My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 751-760

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 751

As the evening came to an end, Michael carried Carmen up to the attic, where they could see the night sky through the sky window. Carmen leaned beside Michael and gazed upon the stars above.

“Daddy, I wonder which star is mommy today.”

Michael raised his hand and pointed at the brightest one among them and said, “That one. Look, she’s winking back at you!”

Carmen fixed her eyes on that star and chuckled before a tinge of sadness took over. She asked, “Daddy, why did mommy turn into a star?”

Michael looked at the star and answered with a smile, “That’s because mommy’s an angel! She’ll have to become an angel and travel to the skies soon. At night, she transforms into a star to watch over us to see if you misbehave. She will be back in a few years’ time.” He gently curled Carmen’s hair with his fingers and spoke apprehensively in a low voice. “Is there anything you want to tell mommy today? She’s listening right now. She’s an angel, and she’ll fulfill your wishes.”

Carmen made her wish carefully as she focused on the shining star. “I wish that mommy would bless my relationship this time. May it go smoothly…”

Michael’s lips twitched. “Are you in a relationship again? Or are you referring to Nicholas?”

It had been a long while since Michael found out that his three-years-old daughter had started being in relationships, so he was not surprised this time.

Carmen answered solemnly, “Daddy, Nicholas is my ex-boyfriend; both he and I are history. I’m now going out with brother.”

Michael asked, “Which brother?”

The last time she told him Nicholas was her boyfriend, he got so mad that he locked Nicholas up and hid him. He then lied to her that her boyfriend went back to his hometown to get married, and that took her a while to finally move on. He wondered who would resign to the same fate this time.

Carmen replied coyly, “Take a guess, daddy!”

After a moment of speechlessness, Michael asked, “Is it Bubbles?”

Covering her mouth as she giggled, Carmen answered, “Bubble’s a girl. My boyfriend’s Judgey!”

Michael’s chest tensed up as he had a solemn expression on his face. He was determined to dash her hopes by revealing a dark past Judge had. “Judge ate sh*t before!”

Carmen paused for a long while and rested her head onto Michael’s arm.

Michael fell silent for a while before asking, “Why are you quiet?”

“Daddy, I’ve had my heart broken again.”

Relieved, Michael consoled, “It’s okay. I’m here for you still.”

He stroked her hair as he lifted his head to observe the stars. You’re one that shines the brightest. Our girl has grown up so much—can you see it?



“I want to pee.”

At the same time in Villa No.2, another pair of father and daughter were also stargazing.

Sophia leaned beside Cooper as she rested her sight upon the skyscape above Bayside City. Cooper never uttered a single word, for he was still annoyed about having picked a gay man for his daughter’s matchmaking session earlier that day.

Never judge a book by its cover! Stanley Fletcher, you a*shole!

“Dad, how did mommy pass away?” asked Sophia abruptly.

Cooper’s heart felt a brief sting before he replied, “Accidents happen…”

He did not have the heart to tell her that Annabel died from giving birth to her.

Sophia raised her head and peeked at the brightest star in the sky.

“Maybe mommy turned into a star, and she’s watching over us right now!”

Cooper lifted his head and looked at the shining star with a smile.

Ever since that day, Sophia never attended any matchmaking sessions. The weather had been fairly cold outside as of late. She would rather spend her time learning how to make better tasting meat jerky at home, and she even began packing some to be delivered back to Africa.

Judge came over again. It gave Sophia quite a scare the moment it got in. Standing in front of her was a husky wearing a pink skirt with a flamboyant mixture of makeup on its face, not forgetting its freshly painted bright-red nails.

“Woof! Woof!” yelped Judge as it rolled incessantly on the carpet, as if it was angrily complaining about a certain someone.

Sophia rubbed its head and comforted it, “What’s wrong? Did something happen that pissed you off badly?”

Judge continued its volley of complaints to her.

Damn it! Take your own child back! I’m not entertaining her anymore!

Alas, every protest it made sounded nothing more than barks to Sophia.

Sophia knew exactly how to calm Judge down. She offered it a handful of kibbles, and it stopped at once. Nevertheless, Judge’s break was short-lived; it was not before long that a shrill voice came through the door. “Judgey, where are you?” Judge jumped up and let out a woof before darting into the restroom. Sophia said, “Hey, doggie. Your owner’s calling for you! Why are you hiding?”

Someone started knocking on the door. Sophia threw a shawl over her shoulders and went to open the door.

Outside the door stood a young girl at the age of two to three. She was wearing a maroon-colored padded jacket, accompanied by a teenage boy with a stone-cold expression.

Sophia recognized her immediately. She was the girl adopted by the gay man whom she met at the matchmaking two days ago.

Could this be Judge’s little owner?!

She was about to greet her before the teenager stepped in between them and asked, “Have you seen a Husky wearing a skirt?”

It was clear that he did not intend for her to speak to the little girl.

Sophia let out a chuckle and replied, “Yes, indeed I have. It’s cold outside; why don’t you both come inside and wait? It’s hiding in my restroom.”

The teenager replied coldly, “No, thanks. We will wait here.”

Sophia left the door open so that the heat from the house would keep them warm while they waited. She then headed into the restroom and tried her best to pull Judge out toward the main entrance. Judge’s reluctant whine reverberated across the corridor.

No! I’m not babysitting anymore! Especially not her! I’d rather work at the pet shop and face incoming bullets every day at the military field training back at the Fletcher Residence! Help!

Cooper heard the commotion and saw Judge clambering on anything it could sink its nails in as it was being hauled out. Amidst the chaos, the canine accidentally drew a shallow wound on his dear daughter’s arm.

That’s it, you little runt!

Cooper took two strides toward Judge, hoisted it, and kicked it out of the door.

After being tossed out onto the snow-filled porch, Judge was still not done with its barrage of barking. Cooper was about to give an earful to the husky’s owners until he realized one of them was a petite little girl. He then decided to let them off.

He turned back to Judge and warned it, “If you ever come back to disturb my daughter again, I’ll turn you into minced meat!”

Bam! Right after Cooper slammed the door shut, Sophia protested, “Dad, that wasn’t necessary. You startled the kids…”

On that fifth day of new year, Sophia was arranging the meat jerky she hung outside her front porch when Judge appeared in front of her wearing the same striking pink skirt again. Beside it was that little girl she met that day, followed by the quiet teenager not far behind.

The little girl, dressed in vibrant red, was knocking on every door along the street, greeting all the homeowners with a hand gesture as they returned her something red in color.

She gleefully put those red items into her bag and moved on to the next unit.

What’s this all about?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 752

Sophia asked Linus, “Uncle Linus, what are they doing? What’s that red-colored thing?”

“That’s called a New Year’s greeting. Those you were looking at are red packets; there’s money in them. When someone comes over to wish you Happy New Year, you have to give them red packets,” explained Linus.

Sophia saw the little girl coming over toward their unit. She anxiously asked, “What should I do now? I don’t have any red packets!”

Linus was well prepared, and he assured her, “Don’t worry. I have some ready.”

Sophia hastily grabbed a stack of red packets as she saw the little girl approaching her doorstep to knock on the door. She opened the door and found the little girl standing right in front of her. She was immaculately dressed, and the purse hanging in front of her belly was bursting with red packets.

“Happy New Year! May you be blessed with prosperity!” greeted the little girl in her sweetest voice as she shamelessly reached out to Sophia with open palms.

Sophia placed a red packet into her hands and replied, “Happy New Year to you too.”

The little girl got what she was after and was about to leave. Sophia subconsciously wanted to stall her but struggled to conjure any excuse at such short notice. She was also aware of the teenager whose cold, wary gaze had never left her since they arrived.

Linus suddenly appeared at the door and offered a friendly welcome. “Aren’t you Nate? My, my, you’ve grown so much!”

At the sight of Linus, the teenager’s solemn facade melted into a genuine smile. “Uncle Linus, you’re here!” It had been three years since they last met, but Nathan never forgot about Linus, the coolest man in his life—the man who gave him Nicholas.

“Good lad, you’ve grown so tall. Come in and have a seat!” invited Linus.

Nathan brought Carmen into the house while an elated Sophia trod behind. The little girl got in and helped herself to a seat on the couch. As she looked around the hall, she noticed Sophia’s Shae, so she asked curiously, “Is there a Nicholas in your house too?”

Such a beautiful voice she has! Sophia wanted to get close to her, but fearing that her face would frighten her, she sat far away. When the girl asked about her robot, she quickly replied, “It’s Shae. You could say it’s Nicholas’ younger brother!” She then followed up with another question. “Little girl, what’s your name?”

Not realizing that Sophia was the poor woman she had tricked the other day, the little girl answered, “I’m Carmen Patcher.”

Carmen… Sophia took a good mental note of this name.

Carmen and Nathan did not stay for long, as they had to move on to the next unit for more red packets. Seeing them leave, Sophia felt as if her soul had left her shell. With bated breath, she stared at the little figure as she walked farther.

Noticing that, Linus consoled her, “She lives in Villa No.8. If you wish to, you could always go see her there.” She’s… your daughter!

Even if she had forgotten, the sight of her own daughter awakened Sophia’s urge to get closer. Sophia nodded. If she cooked something delicious everyday, Judge would keep showing up at her place, and Carmen would drop by occasionally. There were times when Judge needed a break from babysitting, and it would come to seek refuge at Sophia’s unit. Carmen would then end up going over to get it, and Sophia would have more opportunity to see her too. Little Carmen’s sweet voice and witty charm had Sophia falling in love with her over and over again.

On the eighth day of the New Year, Sophia went for an appointment with an ENT specialist to have her vocal cord checked. This medical center had been bought by Cooper, and it welcomed Sophia as the first patient on its opening after the holidays.

The specialist, recommended by Sarah, was revered for his skills and experience. After inspecting Sophia’s vocal cord, he admitted that her injuries were severe but curable. All that was required was a long period of continuous rehabilitation.

Sophia booked the next available slot for her surgery right after the consultation. However, the specialists required more time to study and discuss her surgical case. Hence, Sophia left the doctor’s office with Cooper as his nurse called for the next patient to go in.

The next patient came walking toward Sophia from the other end of the corridor, and they eventually met halfway. Sophia, who just did her laryngoscope inspection, wore her face mask to cover her wound. She donned a hat and walked along the corridor with her head down to hide her face from others. Somehow, as she crossed paths with the incoming patient, she had the urge to look up and saw a man… with a head full of white hair.

Sophia turned her head and stared at the back view of the man. He seemed young and fashionably dressed, but he unfortunately had a thick set of white mane on his head.

“Baby, let’s go,” said Cooper, snapping Sophia out of her trance, and they soon left the hospital. Cooper was also wearing a face mask because he happened to resemble Chester, the online influencer, and he was trying to avoid unwanted attention.

After they left, the ENT specialist greeted the second patient. He gave the patient’s throat a thorough check and performed a laryngoscope inspection. After it was done, the man returned to sit at the doctor’s desk while putting on his face mask again.

“Mr. Fletcher, your larynx is as good as new now. You’ve been taking good care of it, and I think you’re ready to make a comeback on singing and acting,” said the doctor with enthusiasm.

Michael remained stoic and nodded. “I see. Thank you.”

The specialist pursued, “So when will I be seeing you on television again?”

Struggling to pull a smile, Michael replied, “Not anytime soon. I’m doing this simply because my daughter told me I sounded horrible.”

The doctor, of course, knew his story. He knew that Taylor Murray was not dead. He simply faked his death to leave the entertainment industry and got addicted to smoking and drinking, which ruined his vocal cords in the process. For an actor like him, having his voice ruined was akin to putting an end to his career, but he did not care, because the person who loved watching him sing and act was no longer around.

The one true reason he came to treat his vocal cord was because he heard a petite voice complaining, “Daddy, your voice is scary, like the big bad wolf!” At that moment, he realized he had another role to play—a father. He could not imagine himself going on talking to his little Carmen in that scary, hoarse voice.

As he was leaving the office, the doctor reminded him once again, “If you ever decide to get back onto the screen, do let me know. My family and I love watching your films!”

“We shall see.”

Not long after, the specialists finally came back with a surgical plan for Sophia. They would fix her vocal cord with a vocal alteration surgery. This kind of surgery had been practiced in various countries and was getting popular as it could enhance one’s voice into something more appealing to the ear. The only downside was that Sophia could not revert her voice back to how it sounded before.

After her surgery, Sophia could not speak for two weeks, and she had to undergo a lengthy period of recuperation. As she had to return for periodic checkups, her father and she had to remain in Bayside City for some time. Upon Sophia’s returning from the hospital, Sarah celebrated her successful surgery by bringing a handful of gifts and items.

“You are not allowed to speak for the next two weeks. If you want to tell me anything, just type with your cell phone. Here, try drinking these supplementary herbs. I had a friend who took these herbs after her surgery, and her recovery was phenomenal.”

Sophia tried to thank her, but she refrained and managed a gesture. Sarah got up to leave as Judge came over. She could not help but caress his luscious coat while saying, “Hey, doggie. Why haven’t you been to my shop lately?”

Judge replied with a ruff. Before Sarah left, she reminded Sofia, “This dog ate sh*t before, so make sure he doesn’t lick your face.”

Sophia was speechless. You could’ve told me earlier. Judge came today holding a rope in its mouth. The other end of the rope was attached to its collar. It shoved the folded stack of rope into Sophia’s hands and gazed at her. Sophia understood its request and took Shae along with her as she headed to the door. It was obvious that the husky wanted her to bring it out for a stroll.

When Cooper realized his dear daughter was about to head out, he immediately said, “Dear baby, just stay within our area and don’t go too far out.”

Sophia answered with a nod.

Until now, why Cooper moved into this area was beyond Linus. They were staying in the same neighborhood, so they could easily bump into Michael. But Cooper probably had this all figured out. So what if they come across each other? Would Michael even dare take her away from me?

Sophia put on her face mask before she walked Judge, which was leading the way. It was knowingly leading her to Villa No.8. So you’re trying to get me to babysit for you? Damn dog, dream on!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 753

As they reached its home, Sophia left the husky there and headed back to her own.

Judge had every intention of luring her into its house to babysit for him. Alas, Sophia saw through its ruse and turned back immediately. It loitered at the doorstep, uncertain whether to go in or to go to work. If it went to work at the pet shop, its rump would be sore from being caressed and pinched by guests there. If it went to the company to stand guard, it knew it was no match against the two fierce German Shepherds that just arrived. Every time it tried to put up a fight, it would end up getting beaten badly, so it figured it might as well skip work.

If Judge returned to Stanley’s place, it would be all alone as Stanley was always at work, and no one would play with it. It did not even think about going back to the Fletcher Residence, for there would be an entire pack of military dogs, both still in service and retired, waiting for it at the lawn. Once again, winning a fight with them would be out of the question.

After much consideration, it decided to settle in Michael’s cozy villa. Despite several years of sleeping on the carpet, its meals had been well taken care of. It would have been perfect if it did not have to babysit Carmen.

Judge entered through the door and noticed that the living hall was decorated in pink. Right now, Carmen was applying makeup on the Samoyed.

The poor samoyed had its face painted with colourful makeup, which was far from complimenting its looks, yet it still bared a silly wide grin. Meanwhile, the poodle was seen lying by the side, dressed in a pink princess costume.

Horrified, Judge ran off with a yelp with Carmen chasing behind. “Judgey! Come and try this new skirt!”

Sophia had just arrived back at her house and closed the door when she realized that Judge was once again nervously clawing on the door from outside, with Carmen catching up behind.

She opened the door and saw Judge barge in and hide. Delighted to see Carmen, Sophia bent down to rub her head. What an adorable little girl, smelling all nice and sweet. She would have loved to give her a big hug, but seeing that her nannies came running over, she refrained herself from doing so. She wished to talk to the little girl, but she remembered that she should not strain her vocal cord.

Carmen, notorious for her extraversion, begged her, “Miss, can I come in and play in your house? My doggie has gone inside…”

Sophia gladly welcomed them in, so Carmen headed into the living room as both her nannies followed behind. She found Carmen to be under constant supervision. Standing behind the little girl, Sophia observed the hat with cat ears she was wearing, looking no less adorable even from behind!

Cooper and Linus were working in the study room. Cooper noticed their little guest and went on with his own business, while Linus, who came out for a drink, said to Carmen, “Little girl, Lucile is not feeling well, so she cannot talk. Why don’t you go play by yourself?”

Carmen turned to Sophia with a frown. With concern, she asked, “Miss, are you sick? Shall I dance for you? When daddy was not feeling well, I danced for him and he got better. He even stopped crying.”

Linus gazed at Carmen and felt a tinge of sorrow. He glanced at Sophia and replied, “Sure!”

Sophia beamed with elation. She then sat down and eagerly looked at Carmen.

“Miss, this is the bear dance that was passed down in our family!” Carmen said. “Nate told me that before mommy became an angel and went to heaven, she fell ill and was crying in pain. So after Nate performed the bear dance for her, she got better and stopped crying. Nate taught me this bear dance. I’m only showing it to you, Miss. Please don’t share it with others!”

Such a bright little child.

Sophia was bursting with anticipation.

Carmen looked at Nicholas and ordered, “Nicholas, music!”

The robot began playing a light melodious tune as Carmen started dancing to the rhythm. She shook her butt and flailed her waist as she happily sang and danced.

“Three brown bears, living together. Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear…”

To hear a mellow children’s song like that was a pleasant experience for Sophia. After she finished her dance, Carmen ran up to Sophia and placed her hand on her knee while she yearningly asked, “How was my dance, Miss?”

Sophia was more than pleased. Despite her lower face being covered by the mask, her smiling eyes were enough to tell Carmen how impressed and entertained she was.

“Are you still in pain, then?”

Sophia shook her head. Far from it—it’s as if my heart has been smothered with sweet, sweet honey.

Carmen then added, “I’ll come and dance for you again tomorrow. You need to complete the full course to recover!”

Admiring her infectious smile, Sophia remembered something and hurried off into the kitchen. She then brought out the braised chicken wings she made and fed Carmen after she cut them into pieces.

She had been staying at home for the past few days, studying Cethosian cuisine and learning some famous recipes from the cookbook, so that she could cook some of these dishes herself when she moved back to Africa. Cooper had hired a couple of chefs—one was to prepare her meals, while the other was to teach her how to cook. After tasting such vibrant flavors of Cethosian cuisine, she would rather die than go back to eating rice and bread with her hand once more.

She had also made several desserts, which she did not hesitate to bring out and feed Carmen in small bits and pieces. Carmen was seen thoroughly pampering her palate. When they were finally done, Sophia wiped Carmen’s little mouth as the latter smacked her little lips, still tasting all the sweet, delicious flavors that lingered in her mouth.

She asked, “Miss, I’ll be organizing a concert in a few days. Will you come?”

Sophia nodded with a wide grin underneath her mask. She was cherishing every moment of bliss with this adorable girl in front of her right now.

How could there be a little girl this cute?

Carmen was exhilarated to hear Sophia agreeing to attend her concert, so she let out a whole-hearted laugh. Meanwhile, Cooper found out that Carmen was still around and came out to see her. He gently rubbed her head and felt her soft silky curls. He glanced at her and thought to himself, Is she that kid?

Sophia must have looked like this when she was two to three years old. Unfortunately, he only found several photos of her when she was around the age of five to six. Back then, she was a poor, filthy little girl collecting empty cans off the streets. Had she been under his care since young, she would not have suffered like that.

“Baby, how’s your voice today?” asked Cooper warmly as he sat beside Sophia.

Sophia nodded and returned a smile without saying a word.

Carmen stared at Cooper and innocently asked, “Uncle, why is your dear baby so big, but my dear baby is so small?”

Cooper raised his brows.

How would one answer such a question?

He was quite reluctant to move in at first, for he did not wish for Sophia to meet up with Michael. However, he still wished to see his granddaughter. What an adorable little girl she is.

Although he had not much affinity for Michael, he had to admit that Michael’s genes were like icing on the cake for the descendants of his family tree. Cooper could no longer contain himself and carried her, saying, “All of the babies are the same. You’re all dear babies.”

After playing with Carmen for a little while longer, Cooper returned to his study to continue his work. The living hall was filled with joy and laughter. Sophia was a natural when it came to babysitting—Carmen was giggling incessantly when she played with Sophia. Judge noticed that someone had finally taken over its babysitting duties, so it stealthily weaseled out of the room to escape. Little did it expect that Carmen caught it and held it down. She delightedly turned to Sophia and asked, “Miss, shall we give Judgey a makeover?”

Judge scowled in protest. “Woof-woof?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 754

Carmen spent the evening having dinner at Sophia’s place. When she was done, she took Judge, which was wearing its skirt, by the harness and headed home. Judge was beyond recognition, for it was covered in tattoos, and its claws were painted bright red. It could no longer tell if it was a dog or a doll.

“Miss, my daddy is coming home soon. So I need to go back now. I’ll come play with you again tomorrow. You’ll need a full course of bear dance to recover, okay?”

Sophia packed the desserts she just learned to make, including the jelly and pudding, for Carmen to be brought home. She even packed extra for her two ‘daddies’.

She gave the packed desserts to the nannies. Apparently, Carmen had five to six nannies, and all of them were highly educated!

Sophia stood at the entrance as she gazed at Carmen, who was heading home. She also noticed a car parked in front of Villa No.8. Both her ‘daddies’ were back. One of them carried her lovingly and lifted her high up in the air.

Such a wonderful, happy family!

It’s a shame that the Cethosian society could not accept their love. Life must be tough for them…

She returned to her living room, the laughter of joy heard earlier still lingering in her ears. Now that the guests were gone, she felt emptiness creeping in.

Cooper saw the disappointment on her face and consoled her, “It’s okay, dear baby. I will bring you out for a ride tomorrow.”

Upon that, Sophia let out a forced smile.

At Villa No.8.

There was a feast going on tonight again. As it was the first dinner after New Year, the food would have to be rich and extravagant.

Stanley grabbed Michael the moment he stepped in through the door. “Uncle Michael, look at what your daughter has done to my dear Judge! I don’t care. You gotta pay me back! At least with a bottle of wine.”

Michael glanced at Judge and noticed its pathetic skirt and the heavy makeup. He could not bear the sight.

This sh*tty dog has been freeloading for years; it’s time for it to pay back.

Before he could say anything, Carmen interrupted by snarling at Stanley. “Stan, you’re making daddy drink with you again! I won’t allow it!”

Everyone said daddy turned into a big bad wolf because he drank wine, so he shall not drink another drop!

Stanley tried to weasel out and explained, “I’m drinking, but you daddy isn’t. I’ll drink all the wine in your house, then you daddy won’t have any left to drink.”

Carmen replied, “You wish! Don’t even think about it! I’m saving it for my future husband!”

Stanley was left speechless.

A moment later, Carmen discreetly whispered to Stanley, “Stan, I’ll offer you the wine in my house. Only 998 for each bottle. Don’t tell daddy! You should take all the bottles away; I’ll offer you a package price. With no wine left, daddy won’t turn into a big bad wolf anymore.”

Stanley was lost for words once more.

Stanley and Sean were invited over for dinner that night together with Harry and Sarah. Harry brought his son, Hope, too. Hope inherited his bad-boy charm from his father. Although he carried this dangerous vibe with him wherever he went, it was contradicted by his beautiful looks—something he got from his mother. It had been bothering him for a while, for he wished to exude a more dominating presence.

Carmen had had her meal at Sophia’s place much earlier, so she skipped dinner. Her nannies reported to Michael what she had eaten. Everything she ate had to be inspected by Nicholas beforehand. Michael was pleased to know that his little daughter did not forget to take away some food for him after having a meal somewhere else. The pain and suffering I went through for her was worth it, after all.

“Daddy, Miss gave these to me. You can have them.”

Michael opened the pink lunch box and noticed the pudding and jelly within. He could tell they were not made with enough practice. He then went ahead and tasted a couple of spoonfuls of jelly. To his amazement, they were delicious and fragrant.

He was going for more when he saw Carmen gaping at him. He could tell she really wanted to eat them, but she did not have the heart to keep it all to herself. She even had that adorable frown on her face…

Those watery eyes were more than enough to make Michael feel guilty. He then carried her onto his lap and fed her the desserts.

“Dear baby, why don’t you eat them? I don’t really like them anyway.”

As Carmen enjoyed the jelly and pudding, she said to Michael, “Daddy, the Miss next door is also uncle’s dear baby. Uncle gave his dear baby a big lion! The big lion is this big! This big!” She described by reaching out both her little arms as far apart as she could.

Michael replied, “They have big lions, but we have big pandas. Good girl, when you’re older, let’s go see my big pandas.”

He personally fed her every spoonful of dessert until she was done before he resumed his own dinner.

Everyone gathered at the table and chatted. Sarah brought up the topic about the new neighbors who had moved into Villa No.2.

“I saw Linus’ niece, Lucile. Linus said she contracted a severely infectious disease called Vir-18 back in Africa. As a result, her entire face was disfigured. Sigh. I wonder if she’ll ever recover. It might be hard.”

Michael’s ears stood up. He knew a long while ago that someone had moved into Villa No.2. One of them was Linus, and another was a lady with a disfigured face who never showed it.

Sarah continued, “I think Lucile’s pretty young. Linus said she’s barely 20 years old. Her face and vocal cord were ruined, and she had to come to Cethos to seek medical help. I even saw Lucile’s father today. He looked rather young. He could pass off as a thirty-something-year-old. He even resembles Chester, that washed-out internet celebrity. You remember Chester? He’s the one who became viral over a photo several years ago. He later participated in a singing contest, but he didn’t last long in show business.”

By the time Sarah was done with her words, the men at the table froze as they stared at her.

Stanley gaped at her, a chicken drumstick still in his mouth as he exclaimed, “Lucile’s father looks like Chester?”

Sarah could not fathom everyone’s reaction. Seeing everyone staring at her, she said, “What’s wrong with you guys? Lucile’s father really looks like Chester, except that he’s more refined than Chester!”

Still speechless, everyone shifted their sights toward Michael.

Chester was that internet celebrity Cooper resembled.

Someone who resembles Cooper appeared in Linus’ house. Wouldn’t that mean…

A long-standing mystery that had been bothering everyone for years was about to be disclosed, yet everyone was far from feeling excited. As a matter of fact, they felt a growing despair.

Back when Sophia was still around, she desperately wished she could meet her own father in person. Alas, she did not get that chance even until the day she died. When Sophia was in peril, Michael thought of seeking help from the Michel Family. If Fass Michel was indeed Cooper Mitchel, he would not let his own daughter suffer.

However, he was not very well acquainted with Linus, so he could not even contact the latter during that moment. The Michel Family was very mysterious; they were like a dragon with impenetrable scales for armor—no spear or sword could get through to them. Michael could not even find Fass, let alone verify if Fass and Cooper were actually the same person!

It seems that Cooper already has his own family and children. It shouldn’t matter to him anymore whether he used to have children. Michael was filled with sorrow, especially for Sophia. Both of them were Cooper’s daughters—Lucile was brought up in an abundant and loving family, while his chica had to suffer since she was young. Not only that, she married such a useless husband who could not help her when they turned her into a pot of stew!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 755

Michael was silent for a while before he turned to Sarah and said, “Sarah, look for a chance to inform Lucile’s father tomorrow about the seriousness of Woody Mitchell’s illness. He’s the former family head of the Mitchell Family.”

Sarah was confused, but remained silent. It’s always a mysterious matter when it comes to men.

The next day, she went to Villa No. 2 again and brought a tablet to show the dogs and cats at the pet store to Sophia.

“Look, look—these puppies are like Judge, who is a purebred Husky. They are very clever, but also expensive. I keep them in my store so that someone would adopt them. I’m sure Judge’s father would want some suitable to adopt these dogs. If you like them, we can head over to my store later and I’ll give them to you. Stanley said that you don’t have to pay for it.”

Sophia glimpsed at the photos and videos on the tablet—the dogs looked like they were full of life as they ran around. In actual fact, they are Judge’s puppies.

Cooper had finished dressing up and arranged his work schedule beforehand since he promised that he would bring his daughter to have fun today.

She brought the tablet to him and gestured excitedly at the puppies on the screen while waiting in anticipation for his response.

Although he was not a fan of noisy dogs, he knew that it only mattered whether Sophia liked them or not and glanced at the tablet’s screen before replying, “Alright then. We’ll head to the store and bring the dogs home today.”

Sophia grinned. No one in the world is better than my father!

Cooper was about to return the tablet to Sarah when it chimed with a notification—it was a new message that popped up for one of the apps on the tablet. The message was, ‘The former chairman of Mitchell Group is seriously ill, but where would the inheritance go?’

Cooper was stunned for a moment and continued to stare at the message on the screen as his mind went blank. Woody is now seriously ill.

Only after he became a father himself was he able to understand Woody in a better manner.

Cooper had his own worries and responsibilities as Sophia’s father, but now he also had to worry about his own father, who was the family head of the Mitchell Family…

Upon realizing that she was tugging at his clothing, Cooper finally came to his senses and placed the tablet down before emotionally announcing, “Darling, Daddy has to attend to something, so I will ask Linus bring you out.”

Cooper turned and hurried out the door in the direction of the military’s nursing home.

Woody had been living at the nursing home for almost three years. Ever since his beloved Coop disappeared, his spirit had deteriorated day by day—he relied on an oxygen tube and IV drip to stay alive, but he was becoming a walking bag of bones. It was obvious that he was close to dying.

Since he was critically ill again, the children of the Mitchell Family rushed to the nursing home where he resided and filled the corridor while waiting anxiously outside his room.

Among them was a beautiful lady dressed in a black and white attire, who strode past the family and into the ward. She wore a mournful expression as she turned to glance at the younger generation of the Mitchell Family with a hint of pride in her eyes.

Isn’t she Sandra Mitchell—formerly known as Sandra Oak?

Four years had passed since she retired from the world of sports to devote herself to business after she obtained a graduation certificate from Bayside University. Slowly, but surely, she paved her way into the Mitchell Family as an outsider and now became their most distinguished Young Lady of the Mitchell Family.

By that point, the statuses of each and every family member of the Mitchell Family were revealed.

Only those who were closely related to the Old Master could enter the ward and bid their farewell to him. After all, his inheritance belonged to those selected individuals.

On the other hand, relatives were only allowed to stand outside in the corridor—they had nothing to do with the Old Master’s inheritance.

Standing in the corridor and looking as Woody’s descendents shuffled into his ward one by one had made the relatives of the Mitchell Family haughty and exasperated as they were called over at the crack of dawn for something that did not involve them. “Tsk, for an outsider, you really consider yourself high and mighty!”

“Watch your words. She’s the champion of the Universal Games!”

“The Old Man keeps doing this to us. How many times has it already been? Is he going to die or not?”

The members of the Mitchell Family had gone their separate ways a few years ago and if it had not been for the Old Master, who still owned some property, no one would have even thought twice about bidding farewell!

Woody was nothing short of a thief—he allegedly bequeathed his personal property to Mark for his safekeeping, which meant that the Mitchell Family would only receive the assets from the Fletchers after Old Master Fletcher’s death.

Now, there were three divisions of the Mitchell Family, but who was the real one?

Well, it seemed that whoever behaved well was a Mitchell!

The three divisions immediately sent their respective representatives into the room to feign kindness and present themselves as the most filial in front of Mark.

Mark had been sitting on the side of the bed, watching the old man who was his companion for years. His heart broke with the knowledge that the old man was about to leave the world.

He thought about them surviving together in trying times and of the time when they constructed the new Cethos together. Those memories were still fresh in his mind, but it felt that in the blink of an eye, the Old Master was about to leave him just like that…

While Woody took his last breaths, he reached out with dry, trembling hands and grabbed Mark’s paw. “Mason, has Coop returned?”

Mark swiped at his tears before replying, “He should be arriving anytime. I just called him and he said that he’s parking his car downstairs. He’ll be coming up soon!”

Ever since Sophia left, Woody was beyond upset—his beloved Coop would not return home anymore!

Woody smiled with relief, knowing that his cherished son was on his way to visit him. He took a couple of shaky breaths and immediately asked again, “Mason, is my son here?”

Mark repeated what he replied earlier. “Just hold on for a while. He’s parking his car downstairs. There is traffic congestion today, which is why he’s late!”

“Sobs, forefather…”

A group of people now huddled around the Old Master, feigning their tears as if they were saddened by the situation. Little were they aware that young Carmen stood to inherit Woody’s property.

Meanwhile, the other family members standing outside were stunned as they watched the scene unfold.

Given his identity, Sean was among those who stood outside in the corridor.

He looked at the bunch of hypocrites who were in front of him and sniggered. The Mitchell Family is now less than what we were before. We need someone to step in to stop this family from crumbling. That person whom he had in mind now miraculously appeared out of nowhere—

And that person had now miraculously appeared out of nowhere—

Clack, clack, clack…

The sound of leather shoes tapping on the floor reverberated the hospital corridor with a heavy yet urgent tone, creating the impression that someone was in a hurry.

Sean looked up in surprise to see a man wearing a black trench coat hurrying from the other side of the hallway toward him.

As the figure approached, it became clear to Sean who that man was. He is here! That exceptional person who only existed in my memory is now here!

Excitement grew in his heart while tears simultaneously swam in his eyes and his breath caught in his chest.

It was really Cooper Mitchell!

“Uncle Cooper, is that really you? It’s Sean…”

The man facing Sean gave a sweeping glance at him, feeling overwhelmed as the sad atmosphere did not permit him to say much. He merely patted Sean’s shoulder and answered, “Yes, I’m now back.”

It was as if Cooper had merely gone out on a shopping trip and easily returned home.

In that instant, Sean knew in his heart that it was really Cooper standing in front of him! He has returned! “Cooper Mitchell is back! Our own Cooper is back!”

Sean exclaimed in such a loud tone that it startled the rest who stood in the corridor. They each dropped their fake act of sobbing to turn and look at the two people who hurried past them into the ward.

Mark, who was inside the ward, had heard Sean’s distinct voice and turned to smile at Woody. “Old partner, hang on. Your son has arrived! Coop is here!”

He even thought that the Mitchells had hired a lookalike to stand in as Cooper as they wanted Old Master to pass on without any regrets.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 756

When he turned, he expectedly saw a pair of blue eyes that were in the color of a thousand-year-old lake, leaving him in shock.

Save for the difference in the color of that person’s irises, the one who stood in front of him resembled Cooper! Based on his own memory, that was how Cooper looked!

The Old Master looked equally shocked. Where did they find such a lookalike? He looks so lifelike!

Sean was evidently thrilled. “Old Master, this is Cooper! Cooper’s not dead and has finally returned!”

Cooper is still alive! Members of the Mitchell Family were taken aback as they turned to see who the man was.

All eyes were on Cooper as he took a swift stride toward Woody. Cooper was choked up in tears as he digested the sight of an aged person’s body. Then, without saying anything, he fell to his knees in front of the old man.


Cooper’s body shook as he shouted that word.

He now realized how ignorant and defiant he was in the past—he had been extremely cruel to have left Woody on his own…

Woody beamed when he saw Cooper. “Coop, you’re back!”

Cooper took his father’s dry, bony hand in his and blurted, “I’m back. I’m finally home.”

He looked over at Mark Fletcher and was choked up in tears before he added, “I’m back, Godfather.”

It is really Cooper! He is now here!

Cooper was actually still alive! In all honesty, Mark wanted to give him two slaps across his face to teach him a lesson—he never knew how much Woody and Sophia yearned to see him all those years!

However, he never showed up! Mark had many things on his mind that he wanted to say to him, but the words were stuck in his throat and he could not seem to say it as he was trembling in tears. “Where have you been all these years?”

Cooper choked and replied, “I did not die as I was rescued back then. After that, I went to Africa to work as a miner and have been there ever since!”

Mining… in Africa. Old Master Fletcher’s mind pictured a scene where Cooper was mining for coal in a faraway place called Africa. If he disobeyed his orders, he would be whipped by a foreman who stood nearby. Cooper’s passport and ID card had been snatched and he had no chance of leaving…

“My dear Coop, you have suffered a lot…” Mark could only imagine what Cooper endured all those years and he couldn’t help but tear up.

Cooper now gazed at his father, who was now aging and sported gray hair, while being speechless as he tried to stop himself from crying. “Father…”

Woody looked at Cooper and smiled. “My son, come here… I have a few words that I would like to say to you.”

Cooper leaned his ears closer to Woody and heard the latter’s whisper. “Remember that young lady a long time ago? I have secretly released her and given her a sum of money. You should go and look for her. Find her and…” The words trailed off, leaving the sentence to be unfinished.

Woody now gasped for air—a smile was still on his face and his hands tightly gripped Cooper’s for a long time…

The news headlines of that day in Cethos were all about Woody—the man who was with Cethos for a lifetime finally allowed himself to seek eternal peace with a final smile of glory.

He had taken over the family business in his younger years and brought it to greater heights. He actively participated in the development of Cethos and exercised all efforts to support the revolution. Not too long after the founding of the country, he kept abreast with its economy and even took its financial matters into his own hands.

However, life was extremely miserable for Woody—after losing his father in his youth, he was a middle-aged widower before his son in his later years gave him a taste of life’s ultimate suffering in a lifetime.

After Woody passed on, Cooper remained by his father’s bedside in the ward for what seemed like an eternity without moving or speaking. Tears continued to stream down his face—it appeared glum and deep in thought, as if he was mentally elsewhere.

Mark then asked everyone to leave the room to give the father and son a few moments to themselves.

Outside the ward, the Mitchell Family resumed their pretense of sobbing. It was not long after Woody’s death that they approached Mark and asked, “Old Master Fletcher, how about the property entrusted to you by our forefather…”

Mark rolled his century-old eyes. “For Pete’s sake, what property are you speaking of? If I did not mention it, would you guys have shown up?”

Upon hearing about Cooper’s death, Woody had been beside himself. Not only did the Mitchell Family take over Woody’s land and property, but they also reclaimed it on the grounds that the latter had no rights as he did not own it.

In other words, Woody was nothing short of someone’s private property in which the Mitchell Family had all but taken away! He did not have any house under his name and they did not pay for a single cent in alimony—they only depended on Cooper’s old faction to support Woody since then.

Mark now pointed unceremoniously at some noses and spat, “Look at yourselves—you wouldn’t come to visit him when he was well and alive. Now that he’s dead, all of you are here and pretending to be filial for a slice of the inheritance? Heck, even if I have it, I wouldn’t give anything to you now that my godson is back! I would rather give the inheritance to him if I had it!”

The words hit home for some of the members of the Mitchell Family. Each of them were silent as they lacked the courage to defend the obvious. Over the years, only a few of them would regularly visit Woody—or whatever was left of that old man.

The truth was that the Mitchells would not have paid Woody a visit for as long as he lived, regardless of time or distance.

Cooper grieved in silence, contemplating the sight of his dead father on the bed. It was not until half an hour later that he opened the door of the ward and finally stepped out.

He was now the one being judged by those who were in front of him. Although he looked like the same person twenty years ago, his behavior resembled that of a king and those brooding eyes were no longer downcast. No one could guess his thoughts.

The family members were puzzled. Could this really be Cooper?

No, he can’t be Cooper. He must be an imposter who’s here to take advantage of Woody’s last moments to swindle the old man’s money!

He must have inherited all of Woody’s property. How can a person look the same as they were more than twenty years later? Even if he was Cooper, nonetheless, he was a traitor to the Mitchell Family!

However, Mark seemed to have identified the man as Cooper and joy danced in his eyes. “Coop, you are finally back. You’re now here…”

As Cooper had made his appearance, he naturally wanted to handle Woody’s funeral like how a son should. Cooper replied in a low voice, “Yup.”

Mark nervously watched him before he spoke in a worried voice, “You were stuck in the mineshaft digging coal for more than twenty years. Why didn’t you call home? If you had done so, I’d have gone to rescue you, no matter how far you were!”

Cooper pulled Mark aside yet those around them could still hear his reply. “There was no signal inside the coal mine. I had no way to contact you and the family.”

Sean rushed toward the two of them. The older members of the Mitchell Family had witnessed the return of the revered leader who left more than 20 years ago and hurried along—one by one. It was such good news because the family had hope with Cooper’s return!

Despite what seemed like a positive event, the other two factions did not feel elated. Is that Cooper? Huh, who does he think he is? Even if it is truly him, they would not recognize his presence—and he claims that he was forced to dig for coal in a mineshaft for more than twenty years?

Cooper spent the rest of the day listening to the Fletcher Family addressing the Old Master.

The old man still reared many cats and dogs at home. Old Master Fletcher eagerly picked up a sizable orange cat and dumped it in Cooper’s arms. “Look at it—you still remember the litter of kittens you took care of all those years ago, right? They are all here… Even your cats, your photos as well as your little turtles have all been taken care of by me all this while…”

Speaking of the turtle, the old man suddenly remembered that he had given the turtle away to someone else—and could have given it to Cooper’s daughter!

He closely observed Cooper with tears swimming in his eyes. How am I going to break the news to him that he still has a daughter? But, she is…

With no other choice, Mark knew that he needed to tell Cooper the truth at that moment and choked. “Coop, you still have a daughter…”

Cooper surprised Mark by remaining stoic about the news before he replied with a smile, “Godfather, she is still alive. I have found her.”

The old man could hardly believe Cooper’s words and looked at him in surprise. “Are you saying that… Is Sophie still alive?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 757

Cooper nodded in response.

Old Master Fletcher gasped and took out his cell phone before dialing Michael’s number while mumbling, “I want to give Mikey a call…”

Cooper stopped him in his tracks. “Old Master, please don’t let anyone know about this for now. She has forgotten about her past and I don’t want to pressure her.”

He knew in his heart that Sophia would have to face her past the moment she returned.

He was aware of how her life story unfolded—she experienced love and hatred while the shadow of her childhood accompanied her all her life yet she carried herself with utter strength and optimism despite dealing with a serious episode of depression at one point in time.

As time passed them by, it seemed like she had completely forgotten her past. Why can’t we let things be the way it is for her? Let the pain and the happiness be forgotten and never to think about it again!

As soon as he stepped out of the Fletcher Residence, members of the Mitchell Family’s old faction quickly swarmed Cooper and inadvertently blocked his path.

“It’s really the family head!”

“Coop, it seems like you’re really back!”

Cooper felt comforted when he saw those people standing around him. It never occurred to him that twenty years would pass before he would see them again. Still, several of them had fervently been waiting for him to return home all those years.

“Well, I’m back now.” It was an understatement—they knew that his words carried an important implication deep down in their hearts.

Word now spread that Cooper did not in fact die, but he was smuggled to the coal mine and spent 20 years of life in hard labor. It was only now that he had been rescued from the trenches.

Sean did not feel like rationalizing what everyone else misunderstood. Coal? Sold to the mineshaft to mine coal? Only Old Master Fletcher can think of such an explanation.

It turned out that the Mitchell Family was divided into three factions in three respective homes—the old house that was adjacent to the West Family was now occupied by Alex while Cooper’s factions had moved away.

When Cooper dropped by to have a look, the situation was much better than he imagined. At least the Mitchell Family’s estate is still around even though it is crumbling.

The crowd warmly invited him to survey the estates that they owned.

The three factions currently fought each other like it was life and death—each party wanted to drown the other. Ever since Old Master Mitchell fell gravely ill, Cooper’s clan gradually lost their power and influence, becoming the weakest after being overruled by the other two factions.

Despite a mutual understanding and an unspoken agreement that was formed by the other two factions, each was persistent in wanting to emerge as the winner.

Now that Cooper was back, the situation in the Mitchell Family could finally be salvaged.

It only took a while for him to survey the estates before he formed an understanding of the current situation. He then declared lightly, “There’s no problem. It’s just a trivial matter.”

Upon hearing what he had mentioned, the people burst into tears. There’s no problem. It’s just a trivial matter. This is Cooper’s mantra when he was the head. Now that he is around, surely all of the world’s difficulties wouldn’t be so difficult to resolve.

Now that he returned, he would definitely take what belonged to him.

Years ago, he gave up on his last name, identity, family as well as his ancestry while creating a new name for himself—Fass Michel, someone who originated from Northern Europe. However, he regretted his decision.After he became a father, his perspectives and mentality had changed, allowing him to understand why Woody was compelled to act in the way that he did.

Returning to the Mitchell Family was something that he truly desired—he wanted to be Cooper Mitchell again.

Sophia had no idea about what happened in the Mitchell Family. Cooper had promised to bring her out that day only to suddenly rush off, so she allowed Linus to take his place instead. It so happened that he was also heading to Sarah’s pet shop to bring the dogs home.

Sarah also tagged along in the same car.

As they were about to head off, Judge barked before he rushed inside the car and insisted on following them. If I do not do so, I will be dressed up like a doll!

Sophia was about to push the dog out of the car when Sarah added, “Judge, you are a big dog, so you shouldn’t head to work today. For now, you’ll stay home and accompany Carmen to play. Be obedient.”

The dog was now upset and opened his mouth, ready to scold the humans. “Wooooooof! Woooooof!”

His barks were definitely directed at Sophia, who was also the one whom he wanted to admonish. I can’t believe you want to have fun and leave me to babysit your child! In your dreams! I have eaten X! Does that scare you?

Judge was allowed to tag along in the end. Fortunately, Linus’ car was spacious enough to accommodate him, Sarah, her dog, Sophia and one big dog named Judge, making it a crowded space.

While they were on the road, the excited Sarah gushed. “The dogs are really beautiful! I have lost track of the number of people who want to adopt them! However, Stanely is reluctant to let them go. I’m sure if you have a word with him, he’d agree to it. Now that you have met Judge, you’ll be able to tell that the dogs look exactly like him when he was a puppy! It’s just a pity that Stanley is forever busy with work and unable to take care of the dogs. He forced himself to agree to let me put them up for adoption because of this,” she babbled.

Judge’s owner is named Stanley… Is he the same Stanley Fletcher whom she went on a blind date with the other day? Does that mean he is Carmen’s gay daddy too?

The world was filled with such coincidences—her blind date turned out to be a neighbor and it seemed that Cooper was well aware of it. No wonder he agreed to allow her and Stanley to go on that date! Sophia never expected her date to be a gay.

However, if that was the case, it would really be awkward since everyone was neighbors. It would be embarrassing whenever they bumped into each other in the future!

When the car was being driven out of the residential area and momentarily stopped at the gate for registration purposes, Sophia stopped a beautiful lady lingering at the entrance. She could not help but point at the figure and wondered aloud, “Who is that?”

Sarah glanced at the lady and her face instantly turned to a look of disgust. “A persistent salesperson. She’s always trying to enter the residential area to sell her rat medicine! I had no luck in asking her to leave!”

An attempt to enter this sort of high-end residential area to promote rat medicine? There are surely other reasons why she could not enter.

The lady, who paced by the gate, was known as Irene stared at the car for a while as it drove away.

When she learned that Sophia was dead, she returned to Bayside City, thinking that her opportunity had arrived. Alas, no matter how long she waited, the person whom she wanted to meet would not bat an eyelid at her even if they bumped shoulders.

On the other hand, Sophia went to Sarah’s store. Sarah’s store had reopened after the annual holidays and business seemed to be good.

Judge would check on his puppies whenever he came over and sat by the cabinet window to keep an eye. He was an experienced father yet he still had to work and earn money to support his family.

Sophia looked at the puppies and thought that they looked really cute. She was ready to bring them home, but something made her hesitate. If Judge is already a noisy dog when he barks, it would be havoc if there are two more of them.

She gritted her teeth and hesitated for a long time. Meanwhile, Sarah eagerly called Stanley, who was the dog owner, to have a word with them. As it was the weekend and he had returned to the Fletchers to settle his family issues, he agreed to swing by in the afternoon to discuss the adoption process.

Truth be told, he really did not want to give those dogs away as they were like precious grandsons to him!

However, it was not like he had a choice—his work rendered him unable to take care of them. Michael had already kept more than 20 big orange cats at home and there was not enough space to move around, so it was impossible to accommodate another three dogs. Having Judge around was already giving him a hard time. If Michael had to deal with another two dogs… Well, Stanley did not have the heart to do that to him.

Hence, the dogs could only be placed for adoption. Stanley could not deny that he was relieved at the very least to know that Linus’ niece was interested in adopting the puppies. They would surely be well fed in that household.

After Sophia decided to adopt the dogs, Sarah ushered her to the luxury brand store next door to select a handful of outfits for the puppies.

Since it was a luxury item, it was obviously expensive and tailor-made for dogs with the capacity to burn a hole in their owners’ wallets.

It was as if Sophia could not bring herself to accept that her father was a millionaire. She was given quite a sum of money to spend, but Linus delightfully paid for those items.

After they left Pourl, Sarah led them to a nearby restaurant to have a meal. “Let’s head over to the Crimson House. It’s my treat!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 758

“Crimson House is an internationally popular restaurant chain. I know the boss well and he has arranged a seat for us.”

Upon hearing that there was delicious food to eat, Sophia was excited. She left the dogs at the pet shop before making her way to Crimson House.

Crimson House came with high ceilings that made the restaurant appear vast and grandiose; even the dishes looked extremely expensive to be eaten. Sarah seemed unfazed by it and generously ordered more than ten dishes to be shared by the three of them.

As soon as the menu was handed out to them, she excitedly announced before leaving, “Hang on for a minute. Let me bring a friend over.”

She returned a while later—this time with a black Labrador in tow. “This dog belongs to the boss, Sam Edwards.”

Sophia stared at the big, black dog, wondering whether its name was Corrado. True enough, its collar revealed the truth—it really was Corrado.

Corrado immediately took a liking to Sophia, as if she was an old friend whom he had not seen in years. He lunged forward to give her a big sloppy kiss but was stopped in time by Tyrell.

When they finished eating at the Crimson House, they left the restaurant and walked around the area to purchase lipsticks, shoes, and an assortment of items before returning to the cat cafe—where they were supposed to meet Stanley to discuss the adoption of the dogs.

Upon their return, Sophia noticed that there was another luxury brand for pets called King, situated not far away from Pourl. This is odd—the same type of company has opened another store at such a close distance. This must have been deliberate…

They were now back at the cat cafe where she asked for a glass of plain water once they were seated at a table. Fearing that Sarah would see her scarred face, she angled her face to the side and gulped her water.

Sarah was warm and animated when she talked with Sophia about the trendiest shades of lipstick, most fashionable purses and clothes in the market and more. Sarah was mostly up to date with Bayside City’s most fashionable things—mainly because her luxury brands for pets started to manufacture the equivalent for humans as well. So, having a fashion sense was a necessity for her.

Sophia found it interesting to listen to Sarah speaking and continuously nodded her head to what the latter mentioned. The two ladies were so engrossed in their conversation that Linus felt like he could not interrupt, so he decided to excuse himself to the restroom to make a call.

When Sarah finished talking about the packaging of lipstick, she changed the conversation topic to that of her husband. “My husband managed to secure the Academy Award for Best Actor winner but chose to retire from the movie industry. Sigh… It’s such a huge loss to Cethos’ film industry!”

The look on Sarah’s face resembled someone in a dreamy daze as she spoke of her husband—like a child who was starstruck at the sight of their idol.

Sophia took out her phone and tapped on it before putting it down. “Do you know who Taylor Murray is?” she asked.

“Of course I know who he is. He was my husband’s golden partner when they were both actors—the national couple!” Sarah exclaimed as she covered her face with her hands to hide her flushed cheeks while reminiscing about the time when Taylor and Ethan were both in her life…

Sophia gave Sarah’s words a thought before typing on her phone. “My father said that Taylor Murray is a pervert.”

As Sarah stared at the text, she felt a flash of anger, but quickly calmed herself and explained, “He isn’t a pervert—at least not in the same way as my husband! How can Taylor even be considered a pervert?”

The year after Taylor died, a large number of media outlets wanted to discover where his grave was located—they were desperate enough to even want to get a shot of the headstone where he was buried.

He allegedly passed away without any announcement—there was no memorial service, a funeral, an explanation or even a news report on his death. A handful of idiotic news outlets even went as far as to retrieve his old posts in desperation to create false news when there was nothing to report on. Soon, they soon spread unverified information about him. It was appalling to fathom that the media wanted to even monetize a person’s death.

It was a pity that Michael had stopped caring altogether by that stage. Taylor no longer existed in the world and Michael could care less on what the media wanted to report.

Sarah concluded, “Even though they are now both washed-up stars, they will always be my idols in my heart!”

Sophia chuckled and did not continue to type into her phone. A sarcastic voice suddenly rang from behind Sarah just as her words hung in the air. “A washed-up actor’s fan who has a sense of superiority? That’s ridiculous…”

Upon hearing the uttered words, Sarah seemed to sag and collapse—she knew who said it even before she saw the person.

An explosion of scent exploded—on one hand, there was stale perfume from Amazon and on the other was a fermented oil that smelled flirtatious—and instantly permeated the air. Anyone who caught a trace of it would never be able to forget it in their lifetime!

Sophia saw that there was a woman behind Sarah—the person wore an elegant fur waistcoat while her hair was immaculately pinned up with the diamonds on her neck and hands shining so brightly that they could crush metal. She also had a limited-edition purse in hand while looking at Sarah with a grin.

Even if the woman had said something offensive, it did not offend Sarah to the point where she looked angry. It was more like Sarah was used to it. “Victoria, what are you doing here?”

Four years had passed since Victoria and Peter were married. Judy had offended the West Family and disappeared four years ago, paving the way for Victoria to take her place and marry him. She then fell pregnant before giving birth to two children in the course of three years. As a result, she now held extraordinary status in the West Family.

Peter West became obsessed with her to the point where she plotted to sever the relationship between him and his son. It resulted in his eldest son running away from home and becoming independent. Not only did the son stop visiting the West Family, he even went to court to emancipate himself from Peter.

When Sarah discovered what had happened, there was a rumor among her family members that the eldest brother of the West Family was fixated by his beautiful stepmother, who was younger than him, and wanted to take sexual advantage of her. When he was caught by Peter, both father and son threw punches at each other.

The eldest brother of the Edwards could not fight back—how could he, when he had a hundred people up against his word? Subsequently, his wife divorced him and took their child back to her hometown. In one night, he had lost his family, stripped of his share and place, and driven out of his own house.

It was at the same time when Taylor ‘died’ and Ethan retired from the entertainment circle, causing them to be washed-up and irrelevant.

For Ethan, his true identity was being the head of Bayside City’s underworld. Ethan Winston was merely a facade for his acting career and whenever he made a public appearance. It did not make sense for him to introduce himself as a gangster whenever he met people. It was not the kind of low-key principle that his gang held either!

Although he was secretly Mr. Winston, he would make an appearance as a washed-up actor—and it would have been believable if he had actually died. After several years of not filming, he had all but disappeared and those who were not privy to his life thought that he passed away from his heartbreak over Taylor.

Once Victoria was stable in her position as the Edward Family’s mistress, she set her sights on Sarah when she successfully chased the eldest brother away. Not only was Sarah holding the family’s share in her possession, the money was also in the hands of her washed-up actor husband and, most importantly, the house at the Imperial!

However, how would someone be able to snatch another person’s house and shares without a valid reason? By obviously causing problems!

Now that Victoria noticed that Sarah still had her back against her, she raised her voice where it sounded like she was shouting. “So, this is how you treat me—I’m your mother!”

Sarah knew what Victoria had in mind—her stepmother wanted to provoke her into lashing out. By making her lose her temper, it would incite enough trouble to involve her father. Sarah had been deeply disappointed by the fact that he could not differentiate between right and wrong. Although she still kept in touch with her elder brother, he vowed that he would never return to the West Family.

She never intended to speak a single word to Victoria and was now cold-hearted. My last name is now Winston, so anything to do with the West Family does not bother me whatsoever!

“Sorry, you’re not welcome here. Why don’t you return to wherever you came from?” Sarah did not allow Victoria the privilege for a face-to-face conversation. She merely waved her hand and gave permission to her subordinate to chase her stepmother away.

If it had not been for her longing to the Edwards Family, she would have left the family a long time—she was now Mr. Winston’s wife!

However, it was not as easy as Sarah thought to chase Victoria away. Now that she came, there would be something for her to gain. Although she knew that Sarah would not be easily defeated, she decided to think of other methods to provoke her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 759

Victoria leaned forward and intentionally mouthed the words at Sarah’s ears. “Where is your husband now? I’m sure he must be missing me…” There was a condescending tone in her voice as she spoke coquettishly, trying to provoke a reaction from Sarah.

At Sarah’s and Ethan’s wedding, they had followed tradition and invited the West Family, reserving a few tables for the members of her family. They never expected the cunning Victoria to take the opportunity when Ethan drank one too many glasses of wine to distract Sarah while she lay on the wedding bed with him.

When she was discovered, the cunning woman hypocritically defended herself while pretentiously accusing Ethan of trying to molest her.

Sarah had not wanted to cause a scene at the wedding, so she allowed the incident to slide. Ever since then, she refused to return to the West Family.

Back at the shop, she felt that her heart had stopped and not wanting to say a word, she gestured for the shop assistant to ask Victoria to leave.

Upon sensing that Victoria’s plan did not work on Sarah, she then turned to Sophia, who was seated opposite. Sophia had lowered her head and half of her face was covered by a thick, opaque mask—only the slit of her eyes showed. There were centipede-like scars around the edges of her eyes.

Victoria abruptly stepped forward and tore Sophia’s mask off. What she saw underneath was a sheet of translucent white flesh that was covered with red scars all over her face.

Victoria observed Sophia’s face for a moment before bending over in laughter. “How on earth does an ugly-faced monster like that exist? It looks just like a sausage!”

What happened had unfolded so quickly that Sophia did not even have the time to react. She realized that her mask had been ripped off her face, but all she heard was the words—ugly monster.

She looked up and saw Victoria’s smug face. The woman looked like she was in her early thirties with supple and well-maintained skin that gave her a beautiful glow. The condition of Victoria’s skin was a sharp contrast to Sophia’s scarred face as the latter sat opposite.

Ugly monster…

Sophia’s body trembled uncontrollably as she hastily wore her mask again. When she returned to her senses, she realized that everyone now looked at her face and felt like they were laughing at her. A ugly monster who looks like a sausage… She is an ugly monster who looks like a sausage!

Sarah, who had been resisting her anger earlier, charged toward Victoria like a vicious beast. “Damn you, b*tch! You are the ugly monster here. Your whole family are ugly monsters!”

She grabbed a cup of coffee and splashed it across Victoria’s face before she used the sharp nails of her manicured hands to claw at the latter. “Ugly monster? You are the ugly monster!”

The two women suddenly wrestled with each other on the ground while Victoria’s bodyguard and the cat cafe’s shop assistant went for each other, causing the frightened guests at the shop to flee in horror.

The scene at the shop was in a state of complete chaos. Sophia’s body continued to shake uncontrollably as her mind was focused on the same words that continuously played in her head—Ugly monster. She is the ugly monster!

She turned, wanting to leave the place, but was grabbed in an embrace by a pair of burly arms. “It’s okay. Don’t cry now, Scarlett. Crying is not good for your vocal cords. We’ll head home. We’re heading home now… ” Linus took one look at the chaotic scene at the cafe before ushering Sophia home.

In the car, tears streamed down Sophia’s face even though she made a valiant effort to stop herself from doing so. Crying is not good for my throat.

Linus tried to comfort her. “It’s alright now. Our family’s darling is the prettiest girl on earth.” However, Sophia knew that there was nothing much that could be done to save her face. Both her face and body were badly scarred, so there was no way for her to make a full recovery…

She remained silent when they arrived home and hid in her room where she continued to cry while a distressed Linus stayed and accompanied her the entire time. There will not be any woman who does not care about her own beauty…

He then requested Shae to fill Sophia’s bedroom with soothing incense. It did not take long before Sophia fell asleep with a tear-stained face.

Linus then watched her with tender eyes before helping her to wipe the tears away. I will never allow anyone to harm her again!

Stepping out of Sophia’s bedroom, his body suddenly grew cold…

The duo, who had been fighting at the cat cafe, were finally pulled apart from each other.

Sarah resembled a little beast as she screamed and cursed. Even though the bodyguard had restrained her, she managed to wrestle and kick the air with her legs.

Victoria touched the side of her face, which had been scratched, as she looked into the mirror. Her face was barely recognized. Tossing the mirror aside, she shrieked, “You will get your punishment! Just you wait!”

When she returned home, she approached Peter and sobbed in pity, pleading her innocence—she merely wanted to have fun with Sarah, but her face was clawed at by his daughter for no apparent reason. A furious Peter then stormed off to the Imperial to seek justice for his mistress.

Meanwhile at the Imperial, Sarah anxiously hurried to Linus’ house to apologize the moment she returned from the cafe. When she arrived, only Linus was around as Sophia was asleep.

When the incident at the cat cafe was brought up, he merely laughed it off. “It’s alright. Lucile has a very forgiving nature. After all, you are not the one who should apologize.”

Sarah knew Peter was about to come over and demand an explanation—in his eyes, only the enchantress mattered. She gritted her teeth and said coldly, “I have already faced off with my father, so whatever he is about to do has nothing to do with me! Linus, do whatever you like!”

The cunning Victoria would not have any choice but to admit that it was her own doing that brought her to that point—no one could help her anymore.

What is the Michel Family’s background like? Sarah understood that she was not only Ethan’s wife, but also the mistress of the Winston Family. Thus, she was aware of the influence at play. The Michel Family…

Linus simply gave a polite smile and nodded. “Alright.”

She had also brought the dogs that Sophia and Linus wanted to adopt and dropped them off before leaving.

After Sarah left, Carmen then approached and chirped. “Uncle Linus, I heard from Godmother that Lucile is not well. So, I came to dance for her. Our family’s traditional Bear Dance is able to cure all illnesses!”

She had even brought along her bear suit and was eagerly looking up at Linus.

He couldn’t help but pinch those little cheeks and replied, “Lucile is sleeping! You should wait until she wakes up before you perform your dance, okay?”

“Okay, I was just about to head for my rehearsal,” Carmen replied with excitement. “The dance should be better after that.”

While busying himself at his study, he saw the concentration on her face as she rehearsed her family’s traditional Bear Dance in the living room while waiting for Sophia to wake up so that she could perform the dance for her.

Too many things had happened at Bayside City today—Woody passed away and Cooper was back, but the Mitchell Family seemed reluctant to admit that it was really him and claimed that it was a liar.

Meanwhile, the West Family had now arrived and was furiously knocking on his door.

Four years ago, Ethan became famous when he won the Best Actor Award and they had grown fond of him. Now that he was merely a washed-up actor with nothing to film, they had nothing to fear.

On the other hand, Peter felt that Ethan had gone overboard. After all, he was Ethan’s father-in-law and did not bother much when he was being ignored. Yet he wants to sleep with my wife?

Victoria had once taken a liking to Ethan’s house and expressed her interest to purchase it. Much to her surprise, he immediately refused her request. Does he even have any respect for me as his father-in-law at all? Well, let’s settle our dues today!

Sarah was also waiting at home for them and her blood boiled with each passing minute.

Her face had been badly scratched and as she placed bandages on the wounds, she made up her mind to confront her father today. Once I sever my ties with him, he better not come around anymore from then on!

Ethan stuck a Band-Aid on her face and berated, “What were you thinking by getting into a fight? You’re not supposed to be doing things like that. It breaks my heart to see you like this…”

As if Sarah had consumed dynamite earlier in the day, she exploded, but her baby face did not look fierce. “I am f*cking fed up with this! The West Family? My *ss! Whatever fcking happens in the future has nothing to do with me! I fcking had enough with them for the past four years! Enough is enough!”

She had done everything that she could, which meant that the West Family really dug their own grave that time!

Peter was soon at the door with Victoria, whose face was swollen. Little were they aware that a disaster was awaiting them.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 760

Mr. West screamed the moment he entered, “You are such a scumbag! You had the nerve to whack your mother into such a state! Get down on your knees now! I won’t let this matter slide easily today!”

Sarah had actually beaten Victoria into a pulp that time, causing her to be in such a state—and it was something that could be resolved with a property!

An infuriated Sarah rushed up like a gust of wind and lectured her biological father. “To hell if I will kneel down! Peter, you are here in the nick of time. I’m telling you this here and now—I’m cutting ties with you! We will go our separate ways after this!”

There were a bunch of relatives from the West Family behind Peter.

After learning that he appeared at Sarah’s door to find fault with her after she whacked her stepmother, everyone quickly came to watch and look at the house as well—the same one that would soon belong to the West Family.

The father and daughter crossed swords with each other the moment they met—she dashed forward to fight her father while Peter did the same thing.

“You unfilial daughter! I dare you to come at me! Just come. I’m standing right here!”

Peter and Sarah used to have at least some affection for each other. However, after his two sons were born in three years, he naturally sided with his younger sons. It also did not help that Victoria’s instigation had made the matter worse, which caused Sarah to become even more insignificant to him. Not only were the betrothal gifts given by Harry, the washed-up celebrity, insufficient, but he even rejected my request to move in here. Does he have any respect for me as his father-in-law at all?

She struggled like a little beast when Harry grabbed her. “I will hurt you today! There is not even a good person in your entire family! You are plotting against my husband and conspiring to snatch my property and even my company! In your f*cking dreams!”

Upon seeing that her husband had come over the hill and lacked the power to protect her, but learning that she had managed to attain success with a gaming company and luxurious brand, her relatives had coveted a slice of the pie without knowing where they stood!

The bunch of people of the West Family tried to be the peacemakers. “That’s enough, Sarah. It’s better to talk less and apologize to your father. He is still your father, so it won’t be nice to make a scene!”

“Your father merely wants to upgrade to a larger and nice house as the West Residence. Why don’t you follow his wish?”

“This house is big enough to accommodate dozens of people from the West Family. It’ll only be a waste if the two of you are living here!”

“You will bring honor to the West Family if we are able to have such a gorgeous house to proclaim as the West Residence! You should just sacrifice for us…”

Sarah was beyond furious. They actually have the guts to say those words while scheming for my husband’s house! “Pfft, in your dreams! Only my name and my husband’s name are listed on the property title! I’m making this clear today—from today onward, I’ll sever ties with the West Family, so you can all get lost!”

The bunch of people continued to make noise as they accused and pointed fingers at her for committing treason and being unfilial, causing chaos at the scene.

Harry watched as the West Family revealed their true colors. He was never able to handle matters like that in the same manner that he usually did in the underworld. I can’t just exterminate her entire family in one night, can I?

Therefore, all he could do was to let them be, but they actually turned out to be a malignant tumor.

Every single one of them thought that a washed-up celebrity like him would be an easy target, so they continually showed up to scheme for his property and it was exhausting to deal with them.

His tall and sturdy build grabbed on Sarah’s collar, which was as effortless as grabbing a cat’s nape, while he tried to coax her. “It’s alright, Sarah. Your father is going bankrupt soon. It’s not nice to fight with him now!”

Bankrupt? The West Family burst into laughter. The West and Edwards Family had joined forces and were now on the crest of the wave as they were considered to be one of the leading upper-class families in Bayside City. Hence, they were certain that they would not be bankrupt even when it happened to a washed-up celebrity like Harry.

“What do you mean, Harry? We are a family, so how can you wish for your father-in-law to be bankrupt? That’s an unfilial act!”

“That’s enough. Stop making a scene. You are both father and daughter, so let’s have a seat today and talk things out. This house has great energy and moving in here will surely bring fortune to the descendants of the West Family.”

Sarah cursed, “F*ck! Other than my brother and myself, whoever with the surname West will die if they dare to enter this house!”

When her brother learned about the news, he rushed to help her to fight against Peter.

After her brother had been framed, he had been at odds with his father. The shares that he held in the West Family were snatched from him before he was driven out. He had to start his business from scratch by relying on the tiny capital that she gave him and managed to persuade his wife and child to return while leading a rather successful life.

Therefore, it was beyond his imagination that after driving him away, the greedy and insatiable West Family intended to plot against Harry, the washed-up celebrity, and lay their hands on the last valuable item that he owned!

The two groups of people now crossed swords with each other. However, there was a large gap between them as they were held back by those beside them.

Victoria’s family members also showed up to pressure Harry into surrendering the property.

Plenty of neighbours and paparazzis were outside as well to watch the commotion.

A rather calm Harry felt thirsty after coaxing his wife and ordered his butler to prepare a glass of water. As he drank the water from the glass that he held in one hand, he used the other hand to grab his enraged yet pretty young wife. This is the last showdown. Let’s enjoy till the end!

All the involved parties were present—the West and Edwards Families, both of whom were coveting his house with brightening eyes.

The Imperial had always been hyped up as the classic of the real estate industry. Everyone was fixated on the house in that area like a fly eyeing a piece of meat.

After glancing at his watch and discovering that it was almost time, Harry suddenly raised his voice and addressed everyone at the scene while maintaining his grip on his pretty wife, “Everyone, please check the news now—especially the financial one. The West Family has gone bankrupt.”

Bankrupt? Haha. Members of the West and Edwards Families guffawed again.

Nevertheless, a large yet orderly wave of phones suddenly rang.

Peter’s phone was also ringing and he exhaled before growling, “Just you wait! I’ll come for you after answering this call!”

Sarah replied, “Just come. I’m not afraid of you!”

Peter, who had a pot belly, profusely perspired after the little amount of exercise he had earlier and answered the call before rudely responding, “What’s the matter? I’m busy here!”

The person on the other side of the phone reported something in an anxious manner while throwing a lot of profanities in those few seconds.

Peter could have heard something shocking because he was dumbfounded as he held the phone in his hand. His face seemed to have frozen as it lacked motion for a long time.

As if Sarah had noticed that something happened, she stopped moving and looked at Peter in curiosity. It seems like something big has happened.

The West Family discussed among themselves while the Edwards Family watched from the side.

Harry lowered his head and glanced at his phone—someone had sent him the related information. This is expectedly… harsh.

He then kept his phone and announced, “The West Family has been found to have commited tax evasion. There are serious quality issues with your products and you have plenty of complaints from the consumers. Even the act of bribing the related departments has been exposed. The stock price of the West Family’s business has plummeted. Speaking of which, there was a large fire in the factories owned by the West Family. I wonder why people are so careless, especially in such hot and dry weather. The row of factories were burnt down in a matter of minutes.

Everyone from the West Family was rooted to the ground. I-It’s impossible! However, Peter, who seemed to know something, suddenly slumped to the ground. His eyes lacked life after being dealt with such a huge blow.

“Dear, what’s wrong?” Victoria caringly supported him. Damn it, could it be that something has happened to the West Family?

Harry then spoke to the Edwards Family, who had been watching the entire scene from the side, “The Edwards Family is in a similar situation as well, but you guys are slightly better off—at least you can sustain for a few more days.”

The members of the Edward Family received plenty of calls as well and all of them had sour expressions too.

Sarah seemed to suspect that something was amiss, but all she felt was a sense of relief and she could not resist laughing. “Haha! Haha! Serve you right! You finally get a taste of your own medicine! You deserve it!”

She was glad that the West and Edwards Families were defeated—in fact, she felt an immense amount of pleasure that she had vented her frustrations and anger!

The show finally came to an end where Harry ordered his men to throw the entire West and Edwards Families out of the place. Sooner or later, you will have to pay for what you have done!

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