looked at her. Suddenly, she received a text message. Picking up her phone, she saw that the message was sent by her classmate Molly, who was also one of the class committee. ‘Sophia, don’t worry about this. Our class committee would also love to see a student from our class win the National Scholarship, but I’m sure you know that some people don’t want you to get the scholarship. You can try again next year.’

Sophia looked at the winner from their school for this year’s National Scholarship again. The winner’s results were not as good as her, nor did she participate in as many competitions as Sophia. Why did she get the scholarship? That was because her last name was Mitchell.

That day, Michael went home early. When he reached home, he saw Sophia playing with the cats in the living room, seeming to be in a bad mood. Michael was about to coax her when he suddenly saw Stanley calling him. Why is this stupid dog calling me? Does he want to come over for a free meal again?

After he picked up the phone, Stanley said, “Uncle, you’re going to cook something delicious today, right? Sophia did not win the National Scholarship which she applied for and her class only gave her a consolation prize. She must be in a bad mood, so hurry up and make something delicious to coax her…”

It turned out that Sophia was upset because of the scholarship; no wonder she seemed to be in a bad mood. Michael walked over and petted the kitten in Sophia’s arms before nudging her forehead with his lips. “What’s the matter? Are you upset?”

Sophia lowered her head and mumbled, “No.” She knew that her score was good enough and that something shady was going on. Plus, she didn’t really care about the 8,000 either. However, everytime she thought about it, she still felt upset. She hugged the cat and leaned her forehead on Michael’s. She felt like she could forget all her worries as long as her idol hugged her.

Whenever something didn’t go well for her, Sophia would think to herself, I already managed to sleep with my idol, so what else would bother me? So what if she couldn’t find her dad? What if she didn’t win the National Scholarship? She had such a handsome man!

Since the winner of the scholarship was announced, Sophia didn’t want to continue to work hard anymore. It was just a mere title anyway. But in Michael’s eyes, this matter was a major one. Anything that made his wife unhappy was a big deal!

The next day in the vice chancellor’s office, the vice chancellor put on his reading glasses and looked at the pile of reports in his hand. The winner of the National Scholarship of the School of Economics and Business Administration—a student with the surname Leonard—was suspected of cheating in an international competition, falsifying results and privately bribing the examiner.

Also, Natasha Mitchell, a junior foreign language student, was suspected of bribing and threatening the examiner in an international piano solo competition last semester.

The whistleblower, Michael, came in person today and he sat in front of the vice chancellor as he said very solemnly, “As far as I know, National Scholarship winners require comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness but these two students have major moral problems. Therefore, I feel that it is inappropriate to grant the National Scholarship to the two of them.”

The vice chancellor looked at Michael’s report with a serious expression as he thought to himself, How impressive. It was obvious at first glance that Michael had done his research. The video of the person concerned admitting to the ordeal and the information about the Mitchell Family threatening and bribing the examiner were all included, and the document totalled up to tens of pages.

For families like the Mitchell Family, their pride was very important. Thus, their children must obtain some kind of title. A surefire way for them to do that was to participate in any international competition. It was not uncommon for them to sponsor the competition, inform the judges and get the first place. This was a very common thing to the Mitchell Family.

The vice chancellor was placed in a difficult position as he stuttered, “I-If news about this gets out, everyone will get into trouble. Isn’t it just a trivial scholarship? It’s only worth 8,000 and you don’t exactly need that 8,000…”

However, Michael replied, “I don’t lack money; I just lack the title of a National Scholarship winner.”

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