My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 551-560

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 551

Xyla felt her world crashing down around her as she stared at Richard blankly with a look of disbelief. However, Richard showed neither guilt nor any uncharacteristic expression on his face—he was acting like he was talking about something insignificant. Without waiting for her to respond, he handed her a bag containing a low-cut evening dress and a set of sexy lingerie.

Then, he expressionlessly said to her, “I brought you a change of clothes from home. Also, Mr. Murphy doesn’t like using protection, so I prepared a morning-after pill for you. Here; take this 10,000. Why don’t you use it to get your hair done?

If you take good care of Mr. Murphy, he will definitely arrange more movie screening slots for you. Don’t worry; you will forever be my beloved wife. I will forget this incident. We still have a long future ahead of us.”

Listening to his cold and unfeeling words, the light in her eyes died out. Right now, my beloved husband is talking about betraying me in such an indifferent manner and acting like it has nothing to do with him! I can’t believe something like this is happening!

However, he didn’t seem to notice the despairing look in her eyes. He calmly took out a hotel key card and used the chance to brush off her dirty hands that were clutching at his suit. He was so disgusted with her that he didn’t want to have any form of contact with her.

“This is the hotel key card. Give me an answer before 6 PM tomorrow. If you refuse to go, let me know early. I will arrange for somebody else to take your place. Mr. Murphy has been very busy lately, and not just anyone can get hold of the key card to his room.” Standing up, he patted her on the shoulder. “Xyla, this is the last chance I can get for you.”

After saying that, he picked up his briefcase and left without a hint of hesitation, leaving her behind as she stared at the cold key card in a daze. This is my last chance… If the movie becomes a hit, I have a chance to start over. But, if it fails to become a hit, I will suffer a fate worse than death!

Richard left the café, then he took out a wet cloth and wiped the hand he used to touch Xyla’s shoulder. After that, he threw the wet cloth into the trash can, got into the car, and instructed the driver to drive. Then, he called up a number. “Hello? Is this Mrs. Murphy? You don’t need to know who I am. I just wanted to tell you that your husband will be at Jade Spring Hotel, Room Number XXX tomorrow at 7 PM…”

At The Imperial, Sophia woke up at 6 AM. Even though she wanted to sleep in, it seemed like her biological clock was set firmly in stone—as soon as she opened her eyes at 6 AM, she couldn’t fall back asleep again. Thus, she got out of bed, washed her face, and brought the dog out for a walk. She also brought along her MP3 player to memorize foreign words. On the other hand, Michael chose to work out at home and deal with some work matters while he was at it.

It felt like the entire city was still asleep at 6 AM on a winter’s day. Similarly, The Imperial was silent too. Villa No. 8 and Villa No. 2 were the only buildings with lights on. Sophia trudged through the snow, stuffing her hands in her pocket as she walked the dog.

The wind that blew against her face was so cold that it hurt. If I had known, I would have asked Nicholas to walk the dog instead. The silly white-furred dog was growing bigger and bigger, but it was a sled dog after all—it was elated by the sight of snow.

While Sophia was walking the dog, Sarah suddenly called. “Sofie, what are you doing?”

“I’m walking the dog!”

Then, Sarah burst out impatiently, “Damn! Why are you walking the dog?! Hurry up and watch the news! Something big has happened! It’s massive!”

After hanging up, Sophia happened to walk the dog over to the security booth by the gate of the community. Then, she noticed that all the security guards were huddled together in excitement. Every one of them had a phone in their hand and seemed to be watching an important video.

Thus, she hurriedly walked over to steal a glance. It seemed like everybody was watching the same video. The title of the video was: ‘Leading Actress of ‘Legend of Fan Lihua’ Caught Sleeping With Married Senior Executive of Renowned Cinema Chain to Increase Her Movie Screening Slots. Caught by the Wife and Stripped Naked On the Spot!’

Simply listening to the title of the video was amazing! The heartrending screams of a girl were heard immediately upon clicking into the video. The video started with a girl being stripped off her clothes by two or three noble-looking ladies in front of everybody. Looking at the surroundings in the video, it was taken in the downtown area during the peak hours of the night.

Many passersby were crowding around, watching and pointing. But, nobody stepped up to help the girl. The dramatic sight of the wife beating up the mistress was everybody’s secret guilty pleasure. It would be even better if the mistress was completely stripped naked. Therefore, everybody quickly took out their phones to record the scene instead of helping.

One could hear the excited murmurings of the crowd, the grating voices of the ladies cursing and throwing insults, as well as the girl’s tragic pleas for help in the video.

“You damn whre! How dare you seduce my husband?! How dare you! Come on; there are so many men here! Why don’t you show off your seductive wiles for everybody to see?! How dare you! How dare you! You slutty little cnt! I’ll show you what you get for being a whore!”

Amid the abuse thrown out by the wife, two or three strong and fit ladies tore the sexy low-cut evening dress the girl was wearing into strips, revealing the seductive and sexy lingerie underneath it. Then, they pressed her down by her thighs and exposed her body to the world. The girl wept pitifully, struggling with all her might to maintain the last remaining bit of fabric on her body. However, her efforts were all in vain. She couldn’t stop her private parts from being exposed.

So, she then struggled desperately to cover her face with her hands. Unfortunately, they refused to let things go as she wished. Holding her hands down, they forcefully revealed her face. Consequently, the girl’s face was shown to the world; her expression was full of pain and despair, and her makeup was ruined by her tears. With that, both her face and her naked body were put on display in front of countless eyes and cameras.

The lady kicked her hard several times, screaming as she lashed out, “Xyla Huff, was it? You’re a popular rising actress, right? The wife of the young master of the Harper Family, right? You slutty little c*nt! How dare you seduce my husband?! How dare you!”

Upon hearing those words, everybody seemed shocked. It turns out that the mistress is the popular rising actress, Xyla Huff! The wife of the young master of the Harper Family! She is the noble daughter of the Huff Family and the wife of the young master of the Harper Family! Why would she sleep with an old, married man over 50 years old when she has such a good family background and an excellent husband?! How can she stoop so low?! How shameless! She deserves to be stripped naked!

Every time the lady kicked the girl, the crowd cheered in response. In the end, too many people had gathered at the downtown area—so much so that traffic was disrupted and the police were called. As soon as the ladies heard the police sirens, they ran away in fright.

Afterward, only Xyla, who had been stripped naked, was left at the scene, and she searched around for some cloth to cover up her private parts amidst the jeering of the crowd. Her body was covered with shoe prints; her face was badly slapped; her makeup was smudged by her tears; and her naked body shivered uncontrollably on the snow-covered ground.

In the end, a female police officer kindly gave her a large cotton-padded coat. At the same time, another police officer suddenly rushed over to the camera and instructed them to stop filming. Only then did the video stop.

This incident seemed to have happened last night. Only one night had passed, yet the internet was already teeming with videos of the incident. The videos were recorded in high-definition with no censoring and from many different angles.

As soon as one batch of the videos was taken down, another batch immediately followed. The shocking news of a female actress being caught in an affair and being stripped naked in front of everybody was a vice everybody secretly loved.

While walking the dog, Sophia watched the video as she slowly walked home. Her demeanor was strangely calm. All of a sudden, she recalled the voice message Xyla had sent to her previously: ‘So many have seen your body before! Don’t you feel unclean?!’ Then, she couldn’t help smiling. When she got home, she kept a close eye on the news. The current lover of her ex-boyfriend was in deep trouble—that was such pleasing news to her ears. Naturally, she had to witness the entire story for herself!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 552

At 8:30 AM, the hospital announced that the chairman of Huffs Technology and his wife had passed away the night before, one after the other. Therefore, Huffs Technology suffered a total collapse.

At 9 AM, the media was having a field day as the Harpers held a press conference. Richard was dressed neatly, but he looked tired and sad. With an expression of faithfulness, he suppressed his anger and shame as he heartbrokenly said to the camera, “Even now, Xyla Huff is the woman I love the most. But, as a man and a husband, I am unable to accept the mistake she has made.

I will take care of the funeral affairs for my in-laws. After all, I am still a son to them even after my divorce from Xyla. Moreover, I will continue giving her a monthly stipend upon our divorce. I’m sorry, Xyla. I can bear all the mistakes you’ve made in the past. But this time, I can’t tolerate your behavior anymore.”

After saying that, he hid his face and wept. Then, the sorrowful man left with some difficulty, leaving with the help of his assistant and his bodyguards. With that, the press conference ended, and he was immediately perceived as the best son-in-law, best husband, and the most responsible man in Cethos as soon as the press conference was released to the public.

On the other hand, Xyla took the fall and went down in flames. She couldn’t even file a lawsuit to get more alimony. At the same time, the Harper family quickly cut all ties with her. Several billions of debt fell on her shoulders, so all her assets were forcefully seized by the courts and auctioned off to repay the debt.

For a long while, Sophia watched the news without doing anything else. Her ex-boyfriend’s extraordinary intelligence and methods had left her in awe! Amazing! Truly amazing! With this disturbance, ‘Legend of Fan Lihua’ became popular all of a sudden. The box office earnings experienced a huge turnaround. In a day, the ticket sales exceeded 100 million almost instantly as it went through a sudden boom!

At the same time, Xyla became known as a cheating sl*t condemned by all. Thus, she couldn’t ask for more alimony from her divorce. Even when Richard threw her aside, nobody dared to say that he was kicking her when she was down. Instead, they praised him for being morally righteous. In short, Richard had emptied the Huff Family’s coffers.

After taking their money, he kicked her to the curb and killed off the Huff couple. Moreover, he even gained honor from those actions. Simultaneously, the ticket sales of ‘Legend of Fan Lihua’ miraculously surged up. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he killed three birds with one stone.

Today, Michael kept seeing Sophia sitting on the sofa in the living room. She watched the news over the last two days repeatedly with a smile he could not fathom. Thus, he felt goosebumps covering his entire body. It’s impossible that she is feeling happy to see her ex-boyfriend doing so well! After all, she is the twin sister of Linus and the daughter of Cooper! Her brother and her father are so evil that they make my blood run cold! Naturally, she has inherited their innate cruelty too! Don’t be fooled by her appearance! Her heart is as dark as it gets! Hence, he decided to treat her a little better in the future, lest she turned against him one day.

On that day, Xyla was rescued by the police. Wearing the cotton-padded coat and a set of clothes the police had given to her, she left the police station. When she walked out of there, she was truly all alone in the world. Her family assets had been confiscated, the contract she had with Glory Entertainment had been canceled by the other party, Richard wanted to divorce her, and her face was bruised and battered under the mask she wore.

Standing in the falling snow, she watched the colored TV displayed in the window of an electrical retail store by the side of the street. The TV was showing the press conference held by Richard. He was well-dressed and had a sorrowful expression on his face. He looked so perfect that nobody could find fault with him, and his character setting was so well-created that it moved people to tears.

At that moment, she realized that she had been deceived all along. He was the one to suggest that she slept with that man. Even so, he immediately threw her aside the moment something happened and escaped unharmed all by himself. I wish I could reach into the TV and rip him to shreds! She had thought that she no longer had tears left to cry.

To her surprise, her tears flowed down her face freely when she heard that her parents had passed away, one after the other, and her family assets had been forcefully seized and auctioned off. However, she couldn’t accept it quietly. Using the few dollars she had in her hand to hail a cab, she charged into the Harper Residence.

The Harpers had cut off all her contingencies, and she had no evidence against them. They’ve planned this for such a long time. And now, I’m penniless. I have nothing! Nothing! Since the Harpers were so merciless, she decided to create a ruckus—so much so that everybody became uneasy.

Rushing over to the gate of the Harper Residence, she yelled at the top of her voice, “Richard Harper! Come out! You asked me to sleep with Mr. Murphy! You gave me the hotel key card! You planned all this! I’m going to let the world know about your true colors! You hypocrite! You hypocrite! You and your entire family will rot in hell!”

She was hoping that somebody nearby would record it and post it on the internet. With that, everybody would learn about the true colors of Richard and the Harpers. Unfortunately, not a single person was around even though she yelled until she lost her voice.

At that moment, Mrs. Harper came out of the residence. This time, she openly revealed all the hatred and disgust she felt—she did not need to don a fake mask anymore. “You rotten little c*nt! You have embarrassed our entire family! How dare you return so brazenly?! Get lost!” Then, she ordered two bodyguards to shoo Xyla away.

Standing by the side of the road, Xyla wept in despair beneath the falling snow. Joe, who lived next door to the Harpers, stuck his head out when he heard her crying. Seeing that nobody was around, he ordered his bodyguards to drag her into the Edwards residence.

As soon as he captured her, he revealed his true form. His fat face squeezed into a wretched expression as he approached her. “You slutty c*nt! You nearly ruined my plans! You are in my hands now. I’ll show you what you get for trying to ruin my plans, you wench!”

He had been coveting her for a long time. In the past, he could not make a move against her. However, she was in trouble now. With how much debt she owed, her debtors would probably sell her off to repay her debts. Thus, she would not have much longer left to live. Even if she did survive, she would be forced to sell her body to repay her debt, sooner or later. Why don’t I have a taste of her while I have the chance…

In the early morning, the snow had piled up on the ground when Joe threw Xyla out of the Edwards residence. Limping, she walked in a corner of Bayside City. Blood trickled down her thigh as the large cotton-padded coat was wrapped around her battered and ruined body. In the past few hours, she had been ravaged by all the men within the Edwards residence—from Joe to the bodyguards to the driver to the chef to the gardener…

Just a few days ago, I was still the noble young lady of the Huff Family. But now, I’m worse off than a maggot.

In the early winter morning, the street was empty. She walked along the road, alone with no idea where to go. Suddenly, a luxurious car stopped on the road next to her with a sharp screech. Thus, she stopped walking, turned her stiff neck in the direction of the car, and watched expressionlessly as the door of the car opened. Subsequently, a waft of warm air and a burst of elegant incense blew into her face—it was like the door to another world had opened up in front of her.

After that, a carpet was lightly placed against the snowy ground and a pair of exquisite high heels stepped onto the carpet. A lady stepped out of the car; she was dressed in a mink coat and exuded a noble air. Then, the woman stood on the carpet several meters away from her and studied her curiously as if she were something strange.

Looking at the person who came, Xyla let out a peal of maniacal laughter. “Sophia, are you here to see the state I’m in? Your plot has finally succeeded. Are you happy now?”

Sophia stood in front of her and said nothing. Instead, she took a laptop from her bodyguard and smilingly handed it to Xyla. “I’ll give this to you. The password is 123456.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 553

Xyla didn’t know what Sophia intended to do. Thus, she simply stared blankly at the clean and beautiful fingers in front of her. After a long while, she finally reached out her heavily wounded hands and took the laptop that was handed to her. Starting up the laptop and keying in the password, she saw a folder on the desktop. When she clicked into it, she saw that it contained many documents and videos.

Then, she clicked on a video. It was a video of her meeting with Richard at the café opposite the motel the other day. As the video played, Richard’s voice entered her ears clearly. “Mr. Murphy owns the largest chain of cinemas in Bayside City. All screening slots will depend on him. He has taken an interest in you. If you sleep with him for a night, he has agreed to increase the movie’s screening slots by 30% throughout all the chain cinemas… Mr. Murphy doesn’t like using protection, so I prepared a morning-after pill for you.

Here; take this 10,000. Why don’t you use it to get your hair done? If you take good care of Mr. Murphy, he will definitely arrange more movie screening slots for you. Don’t worry; you will forever be my beloved wife. I will forget this incident. We still have a long future ahead of us…”

Her eyes widened suddenly. I went to the café in hopes of looking for evidence of Richard setting me up too, but they informed me that there was no surveillance footage within the café. Therefore, I had no evidence to prove that Richard was the one that asked me to sleep with Mr. Murphy! I can’t believe Sophia has the evidence!

She was feeling very excited—so much so that the blood that had frozen in her veins was rushing to her head now and her heart was pounding away wildly. She quickly clicked on the next video. It turned out to be a high-definition video from a hidden camera in Richard’s car. In the video, Richard’s face was clearly visible, and his voice was extremely clear.

When he got into the car, he took out his phone and made a phone call with a strange smile on his face. “Hello? Is this Mrs. Murphy? You don’t need to know who I am. I just wanted to tell you that your husband will be at Jade Spring Hotel, Room Number XXX tomorrow at 7 PM…”

Upon seeing that, she couldn’t help sobbing. I see; he planned everything! He asked me to sleep with Mr. Murphy and then reported it to Mrs. Murphy. Because of that, I was mistaken for Mr. Murphy’s mistress. Not only was I beaten up, but I was also stripped naked in front of everybody. Meanwhile, he found a justifiable excuse to throw me away and gained the reputation of being a filial son-in-law at the same time. Even the box office earnings of the movie were driven up by this incident. Honestly, what a great method! It makes my blood run cold just thinking about it! Crying, she continued to the next video with trembling fingers.

The next video was taken at a hospital ward in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Richard was playing the video of Xyla being stripped naked in public inside the hospital ward. Mr. Huff, who had just woken up, was staring at the video with wide eyes.

He was so mad that he couldn’t breathe. All of a sudden, he struggled slightly before collapsing back onto the bed, his eyes staring blankly into space. After he died, Mrs. Huff cursed at Richard. However, Richard simply stepped forward and unplugged the oxygen tube. As a result, she struggled for a bit before she stopped moving too…

After that, there was a video of Joe raping Xyla as well as Faye and Richard conspiring together to steal the Huff Family’s assets. There were several copies of ledgers too, detailing how the Harpers and the Edwards had quietly transferred out the Huff Family’s assets. That was also the reason the Huff Family had collapsed so quickly and so suddenly despite being such a stable and powerful family. Moreover, the files contained a lot of information on Joe’s misdemeanors too.

After she finished going through the information, she finally lost control of her emotions. Kneeling on the ground, she burst into tears. I can’t believe this! This is how my entire family was killed by those people!

Looking at Xyla now, Sophia nearly sympathized with her. She sighed and indicated for Hale to bring out another folder. Squatting down, she glanced at Xyla, who was weeping on her knees. Then, she said gently, “Here; your ID card. I took the liberty of getting it back for you. Also, here is 20,000. Use it to do your hair, change your clothes, find a hotel to take a bath, and have a good rest.

Tomorrow, you can release that information to various media outlets that Joe and the Harpers cannot control. With that, both Joe and the Harpers will be finished. Additionally, this is the shareholding certificate for 7% of the Harper Group that I worked really hard to accumulate. Since we were deceived by the same man, I decided to transfer it over to you for free.

I’ve signed the documents. There’s a pen inside the folder, so you can sign it yourself. Rejoice; you will be able to take your revenge immediately. Soon, the Harpers will accompany your parents in the afterlife. It’s a little cold today, so I’m going to leave now.”

A long time after Sophia left, Xyla finally came back to her senses. By then, the documents in her hands had already gone cold. She hurriedly flipped it open and saw that it truly was the transfer letter for 7% of the Harper Group. Moreover, the transferor was Sophia Edwards.

Looking at the money and the transfer letter, she was confused. Sophia would never be so kind as to help me out of the goodness of her heart. She must be afraid of dirtying her hands. So, she wants me to destroy Richard in her stead! She gripped the laptop that contained all the evidence of Richard’s wrongdoings and sneered suddenly. Sophia, you’ve made a mistake in your calculations!

Inside The Imperial, Michael had been observing Sophia’s actions over the past two days. When he saw that she had transferred all the shares she had painstakingly amassed in the Harper Group over to Xyla, he couldn’t understand her intentions. With Xyla’s personality, she might not necessarily hand those documents over to destroy the Harper Family. Rather, she would most probably bring those documents over to the Harpers to negotiate her return to the Harper Family and become the honorable and rich lady she once was again.

Even if the 7% shareholding was lost, it was nothing but pocket change to Sophia, who was a multi-billionaire. Still, she had been watching the news intently over the past few days, keeping an eye on how things were progressing. It was to the point where she stopped all her fangirling activities and no longer paid attention to the news and movies about Taylor Murray. For that reason, Michael was very angry as he felt like he had fallen out of favor. How can there be something more important than her fangirling activities?!

On the third day after the documents had been handed over to Xyla, the sky cleared up. At the same time, the young master of the Harper Family, Richard, suddenly called for a second press conference. During the press conference, Richard appeared together with Xyla, who had been condemned by all just two days ago. The two of them stood hand in hand and looked very loving. Although Xyla wore shades, it wasn’t enough to cover the bruises on her face. Facing the camera, she wept pitifully.

Meanwhile, Richard held Xyla’s hand. His eyes were red-rimmed and filled with tears as he said to the camera, “I’m sorry for gathering you all here today. However, this is a press conference I must hold. It directly relates to a man’s dignity and responsibility. First of all, I need to apologize to my wife, Xyla Huff. Since then, the matter has been thoroughly investigated. On that day, my wife was simply meeting with Mr. Murphy and several others within the industry at Jade Spring Hotel to discuss a new film.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Murphy, who did not know the truth, mistakenly assumed that Xyla was having an affair with Mr. Murphy. Because of that, Xyla has suffered deeply from the incident. It was all a misunderstanding. Moreover, Mrs. Murphy will be making a public apology and providing suitable compensation for her mistake. Furthermore, I solemnly apologize to my wife.

I should not have chosen to divorce her under those circumstances. Allow me to deeply apologize to her once again. No matter what happens, she will remain the woman I love the most. I am willing to hold the sky up for her if need be. From now on, I will stand by her side no matter how the outside world slanders and doubts her. Also, I will help her repay the debts of Huffs Technology.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 554

During an emotional moment, they hugged each other and cried. Their love, which was as deep as the sea, was very moving. After that, Joe appeared too. Expressing his grief about what happened to the Huffs, he announced that since Xyla had lost both her parents, he and the Edwards Family would now be her closest family.

Upon hearing those words, Xyla burst into tears on the spot. Even the large pair of shades she wore could not conceal her emotions… After the press conference, the public opinion toward Xyla changed. The public praised them for the strength of their feelings and bonds toward each other. However, nobody knew what Richard and Joe were feeling inside.

Michael was sitting in the living room and reading a fashion magazine. At the same time, he sneaked glances at the expression on Sophia’s face after watching the press conference—it was an extremely pleased expression. She is so happy that it’s insane! At the same time, she is so psychotic that it’s adorable! Oh, my lovely wife! Even when you’re crazy, you’re still so adorable!

After watching the press conference, she saw that the Harpers and the Edwards had left the scene. Thus, Sophia called up Richard to express her concern as his ex-girlfriend. She even put the call on loudspeaker. The moment the call connected, Richard’s ear-splitting roar reverberated throughout the entire living room. “Sophia Edward, you btch! You damn btch! I hope you rot in hell!”

Richard was going mad with anger. Yesterday, Xyla had suddenly appeared with a bunch of documents to blackmail him. She threatened to expose the evidence unless he reinstated her as the young mistress of the Harper Family.

How could he possibly allow her to return?! Not only did she sleep with Mr. Murphy, but she had also been raped by Joe too. Even all the men in the Edwards residence had already slept with her! She was as repulsive as a maggot! Just by living under the same roof as her, he felt sick to the stomach, let alone sleeping in the same bed as her.

To his shock, she not only had those documents in hand but also the shareholding certificate for 7% of the Harper Group’s shares. If the information in her hands were exposed to the public, he, the Harpers, and the Edwards would all die together! Therefore, he had a rough guess of what had happened!

Sophia and Xyla must have collaborated! Those documents were prepared by Sophia! As a result, he was tempted to strangle both Xyla and Sophia to death. However, he didn’t dare to touch any one of them. He knew that if either one of them died, the information on him would be exposed to the public—his fatal weakness was in the hands of his enemies.

Nowadays, the Harper Residence felt like it was covered in heavy miasma. The moment Xyla returned, she had gotten into a huge quarrel with Mrs. Harper. She even went so far as to hit Mrs. Harper! And, if Mrs. Harper so much as said something upsetting, she threatened to expose the Harpers’ dirty secrets!

Therefore, he could only suffer silently and resign to his fate. For her sake, he had stepped on many toes, spent a lot of money, and even held a press conference. With the knowledge that she had cheated hanging over his head, he had to hug this foul-smelling woman and pretend to be loving during the press conference. Moreover, he felt as if he was soaking in a dung pit all the time. Whenever he opened his mouth to breathe, his nose, eyes, and mouth were filled with sh*t. As long as Xyla was there, even the air stank horribly! And, all of this happened because of Sophia!

Hence, he was so furious that he was about to explode, and all the vicious words that he knew spewed out of his mouth. “You horrible, disgusting woman! You’re a slutty whore who sleeps around with old men! I hope you rot in hell! I can’t wait to crush your bones into powder! I’m going to use your ashes to make a toilet! Just you wait! I’ll kill you someday! I’m going to kill you!

How dare you give all those documents to that btch?! Did you think you could use her to get rid of me?! Haha. You got it wrong! That btch is so wretched that she came crawling back to me with those documents! That 7% shareholding of yours has gone to waste! It will become mine soon! Haha. You never imagined that, did you?! Your perfect plan was ruined by such a repulsive wench! Serves you right!”

When he finished his rant, he panted heavily. Then, Sophia finally spoke up with a bright smile. “Your wife slept with Mr. Murphy before. Moreover, she was seen by all of Cethos! Besides, I didn’t sleep around; your wife did. She slept with Joe, the bodyguards at the Edwards residence, the driver, the chef, and even the sewer cleaners! She slept with all of them! But, you can’t divorce her!

I knew she was going to go back to you with those documents. I don’t care about that little bit of money. I just wanted to see you disgusted to the core, yet unable to do anything about it! You’re done for! You’ll have to live with an unfaithful wife for the rest of your life! More importantly, you have to live with a woman who could turn around and murder you at any time!”

Richard felt so incensed that his eyes rolled back and he nearly fainted. It was no use even if he gnashed his teeth to pieces; he desperately wished he could murder Sophia. After all, he was well aware that Xyla wanted to murder his entire family. She was a demon who came to get her revenge!

Just as he was about to continue swearing, he heard Sophia sneer, “Oh! I forgot to tell you! Yesterday, I received another 5% of the Harper Group’s shares. On account of our previous relationship, I decided to give it all to your wife as a consolation gift. So, she will hold 12% in your company. Hmm; I seem to remember you only hold a 10% share in the company… Now that she owns more shares than you do, do you feel scared?”

When the conversation ended, he slammed the phone down. Then, he paced about angrily like an angry beast and his eyes were red.

On the other hand, Xyla, who had been observing the entire phone call between Richard and Sophia, leisurely took off her sunglasses to reveal her battered and bruised face. She calmly took out her face powder and touched up her makeup. Then, Richard’s fist came flying toward her as if he wanted to vent his anger out on her.

To his surprise, she glared at him abruptly. “Hmm—”

His fist froze in mid-air. All his weaknesses were in this woman’s hands. If he angered her, she might do something out of desperation and everything would go downhill from there.

After she finished touching up her makeup, she got up. “Let’s go. We need to attend my parents’ funeral service later. A ‘filial son-in-law’ like you can’t miss it!”

‘Filial son-in-law’. Those words shackled him down firmly. He glared at her but couldn’t do anything. He was still far too young—he had been so foolish that he had dirtied his own hands and given his enemies a weakness they could exploit!

At that moment, Xyla’s expression was filled with a sick and hideous delight. She liked watching Sophia and Richard fighting against each other. In the end, she was the one who benefited from it. If what Sophia said was true, she now held a 12% stake in the Harper Group. With that, she no longer had anything to worry about for the rest of her life. In the past, she had been too kind—she had given everything she and her family had to that b*stard, Richard.

However, she was no longer the delicate and beautiful daughter of the Huff Family she used to be. Her next objective was to seize control of the shareholder’s meeting and blackmail the directors. I’m going to make the Harper Group mine. I’m going to become a rich, young wife who forever stands above everyone else! All of Sophia’s conspiracies will become my personal assets! Even though she planned to get rid of Richard… I’m sure she never imagined that she would be helping me out instead!

Unbeknownst to them, Sophia was doing a happy little dance in The Imperial right now. She was elated as she imagined what Richard was feeling at the moment. During this period, she had worked hard to gather information on the dirty secrets of the Harper Family and accumulate their company shares. Now, she successfully placed that deranged and repulsive woman in the Harper Family. However, these were simply the first steps in her plan. Later, she had a whole set of plans to put into motion. I’m going to make the Harpers wish they were dead!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 555

Michael observed the happy expression on Sophia’s face and felt happy too. Then, he studied the videos of the two press conferences Richard had held.

During the first press conference, he looked sorrowful and resigned. However, the twitching of his brows and the slightly relaxed facial lines betrayed his true emotions. He clearly did not suffer from the slightest bit of grief. Rather, he seemed like he wanted to smile. What a total hypocrite. During the second press conference, he still had the same sorrowful and guilty look on his face. However, his voice was uptight, and the corners of his mouth and eyes were trembling slightly. That indicated that he was on the verge of breaking down. He could explode at any moment but had to hold himself back.

Right now, the knowledge that his wife had been unfaithful would loom over him every day, leaving him feeling perpetually disgusted. Even so, he had to be affectionate toward his wife. For a man, that was extremely cruel. Still, he gets what he deserves!

After the ‘caught in an affair and stripped naked’ incident, Xyla returned to the Harper Family in a grand manner and continued being the young mistress of the Harper Family. At the same time, she frantically acquired the odd lots of the Harper Group. Combined with the 12% Sophia had given to her, she soon saw the Harper Group issuing a public announcement that she had acquired 15% of their shares. Thus, she became a major shareholder of the company and joined the board of directors. With that, she became a pivotal figure within the Harper Group.

Meanwhile, ‘Legend of Fan Lihua’ crashed and burned in the end. The hundreds of millions that were invested in the movie had gone down the toilet, and the investors suffered a huge loss trying to repay the debt. Richard had failed to boost ticket sales despite racking his head for ideas. On the 20th day since its release date, it appeared on several mobile apps where one could watch the movie with a fee.

On the other hand, ‘Doctor Invincible’ was extremely popular. One month after its release, the Cethosian box office earnings hit 4.5 billion while global box office earnings surpassed 9 billion. It easily entered the top 100 in box office rankings. Due to that, it became another peak in the acting careers of Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston. Due to its overwhelming response, its screening was extended for another month—it was screened in cinemas for two consecutive months.

Soon, the entertainment news revealed that Xyla had signed on to another new movie. Moreover, it contained many highly erotic scenes. When the news broke out, the entire country was shocked! It was incredible that the dignified young mistress of the Harper Family had accepted a role in a movie with many highly erotic scenes. In this regard, the Harpers did not accept any interviews from reporters.

The Harper Family’s scandals had become the most discussed gossip among Cethosians. However, the husband and wife seemed to be in a strong and loving relationship. Moreover, they constantly showed off their affection for each other. Everybody wished them happiness on the surface but didn’t know what to make of them behind their backs. No man could tolerate his woman accepting a role in a movie with highly erotic scenes. Therefore, Richard Harper was truly a man among men! However, after the incident where Xyla was stripped naked, she had become a popular topic for a while. For some reason, everybody held a strange interest in her new upcoming movie, thinking that perhaps she had nothing to lose anymore.

The Harper Residence, the Edwards residence, and The Imperial could be considered neighbors. Occasionally, Sophia would glance in the direction of the Harper Residence curiously when she went out. Sometimes, she even went so far as to watch them with a pair of binoculars. Ever since Xyla’s return, it seemed like she could see smoke coming out of the roof every other day. Thus, she was curious what the situation was like inside after all that fighting.

Due to the popularity of the movie, the crew of ‘Doctor Invincible’ was holding a large-scale celebration banquet. Although Michael was invited to attend, he couldn’t be bothered to go. Since Michael wasn’t going, Harry didn’t bother to attend either. He would rather stay at home, play games, and pet his cats.

In a blink of an eye, New Year’s Eve rolled around. The most anticipated holiday among the Cethosians was here. Early in the morning of New Year’s Eve, Michael began preparing to worship his ancestors. Meanwhile, Sophia was in the kitchen planning for tonight’s reunion dinner. It had been a difficult year, although it wasn’t as tough as it used to be in the past. Back then, she suffered greatly throughout the year just to eat one good meal on this day. Even so, the reunion dinner was a meaningful custom and had to be upheld.

On this day, the snow in Bayside City was as beautiful as ever. Across the lands of Cethos, some families were happy while others were not, and some people were deeply in love while others were fighting.

Early in the morning of New Year’s Eve, a huge commotion was happening at the Harper Residence. The reason for that was that Richard, who woke up in a private room of a business club in the arms of a pair of twin models with 36D busts, received an angry and frantic phone call from Mrs. Harper.

“Hurry up and come back! Xyla, that b*tch! She’s going to be the death of me! I’m so mad!” Mrs. Harper was so livid that she couldn’t get her words out properly. Guessing that something was wrong, he practically flew back home. Then, he kicked open the door to their master bedroom like a wild, red-eyed beast. Ever since the incident, he had not slept in the same bed as Xyla—in his eyes, she was soiled!

At this moment, he glanced in the direction of the bed and immediately lost his temper. On the bed of the master bedroom lay his wife, Xyla, and two other naked male models. Inside the room, the smell of sex still lingered in the air. Scattered across the ground were wine bottles as well as all sorts of unbelievable garbage and tools left behind from their crazy sexual activities.

“Xyla Huff! You b*tch!” His wife had daringly brought two random men back to the Harper Residence in an entitled manner. She even slept in his bed. Moreover, she didn’t seem to feel any shame even though she had been caught having an affair. Under the angry gazes of Mrs. Harper and Richard, she got out of bed in her birthday suit, unabashedly revealed her body before Richard, and brazenly showed off the unsightly traces of her love affair.

Xyla tilted her head to the side and looked at the beastly man mockingly. “What? You can play, so why can’t I? I’m telling you; I’m not just going to play, but I’ll also bring them home to play. What’s it to you?”

“You—” Richard was being cheated on. Thus, he was so furious that he felt lightheaded. Choking on his rage, it became a string of dry words. “Shameless wench! As the young mistress of the Harper Family, how dare you—”

Nowadays, she no longer had anything to fear. Leisurely donning a sexy silk chemise, she lit up a cigarette and exhaled a perfect circle of smoke. Then, she casually shook the ashes onto the carpet and lifted her enchanting brows slightly, saying, “It’s New Year’s Eve today. I’m going to invite several male models over to the house to party. You can join us if you like.”

He was rendered speechless by her words. Not long ago, she finally realized that the girl she was in the past had been stupidly honest. Thus, she underwent a complete change. He fools around outside every night. What right does he have to criticize me?

Mrs. Harper was so furious that she rushed over to hit Xyla. “You b*tch! You little slut! Get out of here!”

When Xyla saw Mrs. Harper rushing over to hit her, she fought back. Reaching out to stop Mrs. Harper’s attack, the two ladies in the house fought tooth and nail.

Xyla was no longer the same girl she had been in the past. Grabbing Mrs. Harper’s clothes, she tore them off viciously. Very quickly, both women stood there in their birthday suits. Xyla no longer cared, but Mrs. Harper still felt ashamed despite her age. Mrs. Harper’s clothes were completely stripped off of her in a blink of an eye. Hence, she was crying, screaming, and searching for some cloth to cover herself up—all at the same time.

Finally, Richard couldn’t stand watching any longer. He fiercely slapped Xyla across the face and helped Mrs. Harper out of the room. After that, he slammed the door behind him, never wanting to see that sight again.

Meanwhile, Xyla’s voice came out from inside the bedroom. “Richard, you better keep your mouth shut for the sake of your reputation!”

Richard heard the vicious threat but couldn’t do anything in retaliation. That woman has gone crazy! On that day, Xyla held a party in the Harper Residence just as she said she would. She invited over a dozen dodgy men and women over to the house for a sex party. They sat in the living room, flirting, and even started getting handsy right in front of the Harpers.

As a result, Mrs. Harper was so furious that she fainted on the spot. Hence, Mr. Harper and Richard sent her to the hospital, and their New Year’s passed gloomily.

As always, the Mitchell Family was enveloped in despair. The Michel Family was being very aggressive—so much so the Mitchell Family couldn’t stand up against them at all. They were seeking a marriage between the families to promote cooperation between the families, but the other party simply had no interest.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 556

At this critical point where the survival of the Mitchell Family was at stake, the most distinguished lady of the family, Natasha, had gone missing. There had been no news from her for more than a month now. Thus, Alex had focused all his energy on searching for his daughter. He mobilized all the forces he could to search all over the world—it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Faced against the unscrupulous Michel Family, the Mitchell Family was steadily losing the fight.

Every year, the Mitchell Family would hold an annual family meeting on New Year’s Day to summarize the gains and losses of the year, as well as looking into the future. However, the annual family meeting this year was turning into a quarrel between the Alex faction and the Cooper faction. Cooper’s old supporters were in favor of welcoming him back at any cost. They believed that it was the only way to save the family. In contrast, the Alex faction believed that Cooper was a traitor. They refused to welcome him back into the family even if he returned.

For that reason, the two factions were at each other’s throats during the annual meeting. Throughout all that, Sean acted like he was an outsider. He lowered his head to play games on his phone while he chatted with Stanley on the game chat.

Stanley: ‘Sean, I heard Sarah saying that the Mitchell Family is having a huge quarrel. It’s so loud that they can hear it from next door. Are you okay?’

Sean replied exasperatedly, ‘I won’t be able to celebrate New Year’s today at this rate. I’ll probably return to work soon after dinner.’

Stanley: ‘Hey, why are you working on New Year’s Day?! It so happens that my family isn’t celebrating New Year’s together this year. My parents have gone overseas on an exchange program while my brother is out on a business trip. Besides, we had dinner together just a few days ago, so we’re not celebrating this year. Why don’t we go to Sophia’s house to celebrate New Year’s instead? Uncle Michael will surely bring out the good wine.’

Hmm; mooching a free meal at Michael’s house doesn’t seem like a bad idea! Besides, they have so much cured meat they won’t be able to finish them… Sean answered, ‘Yeah, okay.’

Lifting his head, he glanced at the two factions arguing ceaselessly. Then, he sneaked out. When he drove past the West Residence, he heard the West Family arguing loudly too. Therefore, he slowed his car and saw Sarah running out of the house. Peter followed behind her; he was so furious that he was jumping in anger. “Leave if you dare! And, don’t you dare come back again!”

Peter was so furious that his thick neck was flushed red. A mother and a daughter hugged each other behind him, crying. However, a barely-concealed triumphant light shone in their eyes behind the façade of their tear-stained faces.

Sarah was wearing her pajamas and her hair was disheveled. Stuffing some items into her pocket, she rushed outside without turning back. Similarly, Peter was in a fit of anger. He didn’t know whether he should chase after her or not. Thus, he simply watched as her pajama-clad figure disappeared around the corner of the road.

Looks like Sarah has gotten into another fight with her father and her stepmother! Rolling down the window, Sean said to Peter, “Mr. West, don’t worry. I’ll go after her!”

When Peter saw Sean, his face lit up with joy. Nodding quickly, he said, “Thanks.”

Sean drove his car after her and soon found her. She was walking and crying at the same time. Stopping the car, he opened the car door for her. “Get in. I’ll send you back.”

Sarah wiped her tears as she got into the car with red-rimmed eyes. “No, thanks. I want to go to my shop. I’d rather spend the New Year’s with my cats than go home right now!”

Exasperated, he sent her to her cat café. All the workers were on holiday today, so the doors were shut tight. Then, he quickly called Harry after watching her walk into the café. “Hello? Old Wolf, your little kitten ran away after getting into a fight with her family. Right now, she is at her cat café. Come and comfort her quickly!”

Hanging up, he parked his car at the entrance and waited for a while. The West Family affairs were not something he could meddle in. However, they had been neighbors for 10 years now. So, he had a vague understanding of their family situation. The saying ‘men turn unfaithful once they achieve success’ described Peter to the tee. The moment his business succeeded, he divorced his wife, who had stayed with him through thick and thin, and married a rich lady instead.

Over the years, Sarah was often bullied by her stepmother at home. Therefore, she disliked her family from a young age and would rather focus on her fangirling activities than go home. Even so, it was New Year’s—something probably happened to upset her so badly.

It was not easy to describe her stepmother. Her stepmother had always wanted to marry Sarah off in exchange for a sizable dowry. She also wanted to snatch away the shares Sarah owned to give to her own daughter. If not for Sarah’s capable brother, she would have suffered even more at home…

Not long after Sean’s call, a shiny and bright sports car stopped in front of the café. Harry climbed out of the car and was dressed in clothes that didn’t stand out, a mask, and a hat. Hurriedly greeting Sean, who was waiting inside the car, he anxiously rushed into the café.

Afterward, Sean drove to The Imperial. By the time he arrived, Stanley was already there.

“My parents abandoned me and left to go abroad. My brother is out on a business trip. I’m the only person at home on New Year’s Day. Even the housekeeper has returned home to celebrate the New Year’s. The kitchen and the hearth are cold, and I have no food to eat. Uncle Michael, take pity on me! Hurry up and open some good bottles of wine to comfort me!” Stanley was pestering Michael. Meanwhile, Michael was sitting on the sofa, dressed in a set of pajamas with an orange cat cartoon print. Looking very irritated, he said, “Go away; go away! Go someplace else to eat! I don’t have enough food for this year either!”

The affectionate bickering between the uncle and his nephew didn’t seem to affect the atmosphere of the New Year’s at all. When Sophia saw Sean, she greeted him warmly. She had known that he was coming. Not long after that, Harry turned up with Sarah, whose eyes were swollen from crying, to join the reunion dinner too.

Just as the dishes for the reunion dinner were being served, Nathan ran off suddenly. He soon came back with Linus in tow. As foreigners generally did not celebrate the Cethosian New Year, today was no different from other general holidays to Linus. However, in Nathan’s eyes, Linus was extremely pitiful and miserable for having to work alone at home despite the New Year’s celebration. Thus, he rushed over to invite Linus over too.

Meanwhile, Daniel also hurried over for after-dinner drinks after finishing dinner at the Levine Residence. With everybody gathered here, the New Year’s atmosphere this year was better than in previous years. They lazed about in the living room while chatting leisurely, snacking on sunflower seeds, and playing with the cats.

“Hmm? Mr. Harry, don’t you need to return to the Winston Residence? Aren’t you the head of the family?” Stanley asked curiously.

As the head of the Winston Family—the most powerful underworld family in Bayside City—and the uncrowned king of the underworld, Harry Winston should have been at the Winston Residence right now. However, Harry wasn’t bothered. “I can’t be bothered to go. They can celebrate New Year’s on their own.”

After dinner, the New Year Dinner Gala was about to begin. As usual, Michael disappeared for a short while, sprucing himself up a little before he left. Then, Harry hurriedly followed suit. He smartened himself up, hopped into Michael’s car, and they left together.

Last year, Michael only left after the New Year Dinner Gala started. However, he left a little earlier this year. Everybody knew that Michael and Harry were going to appear at the New Year Dinner Gala, so they gathered in front of the TV to wait for their performance to come on. The movie ‘Doctor Invincible’ that they acted in might not have been a local film, but they were Cethosian actors. Besides, the movie had broken all past records of box office earnings for movies starring Cethosian actors. For that reason, they would certainly be invited to the New Year Dinner Gala no matter what.

The two of them had sung a duet together last year, but they didn’t work together this year. Harry cooperated with a magician to perform a magic show, pretending to be picked as part of the ‘lucky audience’ to go on stage and help with the magic tricks. On the other hand, nobody knew what program Michael had prepared…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 557

After Harry’s program, the host was very excited and emotional as he announced, “Today, we have a very special guest among us! He joined the army at a young age and made great contributions to the establishment of Cethos as we know it today! Today, this hundred-year-old man would like to say a few words to us.”

Then, the camera panned over in the direction of the auditorium, and the audience immediately noticed an old man with white hair but a youthful complexion, dressed in military uniform—it was Mark Fletcher! Following that, thunderous applause rang out across the venue. Nobody had expected that he would make an appearance today! The old man was already over a hundred years old, yet he was still in such good health and spirits!

Another host was standing beside Mark, and he respectfully handed the microphone over to Mark. Accepting the microphone from him, Mark stood up. Despite his age, his body was strong and healthy. He had been a brave general in his youth. Even though he was now older, he was still the same brave general as back then. He didn’t like wasting time on words. So, he picked up the microphone and said to the audience, “Happy New Year’s, everybody! I don’t have much to say either. I wish everybody an auspicious year ahead. Also, please focus on the performances! You don’t need to pay attention to an old man like me. I’m certain I’m not as interesting as the performances!”

Upon hearing those words, everybody roared with laughter. They were surprised that the old man was so humorous! After that, the host smiled respectfully as he asked, “Old Master, what brings you here today?”

Mark remembered his lines and he excitedly said, “I love listening to ‘Mulan Joins the Army’. When I heard that somebody will be performing ‘Mulan’ tonight, I had to come!”

Then, the host went on to say, “It looks like Old Master is excited to watch the opera! Next, let’s invite the renowned master of performing arts, Taylor Murray, to present us with the traditional opera ‘Mulan Joins the Army’!”

Upon hearing those words, everybody watching the gala was shocked to the core!

Stanley jumped to his feet in surprise. “Oh, my God! Uncle Michael is going to perform ‘Mulan’!”

Similarly, Sophia hurriedly closed her mouth that fell open from the shock. No wonder Michael has been hiding in the training room over the past few days. I thought he was hiding to get out of making cured meat. It turns out he was preparing for the New Year Dinner Gala’s performance.

At the New Year Dinner Gala, Old Master Fletcher took the lead in applauding and the venue was filled with thunderous applause and excited cheering. Soon, Taylor appeared onstage, fully dressed up as Mulan. Despite being dressed as a female, he wore heavy armor and was armed with spears. His appearance as a handsome female warrior stole the hearts of many. All they could see was a heroic female general. He was completely different from the bare-faced, washed-up man, who yawned as he made cured meat, in Eddie’s Twitter post a few days ago.

The choreography for his performance during the New Year Dinner Gala was perfectly done, exemplifying his magnificent beauty. As soon as he came on stage, he showcased a beautiful dance with his spears. His exquisite skills and perfect figure instantly drew a round of applause from the audience.

From time to time, the cameras that were focused on the stage would pan toward the audience. The cameras circled the venue, perfectly capturing the expressions of amazement among the audience. His figure, his voice, and his professional poses were no less than that of a professional opera master even though he was just an actor!

At that moment, everybody was suddenly reminded of the New Year Dinner Gala more than 30 years ago. A movie star had performed ‘Mulan Joins the Army’ too—it was Elizabeth Murray. Back then, she had charmed the entire nation when she was at the peak of her youth. Performing ‘Mulan Joins the Army’ had established her position within the opera world and boosted her reputation greatly!

Identical appearances and the same lyrics—the two performances that were separated by 30 years infinitely overlapped in the hearts of the fans! The older fans couldn’t help crying at the sight. Like mother, like son! Elizabeth’s son truly lives up to his reputation!

Originally, Taylor Murray had been just a movie actor in everybody’s eyes. But now, he became famous due to his flawless performance of ‘Mulan Joins the Army’.

Meanwhile, Sophia was so stunned by the performance that she even forgot to applaud. The only thoughts in her heart were: Oh, my God! My husband is so handsome! Oh, my God! My husband is so amazing! Oh, my God! I want to have his children!

The applause and cheers roared throughout the venue, and the atmosphere was lively—so much so that it woke the people who were dozing off. At the same time, online platforms were providing simultaneous live broadcasts and real-time comments from viewers flew across the screen like bullets.

After the song, Taylor took a bow, and the host called him over to interact with the audience. Then, Sophia immediately used her phone to check the online comments. News of Michael appearing at the New Year Dinner Gala had become a trending topic on Twitter. As the program itinerary of the New Year Dinner Gala had always been a secret, the fans were finally reacting to it. Therefore, the online comments were very favorable.

‘Oh, my God! A washed-up actor appeared at the New Year Dinner Gala! He’s going to become popular!’

‘His career is going to be revived again! Pay close attention!’

‘I guess making cured meat isn’t enough to make a living. Appearing at the New Year Dinner Gala is the king’s way!’

At the same time, there were vicious comments too.

‘Oh, my! How timely; he’s just riding the coattails of Mark Fletcher! I guess if he can cling to Mark, his future will be smooth-sailing!’

‘You’re overthinking it. How could Mark Fletcher be interested in a lowly actor like him? He’s not worthy! It won’t be easy for him to cling to Mark.’

Motherfckers! Who the hell is this son of a btch?! Sophia was livid. How dare this damn chicken cause drama?! No matter how I look at it, the cynical tone is sickening!

She was about to reply to the comment when a burst of applause rang out from the TV. Taylor and the host were interacting onstage. Taylor was about to pick the lucky draw winner from among the audience. Before he could start to draw the lots, an enthusiastic fan barged onstage and rushed toward him. It stood to reason that fans forcing their way onto the stage during the New Year Dinner Gala was a huge incident. Besides, normal fans couldn’t push through the multiple layers of security guards that surrounded the stage and disrupt the performance on the stage. However, this fan was a little special—he was rather influential. So, the security guards did not dare to stop him. After all, who would dare to stop the founding general, Mark Fletcher?

Mark was holding a bouquet of flowers as he suddenly rushed over. His appearance left the host feeling flustered—this was not in the script!

The enthusiastic fan was extraordinarily excited. He practically flew toward Taylor. Nobody could stop him as he made a beeline toward Taylor Murray, who was still dressed as Mulan. Then, he hugged Taylor tightly. He was so emotional that tears streamed from his eyes; his behavior was akin to a crazy fan who had finally met an idol they admired for so many years… However, Sophia knew—it was because Mark had not seen his grandson in many years that he was so emotional! Although Michael’s expression was concealed under a thick layer of greasepaint, she was certain that he was just as emotional to see Mark.

Originally, the old man had no plans to attend the New Year Dinner Gala this year. However, Michael had attended last year, and Old Master Fletcher assumed that Michael would attend this year as well. Moreover, he was already a centenarian. Due to that, the New Year Dinner Gala had invited him to attend in conjunction with such an important age. When Michael learned about it, he immediately agreed to attend the gala and prepared the old man’s favorite opera. The grandfather and grandson had been separated for so many years. They had not expected to meet under such circumstances.

Mark was as lively as a cheeky little boy. After handing the flowers over to Michael, he said earnestly, “Lad, I heard that you’re past your prime now! Don’t worry; just focus on your acting. Your fame will return to you, sooner or later.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 558

The audience burst into laughter—the old man was surprisingly humorous. The term ‘washed-up actor’ had stemmed from the insult of an anti-fan some time ago. That person had claimed that Taylor was a washed-up actor with no endorsements nor variety shows. However, that became a running joke within Taylor’s fan group. Every time they mentioned their idol, they would affectionately dub him as the ‘washed-up actor’.

To their surprise, Old Man Fletcher was aware of it too. Judging by the level of his excitement, he must be a fan of Taylor’s! Moreover, he was, without a doubt, a true fan! Still, it wasn’t too surprising. After all, Taylor’s fans covered all age groups, from the elderly to young girls.

Old Man Fletcher had caused such a ruckus during the New Year Dinner Gala; he was undoubtedly telling the world that he was in favor of this washed-up actor! Those words of his made the crowd that accused Taylor of riding on coattails disappear too…

Michael thanked Mark repeatedly. In the end, the host wittily took back control of the flow, and Mark returned to his seat after handing the flowers over. When Michael finished drawing the lots for the lucky draw, he stepped off the stage to remove his makeup.

In the meantime, the New Year Dinner Gala continued. The next time the camera panned toward Mark again, everybody noticed that Taylor Murray, who had removed his makeup and was now dressed in a suit, was sitting to the left of Mark while Ethan Winston and Joel Fletcher were sitting nearby too.

Subsequently, the live broadcast camera kept panning over to Mark. Every time it did, it showed that Taylor seemed to be in deep conversation with Mark. Both middle-aged washed-up actors seemed to have jumped onto the express train to the pinnacle of life!

Although the old man was in good health, he was still an old man. Thus, he left the venue early at 11 PM, and Michael saw him off. After midnight, Michael finally returned home. After changing his clothes, he continued watching the New Year Dinner Gala with everybody else.

Harry yawned and muttered, “I’m never going again next year. I won’t go even if they beg me on their knees.”

Previously, he refused when the New Year Dinner Gala had invited him to perform. After that, the crew begged him again and again. They asked him to be a ‘lucky member of the audience’ that would be chosen to help out a magician with his magic tricks as his assistant. Thinking that being an assistant would not be a big deal, he had agreed to the proposal. During the rehearsal, he discovered that the magic trick the magician was performing was cutting a living person into pieces! As there were several rehearsals and one official performance, he had, all in all, been cut approximately seven or eight times. Moreover, he was cut into three sections every time. It’s so emotionally draining… He then hugged Sarah, who was sitting on his lap and holding his hand, and they cuddled together.

Amidst the sound of mahjong, everybody enjoyed a quiet and peaceful New Year’s. It was the first time Linus experienced the New Year’s. He found it very novel and couldn’t help having a couple of drinks too. They played mahjong all through the night. After that, they had a small barbeque on the rooftop. By the time they finished barbequing, it was almost morning. So, they ate some dumplings and glutinous rice balls in syrup before returning to their respective homes.

On the third day after New Year’s, Sophia and Nathan went to the military compound where Old Master Fletcher was staying to visit for a few days. Old Master Fletcher had just celebrated his hundredth birthday. He had hosted a large birthday banquet, and the entire Fletcher Family had returned from all over the country to celebrate with him; the only exception was Michael. Michael had once said that if Elizabeth Murray was not recognized as part of the family, he would never step back into the Fletcher Residence again.

Early in the morning, Sophia and Nathan took the car to the Fletcher Residence. When they passed by the Harper Residence, they saw Richard and Xyla standing at the entrance having a screaming match. Sophia simply glanced at it briefly before leaving. Recently, the Harpers had been very unharmonious—so much so that Mrs. Harper had been hospitalized. Serves them right!

Outside the military compound, a car was parked far away and a pair of eyes were staring intently at the solemn compound gate. Even though it was parked there for several minutes, nobody came down from the car to take a look.

Then, Sophia’s car arrived at the military compound’s gate. As it was a military zone, everybody in the car had to get down and undergo an inspection. Sophia got out of the car with Nathan, Hale held a suitcase, and Nicholas followed behind.

Although they were familiar acquaintances, they still needed to undergo a cursory inspection. Sophia stood by the gate, waiting for her turn. Standing beside her, Nathan saw the car parked not too far away. As the car window rolled down, a handsome but aged face entered his vision. Then, he tugged at her jacket.

Rubbing his head affectionately, she asked, “What’s wrong, darling?”

He was staring at the car stopped on the other side of the road. Thus, she followed his gaze and saw the car slowly driving away. All the windows were blacked out and she couldn’t see who was inside it. Rubbing his little head, she smilingly said, “Alright, stop staring. When you’re older and you get your driver’s license, I’ll buy you a car like that. Okay?”

He lifted his head to look at her. His small face was flushed and cute, but he seemed anxious. Unable to help herself, she reached out and pinched his cheeks with her gloved hands.

The checks to enter the military compound were quite strict. Not only the luggage but also the cat carriers were checked several times. Chrysanthemum, who was sleeping inside the cat carrier, was dragged out several times to be inspected too. After the inspection, Hale carried the suitcase and took the lead. Nathan followed behind him, and Sophia carried the cat carrier to bring up the rear. However, Nicholas did not go inside.

“Nicholas, why aren’t you going in?” she asked puzzledly.

Nicholas glanced at Sophia, and his mechanical voice sounded out. “Mom, this is a military zone. My program states that this is a restricted area. I cannot enter this place. I will go back and wait at home with Dad for you and Nate to come home.” After saying that, it got into the car on its own. Then, a pair of eyes looked out at her from the window.

Upon its reminder, she realized that Nicholas was considered a highly intelligent robot. The military compound was part of the military zone, so unknown devices were not permitted to be brought inside. Although it was a robot, she felt a little reluctant to be parted from it. Thus, she could only let Hale go back with Nicholas. They would be back to pick them up in a few days.

Afterward, Sophia and Nathan entered the military compound and arrived at the Fletcher Residence. They saw two old men playing chess at home in great spirits.

“Cooper, you’re here? How is work? Are you tired?” Woody hurried over to ask as soon as he saw Sophia.

Mark was feeling a little sulky. “Hmph, I finally hit my hundredth birthday with great difficulty. I can’t help it if Mikey won’t come, but why didn’t you come? Hmph!”

Looking at Mark, who was acting like a man-child, Sophia hurriedly went over to coax him. He wasn’t actually mad at her. However, she and Nathan had failed to attend his hundredth birthday banquet. Even though Michael had spent a lot of effort preparing a grand opera for him, he still felt upset every time he thought about it.

She quickly smiled and cajoled, “Old Master, aren’t I here now?”

He still wasn’t happy. “Then, why don’t you stay here for a few days?”

“Sure,” she readily agreed.

After that, he instructed the servants to place Sophia and Nathan’s luggage in the room Michael used to live in. Today, Old Master Fletcher was in no hurry to drag Sophia over to play chess with him. Rather, he dragged her over to the gallery wall for a tour. The gallery wall at his house was akin to a history book. One could see photos of various major historical events in Cethos because he had personally participated in them.

Recently, Mark had added two more pictures to the wall. One was a picture of his hundredth birthday banquet. He had taken a picture with all his children and grandchildren. Combined, they made a very large family. The photo was very spectacular—half of them wore military uniforms while the other half were not in the military. Those that were not in the military seemed to be faring well too. As for the other photo, it was a photo he had taken with Michael backstage during the New Year Dinner Gala. Michael had not even removed his makeup yet.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 559

Mark looked at the two pictures and smiled happily. “Everybody’s here; all of them are here…”

However, Nathan was staring at another picture in a daze—it was a picture of Mark and a young man. That man in the picture was the same man in the car outside the military compound—his name was Cooper Mitchell.

Sophia came to the military compound and lived a life like a retiree. Waking up at 6:30 AM every day, she went jogging and exercising with Old Master Fletcher. The old man might have been a hundred years old, but his body was still strong and healthy. Moreover, he insisted on working out his body. Hence, he went jogging every day. After jogging with a bunch of old men, she had her breakfast. Then, she carried a bottle of wolfberry water with her while playing chess with Old Master Fletcher. Either that or she would accompany the old man out for a walk and practice Tai Chi.

On the second day since her arrival, she ran into Joel when she went out to buy some snacks at night. He was the one person she had been trying to avoid.

“Sophia, you’re here.” Joel, who was wearing a green military coat, appeared out of nowhere from a dark corner. His sudden appearance caused her to jump in fright. Stopping in her tracks, she gripped the big bag of snacks in her hand and smiled awkwardly. “Yeah, I arrived yesterday.”

After the ball at the Edwards Residence previously, she had not dared to face him again. Moreover, she had blocked both his phone number and his Messenger account. When she came to visit Old Master Fletcher at the military compound, she had been afraid of running into him. Alas, they met anyway.

In the darkness of the night, she could not see his eyes clearly. They seemed like two pools of water at the bottom of an old, abandoned well at night. She couldn’t tell the depth or temperature of his gaze—all she could see were two black pits.

He stepped forward. His army boots had left a trail of footprints in the snow. When she saw the spot where he had been standing, she noticed many footprints in the surrounding area. It was obvious that he had been waiting there for a while now. As he approached her, she responded by retreating backward, step for step.

Joel and Michael were very different. Although Michael used to be in the army, he had spent many years in the entertainment circles. Therefore, he had learned to control the military aura that he had around him—he could release it or withdraw it as he wished. However, Joel could not hold his aura back. He was somebody who had killed in battle before. Thus, he carried a bleak and chilling air around him that came from leaving a pile of bodies in his wake on the battlefield. It left a fangirl like Sophia shivering in fear in his presence.

Joel fixed his gaze on Sophia. “Are you terrified of me?”

Sophia had thrown a military coat over her pajamas when she came out to buy some snacks. Under his imposing aura and the freezing winter wind, she was trembling uncontrollably. Upon hearing his question, she cowered slightly as she answered, “A-A little bit.”

His footsteps stilled and he did not continue approaching. Instead, he asked calmly, “Is he troubling you?”

Naturally, the ‘he’ he was referring to was Michael. Thus, she quickly shook her head. “No…”

Then, he asked, “Am I bothering you?”

She was tempted to answer, ‘Yes.’ However, she felt too embarrassed to say it. After all, he was one of the grandsons Old Master Fletcher was very proud of. Besides, Woody was here too. Since she constantly came over to visit, it would be bad if she couldn’t get along with Joel. Therefore, she organized her thoughts in her head and mustered up her courage to look at the man standing one head taller than her. Solemnly and seriously, she said, “General, as you should know, I’m your sister-in-law. As such, I believe we should maintain an appropriate distance between us.”

Under his increasingly frigid gaze, she felt her arrogant confidence slipping away slowly. The intensity of this man’s aura was simply too powerful. He was a man who could restrain an entire army by himself—the aura he carried was not something an ordinary person could withstand!

He waited for her to finish before saying, “So, that’s the reason why you blocked my number.”

The aura around him grew stronger all of a sudden.

She was so terrified that she was covered in a sheen of cold sweat, and all she could think of was escaping. Forcing a laugh, she said, “Blocked your number? What are you talking about? I don’t understand… Maybe it was just Michael fooling around.”

He stared at the cowering girl in front of him. Her slightly lowered face was flushed and she seemed to exude an alluring scent like no other, arousing the destructive possessive desire within him. He didn’t know if it was because she was Michael’s woman or some other reason, but his possessive desire was stronger than it had ever been before. Hence, he continued walking toward her. At the same time, she was dripping with cold sweat from head to toe. Stepping back in terror, she was about to be forced into a corner…

As Sophia watched the approaching figure that was Joel, she was so scared that the bag of snacks in her hand fell to the ground and was crushed under her feet.

Meanwhile, his beast-like gaze was fixed intently on her. “Sophia, you should know this.” Forcing her into a corner, he continued in a whisper, “The person Michael truly loves and cannot let go of… is not you.”

In an instant, her complexion became deathly pale. The person Michael truly loves and cannot let go of… She had a vague idea who it was but had deliberately ignored it until now.

On the other hand, he mercilessly tore out the cruel truth and presented it to her in all its raw and bloody glory. “You are simply a substitute he bought with money. You know who the person he truly loves is…”

Sophia lowered her head and said nothing. Then, he leaned close to her face and whispered, “I’m the only one who is sincere toward you.”

His hot breath blew against her face. In the harsh, cold winter, his actions made her unbelievably distressed and embarrassed, and it caused goosebumps to appear all over her body. She kept quiet. All of a sudden, she slipped out from under him and ran for her life. In her desperation to get away, she didn’t even bring the snacks she had brought with her.

Joel watched as the figure vanished out of his sight. After that, he bent down to pick up the bag of snacks she had left behind. Shaking the snow off the bag, he suddenly spoke in the direction of a dark corner, “Come out. Stop hiding.”

A figure came out of the shadows and walked toward him. When the figure walked out of the darkness and into the light of a street lamp, the dim yellow light revealed her exquisite facial features. Moreover, the military coat she wore over her tall figure could not hide the bump she was carrying. Irene walked over with a mocking sneer. “Is that the reason you broke up with me?” She was referring to Sophia, who had fled.

Joel answered candidly, “Yeah.”

In response, she laughed self-deprecatingly. Joel is unimaginably cruel. He truly is the epitome of cruelty. She had silently dedicated herself to him for so many years. However, he dismissed all her efforts with a single word with no room for maneuver whatsoever. The way he was trying to court Sophia right now was completely identical to how he had courted her back then—domineering, cold, and refusing to take no for an answer. Similarly, nobody could stop him once he decided to leave. He isn’t chasing after love; he’s chasing after his prey. Moreover, he isn’t hunting out of hunger; he is hunting simply to snatch away the prey of another hunter. And, that hunter is Michael Fletcher.

Irene gritted her teeth. “Joel, you really are cold and ruthless to the bone. Aren’t you afraid of receiving retribution?”

Joel glanced at Irene, who was brimming with rage. Then, he couldn’t help laughing coldly. “Irene, you should find a suitable opportunity to ‘recover’ your memories. That way, you can peacefully continue being Mrs. Fletcher.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 560

Irene’s fury was thrown back in her face with those words. Her shoddy acting could fool nobody except herself. She was simply a prey. Hunters were only concerned about where she would end up, not how she had been caught. In the hunting game back then, she was the prize Michael and Joel had been fighting for.

What they cared about the most was her final destination—it didn’t matter why she chose who she did. Still, that did not mean that Michael was a fool or that he had not noticed the clues. However, everybody else was playing dumb. If he pretended to be smart all by himself, then wouldn’t he have become the real fool?

Joel took the snacks and left. Watching as he threw her aside callously to go on another hunt, her heart pounded with hatred. At the same time, she felt relieved. She had long lost all hope and illusions about him. Thus, separation was the best choice. I’m going to snatch Michael back! But, I can’t just return like that. I need to find a suitable opportunity! I can’t wait any longer. I need to return to Michael’s side as soon as possible! As for Sophia… Haha; she is nothing more than a substitute anyway. The only reason she can stay by Michael’s side is that she is young and pretty. Men always have a soft spot for women in their twenties. However, those feelings are only skin deep. As for me… I’m the only one that is buried deep in Michael’s heart forever.

Sophia fled all the way back. When she arrived at her room, her heart was still pounding wildly. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. Thus, she hurriedly escaped into the bathroom. In the meantime, Nathan opened the door and saw Joel standing outside. He lifted his head to stare at Joel. Similarly, Joel lowered his head to stare at Nathan.

Nathan was the spitting image of his parents. Therefore, Joel couldn’t help being reminded of Nathan’s parents whenever he looked at Nathan. Sighing, he patted the boy’s head. “Your mom forgot her snacks.”

Receiving the snacks from him, Nathan closed the door, placed the snacks on the table, and continued playing his game. Meanwhile, Sophia continued hiding in the toilet for a long while before she dared to step out of it. Even then, her heart was still thumping madly. Joel is way too terrifying! It feels like I can barely breathe whenever I stand before him.

That night, Sophia tossed and turned—she was unable to fall asleep. On the other hand, Nathan was sleeping like a log beside her. Chrysanthemum was making rustling noises in the room as it rummaged through the stuff and stole some potato chips. The sounds left Sophia even more awake than before. Thus, she took out her phone and went through her contacts. However, there was nobody she could call. After that, she logged into Messenger and stared at Michael’s profile picture for a long time. In the end, she said nothing to him and tapped into the chat with Nicholas instead. ‘Nicholas, I can’t sleep. Can you tell me some jokes?’

Then, Nicholas immediately sent her joke after joke.

At the same time, Michael was lying on the sofa watching TV in Villa No. 8 of The Imperial. Several fat orange cats were snoring in his arms. Life without his wife was depressingly lonely. He had accepted a role in a movie where the main theme was about searching for and retrieving an imperial seal. Hence, he searched for several documentaries and movies involving seals to watch in order to get a feel for his character.

He yawned. Suddenly, Nicholas spoke up from beside him, “Dad—”

“Yeah?” he answered lazily.

Nicholas seemed like it was about to say something. Its head turned toward him, then all of a sudden, the lights in its eyes died.

Huh? Is it out of battery? Despite hitting Nicholas on the head several times, there was no response. So, he tried to charge its batteries. However, the indicator lights did not light up. Taking out his tools, he wanted to try and repair Nicholas with the skills of a liberal arts student that could only successfully switch out light bulbs. Unfortunately, he discovered that the insides were a bunch of complicated electrical boards and parts. It was disconcerting to look at. He didn’t know what was wrong with the robot. Blindly tinkering with it for a bit, he fixed it back up, but it still didn’t move.

It’s for the best if it can’t be fixed! He was extremely wary of this overly intelligent little guy; he was afraid that it was a spy. Putting Nicholas inside the storeroom, he yawned and went to bed.

Inside the Fletcher Residence, Sophia didn’t wait for Nicholas to reply to her again. She could no longer keep her eyes open and she finally fell asleep.

The next day, the weather had cleared up and the snow had melted—it was great weather. Old Master Fletcher had gone out with a group of old men to practice Tai Chi early in the morning. After exercising, Sophia returned with Nathan. She took a shower then went to look for Old Master Fletcher. When she arrived, she saw Old Master Fletcher playing chess with Irene.

Old Master Fletcher sighed in admiration as he played. “You’re good at this! Well played! Well played!”

Irene responded humbly, “No, no; it’s because you let me win!”

Upon seeing Irene, Sophia’s steps faltered. Michael’s ex-girlfriend… Irene, the beauty in the army; the famous military singer. Her figure was something most women couldn’t hope to compare with. Now that she was in her thirties, she possessed a unique charm that would put any woman to shame. An angelic voice, a swan-like grace, a majestic appearance, and an impressive background… Sophia had to admit that she couldn’t compare in terms of elegance and looks. However, she took a deep breath, mustered up her courage, and walked over. I cannot falter in the face of my lover’s ex-lover!


Irene turned back to look at Sophia when she heard the voice. Sophia had always entered the military compound bare-faced. There was no image she needed to keep up when spending time with a group of old men. Therefore, her black hair was casually tied behind her head, and she couldn’t be bothered to tidy the strands of hair that had come loose and were sticking out in places. Her young face was clean, clear, and free of impurities while her nose was red from the cold.

On the other hand, the compelling aura around Irene could not be hidden even if she had been born with mediocre features. Standing up, she greeted Sophia. “Sophia, you’re here.”

Sophia nodded. “Yeah.”

Walking over, she sat next to the fireplace. Then, Woody tugged at her, always acting a little silly. “Cooper, have you had breakfast? Are you cold? Come over to Daddy. It’s not cold here.”

Woody had sat by the fireplace for a long while. His large hands that were warmed by the fire wrapped around her frozen hands. It was so warm that even her heart was filled with warmth. The old men shifted over and made some space for Sophia and Nathan. After that, they sat down and watched the chess game between Mark and Irene.

Irene was clearly exceptional and kind, but Sophia could not bring herself to like her. In particular, when she saw how Irene and Mark were chatting away gaily… That spot is mine. It belongs to me, but now Irene has snatched it away. With those thoughts in mind, the darkness in her heart expanded infinitely—jealousy was giving rise to the darkness in her heart.

As a father, Woody seemed worried that Sophia would catch a cold. He didn’t seem to think that she was wrapped up warmly enough. Hence, he found several military coats from somewhere and wrapped her up in them. She was wrapped up so thickly that she felt like a ball of cotton, and the space she took up was double the others. Despite that, it felt natural sitting among the group of old men, and she felt like a middle-aged lady.

Meanwhile, Irene was playing chess with Mark. However, she would occasionally glance over at Sophia, who was warming herself by the fire. With every glance she took, her confidence grew larger. It looks like Michael married her simply because she’s young.

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