My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 791-800

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 791

Sophia couldn’t help but laugh. At that moment, she thought about the role of a beautiful lady that Michael had played… To be honest, the beautiful lady that Michael played is the most realistic one that I’ve seen!

Michael, on the other hand, was really distressed because he didn’t want Carmen to be in the entertainment industry.

It’ll be great for her to go into business when she grows up. That way she can inherit my company, or be a soldier, or even inherit her grandfather’s business to manage coal mines in Africa. However, Carmen seems to inherit all of the Fletcher family’s acting talents. Even though she’s really young, she already knows how to learn to dance and sing on her own by watching television.

“Alright. I promise you that when you are three, I’ll send you to kindergarten. The teachers there will teach you how to sing and dance. Once you graduate from kindergarten, I’ll let you join the movie industry, okay?”

When Carmen heard this, she was so happy she did a flip and yelled, “You’re the best, Daddy! I love you!”

Then, she made a heart shape with her hands. Seeing this, Michael asked curiously, “Who taught you to do that?”

Carmen replied, “I learned it from the TV show ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’. The father in the show taught his children how to do it.”

Well, that’s Carmen’s favorite show and she never misses a single episode. She even dreams of getting on that show…

“Alright, it’s getting late. Carmen, it’s time to sleep. Only children who sleep early can grow up beautifully.”

Carmen was jumping around and was really energetic but she nodded and replied, “Okay, Daddy.”

Then, Michael added, “Your Mommy has just had an operation so you have to sleep in a separate bed for a few days.”

Carmen glanced at Sophia’s face before she pouted her lips. “Okay.”

As a father, Michael was really worried about his child. Then, he nagged again, “You have to listen to Grandpa and Mommy and you can’t run around alone, understand?”

“Okay!” Carmen repeated. “Daddy, when are you coming home?”

In a gentle tone, Michael replied, “I’ll be back in two days.”

When Carmen found out that her father was coming back soon, she was overjoyed and she yelled, “Mommy said that after you come home, we’ll go to see lions and pandas!”

Hearing this, Michael was also happy. He was looking for a chance to bring Sophia to places they had been before. “Alright then. Darling, go to sleep. If you don’t sleep soon, you won’t grow up to be pretty and children who are not pretty can’t go on TV.”

As soon as Carmen heard that she wouldn’t be able to go on TV, she hurriedly said, “Okay, Daddy. Let me give you another heart.” Then, she quickly made a heart shape with her hands and chirped, “Mommy, you have to make a heart shape for Daddy too!”

Sophia was a little embarrassed but she followed Carmen’s lead and made a heart. This is so embarrassing!

Seeing Sophia and Carmen made heart shapes, Michael also made a heart shape for the camera. After that, Carmen climbed into her small bed, got under the quilt and covered herself up. “I’m going to sleep! I’m sleeping now! I want to be pretty!”

Looking at his lively and cute daughter, Michael’s gaze was filled with tenderness and love. Then, Michael looked at Sophia and said, “Sophia, I’m sure that Carmen has been bothering you for the past few days.”

Sophia was watching Carmen sleep when she suddenly heard Michael ask her a question. She blushed and replied, “Not really. The nanny takes care of her most of the time. I just play with her occasionally.” Later, she added, “Carmen is a really good girl and she didn’t make me worry about her.”

Then, they heard a voice from under the covers. “I’ve been a good girl. Mommy said so!”

At the other end of the video call, Michael couldn’t help but chuckle. However, after laughing, he said, “By the way, I heard about the shops. Would you like me to help you?”

Sophia was speechless. I only rejected Sandra’s offer to give my two rows of shops to her in exchange for a ‘luxurious’ two-bedroom condo. Why does it feel like I’ve caused a huge trouble and the whole world knows about it?

“It’s fine,” Sophia muttered. “I can handle it myself.” Those shops belong to me and no one can take them away from me. Now that I have returned, I’ll make sure the business at Pourl will get better.

She finished transferring her previous fortune in the past two days and Cooper gave her some gifts. Moreover, Sam was about to give her another few levels of offices so she was not short of money and she was ambitious.

Feeling guilty, Michael said, “It’s my fault for not managing Pourl properly…”

Hearing this, Sophia hurriedly reassured, “You’ve already done a great job and you have a lot of things to deal with yourself. It’s normal for you to not be able to take care of everything.” I’m already really grateful that he has taken care of Carmen so well. She is more important than anything else.

Later, the two of them talked about work matters for a while. “What’s your next step?” Michael asked, to which Sophia replied, “I want to renovate the store and maintain the previous customer base. I’m also planning to hold another new product launch conference.”

Michael hurriedly said, “I remember that when Pourl opened, I was the model for your new product launch conference. If you need me, I can head over to help.”

Michael is offering to come over to help? To be my model, no less? If he can be my model, my conference will certainly blow up! However, she was hesitant. “Aren’t you ‘dead’?”

Michael didn’t take it seriously. “I’ve never said that I was dead and my agent never announced my death. It was just rumors that the media simply made up. Besides, I’m prepared to make a comeback after a while.”

“What?!” Sophia shouted before she fell into deep shock. After being stunned for a while, she started to feel a little excited and surprised. Carmen had been bringing over Michael’s movies to watch lately and Sophia had almost watched all of them. After watching his movies, it was hard to watch movies by other actors.

Michael was able to win the Oscar twice and became a national treasure. This was not only because he was handsome, his acting skills were also worthy of his fame. His movies were all very profound and significant. If he stopped acting, it would be Cethos, or even the whole movie industry’s loss!

Now that Sophia heard that he was about to make a comeback, she was excited. Suppressing her joy, she asked, “If you’re going to make a comeback, what are you going to shoot? Can you tell me a little bit about it?”

Sure enough, Sophia is still Sophia. Even though she lost her memory, she is still the chica that I remember.

Michael replied with a smile, “I recently got a really good script and I’ve already let my grandfather read it. It’s about the story of when my grandfather was rescued by your grandfather after being trapped in the snowy mountains. I will bring the script over to show your father in a few days.”

Hearing that, Sophia was overjoyed. She had just read the genealogy record book and found out about the past. After she learned about the wonderful story, she was thinking that it would be great if it could be made into a film. She didn’t expect that Michael had already prepared the script.

“That’s great,” Sophia said. “I hope you start shooting soon because I’m excited to watch it.” Then, she suddenly remembered something and asked, “Is the movie about the national treasure—the imperial seal—that you shot a few years ago going to be in theaters soon?”

It is said that he died before he finished filming that movie. Now that he’s making a comeback, he should be able to continue filming it!

Looking at her excited expression, Michael shook his head and smiled helplessly. Then, he replied, “Of course. What do you think I was up to all this time?”

Turns out that it was to shoot a movie!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 792

Sophia was so happy she wanted to do a cartwheel, but she managed to suppress herself and keep a straight face. Then, Michael added, “Carmen wants to be on ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’. If I’m not famous, my child won’t be able to get on that show, which is why I’m planning to accompany Carmen to be on TV after my comeback.”

As soon as Carmen heard this, she immediately pulled away her covers, jumped out of bed and made a heart shape with her arms. “Daddy, you’re the best. I love you!”

Seeing this, Michael hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Okay, now go to sleep. The producers won’t want a child that is not pretty. You can only be pretty if you sleep early.”

Sophia put Carmen back into bed and asked her to go to sleep. Then, she got up, took the phone and went out to call Michael. The two people who hadn’t spoken in a few days chatted happily on the phone. They talked about Michael’s new movie, Sophia’s shop that sold dog collars and about Carmen getting on the TV show, ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’.

When they talked about Carmen getting on TV, Michael was actually unwilling. “Carmen is still too young. In fact, I don’t want her to debut at such a young age and I was hoping to wait until she’s old enough to make her own choices. Sophia, what do you think?”

As they spoke about this, Sophia also had a solemn expression. “She’s still a child, so perhaps she’s just curious. I think you can find some roles for her to act in, maybe a small role in a movie, so that Carmen can have a try. Who knows? She might not be amazed by it after trying it out and stops being curious.” It is not a good thing to be a movie star. Back then, Michael also lost his life after being surrounded by crazy fans…

Michael thought about it for a while before he relented. “Alright, I’ll ask my friends in the crew for a favor and give her a small role.”

The two of them spoke on the phone until the middle of the night. All of a sudden, there was a third person’s voice on the phone.

“Enough of chatting. You should go to bed.” Upon hearing Cooper’s voice, Sophia was startled. “Dad? Where did you come from?”

On the other end of the line, Michael greeted, “Hello, Mr. Mitchell. How’s your health?”

However, Cooper only muttered, “I’m so healthy that I won’t be dead in ten years. Goodbye.”

With a thud, the other end of the phone went silent and nobody’s voice could be heard. And so, Michael hung up helplessly. Cooper really is… I can’t believe he hacked into our call! We were just talking on the phone and I can’t even do anything to his daughter!

After he hung up the phone, Michael’s figure disappeared into the darkness. The darkness swallowed his figure and he blended into the dark. He combed through his hair that was as dark as the night and looked at himself in the mirror. The person who likes to watch my movies has returned, so it’s time for me to get back up…

At breakfast the next day, Sophia told Cooper about her plan to take Carmen to the TV set to try out for a small role. Sure enough, Cooper looked solemn and he announced, “No, I don’t agree.”

My granddaughter doesn’t need to show her face to the public to earn money! A young child like her should stay at home and play. There’s no way that I’ll let her shoot a movie. Isn’t it fun to play with the dog and cats? If that’s not fun enough, I’ll buy another dozen for her to play with. Why does she want to shoot a movie? If she really can’t find a job in the future, she can follow me to the coal mines in Africa! If that doesn’t work out, she can work in the Michel Group. If that doesn’t work out either, she can go back to Northern Europe to plant vegetables. I have a large piece of land and a million lambs for her to inherit. If she really gets bored, I’ll let her manage the million employees in the Michel Group. She’ll definitely be busy! Her father was so famous back then that he was blocked at the stairs by crazy fans and almost got killed by someone who took advantage of the chaos. It is too dangerous to be a star.

In a stern tone, Cooper said to Carmen, “I don’t agree on letting you go. A child should act like a child. You’re not allowed to shoot a movie.”

Hearing this, Carmen pouted her lips and with a firm attitude, she replied, “I want to be a star. I want to be on TV. I want to play the role of a beautiful lady!”

However, Cooper was equally stubborn as he countered, “No, I won’t allow it.”

Carmen instantly threw her milk bottle away and angrily turned her back to Cooper. “I’m really angry! You won’t be able to coax me!”

Sophia knew that Cooper wouldn’t agree so she hurriedly said, “Alright, alright. Calm down. Let’s discuss this properly.”

Carmen puffed out her cheeks angrily but she still took her milk bottle back. Even though she was mad, she still needed to drink. Meanwhile, Sophia had to leave the house today so she changed into office attire and wore a mask. Before she left, she said to Carmen, “Darling, talk to Grandpa nicely. I have to go out to work now.”

Carmen pouted her lips and said, “I want to go to work too. That way I can earn money and raise Judgey.”

Sophia then took the dog out and went to the office that Sam was about to transfer to her. She also stopped by to check the progress of the renovation at her shop.

Linus accompanied her to transfer the ownership that day and Sam was also there. His face was still swollen that day and Sophia still had no idea what happened between Cooper and him but judging by the situation, it must have been serious.

“Uncle Sam, are you alright?”

However, Sam only replied, “I’m fine; don’t worry.”

After they finished signing the ownership transfer papers, Sophia and Linus got ready to leave. Sam wanted to have a chat but Linus didn’t seem to like Sam talking to Sophia. Thinking about it for a moment, Sam decided to use the same method. “Sophia, I’ll be going abroad soon and there’s no one to take care of Corrado. Can you help me take care of him?”

Sophia blinked in confusion before she said, “The Edwards family residence is huge. You can ask other family members to take care of Corrado for you!”

Sam pressed, “Your house has more dogs and it’s more lively there. Plus, Corrado likes lively places with lots of dogs.”

Sam gave me a few floors of an office building. Helping him take care of a dog is nothing compared to that. And so, Sophia agreed to his request and happily took Corrado with her. Sam was also happy because he now had an excuse to visit them in the future. After they finished the transfer, Linus kindly rejected Sam’s invitation to have lunch together. Instead, he brought Sophia to check on the renovation progress at the shop and went to the pet shop to drop off the dogs for a grooming session. After leaving the dogs at the shop, they went to have lunch.

Once lunch was over, they hurriedly went to meet Stanley’s ‘son’ in the game, Kenny, to discuss their business cooperation.

Pourl was a luxury chain store for pets and Kenny worked at L/K, which specialized in luxury goods for people. The two of them could work together to develop a series of luxury products.

Sophia read her previous work notes and saw that she had discussed business cooperation before. After the accident, she placed it aside but now that she wanted to do it again, Kenny was also interested to work with her.

The discussion with Kenny ended in the afternoon. After Sophia left L/K, she turned around and glanced at the magnificent building, hoping that Pourl could be that successful one day.

Meanwhile, Linus came over from Michel Group to pick Sophia up and had made it just in time. Then, they went to pick up the dogs before they head home for dinner. In the car, the dogs smelled great after their bath. Bubbles even had a cut so it looked pretty and smelled nice. Holding her dog, Sophia suddenly remembered something and asked Linus, “Uncle Linus, have you ever thought about finding your family?”

Cooper told her that Linus was his adoptive son. Linus has a family. With his current abilities, it should be easy for him to find his own family.

At that moment, Linus was looking down at his laptop. With a smile, he commented, “Since the day your father adopted me, I became part of the Michel family and have no other relation to my past.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 793

Hearing this, Sophia stopped asking. Linus put down his laptop and looked out the window to admire the scenery as he fell into deep thought. Find my family…

Linus still remembered some childhood memories. He remembered that his parents were a couple who were completely different from him. Truth was, Linus was not their biological child either. He could occasionally remember some of his childhood memories and could recall that his adoptive parents mentioned he was from Cethos. However, he had never thought about finding his birth parents… After all, what good would that do?

Cooper adopted him back then, brought him into the Michel family, found him adoptive parents, and devoted himself to nurturing him. In a family meeting, he won a place for him in the Michel family and resisted public opinion to let a man that wasn’t born in the family work in the very heart of the Michel Group. All of Cooper’s efforts led to who Linus was today. If Linus went to find his family now, it would be an act of betrayal to the Michel family, not to mention Cooper and his efforts for the past twenty years would go to waste…

At that moment, Sophia seemed to have realized that she had asked a sensitive question, so she busied herself with petting her dog and stopped talking. Suddenly, her phone rang; it was a call from another unknown number.

The unknown numbers that appeared on Sophia’s new phone never brought good news. As expected, as soon as she answered the call, she heard Sandra’s voice.

“I heard that you’ve reached out to L/K to talk about business cooperation. Ha! Who gave you the courage to do that?”

When Sophia heard Sandra’s voice, she immediately hung up the phone. After a few seconds, her phone started ringing again and Sophia answered it tiredly. Sandra’s voice that came through was as annoying as Sophia’s ringtone.

“Scarlett, I’ll give you half an hour to transfer your shops to me. Otherwise, you’ll receive a call from L/K in half an hour to terminate your business cooperation. Mark my words. One order from me and no one in Bayside City will dare work with you!” With that, Sandra instantly hung up the phone.

“Crazy b*tch…” Sophia muttered as she hurriedly blocked Sandra’s number.

L/K was a big international brand. Since Sophia had already negotiated a cooperation with them, they naturally wouldn’t terminate their cooperation with her just because of the Mitchell family’s threats.

Moreover, Sophia was able to smoothly negotiate a cooperation with Kenny not only because of Stanley’s help, but also because Michael had agreed to be the ambassador for their new product. Before the accident, Michael accepted his first endorsement and it was from L/K. He had never accepted any endorsements before that and as it was his first endorsement, it naturally became a big deal. In fact, all these happened because Michael had to follow Sophia’s wishes as she wanted to work together with L/K, so she offered up her husband.

Now that the previous endorsement contract was about to be restarted, without a doubt, being the first brand endorsement after Taylor Murray’s ‘resurrection’ would definitely be a great deal.

Half an hour later, Sophia arrived home. After changing her clothes, she was playing with Carmen when she received another call from an unknown number. It was Sandra’s voice again. “Scarlett, I don’t know what methods you used to negotiate a cooperation with Kenny—”

It seems like she was embarrassed by Kenny.

“I have my eyes on those two rows of shops. If you don’t give them to me, I will make sure that you regret it!” With that, Sandra hung up.

Sophia muttered yet again, “Crazy b*tch.” Sandra is trying to bully and trick me because she thinks I’m new and don’t know about the market here. However, Bayside City is filled with rich and powerful people. Even though Sandra is the daughter of the wealthy Mitchell family, she isn’t omnipotent.

Sophia threw her phone to one side and focused on her dinner. At that moment, Carmen seemed to have reconciled with Cooper and she was drinking milk happily. After she finished drinking, she announced, “Mommy, Grandpa agreed to let me be in a movie.”

Hearing this, Sopia was stunned and she stole a glance at Cooper’s upset expression. My baby girl is really good at persuading her grandfather.

Cooper was really solemn as he muttered, “I’m letting her try first. If it doesn’t work out, she’ll inherit the family business.” I will be the one who decides on the script and main role of the movie, and I’ll also be accompanying Carmen throughout the whole shoot.

Deep down, Cooper had a plan. Since she wants to star in a movie, I’ll let her try. However, I’ll make things a little difficult for her. Sooner or later, she’ll get scared and she’ll give up. Why does she want to act in movies anyway? Isn’t it better to inherit the hundreds of millions of family fortune?

After dinner, Cooper noticed that there was another dog in the house. When Sophia left, she brought a total of five dogs—Bubbles, Snowball, Judge, and two of Judge’s puppies. However, when she returned, there was another dog with black fur.

“Is that Sam’s dog?”

Sophia nodded happily and gestured for Corrado to come over as she said, “Yes. It’s Uncle Sam’s dog and it’s name is Corrado. It’s a really obedient dog.”

Hearing this, a cold expression appeared on Cooper’s face. That day, he already received a report that an old bachelor that was two years older than him not only had his eyes on his lover, Annabel, he also had his eyes on his daughter, Sophia.

Sending a dog over is just a plan. I know that he’s planning to use his dog as an excuse to pay us a visit whenever I’m not around…

Sophia patted Corrado’s head. She had brought Corrado for a bath that day too, so it was clean and smelled nice. When Sophia saw that Cooper seemed angry, she pursed her lips and asked, “Daddy, do you not like Corrado?”

Surprisingly, Cooper smiled. “Of course not! This dog looks really lively. I like it very much!”

That night, Sam received a call from Cooper, informing him that Cooper liked Corrado very much and he was confisticating it, so Sam didn’t need to come to his house to ask for the dog back anymore. After Sam heard this, he was speechless. Not only have I lost several floors of an office building, I even lost Corrado. As expected, Cooper is more aggressive than Michael.

After solving Corrado’s problem, Cooper’s heart still felt heavy. I never thought that the old man would have his eyes on my beautiful young daughter. What a disgusting old man! Don’t these old men know the age difference between them and my daughter?

The next day, Sophia went to the hospital for a follow up. The doctors removed the gauze and saw that her face had recovered well. However, she still needed to apply some medication on her wounds and take some pills for a while to slowly restore her former beauty.

Before returning home from the hospital, Sophia received a call from the investment company. Michael had established an investment company to manage Sophia’s assets and they were also responsible for her shops. After the call connected, the people at the investment company told her that for some strange reason, the tenants of her two rows of shops asked to cancel their leases together, except for King.

As soon as Sophia ended the call with the investment company, she received a call from Sandra again.

“Scarlett, I’m sure that you’ve heard about the news. I’ve already released a warning. Starting from today, if anybody dares to rent your shop, it would mean that they are going against me—”

Sophia was too lazy to talk to Sandra so she hung up on her.

At the same time in the Mitchell family residence, after hanging up the call, Sandra was feeling confident and she immediately called Lucy. Her voice instantly became humble and gentle.

“Hello? Lucy? Don’t worry; I’ve already got the two shops and we’re signing the contract. I’ll transfer the ownership of these shops to you in three days.”

“Yes… How could she say no? After all, there is only one young madam in the Mitchell family. Besides, the genealogy record book is in my father’s hands. If they want their names in the book, they have to ask for my permission.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 794

After the call ended, Sandra felt really pleased and she was waiting for Sophia to give in. I’ve scared away the tenants that rented Sophia’s two rows of shops. Who else would dare to rent her shop?

Sandra knew the value of the shops well. If nobody dared to rent it, even if it was empty for just a day, it was a huge loss. Under inducement and coercion, I’m sure Scarlett will give in! However, even if she gives me those shops, there’s no way I’ll let her be in the Mitchell family’s genealogy record book!

In order to consolidate her position, Sandra needed to establish a good relationship with Lucy and she had put in great effort to become so-called best friends. Hence, she must show her value to stay in Lucy’s good friends list. This time, Lucy had taken the initiative to ask for her help so it was a great chance for Sandra to perform.

The next day, Sandra went to check on the situation at the shops and saw that the tenants were pretty much finished with moving out.

When they heard that their landlord had offended the Mitchell family, those tenants moved away quickly for fear of getting into trouble. In less than three days, the area that huge crowds often passed through everyday had eight vacated shops and they wasted a large flow of potential customers. Other than King, Pourl—which was still under renovation—was open. The other shops were all closed and empty.

Sophia still hadn’t called Sandra to admit defeat but Lucy was already calling and urging her. Sandra was getting anxious so she made another call to Sophia. However, Sophia didn’t answer her calls but someone at King secretly reported to Sandra that Sophia was in her shop. After Sandra heard the news, she quickly rushed over.

It was the morning of a work day so there weren’t many people walking nearby. Sophia was wearing a mask as she looked around her shops with a few bodyguards.

Several of her shops were large in size and they were in a good location. The previous tenants sold luxury goods, but as they were small brands, they couldn’t afford to offend the Mitchell family and hurriedly moved. Sophia looked through the shops one by one as she thought about how to attract new tenants. After looking at two shops, she heard the click of high heels approaching her. Turning around, she saw Sandra, who was decked in jewelry, had arrived.

Looking at the empty shops, Sandra sneered, “You can’t find new tenants, can you? As long as the Mitchell family exists, there is no way you’ll be able to rent your shops out! You’re losing money every single day that you can’t find a tenant! I advise you to hand over the shops to me!”

Sophia ignored her and continued walking around the shop. The area of her shops were huge and the location was great. Moreover, they were double-storeyed. All this is the result of my hard work!

As she walked around, Sandra trailed behind and continued to mock her. She mocked Sophia for not being able to find tenants and for not being able to have her name in the Mitchell family genealogy record book. Sandra even warned her that offending her would mean that she had offended the entire socialite circle in Bayside City.

However, Sophia pretended to not hear anything she said. Under the guidance of her bodyguards, she finished looking around her shops and was really satisfied with it. No wonder I was willing to sell my things to buy these few shops back then. I really have to praise my past self for having such a good eye.

Cooper also felt that this was a good location and had bought many buildings and shops nearby. Now that he was about to go back to his old profession, he was determined to be successful. The original office building could no longer satisfy his needs.

Sophia focused on looking at her shops, as if she didn’t know Sandra was there. It was until she finished looking at all the shops when Sandra, who was ignored for a long time, finally lost her temper and strode over angrily.

“Scarlett, were you listening to me?” Sandra was extremely furious. This b*tch is the one who should be begging me but I can’t wait any longer. I must have these two rows of shops!

However, after taking two steps forward, Sandra was blocked by Sophia’s bodyguards so she could only speak to Sophia from a distance.

At that moment, Sophia seemed to have finally realized her existence. She turned around and calmly glanced at Sandra before she said, “Miss Mitchell, there is no need for you to worry. I have already found new tenants for my shops and the renovation team of my tenants will be here tonight.”

Hmph! Sandra chuckled and countered, “I’m curious as to who is brave enough to dare rent your shop.”

With a smile, Sophia replied, “If you’re curious, come by tonight and you’ll find out.”

Then, Sophia left under the protection of her bodyguards. She had other things to do that day. Other than looking at her shops, she had already made an appointment to meet with Daniel to discuss the development of her meditation retreat project.

Watching Sophia leave freely, Sandra was enraged. How dare a hideous monster like her be so arrogant? She is just relying on her father’s relationship with 9th Old Master Edwards! How long will Sam be able to protect them?

Later, Sandra sent a few men to keep an eye on Sophia’s shops; she wanted to know who dared to rent them! Soon, her men sent her a message. As expected, a renovation team entered the shops and did some renovation overnight. After asking around, they found out about the new tenants.

One shop was for Cooper, two shops were leased to Sam as the branches for Crimson House, one shop was leased to the Michel Group to open an official shop in Cethos, another was leased to the entertainment chain club ‘Audistin’, and one shop was leased to L/K as a branch. The very last one was even more shocking—Sophia had leased it at a low price to the Public Security Bureau to be used as an office for the police patrol team…

Looking at the list of tenants, Sandra couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t dare to offend any one of the tenants on the list and the only one she dared to bully was Cooper’s shop, but they didn’t care about her threats at all.

The Mitchell family’s internal fights were still ongoing and they had taken everything they could. However, Cooper’s bloodline was still living well and they were constantly getting stronger. Moreover, they weren’t afraid of the threats from the other two families.

“That’s impossible! How could she possibly have found such quality tenants?”

Sandra didn’t believe the list so she personally went over the next day. It was then that she saw the renovations at those shops had begun and they were really from the merchants on the list!

The deadline she had promised Lucy had arrived and Lucy kept coming to urge her now and then. Sandra couldn’t wait anymore but she didn’t dare to go against those merchants! However, Lucy was getting impatient.

If I can’t deal with such a simple problem, how am I going to speak to Lucy in the future? Since I can’t go against them, I’ll secretly sabotage Sophia! Sandra was infuriated so she gritted her teeth and chose a few shops to attack. She wanted Sophia to know that her shops could never be rented out!

That day, Sophia received a call from the shops to report to her that the shops caught fire in the middle of the night. Fortunately, they found the fire and extinguished it in time so there was no major loss.

The next morning, Sandra called to threaten Sophia again. “Scarlett, do you think you can sit back and relax now that you’ve found tenants? Let me be very clear; without my permission, don’t think about renting out those shops!”

“Boring…” Sophia hung up the phone and asked the people at the shops to continue the renovations.

Seeing that she failed the first time, Sandra started planning for a second attack. Merchants pay attention to feng shui when they open a shop to do business. If one shop keeps encountering problems while still under renovation, they will consider leaving. As long as this group of merchants leave, those shops won’t have any more tenants! It’ll be even better if someone dies!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 795

Unexpectedly, during the second ruckus, Sandra’s men were noticed by the policemen that were patrolling the area nearby, so the policemen rushed over and seized them.

When Sandra got the news, she was shocked. Fortunately, those were just some loafers, so even if they were caught they wouldn’t dare to expose her.

After that incident, Sandra finally behaved herself. Even Lucy stopped making a fuss, whereas King ended the lease and moved out on its own. Therefore, Sophia took back the shop and reserved it for Linus.

Recently, Cooper’s force and Michel Group’s business seemed to be expanding in Bayside since they were increasing their shops. Therefore, Sophia reserved a shop for all of her people.

These days, Copper almost gave up his authority over the Michel Family and passed it over to Linus to settle any issues.

Meanwhile, he was focusing on the Mitchell Family and exploring deeper into the field of high-tech electronics. He even moved all his equipment to his basement and spent all his time working in his workroom.

He knew he had to make a breakthrough and conquer a more advanced field if he wanted to regain the Mitchell Family’s former glory. At the same time, he mustn’t compete with Linus for business because he knew very well that the Mitchell Family was not a match for the Michel Group right now.

However, Cooper was as wise as always, so he had his own plan.

While Linus was busy expanding his market in Cethos, Cooper picked up his past profession to rejuvenate the Mitchell Family. At the same time, Sophia was enthusiastically developing her business. She interviewed all the sales talents that were introduced by Cooper and got the employment in progress.

After she hired two salespeople, she was sure to share her resources so she shared them with Kenny, since the collaboration with L/K Group had reached the stage of signing the contract.

Soon, Pourl resumed its operation and Sarah invited a few regular customers to support the business. Fortunately, they got a few orders.

Ever since Sandra made a ruckus, although it didn’t substantially damage Sophia’s shop and the fire only burnt some plastics, Sophia was still angry about the whole incident.

While the three families were competing against each other, all of them tried to win over more talents. Since Cooper was back, his force thrived in their business and made huge progress, tempting some people to be in alliance with Cooper. However, they were worried that they might choose the wrong team in this critical situation.

If they made a mistake in choosing sides, they would end up in a dire situation.

Therefore, many people were indecisive.

Naturally, Sophia understood the situation. She initially decided to brush off Sandra so that she wouldn’t waste her time and energy in these meaningless games, but considering the current situation where three forces stood in a deadlock, a devious idea suddenly popped up in her mind. That idea seemed to have appeared effortlessly as if she often did that in the past.

Within two days, the few loafers that made trouble in Sophia’s shop that night confessed in the police station and exposed Sandra.

However, it didn’t seem to be a big deal since what they did didn’t cause severe damage. Besides, the Mitchell Family was powerful enough to conceal this incident, not allowing even a piece of information to leak. Therefore, nothing happened to Sandra and she was still the perfect, noble princess.

Sophia even received a call from her, who wanted to show off.

“Scarlett, please keep your meager skills away from me. You should know that Bayside is my territory and your petty schemes won’t work on me. Besides—”

She continued sarcastically, “—there’s no hope for you and your father to be added into the genealogy record book so don’t ever dream of it, not to mention entering the Mitchell Family’s ancestral tomb. You will never be accepted into the family in this lifetime!”

Only those who were recorded in the genealogy record book were the real Mitchells, whereas those who couldn’t be added in were just pitiful collateral families.

If one could not be buried in the ancestral tomb after they died, they would forever be a lost soul.

Sophia couldn’t help but shake her head. Since she read the working diary of the past, she knew Sandra’s background.

It was true that people would try their best to flaunt what they lacked the most.

Sandra knew how she became the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family so even though she earned that title, her sense of inferiority toward herself was still deep-rooted.

In the past, Sandra often dreamed of being added into the genealogy record book. Now, not only her dream came true, she even became the Young Lady of Mitchell Family. At that moment, she felt like she had overcome all the difficulties in her life so she turned to torture the next person that was in the same situation as she was in the past.

Finally, Sophia couldn’t hold it in and expressed her thoughts about the genealogy record book. “Some people are proud of being one of the Mitchells, but others make the Mitchells proud of them.”

With that, she hung up the phone without bothering to listen to Sandra’s reply.

Twenty years ago, Cooper was the pride of the Mitchell Family and he still was after all this time.

Therefore, they were not the ones who should beg to be in the genealogy record book but the Mitchell Family should be the one on their knees, begging her and her father to be on it.

Since her father and uncle were such extraordinary people, and even Carmen was intelligent enough to make a living to take care of the dog by acting, Sophia felt that she had to pull herself together.

As expected, Sandra’s foolish act wasn’t exposed to the public so she was still the flawless world’s champion, the princess of the sports world. However, everyone in the Mitchell Family knew about her stupidity.

The Mitchells weren’t sure of the ins and outs of the incident so they didn’t know who was in the right. Besides, it only involved a few shops and it wasn’t a big deal.

Usually, it wouldn’t be something to make a fuss of but during this critical time, all trifles would be exaggerated. Therefore, they inferred the whole incident as Alex’s daughter competed against Scarlett, Cooper’s daughter, for two rows of shops but failed. Because of that, Sandra flew into anger and paid some people to wreck the shops. Unfortunately, those people were caught and the mastermind—Sandra—was found by the police through traces of evidence.

She was deemed incompetent for failing in getting the shops.

Even worse, she was not only caught after paying people to make trouble but was also found out by the authorities after that. That was absolutely humiliating and it highlighted the difference between Sandra and Scarlett.

After all, Scarlett was Cooper’s daughter. How could a daughter of someone so astonishing be weak?

Through this small incident of competing for shops, many things became evident.

For example, Scarlett had powerful resources since she could rope in so many high-quality sellers, whom Sandra couldn’t even control, for seven or eight shops within a day.

Besides, these sellers clearly knew that Scarlett was competing against Sandra for the shops but they willingly rented the shops to her. What did that show?

The owner of Audistine was Bayside’s anonymous force, while the Crimson House belonged to 9th Old Master Edwards as well as L/K and Michel Group. These were powerful forces which no one could afford to offend, but they lent a helping hand to Scarlett during critical times.

Everyone understood what it meant.

An interesting point was Scarlett rented one of the shops to the police patrol team for almost free and that wasn’t common for everyone.

Through such a small gesture, many things dawned upon the public, such as Scarlett had greater resources than Sandra and that her skills and boldness took after Cooper.

While everyone was disappointed with Sandra, they became more confident with Cooper and Scarlett.

After all, with such a clever daughter, the father must be wise too.

After 20 years, many people had forgotten how powerful Cooper was in the past but now, they got to witness a whole new history happening right before their eyes.

This incident was like a magical seed, slowly germinating in the environment. Without realizing, it caused some subtle changes to the situation where the three forces confronted each other.

At this critical time, even the smallest change could induce a butterfly effect, which might lead to a huge effect.

Not long after that incident, Cooper rose like a powerful dragon from the sea and took over Justin’s father, Anthony’s force, in a domineering way.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 796

Even the arrogant Anthony surrendered to Cooper.

At once, the state of the three forces were altered and Alex was now at the opposing end from Cooper.

Alex and the Edwards Family were united by marriage and with that protection, he still had the upper hand. After all, he and the Edwards Family made a strong collaboration. On the contrary, what did Cooper have?

After 20 years, the Mitchell Family and Bayside were no longer under Cooper’s control.

Therefore, the winner of this battle was still unknown and it would be more than a challenge for Cooper if he wanted to gain back the Mitchell Family.

In Pourl, which had just resumed its operation after the renovation, a small party was held by Sarah to celebrate the reopening of the shop and some close friends were invited.

Today was just a small reopening and it wasn’t a grand party, as they were reserving the splendid occasion for the product launch ceremony.

Sophia had brought all her cats and dogs to the shop to liven up the atmosphere, so the shop was now filled with animals.

Nicole even purposely canceled an event just to attend this party. As a huge celebrity, her presence made the shop dazzle. She was indeed giving great honor to Sophia, willing to turn down another event just to attend this small party.

Sophia was still wearing a mask since the wound on her face hadn’t recovered. It needed some time to heal with medications.

Those cats and dogs that came were decked out in jewellery. Standing among the animals, Ivan was grateful and overjoyed to see his works worn by furry friends, especially when he saw the collar on Judge’s neck. That was the work he felt the proudest of and it was also the treasure of the shop. That collar itself won countless medals in all types of international competitions.

Whenever Ivan saw Judge, he would think of his dog that died painfully in his house. After so many years, he couldn’t get past it to rear another dog.

Wearing that collar, Judge looked extremely lively and handsome, successfully attracting a bunch of female dogs.

Judge was now the main signed male model and ambassador of Pourl, being featured in every new product poster as a model. In the world of dogs at Bayside, he was famous and even had a personal agent. Most importantly, he had several accounts on social media, including Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Facebook, with over ten million followers!

Now, Judge had reached the peak of its life, enjoying luxury houses and branded items. But when a group of pretty, obedient female dogs gathered around him, he, who was surrounded by females, finally recalled that he had been neutered!

Therefore, Judge felt really down for the whole day.

On the other hand, when a few women got together, there would always be endless topics to chat about. Nicole shared her story first by saying, “Two days ago, Taylor suddenly came to me and asked if I had any free time because he wanted to collaborate with me on a script.”

When Taylor appeared out of nowhere to find her, Nicole was thoroughly shaken.

Taylor was not only alive, he was even well-informed of what had happened in Africa and thanked her.

Nicole didn’t expect that someone so arrogant like Taylor would thank her, hence she happily reserved her time for his new drama.

These few years, she remained at Imperial Entertainment. In the past, it was Ethan and Taylor who made this company successful but after they retired, Nicole was left to support the company alone.

In the past few years, Nicole not only acted in movies, she also took over some managing jobs in Imperial Entertainment and supported a few rookies. While working on her career, she also led a batch of new celebrities and they were doing rather well now, bringing fame to the company.

If Taylor really came back, it would be perfect.

Speaking of that script, Sarah became enthusiastic and said, “I know! Yesterday, Taylor came back to find my Old Wolf and he is even going to make a comeback! Their new movie is adapted from a true story and it’s amazing!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia started to zone out… Had Michael come back yesterday? Why didn’t he come to visit Carmen or her?

Since he came to meet Ethan, why didn’t he visit Carmen and her as well?

Once Sophia thought of that, she felt dejected.

Speaking of the movie, Sarah looked like a fan and blushed profusely. “My Old Wolf says that the movie that was banned a few years ago—the one about the imperial seal—is submitted for review and will soon be aired. Nicole, don’t forget to advertise for Old Wolf! After all, he has faded from the public’s sight and he’ll need help from famous celebrities like you to regain his popularity!”

Nicole smiled shyly. “Sure! I’m more than happy to help him.”

She became who she was today because her two seniors, Taylor and Ethan, had helped her.

Sarah was excited as she gushed, “That’s awesome! It’s rare for Taylor, Old Wolf and Nicole, these Oscar winners, to be in the same movie. In fact, this will be the first time ever in Cethos! I’m sure the box office will explode and I can foresee that it will surpass War Dragon soon!”

On the other hand, Sophia was still upset that Michael didn’t visit her…

While she was immersed in sadness, a few people suddenly appeared at the door.

A few bodyguards in black suits escorted Sandra, who was dressed in all white like an angel, into the shop. Upon seeing that, Sophia put down her cat and approached them.

“You’ve got quite a number of guests here,” Sandra said in a light voice while looking around.

Actually, there weren’t many people in the shop today. In fact, the cats and dogs in the shop outnumbered the staff. Stanley and Sean weren’t here so there were only a few regular customers.

It was obvious that Sandra came to cause trouble since she brought her men and blocked the door fiercely, seemingly afraid that they would escape. After a glance around the shop, she memorized the few guests.

After getting a good feel of the guests in the shop, Sandra said in a haughty tone, “I came here today to tell everyone that I’m one of the shareholders of King and I’m the one in charge now. King will be resuming its business two days later and we’ll hold a grand launch, and I’d like to invite all of you to attend the ceremony. I’ve memorized all your names and I’ll send the invitation card to your houses respectively later on. King welcomes all of you.”

With that, Sandra turned and left.

The shop was filled with dogs’ odour and she hated it so much that she even tried to hold her breath while speaking.

Who said that someone who owned a business of branded pet supplies would love pets?

Sandra was one of those who hated these drooling creatures who shed fur; they were absolutely disgusting to her.

Once she left, the atmosphere in the shop changed.

It was evident that Sandra was openly snatching the remaining customers they had!

Besides, she even said that she memorized the names of the guests today! Could it be that she wanted to threaten those who didn’t attend King’s launching ceremony?

What a cruel person she was!

Who could win against her if she used this method to snatch the customers away?

Fortunately, the guests that came today were Pourl’s regulars, which were as close as a family, and they wouldn’t easily betray them. Those unfamiliar customers were already won over by Sandra.

Sarah was the first to spring up. “Just you f*cking wait and see!”

Everyone was picking on her, who was an online illustrator for an actor that were both no longer famous. Bah!

“When my Old Wolf makes a comeback, it will be her doom’s day!”

Staring at the direction that Sandra left, Sophia sank into deep thought before a mysterious smile suddenly appeared on her lips.

Was Sandra going to hold a grand launch ceremony?

Unfortunately for her, that would only happen in her dreams!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 797

Sophia then turned to take out Calvin’s name card and called him.

It wasn’t long before he arrived at the shop.

King’s launch ceremony was around the corner so Sandra had been visiting King every day. Ever since she lost to Scarlett in the competition for that few shops, Lucy had enlightened Sandra, telling her that she fell into Scarlett’s trap.

It turned out that Scarlett had been deliberately enraging Sandra, causing her to act irrationally. Scarlett’s objective was to make the Mitchell Family disappointed in Sandra after her scheme was exposed.

It was still vivid in Sandra’s mind that the former victim, Natasha, fell for that trap as well. She acted stupidly, causing Alex to be completely disappointed in her, which then led him finding Sandra as her replacement.

However, Sandra wasn’t the same as Natasha. She had learned her lesson and changed her tactic. This time, she would defeat Scarlett in a face-on battle. She would make Scarlett’s shop go bankrupt and prove her ability to the Mitchell Family!

What did Pourl have now? Their customer base that they had been accumulating from the past had now become King’s customers.

Not only their designers joined King with their completed work, which had become their latest Spring product, even their sales manager brought away all their customer resources.

Half of Pourl’s sales and design department were now under King, so what did they have now?

Burning with ambition, Sandra prepared for the launch ceremony. She wanted to prove her superiority to Scarlett so that Scarlett could taste the bitterness of offending her.

But right at that moment, King suddenly received a summons from the court and it turned out that Pourl had finally prosecuted King!

However, Pourl didn’t prosecute Lucy, the legal body of Pourl. Instead, they prosecuted the few designers and salespeople who left their company and joined King.

After all, when they joined Pourl they had signed a contract with a non-competition clause which stated that upon their resignation, they mustn’t work in the same profession within a year.

Since they one-sidedly broke the agreement, those who left Pourl had violated the agreement.

Therefore, the company had the right to ask for compensation or make them fulfill the non-competition restriction.

When Sandra heard about that, she chuckled codly and completely ignored the situation. “Don’t worry; it’s just a small amount of money. Let them prosecute us and we’ll compensate them no matter how much they ask for.”

In order to show that she cared for those employees that left Pourl and joined King, she not only paid the compensation on their behalf, she even promoted them in a high-profiled manner. In addition, she publicly promised that she would hire everyone who came from Pourl and even promote them. Not only that, she would pay them double and give them twice the staff benefits.

If Pourl sued them, King would pay for them without asking the employees to fork out a penny.

What the ordinary employees ever wanted was to make a living. Therefore, Pourl’s employees had been consecutively resigning due to Sandra’s temptation.

Now, there were only two designers left in the workshop; one was Ivan and the other was his new apprentice.

Ivan’s new apprentice was rather dull since he had just graduated. Every morning when he reached the workshop, he would show Ivan the message from King—which tried to lure him to leave Pourl—that he received the previous night and even joked about it.

He not only picked things up slowly, he was also dim-witted; even Ivan felt sorry for him. Through his actions, Ivan further confirmed that his apprentice was helplessly dumb so he decided to teach all his skills to him. Since he was so dull, Ivan bet that no one else would want this apprentice other than himself.

And so, there were only two people in the design department whereas in the sales department, only a handful remained other than the two employees who were newly hired by Sophia.

“Damn it!”

Sarah threw a pile of resignation letters on the table. “King has taken this too far. They even took away our janitor, Lily.”

Sophia glanced at the letter and sighed inwardly as she thought, Impressive!

Now, even their janitor left. It seemed like King wouldn’t give up without driving her, the owner of a small dog collar shop, into a corner.

Even Cooper was informed about the huge crisis that Sophia’s shop met. As soon as she got home, Cooper walked up to her but before he could speak, she forestalled him. “Dad, let me handle this. I honestly don’t need your help. I’ve grown up so I can’t rely on you in everything.”

Cooper was at a loss for words. Meanwhile, Linus walked out from the kitchen with a dish of scrumptious stir-fried vegetables and reassured, “Don’t worry, Cooper. If Sophia needs your help, she won’t hesitate to ask.”

However, Cooper seemed dejected.

Since his daughter had grown up, she was no longer that vulnerable baby when he first found her. She didn’t even need his help now.

Thinking of that, he felt rather lost.

After Sophia changed her clothes, she came down to eat. Carmen had finished a bottle of milk when she suddenly said, “Mommy, Daddy came home to visit me today!”

“Your dad is back?”

Sophia could barely conceal her happiness. “When did he come home and what did he say?”

Seeing that Sophia became merry once she heard about Taylor, Cooper couldn’t help but pull a long face.

Sophia immediately concealed her happiness and surprise on her face, pretending that she didn’t care about that while she continued to eat her food.

However, Carmen told on her grandfather. “Grandpa chased Daddy out!”

Knitting her eyebrows, Sophia grumbled, “Dad, how can you chase Carmen’s father away in front of her? It must have broken her heart to witness that!”

But this time, Carmen took Cooper’s side firmly and supported him. “Mommy, I’m not sad at all because Daddy is at fault this time!”

Curious, Sophia asked, “What happened?”

Carmen slowly related the incident and she said, “Daddy wants to act as Grandpa’s father and that’s outrageous!”

Michael wanted to act as Cooper’s father?

Confused, Sophia looked at Cooper’s sulky expression. It was only after a while that it finally dawned on her that Michael must have come to meet Cooper to discuss the script!

He was planning to film the exciting past where Cooper and Mark made a sortie out of the snowy mountain. Therefore, he had to get the approval and authorization from the person involved or his descendants before shooting the movie.

As one of the people involved, Mark definitely would agree with that since he longed for Michael to act as him every day.

However, the other person involved, Woody, had passed away and since Cooper was his descendant, Michael had to get Cooper’s approval.

This was where the problem arose. That film was about Mark and Woody when they were young. If everything went as planned, Michael and Ethan, who were somehow resurrected and no longer famous, would be playing the two leading roles.

Therefore, Michael had only two roles as his options—either Mark or Woody.

In other words, Michael would either act as Cooper’s father or his godfather.

How could Cooper accept that old, shameless son-in-law to portray his father?

That was totally impossible!

Sophia widened her eyes upon hearing that, wanting to persuade Cooper but she had no idea how to.

At last, she could only mumble, “It’s just a movie though. You shouldn’t chase him away regardless…”

Cooper had on a sulky face for the whole day and even got annoyed at the few cats and dogs that belonged to Michael.

He would never approve or authorize that! Never!

When night came, Carmen went to bed early to have her beauty sleep since she wanted to be on TV. After she dozed off, Sophia secretly called Michael.

When the call was answered, Michael’s deep, sexy voice came from the other end. “Is everything going well with your shop? Do you need my help?”

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“It’s alright; I have plans for that. You don’t have to help me.”

Since Sophia said that she had other plans, Michael wouldn’t interfere.

His chica still had her tricks even though she lost her memory.

After a moment of silence, Sophia spoke first in a careful tone. “I’ve heard about the incident today. I love that film too and I’ll try to talk to my dad for you.”

Unexpectedly, Cooper’s voice suddenly rang out right after she said that. “Don’t even think about it!”


He’s here again?

Sophia stomped her feet in anger.

Couldn’t he give her some privacy and stop eavesdropping on her calls?

Cooper’s voice was firm. “I won’t allow you to act in this movie. Period.”


The voice disappeared and the line was cut off.

Looking at the phone, Michael clicked his tongue.

What a father-in-law…

Michael knew that Cooper didn’t want him to act as his father, but he was still surprised at how angry he was.

Acting as Cooper’s father was Michael’s dream so it was impossible for him to give up on that!

In the past, he painstakingly tried to find Cooper but that old man hid so well, causing him so many difficulties in finding him. Therefore, he swore that he would specifically write a film for Cooper and act as his father!

Putting down his phone, Michael opened the window and under the night sky, he saw lights were still on at the second floor of Villa No. 2—it seemed that Sophia was still awake.

Michael felt that he hadn’t recovered completely so even after he came back, he didn’t meet Sophia immediately.

Truth was, he missed her so much that it almost drove him crazy.

Looking at that brightly lit room, an idea suddenly came to him so he walked to the study and took out the Four Treasures of the Study. Then, he ground the ink and picked up the writing brush. With strokes of the brush and splashes of ink, he wrote a romantic letter in cursive writing.

In the past, Sophia loved to watch as he wrote with a writing brush.

This was all thanks to his father-in-law, who frequently showed off his calligraphy skills to Mark. Turning shame into anger, Mark forced all the youngsters in the Fletcher Family to practice calligraphy, hoping that one of them would surpass Cooper one day.

Because of that, Michael was trained to write well.

The letter was sent out by a drone, which was controlled by Michael, and it silently flew toward Sophia’s room.

Unexpectedly, before the drone could get any nearer to Villa No. 2, a beam of laser appeared in the night sky and shot the drone precisely. Without making any sound, the drone fell from the sky and hit the ground, shattering into pieces.

Damn it!

Michael flung the remote control in a fit of anger.

It was just a drone. Why did Cooper have to shoot it down too?

He then logged into the Swordsman Game and realized that Sophia’s ‘Sirius233’ was online too. Excited, he was about to talk to Sophia when Black Dragon’s blade appeared in front of him, blocking his way.

Ranma in Black Dragon armor stood beside Sophia’s game character, not leaving her side for even one second.

Michael was speechless and almost exploded in anger. He swore that he must act as Cooper’s father this time just to disgust him!

When Michael and Cooper were battling for the authorization of the film’s adaptation, Sophia was working on her career too.

As expected, King generously compensated Pourl and even so, they didn’t stop tempting Sophia’s employees to leave Pourl. Even the new janitor left Pourl for King within a few days.

Not only the janitor, they even tried to snatch Judge, the ambassador for Pourl! Sandra had tried her luck several times on Stanley, hoping to buy Judge from him.

She was completely heartless and inhumane!

King was too vicious and pressuring, so Sophia felt that she might as well close the business for two days.

Finally, it was King’s Spring Festival product launch ceremony and Sophia had received an invitation too.

That golden embossed letter was still warm when it was placed on Sophia’s hand and to her, every word on the letter was dripping with sarcasm.

It seemed like the result of the battle had come out with Sophia closing her shop, whereas Sandra was having a splendid Spring Festival product launch ceremony.

However, it was still unknown who would get the last laugh.

The launch ceremony began on time and many noble ladies and women came. Surprisingly, Lucy, the legal body of the shop, didn’t show up. It was Sandra and Billy who hosted the entire ceremony.

That day, King seemed to be shining in glory and as its biggest shareholder and the current person in charge, Sandra was proud too.

She didn’t like to interact with cats or dogs because she felt that they were dirty. Besides, she was disgusted by their foul smell and saw them as a bunch of monsters.

At today’s launch ceremony, there were many cats and dogs at the scene. Even the backstage was filled with animals and it grossed her out.

One by one, the guests arrived and the Mitchell Family came too.

Sandra smiled while welcoming the guests. Today, she even deliberately invited Natasha, that ugly woman, as well as many of the Mitchell Family.

Previously, she failed to snatch those two shops from Scarlett. Unexpectedly, the news was spread to the Mitchell Family, which caused some fence sitters to sway. They felt that her family was inferior to Cooper’s family, so they impulsively supported Cooper instead.

Today, Sandra wanted to prove to the Mitchell Family that she was the most talented Young Lady of the Mitchell Family!

As expected, Sophia accepted the invitation and came.

Today, she wore an ivory cheongsam. Since it was Spring, the temperature wasn’t too harsh so people had started to put on thinner clothing. Sophia even tried a Cethos’ cheongsam for the first time. The high collar of the cheongsam covered her neck, showing off her figure while managing to conceal the gauze on her neck at the same time.

The scars on her neck were covered with skin-colored gauze. Besides, she let down her dark straight hair which she recently trimmed and dyed, and it covered the unnatural skin on her neck. Not only that, it set off her snow-white flawless skin. In short, she looked stunning in this get-up.

She was wearing a mask as usual and it only exposed her eyes. Her blue eyes shone beautifully and they looked as deep as gems.

In her hand, she held a small, delicate clutch and on her feet, she wore a pair of diamond-embellished high heels and entered the venue, dazzling from head to toe. Beside her were a few blue-eyed, blond-haired bodyguards as well as her two beloved dogs—a dignified-looking husky with its forehead burning with flames, and a pure black Labrador that was as dark as a shadow and looked majestic.

This pair of vicious dogs stood in line and looked absolutely domineering.

From afar, Sandra saw Sophia and she inwardly cursed, Ugly woman! But with so many guests around, she wouldn’t show her disgust on her face no matter how repellent she felt.

In a coquettish way, she walked up to Scarlett and shouted when she was still a few paces away, “Scarlett, you’re finally here!”

Sophia was actually two years older than Sandra but she didn’t want to waste her energy arguing so she replied, “Yeah. Here I am.”

Sandra stopped after taking a few more steps toward Sophia because those two fierce dogs were too intimidating. Sandra frowned, her eyes filled with disgust toward the dogs.

Even so, she still coated her words with sugar. “I’m busy today so I can’t accompany you. Please find yourself a seat.”

Sophia nodded. “Go ahead. I can take care of myself.”

She then turned and found her seat. Unexpectedly, Sandra deliberately added behind her, “Many of Pourl’s previous customers are here too. Go ahead and have a chat with them.”

Indeed, those former customers were sitting here and they had become Sandra’s customers.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 799

Sophia’s high heels stopped for a while but she didn’t turn back. Then, she walked straight to her seat. After she sat down, Judge and Corrado sat beside her. Ivan came with her today too, and he remained expressionless. He didn’t even speak and the only thing he did was bow his head while playing with the shop’s treasure on Judge’s neck.

Judge loved to attend these kinds of grand events because it made him look superior. As soon as he sat down, he nudged his paws against Sophia’s shoe. Knitting her eyebrows, Sophia took out her phone and turned on the beauty camera. Then, she took a few handsome photos from the side and posted them on his Twitter. Judge’s photo must be taken using the beauty camera; otherwise, he would get upset. Undoubtedly, he was a dog with vanity.

Judge had been a famous star for a long time in Bayside’s world of dogs. After all, his father, Stanley, was a famous dandy in Bayside while Judge himself was Pourl’s main signed model. Even though he slept on the carpet at home, he should seem glorious on the outside. After Sarah made Judge popular, it actually improved Pourl’s business.

Bowing her head, Sophia focused on playing with her phone. She didn’t even talk to the people beside her but that didn’t stop the others from looking at her, especially the Mitchells.

Ever since Cooper came back, he had only appeared twice, which was the day when Woody passed away and when he was buried. Unfortunately for the Mitchell Family, they couldn’t lure him back. Therefore, the Mitchell Family had never seen Cooper’s legendary daughter. Judging from her skin color and eyes, it seemed like Cooper had her when he lived overseas for a few years.

Today’s spotlight was naturally on Sandra and her fiancé, a legitimate son of the Edwards Family and was also Lucy’s cousin. Most importantly, he was worth hundreds of billions.


Sophia heard Sandra’s voice while she was playing with her phone so she lifted her eyes from the screen and looked at her. At that moment, Sandra had stopped beside Sophia while a young, handsome, black-haired man stood beside her. Both of them looked like a perfect couple when they stood together.

Sandra held onto that noble, handsome young man as if she was flaunting a rare treasure. “This is my fiancé, Ian Edwards.”

Ian extended his hand to Sophia and greeted her politely, “Nice to meet you, Scarlett. I’m Ian and I’ve heard much about you.”

Sophia had a simple handshake and a small talk with Ian. After that, Sandra pulled her fiancé away while Sophia lowered her head and continued to play with her phone.

While pulling Ian away, Sandra couldn’t help looking back at Sophia. If she wasn’t mistaken, Sophia must be drowning in jealousy now.

It went without saying that every noble lady in Bayside envied Sandra. After all, Ian was the legitimate heir of the Edwards Family and he was also the right-hand man of the family leader, Jordan. Therefore, he had an extraordinary status in the Edwards Family and he was about to be her husband. Now, she not only completely destroyed Scarlett’s business, she also had such a flawless fiancé and a noble identity. But what did Scarlett have?

Seeing that Sandra and Ian were close, the Mitchell Family felt relieved. Their marriage would mean that the Mitchell Family and the Edwards Family had a long-term collaboration. At the same time, they would be as close as one family in the future. However, they didn’t notice that Ian seemed confused after having a handshake with Sophia and even turned back several times to look at the girl that was named Scarlett. Had he met her before?

Four years ago, a girl named Sophia once appeared in the Edwards Family’s meeting. They had lunch together, discussed stocks and even became friends on Messenger. She was Taylor’s wife and had passed away three years ago. Besides, she had a husky too…

As Sophia started to get bored with her phone, the product launch ceremony was finally about to start. The ceremony started with Sandra going on stage to give a speech, followed by the new product’s exhibition. The male models walked on the show with pets embellished with jewellery, passing by in front of everyone and displaying King’s latest product.

Getting into the business of branded pet products was only the first step. King and Pourl’s were planning to produce branded human accessories next. King had taken its first step by holding today’s launch ceremony, starting to exhibit branded products for humans as well as luxurious accessories for pets.

Sophia lazily looked at the stage. King’s main designer, Billy Kim, was the apprentice of Pourl’s main designer, Ivan. The two shops’ designs were so identical that it seemed like plagiarism. However, since King was more domineering and frequently sent out invitations to their customers’ doorsteps, it had surpassed Pourl in terms of business. Most importantly, King had expanded their market and became international, whereas Pourl was ranked second in the country. Therefore, Pourl had been accused of plagiarising King.

However, only Ivan and Billy knew the truth. If everything went as planned, King’s Spring Festival’s products for this year would be familiar to Ivan as well because every product would have his style. However, that incident happened too suddenly in the past and many of his design blueprints that hadn’t been published were stolen by Billy. Sadly, Ivan didn’t have any evidence to prove that it was his! Therefore, there was nothing he could do even though he almost exploded in indignation.

Naturally, the best product would appear at the very last. The biggest product for this launch ceremony was a galaxy collar, and it was worn on a female husky’s neck. That female husky had a light coloring and she looked gentle; even her temperament seemed gentle while she was brought up the stage by a male model. The dark-colored collar almost blended with her coat while delicate jewellery dangled at the end of the tassels, embellishing her with bits of starlight. Everyone was stunned at the galaxy that appeared on the dog’s chest.

The designer, Billy Kim, proudly introduced his proudest work.

“I named this collar Starry Night. This collar is not only gentle but it’s natural as well, matching well with the pet’s coat. While keeping a low profile, it’s elegant and will be the latest fashion trend this summer in the luxury pets world—”

“Plagiarism! This is plagiarism!”

Suddenly, an angry voice cut off Billy’s speech. Everyone looked toward the direction of the voice, only to see a young man charging at Billy who was on the stage, a look of grievance and indignation on his face.

“You’re lying! What Starry Night? I designed this for my cat but you stole it! You’re a thief!”

The crowd went into an uproar. When Ivan saw Starry Night, he lost control. He designed that for his cat. Unfortunately, he not only lost his design draft but his cat died as well. Therefore, he could only act as if he did not design it. Unexpectedly, that draft was stolen by Billy!

With his eyes red in anger, Ivan recalled his cat had suffered a painful death. This collar was initially meant as a birthday present for his cat. Unfortunately, Ivan couldn’t make it to Billy before he was pinned on the floor by guards that rushed over.

Billy didn’t ask the guards to throw Ivan out immediately because it would be boring if he did so. Since Ivan appeared in front of him on his own to be humiliated, Billy would gladly fulfil his wish.

Billy acted surprised when he commented, “Oh—it’s you, Ivan, Pourl’s designer. Did you say that I plagiarised? Hilarious! Since you accused me of plagiarising, please show me the proof!”

Ivan was the one who guided and taught Billy since he entered the profession, yet Billy acted as if he had never met Ivan until now. Could he be more fake?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 800

Ivan knew that Billy was emboldened due to his strong backing now, so Ivan’s accusation held no weight. However, it didn’t mean that he would silently stay shut.

“Billy, you stole all my design drawings back then, including Starry Night. Be honest with me—do you really think that you are worthy of the title ‘designer’? Do you still have any professional ethics at all?”

Professional ethics?


Billy smiled and deliberately said loudly, “You have no evidence, yet you dare falsely accuse me of plagiarism and deny all the fruits of my labor in one sentence. Is this what you call professional ethics? Mr. Designer, I know that Pourl is facing bankruptcy but you shouldn’t slander me for plagiarism just because of that! Do you think Pourl will be able to recover after you ruined the reputation of King? Never! Our job requires talent and strength. Since you can’t make good products, you should be eliminated by the market! Even without King, you will never stand a chance! If you can’t do it in Pourl, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it in King!”

Seeing a plagiarising jerk actually defending himself and even reprimanding Ivan, his heart turned completely cold, thereupon he smiled sadly.

Billy glanced at Sandra in the audience and a cold look flashed through his eyes. As if he had received some kind of instruction, he looked at Sophia who was still playing on her phone and called out to her, “Miss Scarlett, you are currently Pourl’s person in charge. Don’t you have anything to say?”

Sophia pretended as if she didn’t hear him, continuing to play with her mobile phone.

Billy yelled again and looked in her direction, causing everyone to look at her.

Seeing this, the guests whispered and gossipped among each other.

This is Scarlett, the new person in charge of Pourl?

Pourl was going to go bankrupt and everyone knew it. Thus, no one expected that Sophia would actually come up with such an evil plan and deliberately come to someone’s new product launch conference to cause a scene.

It seemed that Pourl’s bankruptcy was not without reason; they were too unprofessional.

Sandra looked at Scarlett, who kept quiet in defeat, and knew that she was backed up into a corner.

She cast a glance at the Mitchell Family members and saw that they were shaking their heads.

It seemed that Scarlett was not as powerful as rumor had it. Woody was gone and Cooper was no longer as powerful as he was in the past. Plus, his daughter had not inherited the methods and brains of her father. Woody and her family were done for and was not the opponent of Alex and his family.

“Miss Scarlett, don’t you need to come out and give me an explanation? Your designer blatantly insulted me for no reason. Are you going to just stand by and watch? Please answer me, Miss Scarlett. Don’t ignore my question!”

Billy boomed through the microphone and his voice spread throughout the audience, drawing everyone’s eyes to Scarlett.

Under everyone’s gaze, Sophia finally put down her phone and raised her eyes; there seemed to be ripples of emotions flashing in her blue eyes. She stood up silently and strode toward Billy who was standing on the runway.

Her eyes were indifferent. She didn’t even glance at Ivan, who was held down by the security guard, and only the triumphant face of Billy entered her vision.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the figure. Such an embarrassing thing happened to her on such an occasion, but the petite and charming figure was still full of pride and strength.

After Sophia got on the stage, she stood under the spotlight and glanced down at the exquisite ‘Starry Night’ on the neck of the female Husky. Raising her hand, she murmured, “Give me the microphone and I will give you an explanation.”

Billy gave a smirk and asked the staff to bring over the microphone.

He wanted to see what a brand that had gone bankrupt could do at such a moment.

A microphone was placed in Sophia’s hands and her domineering and mature voice spread throughout the audience. She then voiced her first question, “Mr. Kim, are you sure that ‘Starry Night’ is your work?”

A slight smile appeared on Billy’s handsome face. “Of course. I’m certain.”

Sophia had a mask on her face, so no one could see her expression. Only her pair of blue eyes glowing with strange brilliance could be seen, and anyone who glanced at her would easily drown in the blue abyss in her eyes. She continued, “Excuse me, Mr. Kim, how can you prove that ‘Starry Night’ is your work?”

Billy smiled and looked behind him. On the stage, there was a huge screen. Billy made a gesture and a clip of his design work started playing on the screen.

“There’s a camera in my design studio which records the entire process of my design. Not only me, but all the designers at King’s design process will be recorded and saved just in case our opponent makes unprovoked insults and rumors toward us like today!”

Sophia looked at the projected screen. It was the process of Billy’s design of Starry Night. The playback speed was very fast, so the video of the entire design process finished playing in a few minutes.

Shortly after, there was a round of applause.

Billy proudly accepted the applause of the crowd and bowed again and again, making Sophia standing on the stage look extremely embarrassed.

Sandra, who was in the audience, also clapped happily and her eyes filled with joy and pride as she thought to herself, Ha! Oh, Scarlett… I’ve overestimated Cooper’s daughter. It seems that Cooper is not as capable as I thought after all. Times have changed. Now that Cooper and his old theories are no longer feasible, the Mitchell Family will eventually belong to me!

However, Ian, who was standing next to Sandra, seemed to feel that things were not as simple as it seemed. He looked at the girl silently and saw that she was still standing tall and proud, as if there was a strange force supporting her.

Sophia waited silently for the crowd to finish applauding and stayed silent the whole time. Then, Billy asked maliciously, “Miss Scarlett, do you have any other questions?”

Sophia retracted her gaze from the video broadcast on the screen, parted her lips slightly and asked another question, “Mr. Kim, can you reveal the source of inspiration for this ‘Starry Night’ and the specific time when the design drawings were completed, as well as when the finished product was completed?”

Speaking of this, Billy became even more proud as he eloquently introduced, “I had the inspiration for ‘Starry Night’ on a certain day a year ago. It took me half a year to finish the design drawings and I just finished the product last year.”

Sophia’s eyes suddenly lit up. “So, the design inspiration and design drawings of ‘Starry Night’ originated a year ago?”

Billy was fascinated by the applause and the spotlight. Although something felt off with her question, he still replied confidently, “Yes.”

The moment his voice trailed off, a sneer appeared on Sophia’s face that was hidden under the mask, and there was a gleam in her eyes as if she was a beast looking at the prey she had been staring at for a long time jumping into a trap.


The pitch of Sophia’s voice lowered in an instant and her expression suddenly became dark.

“If I told you that ‘Starry Night’ was already designed and made into a finished product a few years ago, does it mean that your ‘Starry Night’ was plagiarized, Mr. Kim?”

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