My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 501-510

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 501

The vice chancellor knew that this fellow came for his lovely wife. Sophia was indeed excellent enough. However, the Mitchell Family had insisted that they would pressure the vice chancellor if the scholarship was not given to the Mitchell Family.

“Next year! Next year, we will definitely award the National Scholarship to your wife, but let’s forget it this year!”

Michael responded casually, “No; it must be this year.”

Upon hearing that, the vice chancellor murmured, “We’ve already revealed the winner. If you insist, I’m afraid you’re going to offend some people…”

“No worries. I have already complained to the organizer of the contest and they will announce the change of winner as quickly as possible. You should hurry up and do the same too.” Michael never cared about whether he would offend people. Before he came to see the vice chancellor, he had already sent the documents to the organizer of the competition. Then, he added, “I’m also in the midst of suing Natasha Mitchell for slandering me. You yourself know that it is inappropriate for you to give her the National Scholarship under such circumstances, right?”

The vice chancellor knew this. In the past, the Mitchell Family didn’t take the National Scholarship of the Bayside University very seriously; 8,000 was too little a sum for them. However, for some reason, they applied for the scholarship this year. If the school punished Natasha for cheating in her grades at such a moment, it would be equivalent to publicly shaming themselves. His brows were knitted tightly together as struggled internally.

Meanwhile, Michael stood up, patted him on the shoulder and smiled. “Cheer up! I brought you a good bottle of wine.” With that, Michael walked away happily as Hale placed a bottle of red wine wrapped with a garland on the vice chancellor’s table.

The vice chancellor looked at the wine and at the pile of prosecution documents, then back at the bottle of wine before looking at the pile of prosecution documents again. Finally, he slammed the table hard. Damn it! Even if he didn’t expose Natasha, Michael would contact the organizers of the competition to make public announcements in advance.

After school was over at noon the next day, Sophia saw a lot of people gathered in front of the school bulletin board. There was a huge commotion and it seemed that something major had happened. Sophia squeezed her way through the crowd and found three large announcements posted on the board.

One was about bribery of examiners and falsified scores for a student with the surname Mitchell from the School of Business Management and Law in a certain competition. The evidence was conclusive and the organizer of the competition had confirmed it and disqualified her from the competition. Bayside University also canceled her qualification for the National Scholarship simultaneously, giving the scholarship to the student in second place instead.

The second was to punish Natasha from the School of Foreign Languages ​​for bribing the judge in an international piano performance competition. The organizer of the competition had already revoked her scores and the school had also decided to revoke Natasha’s honor of winning the National Scholarship, and the scholarship would be given to the student in second place as well. The third was the revised list of National Scholarship winners, which included Sophia.

She thought she had read it wrong, but her name was indeed on it. After brief excitement, she became curious. Who reported Natasha at the risk of offending the Mitchell Family?

Suddenly, she felt a gust of cold wind behind her and when she turned her head, she saw a red-faced Natasha rushing through the crowd toward Sophia under the protection of two bodyguards. Disregarding the surrounding students, Natasha walked up to her in a few steps, raised her hand to slap Sophia. However, a hand quickly grabbed her fair arm.

“What are you doing?”

Sophia held Natasha’s arm and flung it away before taking a few steps back quickly and looking at Natasha warily. Natasha had obviously been crying. She was the proud young lady of the Mitchell Family yet she was punished publicly by the school. How embarrassed she must have been!

Natasha’s entire face was distorted in anger and her body was trembling with rage as her tears constantly flowed. Her trembling fingers pointed to the black words on the red paper on the bulletin board and as she shouted, “I bet you’re the one who reported me!”

Natasha kicked open the door of the vice chancellor’s office just now and confronted him face to face. However, the vice chancellor refused to tell her who made the accusation no matter what. Natasha knew that no one would do such a disgusting thing except for the b*tch, Sophia!

Sophia knew in her heart that no matter who made the accusation, she would still have to be the scapegoat in the end. It was better to just admit it so she answered frankly, “Yes…”

Just then, a male voice came from behind, “I was the one who made the report!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Stanley walking over. As usual, he was wearing a unique leather jacket and looked like an ignorant hooligan. Walking over, he jabbed, “I made the report. What about it?”

Natasha turned her head and glared at him with her bloodshot eyes. Then, tears fell down from her eyes again. She was still a child after all and she had never been insulted like this before. Thus, she couldn’t control her emotions at all.

Behind Stanley were Sean and Linus who had just arrived. Sean looked regretful while Linus looked adorably confused and at a loss. “Oi! How dare you stare at me like that!”

Stanley stepped up and said ruthlessly, “I’m sure you know clearly what you’ve done, right? What do you say, Mrs. Murray?” He deliberately emphasized her title as if to remind everyone of the stupid things Natasha had done.

Upon hearing that, everyone covered their mouths and laughed.

After the announcement of the winners list for the National Scholarship the day before yesterday, there was an uproar in Bayside University’s forum. Some said that they want to complain anonymously, but most people were just making empty threats. In reality, who dared to complain about the young lady of the Mitchell Family? But now, someone had the guts to do so!

Natasha just stared at Stanley but didn’t dare to speak. She knew who he was. He was Mark’s great-grandson! So, she dared not fight back.

“How trashy,” Stanley grumbled and tugged at Sophia. “Come, Sophia; let’s go.”

Sophia looked at Natasha then at Stanley before quickly following him. Watching them leave, Natasha sobbed loudly. Her face was covered with tears and her chest was heaving violently. She truly despised Sophia to death!

Among everyone’s criticism, Natasha left without a word. As she left, every step she took felt as if she had stepped on sharp knives, making her high self-esteem suffer. Her dignity had been toyed with by someone else; it had been ravaged and trampled by others at will…

She had really miscalculated this time. The National Scholarship was nothing to her, but she didn’t expect that the 8,000 scholarship award would make these poor people take such desperate measures! Damn it, Sophia. How dare you report me! Even your life is not enough to pay for the loss of my dignity!

When Faye, who was among the crowd, watched Natasha leave, she suddenly remembered something and eagerly chased after her. “Miss Natasha! Miss Natasha!”

Natasha turned her head and glanced at Faye, vaguely remembering the young model who was dragged into the lion’s den because of her daring scandal with Michael.

“What do you want? Are you here to laugh at me?”

Faye hurriedly stepped forward, trying to curry favors with her. “Hi, Miss Natasha. Sophia is my father’s illegitimate daughter. I have a way to prevent her from winning the National Scholarship and ruin her reputation, but I need your help.”

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“Oh?” Natasha raised her eyebrows slightly, starting to feel interested…

In the canteen, Sophia queued up to buy a meal before finding a seat and sitting down. The food at Bayside University was unique and delicious.

Today, she ordered diced corn, braised pork and a portion of sautéed cabbage. The plate was filled with food in a variety of colors—yellow corn, pink diced pork, red braised pork and green cabbage. The plate of food was truly enticing.

Just as she put down the plate, Linus had also bought some food and came over. He put his plate next to hers and the two subconsciously looked at each other’s food. Linus’ meal turned out to be diced corn, braised pork and sautéed cabbage, all in exactly the same position as hers.

Seeing this, the two were speechless. It must be because these three dishes were the most popular, so they got the same food. Sophia quickly got up to get some soup, lest Linus thought she was copying him. She brought a bowl of seaweed egg soup and a few cherry tomatoes.

When she came back, she saw that there was also a bowl of seaweed egg soup next to Linus’ plate too, and he was eating the cherry tomatoes with a fork. The two looked at each other, speechless again.

At this moment, Sean and Stanley also came and the four of them began to eat. Sophia first took a piece of braised pork with chopsticks and looked at Linus subconsciously.

Seeing that he was also holding a piece of braised pork, Sophia subconsciously let go of the meat and hurried to pick up the cabbage. However, the moment she moved her chopsticks, Linus quickly picked up the cabbage as well.

In order to conceal her embarrassment, Sophia quickly picked up a bowl of soup and took a peek at Linus while drinking the soup. To her surprise, the moment she looked over to him, she saw that Linus was drinking the soup while watching her as well. The atmosphere became even more awkward.

The two put down their bowls at almost the same time and said in unison, “Why are you copying me?” As soon as their voices trailed off, all four people at the table were shocked.

Sophia hurriedly said, “I’m not copying you!”

“I’m not copying you!” Linus also said simultaneously.

Their tone and pitch were almost exactly the same and the atmosphere turned extremely awkward.

Stanley stared at the two of them and suddenly remembered something so he switched the subject. “By the way, Sophia, you got the National Scholarship! You won 8,000, so you must treat us to a meal! I don’t care; you have to treat us!”

Sophia mumbled, “At most, I’ll treat you to a hot drink in the cafeteria.”

With Stanley present, the atmosphere finally returned to normal. Sophia lowered her head to eat but she kept looking at Linus discreetly. She could feel that Linus must also have been embarrassed. They were too goddamn in sync.

After eating, Sophia craved for a hot drink, preferably a steaming hot Americano. The spoon in the sugar jar of this hot drink shop at the cafeteria was big, so half a spoon of sugar was just right. If she put more than that, it would be too sweet but if she put less than that, it would be too bitter.

Since she won the scholarship today, she stood up and said to everyone, “What do you guys want to drink? My treat.”

“One Hazelnut Latte,” Stanley said while Sean murmured, “Caramel Macchiato.”

It was Linus’ turn. “A cup of hot Americano with half a spoonful of sugar.”


When Sophia went to buy drinks with her meal card, she heard Linus say to Stanley behind her back, “I saw the sugar jar spoon in the hot drink shop two days ago and it’s very big. If I put a whole spoon of sugar in it, it’ll be way too sweet! Half a spoon is just right!”

Sophia scratched her head and went to the hot drink shop. Then, she changed her mind on buying the hot coffee she wanted and instead bought something else to drink. Soon, she came with four cups of hot drinks and thereafter the four of them walked around the school with said drinks in hand.

Bayside University was very large. When Linus came here as a visitor last time, he only got a brief tour of the university. Thus, they wanted to give him a thorough tour of the school today.

As she walked, Sophia suddenly remembered that she hadn’t seen Sarah for two days and hurriedly turned to ask Sean. “Sean, where did Little Kitten go?” Linus seemed to know what she was thinking and asked Sean before she could.

Sophia opened her mouth, but no words came out. Hearing Linus’ question, Sean shook his head. “Oh—she’s working on her new book recently and had to go to the comic convention to sign her books! She is not only our company’s original illustrator, but also a very popular illustrator on the Internet so she’s very busy.”

Linus nodded and took a sip of hot coffee as the four young people walked around while talking about their dreams.

“I want to make my company the largest gaming company in the country!” Stanley announced. “I want to create a popular online game like Swordsman Game that will be enjoyed by players all over the world!”

Sophia was also thinking to herself, What is my dream? She didn’t have any strong desires; she just wanted to make her life better through her own effort. She wanted to raise Nathan together with Michael, give birth to a baby, raise a litter of orange cats and perhaps adopt a dog.

Sean said, “My dreams are similar to Stanley’s; I also want to be successful in my career.”

Linus looked at the two of them and his brilliant blonde hair seemed to be doused in light. “My dream… In the words of Cethosians, one should get a car, a house, a wife, children and a pet. I want to wake up to the sea every day and enjoy the warm spring blossoms.”

Huh? Sophia was stunned. How could they even have the same dreams?

Suddenly, Stanley seemed to have discovered something and said, “Hey, the alumni corridor seems to be open. Let’s walk around and see if there are any photos of newcomers hung there.”

The alumni corridor of Bayside University was an important attraction where the university’s history was displayed. Thus, it was a must-see attraction for visitors. When the alumni corridor was closed for maintenance every six months, the university would also hang up some new photos while maintaining the old photos.

When Linus came the last time, this place happened to be closed as it was under maintenance. He was quite interested in seeing the place, so he hurriedly followed along.

The alumni corridor was not far in front of them so they were able to reach there in one minute. Walking in, they saw a group photo of several founders. Just like a local tyrant, Stanley began to talk about the history of Bayside University. “Bayside University has been established for more than 120 years.

As you can see, these four are the founders of Bayside University—our predecessors Mitchell, Winston, Edwards and Fletcher. Mitchell was the ancestor of the Mitchell Family and he was a diplomat back then. Fletcher, one of my ancestors, was a warlord in a famous town. Winston was the ancestor of the Han family and a gangster—”

Stanley continued to introduce along the way, “This is Ethan and the one next to him is Taylor.”

“Look—this is my uncle Joel, who was your security guard!”

After a while, everyone saw the photo of Cooper. In the photo, Cooper was at the peak of his youth and was extremely handsome. The four of them stood in front of Cooper’s photo and looked up as if they were looking at a mountain that could never be climbed.

Meanwhile, Sean and Sophia were both watching Linus’ expression discreetly, because his brother, Fass, might be Cooper. If Fass was Cooper, Linus would definitely say something. As expected, Linus did say something.

Pointing to Cooper’s photo, he said in amazement, “I know Cooper! Although he had died more than ten years ago, his contribution to electronic technology had an impact on the entire world.”

Upon hearing that, both Sophia and Sean were a little disappointed. Linus gave a perfect response, but they wondered if it was because he already knew the truth, or he had never seen Cooper before…

Stanley didn’t know what they were thinking so he looked at the photo and said regretfully, “Oh, yes. Uncle Cooper was indeed a legendary figure. What a pity…”

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Stanley absolutely admired Cooper. Back then, Cooper was the one who made the first decent online game in the world. If he had continued to develop the industry, Cethos’ current online games would be a lot better.

“Uncle Cooper is the ancestor and legend of our profession.” Stanley continued to sing praises for Cooper, just like the endless stream of a river. Linus was also listening and nodding from time to time, acting perfectly normal.

The four of them continued to walk. Intrigued, Linus took out his mobile phone to take pictures. After a while, he walked from beginning to end of the corridor and saw that a newcomer’s photo was hung up on the wall.

The photos were updated every six months, swapping some old photos for new ones. This time, there were four newcomers, all with extraordinary backgrounds.

Those among whose photos were hung were an alumni who graduated from the Department of Literature who had just won the Nobel Prize in Literature, another who had guided his students to win the Summer Olympics global championship, the chief designer of the first-generation domestic aircraft carrier that had just launched, and the last was the person who had won a gold medal in an international performance competition.

Wasn’t it Natasha who just won the gold medal in the performance contest? Unexpectedly, Natasha’s photo was actually hung in the alumni corridor. Not only that, her impressive achievements were written beneath her photos as well. Seeing Natasha’s photo being hung on the alumni corridor, Sophia burst into inexplicable rage.

Her photo had never been hung on the corridor so why did Natasha get to have hers hung? Bayside University was not owned by her family! They both had similar backgrounds, so why did Natasha get to have her photo hung and not Sophia?

There were only two people who had their photos hung in the alumni corridor during their school term—one was Cooper and the other was Natasha. Cooper’s photo was there because he improved the USB drive while studying in Bayside University, compiled the world’s first prototype of online games, brought an unprecedented major change to the computer industry, and also opened up a whole new field.

Those who developed online games all called him Grandmaster. The reason his photo was hung was because he was truly capable. Meanwhile, what did Natasha do?

“Ugh, what a nuisance. Take it away!”

Stanley didn’t even look at it. His uncle Michael’s photo was also hung on the alumni corridor after becoming Cethos’s first Oscar-winning actor and promoting Cethos language movies to the European and American mainstream markets. How can Natasha, this little b*tch, shamelessly hang her own photo on the corridor?

It was written that she was the first person from Cethos to win or be shortlisted for some random award. She could obtain these awards by just bribing others. How dare she have her photo hung up on the corridor? Having Natasha’s photo hung here was an insult to everyone who was truly qualified to have their photos hung on the corridor!

“Sophia, you should take it down.” Because there were no stools here and the photos were very high up, Stanley squatted down, patted his shoulder and let Sophia, who was the shortest among them, climb up to take it.

Upon seeing that, Sophia stepped on his shoulder and climbed up to take down Natasha’s beautiful photo. Sean did not stop her. Although Sophia’s move would offend Natasha, he knew that they were in a dire situation now.

The Mitchell Family had both internal and external troubles, and have offended the Fletcher Family. Not to mention the Michel Group was aggressively trying to take them down too. Thus, it was unlikely for them to let Natasha have her way like before, unless Sophia’s identity was exposed and threatened Alex’s foundation.

Although Linus did not know what happened, he also clearly felt that Natasha’s contribution was obviously not as great as the other alumni, so it was unfair to put her photo up there. Meanwhile, there were many students who were visiting the corridor.

Seeing that Sophia had taken down Natasha’s photo, no one opposed it, but instead thought that this was the right thing to do. The previous alumni had all made contributions to the nation, the country and even the whole world in their own industry. What did Natasha do?

Sophia then took down Natasha’s photo. Just as she landed and wanted to ask what to do with this photo, she heard a rush of footsteps. She looked at one side of the alumni corridor and saw a group of people coming in with the person heading the group none other than Natasha.

Natasha was greatly humiliated today, but when she learned that Sophia was about to have her reputation ruined, she immediately felt better. When she learned that the alumni corridor had finished being maintained and opened today, she immediately brought her friends over to watch her glorious photo on the corridor. Unexpectedly, she saw Sophia taking down her photo as soon as she came. “B*tch, what are you doing?!”

Natasha’s roar echoed throughout the alumni corridor and many students gathered around to watch the fight.

Clack clack clack… Natasha rushed over in her high heels.

Sophia looked at the large picture of Natasha in her hand and then at Natasha who was rushing toward her furiously, realizing she was in deep trouble. However, she had already completely offended Natasha anyway. The both of them had long shed all pretenses of cordiality, so it didn’t matter if they fought with each other again today.

After all, Natasha’s dad harmed her dad and Natasha had also snatched her husband away! Thinking about this, a wave of confidence arose in Sophia and she took on a confident stance. When she saw Natasha approaching, she threw the photo frame in her hand at her.

Natasha subconsciously caught the photo of herself and took a few steps back, almost falling down in the process. “How dare you take down my picture?”

Natasha shouted as she looked at Sophia incredulously. The Mitchell Family paid a huge price to have Natasha’s photo hung on the wall of the alumni corridor. Although her identity and contribution were not as impressive as those whose photos were hung here, she came from a powerful background after all.

Thus, she was certain that no one would stir up trouble so ignorantly. However, she didn’t expect that this b*tch would dare to take it down in public! And in front of her friends at that too!

Natasha’s friends were all people with extraordinary backgrounds, and some were even descendants of royal families from abroad. Today, she triumphantly took them here to show off the fact that her photo was on the alumni corridor, but she didn’t expect to be humiliated in front of them!

Sophia looked at a furious Natasha and countered, “Ha! Why not?” The two words echoed in this long alumni corridor, attracting the attention of even more students to come over and watch the scene unfold.

Sophia was full of confidence as she pointed at the many seniors in the alumni corridor.

“The alumnis who can have their photos hung on the alumni corridor are all successful people who have made significant contributions to the country, and even the entire world. Your uncle, Cooper, invented and improved the USB drive, greatly increased the speed of the computer and reduced the size, and has more than a dozen patents.

Thus, his photo is eligible to be hung here. Taylor and Ethan are the first and second Oscar-award winning actors in Cethos who pushed Cethos movies into the mainstream European and American markets. They have the same status as other actors in Hollywood, where racial discrimination was rampant, and paved the way for other Cethos actors.

As for the chief designer of the first generation of domestically-made independent research aircraft carriers, he was the first winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in Cethos and a general who went to Africa to fight drug traffickers in peacekeeping operations. All of them have made great contributions! What contributions have you made, Natasha? What status and qualifications do you have to put your photo and biography here?”

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Sophia’s words caused everyone to fall silent. The whispers quieted down, plunging the alumni corridor into complete silence. Even Natasha didn’t know what to say in response.

Suddenly, Linus, who was standing off to one side, took the lead and clapped his hands twice. Like a chain reaction, there was a burst of thunderous applause. Natasha was indeed not qualified!

Amid the applause, Natasha’s expression darkened even more. She was shaking all over and two fat tears fell down her eyes.

After her emotional speech, Sophia turned around and left in big strides while her friends hurried behind her. Before she left, Stanley didn’t forget to warn Natasha, “Don’t hang your photo here again, otherwise I will take it and throw it in the trash next time!”

By the time the four of them left the alumni corridor, it still hadn’t really sunk into Sophia that she had publicly embarrassed Natasha again. Coupled with the recent grievances, Natasha would definitely not let her off the hook so easily. But as she thought about it, Sophia had nothing to fear anyway. She survived the days when she had nothing to eat. Why would she be afraid of Natasha?

Natasha’s photo was hung up in the alumni corridor but was taken down by Sophia within a few hours. It evoked a huge reaction and discussion within Bayside University, and some even broadcasted it live on the on the campus forum application.

When the vice chancellor learned about it, he paid a visit to Michael’s house. “Sir, I’ll kneel down and beg if you want. Please! I beg you! Please stop humiliating the Mitchell Family!”

Michael was wearing cartoon pajamas while sitting on his sofa like a middle-aged man. He spread his hands and feet wide comfortably as he drank healthy ginseng soup, two orange cats in his arms. After taking a sip of the soup, he put down the bowl and murmured, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The vice chancellor explained while drinking the soup, “It’s your wife. She got into trouble at school again. She took down Natasha’s photo from the alumni corridor right in front of Natasha. She’s embarrassing both the Mitchell Family and the university. Can’t you ask your wife to keep a low profile?” What happened to Michael recently? Has he retired in advance? There’s a scent of wolfberry and ginseng in his house.

Michael touched the belly of the orange cat and replied calmly, “Oh—about that, I instructed her to do it. I only got my photos hung up there after great difficulty, yet Natasha got her photo up there so easily. I’m really not pleased about it.”

This married couple was going to drive the vice chancellor into an early grave sooner or later. He understood that it was not easy for Michael to marry a woman at this age, but could he at least try to understand that the vice chancellor had his own difficulties? “Well, the Mitchell Family is really pissed off now. You also know that they have a huge influence in the school. Now…”

“I’ll give an additional five million in grants.”

Michael totally subdued the vice chancellor’s dissatisfaction in one sentence. The vice chancellor drank two sips of Michael’s nutritious ginseng soup before replying, “Alright. Truth is, I don’t agree with having Natasha’s picture hung on the corridor either. Although she is excellent, she is still too young and has little influence…”

Michael knew that the only reason that this old guy came personally was to either ask for money or a building.

After drinking the ginseng soup, the vice chancellor took two boxes of wolfberries and left. Before leaving, he said, “Today I received an anonymous complaint saying that your wife is not filial and disowned her relatives and friends, so she’s not worthy of the National Scholarship. I just disregarded all these claims.”

When Sophia, who was playing a game with Nathan, heard these words, her ears pricked up. Unfilial and disowned my relatives and friends? Was it possible that the old guy Joe was making trouble again? That day, her wealth was revealed in Ido’s Flagship Bridal Shop. Thus, Joe must have been thinking of a way to make her acknowledge the Edwards Family. If it was really Joe who did it, then Sophia had to be wary of him.

After sending away the vice chancellor, Michael received news from the basement. Going to the basement, he saw Abel return, but he seemed to be in a hurry to leave again. “Michael, I’m leaving again.”

Abel went to Africa for a whole month, yet he did not see Fass and did not even get a photo so he had no choice but to return without success. However, on the return journey, he learned a few things.

“What’s the matter?” Michael asked hurriedly.

“Recently, several well-known doctors have been missing in succession around the world. I suspect they are related to Phantom Wolf.” Abel replied while Michael frowned and questioned, “What do you mean?”

Abel hurriedly tidied his documents. “Remember the shot Stanley fired? Those doctors who disappeared are all top experts in male reproduction.”

Michael quickly connected the dots, thinking back to when Stanley shot Phantom Wolf, making him infertile. This kind of injury was fatal to men. Now, Phantom Wolf was frantically kidnapping the world’s top male reproduction experts because he wanted to find a doctor to heal his injuries. So his next goal…

“Six of the seven most famous male reproduction specialists in Europe have disappeared, while one is now in Cethos and was invited by Natasha to treat James. Now the Mitchell Family has cut off payment to the doctors and James has also recovered. After that, the expert immediately returned home. Now, he may be Phantom Wolf’s next target. I will continue to watch him.” Abel hurriedly returned and then rushed to leave again, just like a machine that would never get tired.

Michael sighed softly, taking the information that Abel had investigated and looking through it. This month, he not only went to Africa, but also went to the headquarters of the Michel Family in Europe to find more information. According to the data, Fass took over as the head of the Michel family ten years ago. He was the grandson of the former head of the family, but it was hard to find out which daughter of the head he was the descendant of. Plus, Linus was his younger brother. It seemed that the truth was within reach…

The next day, Sophia had class in the morning so she arrived at university early. She walked hurriedly on the way to school, surrounded by other students who were also rushing. Today was going to be another busy day. Although she had no class in the afternoon, she wanted to go to the library to study. Then, she had to go to the company and had classes in the gym in the evening.

Yesterday, Natasha’s incident had motivated her. She wanted to get achievements quickly so that she would have her photo hung on the alumni corridor of Bayside University as soon as possible. The photo of her father, Cooper, was hung up there when he was only seventeen! One day, her name would appear there with Cooper.

As she was walking, a voice behind her suddenly called, “Sophia.”

She turned her head and saw Linus. He was wearing a navy blue overcoat and black leather boots that highlighted his unusually slender legs, looking as handsome and dazzling as ever.

“Linus, do you have classes today too?” Sophia asked in amazement. Although everyone was in the same school, Bayside University was very big so it was impossible for her to meet him often.

“Yeah,” Linus replied.

As the two walked to class together, Linus chatted about what happened the day before.

“What happened yesterday turned into a huge deal. When the vice chancellor called me to the office to discuss some matters, Alex came to look for him in person.”

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Even Alex took action? “What happened then?” Sophia was very curious as to how the vice chancellor would deal with the situation in the end.

“The vice chancellor asked me to substitute my photo with Natasha’s in the alumni corridor, so the Mitchell Family was not able to refute him.”

Hearing this, Sophia was speechless. In fact, with Linus’ current status, it was not a big deal for his photo to be hung on the alumni corridor. He had two PhDs and not only was he the second in charge of the Michel Family, he also had many patents in the field of electronics and had made many contributions in said field. To top it off, he was also very influential as well. He was almost as successful as Cooper when Cooper was at his age.

With Linus as an excuse, the Mitchell Family really did not dare to make trouble anymore. Sophia and Linus were born in the same year, the same month and the same day. However, when she compared herself to Linus… she suddenly felt dejected.

The two chatted while walking, and Linus talked about the big project he and Stanley were cooperating on. They wanted to cooperate on a big online game and of course, Sophia was involved in this project. Truth was, Sophia loved talking to Linus. Although they were of the same age, Linus’ vision and knowledge were incomparable to those of the same age.

Sophia felt that she had learned a lot in every conversation with him. Especially when it came to professional questions about computers, she could also get the fastest and most accurate answer from Linus. She suddenly felt that it was great to have an older brother.

She also had several older brothers previously, two older brothers from her uncle’s family, but they bullied her since childhood. Thus, she suddenly hoped that she could have a brother who was gentle, patient and perfect like Linus. She thought that Linus’ sister was probably the happiest woman on earth…

It was a completely different feeling from being with Michael. Sophia didn’t know how to describe the feeling either. In short, she liked talking to Linus very much. She didn’t know why, but it felt as if she had found her doppelgänger. Linus seemed to be able to see through what she was thinking at a glance and they had a tacit understanding, much like twins…

They had arrived early, so there was still some time before class started. Initially, Sophia was planning to go to a lake or something to recite some foreign verses. Since Linus came along, she could talk to him and could also ask some professional questions.

Linus was also very serious as he answered her answers. He even wrote down the calculation formula with a pen for Sophia. Seeing that class was about to start, Gemma, who had been following Sophia, suddenly hurried over. “Faye and Joe came here with a group of people and they seem to be looking for you.”

What did Faye and Joe want with her? Sophia frowned as she closed her notebook, stopping her conversation with Linus.

Linus, who was sitting opposite her, felt a moment of disgust and anxiety that he hadn’t felt for a long time. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he seemed to be able to easily feel Sophia’s feelings…

“What’s happening?”

Sophia put the notebook into her bag and said, “It’s nothing. There’s a group of people who came to look for me who I don’t really want to see.”

However, as she stood up and was about to go to them, a middle-aged man in an oversized suit rushed over. He was thin and wore glasses, but he immediately caught hold of Sophia with great strength. “Sophia, it really is you! I’m your uncle!”

Then, Sophia finally clearly saw the faces of all the people who came here. Wasn’t he her uncle, Liam Johnson? Seeing her uncle’s face that resembled a poor intellectual, Sophia recalled the stench of rotten food mixed with the sourness of kimchi, because when she was young, their family always gave her food that they couldn’t bear to throw away.

She held the bowl and looked at the rice which had a strange smell and the green vegetables that had clumped together after being reheated several times. She couldn’t make herself eat it no matter what. Then, she saw her cousin holding the same bowl of food to feed the dogs.

Seeing her gaze, her eldest cousin picked out some dog food from the dog bowl to tease her and made her eat it while her second cousin would laugh at her on the side.

At this time, she recalled that when her grandma was still alive, she got to eat cabbage porridge, which was actually quite nice. Grandma would also stir a little minced meat into the dish and put a little bit of crispy kimchi before giving it to her with a smile.

After Grandma passed away, she secretly opened the lid of the kimchi jar at her uncle’s house as she wanted to eat kimchi. However, a bamboo stick appeared out of thin air and hit her arm, causing pain to radiate up her arm. Panicking due to the pain, she cried out all of a sudden but she still did not dare to refute them.

Her aunt chased her with the bamboo stick in her hands. Sophia ran away carrying the bowl and fled to the village, while her aunt went back cursing furiously. Then, Sophia found a place and took out the bowl she had desperately protected.

There were two more kimchis in the bowl, but it had been mixed with the rotten food. She swallowed it bit by bit, swallowing some of her tears in the process. She didn’t dare go home and she only went home secretly at night.

However, the door of her uncle’s house was closed, so she curled up at the door and slept there all night in the cold. To distract herself, she silently recited Cethos texts and verses.

Snapping back to reality, she looked up and saw everyone gathered around her—her uncle, aunt and two cousins. One by one, their eyes were shining with greed and surprise as if they were looking at money that just fell down from the sky.

She hadn’t seen these faces for six years. Six years ago, the village was demolished and relocated, but her uncle’s house was not among those that were selected to be relocated. After that, Sophia was admitted to the best high school in the south of the city. When she came back to ask for money, they vented their frustration on her and chased her while beating her.

Covered in blood after being hit by them with sticks, she fled to the home of the principal of Riverdale Middle School for help.

Then, the principal led her back to her uncle’s house and took her household registry, identity card and admission notice. After that day, she had never seen those faces ever again.

Meanwhile, Liam was really overjoyed this time. He pressed Sophia’s shoulder and looked at her now, tsking in amazement. What a surprise! What a surprise!

Both of his sons had reached the age of marriage. The house was not demolished in the end and the bride’s family was urging them to pay the betrothal gift; otherwise, they would not proceed with the marriage. However, their family couldn’t afford it so they were at a loss as to what to do. Suddenly, the Edwards Family sent someone to inform them that his niece Sophia had become wealthy in the city.

Not only did she go to Bayside University, she also had returned to the Edwards Family. She even married a rich man and lived in a villa within the ring road highway of Bayside City.

If the Edwards Family hadn’t sent someone to tell them in person, Liam would definitely not believe it. And now, the Johnson Family surrounded Sophia happily.

Faye and Joe were watching by the side and noticed that Sophia seemed as if she was full of anger and disgust, but didn’t dare to show it. Ha! The Johnson Family, who has raised her for more than ten years, indeed knows how to handle her! Let’s see if she can escape this time!

There was a huge commotion and it attracted the attention of many students. Suddenly, Sophia looked at the crowd and saw Natasha looking at her with a very contemptuous look. These are Sophia’s relatives? Sure enough, she’s just a peasant! Look at her brood of poor relatives! Let’s see how she’ll settle her troublemaking poor relatives!

If Sophia disowned them on the spot, Natasha would report her and her National Scholarship would be withdrawn immediately. If she bit the bullet and acknowledged them as her family, it would mean that the family had control over her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 506

The Edwards Family thought that Sophia married a local rich man so they wanted to force her to acknowledge them as her relatives, in order to obtain the wealth of said local rich man.

However, Natasha knew that Sophia didn’t marry a local rich man. She was basically the assistant who cleaned the toilets in Taylor’s house! Let’s see if she still can continue acting arrogant after being trapped by her poor relatives!

“Don’t worry, Miss Mitchell. Sophia is a member of our Edwards Family so naturally, we will teach her a lesson. I hope you can help us so that we can enter The Imperial smoothly…”

Joe always wanted to enter The Imperial to recognize Sophia as his relative, but the security at the entrance refused to let them in. However, with Natasha’s help, they could easily enter the premises.

Natasha chuckled. “Of course.” Ha! I hope they continue to cause trouble. Hopefully the Edwards Family and the paupers from the Johnson Family will make a huge commotion!

At that time, Michael would definitely feel ashamed and drive Sophia away. Sophia looked at the smiling Joe and then at her greedy relatives. Suddenly, a bright smile appeared on her face and she enthusiastically held Liam as she said, “Uncle, Aunt, why are you here? I’ve missed you guys!”

Liam was overjoyed when he saw Sophia recognize him. After all, it meant that he had put himself under the patronage of a bigwig. “I’ve been looking for you for several years and I didn’t expect to find you here! Where have you been all these years?”

“Auntie! Eldest cousin, second cousin!” Sophia happily recognized them as her relatives. After that, she left joyfully with the Johnson Family after saying goodbye to Linus, while Joe quickly followed.

Linus didn’t know what happened but he obviously felt that Sophia was upset. She didn’t seem to enjoy dealing with these people, so he hurriedly told Stanley about what happened just now.

“What? Sophia was taken away by the Johnson and the Edwards Family?” Stanley exclaimed.

When Stanley learned of this, he was so anxious that he immediately rushed around in circles. The Edwards Family had been scheming to trick Sophia and the Johnson Family definitely didn’t have good intentions! He found out the true colors of the Johnson Family when he did a background check on Sophia back then!

Sean was also very anxious so he called Sophia, but she ignored the call. He then sent a Messenger text to her, to which Sophia replied, ‘I need an identity.’

Sean looked at the message and pondered for a long time, not knowing what Sophia wanted. On the other hand, when Joe saw that Sophia had finally reconciled with them, he hurriedly asked her to return to the Edwards Family. Sure enough, the Johnson Family knew how to handle her!

She had never been raised by her father, so there was nothing they could do if she didn’t acknowledge them as her relative. However, the Johnson Family had raised her for more than ten years. In any case, she was indebted to them.

In the Edwards Residence, Joe affectionately addressed Sophia as his ‘daughter’ and was extremely warm toward her. Liam and his family were so happy to see such a large villa like the Edwards Residence.

If they could win over such a generous family like the Edwards Family, they might even get a house in the center of the Bayside City, not to mention enough money to pay for his two sons’ betrothal gift! Perhaps they could get work there too!

Meanwhile, Sophia and the family members were practicing Tai Chi. The atmosphere was harmonious and Joe naturally said, “Today, we are finally reunited as a family. I must see my son-in-law! Hurry up and ask your husband to come and meet us!”

As soon as they mentioned Sophia’s husband, the Johnson Family was also excited. On the journey over, they heard that Sophia had married a dying rich local. He was wealthy and had only one son, who was only six years old.

The old man might die at any time, in which case Sophia would become a widow with an orphan. This could only mean that the enormous wealth of her husband would then belong to her…

“Yes! Hurry up and call over my niece-in-law so that I can have a look at him!” Liam also kicked up a fuss.

Sophia knew that they were targeting her husband so she said, “My husband went over to White Mountain these few days. The ginseng there is of great quality and can prolong one’s life. The old man is getting old and is in poor health. He has to eat ginseng to nourish himself all the time, so he personally went there to pick some.”

He has to eat ginseng all the time? He must be on death’s door! Upon hearing that, Joe was frightened. This meant that they had to get things done quickly, otherwise they wouldn’t get any benefits if the old man died!

Meanwhile, Michael had indeed bought a new batch of White Mountain ginseng. He sifted through the ginsengs one by one while watching Gemma’s live broadcast of the Edwards’ villa. Suddenly, he felt as if the ginseng in his hand was burning up.

He was just preparing to impregnate his wife! It wasn’t because of his poor health at all! He wanted a chubby, cute daughter. Although the soil was important, if the quality of the seeds was bad, no good seedlings would grow! He was just preparing to get himself a chubby daughter! Why did everyone think that he was old?

On the other hand, the Edwards Family was talking about a key topic. Joe kept urging Sophia to recognize her relatives and return to her family. After she went home, they would confirm their father-daughter relationship legally so that some matters could be easily solved in the future.

Naturally, the Johnson Family wished that they would recognize each other right away, but Sophia had conditions.

“Dad, although I also want to return to our Edwards Family, I have my own difficulties. If you want me to recognize my family and return, I have two conditions.”

“Go on.” Joe looked eager.

Sophia then set out her own terms. “Firstly, I want you to hold a grand reunion dinner for me.”

Joe agreed immediately, “Of course! Consider it done!” It was even better if they held a reunion dinner. The grander the occasion the better, as they would then have a good basis for reasoning when they took care of Sophia and her stepson in the future!

“Secondly, I want to have the same amount of shares as Faye.”

Upon hearing that, Faye suddenly got up and objected, “No way!” Faye held only 5% of Edward Group’s shares. How could Sophia, the b*tch, ask for the same amount of shares as her?

Joe also hesitated. His own daughter only had 5% of the shares, yet Sophia requested to have as much shares as her. Wasn’t she asking for too much?

Seeing Joe keeping mum, Sophia deliberately frowned and said, “It’s true that the old man married me. Although I’m his only legal wife, the old man secretly has a large group of illegitimate children. Goodness knows how many women are scheming to boot me from my position.”

Upon hearing this, Joe became nervous. If Sophia was really usurped by those women, she wouldn’t get any of her husband’s wealth after the old man’s death! Wouldn’t that mean that Joe had done all this for nothing?

“What should I do then?” he hurriedly asked.

“They just think that I’m a pushover because I am young and have no parents nor any capital.” Sophia drawled, “Dad, if you can give me 5% of the shares, they won’t have the guts to target me.”

Yes, the old man bought Sophia for 80,000 and married her. She was not pregnant nor had any children. Although she had a stepson, he was not her biological child.

She had no family and no money, so her position was indeed easily threatened. If they held a grand reunion banquet and Joe gave her some shares of Edwards Group in public, then she would be of a completely different worth…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 507

Joe and Faye looked at each other and seemed to have the same thoughts. Then, Joe said, “I have to discuss this with the company. But don’t you worry; I will give you a satisfactory answer.”

Joe promised to give a reply to Sophia as soon as possible and hurriedly sent her to the gates of The Imperial. Sophia then murmured, “The old man was very dissatisfied last time when you came to our house to make trouble, so you shouldn’t come in this time.”

Upon hearing that, Joe hurriedly agreed, “Alright, alright.”

Under the gazes of the Edwards Family and the Johnson Family, the security guard at the gate of the residential area respectfully opened the door for Sophia and let her in. Joe looked at The Imperial in all its magnificence with a longing expression…

That night, he quarreled with his wife. Sophia was just his illegitimate daughter, yet she wanted shares of the company. Wouldn’t her status be the same as Faye, their legal child? This was a provocation to his legal wife and Faye, his legal daughter!

Sophia wasn’t Joe’s only illegitimate daughter. However, Mrs. Edwards would agree to almost anything as long as she did not threaten the status of herself and her daughter. However, she would never let her take shares and inherit property of their family!

On the other hand, Joe also had his own opinion. That day, Faye saw that Sophia bought a wedding dress worth tens of millions and also wore a diamond ring worth the same amount of money. They were all genuine for sure. It was evident that the old man was filthy rich!

Now, they must help Sophia gain a foothold in that house so that they would have an easy time snatching away the old man’s wealth in the future! This 5% share was nothing compared to the old man’s enormous wealth! It would all be worth it in the end!

The next day, Joe informed Sophia to sign and go through the formalities. After the paternity test was completed, Joe quickly went to the notary office for notarization, legally confirming the relationship between father and daughter.

Legally speaking, one’s parents, spouse and children were the first in line to inherit one’s wealth. When the old man died, Sophia and the child would inherit the old man’s enormous wealth and when Sophia is dead, Joe would be the first in line to inherit her wealth!

Afterward, Joe signed a transfer of 5% of Edwards Group’s shares to Sophia. Upon completing the formalities, Joe immediately began to send invitations out, inviting the powerful figures of Bayside City to attend his reunion banquet. Then, Sophia and Joe discussed the details of their reunion banquet.

“This reunion banquet must be held in a grand manner!” Sophia said as a matter of fact.

“Of course,” Joe agreed.

Faye was watching the duo, jealousy written on her face as she raised her eyebrows and questioned, “Has your husband come back from White Mountain? Will he be here to attend your reunion banquet?” The point of the reunion banquet was to trick the old man!

“Of course my husband will come,” Sophia replied. “Otherwise, why would I ask for the banquet to be so grand? If the reunion banquet is not grand, how would others know that I have a high status in my family and how can my husband treat me even better? How can I intimidate his mistresses?”

Joe nodded hurriedly in agreement. As long as the old man appeared, Joe could make him go bankrupt easily!

The invitations were sent out quickly and before long, Stanley, Sean, and Linus all received their invitations. The Mitchell Family and Natasha also received invitations. Natasha also learned from Faye that Sophia’s rich husband would appear at the reunion banquet. How could Sophia, an assistant who cleaned toilets, possibly have a rich husband? She must have borrowed her outfits from Eddie as well! That b*tch Eddie… I wonder if she will show up for the reunion banquet. After all, Sophia is her lackey!

Meanwhile, the Harpers and the Huffs also received invitations… The reunion banquet was around the corner and the Johnson Family still stayed at the Edwards Family’s house. After the banquet, they wanted to ask Joe to give them money and a house.

Michael also knew about the banquet. Sophia took the invitation back and put it in the living room. It was specially given to him by Joe but since Joe didn’t know his identity, he didn’t write his name on it. Michael thought that Sophia was going to finally acknowledge him and publicly reveal her ‘old and ugly’ husband.

Thus, he had started to improve his appearance two days before the banquet, trying to make himself look younger so that Sophia would not be embarrassed by him.

Unexpectedly, the day before the reunion banquet, Sophia decisively refused Michael’s request to go to the reunion banquet. “You don’t have to go.”

Michael was puzzled as he asked, “Why not?”

However, Sophia did not answer. That being said, Michael still decided to respect her wishes. Since she said so, he wouldn’t go. The truth would come to light sooner or later. One day, others would find out that Sophia married an old man.

Meanwhile, the reunion banquet was held in the new villa of the Edwards Family. In order to show that the Edwards Family highly valued Sophia, Joe organized a grand banquet as if he wanted the whole world to know that he loved Sophia. Even Faye’s coming-of-age ceremony was not as grand as the banquet today. He also invited the Edwards Family’s elders, some movie stars and even Sophia’s classmates.

The banquet began and guests appeared one after another. As the star of today’s banquet, Sophia wore a golden evening gown dripping with diamonds.

The design was such that her back was exposed and the dress outlined her enchanting figure, making her stand out among the crowd. Wearing emerald green high heels, she received guests with a glass of wine in hand. As if a spotlight was on her, she was the most eye-catching person tonight.

Almost all of Sophia’s classmates came and the Edwards Family also sent some representatives to attend. It showed that the Edwards Family truly cared about the reunion banquet. Meanwhile, Stanley and Sean hid in a corner drinking.

“Sean, look! Look! How can Sophia look so good? Why didn’t I meet her sooner? Why did she get married so young?”

Drunk, Stanley hugged Sean and kept rubbing his head on his body. Meanwhile, Sarah stared at the two of them from the side. Sean felt very helpless. When he saw Sarah’s widened eyes, he knew that he and Stanley were going to be featured in her erotic novel again. Stanley had no idea how popular he was among the fujoshis!

Linus also had a drink quietly, watching the reunion banquet with curiosity. He was always one to keep a low profile. Although his photo was hung on the alumni corridor of the Bayside University, it was not in high definition and only the sides of his face were shown in the photograph. Thus, he was just an ordinary international student now.

He was initially preparing to give a lecture at Bayside University, but later decided to stay to study. Thus, the lecture was canceled. Plus… he didn’t know why he wanted to study at Bayside University. As soon as he set foot on this land, he felt as if someone here was trying to make him stay…

“Hello, Linus.” Natasha stood tall in front of Linus. Today, Natasha didn’t steal Sophia’s limelight. She was dressed normally and her outfit was very girly, which made her look like a pretty girl brought up in a family of moderate means. She looked ashamed and had her head lowered.

“I’m really sorry. I left a bad impression on you because of some trivial matters and for that, I feel ashamed. However, I am very happy to see you here today.” She poured a glass of wine for Linus and held it with her slender hand, looking at Linus sincerely. Her delicate eyes were even more charming under the refraction of the wine. “Let’s toast.”

Linus continued to put on his usual gentleman smile, took the wine and clinked his glass with Natasha’s. He then smiled and said, “Me too. It’s a pleasure to meet you here.”

Upon hearing that, Stanley, who was in Sean’s arms, suddenly got up and shouted, “Damn, Linus, she wants to flirt with you. You have to be careful!”

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There was a sudden awkward silence. Linus bit his lip to hide his embarrassment while Natasha looked humiliated as she whispered, “I am just here to apologize to Mr. Linus. I don’t have any other intentions…”

Sean quickly covered Stanley’s blabbering mouth and silently watched Natasha seduce Linus, as if he was watching a clown. The Mitchell family is overconfident. Do they know who Linus is? Do they really think Natasha will be able to succeed in pursuing him?

Even though they were of the same age, Sean could feel that Linus’ emotional intelligence was in no means comparable to his peers. Although Linus seemed enthusiastic on the outside, he was a deeply cold person on the inside. After all, a person who could be the second-in-command of a multinational company would definitely be cold and stern.

There was a cat carrier next to Linus with a small Persian kitten inside. It was young and chubby, and had orange fur. At that moment, it was sleeping.

“Linus, is that your cat?” Natasha asked curiously. Linus nodded in reply and pursed his lips slightly, as if he was smiling. Then, he lowered himself and took out the Persian cat, holding it in his arms. He stroked the cat with one finger and the cat purred softly as it stretched its body.

There was a small bow on its neck and it looked extremely adorable. “This is the only kitten that the queen’s cat gave birth to,” Linus explained. “It happened that I went to visit the queen so she gave it to me.”

Hearing this, Natasha stared at the kitten in awe. There was only one queen in the world who was worthy for Linus to visit personally and who had a cat—it was none other than the European queen who had been ruling for a few decades. She had raised Persian cats from generation to generation and liked them very much.

The queen actually gave a cat to Linus, which proved how influential he was. Natasha looked at the cat with extreme desire in her eyes, as if what she was seeing was not the cat, but supreme power. If I could marry Linus, it would bring supreme honor to my family!

Unfortunately, Linus didn’t seem to notice Natasha’s liking for his cat. After playing with the cat in his arms for a while and feeding it some cat food, he put it back into the carrier.

At first, Natasha thought that Linus would ask if she would like to touch his cat, but he unexpectedly put the cat straight into the bag. He didn’t mention a single word of letting her touch the cat since the beginning. In order to hide her embarrassment, Natasha hurriedly started a new topic and continued chatting with Linus.

At that instant, it was as if the other three people sitting around the table were invisible. Sarah was a homebody so she didn’t like this kind of occasion, choosing to keep her head lowered as she played with her phone. Meanwhile, Stanley stared at the Persian cat in the carrier, hoping to play with it.

As for Sean, he took small sips from his glass of sake as he looked at the two people chatting opposite him with a look of amusement.

At that moment, Linus and Natasha were talking happily. Linus was good at making witty remarks and could chat with anyone, his words making Natasha laugh again and again.

“What are you two talking about?”

Sophia suddenly walked over and looked at the two people who were chatting with interest. Before Linus had the chance to reply, Natasha answered her first, “Nothing much. I was just talking about some interesting things with Linus.”

Then, she quickly scanned Sophia from head to toe and with an expectant expression, she asked, “When is your husband coming? Many of our classmates from Bayside University are here today and all of us are waiting!” We’re waiting to see you embarrass yourself!

Sophia didn’t answer Natasha’s sulky question. If it weren’t for the chance to see Sophia embarrass herself, I would have never have come to her little reunion banquet, Natasha thought. However, Sophia only commented, “There are too many guests here today so please forgive me if you aren’t served well.

Enjoy your meal.” Natasha was still thinking of a way to ridicule Sophia a second time when Linus suddenly stood up, walked toward Sophia, and said, “Congratulations! I heard you found your father today.”

Found my father… Sophia was smiling bitterly inside. A b*stard like Joe is not worthy to be my father at all, but I need an identity right now and being the daughter of the Edwards family is perfect. I even hired people to fake the paternity test and fooled everyone. With a smile, she replied, “Thank you. I’m really happy that you came today.”

With Linus’ identity, it was an honor that he attended her reunion banquet. All of a sudden, Linus presented Sophia the thing that he had been hiding behind his back. Holding a sleeping chubby cat in his hands, he said, “This is for you.”

Sophia looked at the cat and was shocked for a moment. Linus is giving me a kitten as a gift?

The most upset person at the reunion banquet today was Sophia. However, at that moment, the cat’s appearance was a pleasant surprise and she reached out and took the cat from Linus’ hands. The cat had orange fur and was really round and chubby all over.

Lying in her arms, the cat yawned, looked up at Sophia and meowed. The sound of its meow immediately warmed her heart.

“Thank you,” Sophia whispered gratefully. Then, Linus took the cat back and said, “You still have to greet the other guests. I’ll help you look after the cat for the time being.”

Sophia nodded before she glanced at the rest of the people around the table. Then, she grabbed her glass of wine and went to greet the other guests.

Watching Sophia leave, Natasha’s face turned gloomy. Who does Sophia think she is? How dare she accept Linus’ cat? How can she touch the cat given by the queen with her dirty hands that she uses to clean the toilets?

Linus carefully held the cat in his arms. When the cat’s claw scratched his black blazer, he lowered his eyes to look at it, his gaze full of tenderness.

Later, Natasha coldly watched as Linus put the cat back into the carrier. It was only then that she couldn’t suppress her strong dissatisfaction and blurted, “Linus, this cat was given to you by the queen, but you’re giving it to an assistant. Don’t you think that it’s inappropriate…”

Hearing this, Linus frowned slightly. Even though there was still a kind smile on his face, there was a hint of dissatisfaction in his words. “Sophia likes cats. It just so happens that I have a cat so I gave it to her.”

However, Natasha was still upset. I can’t even touch the precious cat. How could he give it to Sophia? “But that is the queen’s cat after all and you just gave it to someone else. Don’t you think that it’s a little…”

However, Linus looked at his phone, as if he didn’t hear her. He completely ignored Natasha. Seeing this, Natasha tried to start another conversation but Linus wouldn’t reply to her anymore. It was obvious that he didn’t want to bother with her. Upon seeing that, Natasha was extremely embarrassed so she quickly got up and left.

The light from the phone screen shone on Linus’ face. At that moment, he looked at the message he just received on his phone emotionlessly. Sophia Edwards, Michael Fletcher’s wife…

During the reunion banquet, the atmosphere was harmonious and full of joy. As for Sophia, she walked around like a proud peacock in its own home. Meanwhile, Faye stood unyielding next to Sophia.

Her refined face that she achieved from plastic surgery was extremely beautiful but as she stood next to Sophia, it made people feel that she was missing something. The two sisters of the Edwards family were the focus of everyone’s attention today.

The guests came one after another, as did the Huff family, who were relatives to the Edwards family. Xyla Huff, the daughter of the Huffs, was now officially Harper’s family’s young mistress.

She arrived together with her newlywed husband, the young master of the Harper family, Richard Harper. As soon as the newlywed couple appeared, they attracted a lot of attention. Then, the two of them raised their glasses and made a toast to Sophia.

“Sophia, I’m really happy that you found your real family. From now on, we will be one big family. Cheers to that.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 509

Xyla spoke softly and politely in public, but even her humble words couldn’t hide the fiery hatred in her eyes. Sophia, it’s still too soon for you to feel triumphant.

Meanwhile, with an anticipated look on his face, Richard glanced around and deliberately said, “Who here is my brother-in-law? Shouldn’t he be with you at a time like this?”

When Joe and Faye heard this, both of their faces filled with anticipation. However, Sophia only replied, “You’ll meet him sooner or later.”

Upon hearing that, Richard stopped asking questions. After all, they were hosting a grand banquet. If the main guest of the party didn’t appear, Sophia would have to do double acting alone. Tsk! A rich and powerful old man? What lies! In the end, she’s just Taylor Murray’s assistant who’s in charge of cleaning the toilets!

The banquet that day was indeed grand and lively. Not only many relatives of the Edwards Family had come, several of Sophia’s Bayside University classmates were there too. Xyla was really excited to see Sophia embarrass herself for not being able to introduce her old husband! The acknowledgement session was about to begin but Sophia’s old husband that she had promised would attend the banquet hadn’t appeared yet. At that moment, Joe finally realized that something was wrong so he hurriedly grabbed Sophia and pulled her into a room. As soon as he was about to close the door, the rest of the family rushed into the room.

“Sophia, is your husband coming or not?”

Sophia was fiercely thrown onto the sofa by Joe and her small body immediately sank into the sofa. Towering over the sofa, Joe glared at her angrily. However, in the face of Joe’s anger, Sophia chuckled and said, “How would I know whether he will come or not? I’m not him. How can I know what he’s thinking?”

At that moment, she maintained her calm and spoke in a nonchalant manner. Sophia even slowly took a sip of her cocktail. Meanwhile, Gemma and Hale followed her like shadows.

“You—” Joe finally realized that he had fallen for Sophia’s tricks.

Standing at the side, Xyla coldly said, “Turns out that the rumors are true. Sophia didn’t marry a wealthy old man at all. Instead, she’s just Taylor Murray’s assistant! All her outfits were borrowed from Taylor’s wife!”

Hearing this, Joe looked even more upset. However, Faye quickly rebuked, “That’s impossible. We saw her buy a ten million wedding dress from Ido’s flagship bridal shop with our own eyes! The wedding ring on her finger is the real thing too!”

Xyla turned to glance at Sophia, who was still sipping her cocktail, and ruthlessly exposed her disguise. “I’ve already asked Natasha. She works for Eddie Fletcher, Taylor’s wife. The wedding dress and diamond ring all belong to Eddie. Sophia is now Eddie’s right hand and is highly regarded!”

After hearing this, Joe looked at a calm and collected Sophia in disbelief. She’s just Taylor’s assistant and managed to lend her owner’s items to show off because she’s highly regarded by her owner? Those words about marrying a wealthy and powerful old man were all lies! She tricked me! Not only did she gain the reputation of being a daughter of the Edwards family for nothing, she earned 5% of Edwards Group’s shares! I did all that to gain a wealthy son-in-law but I didn’t expect that I let a liar join the family!

“You… btch! Btch!” After finding out the truth, Joe was so furious that he stood up and raised his palm to slap Sophia as he yelled, “I’ll beat you to death!”

Smash! All of a sudden, Sophia threw the glass in her hand to the ground and it shattered into a million pieces. Seeing this, Joe staggered back in fear. Then, Sophia crossed her legs confidently and said, “So what if I’m a liar? The paternity test has already been notarized and you, Joe Edwards, personally signed the share transfer form. I’m now the second daughter of the Edwards family and I have 5% of the Edwards Group’s shares!”

Joe and Faye were completely dumbfounded. They never thought that they would be tricked by Sophia. Everything that happened was all part of her plan! Joe’s hand that was raised a moment ago was trembling and he couldn’t put it down. His plump body trembled as he yelled, “Y-You’re a swindler! An imposter!”

Hearing this, Sophia lifted her chin arrogantly and countered, “Even if I’m a swindler, what can you do? Do you want to make a scene at this reunion banquet? Do you want to humiliate yourself in front of the elders of the Edwards Family? Or do you want every single guest that came today to know that your second daughter is a swindler?”

At that moment, Joe’s body continued to tremble and it was even harder for him to lay hands on Sophia. Should I let the Edwards family’s elders see me embarrass myself? The banquet has already started. How can I run out there and tell everyone that I’ve accepted a swindler into the family?

Seeing Sophia argue with reason even after her lies were exposed on the spot, Xyla couldn’t help but speak up, “Sophia, this is your fault. How is Mr. Edwards supposed to clean up your mess? Everyone came to the banquet to see your husband. If they find out that the daughter of the Edwards Family used to be an assistant, the Edwards Family will be completely humiliated and our reputation will be ruined!”

Sophia turned to Xyla and suddenly smiled. “I wonder what’s the purpose of today’s banquet.”

Hearing this, Xyla didn’t know how to answer her. Everyone suddenly realized the purpose of the banquet was to celebrate their reunion. Guests that attended the banquet were there to see Sophia reunite with the Edwards family. As for who she was married to, the guests might pay little attention to it; the main focus of the banquet was to see Sophia return to the Edwards family. Whether Sophia used to be a prostitute or an assistant who scrubbed toilets, if they chose to expose this to the public, the Edwards Family would be humiliated. After all, it was shameful that the daughter of the Edwards Family was deserted and forced to be an assistant. It would ruin the Edwards Family’s reputation!

Once the people thought it through and understood everything, everyone regretted their past actions, especially Joe. Back when he triumphantly sent invitations to the elders of the Edwards family, he boasted about Sophia and told them how good she was. He even told them that she was the top student in Bayside University! After all, having a daughter with a promising future would raise his status in the Edwards Family. If Joe went out and ruined the reunion banquet, he would just be humiliating himself.

The moment Joe realized that he completely fell for Sophia’s plan, he was so angry that he almost fainted. Looking at the upset looks on the faces of the people around the room, Sophia drawled, “Since we’ve already hosted the banquet, let’s end it on a perfect note! That way no one would be humiliated.”

“You… You…” Faye glared at Sophia and she was so furious that she couldn’t say a word.

The reunion banquet was fully organized by the Edwards Family and it had cost them millions. Meanwhile, Sophia arrived empty-handed and didn’t pay a penny at all. I never thought that she’s a swindler! And now this swindler has the same reputation of being the daughter of the Edwards family. She even has the same amount of shares as me!

“You liar! You tricked me! Give me back my shares!”

Faye shouted as she rushed toward Sophia, ready to beat her up. However, Sophia quickly twisted Faye’s arm and pulled her into her arms. Faye struggled like a mad dog when she suddenly heard a soft whisper, “Does your parents know that you’ve slept with Richard…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 510

All of a sudden, Faye’s body trembled and her gaze as she stared at Sophia was filled with terror. Why does Sophia know about me and Richard? It was as if her whole body stiffened and she didn’t dare to say another word.

When Sophia loosened her grip on her, Faye was in a daze and she guiltily glanced over at Xyla and Richard. Then, her expression instantly changed and with a smile, she said, “Now that it has come to this, if we ruin the banquet right now, the money that we spent would be wasted. If there is anything else to discuss, let’s talk about it after the banquet.”

I can’t let Xyla find out about me and Richard now! Xyla is the only child of the Huff Family. After Richard married her, he has part ownership of everything that the Huff Family owns and is slowly taking over the Huff Family’s businesses right now. I can’t let a swindler like Sophia ruin our plan at such an important stage!

Meanwhile, when Sophia held Faye in her arms and whispered to her ear, Faye’s deep and charming gaze passed over the crowd and focused on Richard, who stood in the corner of the room. He had not said a single word since the beginning.

Richard didn’t understand lip reading, but he could understand the words that Faye mouthed. Does Sophia know about my plan with Faye? Is she going to expose us both if I don’t speak on her behalf?

All of a sudden, Richard felt his phone vibrate. He silently pulled it out of his pocket and saw that Sophia had sent him two screenshots of a video on Messenger. They were screenshots of what he and Faye did in Ido’s toilet the other day. I was right…

Instantly, the veins on Richard’s face bulged. If Sophia exposes us now, she’ll ruin my relationship with Xyla and I’m sure the Huff Family won’t let me go easily. I haven’t completely gained ownership over all of the Huff Family’s fortune yet and I can’t let all my previous effort go to waste! With that, Richard gave Faye a signal and the two immediately knew what they had to do.

Just then, they heard a knock at the door. A man entered and lowered his voice as he said, “The Fletcher Family has arrived and gave gifts to congratulate Sophia. Mr. Edwards and Miss Edwards, please hurry out and greet them!”

“The Fletcher Family?” Joe asked in surprise. “Which Fletcher Family?”

The man hurriedly replied, “The commanding general, Joel Fletcher, has personally come to hand you some gifts!”

Upon hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded. They never thought Joel would personally attend the banquet! When Sophia heard this, she fluffed her hair with her fingers and tidied her clothes as she stood up and said, “Dad, why did you ask such a strange question?

Of course it’s the founding father Mark Fletcher’s family. Who else in Bayside City would dare to take the Fletcher Family name? These are guests that I’ve invited so I’ll be going to greet them now. All of you can continue the discussion.”

As she spoke, she walked out the room and left Joe and the rest of the people in the room in a daze. I can’t believe this b*tch managed to invite the Fletcher Family!

There were several elders of the Edwards family and the daughter of the Mitchell family, Natasha, who attended the banquet. Joe already thought that was grand enough and never in a million years did he expect Joel from the Mitchell family to appear!

Joe didn’t even have a way to invite many of the guests that Sophia invited! Moreover, all the guests that Sophia invited had attended! Those from the Fletcher Family, the Edwards Family, the Winston Family, the West Family…

Joe made a split second decision and announced to the rest of the people in the room, “If there’s anything else to discuss, we’ll talk about it after the banquet.”

With that, he walked out of the room in a rush. As soon as he left, three elders of the Edwards family that hardly showed their faces immediately ran up to him and surrounded him.

They held onto Joe’s hand excitedly and said, “Oh, I didn’t know that you could manage to invite a precious guest like Linus Michel. You should’ve told us earlier. I would’ve asked the family head to personally attend this banquet!”

Joe was shocked. Back when he begged the three elders to attend the banquet, he almost fell onto his knees but at that moment, they were telling him that they should’ve invited the family head. One of the elders pointed at the corners of the banquet and said, “Look around.”

“That’s Joel, the young master of the Fletcher family! And that’s Natasha, the young lady of the Mitchell family!” “No, the most reputable person is the man sitting at the VIP table. Do you know who that is? He’s the second most powerful man of the Michel Family from Eastern Europe—Linus Michel!

Not even our family head has the power to invite such a prestigious man. Also, he just gave a cat that was gifted to him by the queen to your daughter. Joe, your daughter really is miraculous! You should quickly arrange a date to take her to meet the rest of the elders and the family head!”

It all happened so suddenly that Joe didn’t know how to react…

Meanwhile in the room, Xyla wanted to expose Sophia’s true identity but Faye and Richard hurriedly stopped her. “Xyla, stop interfering with this matter. This is the Edwards family’s business!” Faye persuaded bitterly.

However, Xyla ran out of the room like an angry bull. Fortunately, Richard helped Faye hold Xyla back. Otherwise, Faye wouldn’t be able to catch her alone.

“Let go of me! I want to expose that btch’s lies and let everyone know the truth!” Why should I let that btch enjoy the status of being the second daughter of the Edwards family?

Richard hurriedly persuaded her, “Xyla, calm down. The money has been spent, the reunion banquet has started, and Joel is here. If you go out there now, you’ll offend Joel!”

“No! I won’t give up!” That slt is born to have a rotten life but now she’s becoming the daughter of the Edwards family. She even got 5% of the shares! Everyone was fooled by her! That btch! She’s such a sl*t! I will never allow her to change her destiny!

Seeing that Xyla was about to lose control over her emotions, Richard hurriedly left the banquet with her. The reunion banquet was about to reach the highlight and the time for the acknowledgement session was about to begin. After that, there would be a dance.

“General, please excuse me for a moment,” Sophia murmured to Joel before she bowed slightly and walked away to change her clothes.

Joel nodded at Sophia in reply and watched as she slowly disappeared from his sight. After that, he looked away. As soon as he raised his head, he saw that he was surrounded by people who wished to talk to him and he immediately showed his discontent. Suddenly, he saw Stanley waving at him so he quickly walked over.

“Wow, Uncle Joel! You look really handsome today!” Stanley complimented as soon as he saw Joel. That day, Joel had received an order from Old Master Fletcher to attend the banquet and hand Sophia the gift so he deliberately dressed formally.

He wore a black tuxedo, matching it with a white shirt and a black tie and his patent leather shoes shone brightly. Although he had a short haircut, it went well with the formal suit.

Stanley had never seen Joel dressed so handsomely before. Even though everyone was dressed to the nines, Joel outshone the others. Later, Joel greeted Natasha and Linus. Although he only met Sarah, who was sitting in the corner, a few times, he still greeted her politely. Then, the five of them sat together and chatted happily.

All of a sudden, Stanley asked, “Sean, do you think I look good today? Do you think Sophia will agree if I ask her to a dance later? What do you say?”

Sean chuckled and shook his head. “Stan, doing that will only get you in trouble.”

Sophia had already told Sean that he must dance the first dance with her later.

No matter which man Sophia danced with that day, her ass would get beaten badly after she returned home. However, if she danced with Sean, a family member, she would probably be punished less.

After hearing Sean’s words, Stanley ignored his warning and said, “So what if I get in trouble? I’m still going to do it! I’m not afraid of anything! Come on! Get up and practice with me. You dance the female steps and I’ll dance the male steps.”

Feeling helpless, Sean was dragged by Stanley to practice dancing. Meanwhile, Joel smiled and said nothing. As he finished the cocktail in his glass, his narrow gaze flickered with something. Meanwhile, Linus had his head lowered and was looking at his cat and as soon as he looked up, he saw the light in Joel’s eyes… It was the kind of gaze that was filled with stubborn pursuit and a strong desire to win!

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