My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 701-710

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 701

Seeing the excited look on Sophia’s face, Michael forced a smile and pretended to have a good time playing video games with Sophia the entire night. In the end, they had also decided on a name for Chrysanthemum’s kittens.

Around 11 PM, Sophia was tired so she went to bed and fell asleep right away.

It was a good night’s sleep for Sophia. She had a thin blanket covering her fair skin and body; the temperature and humidity in the room were perfect. As she was asleep, her cheeks were flushed and her black hair covered her face. Lying next to her, he could not take his eyes off her beautiful face—it was as if she had a magical aura around her.

What a cutie pie…

As he lightly kissed her on the forehead, her eyes blinked gently, seemingly filling the air in the room with love and happiness.

She’s the best gift to me in the whole world …

Sophia had a doctor’s appointment. Ever since she wanted to have a baby, she had been consistent in having regular body check-ups, so that she could get rid of any hidden illnesses that would prevent her from having a baby.

Since Michael was on leave today, he took her to the doctor’s appointment.

After completing a general check-up, the doctor proceeded to do a scan for any gynecological diseases.

The report that came out suggested that her body was in a good state, so she could get pregnant at any time if she wanted. As such, she had to take care of her body and not fall sick. Other than that, she had a decayed tooth and an impacted wisdom tooth. This situation required immediate attention as it would be inconvenient to take care of it after she got pregnant. If the condition of those teeth got worse, the pain would be unbearable.

Hearing that, Michael immediately made an appointment with a doctor at a stomatological hospital. After the current appointment, he took Sophia there right away.

Meanwhile, at the stomatological hospital…

“Extraction?” Holding the X-ray film, Sophia jumped when she saw a horizontal wisdom tooth through the film.

The dentist stated, “Your wisdom tooth is inflamed. Look at you—even your cheek is swollen. If you want to have a baby soon, you need to take care of this right away. Trust me; you don’t want it to cause you any problems during your pregnancy.”

Sophia could not help licking the wisdom tooth. No wonder that part of my mouth has been hurting and smelling bad recently.

Michael glanced at her face. I thought she put on weight. I didn’t know that her face got swollen because of an inflamed tooth.

Michael became aware of the seriousness of the matter and immediately asked to schedule an operation. Fortunately, they managed to jump the line on that day for the dentist to fill the cavities. A couple of days later, Michael took Sophia over for the wisdom tooth extraction.

The dentist grimly explained the operation to Sophia, “Your impacted wisdom tooth is fairly new, which makes it easier to extract. It has only started emerging above the gum recently. We’re going to cut open your gum and halve the wisdom tooth before taking it out.”Upon hearing that, Sophia was dumbfounded. She immediately got up and wanted to leave. “There’s no way I’m doing that. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Michael wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t worry. There will be anesthesia. You won’t feel a thing.”

Sophia frowned bitterly and pouted. “I don’t want that… It’s so scary. I don’t want to have an extraction anymore. I insist!”

Holding her in his arms, Michael kissed her and consoled gently, “Don’t worry. I’m here. I’ll be here the whole time during the operation.”

Sophia rubbed her head against his chest and acted coy as she whined, “Um. Hubby, I’m scared…”

Michael responded, “I’m here. I’m right here. You don’t need to be scared. Come and let me kiss you.”

The two started kissing, which eventually made Sophia’s fear go away. After they finished making out, they turned around and realized that everyone there at the busy clinic was disgustedly staring at them.

That’s gross! Look at this disgusting couple!

Finally, Sophia underwent the operation. The operation was smooth, and that wisdom tooth was extracted successfully. Even though the wound was stitched up, Sophia was nonetheless required to be hospitalized for two days for observation given the size of the wound.

In the ward, while receiving an intravenous drip, Sophia was spitting out the blood from her mouth. Next to her, Michael was putting away the bloody tooth that was halved.

He decided to stay in the ward to take care of Sophia. He brought her water and checked on her now and then. After she was done receiving the intravenous drip, he brought ice and placed it on her swollen cheek.

Michael touched her somewhat pale face, and just as he was about to utter something, someone knocked on the door.

“Eh. What a coincidence!”In a patient’s gown, Irene stood outside the door and grinned as she looked at Michael and Sophia.

Irene came to the hospital for tooth extraction, but she did not expect to run into them here.

Even though both of them had their teeth extracted, they looked entirely different. Sophia’s face was swollen and pale while her wound would not stop bleeding; meanwhile, Irene looked fine and her skin was radiant.

“What a coincidence! Did you have a tooth extraction as well?” Michael nonetheless greeted her.

Making herself at home, Irene came into the ward and sat down. She said, “Uh-huh. I’ve had a toothache on and off recently, so I decided to come here for a tooth extraction as well as a dental crown.”

Once she opened her mouth, two rows of beautiful teeth loomed before Sophia’s eyes. Well, at any rate, she’s Michael’s ex. As much as I hate her, I still have to pretend to smile. Sophia responded, “What a coincidence.”

Sophia tried not to say anything to prevent her wound from bleeding.

Michael jumped in, “You just had an operation. You should talk less. Come. Lie down and get some rest.”

After laying down on the bed, Sophia felt relieved that she no longer had to entertain Irene. After seeing Irene off, Michael returned and started attending to his work in the ward.

Since this was a private hospital and Sophia stayed at the most expensive ward, she did not have to share the room with any other patients.

The next day, Stanley took Sean and Sarah to the hospital to visit Sophia. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Stanley was enjoying a pork knuckle when he stated, “Aunt, you have to be careful with your diet for the next couple of days. You can only take fluids. Forget about things like pork knuckles. I’ll eat them on behalf of you.”

Since Sophia had a fresh wound in her mouth, she could not act rashly. Otherwise, she would definitely have strangled Stanley. Knowing that she could not eat anything solid, Stanley deliberately brought a bag of delicious food to the hospital and unboxed it in front of her. While the three of them dug in, she could only have her bland porridge. Every time after she ate something, she had to rinse her mouth with mouthwash that tasted bitter and horrible.

After finishing their food, everyone departed, and Maria was there to put away all the trash. Sophia swiped her phone for a good while before deciding to take a nap. Meanwhile, Michael was nowhere to be seen.

The last time she saw him was when Stanley came over. Michael left the ward at that point and had not returned since, leaving Nathan by himself in the ward. At this point, Nathan was doing his homework while munching away at some fruit.

“Nicholas, where’s Daddy?

Nicholas’ voice sounded out next to the bed. “Daddy went out to take a phone call.”

Phone call? Why is it taking so long?

Recalling that Irene was around in the hospital, Sophia instantly had an ominous feeling. Perhaps he went to find Irene!

Right away, she lifted her blanket and jumped out of bed. She draped a coat over her shoulders and left the room. After pacing the hallway back and forth to look for Michael and failing to trace him, she instead saw Irene surreptitiously scurrying toward the stairs.

Something’s wrong!

Alerted, Sophia quietly followed her. The stairs were dark, so she had to be quiet and gentle every time she took a step. It was dark and quiet as if she was catching someone having an affair. Just a few seconds later, she heard a series of thuds as if something had rolled down the stairs. Following that, she heard a blood-curdling scream.


My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 702

A loud scream turned the voice-activated lights on, and the small staircase lit up instantly. Sophia took two steps forward and saw a person lying in a pool of blood on the stairwell one floor beneath her. Isn’t that Irene Weber?!

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed in fright. Then, she ran to call for help. Fortunately, they were in a hospital. So, help arrived quickly, and Irene was placed in a hospital ward in a matter of minutes.

As the first person to discover Irene, Sophia hurriedly followed and waited outside the emergency room with her assistant. Within a short time, many people arrived, including Irene’s assistant, staff from the agency, leaders, members of the Fletcher Family, as well as a large number of reporters drawn by the possibility of a scoop…

“Chica!” When Michael learned of the news, he frantically ran over. Upon his arrival, he saw Sophia standing in front of the operation room with a bag of ice held up to her swollen face. She was being interviewed by a group of reporters surrounding her. Meanwhile, the security guards of the hospital and Sophia’s bodyguards were trying to chase away the reporters. However, their efforts seemed to be in vain as the reporters flooded into the room. Countless microphones, phones, and recording devices were practically hitting against Sophia’s face.

“Miss Edwards, did you push Irene Weber down the stairs?”

“If you didn’t, why were you the first person to discover her after she fell down the stairs?”

“Are you jealous of her because she was Taylor Murray’s first love?”

Sophia said nothing. Putting on her mask and covering her face, Hale and Gemma escorted her as they pushed through the crowd to leave.

Michael’s face turned dark at the sight before him. When somebody came to visit Sophia just now, he had taken the opportunity to run some errands. To his shock, he returned only to learn that Sophia had pushed Irene down the stairs! Moreover, he heard about it on the breaking news! Although Sophia was jealous of Irene, who was his ex-girlfriend, she was not stupid enough to push Irene down the stairs.

Upon noticing Michael’s arrival, the massive horde of reporters rushed toward him, shifting their attention to him instead. Hence, a large number of reports surrounded him suddenly.

“Mr. Taylor Murray, do you know anything about this?”

“What are your thoughts on your wife, Miss Sophia Edwards, pushing Miss Irene Weber down the stairs and endangering her life?”

Surrounded by a large number of reporters, Michael signaled Hale with his eyes. Thus, Hale hurriedly brought Sophia back to her hospital ward. Moreover, he tightened the security outside the room, preventing reporters from entering. Sophia successfully escaped from the reporters and swiftly returned to her hospital ward.

Afterward, Michael led the reporters away, and the hospital finally became peaceful again. Even so, many leaders and members of the Fletcher family remained along the corridor.

Before Michael left, he glanced at the lights above the operation room that remained brightly lit. That sight seemed so familiar as if he had seen it before. Back then, Irene had rolled down the stairs and collapsed in a pool of blood. When she woke up again, she had completely lost her memories of him…

After a while, he successfully returned to Sophia’s hospital ward. He rushed forward to check on her face; it was still as swollen as a bun. Still, it was better than this morning. Frowning, he asked, “What happened?”

Sophia didn’t know what happened either. Hence, she honestly replied, “I don’t know either. When I arrived, I saw her falling down the stairs.”

Recalling the pool of blood on the ground, her face paled with fright. Then, he quickly comforted her by patting her on the back. “It’s okay now; it’s okay now.”

She lowered her head, not daring to look at him as she softly said, “I really did not push her…”

When she said that, she tugged at his sleeve uneasily, seemingly worried that he might believe what everybody else was saying too—that she pushed Irene down the stairs.

Smiling softly, he held the small hand tugging at his sleeve. “You’re not that stupid.”

If she had pushed Irene down the stairs out of jealousy, he might even be a little happy. After all, it proved that she cared about him. However, on the off chance that she wanted to push Irene down the stairs, she had more than a hundred ways to prevent Irene from ever stepping out of this hospital again.

Pouting, she said, “It’s true that I dislike her though.”

Disliking her husband’s ex-girlfriends was part of a woman’s basal instincts. However, Michael had two exes. Out of these two, she disliked Irene the most. The other one was Lucy. Although she disliked Lucy as well, Lucy was very impressive—so much so that she couldn’t help admiring Lucy. Besides, Lucy had no feelings for Michael. On the other hand, Irene was different. She could sense that Irene was vaguely hostile toward her.

Later, Michael went out to run some errands and bought some steamed egg custard back for Sophia while he was at it. The injury in Sophia’s mouth had been stitched up. So, she could only eat some semi-solid food. Eating the steamed egg custard, she made a face. “Why is it tasteless?”

Touching her swollen face, he said, “You’re not allowed to eat any strong-tasting food for the next few days.”

She endured her displeasure and ate some more. When she saw him watching her, she ate in small bites. It made her look very adorable.

Before she could finish eating, Hale came over and reported, “Miss Weber has woken up.”

Michael frowned. His ex-girlfriend had fallen down the stairs and only one person had been present at the scene. Right now, the internet and the news were saying that his current wife had pushed his ex-girlfriend down the stairs. As a man, he felt that he ought to step up. Therefore, he stood up and said to Sophia, “I told Maria to pack up everything. When you’re done eating, we’ll go home immediately. For now, I’m going to go and check on Irene.”

Sophia quickly finished her steamed egg custard and said, “I’m done eating. I want to go too.”

When they arrived in front of the hospital ward, they saw that many people were already standing both inside and outside the room. Many members of the Fletcher Family were there, including Joel and Stanley, who left not long ago but hurriedly returned to the hospital after hearing the news.

Everybody’s gaze fixed on them upon noticing their arrival. In particular, they were glaring at Sophia resentfully. In response, Sophia gripped Michael’s hand tightly. Holding her small hand in his, Michael gave her a reassuring look so that she wouldn’t be afraid.

Irene grew up without parents and was adopted by Joel’s father. As her ex-boyfriend and her family member, Joel was already there. He walked toward Michael with heavy footsteps and said, “She has been asking for you ever since she woke up.”

Upon hearing those words, Sophia seemed to realize what had happened, and her hand tightened its grip on Michael’s hand. On the other hand, Michael’s eyes darkened. Letting go of her hand, he gently said to her, “Wait for me for a bit. I’ll be right back.”

She could clearly feel her fingers that were clutching at his hand being pried off, one by one. The feeling broke her heart. Lowering her head, she made a non-committal sound in reply; she was afraid to speak.

After that, Michael pushed open the door and entered the hospital ward. He and Irene were the only ones inside—everybody else had left the room to wait outside. Meanwhile, Sophia found a place to sit. She remained silent, not daring to say a word. Even so, she could hear the people around her whispering softly. It sounded like they were talking about her.

Stanley sat down next to her, used his phone to scan the news, and discovered that some reporters had already released the news on the internet. The incident occurred at the fire escape, which had no surveillance cameras and no witnesses. However, Irene had fallen down the stairs, and Sophia was the first person to find her and call for help.

Naturally, many questions arose. Why did Irene go to the fire escape—a place where there was nobody? Why was Sophia at the fire escape too? Was it a coincidence? Moreover, witnesses were claiming that Sophia had followed Irene into the fire escape!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 703

All the evidence pointed toward Sophia. Everybody was saying that she had pushed Irene, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, down the stairs. Moreover, some people on the internet even claimed that they heard a fierce dispute between the two of them, followed by Irene falling down the stairs.

Even Stanley felt a little skeptical. Using his elbow to nudge Sophia, he asked in a whisper, “Aunt, was it you?”

Sophia was in no mood to argue; she was feeling very depressed. Even if the entire world wronged her, it was enough if Michael believed in her. However, she was afraid that even Michael didn’t believe in her right now…

There was only one bed inside the hospital ward. Irene lay on the bed, weeping. She was hooked up on an intravenous drip. Her pale face was wet with tears and her frail body trembled as she sobbed.

When she saw Michael walking in, she lifted her head to reveal a frightened and helpless expression peeking out from under her messy hair. Her forehead was wrapped in bandages and she was sporting a huge bruise on her head. Her pale lips trembled as she lifted her arm that was not hooked to the intravenous drip. Looking at the person standing in front of her, her voice shook with innocence and delight. “Mikey? Is that you?”

The soft and gentle way she called out the name ‘Mikey’ brought back fond memories from many years back. However, Michael’s heart was cold and calm.

Looking at him, her eyes sparkled with tears. “Mikey, Mikey…” Her expression was both joyous and tearful as she said, “You’re finally here! You’re finally here! They said that I hit my head when I fell and had amnesia. They claim that it’s 201X now. They’re lying, right? It’s only 200X, right?”

200X… That was the year Celine and Justin had gotten into an accident. It was also the year Irene had hit her head and lost her memories. It was also the year Nathan was born. Nathan will be 9 years old next year… Back then, the doctor said that Irene had hit her head, and a blood clot formed in her brain. That was why she suffered from amnesia. The fall this time around was a blessing in disguise—she had regained her memories. However, she had just awoken and her memories were a chaotic mess. At present, she could only remember the events from eight years ago. She had forgotten everything that had happened during the last eight years.

Michael studied Irene’s pitiful state. Then, he gently and slowly said, “Irene, eight years have gone by.”

His words were a huge blow to Irene. She stared at him in a daze; her almond-shaped eyes widened and filled with tears. After a moment, she looked pained and said incoherently, “Impossible… That’s impossible… It’s impossible! How can that be?!”

She was in extreme emotional distress—so much so that she nearly suffered an emotional breakdown. However, he simply stood several meters away and looked at her indifferently. He watched as she cried in distress. Under normal circumstances, he would have comforted her with a hug. Even so, his feet felt as if they were nailed to the floor and he couldn’t budge an inch. After all, it was all in the past—it was meaningless to continue chasing after it.

She looked like she couldn’t accept the truth as she begged him with tears in her eyes. “Mikey, I don’t want to stay here. Please bring me away from here, okay? It’s cold here. I’m very scared. Can we please go home? What have we been doing throughout these eight years? Has our marriage application been approved?”

In her memories, she was still his girlfriend, and they were engaged. At the time, they had planned to get married during the most depressing period after Celine’s death to give him the courage to continue living. Mark had it all planned out to perfection. Since Nathan had lost his parents and Michael was feeling lost, he quickly made Irene and Michael marry each other. Not only would it give Michael a reason to live, but it would also give Nathan a proper family again. As Irene was part of the army, she was required to file a marriage application. The day before she submitted the application, she had gotten into an accident, and their marriage plans had been put on hold.

Michael simply watched her quietly. When she finished speaking, he emphatically told her the truth. “Irene, I’m sorry. Many things happened in these eight years. I’m married and I have a family now. But, you’re not my wife.”

Irene was shocked to the core by that information and stared at him incredulously. In her wide-eyed state, her tears flowed down like clear springs…

In the corridor, Sophia learned that Irene had regained her memories. Thus, she became more depressed and kept her silence.

Similarly, Stanley didn’t dare to say anything anymore. Back then, he was young. Even so, he could still remember what had happened to Michael and Irene… Now that things had progressed to this point, it was nobody’s fault—they could only blame fate for making fools of them all.

The current situation was torture to Irene, but it was torture to Michael too. After Irene suffered her accident in the past, Michael became very gloomy and depressed. He lost his sister and his brother-in-law, and his girlfriend left him too. Even now, Stanley could vividly recall seeing Michael hiding in the wine cellar as drunk as a skunk when he sneaked out of the military compound to visit him. Harry had allowed him to take Nathan out of the cradle and hold the baby in his arms. Later, Michael held Nathan and wept soundlessly. That look of despair and hopelessness was something Stanley could still see in his mind.

Over the years, Michael had slowly gotten himself together. Moreover, he had gotten himself a perfect wife. Still, Irene must have always been a thorn in his heart… Right now, he was probably in a pickle. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, having to choose between Irene and Sophia. One represented the joy when he was younger, and the other represented his eternal youth. Both were difficult choices, but Irene was also his first love…

Stanley, who normally had a sharp tongue, softened his tone to comfort Sophia while patting her on the shoulder. “Alright, don’t think too much about it. Look; your face is swollen.”

Sophia blinked, but her eyes were as dry as could be.

All of a sudden, a despairing scream came from Irene’s ward. It surprised everybody standing in the corridor. At the same time, Michael suddenly threw the door open and said, “The patient is very distraught.”

A large group of people rushed into the hospital ward. Sophia stood up in shock and saw Michael walking toward her. Amid the chaos, he accurately grabbed her hand and said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”

After saying that, he led her away by the hand. Turning her head to look back, she glanced into the hospital ward. Irene seemed like she was unable to accept reality—she was screaming in agony and destroying everything around her like a madwoman. Then, Sophia turned the corner in a rush and couldn’t see anything else anymore. Even the screams ringing in her ears gradually faded away too. She did not return to her hospital ward. Instead, she got in a car and went straight home to recuperate.

Upon arriving home, Michael instructed the kitchen staff to make some liquid food for Sophia before locking himself up in the study. He was rather quiet today—it was clear that something was up. Sophia knew what was going on. Thus, she chose to remain silent too. When she passed by his study, she heard him talking to Mark on a video call. “Mikey, I’m not trying to force you… But, you need to choose between Rene and Eddie… And, you can only choose one…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 704

Sophia walked away before Michael could reply. She was afraid that she might hear an answer that would disappoint her.

When Celine heard the news, she came back too. She comforted Sophia by saying, “It has nothing to do with her losing her memories! Back then, Irene believed that Mikey had no future because he refused to join the army and left to pursue a career in the film industry! Moreover, that little brat, Nate, was a burden she wasn’t willing to bear. Since she couldn’t find an excuse for their breakup, she pretended to have amnesia. Mikey knows that. Don’t worry; he only has eyes for you.”

Sophia smiled weakly. The stitches on the wound in her mouth had not been taken out yet. Of course, I know that. But, Irene wants to return to Michael’s side now. If Michael is swayed by her…

Then, Celine tried to comfort her from a different perspective. “It’s okay. If you separate, then so be it. Look at me; if not for my children, I would have happily chosen to get a divorce a long time ago. Look at how lucky you are! You have a stable career and no children. Even if you divorce, you’ll still be attractive. Besides, I can introduce you to more handsome men… I believe Sam is a good choice. He’s rich and handsome. More importantly, I believe he’s interested in you. If you don’t like older men, I’m sure Linus is a great choice too. He’s good-looking, wealthy, gentle, and young! In the worst case, that silly boy, Stanley, isn’t too bad either. He has potential. Come on; it’s not worth it getting heartbroken over a man! Men are all pigs!”

Justin and Nathan, who were close by, had the same cold and indifferent look on their faces as they coolly watched the two women chatting.


During that time, Michael stayed in Bayside City to keep Sophia company. He did not go anywhere else. Sophia rested at home for two days before going back to work—even before the stitches in her wound were taken out. She was rushing to set a good performance record for the year in preparation for New Year’s.

When she arrived at the company, she noticed that everybody was secretly talking about her behind her back. She knew what they were talking about but couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.

As soon as she arrived, Sarah ran up to her. “Sofie, you’re here! Quickly; look at the news!”

Sophia knew that the entertainment news had been buzzing recently, but she was too lazy to look at it. Even so, Sarah pushed her phone in front of Sophia’s face. “Sofie, look! Look! The media has gone overboard with this! You should file a complaint!”

Photos of Sophia’s swollen and makeup-free face had been published in entertainment magazines. In the photo, her brows were slightly furrowed. It was a full-frontal photo taken in high definition and was unedited. She had just finished her operation, and her condition had been poor at the time. However, that photo had been secretly taken and spread all over the entertainment news. Not only were her bare-faced photos circulated on the internet, but they also had ridiculous captions attached to them such as ‘Sophia Edwards Panicking At the Scene of Irene Weber’s Accident’ or ‘Sophia Edwards Suspected of Deliberately Causing Harm; Arrested by the Police for Investigation’.

Sophia knew the media would report the incident indiscriminately. Besides, she just couldn’t bring herself to care anymore. On the other hand, Sarah cursed at the reporters while reading the news. Then, she refreshed the page and discovered that all the news was gone; even Sophia’s swollen, bare-faced photos were gone. Everything had probably been deleted.

Even so, the netizens seemed convinced that Sophia had pushed Irene down the stairs. In a short while, all of Sophia’s public social accounts were overwhelmed by thousands of people. These people included Michael’s disappointed fans, Irene’s furious fans, as well as her own fans. These groups of people gathered together, and the atmosphere online was very lively.

Knowing that Sophia was not in a good mood today, Stanley let her off early. Thus, she packed up and went home in the afternoon.

When she returned home, Michael was not at home. So, she had a simple lunch before taking an afternoon nap. Unexpectedly, she picked up her phone to check the time after waking up from her nap and saw a pop-up notification on her phone stating, ‘Secret Meeting Between Taylor Murray and Irene Weber Revealed—Old Flames Rekindled!’

Curious, she clicked into the news and saw a high-definition photo that was secretly taken. Inside the photo, Michael and Irene were sitting in a café and seemed to be having a happy conversation… The comments attached to the news article were full of blessings such as ‘Get together!’, ‘What a matching couple!’, and ‘Divorce Sophia!’.

Within the span of a few days, the media had hyped up the history of love between Michael and Irene. The media reported that they were childhood sweethearts that were very much in love. The media also reportedly claimed that they had gotten back together after missing each other for eight years. Even if they were secretly photographed on a date together, nobody had any issues with it, and their fans were encouraging them to get back together.

It was as if the entire world was blessing their relationship and wishing for them to get back together. Meanwhile, Sophia became the third party in the relationship. She was painted as a vicious and cruel-hearted mistress—the greatest mistake in Michael’s life. Everybody else believed that Michael did not love her, and she was the biggest obstacle in the romantic love story of the star-crossed lovers.

In just a few days, fan-fiction of this tragic love story was already appearing all over the internet. As expected, they all featured Sophia as the mistress in the relationship. Therefore, the fans were very happy to see the photo of Michael and Irene on a date!


Sophia felt as if she couldn’t breathe. Thus, she hurriedly turned off the news. Getting out of bed, she washed her face and prepared to read a book. To her surprise, she had barely started reading when Maria said, “Madam, the 9th Old Master is here.”

Going downstairs, Sophia saw that Sam was already seated in the living room. Corrado, who was dressed in a neon pink outfit, sat next to him. It was wagging its tail and begging for pets. Meanwhile, Judge, who refused to wear any outfits, was also sprawled next to it.

“Hello, Master Sam.” Sophia greeted Sam as she came down the spiral staircase.

Sam was dressed in black formal wear today. It seemed like he came over directly after a meeting, bringing with him an air of elegance that seemed to surround professional elites. Moreover, he looked like he was a little tired from traveling. Looking at the pale-faced girl in front of him, he felt his heart ache for her. Even so, he smiled at her warmly. “I just returned after a meeting overseas. I need to leave again in two days, so I thought I’d drop by to visit Corrado.”

Then, the two of them sat on the sofa to chat. Unfortunately, she was not in a good mood today, and their conversation died out after a while.

Sighing, he comfortingly said, “Men have a hard time forgetting their first love. If it really came down to it, don’t hesitate. It’s better to nip it in the bud than to allow it to fester for a long time.”

Those words of his came from the heart, and he was equally empathetic toward the situation. More than 20 years had gone by, but he was still unable to forget Annabel. Perhaps, it was because he was the cause of her untimely death. In any case, she occupied a large portion of his heart—she was very important to him.

Sophia felt her heart sinking into despair. She knew that she would need to face this issue as long as Irene existed, sooner or later. Thus, she forced a smile and said, “Thank you, Master Sam. Things are not so bad yet, and I will never leave him.”

He no longer wanted to continue with this topic. Therefore, he changed the subject and said, “Alright, everything will pass eventually. If something upsetting comes up, call me. I’m good at comforting people.”

Sam brought many gifts with him. There were fresh flowers, gifts, jewelry, as well as nutritious, semi-solid takeaway meals from the Crimson House. The many gifts were piled up all over the place.

While they were talking, the security guard by the gate called to inform them that there were guests outside by the gate. Glancing at the surveillance camera by the gate, Sophia saw many people standing there. Stanley, Sean, Derek, and Sarah had rushed over after work; Joel and Claude were standing by the side, dressed in casual clothes. A short while later, a car drove up—Linus verified his identity at the gate and was allowed inside immediately since he was one of the residents at The Imperial…

After getting off work, Stanley had specially gotten dressed up before coming over. He was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hand. Joel and Claude were also similarly dressed up with bouquets in their hands. The three of them exchanged looks of bewilderment.

Stanley said, “Haha; what a coincidence.”

Joel laughed awkwardly.

Claude replied, “Yeah, what a coincidence.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 705

News of Michael and Irene rekindling old flames and the photo of their date had spread across Bayside City in a flash. Therefore, Michael’s love rivals were itching to make a move, going around telling each other, trying to find a chink in the armor, and looking for an opportunity to slip in. As a result, they accidentally ran into each other.

Three well-dressed members of the Fletcher Family entered the residential area and walked to the entrance of Villa No. 8. Then, they saw Linus, who was equally dressed up with a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hands at the entrance. The four of them looked at each other and smiled. However, their expressions changed immediately when they looked away.

Upon entering the house, they discovered another dressed-up individual sitting in the living room. He had already handed his flowers over and finished saying whatever he needed to say.

The sight of that man left the newly-arrived crowd feeling speechless. Looking at those people, Sophia looked shocked. Why are these people together? “Linus… Joel and Claude! Why are you all here?”

Linus put down his flowers and gifts. “I heard you had an operation. Since I was still in Bayside City, I dropped by to visit you.”

Claude also replied, “I brought some nutritious supplements as gifts. How is your body?”

Joel said, “I came to visit after hearing that you were sick.”

With these bigwigs around, Stanley suddenly realized that he did not stand a fighting chance against them. Thus, he quietly put his gifts down and went to play with his dog.

Sophia invited everybody inside and asked Maria to prepare some tea for them. After all, they claimed that they were here to visit her. She also specially invited Linus inside. However, Linus felt very suffocated after the previous incident and left quickly after a short greeting. He had dropped by purely to visit her, but the rest didn’t seem to have such pure intentions.

Naturally, he had seen the news before coming. Practically everybody in Bayside City knows that Michael had gotten back with Irene, so Sophia must be feeling very sad right now. Before he left, he deliberately said, “Love is not everything in life. You still have a long life ahead of you. It’s going to be New Year’s soon, so cheer up. If you’re free, you can come and visit me in Africa. I’ll take you hunting.”

Sophia nodded. “Sure.”

After seeing Linus off, her heart felt very heavy. She returned to the living room and saw the visitors glaring at each other. Here to visit? As if! They’re all here trying to take advantage of the situation to sneak in! Joel was expressionless, Claude looked reserved, Sam was gritting his teeth, and Stanley was secretly observing them.

Since dinnertime was just around the corner, Sophia said to them, “Thanks for your concern. I only had a tooth extraction, and I’ll be getting my stitches taken out tomorrow. Why don’t you all stay for dinner?”

To her surprise, the door opened again just as she finished her sentence. Another dressed-up individual appeared with a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hands. As soon as he walked in the door and saw the four other well-dressed men in the living room, his expression immediately darkened.

Michael had been extremely busy all day long so that he could make it back in time for dinner. He even went out of his way to get a new haircut and buy a bouquet. He did not expect to come home to a house full of visitors. Moreover, the gifts, nutritional supplements, and flowers were piled all over the place—there was practically no room left for them to walk about.

“Dear, you’re back!” Sophia happily came forward to welcome him home and took the flowers from him.

He replied with a cold expression as he changed his shoes and entered the house, “Yeah, I’m back.”

He walked inside with a chilly expression and glanced at the people in the living room. Sarah, Sean, and Derek were not involved in the matter, and Ivan was hugging a cat while drawing up designs in a corner of the room. Under that chilling glare, Stanley jumped out of his skin in fright, Joel was undaunted, Claude had a clear conscience, and Sam was expressionless.

“Haha, what a crowd!” Michael said grimly.

Sophia replied in her usual tone, “They came to visit me after hearing that I had an operation.” Then, she added, “Linus came over too. But, he has already left.”

From her perspective, they were simply there to visit her.

Even if their intentions were seen through, they were fearless. It was as if they had expected that Michael would rekindle his relationship with Irene and break up with Sophia soon.

Michael frigidly said, “Since you’re already here, why don’t you have dinner before you go? I’ll excuse myself for a moment. I need to change my clothes.”

After that, he went upstairs to change. Stanley took the chance to follow him and hurriedly begged for mercy. “Uncle Michael, please believe me. I really only came to visit her!”

He felt like he was about to be murdered.

Meanwhile, Michael changed his clothes and studied Stanley coolly. It’s not the first time this silly boy has tried to take advantage of the situation. He sure doesn’t know his limits. Doesn’t he realize that he is incapable of snatching Sophia away? Besides, Stanley isn’t the problem; I’m more afraid of the others.

Over the past few days, he had been very busy. He discovered that somebody with a large influence was manipulating public opinion from behind the scenes. He had invited Irene out today to discuss holding a press conference to disclose the truth. He wanted to clear Sophia’s name. However, he had not expected to be secretly photographed. Moreover, the news instantly became a hot topic on the internet within a short period. It seemed like the entire Bayside City thought that he had reconciled with Irene, and Sophia was about to be thrown aside.

After watching the news intently over the past few days, he found something strange. The media seemed to be exaggerating the relationship he used to have with Irene. The media claimed that they were star-crossed lovers or that they missed each other by a strange stroke of fate. It was as twisted as it could get, and it made Sophia into the other woman that had stepped in between them.

The story was going in a strange direction. Besides, the driving force behind it was very powerful—by manipulating public opinion, it had caused the entire world to wish for him to get back together with Irene. He had seen many similar methods of manipulating public opinion in his time, but they had never been as aggressive as this. The mastermind behind the scenes was very skillful—at the very least, they were leagues better than Richard Harper had ever been.

That person had created such a strong public opinion. However, the aim was not to force Michael and Irene to get back together. After all, Michael would not reconcile with Irene just because of the pressure of public opinion. Therefore, that person’s aim was Sophia. If the whole world was wishing for Michael to get back together with Irene, Sophia would definitely be upset. Moreover, it would cause an undue amount of psychological stress.

The identity of the culprit is obvious—it’s one of the men boldly trying to seduce my wife in my living room right now. Was it Joel? Claude? Sam? Stanley? Or, was it Linus? Claude isn’t capable enough to do this, and Stanley doesn’t have the guts. So, the circle of suspects narrows…

Upon seeing Michael’s cold gaze and silent demeanor, Stanley anxiously said, “Uncle Michael, I’m telling you; the three of us are just the beginning! When the old man heard that you had gotten back together with Irene, he swiftly gathered all the unmarried men in the family that are below 30 years of age! The main force is coming soon! As you know, the old man hates your guts. It’s not like it’s something new. Moreover, you’re over 30 while Aunt is in her early twenties. He would also be happy if you reconciled with Irene. He wants to find a man who is better than you for her.”

Michael was so furious that he felt like rolling his eyes. He had been trying to investigate the mastermind behind this incident over the past few days. I’m too busy for this! Why is the old man causing trouble for me at a time like this?! He smiled viciously and said to Stanley, “If that’s the case, call up everybody who wishes to visit and invite them here. In two days, I’m taking your aunt with me on a vacation. We won’t be home for the New Year’s, so the house will be empty.”

Stanley didn’t know what Michael’s plan was. Even so, he swiftly went to make a phone call. When he was done, he came back to report, “Uncle Michael, I’ve made the calls. They will be assembled in 10 minutes and will arrive within 30 minutes.”

Michael felt speechless. From the way he talks, it must be quite a lot of people!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 706

Stanley looked at Michael suspiciously and asked, “Uncle Michael, is it true that you’ve gotten back together with Irene?”

Michael rolled his eyes in response to the question. Afterward, Stanley shuffled away with his tail between his legs and went to the kitchen to give some instructions. Many people will be coming soon; there might not be enough food to go around for dinner. This time around, the numbers are truly staggering!

Inside the living room at that moment, Sophia, Sam, Joel, and Claude were having an awkward conversation. Joel bluntly said, “I heard about Mikey and Irene getting back together. Despite being with me for so many years, Irene has never loved me. I’m certain she still loves Mikey.” He doesn’t love you; come with me instead.

Claude quickly added, “Don’t be too sad. You need to keep looking forward in life.” For example, look at me!

Sophia was rendered speechless by them. Last night, Michael informed me in advance that he was going to meet Irene and discuss holding a press conference. Therefore, I had mentally prepared myself for this. But, why does it feel like the whole world knows that I’ve been dumped in just a few hours?

Sam said nothing. He was like a spectator by the sidelines, secretly observing everything. However, he coldly mocked them in his heart, What a bunch of scumbags!

All of a sudden, Stanley walked over and told Sophia, “Aunt, the old man is sending some people over to visit you. Quite a lot of people will be coming. So, I asked Maria to bring out some extra chairs and benches just in case we run out of seats later.”

Huh? Old Master is sending some people over? Also, quite a lot of people will be coming? Sophia stood up and went to discuss with Maria about bringing out more chairs. Meanwhile, Joel and Claude looked very upset while Sam looked puzzled. When they say quite a lot of people… how many do they mean?

10 minutes later, Celine opened the door and entered. Then, she loudly called out, “Mikey! Sofie! You have guests!”

Michael changed into a set of comfortable clothes and came down from the second floor. Sophia stuck her head out of the kitchen and everybody looked toward the front door in unison. After Celine entered, she was followed by a well-groomed young man dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet in his hand. He looked to be in his twenties, had bushy eyebrows, and had large, lively eyes, which made him look very masculine.

Behind that young man, another young man in his twenties followed. This man had a sharp and angular face with soft and pleasant facial features. He was also dressed to the nines and held flowers and gifts in his hands. After that, a third young man followed. This person had a cold but handsome face as well as a sharp aura around him. His expression was stiff and frozen, and his steps were steady as he came in with a bouquet. Then, a fourth young man followed. This man had a warm smile as gentle as a spring breeze and his enchanting eyes were very attractive. He gave off the impression of a loyal and caring little puppy…

Row after row of attractive young men holding fresh flowers in their hands came inside. They were all dressed neatly. Soon, the living room was filled with well-dressed unmarried men in their twenties. It was the first time Sophia ever felt that her living room was small.

Michael stared at the sight before him blankly. This is a f*cking platoon! Just how much does the old man hate me?! How dare he prepare an entire platoon to take my place?!

Sam was also stunned by the aggressive and imposing behavior displayed by the young men of the Fletcher Family coming to ‘visit the sick’.

Still, the most shocked of them all was Sophia. Aren’t these the young men of the Fletcher Family that I went on a blind date with back at the hospital?! How long ago was that?! I can’t believe the Old Master was reserving them for me!

Subsequently, Celine sat Sophia down on the sofa as the platoon of young men vigorously arranged themselves into several rows. They were of equal height, wore the same clothes, had the same expressions, and stood in identical poses. Moreover, they held flowers in their left hand and a gift in their right—even the flowers and the gifts were exactly the same. Hence, they had more order than a military parade as they stood there, waiting for Sophia to take her pick.

This atmosphere; this sight before me… I’m sure even the selection of concubines for emperors in the past couldn’t compare to this… Thus, Sophia felt completely speechless by the display in front of her.

Meanwhile, Justin was expressionless as he carried a large stack of resumes in his arms and stood by the side. Picking one up, Celine glanced at it and called out the name. “Gary Fletcher! Step up!”

Among those rows of young men, somebody yelled out, ‘Yes, ma’am!’. Then, he stepped out of formation with sonorous footsteps and walked over to Sophia with a straight gaze.

Flipping through the resume, Celine was very serious as she introduced the man, “Gary Fletcher; unmarried 27-year-old male. 183 cm tall and weighs 75 kg; he holds the rank of a major. He is an Aries with blood type A and has a gentle temperament…”

After the introduction, Gary handed the flowers and gift to Sophia while saying, “It’s been a long time, Sophia. I heard your operation went well, so I came to visit you. This is just a small token of my respect and sincerity.”

Sophia was almost frightened by this display. Thus, she dazedly accepted the flowers and gift. “Take a seat. Why don’t you stay for dinner before you leave?”

As Gary found a place to sit, Celine took another resume from Justin. Calling out the name on the resume, another young man holding flowers in his hand stepped out of the formation.

It was the first time Sam had ever seen an operation on this scale. Hence, he sighed in amazement.

Although it was not the first time Michael was faced with the old man’s crazy antics, he still nearly passed out from anger. Fine! Do what you want! He silently took up a spot in a corner and watched Celine carrying out Old Master’s orders as she introduced the entire platoon of young and excellent bachelors from the Fletcher Family to Sophia.

Sophia was overwhelmed after being bombarded with an entire platoon of young men. So, she could only smile awkwardly and tried to look for Michael. However, Michael had been squeezed into some hidden corner—she couldn’t find him anywhere.

In the end, several tables were set up in Villa No. 8 for dinner. The sudden appearance of the visiting army had caught the kitchen staff off-guard. Fortunately, dinner somehow passed without issues. After dinner, Celine left with her visiting army. Before she left, she pushed the stack of resumes into Sophia’s arms. “I’ll send them back to rest. If you are interested in any of them, don’t be shy and give them a call.”

That tone of voice… It’s like this was an interview.

Joel, Claude, and Stanley left together with the visiting army. Sam, who had been ignored all night, left grumpily too. Naturally, he continued to leave his dog with Sophia.

After all the visitors left, the house suddenly became quiet. The flowers and gifts piled up haphazardly in the living room—there was no longer any place to walk. Maria was slowly going through them, but Sophia was still feeling faint.

Michael stared at the pile of presents in the living room with a dark expression. Haha… Although he was furious at the Old Master’s actions, it also made some of his love rivals that were secretly trying to make a move aware of their place. Even if they got rid of him, a whole platoon of excellent young men from the Fletchers was waiting to take his place. Just who do they think they are?!

Michael sat in the living room and went through the resumes of the platoon members that Old Master had prepared for Sophia. Wow, the requirements are quite strict! According to their resumes, the handsome young men ranged from 22 to 30 years old. All of them were single and unmarried, had no prior criminal records or hereditary diseases, and had good careers and excellent parents. Moreover, a photo that exposed the upper half of their bodies was included with each resume.

Each one of them was posing to show off their muscles and broad chests. How incredibly vulgar! Looking at the résumés, it probably took quite a long while to gather them and organize them in such a manner. At the very least, it wasn’t something that could be prepared within a day. Old Master is really doing his best to get Cooper’s genes!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 707

Slam! Michael angrily slammed a pile of résumés on the table. After a while, Nathan sneaked over and took them away—they still had their uses.

Sophia took a bath and went to bed after settling her work. What a crazy day… I can’t believe so many things happened in such a short time. And, all I did was a tooth extraction!

Similarly, Michael was done with his work for the day and lay down beside her. They were silent for a moment, staring at the fish projected on the ceiling in a daze. Suddenly, he turned around and hugged her. “Can I do it today?”

She resolutely rejected him. “No!”

The stitches from the wound in my mouth have not been taken out yet, and he wants to kiss me?! Don’t even think about it!

Ever since the tooth extraction surgery, Michael had been holding himself back. Although the operation didn’t affect much, it was still surgery. It was rather unreasonable of him to want to make love to her after she had just gone through an operation. Therefore, they had not had sex for the past few days. He couldn’t even kiss her on the mouth for fear of causing an infection. Since she wasn’t willing, he fondled her slightly and rubbed against her. After a while, he finally managed to turn her on…

When they woke up the next day, Sophia was absolutely glowing; she was in a wonderful state. Thus, she energetically headed to the hospital to remove her stitches. Meanwhile, Michael left early in the morning to work on his own affairs.

It was the end of the year. Coupled with Irene’s incident, he was hounded by a lot of work and couldn’t spare any time. Hence, Sophia went to remove her stitches alone. Her recovery was going very well, and she successfully had her stitches removed. As she was leaving the hospital, she noticed a furtive figure hiding in a corner.

Irene? She raised her eyebrows when she saw the figure. She must have obtained the information in advance and came here to ‘coincidentally’ run into Michael… It’s too bad for her, but he didn’t come today.

Over the past few days, she kept seeing Irene through the surveillance camera monitoring the gate. Irene wasn’t passing by. Rather, she stood at the gate and refused to leave. When she failed to meet Michael, she would leave on her own accord. Her actions had been photographed by the media, and the photos were posted on the internet with captions such as ‘Irene Weber Waiting for Taylor Murray in the Snow All Night’ or ‘Girl in Love Waiting for the Man Who Betrayed Her’.

It stood to reason that Sophia, the vicious and cruel wife, had to do something in retaliation after something like that occurred. For example, she would call out the weak, fragile lady and throw some money in her face while saying, “Take this money and leave him!”. Or, hire some thugs to ravage the pitiful woman. At the very least, she should scold and threaten the pitiful woman through the phone. Otherwise, where would the majesty of the official wife go? Where would the aura of the vicious and cruel wife go?

However, Sophia never came forward nor made any calls. It was completely quiet—almost as if nothing had happened. She had left everything to Michael. After meeting with Irene once to discuss holding a press conference, Michael did not have any private contact with Irene again.

As a result, Sophia never came forward herself. She did not approach Irene and avoided all contact with Irene to prevent people from exploiting any loopholes. Even if she saw Irene, she didn’t want to talk to her. I have nothing to say to her. At this point, whoever made the first move would be the loser. After all, people with cards to play and the confidence to back it up had nothing to fear.

Irene still had bandages on her head, and they made her look very pitiful. Moreover, she did not seem to have the maturity of a 30-year-old. Those pure and innocent eyes of hers made her look more like a woman in her early twenties.

Sophia got into the car as if she had not noticed Irene’s presence. Then, Nicholas nimbly followed her into the car. Just as the car door was about to close, Irene finally couldn’t hold herself back and stepped out from the corner. She called out loudly, “Sophia, please wait for me!”

It was snowing today, and Sophia was wearing a thick mask to keep warm. When she heard Irene’s voice, she took off her mask and asked, “Irene, how can I help you?”

The way Sophia addressed Irene was light. However, it contained a strong sense of confidence and poise. It was as if the accident had not happened—nothing had ever happened between them.

Irene walked over and stood outside the car. After hesitating for a while, she took out a small item from her handbag and handed it to Sophia with both hands. “This is the amulet Mikey received when he went to the temple at 18 years old. It comes in an exact pair—one for me, and one for him. This was a token of our love, and I’ve kept it with me all these years…” As she spoke, her voice choked up. Looking at the amulet in her hands, she looked very reluctant to part with it. Even so, it was something she had to abandon. Gathering her courage again, she continued, “It’s no longer possible for Mikey and me to have a relationship again. So, I should return this amulet to him now.”

She brought out the amulet. The amulet was small, and the color was faded. One could tell that she had carefully kept it safe for all these years.

If Michael saw this, I’m sure he would feel touched. After so many years, I’m sure he is still keeping the other half of this amulet… Sophia stared at the amulet and fell silent. During the short silence, Irene’s pure and innocent gaze flickered, and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly…

However, several seconds passed and Sophia withdrew her gaze. Smiling at Irene warmly, she said, “Keep the amulet. After all, it’s a beautiful memory between the two of you.”

The relationship between Michael and Irene was not something that could be brushed off. After all, Irene was Michael’s first love, and they created many beautiful memories together in the past. Besides, Sophia had never intended to run away from this matter. Although she felt a little unhappy whenever she thought about it, who did not have a past of their own?

Acting like somebody who had experienced it all before, she comforted Irene by saying, “The past is in the past; you cannot continue to dwell in it. You should look to the future instead. Taylor has a new amulet—one that I gave to him. So, he stopped using this amulet a long time ago. Even if you returned it to him, it has already lost its meaning.”

The amulet Michael had right now was the same one Cooper had given to Annabel—it was a pair with what Sophia had.

Irene seemed taken aback. She probably did not expect Sophia to be so magnanimous. Lowering her head, her eyes immediately filled with tears. Teardrops hung from her eyelashes as she whispered, “I know… I know that… Taylor has been avoiding me recently because he doesn’t want to meet me. I know… So, don’t worry. I’ll hold a press conference. I won’t come between the two of you.”

That tone of voice and that expression… Irene looked like she had been gravely wronged. It was as if Michael had thrown her aside and married his new lover. It was as if she was a weak, fragile lady that had been abandoned by the world. It was as if Michael was avoiding her and refusing to meet her not for a lack of love, but because Sophia did not allow him to.

Looking at her, Sophia felt extremely guilty. But, I’m not a saint. So what if she looks pitiful? That’s my husband! Seeing that Irene was still standing in front of her car door and refusing to move, she kindly gave a reminder. “I have a dog with me.”

As soon as she said that, a large dog’s head popped out. Stretching its neck forward, the pure black dog stuck its head out toward the amulet in Irene’s hand and tried to sniff at it.

Irene was inherently afraid of dogs. Therefore, she was so frightened by the big dog that appeared that she staggered backward several steps. Perhaps, the ground was slippery. As she stepped back, she slipped and fell on her butt. On the other hand, Corrado seemed to find it fun. Jumping out of the car, it walked toward her. That scared her so much that she began screaming. Thus, Hale quickly grabbed Corrado and stuffed him back into the car. Soon, the car drove off, leaving behind Irene as she sat on the ground by the side of the road with tears of fright streaming down her face.

As a result, a shocking headline made the news again that night. ‘Shocking! Eddie Fletcher Set Her Dog on Irene Weber in a Fit Of Rage!’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 708

Michael arrived home after finishing his work and saw that strange piece of news. The photographer had chosen a good angle when taking the photo. The photo happened to capture the time when Corrado rushed down the car and headed toward Irene. Irene was retreating in horror as Corrado rushed forward fiercely. Meanwhile, Sophia was sitting in the car and watching the scene unfold coldly. How vicious!

Michael called Danny and instructed, “Don’t forget to delete the posts.”

Since the mysterious mastermind liked to spread rumors and create trouble, he would keep deleting all the posts that appeared. However, news on the internet could not be curbed simply by deleting the posts. It would continue to be posted even after being deleted. Moreover, they were not just deleting posts, they were also deleting some of the ridiculous fan fiction. In those books, Sophia had been painted as the world’s greatest villain.

Despite knowing about Irene’s fear of dogs, Sophia had deliberately set her dog on Irene! How could she be so heartless?! Combined with the rumor of her pushing Irene down the stairs, she had been completely villainized and turned into a cruel, heartless woman! Contrary to her expectations, she didn’t manage to kill Irene. Rather, she accidentally made Irene regain the memories she lost. In the meantime, Taylor finally saw her for who she was and dumped her. Truly, what goes around comes around!

As the internet was going crazy over the news, Irene held a press conference to explain the recent incidents. During the press conference, her head was still wrapped in bandages, and she looked anemic and haggard. Facing the cameras and the reporters, she clarified in a weak voice, “Back at the hospital the other day, I fell down the stairs myself. It had nothing to do with Miss Sophia Edwards.”

She lowered her head and studied the draft in her hand, not daring to look into the camera. However, her face was full of sorrow and disappointment, her eyes were filled with tears, and her voice was choked up. It felt as if somebody was holding a gun to her head and forcing her to say those words. “As for last night’s incident, it was an accident. I fell by myself. It had nothing to do with Miss Sophia Edwards either. So, I hope everybody will leave her alone. I sincerely wish that Taylor and Miss Edwards will have a happy and blissful life together.”

After saying that, she quickly left the scene under the escort of her manager. As she left, tears streamed down her face. She had obediently held the press conference as Michael had instructed and clarified the truth. However, the press conference was useless. With her performance, everybody became certain that Sophia was the evil one. Moreover, she even forced Irene to lie. What a vicious woman!

Afterward, Irene pitifully called Michael. Sobbing helplessly, she said, “Mikey, I think I messed things up. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault…”

Listen to that tone; how innocent and hopeless. She wanted to help but messed things up instead. Moreover, she stupidly tried to take all the blame on herself too. Under these circumstances, I’d be an a*s if I said anything harsh. Thus, Michael gently replied, “It’s okay. You did nothing wrong. You did your best.”

Then, she burst into tears again. It felt like they went back 10 years into the past; she was an innocent and naïve girl and she cried until her words slurred together. “Mikey, I want to see you.”

Most men would not be able to refuse at a time like this. Her plan was so thorough; she was the one who had been pushed down the stairs and she even held a press conference just because Michael asked her to. Although she messed up, it wasn’t her mistake. She simply wanted to help. Could Michael still be considered human if he couldn’t even grant her such a humble request?

Michael felt slightly regretful. “I’m afraid I can’t. I’m at the airport. I’ll be leaving the country soon.”

Sure enough; he was at the airport. Hale was next to him, carrying the luggage. Sophia was eagerly walking in front of him and Nathan seemed excited too as he walked beside Sophia with three dogs on leashes. Then, the family of six—three humans and three dogs—boarded the private plane.

Irene asked pitifully, “When will you return?”

Michael replied, “After the New Year’s. I’m boarding the plane. Bye.” After hanging up, he threw his phone to Hale and said, “If she calls again, tell her I’m busy.”

Hale nodded in response.

Bayside City was unnaturally cold this year and Sophia was sick of the cold. Besides, there were a lot of worries in the city. Hence, Michael decided to bring his family to a warmer place to celebrate New Year’s.

As for Irene… Haha… Irene grew up in the military compound. Her parents lost their lives protecting their comrades while on a special mission. For that reason, Michael didn’t want to go to the extremes. Right now, we are testing each other’s limits. She is testing my limits. At the same time, I’m waiting to see just how far she is willing to go. If she oversteps my boundaries, then she can’t blame me for using cruel means!

All of a sudden, a car screeched to a stop at the airport. Then, Stanley barreled out of the car carrying a suitcase, and Sean was behind him.

“Uncle Michael! Uncle Michael, wait for me! Wait for me!” Stanley looked like a husky running with all its might as he rushed up the plane.

Then, another car arrived late. As soon as it came to a stop, Sarah and Harry came out of the car and boarded the plane.

The plane took off quickly, bringing a group of people overseas for a vacation. It was very lively on the plane. Michael had confiscated Sophia’s phone, so she brought many books to keep her occupied during her free time. At the moment, she was trying to put an outfit on Judge. However, it refused to be dressed, preferring to run naked. Thus, Sophia and Judge were in a tug-of-war, and she was laughing away happily…

Looking at her smiling face, Michael felt his spirits lifting. After she removed her stitches, she recuperated at home for several days. Her diet was gradually returning to normal, and she was looking forward to her vacation during the New Year’s. In the past, she had always celebrated it at home. Therefore, it was her first time celebrating elsewhere, and it felt a little strange.

Soon, news of Taylor bringing his beloved wife on a vacation overseas via a private plane broke out. When Irene saw the news, she trembled with anger. So, when he told me he was going overseas, he was doing it to accompany Sophia?! Does he still have feelings for me?! I’ve already done so much for him. Can’t he see the ‘truth’?! Will he only believe me if I accuse Sophia of pushing me down the stairs and almost killing me?!

After a moment, she forced herself to calm down. I know I still have a chance. I know he still has feelings for me. After all, I was his first love! We grew up together! How could Sophia possibly replace all those years we spent together! Currently, he doesn’t dare to rely on me. I guess I have to praise Sophia for her tenacity. She is doing her best to keep him dancing in the palm of her hand. Hmph; even Old Master Fletcher is hoping for Michael and me to get back together. Just who does Sophia think she is?! The only thing she has over me is her age! She can’t even give birth to a child!

Mulling over it, Irene decided to try calling Michael again. However, the phone had been turned off. He was probably still on the plane. Even so, she had no plans to give up. I need to get Michael back. I can’t wait any longer. Nowadays, he was no longer who he used to be. He was an international celebrity. Moreover, he had two Academy Awards. Since Celine has returned, and the burden is gone, it’s time for me to return to Michael’s side. While pondering it, she walked into the military compound to look for Mark…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 709

On the other hand, Michael received a phone call from Mark as soon as he got off the plane. “Mikey, are you not spending New Year’s Day in Bayside City this year?”

Michael was walking along the airstrip as he replied, “Sophia and I are celebrating New Year’s overseas this year.”

As soon as they got off the plane, they were greeted by a gust of warm wind. After suffering from the cold throughout winter back at Bayside City, Sophia hurriedly took off her coat and changed into thinner clothes. Then, she comfortably walked in front of him. The south is awesome!

He only had eyes for her as he distractedly listened to what the old man was saying. “Mikey, Irene has been very depressed over the past two days. How on earth do you plan to deal with the affairs between the two of you?!”

Michael said, “Grandpa, this is between us. Don’t worry about it so much.”

Although Michael did not answer, Mark seemed to have guessed his decision and said, “I watched the two of you grow up together. So, I know your feelings run deep. I will understand even if you choose Irene. Don’t worry; I like Eddie very much. Even if you choose Irene, I will take good care of Eddie. She’s still in her early twenties. Don’t waste her time anymore.”

The last two sentences were the main points he wanted to say. She is only in her early twenties while you’re almost forty! How can you sleep with such a young girl?! Don’t you have a conscience?!

In response, Michael sneered coldly in his heart. The old man is wishing that Sophia would kick me to the curb when she is still young!

In the first place, Old Master had been extremely unhappy when he learned that Michael had silently married Sophia. If Michael decided to choose Irene now, then the platoon of reserves Old Master had prepared could immediately step up to the plate.

In your dreams! Michael answered, “Grandpa, we’re about to leave the airport. I’m hanging up now; I’ll send you a postcard.”

After saying that, he hurriedly ended the call, lest the old man tried to brainwash him.

This year, Sophia enjoyed her New Year’s a lot. She did not touch her phone nor read the ridiculous news on the internet for half a month consecutively. She spent every day eating, having fun, and shopping. At one point, she went to the Sahara desert to ride camels. Next, she went to the North Pole to admire the aurora. After that, she went shopping at the premium outlet stores in Meyes. She later went under the sea to touch the tail of a whale. She experienced something different every single day. Therefore, she had no time to think of other matters. As for the matter about exes, she left it to Michael…

In contrast, Michael became much busier as he commandeered the operations back home via phone. These days, the enemy’s counterattacks were unusually strong. All sorts of rumors were flying about, and it seemed as if the whole world wanted Taylor to get back together with Irene.

Naturally, Michael had his ways too. Firstly, he prevented Sophia from touching her phone. He was determined not to let her be affected by the ridiculous news. Rather, he wanted her to enjoy her vacation every day without any worries.

Next, he diverted the public’s attention elsewhere.

Soon, the popular A-List celebrities Nicholas Yates and Bethany Nicole’s secret relationship was revealed to the public. Thus, they were forced to admit it.

XX Sky King married an internet celebrity! Moreover, the internet celebrity used to be a sex worker in the past. Not only that, but she had also undergone plastic surgery before and reportedly looked extremely ugly before the plastic surgery.

The man in a certain publicly recognized couple in the entertainment circles was photographed cheating on his partner with a B-List celebrity. Shockingly, the B-List celebrity turned out to be a man!

A popular A-List actor had sexual relations with his fans. A crazy fan even wrote a long love letter and publicly revealed all the details of the affair!

A government officer physically assaulted another!

It was snowing in the south!

The entire New Year’s period was filled with all sorts of breaking news and juicy gossip—so much so that it was hard to keep up with. Therefore, Taylor and Irene’s affair gradually faded away. After all, public attention would always be fixed on the newest hot topic.

Once the spotlight shifted away, everything would be buried in the past. That was how the entertainment industry worked—one might suddenly gain popularity in a short period, but one could also be easily forgotten. For that reason, most celebrities would rack their brains trying to come up with a way to make the headlines—the bigger the better.

Besides, ghostwriters were usually the ones to rock the boat. Some fans might be influenced by ghostwriters, but they would quickly realize the truth. At this point, Michael began posting about his lovey-dovey daily life on social media platforms. He posted a photo of Sophia playing with her pets and the robot. With that, he calmly and clearly made his position clear and his fans gradually dispersed. Similarly, erotic fan fiction also lost its popularity and slowly disappeared.

As things began to cool down, everybody gradually came to a realization. Although the incident eight years ago was very regrettable, Taylor already had a new family and a wife. Trying to instigate matters between him and Irene at this point was rather immoral. Thus, the criticism slowly died down too. Besides, Irene had admitted to falling down the stairs on her own. Hence, this incident blew over.

And, Sophia was completely oblivious about what had happened. This time around, Michael was handling this matter on his own. After all, it wasn’t her battle—it was a personal matter between Michael and Irene.

When the waves died down, things gradually subsided. However, the other party refused to give up so easily.

A few days before New Year’s, Irene suddenly began to post some rather dark and desperate content on Twitter, which conveyed her extremely negative emotions. Although she did not specify who it was, everybody knew. She was mentally unstable because she couldn’t accept Taylor leaving her.

On New Year’s Eve, she disappeared after posting a long, weary letter detailing her despair. On the first day of the new year, the agency issued a statement saying that she had attempted suicide. Thus, she was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Fortunately, she did not lose her life. At that moment, she was still in the hospital.

As soon as that happened, the public turned their attention, which had been diverted with great difficulty, back to the issue at hand. Once again, Taylor and Irene made the headlines again and completely overwhelmed the enthusiasm about the New Year Dinner Gala.

Tsk. Michael was reading the breaking news as well as the comments below it. Naturally, the comments were obscene and full of malice. It was as if Sophia had personally strangled Irene to death—all the attacks were aimed at Sophia, who had always been out of the picture.

As he read the news, he sipped on his juice. The level of the other party’s team of ghostwriters was truly extraordinary—the degree of obsession they showed was amazing.

When the news got out, the internet was filled with pity for Irene. Everybody criticized Taylor for being a scumbag and abandoning his first love. Sophia had pushed Irene down the stairs and nearly killed Irene. Later, she set her dog on Irene. Last but not least, she even went so far as to coerce Irene into holding a press conference and lying about her circumstances. Even so, Taylor never once stood up for Irene.

Being abandoned by her first love and committing suicide… How desperate and hopeless must she be?! Compared to Irene’s misery, Taylor was having the time of his life. He even went traveling and showed off his affection for his wife every day. What a heartless man; how could he force a woman into that situation?! Can you still be considered human, Taylor Murray?!

“Haha—” Michael laughed coldly. Then, he put down his phone, refusing to watch the news anymore. At that moment, all he had to do was prevent himself from coming into contact with Irene again.

The thresholds of both parties were slowly being exposed. Michael was not a heartless man. However, if the opposing party continued to press down on him and crossed his limit, he would not show mercy. It didn’t matter whether she was a martyr or the daughter of God. If she crossed his limits, he would retaliate.

At present, they were vacationing on a beach in a country on the other side of the hemisphere, and it was still summer there. They just arrived here yesterday after finishing their shopping in Meyes. Moreover, they planned to stay here until New Year’s was over before returning home.

Meanwhile, Sophia was wearing a pink swimsuit, running and jumping on the beach. She was having the time of her life, completely oblivious to the news circulating on the internet.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 710

Judge followed after Sophia, running with its tongue out. It was extremely lively. On the other hand, Corrado was sprawled beside Michael like an old veteran soldier. It was not as active. Meanwhile, Snowball was a white ball of fur playing in the water with Nathan. By the time it came back after rolling around on the beach, it was a huge mess.

Corrado was a pure black dog. As black absorbed heat, it was so hot that it kept sticking its tongue out. Thus, it hid under the shade of the beach umbrella. Michael sipped on his juice and rubbed its head. It was so hot that it scorched his hands. So, he poured it a glass of ice water to lower its temperature. Just then, Sophia’s joyful laughter entered his ears—it was truly a beautiful sound.

All of a sudden, Hale came over with a troubled expression as he held his phone in his hands. “Old Master Fletcher has been calling non-stop. You can’t keep avoiding him like this!”

Tsk. Michael clicked his tongue; he was most afraid of the old man acting up. He just wants me to step down from my position so that the platoon of young men can take over instead!

He took the phone and called the Fletcher Residence while speaking to Hale. “For the next few days, train Corrado to become an indomitable dog. If you don’t know how, ask my sister to teach you.”

Hale made an ‘Ah!’ sound but did not understand what Michael meant. Just as he was about to ask, Michael had his back to him while making a phone call in a serious manner. Teach Corrado how to become an indomitable dog?! How would I know how to do that?! It’s not like I’m a dog!

He stared at Corrado, and Corrado stared back at him. They stared at each other for a long while. Then, he took out his phone and called Celine for tips.

On the other side of the world, Celine was accompanying her husband for the New Year’s in Villa No.8 at Bayside City, Cethos. When she learned about Hale’s request, she said, “Ha! That’s not difficult! Don’t you know that dogs can’t change their habit of eating sht?! The first step is to teach it how to eat sht!”

After Hale heard that, he was in shock for a long time. At the same time, he finally understood what Michael meant.

At that moment, Michael was on a call with Old Master Fletcher. The old man’s voice was imploring. “Mikey, why don’t you come back and visit Rene? She’s at the end of her rope! The conflict between her and Eddie is over. The matter between you and her can also be regarded as part of the past. But, she still has no will to live, so why don’t you come back and visit her? I don’t mean to force you to reconcile with her, but only you can get through to her right now. She is refusing both food and water! It’ll be bad if this goes on!”

It was clear that the Old Master believed that Sophia had pushed Irene down the stairs too. However, he decided not to pursue the matter because Sophia was more important than that.

Michael agreed easily. “Sure, sure. It’s no problem. I’ll be back in two days. Unfortunately, I have some work going on here and I can’t step away from it right now. Two more days; I’m going back in two days. Yeah, sure. Okay, no problem, No problem.”

Upon ending the call, he breathed out heavily and lay back on the beach chair.

On the other side, Old Master Fletcher was in the military sanatorium. After ending the call, he turned and said to Irene, who was lying weakly on the bed, “Rene, don’t worry. Mikey will visit you when he returns. So, you have to get well.”

Weeping soundlessly, Irene said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry, Grandpa… It’s all because I messed everything up! Right now, the fans are criticizing Mikey and Eddie. They must hate me… I shouldn’t have appeared before them. I understand why Eddie resents me. I was asking for it when I fell down the stairs.”

He looked at her as she wept soundlessly, feeling very conflicted. Young people’s affairs are such a headache.

He watched Irene and Michael grow up; he also knew about what happened between them. At present, one was in despair while the other had a family of his own. Thus, he felt very troubled too. All he could do was give advice. Hence, he encouraged Irene to eat while he tried to come up with a solution.

Bayside City became very lively during the New Year’s due to the scandal involving two-time Academy Award winner Taylor Murray, his first love, Irene Webber, and his current wife, Sophia Edwards. Even if Taylor did not participate in the New Year Dinner Gala, his popularity was several times greater than the New Year Dinner Gala.

As Sophia’s phone had been confiscated by Michael, all her calls were directed to him instead. Over the past few days, her phone kept ringing non-stop. Therefore, all phone calls from the media requesting interviews were transferred to Sophia’s assistant while all private calls went to Michael.

During that period, many called out of concern, including Linus and Claude. Joel’s number had been blocked on Sophia’s phone. Hence, he changed his number just to call her and express his sympathy.

The Fletchers constantly nagged at Michael to quickly return to visit Irene, who was sick in bed. However, Michael kept delaying his return. He just didn’t want to go back. It was almost the 6th day after New Year’s, and he was still overseas. Although calls kept coming from Bayside City urging him to go home, he continued to delay his return.

Finally, Sam couldn’t stop himself from calling. Naturally, Michael was the one to answer the call. “What has Sophie been doing recently? I messaged her on Messenger, but she has not replied.”

Michael said, “Oh, we’re traveling. We didn’t have time to check our phones since we were having so much fun.”

Sam replied, “Oh… When will you be returning to Bayside City? I miss Corrado and wish to see it soon.”

Michael said, “Soon. I plan to return on the 8th to avoid the peak travel season during the New Year’s.”

When Sam learned that they were going to return soon, he hurriedly set a date and time to come over and visit them.

Upon ending the call, Michael heard a series of crashing sounds and saw Sophia chasing Judge across the beach with a feather duster in her hand. “You stinky mutt! Stop right there! Stop!”

Stanley was also chasing behind them while shouting, “Judge! Stop! Stop running!”

Judge seemed overjoyed to see so many people chasing it. Hence, it ran even faster. On the other hand, Sophia was livid. As expected, I can’t let Judge, that sh*tty dog, play with Corrado!

Over the past few days, Sophia had played to her heart’s content. She was either shark-watching in a boat, diving, or looking for food near the villa by the beach. How could I have known that Judge would lead Corrado astray in such a short time?! Today, she had caught the two dogs red-handed as they ate a mouthful of a warm and fresh pile of sht. Ahh! That’s the 9th Old Master’s dog! It’s a purebred Labrador that has only ever eaten the best and highest-end dog food throughout its entire life! How could it eat sht under my watch?! How am I supposed to explain this to Master Sam?!

In the end, Judge was caught and beaten with the feather duster. However, Stanley couldn’t bear to let the dog suffer. So, he only allowed Sophia to symbolically hit it twice on the rear before taking it away.

Meanwhile, Corrado seemed oblivious about what had happened to it as it sat by the side and watched Sophia earnestly.

Looking at Corrado, Sophia wanted to pet it. However, she recalled the sight of it eating a mouthful of sh*t and couldn’t bring herself to touch it. Therefore, she could only sulk by the side.

Michael comforted her, saying, “Oh, well. Dogs can’t change their habit of eating sh*t! We just need to keep an eye on it in the future. At most, we’ll just keep it a secret from Master Sam, lest he gets mad at us.”

At this point, we have no other choice! We can never tell Master Sam about this!

On the 9th day after the New Year’s, they returned to Bayside City. A short while after they arrived home, Sam appeared at their doorstep like a lingering spirit. To put it nicely, he missed his dog. As soon as he knew that they were back, he sped over at breakneck speed to meet his dog that had been away for many days.

“Corrado, have you missed me?” Sam was elated to see his dog. Thus, he affectionately rubbed against its face, hugged it, and kissed it on the mouth. At the same time, Corrado affectionately licked him…

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