My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 521-530

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 521

“Since you refuse to call me ‘Daddy’, perhaps you can call me ‘Old Wolf’.” Harry tried to compromise.

After all, these young ladies had changed their requirements for a partner. Back in the days, they preferred young but mature men. These days, they preferred men who were handsome but clingy and younger than them—that could provide them with a sense of security.

They referred to men like these as ‘Young Wolves’. Reckoning that he was perhaps too old to be included in that category, Harry supposed that he could still be an old but strong ‘Old Wolf’.

Hearing that, Sarah blushed. She turned away and stated nervously, “Don’t look at me!”

Meanwhile, Harry chuckled and said, “We slept together already; what else is there that I can’t see?”

At this point, Sarah was in disbelief even though she could not recall what happened last night. The only thing she could remember at this point was how muddled she was when she opened the room door. The next thing she remembered was that she was in a bed and fell asleep. How was she going to reject Harry’s request right now?

She mumbled something softly and seductively like a cat’s meow. Upon hearing this sound, Harry immediately swallowed, lowered his head, and domineeringly kissed her on her lips.

Just as things got heated in bed, Sophia’s voice sounded out from downstairs. “Linus, did Sarah spend the night here?”

Immediately, Sarah tensed up and quickly pushed Harry away from above her. “Old Wolf, Sophia’s here. I have to go.”

Harry was just getting excited. As such, while laying on top of her, he pinned her down on the bed. “Let’s finish this before you go!”

Having just finished his lunch, Linus responded, “Our security sent her home last night.”

Although still feeling skeptical, Sophia nevertheless left with her dog and walked toward the entrance of the community.

As she left, Linus turned around and saw the closed windows of one of his guest rooms, which immediately reminded him of how tipsy Sarah was last night.

“Since Sophia can sleep with Taylor, why can’t I sleep with Harry? Get away from me. I want to go in and sleep with Harry tonight! I… I’m not going to leave here tonight until I get into bed with him!”

Meanwhile, Linus, looking helpless, was trying to stop Sarah from barging into the guest room where Harry slept.

After hearing the angry voice outside his room, Harry opened the door and stood there.

“I’m here. Come in if you f*cking dare!”

Even though alcohol could make one bold, this did not seem to be the case with Sarah. After seeing Harry in person, she immediately became weak and wanted to retreat. “Y-You… just wait! I’ll come and sleep with you another day!”

Harry then took a few steps forward and grabbed her. “Come on then! Let’s sleep together!”

The two then dragged and pulled each other as they entered the room. After they closed the door, Linus had no idea what happened next…

Half an hour after Sophia left, Linus finally heard something from Harry’s guest room. At this point, half of Sarah’s face was wrapped in Harry’s black towel as she came out of the room, but Linus could tell how blushed her face was. After that, she walked up to Linus and said to him, “Linus, I’m going now. If Sophia asks about me, please tell her that I went home last night.”

Being the understanding person that he was, Linus responded, “Uh-huh. Consider it done.”

After hearing that, Sarah left the house rather surreptitiously while Harry followed from behind.

The sight of this made Linus laugh as last night, he had noticed how Sarah kept peeking at Harry, who also occasionally stared at her.

After leaving Villa No. 2, Sarah looked extremely suspicious as she walked on the street. It was as if she was afraid to be recognized.

Seeing the terrified and insecure look on her face, Harry, while following her, commented, “Look at that. Weren’t you extremely bold and fearless last night? Why do you look so terrified now?”

Perturbed, Sarah responded, “Please keep your volume down!”

As such, Harry silently followed her until she blurted out, “Stay away from me.”

Still remaining silent, Harry steered clear of her.

Finally, Sarah made it to the entrance only to see Sophia through the windows of the security booth. At this point, Sophia seemed to be guarding the entrance to see if she could see Sarah as she reckoned that Sarah might still be within the vicinity of The Imperial.

She doesn’t have a dog. Where on earth did that old wolf-dog come from?

Was that old wolf-dog… Harry?

She might have really slept with Harry last night. I’m going to catch her red-handed and set her up with him again.

The exemplary couple, Michael and Harry, made Sophia feel incredibly uneasy, so she reckoned that she had to break them up.

Seeing that Sophia was at the entrance, Sarah did not dare to go any closer. After finding a shrub nearby, she quickly went and hid behind it while Harry followed suit.

Then, the two of them stared at Sophia, who was sitting inside the security booth. Fortunately, Sophia brought her studying materials with her, so she could study while waiting for Sarah. It seemed like she would not leave until she saw Sarah.

Upon seeing that, Sarah panicked. “What should we do? I can’t let Sophia see me!”

The sight of Sarah’s round and cute face delighted Harry. He then put his arm around her shoulders and said, pretending to frown, “It’s not as difficult as you think! Why don’t we go to my house as I have an underground passage that you can use to sneak out.”

Sarah was stunned as she heard that. “You have an underground passage?”

Harry responded, “Uh-huh. I’m a celebrity. What should I do if the paparazzi decided to block my driveway one day? The underground passage is for emergency use, and it links to a garage in the next neighborhood.”

Hearing that, Sarah gave him a jolt and said, “Bring me there now!”

Then, Harry took her home.

This property of his rarely had visitors, perhaps just some occasional cleaners, so his place was empty and dark. After opening the door, Sarah frowned as she stuck her neck in and looked around. “This place is dark.”

At this moment, the lights were off, and the curtains were closed, so the living room was dark. It was like the abysmal mouth of a giant monster—gloomy and eerie.

Feeling rather scared, Sarah did not want to go in.

Right at this point, Harry gave her a push. “Let’s go in now. You’ll be in big trouble if anyone sees you!”

Then, they both went into the house. Right after he closed the door behind him, he unleashed his inner ‘Old Wolf’…

Even though The Imperial had a back entrance, it was nonetheless guarded. Sophia had already asked the security on both sides to inform her the moment they saw Sarah.

However, after the entire afternoon, when she had already memorized hundreds of words and solved many equations, Sarah was still nowhere to be seen. However, when it was almost dark, Harry was seen driving his car and leaving The Imperial.

After stopping at the security booth, he rolled down the window to show his gorgeous face.

“Look at you, Sophia; what brought you here?”

Coming out of the security booth, Sophia looked inside Harry’s car. “Uncle Harry, where are you going?”

The back seat was empty.

Harry responded, “I just got up not long ago, so I’m going to grab a bite.”

After the car was driven a distance away from The Imperial, Sarah pushed the back seat down from the trunk and slowly got into the back seat. When she found out that they had finally left The Imperial, she sat in the back seat, feeling exhausted and worn out, but like she had no more regrets in life.

Just because Harry said that he had an underground passage, she blindly followed him to his place. Who knew that Harry eventually took her to a room and told her that was where the underground passage was. After entering the room, there was no underground passage, but a bed. Just like that, he f*cked her for the entire afternoon.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 522

While Sarah felt completely worn out, Harry, on the flip side, was in a good mood. Throughout the entire car ride to Sarah’s place, he whistled all the time.

Ever since he found out that she was the famous Little Kitten on Twitter, he was determined to find out everything about her, including where she lived.

Just as there was a top fan named ‘Eddie Fletcher’ in Taylor’s fan group, there was also a top fan named ‘Little Kitten’ in Harry’s fan group.

Little Kitten was almost as crazy as Eddie when it came to idolizing stars. Not only did she turn Harry into the main character of her dirty comics that had become a success, but she also spent a lot of money purchasing posters and watching his films. Every time Harry had a new film, Little Kitten would rent the big screen in the biggest mall in Bayside City to promote the new film for half a month.

Even though these actions were dumb, Harry was greatly moved by them.

Right now, Sarah felt conflicted. Even though her biggest dream as a fan was to sleep with Harry, now that it happened, she felt somewhat lost. When the car went past a pharmacy, she shouted, “Stop the car! I need to buy some medication.”

While parking the car, Harry asked, “What medication?”

Not saying a word, Sarah got out of the car after the car came to a halt. She quickly rushed to the pharmacy just to stop right outside the entrance for a good instant. A few seconds later, she returned to the car and got into the passenger seat—she was silent while her face was flushed.

Harry asked, “Didn’t you need to get medication? Why didn’t you go in?”

Feeling extremely embarrassed and scared, Sarah replied, “I’m scared.”

Harry shook his head in annoyance before taking out his wallet and phone. “What do you need? I’ll get it for you.”

After stammering for a good while, Sarah finally uttered something, “That one…”

Harry understood what she meant. So, he got out of the car while trying to drag her down the car at the same time.

“Let me go. I’m not going…” Sarah tried hard to break away from his grasp.

Still holding onto her arm, Harry replied, “I won’t go alone to get ‘that’ medication. I’m embarrassed.”

As such, Harry finally managed to drag Sarah into the pharmacy while Sarah’s entire face was wrapped up, showing only her eyes.

Still looking gorgeous, Harry then walked into the pharmacy and stood in front of the counter.

“A morning-after pill please.”

Following that, Harry placed a one hundred bill on the counter.

All of a sudden, the pharmacist and everyone else in the store turned over and looked at Sarah.

“Isn’t that Harry Winston?”

“Oh my. Look at that lady next to him. She must be his girlfriend. She has the same hairstyle as the person in the picture!”

Hearing that, Sarah placed her hands on her face and stormed out of the store.

Seeing that, Harry could not help but chuckle.

Finally, Harry collected the change, medication, and water before returning to the car under the flashlights of numerous phone cameras. After getting into the car, he saw Sarah who was all curled up in the seat—she looked like she wanted to bury her head in the ground due to embarrassment.

“There you go.”

Harry then opened the water bottle and unwrapped the packaging of the morning after pill for her.

Sarah took them right away. After that, she finally felt somewhat at ease.

While fastening his seat belt, Harry commented, “This pill isn’t good for you. Let’s just make this time an exception. I’ll wear a condom next time.”

These words agitated Sarah as she railed, “Dream on!”

Hearing that response, Harry tried to agitate her further. “Fine. I won’t use a condom next time; I’ll just pull out before I ejaculate.”

Sarah was so angry that her face was beet-red. “There’s no next time!”

The car engine was ignited again, and Harry, sitting in the driver’s seat, said in a provocative tone, “Isn’t the biggest dream in your life to have sex with me? I made that happen, so why aren’t you happy?”

Harry knew about Little Kitten’s existence seven years ago when she was still an innocent girl. At the time, her watercolor drawing of Harry’s film poster was extremely hideous.

However, she did not seem to be ashamed of that. After drawing that picture, she even posted it on her Twitter account for Harry to see.

At that time, what was on her mind was that since Harry had tens of millions of fans, given the numerous messages and tweets he received daily, there was no chance he would ever see her drawing. That was what gave her the motivation to post that hideous drawing.

Much to her surprise, Harry did see it as it was so hideous that it attracted his attention. Not only so, but he even read every single message and tweet from her, but because of how ugly that drawing was, he did not want to respond to any of her messages and tweets.

Year after year, she would post one drawing once every couple of days, and Harry had witnessed her improvements. Right now, her drawing of him was a sophisticated illustration with special effects done on the computer. As time went by, her followers started to increase. From a nobody, she had gradually become a well-known artist in that circle.

Sarah did not know what to say in response to his provocative words, so she took out her phone and started using it to distract herself. Right at this moment, she noticed that Harry’s previous tweet was still there, and she realized that the lady in the picture was her.

Seeing that, she quickly shouted, “Delete this tweet!”

Harry responded, “I don’t want to.”

While driving attentively, he continued, “You can just change your profile picture.”

Meanwhile, Sarah’s cheeks flushed red while she pretended to scroll through her Twitter feed in a serious manner.

The West Family was a new elite family in town, and they managed a huge family business. However, business was never Sarah’s cup of tea since young; she had always liked drawing, so she had opened an account on Amazon to sell her drawings. Slowly, she became an influencer on all the major artist groups on Twitter, going around selling her signed artworks and receiving commissions. Now, she even had her own business, so she was fully independent by now.

As of now, she had almost a million Twitter followers, and she was also the most frequent user on Twitter when it came to news on Harry. She ran several fan groups related to Harry on Twitter.

Apart from her Twitter account, all her other social media accounts had the same profile picture that had this one line: no sex with Harry Winston, no new profile picture.

Staring at her Twitter profile picture, she was conflicted as to whether to change it or not.

Since Harry posted that picture of the two of them, her Twitter feed was overloaded with tweets from other fans trying to comfort her.

“Little Kitten, don’t cry; be strong! In our heart, you will forever be Mrs. Winston!”

“Tonight, we are fellow little kittens supporting you!”

After dinner, Harry dropped Sarah off at the entrance of the West Residence. Right after she opened the door, she jumped out of the car and ran off. Upon entering her room, she closed the door and jumped into her bed, her heart still thumping hard.

Ever since Harry tweeted that picture, the entire Twitterverse was overloaded with responses. At this time, Sophia had been paying particular attention to Sarah’s Twitter account.

Finally, three days later, Sarah uploaded a new dirty comic on her Twitter feed, and this time, the character was Linus…

For the past couple of days, Sophia had been at home in The Imperial sorting out the old belongings of Annabel from the Johnson Family.

There were the clothes that Annabel used to wear, her photo albums, her diaries, and so on. Apart from those that were still with the Edwards Family, Sophia nonetheless received many of Annabel’s belongings, including clothes that she wore while she was pregnant, her old diaries, and old photographs that she took.

Ever since the Johnson Family found that Sophia had made a name of herself here, they quickly came to visit her. To get on her good side, they brought Annabel’s old belongings with them as Sophia had been wanting to collect them but had not been able to find the time to do so. Finally, she was able to have them.

Putting on a diffuser with a calming essential oil and turning on the heating, Sophia sat by the French window, attentively reading Annabel’s diary.

On that yellowed diary were pages full of pen-written words. Sophia could still recognize that handwriting: shapeless, twisted, and ugly, but each word was sincere and real.

Flipping through the pages in the faint sunlight, Sophia seemingly saw a pregnant lady sitting at a desk and writing. Looking lonely and despaired, her words emanated sadness but at the same time, hope.

This diary was written for her unborn child.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 523

“My child, you may have to leave me not long after you come into this world. If you happen to read this diary someday, please remember that both your father and I love you. Your father is a nice and kind man; in fact, he’s the best man and best father in the world. If one day you happen to read this diary, please go and find your father. His name is Cooper Mitchell, but he doesn’t know about your existence. If you see him, tell him that I still miss him, and I’m still alive.”

Tears streamed down Sophia’s face incessantly as she read those simple words that were so genuine.

Then, she continued, ‘I had an ultrasound today. My goodness—”

As she flipped to the next page to find out what came after that sentence, she realized that the next few pages had seemingly been torn off. “Huh? Where’s the rest?”

She then went on to search through Annabel’s belongings, hoping to find the few missing pages, but her effort was to no avail.

Did those pages go missing some time in the past twenty years?

She instantly felt dejected as she wanted to look at the ultrasound images.

She then wiped away her tears on her face and proceeded to put Annabel’s belongings, especially that diary, away in a box that she later put a lock on. If one day she happened to meet Cooper, she thought she would pass all these belongings to him.

It had been twenty-two years, and so many things had changed. She wondered if that was also the case with Cooper.

Meanwhile, in Michael’s office, while he was flipping through a thick dictionary, he found a few pages from a diary that had already turned yellowish; they looked like they were torn from a diary.

The first page read: ‘I’m pregnant with twins! Coop, did you hear that? We’re going to have two kids! Earlier today, I heard from Liam and my father that they were planning on sending me and my babies to the Edwards Family in exchange for some money. No way. Not a chance! I’ll never return to the Edwards residence, and our babies can never go there too. I need to think of a way. Since I can’t be there for my babies, I’m going to find someone to take care of them. Coop, you won’t blame me for that, will you?”

In between those yellowish pages was an old ultrasound image in which twins were seen hugging each other.

Seeing that, Michael was extremely intrigued by it, and he stared at it for a good instant.

So this is chica’s first-ever ultrasound…

Eventually, he placed the image and the diary pages into a special storage device.

He reckoned that it would be better to keep some of these things from Sophia for the time being. What mattered the most to her right now should be happiness, wealth, and her husband; nothing else should matter.

On the other side, the Johnson Family had been trying to reach Sophia on her phone for the umpteenth time.

“Sophia, since you’ve already obtained five percent of the shares from the Edwards Family and have also become their daughter, please help me and my family out. Your elder and second brothers are getting married soon, and their in-laws have asked for more than three hundred thousand worth of wedding gifts…”

“Go and earn the money yourself!”

Sophia angrily hung up the phone.

Ever since they found out that she was a fraudster, Joe and the Johnson Family often called her to ask for money. Joe was trying to get back his shares in the company and sue Sophia for fraud, while the Johnson Family simply wanted some money. However, Sophia told herself that she would never give them a single penny.

After hanging up the phone, before she could review too many questions on her study materials, Liam called again. “Sophia, you b*tch! Don’t forget who brought you up and who—”

All of a sudden, Sophia interrupted with a cynical sneer. “Moron. If I didn’t treat you as my uncle, I would’ve called the police to arrest you already. Get lost!”

After hanging up the phone, Sophia was no longer in the mood to study. She lay on the table and started to breathe heavily.

All of a sudden, some of the bad memories of her younger days came back to her because of her recent interactions with the Johnson Family.

She told herself that she hated the Johnson Family, Liam, and every living member of the Johnson Family.

Outside of The Imperial, Natasha showed up again; she was still dressed immaculately while carrying the latest Gucci handbag. While entering the community, her car was stopped by security.

“Who are you looking for?” the security asked rather impatiently.

A big smile washed over Natasha’s face as she responded, “I received an invitation from Linus from Villa No. 2 to come and visit him. My name is Natasha Mitchell.”

“Please hold on a second.”

The security guard proceeded to ring up Villa No. 2, and since today was the weekend, Linus was at home. As the call got through, Linus picked it up.

“Hello, is this Mr. Michel from Villa No. 2? You have a visitor named Natasha Mitchell. Do you know her?”

Meanwhile, Natasha was eagerly waiting in her car. Even though her uncle had already moved out from The Imperial, she reckoned that she still had ways to sneak in.

Much to her surprise, Linus’ voice sounded out from the hands-free device, saying, “I don’t know her.”

After hanging up the phone, the security guard rudely chased Natasha away.

“Go away!”

Natasha could not believe what she just heard. How could Linus say that he did not know her?

This doesn’t seem right. Linus must have heard it wrong.

She right away gave Linus a call, which was answered by Linus’ assistant. “I’m sorry, but today’s Mr. Michel’s day off, so he won’t accept any visitors.”

Then, his assistant hung up the phone, leaving Natasha in shock and disbelief as she stared at her phone.

No. This must be a misunderstanding. Linus would never treat me like that!

Natasha would not leave. She then insisted, “No. I need to go in and see Mr. Michel. I have an appointment made already.”

Having lost his patience with Natasha, the security guard ordered around a dozen strong men who came out of the seemingly small booth. The security then responded, “Miss Mitchell, if you insist on not leaving, we can only resort to coercive measures.”

Looking at the group of strong and tall men, Natasha reluctantly asked her driver to drive away.

As the car left The Imperial, Natasha still would not give up on calling Linus, hoping she could use her relationship with Linus to enter The Imperial to find someone. However, right now, she could not even get through to Linus’ assistant’s number. That was her last hope as she did not know Linus’ landline number nor his personal number.

Feeling agitated, she threw her phone away and looked up just to see Liam, Sophia’s poor uncle, and his wife as they were walking alongside the road. It would appear that they were also here to find Sophia. While walking, they were cursing at the same time.

All of a sudden, Natasha got an idea: she could perhaps use Liam and his wife to make a scene in order to embarrass Sophia; the bigger the scene, the better. It would be best if it could cause Bayside University to expel Sophia.

Liam was not the best example. Based on Natasha’s investigation, Liam used to be a teacher at a public elementary school. It was a stable job with a promising future career in education. However, he was fired from his job after that and went to a private school to be a teacher.

The reason he was dismissed from his job was not disclosed, but based on what Natasha found out, it was because he harassed several female students in his class. After the parents complained, his school decided to fire him right away in order to protect their reputation.

At this moment, Natasha asked her driver to pull up to the side of the road for her to get down. Before she got out of the car, she heard the angry voice of Liam’s wife. “That fcking btch! If she refuses to give us money again next time, I’m going to let everyone know about all the bad things that she did back in the days. I’m going to let people know that she’s nothing but trash!”

Liam responded, “Please lower your volume…”

Liam’s wife responded, “What are you afraid of? I’m not making things up. Since little, she’s always been a flirty show-off, and I’ve kept every single picture of hers!”

Natasha’s eyes lit up as she heard that. Does this family know something about Sophia that she’s been trying to keep away from everyone else?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 524

The car came to a stop. The cursing coming from Liam and his wife halted as well. Spinning around, they saw the limited-edition luxury car that was parked next to them and Natasha who got off from it. Immediately, both of them flattered, “It’s you, Miss Mitchell!”

Looking at the eyes that were filled with greed, Natasha took out a bank card from her bag. “I’m very interested in what you guys said earlier, including the pictures. If you tell me honestly, the one million in this bank card will be yours.”

The couple fixed their gazes on the bank card; their eyes flashed with green lights…

In the meantime, winter had visited Bayside City. When the snow came, the Imperial welcomed Linus as its new resident and a luxurious housewarming party was in preparation.

A thin layer of snow fell on the ground, covering the earth with plain silver clothing. The temperature dropped significantly, and breath froze into ice the moment one were to exhale.

Michael had filmed more than half of his shots for the documentary film. When he finished one of the shots flawlessly, Michael, who was only wearing a single layer of garment, was trembling. He took the down jacket that was handed over to him by Hale and took a sip of warm water. While he was doing that, he glanced at Harry, who was scrolling through his Twitter feed.

Harry was stalking Little Kitten’s account again. After he discovered that Linus was gay, Harry found that he was no longer the only protagonist in Little Kitten’s dirty comics.

As he was thinking about that, he felt a little disappointed…

Soon after Michael took another few sips of warm water, he checked the time on his watch. The sky was getting darker, and Sophia was about to leave the campus. It was almost time for him to go home and have a warm meal while cuddling with his wife.

However, Hale came toward him with a solemn expression while he held onto his phone. “Boss, it’s Young Master Stan.”

Noticing Hale’s serious expression, Michael’s heart sank. It had been a while since he last saw Hale looking so serious.

The last time was when the Fletchers called and informed him that Celine and Justin had had an accident.

Taking a deep breath, Michael answered the call. On the other end, Stanley was sobbing. “Uncle Michael, I’m really sorry… Aunt saw the posts and she ran out from the classroom. I searched the whole campus along with Sean, but we couldn’t find her. Uncle Michael—”

“Post? What post?” Michael’s brain exploded, but he tried to keep calm.

However, there was only the sound of Stanley’s cries coming from the other side of the phone.

At this moment, Harry suddenly came over and patted his shoulder.

“Look at this, bro.”

Taking Harry’s phone, Michael quickly skimmed through the information. Instantly, Hale saw a furious expression on Michael’s face; it was something he had never seen on him.

When Michael received the news of Celine’s accident, he was sad. But this time, he was absolutely enraged!

His wrath had reached its extreme, and Michael was looking like a beast. One could see the turbulence in his scarlet eyes.

Hale knew that something big must have happened this time!

Putting away Harry’s phone, Michael left the set without a word. Even Harry set off with him quickly with a sullen face.

A storm was coming to Bayside City!

In the meantime, Linus was sitting in the president’s office of the Michel Group’s Bayside City branch. He did not have any classes for the day and had been dealing with the company’s work all day.

From the window of his office, he could overlook the entire ancient Imperial Palace and the building of Asco International that was not far away.

One day, he would also be able to own a place on this land.

After working for a whole day, Linus stood in front of the window with a cup of coffee in his hand. While he was enjoying the magnificent view of Bayside City, a wave of panic surged through his heart; his heartbeat accelerated suddenly. Linus’s form began to shake, and the coffee cup in his grip fell to the ground at once.

In an instant, the robot vacuum came over and cleaned up the shattered cup and stains. At the same time, the healthcare provider robot was activated. It scanned Linus’ entire body and reported, “Mr. Michel, I’ve detected an abnormal condition in your body. Do you need me to contact the family doctor?”

Leaning himself against the chair as he took a seat, Linus found his hands trembling badly. He felt an overwhelming panic and a heart-piercing agony in his heart. What is happening to me?

Knowing that this was not a physical but a psychological problem, he instantly said, “There’s no need.” The robot left.

Linus tried to relax for a while, but the indescribable feeling in his heart did not fade away. Suddenly, he felt something wet on the back of his hand. Taking a glance, it turned out to be drops of tears…

Immediately, Linus touched his face in shock. I’m crying?!

It seemed like he could not control his own emotions. All he wanted to do now was to cry, and he had never felt this way before.

When he decided to call his doctor, a familiar face suddenly appeared in his mind—Sophia!

A voice seemed to be telling him that something had happened to Sophia!

He quickly called Sophia, but Stanley was the one who picked up the phone.

“Linus, my aunt left the campus alone. It’s getting dark and we couldn’t find her at all. She didn’t bring her phone; not even her bracelet! I can’t find her!” Stanley was sobbing.

Linus stood up at once. “Don’t panic, Stan. Tell me what happened. Why did Sophia run away?”

Stanley said, “Check the news of Bayside University now.”

Ending the call, Linus switched to the search engine on his phone and looked up the news. He found that a news article related to Bayside University had appeared on the hot topic of most of the major search engines today.

‘The Campus Belle of Bayside University Was Raped! Pictures and Proof!’

Clicking into the news, there were several unclear photos that seemed to be taken years ago. The background of the photos looked like a haystack in a village. There were three to four boys who were between the ages of seventeen or eighteen. They were pressing a girl into the haystack, and her body was completely exposed under the camera lens.

The girl was crying in despair. Her mouth was wide open; despair and agony were written all over her young face. Her dirty face was covered in dust; half of it was beaten up and swollen. The one who had taken the photo must have been someone older looking from the hand he had stretched out while taking the photo. Even from the photo, one could imagine how disgusting the photographer would have looked.

The girl was crying, but the one who molested her was laughing. Looking at the faces of those persons, blood gushed over Linus’ head. His eyes turned scarlet and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Tears were flowing from his eyes and his trembling hands could no longer hold on to his phone. All he could do was watch his phone fall off from his palm.

It was because of the girl in the photo—it was Sophia!

Who are these people? How could they hurt her like that?

And who is the one who posted the photos on the internet?

Slamming the door, Linus went out…

His assistant saw a bloodthirsty look that he had never seen before on Linus’s usually gentle face.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 525

In Bayside University, the school administrators, who were supposed to have gone off from work, were called back for an emergency meeting. The purpose was to come out with a countermeasure against the sudden scandal.

Sophia was Miss Misty of Bayside University, and she was also the leading female character of the university promotional video. The university was extremely attentive now that something like that had happened to her. They had to take the matter seriously.

Not only was the main character of the news the golden star of the university, but she was also the campus belle. The news was very eye-catching, and it was only in a blink of an eye that it had taken over the internet. Bayside University had to quickly and properly deal with it.

Someone in the meeting demanded, “We need to release a statement to explain that this person is not our student. We can then deal with Sophia Edwards later. The university’s reputation should be our top priority.”

“No way! The news is already out. To gloss things over isn’t the best way. We must make a police report!” another one argued.

“The smaller the impact, the better it would be. If we were to spread the news out, it would do no good for both the university and the students. We need to deny the relationship of the university with the news immediately!”

The crowd was arguing endlessly, and no conclusion was drawn. However, the vice-chancellor had not spoken; he was only looking at the crowd with a gloomy expression.

All of a sudden, a bunch of students broke in from outside. They were led by the president of the student union and some of the student leaders—Natasha was among them.

In all righteousness, the president of the student union came in and demanded, “Sophia’s news has had too much impact on the students. We can no longer raise our heads whenever we go outside. We ask the university to issue a statement as soon as possible to clear the relationship between the university and Sophia. We hope that the university can expel her promptly!”

Many students had broken into a discussion with the school administrators. Everyone was trying to make their own point, demanding the university to deny any connection with Sophia.

Even Natasha had put on a mask of pretense and said, “I think the top priority now is for the university to deny its relationship with Sophia. The girls from our university are being criticized whenever we leave the campus.”

The school administrators discussed the matter over and over again, and they finally came out with the safest conclusion they could think of. The university would release a statement to clarify the relationship and they would privately restrict Sophia’s activities. When necessary, they would expel her in order to preserve the reputation of Bayside University.

Listening to the decision, Natasha was secretly glad.

Let’s see how Sophia can turn over this time!

I heard that she ran away when she heard the news!

Where is she now?

Perhaps she’s committed suicide! How can she still live in this world after experiencing such a thing?

The school administrators had begun to distribute the work. Seeing that the vice-chancellor had not spoken, someone asked, “Benedict, why aren’t you saying something? Tell us your opinion!”

The vice-chancellor remained cold, and there was a cold smile hanging at the corners of his mouth. As he rose to his feet, his firm voice spread across the conference room. “Everyone…”

His sharp eyes swept over the crowd. As someone who had once served as a soldier, his aura was different from everyone present at the scene. In just a moment, the crowd was suppressed by his strong aura, and they were whispering under their breath.

Firmly, the vice-chancellor said, “I have a question for you. Did Bayside University do something to disrupt the order of things?” No one answered his question.

He went on, “Or, did any of you do something that was against reason and nature?”

There was still no answer. The crowd could sense the wrath that was emanating from the vice-chancellor. They knew that he was very furious at the moment.

The vice chancellor’s sharp eyes swept across the crowd again. Coldly, he said, “Since every one of you and the university isn’t guilty, why should we be worried about the university’s reputation? Does the century-old reputation of Bayside University rely on expelling students that are victimized in order to maintain its glory?”

“Is the reputation of our Bayside University—the most prestigious university in Cethos—so vulnerable and pretentious?”

“Sophia was only eight years old back then. What did she know? What could she have done? She is the victim. Why should the victim pay for the consequences brought to her by the wrongdoer?”

His words were firm and impactful; they pierced through the souls of everyone present at the scene, and no one was brave enough to answer.

In the silence, Natasha was the first to stand up. Without fear, she faced the vice-chancellor and protested, “Mr. Vice-Chancellor, I know Sophia has always been one of your favorite students. However, things have happened. No matter whose fault it was, she has caused substantial damage to the reputation of Bayside University. She must be held responsible for this. It is not only for the sake of the Bayside University but also the reputation of the students from the entire university!”

The students behind her were all in agreement as her words seemed to make a lot of sense.

Looking at Natasha and her followers, the vice-chancellor flashed them an icy smile. With a teasing tone, he said, “Huh! I’m very sorry, then! It seems like Bayside University’s scandal has troubled most of you. Can you guys please come over and sign your names? I’ll erase them from the system immediately. From now on, you guys will have nothing to do with Bayside University, and you will never be burdened by the university anymore.”

No one dared to speak—not even Natasha who had argued fiercely just now.

The vice-chancellor was threatening them blatantly. If anyone dared to say something more, they would be expelled!

The conference room finally quietened down. With a slam on the table, the vice-chancellor ordered, “Issue a statement immediately and say that Bayside University will investigate the matter to the end. Since the victim is our student, the university cannot just sit idly by and watch her suffer for the second time!”

“Call the police! Now! Let them find the one who posted the news, including those who had committed the crime! It is up to the police to decide the sentence!”

Although there were people who were in disagreement, none dared to speak out because they had never seen their vice-chancellor so worked up before. Since everyone dared not say anything, the meeting was dismissed.

Natasha could only stomp away in dissatisfaction.

Even if Sophia is not expelled, she wouldn’t dare to come back to campus anymore!

On the other side, Michael had rushed to the campus to meet up with Stanley. Stanley was explaining to him what had just happened as he cried.

“I left for a while after class was over. By the time I came back, I heard that Sophia had run out crying all of a sudden!”

“The post is all over the internet now. Sean is removing them from all of the platforms. The person on the other side is clearly doing this with a plan. Someone had even printed the photos and posted them on the university’s bulletin board. The entire university now knows that Sophia was molested when she was a child!”

Michael’s brain was constantly buzzing. Closing his eyes and opening it at the next moment, Sophia’s face that was filled with despair and agony kept on appearing before his eyes. His heart was bleeding.

As soon as he finished listening to Stanley’s explanation, he said nothing, but turned around and left in a hurry. Stanley followed suit immediately.

The underworld of Bayside City was all on the move to look for Sophia with the Bayside University as their focus.

She didn’t bring her wallet and phone; there was no way she could have gone far.

Michael was prepared for the worst.

“Keep an eye over all waters and high-rise buildings,” he said to Harry.

Of course, the last thing he wanted was to find Sophia in the mentioned places.

Harry walked away without a word; the horrifying expression on Harry’s face was something one had never seen on him before.

At the Fletcher Residence, the moment Joel got the call from Stanley, he had sent people out to search for Sophia.

Staring at the photo that had been circulated throughout all of Bayside City in just one day, Joel’s eyes reddened.

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Irene’s voice rose suddenly. She was curious when she saw anger emanating from Joel, and hence she asked in nervousness.

Putting his phone away, Joel put on his hat and suddenly walked toward Irene. Solemnly, he called out, “Irene Weber.”

“Yes?” Irene looked up and met his eyes.

Joel’s eyes were as ruthless as they had ever been. As if he was giving a military order, he announced, “Today, I’m breaking up with you officially.”

Irene was shocked.

A breakup…

When she had finally returned to her senses, Joel had already gone far.

Staring at his disappearing figure in a daze, Irene was not as disappointed as she had imagined she would be. On the contrary, she felt that the enormous rock in her heart had finally fallen.

Breaking up—isn’t this what I’ve been looking forward to?

She knew there was no hope for marriage, but Joel’s ruthlessness had gone beyond her imagination…

Because Linus had only arrived in Bayside City not too long ago, he didn’t have a strong foundation. However, he still sent out everyone he had to join the search. At the same time, since Linus was an expert in electronics and the internet, with the cooperation of Sean, they had taken down all the photos on the internet and reduced the impact to its lowest. He didn’t know why he was so attached to someone whom he had only known for a few months.

After arranging and dispatching some of his manpower, Linus rushed out the door in a hurry. When he went out, he saw snow falling from the sky.

It’s getting late. Where are you? Are you cold?

Wrapping himself in the down jacket tightly, Linus still felt cold. However, that was someone else’s cold that he was feeling…

He called Stanley. “Stan, has Sophia ever run out like this before? Where would she go if she ran out?”

Stanley was still looking for Sophia along with Michael. They had been to every place she would usually go, but they found nothing.

Wiping his tears away, Stanley said, “We’ve searched those places all over; she wasn’t there. She didn’t bring her wallet and her phone, there’s no way she would go far.”

Hanging up the phone, Stanley looked toward Michael and said, “Linus and Sean have removed all the posts. Sean has also found the person who posted it.”

Michael said nothing. His face was full of gloom, and a thin layer of snow accumulated on the crown of his head. He said, “Stay in touch with Linus. He might know where Sophia is.”

Twins shared a special connection and they were telepathic; Linus might know where Sophia had gone.

On the other side, Linus had been driving around Bayside University after ending the call.

Where would you have gone?

All of a sudden, an image appeared in his mind. An old bench was sitting alone below a decaying willow tree, and there was a river flowing quietly by the side.

A month ago, Sophia had posted a photo like that on her IG Stories. She said that was a place her parents had been to in the past.

Bayside Park!

Immediately, Linus drove to the park. The sky was getting dark and the park was closed. Linus wandered around the park’s fences for a while and found footprints on one of the lower fences. Climbing over it, he went into the park. Following the picture she posted, he found the river in an instant.

His steps were quiet. On a snowy night, the world was silent. Occasionally, the crisp sound of branches breaking from the weight of accumulated snow could be heard.

As he walked, he tried to keep his steps gentle; he was too afraid to disturb the peaceful silence of the park. Instead of shouting for Sophia, he walked along the river. After a few minutes, he heard someone sobbing in the silence.

Instantly, Linus was overjoyed. Quickening his pace, he darted forward and saw a tiny figure sitting under a small tree. The figure was curled up and trembling in the cold.

“Sophia!” Linus couldn’t help but call out.

The figure heard his voice, stood up, and ran. Linus immediately followed after her and pulled her into his embrace.

When he held Sophia in his arms, he felt like he was holding a pile of ice. She was stiff all over and her hair was damp and frozen.

She was drenched in tears. Even though ten years had passed, she still looked like the little girl in the photos: helpless, hopeless, and vulnerable.

Linus hugged her with all his might, trying to warm up her freezing body.

After struggling for a while in his embrace, Sophia stopped moving. Instead, she continued to cry in despair.

Burying his face into her dampened hair, Linus was overwhelmed with a burst of heartache he had never felt before. His eyes felt sore all of a sudden, and tears started rolling down his cheeks.

He let go of her and quickly took off his down jacket to wrap her in it. Cupping her freezing face, he whispered, “It’s okay. It’s all right now. Everything is over now.”

Sophia was already choked with sobs that she could not say anything. Her eyes were swollen and she was soaked and freezing all over. She wanted to talk, but when her mouth opened, there was only more sobbing. Even her lips were numb.

“Come on. Let me take you home!” Linus grabbed hold of her hand and tried to pull her out.

However, Sophia tugged him from behind. It seemed like she didn’t want to go home yet. Turning around and looking at her wrinkled face, Linus whispered, “What’s the matter?”

Choking on her own tears, she sobbed, “I don’t want to go home now.”

She didn’t know how to face Michael and everyone else.

Fixing his eyes on her, Linus held her cold hands in his palms to warm her up. Knowing that her emotions were probably all over the place and she didn’t want to go home, Linus said patiently, “Then let’s find a warmer place to sit down, okay?”

Sophia’s tear continued to fall and she didn’t answer. He dragged her, and she followed suit. Immediately, Linus took her to a place sheltered from the wind and they sat down. He fished out a lighter from his down jacket, and found some dry leaves and branches in the woods. In a short moment, he lit a fire.

The flame rose, and Sophia sat in front of it to warm up her freezing body. She stared at the fire in a daze; flames danced in her eyes. Her face was slightly numb and her mouth felt dry.

She had been doing a lot of thinking. That was the darkest time in her life; it was the moment she wanted to forget forever. However, everything was presented in front of her like a scab being torn apart. The hideous flesh and bloody wound beneath was exposed. It was unpleasantly stinky and unbearably painful. The wound that she didn’t want to show to anyone was exposed in such a terrible manner to the public.

That kind of feeling was traumatizing. She felt like her soul was stripped away from her utterly.

Linus was very fortunate to find a carton of chocolate milk in his bag. He put it near the fire to heat it before handing it to Sophia.

Taking the milk from him, Sophia took a few sips. Her mouth was dry, but her stomach felt a lot better after she drank some milk.

She continued to stare at the fire. Her face felt numb and cold after being washed by tears. When the fire heated her face up, she seemed to be covered by a layer of film, and it was very uncomfortable.

In just one breath, Sophia finished up the milk and threw the packaging into the fire. Using a stick, she picked at the box and it was quickly burned to ashes by the flame.

Linus didn’t call Stanley; he wanted to stay alone with Sophia for a while.

After a long while, he said, “You should go home earlier. He’s looking everywhere for you.”

Something in Sophia’s eyes flashed; a subtle light seemed to glisten from them. Tightening the down jacket Linus had given to her, she shrank her face into the clothing, looking like a tortoise hiding into its shell.

She wanted to go home too. But, her scars were torn apart so severely. She felt like there was an unbearable smell exuding from her. How could she expect Michael to accept her?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 527

Sometimes, she would rather she had never been to this world before.

There were also times that she would think of the past, and she would hate herself and the whole world.

Back then, she was only three or four years old. She was ignorant and would run around in her open-crotch pants. When her uncle offered to bathe her, she always agreed without knowing anything.

Her two older cousins often bullied her. They were still kids when that photo was taken. They were ignorant, but Liam was old enough to be sensible. However, instead of stopping them, he took out his phone to take pictures. If it weren’t for her grandma, who arrived in time and shooed everyone away…

Before her grandmother passed away, she seemed to have sensed something. Earnestly, she warned her not to let any man simply touch her body—even if he was her uncle!

Sophia still remembered what her grandmother told her: “Never let anyone touch a part of your body your swimsuit would cover!”

She kept that in her mind, and when Liam came and offered to bathe her again, she would splash him with water!

Ever since her grandmother had passed away, Liam’s family had taken her in. Knowing that the only person in this world who could protect her was gone, she could only take care of herself now.

Since then, she lived her life like a hedgehog. Whenever the boys in the village tried to bully her, she would rush toward them like a beast and fight them. She remembered one instance that she hated the most was when a boy urinated in front of her. Like a mad man, she went up and kicked him in the balls!

After that, every boy in the village was afraid of her and they dared not bully her again. However, that did not make her life any better. She continued to live under the shadow of Liam. She wouldn’t dare to sleep soundly at night because the door lock was broken and no one would fix it for her. It was common for her to open her eyes at midnight seeing a dark figure in front of her bed staring at her.

That was the shadow of her life; the nightmare that she could never get rid of in her lifetime.

She bit Liam’s palm that covered her mouth and tried to call for help. Her cries brought her aunt to her.

However, when her aunt discovered Liam’s filthy intentions, instead of scolding her husband, she blamed Sophia, who was only twelve years old, for trying to seduce her uncle and almost beat her to death…

She remembered everything. All of those painful memories were stored right in her mind.

She would always remember the day when she returned home after midterms. She was admitted into the best high school in Riverdale, but she didn’t dare to ask for tuition fees. Later, she heard them discussing trying to marry her, a girl who was still under sixteen, off to a man in exchange for a dowry.

That night, her uncle and her two cousins broke into her room. They had already agreed with the man to send her over tomorrow. However, they said one should always keep all benefits for one’s own people. Since the old man would be sleeping with her soon, it would be better if her own family was the one who took her virginity away.

They pressed her on the old little bed and tried to rape her. She cried hopelessly and helplessly. She later smashed Liam’s head with a bench in order to escape.

She was covered in blood. Like a stray dog, she limped as she ran into some green fields. Not far away was the scolding voices of the Johnson Family. She ran for about five kilometers alone and knocked open the door of the principal of Riverdale High School…。

Burying her face into the down jacket, Sophia’s tears once again dampened the clothing. The teary face that was hidden between her messy hair broke Linus’ heart.

She didn’t know when Linus sat next to her. He patted her shoulder and said, “It’s over now. One day, those bad guys who hurt you will be punished.”

Sophia buried her face in his chest; her tears soaked through his sweater.

Instead of howling like earlier, she sobbed carefully, trying to restrain her pain and grievances. Linus continued to talk to her.

“My childhood was actually quite tough too.” Linus started talking about his own life, trying to divert her attention.

“I was actually adopted by the Michel Family.” This was the first time Linus had ever told an outsider about his life. “In my memory, my former parents treated me very badly. They saw business opportunities from my talent. They started bringing me everywhere to perform and collected the fees paid. Those days…”

Even though more than ten years had passed and a lot of details had been forgotten, Linus could still remember some of the scariest parts that were hidden deep in his memory.

Sophia’s cries slowly subsided. Her ears pricked as she listened with curiosity, then she asked, “What happened later?”

“That one time when I had just finished filming at the TV station, my brother, Fass, found me,” Linus began.

Speaking of that day, Linus still remembered clearly about it. “Fass told me that he can take me away. He said my talents should not be restrained like this. I should be able to achieve more than that.”

“He asked me if I would like to go with him. And if I don’t, I might become the next Fang Zhongyong.”

It was also many years later when Linus was exposed to Cethos culture that he learned who ‘Fang Zhongyong’ was.

There was once a five-year-old child named Fang Zhongyong, who had never known how to read nor write. One day, he cried and asked for paper and a pencil. His family found him a piece of paper and a pencil, and Fang Zhongyong actually wrote something. His handwriting was pretty and it surprised his parents. So, his father took him everywhere, showing others his writing and making money from it. However, he didn’t let Fang Zhongyong go to school. Later, Fang Zhongyong’s talent slowly dried up and he became an ordinary person. If he was educated after they discovered his talent, he might have grown into a remarkable man.

“What did you say?” asked Sophia as she wiped away her tears and straightened her figure.

Shaking his head, Linus let out a chuckle. He tried hard to remember the day when his destiny changed. “Of course, I left with my brother. I followed him into the Michel Family. He ignored everyone’s criticism, and made me a member of the family, finding me new adoptive parents. He nurtured me since I was young, and was very strict with me. I never let him down. At the very least, I’m not the next Fang Zhongyong.”

Staring at Linus blankly, Sophia could see from his face that Fass was a very good person.

She said, “If I have the opportunity, I really want to know who the person who brought you up into this excellent person is.”

Speaking of Fass, Linus couldn’t help but smile.

To be honest, Fass had come to Cethos with him, but he had been keeping a low profile.

That day when they met Sophia by coincidence and Sophia asked him for a photo, Fass was actually not far away.

Sophia couldn’t help but ask again, “Have you ever wanted to find your former parents in the past few years?”

Without hesitation, Linus shook his head. “Never. When they sold me to Fass, I didn’t belong to them anymore. Besides…”

Linus sighed. “They’re not my biological parents. I don’t know where I actually came from.”

Patting Sophia’s shoulder, he went on, “We’re all the same. We weren’t happy when we were younger, but we have the ability to protect ourselves now as well as the people we love. We shouldn’t always live in the past; it’s useless. We should always look forward to life.”

Nodding, Sophia squeezed the last drop of tear from her eyes.

She should let bygones be bygones!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 528

The injury caused by the Johnson Family in the past was over. She was doing very well now, and there were still a lot of things waiting for her to do. Thus, she didn’t have the time to think about that nonsense!

Sophia dried up her clothes and hair before Linus put out the fire. The two of them then walked out of the park one after another. Taking the opportunity, Linus sent his location to Stanley and he suddenly heard Sophia say, “How did you find me?”

He didn’t know how to answer her question. When he knew Sophia was missing, the image of the park came to his mind. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Vaguely, he replied, “I checked the CCTV nearby and saw you.”

The two of them reached the fence and climbed back out. Even though Sophia was suddenly wearing a lot more than before, she was still very flexible. With ease, she leaped and disappeared on the other side of the wall. Linus immediately followed suit.

However, when his face merely came up to the wall, he saw a car on the other side closing its door. The door was slammed close and it drove away in a blink of an eye. When Linus got down from the wall, the car was gone; Sophia was nowhere to be seen too.

On a snowy night, the sky in Bayside City was extremely dark. It was the sort of dark that even the neon lights could not chase away. An SUV halted in a small alley; a few people got off from the car. Liam was the first—his wife and his two sons followed.

The eldest son and the second son removed a large suitcase from the trunk. The suitcase was big enough to fit a person, and in particular, a woman.

“Thank you so much, Miss Mitchell. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to catch this girl!” Liam rubbed his hands together and smiled flatteringly.

Inside the car, Natasha stared at the unmoving suitcase with a smile in her eyes. She said, “That’s nothing. Go on and hand in the suitcase. Don’t keep the others waiting.”

As the door closed, Natasha’s car drove away. The Johnsons carried the suitcase happily while walking in the snow. Liam’s wife scolded as they walked, “B*tch, do you think you’ve escaped from us? Pfft! Alas, you still fell back into my grasp!”

“Stop talking. Let’s talk after getting the money for the delivery!” exclaimed Liam. They found a dealer to sell Sophia off, and he would pay them ten thousand for her. Ten thousand was enough to get the Johnson Family to do anything that was against their consciences!

After they left the small alley, they walked another few hundred meters. The road in front opened up, leading them to an old warehouse. The dealer was already waiting for them. The Johnson Family had four people; the dealer had also come with about four to five people in a car.

“Why are you only here now? Do you still want the money?” The head of the dealers shouted angrily when he saw the Johnsons who were late.

Bowing, Liam said, “We’re here now!”

He asked his son to put the suitcase in front of the dealer and respectfully said, “Please take a look!”

The leader took two steps forward and bent over to open the suitcase. The moment he placed his hands on the suitcase, a harsh sound of a car braking was heard. At the same time, a dazzling light shone over.

There were car lights in all directions. They didn’t know how many cars and people were there. The dealer retreated into his car in shock. The first thing that came to his mind was: It’s the police!

But after the lights dimmed and his eyes adjusted to the light, he realized that there were more than ten cars and they were not the police! However, his expression didn’t get any better.

The situation looked like he shouldn’t take these people lightly! The cars surrounded the small warehouse; their headlights were turned on, illuminating the site brightly. The parties to the transaction were frightened and stepped back in fear.

The Johnsons had never seen anything like that before. Subconsciously, they wanted to run. But before they could move further, a group of people got out from the car and blocked them, shoving them back to the middle of the site.

There were Asians, Blacks, and even Whites. They came in a huge group, and they had a strong aura. The one in the lead was a youth, and he was a foreigner! Although the head of the dealers had connections in Bayside City, he didn’t know since when there was a force of foreigners in the city.

However, there were so many people on the other side and he didn’t dare to make a fuss. Respectfully, he went up and said, “Hi. May I know what brings you guys over?”

The youth on the opposite side smiled and said, “It’s nothing. I heard that you’re doing business at my doorstep. So, I came to take a look.”

This was the type of thing someone from the underworld would say. He didn’t expect a foreigner to speak so fluently in their language. The dealer’s forehead was covered with cold sweat. What the foreigner was implying was they had picked on one of their own.

Looking over at Liam, the suitcase, and the group of people, the dealer suddenly understood something and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know this warehouse is under your control. We’ll leave immediately.” After saying that, he ushered his subordinates to hand the suitcase to Linus.

Asking someone to take over the suitcase, Linus smiled gently and said, “Since this is a misunderstanding, I can’t let you leave empty-handed. I have better goods here. I can trade it for the suitcase.” Linus’ subordinate took out another suitcase and placed it in front of the dealer. It was also a large black suitcase that could fit a tiny person.

The dealer was baffled. He didn’t expect a foreigner to be so sensible. He thanked him gratefully and left with the suitcase.

Seeing the dealer’s car drive away, Linus walked to the suitcase. When he was about to open it, another group of people came. This time, it was again another group of more than ten cars.

Screech— The car stopped at once in front of Linus. The door opened and a man in a trench coat came out, his coat curved into an arrogant angle.

Marching forward, Michael saw the suitcase that was placed in the snow at just one glance. He bent down and opened it, seeing a petite girl curled up inside. She was wearing a dirty down jacket; her hair was messy and stained with leaves. Her forehead was wounded and the corners of her mouth were bruised. She curled up inside the suitcase and was trembling from the cold. She was breathing faintly. When she saw Michael, her gaze went soft. Her lips parted, but they were so stiff that she couldn’t say anything.

Michael’s eyes went wet. Quickly, he lifted Sophia out from the suitcase and walked away again. The little girl in his arms was freezing. Even though she was inside his embrace, she kept on shivering. Michael felt his heart ache as if a piece of his flesh was torn mercilessly from him. The girl he held on the tip of his heart was actually bullied like that by someone else!

Michael didn’t want to stay any longer. Without saying a word, he carried Sophia back into the car. There was a heating system in the car. And by staying beside him, she wouldn’t feel cold anymore.

Looking at Michael who came and left in a hurry, Linus said nothing. Harry came over and patted his shoulder. “Thank you so much, Linus. I’ll take over from here.”

Turning his gaze to the Johnsons, who were still kneeling on the ground begging, Linus inquired, “What are you going to do with this family?”

Harry glared coldly at the Johnsons; there was only coldness and disdain in his eyes. Liam had been fired when he molested a young girl back when he was a teacher. Now his eldest son was also a teacher, and evil ran in their blood. Their wrongdoings weren’t revealed yet, and no one knew how many girls had been victimized by them.

Purposefully, he shouted, “I’ll think about that after chopping off their hands!”

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When Liam heard Harry, he was frightened. He quickly bowed and begged, “Sir, please don’t chop off my hands. Please don’t! Please!”

The family’s begging was like flies buzzing in Harry’s ears—disgusting and annoying.

Letting out a chuckle, Linus said, “Oh, no. Please don’t do that. It’s not fun to chop their limbs off! I know a private club overseas that is perfect for them.”

“Oh, really? Tell me about it, Linus.”

In the face of the Johnsons, Linus and Harry started chatting. “The customers from that club like to play around with men. The club accepts men of all ages. They will castrate the men, remove their teeth, and shave them before sending them out to meet the customers.”

It was the first time Liam found out about such a terrifying thing and he was utterly shocked.


But no one heard their petty, yet useless begging.

Linus went on, “I know the person in charge there. They prefer Asians because they don’t have much body odor, and their skin is fair. Besides, they have a tight anus. I think the club would welcome the father and the sons.”

Harry was disgusted, but he asked, “Why remove their teeth?”

Looking at the Johnsons, Linus continued to say as if it was something normal, “They’re afraid that the slaves will bite their customers. Besides, without teeth, customers can experience a more comfortable service.”

The Johnsons were dumbfounded.

Bite the customers? A better user experience without the teeth?

After giving it some thought, Harry finally understood. He felt his bottom tighten and his teeth chill. Goosebumps crawled all over his body and he waved his hand. “Take them. You can do whatever you want.”

With one sentence, he pronounced the death of the family.

Like a dog, Liam continued to beg. Unfortunately, it was completely useless.

Harry quickly left with his subordinates. After watching Harry’s departure, Linus’ expression turned cold. There seemed to be no light visible in his ocean-blue eyes—it was unpredictable and there were traces of blood-red.

Slowly, he turned around and looked at the Johnsons. In his mind, the photos of Sophia being humiliated by them were enlarged infinitely.

At that moment, he was disgusted and hatred grew to its extreme. It was as if his soul was twisted by someone else’s despair and hatred.

That was actually none of his business at all…

Harry didn’t know how Linus got involved in this. He also didn’t know why Linus offered to help. But, he knew he would never see the Johnson father and sons anymore.

Once they were in Linus’ hands, what they were about to endure was even scarier than what they could imagine.

However, Harry was very curious about who exactly Linus replaced Sophia with.

Who was the one in the suitcase that was taken away by the dealer?

Inside Michael’s car, Michael was holding onto Sophia tightly. Removing her clothes, he put her into his arms. Sophia felt hot all over her body, and in a daze, she muttered, “I’m cold.”

Holding onto her, Michael tried his best to warm her up. He kissed her wrinkled little face and said, “I’m here. You won’t be cold anymore.”

Sophia started to burn up; she began crying and talking gibberish in his embrace.

Like a frightened kitten, she shrank and shivered in his arms. She muttered something and Michael leaned closer to listen.

Uncle, don’t.

At that moment, Michael felt like he had walked into her life too late. Maybe things would have worked out better for her if he had appeared several years earlier in her life!

And his cutie-pie wouldn’t have suffered so much back then!

He wouldn’t let those rascals who had hurt her in the past off the hook!

He hugged her tightly and buried his face into her hair; drops of tears melted into her hair.

That moment, he felt like he had turned into a beast…

The car came closer to the nearest hospital. Sophia was hurried into the ward to get an IV drip; Michael stayed by her side all night.

When Sophia climbed to the other side of the wall, she ran into the Mitchells. She was kidnapped by them and handed over to the Johnsons. She had caught a cold from the wind by the lake and from being trapped in the suitcase. She went into a coma for an entire day.

Michael took her back home and found a family doctor to take care of her. He had been staying by her side; he would hold her hands and check if the electric blanket was warm enough. Everything was done by him personally.

Many things had happened during the time she was unconscious in bed.

Natasha woke up on a damp and cold hole on the floor. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw sunlight coming through the roof that was covered with tiles. Sitting herself up, she recollected the incident from before.

She remembered herself sending someone to hand Sophia over to the Johnsons for them to sell her off to the dealer. She later left with her car and met with an accident. Then, she lost consciousness…

Looking around, Natasha rose to her feet. She lifted the moldy blanket that was covering her body. The room in front of her was extremely shabby—even the floor was just dirt.

Her slim high heels marked the wet ground as she walked. Pushing open the window next to her, she saw endless mountains in front of her.

The mountains were so high that they blocked out the sun. The valley was gloomy. The mountain on the opposite side looked as if it was about to engulf this tiny little house.

Suddenly, a surprised voice came out.

“Hehe. You’re awake, my dear. Guys, our wife is awake!”

The door was opened suddenly. Four middle-aged men in poor clothing came in. They looked like they were between the ages of thirty to fifty. They wore almost nothing but a few pieces of rags. They were so excited that their yellow teeth showed as they walked toward Natasha.

Before they even came near, their disgusting smell spread over.

Natasha was so frightened that her expression twisted. “Who are you? Go away! Get out! Someone help! Please!”

One of the men said, “Dear, we spent ten thousand just to buy you! You don’t have to be afraid of us. We’ll love you with all our hearts!”

Natasha was completely dumbstruck. She heard that the Johnsons were selling Sophia to the dealer. And the dealer had already found a buyer. The family consisted of four bachelors, and they were 150 years old in total. They were too poor to get married, so the four of them got together and gathered ten thousand to buy Sophia to make her their wife!

At that moment, an unknown panic that she had never felt before struck her. She stuttered, “No, no. There must have been a mistake. Your wife isn’t me—”

Unfortunately, the four men could no longer keep their calm, and she was instantly buried under them.

The cascading mountains were unfrequented by people. Natasha’s cries were utterly swallowed by it. Even if people in the distance could hear her cries, they weren’t surprised by that either. This was because the village was too poor, and the villagers could only get married by buying a wife. The dealer was like a savior to them. If it weren’t for the dealer, they wouldn’t be able to give birth to a son to carry on the family name.

All of the wives in the village were bought from the dealer. If they saw someone’s wife trying to escape, the whole village would come and help to catch her. Whenever the police came, all of them would work together and fight back. If one were to take their wives away from them, it would be like cutting off their family’s roots. It was like a murder!

At the same time, Bayside University also issued a statement to its students and societies: ‘The university will not allow anyone to hurt our students. Bayside University will investigate this matter thoroughly.’

After checking the surveillance footage, the university quickly found out the one who had posted the photos on the bulletin board. Sean had also discovered the IP address of the one who posted the news; everything pointed toward Natasha.

Without showing any mercy, Bayside University revealed the results of the investigation and expelled Natasha publicly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 530

Bayside University received positive feedback. Natasha, the fool, had once again gone overboard.

When news broke, it gained the attention of influential people like Taylor, Ethan, Nicole, and other celebrities who called on child molesters to undergo chemical castration, promoted the implementation of sex education for youths, and the like. As for a pervert like Liam Johnson who harassed his own niece, he still had to be held accountable for his crimes, regardless of how long ago the incident happened.

However, Liam and his whole family had vanished into thin air. People claimed that he had fled the country, but he was now forever pinned with shame.

People also claimed that Natasha had fled the country, but no one, even the Mitchell Family, knew where she was.

While there was an uproar amongst the public, it was still quiet in Villa No. 8 at The Imperial. At this moment, Sophia had finally woken up.

Her body was weak, she was not alert, and she ate very little. Michael continued to feed her liquid food, one spoon after the other.

She found it hard to swallow anything. But seeing the concerned look on Michael’s face, she still forced herself to swallow the food he fed her.

When she was done eating, she mustered up her courage and asked, “Hubby, are you disgusted by me?”

Her childhood had always been her skeleton in the closet. She never brought it up to him for fear that he would be repulsed by her.

Placing the bowl aside, Michael dabbed her mouth with a handkerchief. When he heard her question, he smiled affectionately and said, “Silly chica. It’s not like you did anything atrocious. Why would I be disgusted by you?”

Sophia lowered her eyes and burning hot tears started to stream down her face. She started to choke up and was unable to speak.

She thought that everything was in the past now. But, after she was exposed so abruptly today, she was afraid that Michael would detest her for it.

Wiping off the tears on her face, he placed his forehead against hers and soothed, “You didn’t do anything wrong. Why would I blame you? The people at fault here are those who hurt you! You’re not the one who should feel ashamed; they should!”

She burst into tears once again.

Later, Sean and Stanley came to visit her. Sean had even brought with him the latest update.

“The Mitchell Family is still looking for Natasha, but it seems like someone is trying to stop them from finding her. With the family head’s daughter missing, though, it’s chaos in there. The Michel Group also took this chance to form several business partnerships.”

Upon hearing his disclosure, Michael fell into deep thought.

The person who was stopping the Mitchell Family from finding Natasha was none other than himself, but Linus’ sudden advancement on the Mitchell Family was not something he saw coming.

Looks like Linus is planning to use this incident to defeat the domineering Mitchell Family.

The Michel Family’s first task since coming to Bayside City was to defeat the leading group, the Mitchell Family, who were also on the same playing field. Once they destroyed them, the Michel Group could easily take over Bayside City and the entire market in Cethos. They had to gain the upper hand by taking over Bayside City.

Michael was also uncertain as to whether that was good or bad.

But he was quite satisfied with the way Natasha and the Johnson Family were handled.

The noble Natasha was now a communal uterus to four men to carry on their lineage. To her, that was worse than death itself.

As for the Johnson Family, since they enjoyed harassing little girls, karma was going to deal with them.

If Linus intervened, he would definitely not let them off that easily.

Upon hearing Linus’ description of the place, it sounded like they were against mankind.

Michael was busy on a daily basis, but he would always make it back in time to keep Sophia company. It might have been because she had not been sick for the whole year that she ended up falling terribly ill after catching a cold the other day. As she was malnourished as a child, her hidden illnesses had surfaced and she spent quite some time lying in bed now.

In a blink of an eye, it was already New Year’s Day. It was freezing cold outside and it was even snowing heavily. The heater in Sophia’s room was set at the most ideal temperature, making it feel as warm as spring. While holding her cat, she was busy gossiping with Sarah.

“Oh, you. Stop thinking so much. It’s just one picture! When I lived in a shoebox apartment as a seven-year-old kid, we were so poor that we didn’t have a proper bathroom. My mom used to boil water and bathe me in the corridor. People walked past us and no one was surprised by the sight. Some of them even watched me and pinched my butt cheeks! Is there anyone who didn’t run around naked as a child? When my brother misbehaved, my dad used to take off his pants and gave him a good beating. He was ten at the time, but he went running out the corridor, crying and jumping around with his butt exposed.”

Sarah held the Garfield cat given to her by Linus as she reasoned with Sophia. The humorous story succeeded in making Sophia laugh.

“Try to let go a little. When final exams end in a few days, let’s go on a trip! We’ll bring Sean and Stan with us. If Linus isn’t busy, we can bring him along too. It’ll just be us few young people. We won’t take those old men with us.”

Sophia nodded and murmured in agreement. Putting down the cat, Sarah proceeded to take out her new sketchbook from her bag to show Sophia.

“They’ve been cracking down on pornography lately so I haven’t been able to upload anything. I’ve just been drawing for my own amusement. There are copies at home. I’ll only send them to friends.”

Sarah was a well-known illustrator online. On Instagram, she was known as “The Great Hand”, or “The Great Empath”. She illustrated and drew covers for online game merchants, artists, and the like, and she even sold art collections. Official collections she released definitely did not contain anything inappropriate for children, but Sarah would draw some indescribable things to entertain herself with.

Lately, she had a breakthrough and landed a position at Stanley’s company as his personal illustrator. She stopped accepting other jobs and releasing her own art collections, but she still could not abandon her hobby.

Her new sketchbook contained explicit drawings as usual—Stanley and Sean; Sean and Linus; Linus and Harry; Harry and Stanley.

Sophia was speechless. She even draws actual people in her life!

It was better if it was someone she was well acquainted with, though. The more she knew the person, the less she had to worry about copyright issues.

After entertaining themselves with those drawings for a bit, Sophia suddenly remembered the issue with Harry’s girlfriend. Harry still came home to eat occasionally, but he had never once brought his girlfriend along.

The tweet he sent was still there which only showed a view from the back. Some fans had taken pictures of Harry with a mysterious woman going to the pharmacy to buy a morning-after pill. That girl looked a lot like Sarah, but she did not admit it even if it cost her her life.

But even though she did not admit it, Sophia did not force her. After all, she was a shut-in. She might stir up trouble on the internet, claiming that she would not change her profile picture until she had slept with Harry, but whenever she met him in person, she became very timid.

“Harry has publicized his relationship. Are you still going to be his fan?”

Ever since Ethan made his relationship public, many fans had been heartbroken, threatening to take their own lives and leave the fandom.

At the mention of Harry’s name, Sarah started to get antsy. “I am a diehard fan. I won’t stop being his fan that easily! Oh, right. His new movie is releasing soon. Are you going to do anything before?”

Little Kitten was Harry’s number one stalker fan and the president of his fan club. If his movie was going to be released, she would have to grace the scene with her presence.

When Sophia heard that, she also remembered that Michael’s movie, ‘Doctor Invincible’, was coming soon. It was going to be released at the same time all around the world and had garnered much attention. Another international production with a lead actor from Cethos. It was estimated that the film would reach 6 billion at box offices worldwide.

She had to get into action!

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