My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 81-90

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 81

The guy fell silent immediately. The rich always had endless ways to force others to work for them. Money was indeed powerful!

After a moment of silence, he said in a low voice, “Let me think of a way…”

Kayla could no longer endure Sophia’s existence. No matter what, she really itched to see her die at this moment!

The guy left shortly after, but Kayla stood at the same place for a while. As she thought about how the naked Sophia would be criticized at the training field tomorrow, she could not help but get excited!

After all, it would be unlikely for her to graduate successfully as she had lost all her military training points. Hence, she planned on furthering her studies overseas as soon as training ended, but she would not let Sophia off easily before that.

Since Sophia had framed her up, she decided to press her luck by making Sophia lose her reputation and not graduate!

Does she still want to study at Bayside University and marry into the Harper Family?

No way. No matter what she does, rags can never become riches!

Throughout the entire time, Kayla thought about multiple ways to let Sophia die at the barracks—all she needed was to carry her plans out. Little did she know that her head would suddenly be covered by a shirt, causing her vision black out. This made her scream, “Ah! Who is this?”

However, the only response she got was endless punches which landed on her head and body mercilessly.

“Ahh!” Kayla screamed out of her lungs, but she was unable to defend herself because her hands had been tied.

After a round of punches and kicks, her leg was suddenly hit by a hard and thick object. The unbearable pain made her pass out in an instant…

When she regained consciousness the next day, she noticed that she was in the infirmary. Richard, Xyla, and the 23rd Company Commander were all standing by her bed.

“What happened to me?”

Kayla tried to sit up. However, she felt a sharp pain the moment she moved her body. When she took a look at herself, she realized that her leg was suspended and she could hardly move.

Someone had broken her leg!

The pain on her leg made her howl on the bed miserably.

Richard quickly asked her, “Kayla, do you still remember what happened last night? Who beat you?!”

Last night, someone heard a scream at the garden and went to check it out. The unconscious Kayla was the only one left on the spot and she was immediately sent to the infirmary. After the doctor’s examination, they realized that her leg had been broken by someone else.

Kayla kept shaking her head and was crying so hard that she could barely speak. “I don’t know. I don’t know who it is!”

Last night, her attacker was relentless and acted at lightning speed. Kayla’s head was covered as soon as the attacker showed up, and only her vulnerable parts were beaten. As everything happened in the blink of an eye, how could she know who the attacker was?

All of a sudden, Kayla seemed to think of something as she said with gritted teeth, “It must be her! It must be her! Sophia! She was the one who beat me!”

After realizing that she was the one who had released the snake, Sophia must have taken the opportunity to beat her when she was alone.

As she cried, Kayla held onto the 23rd Company Commander and shouted, “It must be Sophia because she has been wanting to hurt me! It must be her!”

Feeling helpless, the company commander could only ask Sophia to come here in order to resolve the conflict.

Sophia arrived soon.

When she entered the ward, she immediately saw Kayla lying on the bed. It seemed like it was Kayla’s first time being beaten up, and she looked miserable while crying tearfully. However, she struggled to get off the bed ferociously upon seeing Sophia walking in; she looked as though she wanted to pounce on Sophia and eat her alive.

“It’s you! You were the one who broke my leg!” Kayla shouted so loudly that her voice became hoarse, and her eyes turned red due to fury.

Sophia shrugged and said confusedly, “What did you say? What have I done this time?”

Commander Ford and another commander, Quinton, came as well. After the 23rd Company Commander briefed them about the situation, Sophia denied at once. “It wasn’t me. After training ended yesterday, I went to apply medicine in the infirmary, so I didn’t have any time to do this.”

The nurse in the infirmary came to testify on behalf of Sophia too. She said that Sophia had been coming in daily after her chest was injured by the rove beetles’ toxins.

Lately, several students have gotten themselves injured by the rove beetles’ toxins. Although they did not feel anything at first, it was too late by the time they sensed something wrong because their skin was probably inflamed.

Since it was rather inappropriate to let Sophia show the wounds on her chest to everyone, she was allowed to leave after proving her innocence.

Kayla felt unfair as she howled on the bed, “It’s her! It must’ve been her! She’s the only one who has reason to do so! It must be her!”

Richard felt that Kayla was overreacting, so he quickly coaxed her by saying, “Kayla, don’t accuse anyone if you don’t have any evidence.”

Kayla cried tearfully. “How can you still take her side?! She was the one who beat me last night! I am sure that she’s definitely the one! I haven’t offended anybody else!”

Sophia had almost left the ward, but upon hearing that, she could not hold back and said, “It’s true that we have some misunderstandings between each other, but that is no reason for me to break your leg. Miss, I’m not you—I’m not such a petty person!”

Kayla was exasperated. Although it was clearly Sophia’s doings, everyone still took her side. Hence, Kayla panicked upon seeing her leave and blurted out, “It’s her! She took revenge on me after knowing that I was the one who released the snake into her dormitory!”

Her words enlightened both company commanders in the ward. “So, it was you who released the snake at the 49th Company.”

At this moment, Kayla finally realized that she had said something wrong and hurriedly shut up. Unfortunately, it was too late because she had been completely disqualified to join the military training. If there were a precedence, she would be on a bus back to Bayside University now.

Meanwhile, Richard was also exasperated at this younger sister of his.

How dare she release snakes into peoples’ dormitories?! He felt that he could hardly understand her mind now.

Due to Kayla’s confession about her release of the snake, the culprit behind her broken leg seemed to have been forgotten; even the company commanders were unwilling to investigate despite knowing who the culprit might be.

The attacker was a cunning person because she had avoided all surveillance cameras, knowing the location of every surveillance camera like the back of her hand. Hence, nothing useful could be found from the footage that night.

In the end, this matter just passed quietly as Kayla had given up on this and the commanders had also ordered not to investigate the matter any further.

In the barracks’ commanding general office, Joel was in his military uniform as he sat straight up, holding a laptop that was showing the barracks’ surveillance footage. From the footage, it could be clearly seen that a man was sneakily putting a snake into the 49th Company’s female dormitory.

As the screen toggled, Nathan could be seen crying out of fear.



The wet Sophia dashed in and threw the basin in her hands. With a thud, the aluminum basin hit the floor and killed the snake on the spot.

Then, the laptop showed footage of Kayla being beaten that night. From the surveillance cameras nearby, a student who either turned her back to cameras or pulled her military cap low were repeatedly captured. Every time, she took the advantage of the crowds and passed by the cameras in a rush. Hence, she could hardly be noticed if one did not pay much attention to her. She clearly knew her destination and had the intention of doing something by walking in such a hurry.

Joel paused the footage and continued to enlarge the woman’s figure who had her head lowered and face covered until she filled the whole screen…

“Ha. She’s interesting.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 82

After Kayla had been beaten up, she continued to stay in the infirmary and did not need to attend the military training. However, this also indicated that she had failed the training and could only drop out if she were unable to be the top student and obtain the national scholarship in the next four years.

Of course, the rich could choose to further their studies at a better university abroad, but the fact that she was a Bayside University dropout in Cethos would probably decrease her chances of getting accepted by an overseas university.

Without Kayla’s schemes, Sophia’s life in the barracks returned to its normal peace. Besides, she was still the 49th Company’s backbone, and everyone would listen to her orders whenever the commander was not around.

However, she felt that her life had become boring without the 24/7 companion of a moody child.

Fortunately, she would still be able to meet him on campus once military training ended.

On the seventeenth day of the training, a huge piece of news spread across the barracks; the crew of the sci-fi movie ‘Doctor Invincible’ had decided to film at the Audistin hunting ground beside their military base.

Hence, this year’s freshmen got themselves a steal because the leaders allowed them to conduct their target practice at Audistin. Not only that, there was going to be a meet-and-greet session for students to meet with the main actors.

The male lead and the second male lead of ‘Doctor Invincible’ were locals, and they were even alumni of Bayside University—which meant that Taylor and Ethan were their seniors!

“What?! Taylor is coming?”

“Oh my God, is this true?! I’m going to meet my hubby in person!”

“Am I about to finally meet Taylor?”

“Ethan is coming too?! Oh gosh, I’m so happy now!”

At night, the girls at the 49th Company’s female dormitory discussed this news, and they were jumping with excitement.

However, Sophia was the only one who seemed disinterested.

Aren’t they just a bunch of actors? Do we really need to be so excited?

Since all of them are loaded with money, can’t they just meet with any actor they desire?!

From what she heard, Taylor was a senior actor who had debuted more than 10 years ago. Despite being a domestically and internationally famous movie star, he had been keeping a low profile and did not make appearances on any entertainment shows, advertisements, or commercial performances. In short, he was a really famous actor.

Since Sophia was not a fan of movies, she had no idea what Taylor looked like. She only remembered the film where the person weirdly resembled Michael.

After turning around, she went to sleep…

The Audistin hunting ground was Bayside City’s largest upscale club franchise, and it was the only one that had a real-life hunting ground in the capital. Moreover, the hunting ground had a breathtaking scenery which preserved the virgin forest as it was, attracting many production crews to film there.

Even though the crew was in a mountainous area now, it did not stop Harry from playing his video games. Luckily, the hotel in Audistin was well equipped and had a great Internet connection.

At that moment, Harry was completely immersed in gaming in his hotel room. Since it was the start of a new school term, Sirius233 had been offline for a long time.

Although Harry’s No.1 Beast of the Server had been downgraded to a smurf, his wealth allowed him to upgrade this account by buying experience and gear without hesitation. Hence, in just a few days, the No.1 Beast of the Server once again became a threatening opponent and had everything under his control.

Unfortunately, his happy days ended abruptly because Sirius233 was online again!

Sirius233 targeted Beast’s new faction all of a sudden, and the bloody history between them was repeating itself.

At this moment, Beast’s faction was being slaughtered and its followers either died or went offline. The No.1 Beast of the Server who had been arrogant was now defeated and ruined once again.

Sirius233 seemed to be in a bad mood because he killed everyone he met in the game. Over the last two days, he had killed more than ten factions and even managed to kill half of the channel’s players within an hour!

It was finally the Beast’s turn now!

At this moment, Sirius233’s attacks were merciless and ruthless. Wherever he passed by was ruined and destroyed, making the game look as though it had met its doom. Not only had the paradise turned into ruins, but Sirius233 was even cheating now.

Although the Beast was never his match in the first place, he could not even escape by turning off his laptop because his account had been targeted by the cheating Sirius.

Hence, he carried his laptop miserably and went to look for Michael, who was in the next room.

“Father! Daddy! Help! This freak named Sirius is attacking me again!”

As he read the script for tomorrow’s scene, Michael glanced at the game lazily and said, “Just let him kill you. He’s in a bad mood.”

Upon seeing that he was going to be defeated, Harry tried to defend himself hurriedly. Unfortunately, he was not a match with the cheating Sirius!

“Ahh, I’m dying! Daddy, you can’t leave me to die! I’m calling you Daddy now!”

“His bad mood is none of my business. I’m in a bad mood too!”

Michael ignored him.

In the game, the Beast was caught by Sirius soon. Besides, Sirius seemed to really be in a bad mood because he was deliberately venting his anger on him. At this moment, he was using a weak knife to attack the Beast, so the Beast would not die in a short time.

This was torturous!

Michael continued to read his script calmly as though he could not see Harry’s current state in the game.

Meanwhile, Harry was making weird sounds while trying hard to defend himself in the game. He was deliberately disturbing Michael from reading the script as he did not help him with the game.

“Ah! Ah! Oh! Mm! Gentler, it’s painful!”

“Ahh! I’m dying! I’m dying!”

“I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding! Ah! Ahh! No, no!”

“Stop! Stop it!”

Although the hotel had a great soundproofing system, the slightly opened windows and Harry’s loud voice made everyone hear Harry’s moans coming from Michael’s room.

This made them think about the erotic stories about the duo on the Internet, and everyone was grinning profoundly at the same time…

After half an hour of ‘moaning’, Harry was finally defeated in the game and he scurried away with his laptop.

After Harry was out of Michael’s sight, he rubbed his temples and called a number tiredly.

“Son, call me Daddy and I’ll let Gary bring you back.”

The next day, Sophia woke up early and went for training as usual. When the morning training ended and everyone was about to leave, she suddenly caught sight of an adorable girl with dimples walking toward them while holding a boy’s hand.

Sophia was surprised and elated. “Nate!”

Nathan, who was in his military uniform and holding a small backpack, seemed to be quite worn out by his journey. He finally had a faint smile on his face when he saw Sophia, but he immediately regained his usual, serious composure.

Meanwhile, the girl with dimples was adorable and looked lively whenever she smiled. She then brought Nathan to the 49th Company.

Commander Ford introduced them to everyone, “She’s a freshman from the 34th Company, and she’ll be joining our training in the future.”

The girl greeted everyone, “Hello! You guys can call me Gem!”

When they were dismissed, Sophia quickly went to hug Nathan. Squeak. The toy frog in his pocket even made a sound because she was hugging him tightly.

“Where have you been these few days? Why has your Dad allowed you to come back? How are you? Are you okay?” Sophia asked anxiously after hugging him.

Nathan turned his face away and said succinctly, “He said that pesticides were sprayed in the barracks and only let me return when the odor went away.”

However, Sophia knew that Michael had brought Nathan away because of the accident.

Nathan continued to stay with Sophia while Gem also moved into the 49th Company’s dormitory.

Since almost all of the girls in the 49th Company came from the same class, their curiosity was piqued after seeing the sudden appearance of an outsider. Hence, they started beating about the bush and asked her a few questions. In response, Gem answered everything fluently. Nobody doubted her background anymore, but Sophia knew that Gem was probably someone Michael sent over to take care of Nathan.

Gem, Gem. Can she be the Gemma whom everyone has been talking about?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 83

She heard that Michael had ten great experts around him, and each of them had their own extraordinary ability. Sophia had only met Hale and Gary before, but Hale always mentioned Gemma. He said that Gemma was a psychopath, but he wouldn’t say in what way she behaved that made her seem like one.

However, Gemma seemed like a cute Lolita girl to her—there wasn’t anything psychotic about her at all! Since she was on Michael’s side and couldn’t possibly hurt Nathan, Sophia was relieved and allowed her to live here with them.

Ever since Gemma arrived, the average fighting strength of Company 49 had increased exponentially. She was the fastest runner, had the biggest appetite, and could eat a lot. Besides, she was smart and pretty good at socializing.

Gemma appeared very professional and charming, and her presence made Sophia feel threatened. She was worried that Gemma might replace her as the leader of Company 49.

With that being said, everyone in Company 49 was very happy when Nathan came back. Evidently, Nathan was the ‘plug-in’ of Company 49!

As soon as Nathan came back, he went into the drill instructor’s camp immediately to find out about what they thought of Company 49. When he came back, he told everyone about the conversations between the drill instructors.

According to them, Company 49 had not been performing well lately; the team was not as fierce and strong as they used to be before this.

Upon hearing that, everyone in Company 49 became motivated immediately. After all, they were the company that was supposed to have dinner with the General!

With Nathan around, Sophia felt that military training had finally become interesting and fun again, just like how it used to be.

However, their little spy Nathan had definitely attracted too much attention to their company. When they trained every day, Nathan would run around the training base and eavesdrop on conversations between the drill instructors. Then, he would report everything back to Sophia; this was why Company 49 had been achieving exceptionally high scores and performing well.

According to the rumors floating around, there were lots of hidden and unsuspecting details in the military training where drill instructors would secretly deduct points if their cadets violated the rules. Naturally, the drill instructors did not inform the cadets about these details and were very secretive about it.

What were the hidden rules? No one knew. Since the drill instructors never mentioned anything about this at all, Nathan was the one who went around and eavesdropped to find out about these hidden rules before reporting them to the people in Company 49.

Being aware of such rules, the company managed to avoid getting their points deducted secretly and obtained high scores while training.

In other words, Nathan was like a golden goose. Many companies thought about luring Nathan into their company in order to help them achieve better scores.

Someone had investigated Nathan’s background too. Based on the information gathered, Nathan was the grandson of a university professor from a third-tier city.

Since he was extremely intelligent with a high IQ, an exception was made for him and Nathan was accepted into the Junior Class of Bayside University through some connections. Since he wasn’t from a prominent family, many people began thinking about ways to trick him…

On the eighteenth day of military training, Company Commander Ford made an exciting announcement—the cadets were going to have a training session at the shooting center tomorrow. It was an actual shooting training involving real guns and bullets.

Naturally, the shooting center was the one in Audistin.

However, everyone wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about this piece of news. After all, there were lots of wealthy students in the university; most of them were already Audistin premium members who often visited the shooting range in Audistin.

What really excited everyone was the fact that they could visit the set of ‘Doctor Invincible’ during training tomorrow! Most importantly, they were going to see Taylor and Ethan in person!

The two award-winning actors had ventured into the filming industry for over ten years now. They remained very popular in the entertainment industry for a long time and had worked together in many films before.

During the recent Cultural Revolution, the duo transitioned from golden partners to becoming a golden couple; it was rumored that both of them got married in the Netherlands. However, it wasn’t sure whether the rumor was real or not.

The two award-winning actors were seldom involved in tabloid scandals. Besides, they kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public events. There weren’t too many real photos of them on the internet; most of their photos were film posters and photographs officially published by their agency. Even for wealthy people, it was extremely difficult to see them in person.

Therefore, why wouldn’t the students be happy and excited now that the two award-winning actors were just filming next door?

Sophia wasn’t interested in seeing the award-winning actors. However, she was very interested in the shooting training. She had made the necessary preparations for it and was ready to show off her impressive shooting skills.

Since everyone in Company 49 received the news that they were about to meet the two handsome actors tomorrow, they trained very hard and with much enthusiasm that day. They were afraid that the company commanders would not allow them to visit the filming set and meet the actors due to their poor performance.

Even during recess, there were lots of students who took the initiative to practice their formation exercise at the training field. Since Sophia was the student who performed the best in formation practice, she tried her best and spent her leisure time teaching everyone the formation practice.

While she was busy teaching, she took a glance and accidentally noticed Nathan being surrounded by quite a number of boys and girls.

Nathan was the most well-liked member in their company, so he was constantly surrounded by girls. However, Sophia seemed to have noticed Xyla and Richard among the crowd this time. Hence, she went over immediately to see what was going on.

She pushed her way through the crowd and heard the following exchange of conversation.

“Nate, my cousin is a member of the Edwards Family. If the Edwards take you in as their godson, you’ll be part of the Edwards Family too. Then, you can live in a big house every day; you can even buy lots of delicious snacks and lots of friends will play with you too!” Xyla stood in front of Nathan and persuaded him.

A blonde-haired girl stood right across Nathan. Girls were not allowed to let their hair down at military camp, but the girl was bold enough to break the rule. She let her blonde hair down without tying it up, which appeared eye-catching like a gorgeous but fake flower.

She was Faye Edwards, a member of the Edwards Family; they were one of the Four Great Families in Bayside City. As a member of the family, Faye had the exclusive right to let her hair down. Thus, her striking blonde hair became the noble representation of her unusual status, which was superior to others. Although everyone felt jealous of her, no one dared to protest. After all, she was an Edwards.

Nathan appeared sullen. He kept quiet and enjoyed his watermelon quietly with an impassive expression on his face.

Noticing how unresponsive he was, Xyla continued to persuade him. “Nate, Faye is a very nice girl. She’ll keep you company and play with you every day in the future.”

Faye looked proudly downward at the fair and chubby little guy. Realizing that he hadn’t replied after a long while, she became impatient and frustrated. A subtle look of unhappiness crossed her face. She had exquisite features, which were beautifully and carefully crafted by the scalpels of a plastic surgery hospital. Xyla, who noticed Faye’s displeasure, persuaded her immediately in a polite manner. “Don’t be angry, Faye. He’s just a child who doesn’t know anything. We just need to be patient and persuade him, that’s all.”

“That better be the case.” Faye became really impatient. If Nathan wasn’t the only child in the camp, she wouldn’t have paid any attention to him at all.

She heard that the kid could eavesdrop on conversations between the drill instructors easily and found out about several hidden details where their points could be deducted and added, which was why Company 49 always scored high marks. That was the only reason why she thought about luring him to her company. If she managed to trick Nathan and brought him over to their company, their marks would definitely increase as well.

However, she was reluctant to share such a useful pawn with everyone; she just wanted to have him all to herself. She only wanted Nathan to increase her score in hopes that Joel would notice her! Unfortunately, the kid was so ignorant that he completely ignored her offer.

Xyla was eager to fawn over Faye. Hence, she continued to persuade Nathan again immediately. “Nate, Faye is a great person from a prominent family. If she becomes your god sister, your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and even your whole family will prosper in the future!”

Richard helped Xyla to persuade Nathan too. He said, “Yeah, Nate! Listen to us. Come over here and just call her Faye. From now on, she will play with you!”

Richard was desperate to trick Nathan away too. Since Kayla had already gotten a zero for her military credit score, there were probably some other ways to save their situation which he didn’t know about.

Since the drill instructors wouldn’t tell them about it, perhaps the unusually smart kid could spy among the drill instructors and obtain some useful information.

Everyone could clearly see Nathan’s unusual capability; he always ran around and eavesdropped on the drill instructors’ conversations while everyone was training. All the company and regimental commanders liked him very much, and one of the regimental commanders even held him high above the air frequently!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 84

However, Nathan seemed uninterested with their offers. He just sat there, eating his watermelon while looking at them impassively. He didn’t even say anything.

The surrounding Company 49 students looked on; even though they were angry, they did not dare to say anything since Faye was an Edwards after all. Should they mess with the Edwards, they’d suffer serious consequences. Hence, there was nothing they could do except to watch Nathan being snatched away from them.

Right at that moment, Sophia pushed her way through the crowd and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Nathan remained silent. Gemma, who had been enjoying her popsicle quietly beside Nathan, chuckled and explained, “Sophia, Faye wants Nate to be her god brother; she’s planning on bringing him over to their company.”

Everyone stared at Sophia. They were hoping that she could make Nathan stay with them, but they knew it wasn’t very possible.

“Faye, this is Sophia. She is very close to Nate, and Nate will listen to everything she says!” Xyla pointed her finger at Sophia immediately as she whispered to Faye in her ear. A gloating look flashed through her eyes.

Faye was Xyla’s cousin; they were very close to each other. Before they came, Xyla had reminded Faye to mess with Sophia whether she decided to hand over Nathan or not.

She had actually hoped that Sophia would act proud like how she behaved before this; it would be great if Sophia managed to offend Faye. In that case, she would definitely not be able to survive at Bayside University anymore.

Faye didn’t look very friendly indeed; she studied Sophia from head to toe for a while. There was a look of disdain hidden in her arrogant eyes, and it seemed like she was looking at an insignificant bug. “So, you’re Sophia?”

Sophia nodded in a dignified manner. “Yes.”

Before Faye could say another word, Richard grabbed Sophia immediately and reminded her in a low voice. “Sophia, now is not the best time to fool around. She is Faye, the wealthy daughter of the prominent Edwards Family. If she wants Nate, you should just agree to it and hand him over to her!”

Still, Richard didn’t want Sophia to offend the Edwards. If she did, then Sophia would definitely not be able to stay in Bayside University anymore.

Xyla was so furious that she almost fainted when she noticed how Richard still cared for Sophia during a time like this. Not willing to lose face, she pretended to act kind and advised Sophia too. “Yeah, Richard is right. My cousin is an Edwards; she likes Nate very much and is ready to take him back to the Edwards Family. If Nate agrees, then he’ll be a part of the Edwards Family…”

At the same time, she didn’t forget to hold Richard’s hand as she said that. She sounded like Richard’s kind and considerate wife who was giving advice to his mean and inconsiderate mistress.

“Hmph!” Sophia really couldn’t bring herself to watch such an awful and disgusting show the duo put on. She protested bluntly, “Sorry, but Nate is my darling. I won’t give him away.”

Nathan quietly swept away Richard’s hand that was holding onto Sophia’s arm before he grabbed her delicate hand and glared at Richard alertly. Sophia was his father’s woman, and he was determined not to allow anyone to have their eyes on her.

Xyla was ecstatic when she saw Sophia rejecting Faye’s offer in a rude and harsh manner. Carry on, carry on! Just keep on acting arrogant! It’s even better if you offend Faye!

She couldn’t wait for Sophia and Faye to fight against each other. Xyla really hoped that Sophia would offend Edwards for good, and she would no longer be able to stay in Bayside University or Bayside City for that matter.

She pretended to persuade Sophia again. “Sophia, my cousin is…”

“Sorry, I’m not giving him away,” Sophia rejected coldly. However, a gentle and cheerful expression crossed her face when she turned to face Nathan. She pinched Nathan’s delicate cheek gently and said, “Don’t worry, I promise I won’t give you away to anyone.”

He was Michael’s only son and Joel’s nephew; if she gave him away to someone else, she would certainly be skinned alive! Besides, Nathan was so cute. She wanted to keep him for herself and couldn’t possibly give him away to someone else.

Nathan nodded coldly with an unemotional expression on his face. However, he felt slightly content deep within his heart. Then, he continued to enjoy his popsicle; he just liked to see Sophia fighting with others over him. It proved that he was far more important to Sophia compared to Michael!

Everyone was impressed by Sophia’s courage and agreed with her decision secretly. However, they noticed the grim look on Miss Faye’s face at the same time.

Faye stared at Sophia in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Sophia replied to her seriously word by word. “Sorry, I’m not giving my son away to anyone.”

“How dare you reject me?”

Faye was already very frustrated when she had failed to persuade Nathan to come and join her team. Now, Sophia rejected her offer in front of everyone! She lost her temper as a menacing aura emitted from her body, which frightened the surrounding students as they took two steps backward quietly at once.

The fight has started! Sophia and the wealthy daughter of the Edwards Family have started fighting!

The ecstatic Xyla took several steps backward. She immediately stopped Richard and pulled him away when she noticed that he was about to put in a good word for Sophia. She reminded him in a low voice, “Richard, don’t you see that my cousin is very angry now? Don’t go…”

Looking at the furious Faye, Richard had no choice but to step back. He felt very sorry for Sophia.

The students slowly moved away from the duo, and a huge space appeared around Sophia and Faye.

Seemingly not worried about Sophia at all, Gemma took Nathan to one side. She continued to enjoy her popsicle while watching the drama unfold at the same time.

Faye snickered coldly while folding her arms across her chest. She looked so proud that a sense of intense superiority emitted from all over her body. A triumphant smile flickered in her eyes; she looked like a high-ranking officer who had gone undercover to check on his neighborhood. On the other hand, the Sophia in front of her was a low-ranking, ignorant and corrupt officer.

She held her head high up in the air arrogantly and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Sophia answered honestly, “I don’t know.”

Faye chuckled. She then glared at Sophia with her bulging eyes and put on a weak, intimidating look on her face. “I’m Faye from the Edwards Family!”

Sophia looked puzzled. She even asked, “So what if you’re an Edwards?”

The surrounding spectators held their breaths for Sophia. Even if Sophia was just an ordinary student, she should have learned about the basic social hierarchy in Bayside City first! Oh no, she’s finished! She’s doomed! She doesn’t even know what it means to be an Edwards and what the family represents in Bayside City!

Faye was so furious with Sophia’s arrogance and ignorance that she chuckled drily. “I’m an Edwards, one of the Four Great Families in Bayside City!”

It was as if Sophia had finally realized why Faye was so proud of her family name. “It’s not a big deal if you’re an Edwards! Nathan is a Fletcher—he has the same surname as General Joel!”

Everyone was almost bewildered by Sophia’s incredibly amusing response!

It was just a coincidence for Nathan to have the same family name as Joel. However, Faye was indeed part of the Edwards Family who were known as one of the Four Great Families in Bayside City. One simply couldn’t compare Nathan to Faye at all!

Faye goggled at Sophia as her jaw dropped. She’s probably never seen a bigger idiot than Sophia before! How did a girl as dumb as her get accepted into Bayside University?

She insulted viciously, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know about the Edwards. You just need to know that I have the final say in Bayside University as well as in this camp!”

Sophia snickered instead. “If you’re so capable, why did you join the military training?”

Faye couldn’t refute Sophia. The military training may seem very strict, but if one really had the power and influence, they could simply skip this module. Clearly, people who joined the military training were those without powerful connections.

Students who were really powerful and influential didn’t have to join the military training and go through these hardships at all; even if their family wanted them to join, they wouldn’t be arranged to train in the same platoon as the ordinary students.

Sophia continued, “If you’re so incredible, why don’t you just ask the drill instructors to give you a perfect score immediately? It would be great if you could just receive a perfect score while enjoying some watermelon at home in your air-conditioned room!”

Everyone started to gossip among themselves upon hearing Sophia’s words. That’s right—if Faye was really that powerful, wouldn’t she be able to get a perfect score anyhow?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 85

Faye didn’t know what to say anymore.

Sophia questioned again, “If you’re so great, why don’t you ask the company commander to kick me out of here immediately? Why do you still need to babble so much here?”

Faye glared at Sophia, but she was unable to refute the latter. “I…”

Right at that crucial moment, Company Commander Ford arrived. He shouted loudly, “What the heck are you people gathered around there for? Have you gathered around to eat sh*t together? Everyone, get back into your teams now! All of you have ten seconds to do so—those who are late will have to do 20 push-ups!”

Students who were gathered around here moments ago dismissed themselves immediately. Faye escaped in a haste too, whereas Sophia regrouped and carried on with her training.

After the incident with Faye, everyone looked at Sophia differently.

She is such a courageous warrior; she is actually bold enough to openly argue with an Edwards! However, what will happen after she argues with an Edwards? She’s probably doomed—she might have even dragged the entire company along with her!

However, Sophia wasn’t bothered by that; she wasn’t scared of Faye at all.

While Faye was indeed a member of the Edwards Family in Bayside City, the Edwards were an extremely large family. Besides the main branch, the family had branched into countless side branches.

For example, Faye was just one of the descendants from a side branch in the Edwards Family. In fact, Faye’s father was just an illegitimate son. Even though he was an Edwards, he was barely related to the main branch of the Edwards Family in Bayside City.

Moreover, Faye’s father was Joe. He was a seriously obese man who used to be so poor back then that he sold his illegitimate daughter to an old man as a wife for only 80,000. Sophia was that illegitimate daughter. In other words, Faye and Sophia were half-sisters who shared the same father!

Back then, Joe’s wife was pregnant when he slept with a young nanny in their household. Then, they had Sophia.

Joe was just an illegitimate son from a side branch of the Edwards Family; even if Joe was from the main branch of the Edwards Family, Sophia wasn’t afraid of him too, not to mention that he was just an illegitimate son from a side branch of the family.

What she had said earlier was true; Nathan and Joel were from the exact same family, and they were the only Fletcher Family in Bayside City.

Ever since that incident, everyone seemed to be afraid of Sophia. They were worried that she would drag them along with her to her doom after offending the Edwards.

After training ended at noon, Sophia called Nathan over and reminded him about something.

Nathan was upset after listening to Sophia and looked at her angrily.

Almost immediately, Sophia pleaded with him nicely. “Okay, Nate—be good and listen to me. Please, I beg of you. I’ll take you out and we’ll play and have fun every day when my military training is over, okay?”

Suddenly, Nathan remembered Sophia’s gaming account. Because of his plug-in, her character had massacred the entire game server and destroyed countless guilds. It became the highest number of kills ever recorded in the game.

He had managed to kill seven to eight guilds within a single day, and almost half of the online players in the entire game server were killed by him. The gaming system was so overloaded by his kills that it became unresponsive from time to time.

Now, the gaming management personnel were searching high and low for him just to kill his character, which scared Nathan a little. Since he felt sorry for that, he nodded and agreed with Sophia.

Everyone was slightly unfocused during their afternoon training; the enthusiasm and motivation everyone had previously vanished into thin air. It was all because of Sophia, who had offended the Edwards! Sooner or later, Company 49 would be doomed!

They might not even receive any scores to pass their military training! It was useless no matter how good they performed!

Company Commander Ford noticed their peculiarity too; they were still very motivated and passionate about their training a few days ago. What happened to them today?

“Look at all of you! You people look like a bunch of wimps who’ve lost their fighting spirit! Did you guys not have lunch at noon? Stand up straight, all of you!”

As a result, all of them were punished by Commander Ford. They had to stand in a military posture for half an hour, and many girls started to cry during the punishment.

It’s over. Everything’s over! Their dream to have lunch with the General was crushed. Not only that, they couldn’t even get their military credit score, and all the hard work they spent on training over the last two weeks had gone to waste!

Everyone stood there quietly without moving an inch, and their sobs could be heard.

Sophia pursed her lips tightly. She remained silent and stood there seriously.

Suddenly, everyone heard an icy male voice which pierced through the blazing sun and fell on their ears instantly. “What happened to Company 49?”

Everyone was startled as they raised their heads and saw Joel standing right in front of them; they weren’t sure when he had arrived.

The cold and aloof aura emitting from him traveled thousands of miles away and froze everything in its way, making everyone nervous as their breaths became rapid. The General is here!

Furthermore, Joel was holding a little boy’s hand. The little boy was cladded in a military uniform, and Nathan was the only child in the military camp.

The General is holding Nate’s hand! He’s actually holding Nate’s hand!

Everyone stared at Nathan, feeling extremely jealous and envious of him—how they wished they were the little boy instead.

Commander Ford stood still and gave Joel a salute when he saw him coming. Joel frowned and asked Commander Ford, “What’s going on with Company 49 today? Why do they look so depressed?”

Commander Ford reported, “Sir, it’s my responsibility that my company isn’t in good shape today!”

Joel snorted coldly. Then, he walked away while holding Nathan’s hand. He was cold and distant with everyone else, but when he talked to Nathan, the icy expression on his face disappeared as it was replaced by a warm and gentle expression.

He said in a low and gentle voice, “What would you like to eat, Nate? I’ll send someone out to bring them in for you.”

Of course, everyone else couldn’t hear their conversation—they just saw the huge difference between Joel’s treatment toward them versus Nathan.

They were surprised that Joel was so cold when he talked to them, yet he was so gentle when he talked to Nathan. Joel has such a loving side to him and can be so gentle with kids! The General actually likes Nathan so much!

Nathan had always disliked Joel before this, but for some unknown reason, he actually took the initiative to stay beside Joel today. Hence, Joel held his hand as they walked around the camp all day. They watched as everyone trained at the training field.

Then, he took Nathan to have lunch at the cafeteria which was exclusive to high-ranking officers only. At times, he would even display his affection for Nathan by holding him high up in the air.

Nathan only came back in the evening, bringing back presents of different sizes for everyone. Joel had even sent a regimental commander to escort him back to the barracks.

Everyone in the barracks of Company 49 became very excited when Nathan arrived. They surrounded him and asked him about his day excitedly. “Hey Nate, why did you spend the whole day with the General today?”

“What’s this? Who bought this for you? Was it the General who bought you this?”

“Oh my, Nate. You are so lucky! You actually had lunch with the General!”

Nathan continued to put on a cold and impassive expression on his face while being bombarded with questions from his teammates.

He replied to them with a short and simple answer, “Yeah, the General bought all of it. He asked me to give these snacks to all of you.”

The General actually bought these snacks for us! Moreover, is he giving it to us for free?!

As the girls screamed in surprise, they stared at Nathan in disbelief and asked, “Did the General mention about us?”

Nathan put on a sour face and explained, “The General said that Company 49 didn’t perform very well today. He told me to bring something back in order to cheer everyone up and motivate you guys.”

The girls screamed in excitement as they fought among themselves over the snacks brought back by Nathan. Although they were just some ordinary snacks, the girls thought they were just as delicious as those expensive cuisines as they munched on the snacks happily!

Company 49 finally became happy again after being depressed for the whole day. Suddenly, they realized that even though Sophia offended Faye, they still had Nathan in Company 49!

Judging from Nathan’s popularity, even the General liked him very much. Moreover, all the company commanders were keeping a close eye on Company 49, so even if Faye wanted to get back at Sophia, she couldn’t possibly do it in the camp too! In other words, they still had a chance to have dinner with the General!

Everyone regained their energy and confidence after enjoying their snacks. They went to bed really early. Tomorrow, they were ready to undergo their training seriously like they used to do so.

After everyone had finished their snacks, Sophia went to hug Nathan. She kissed him lovingly at the same time and said, “My adorable son, you are such a nice boy!”

Nathan continued to put on a sullen face; he felt really humiliated today. He had actually taken the initiative to fawn over Joel!

If he hadn’t accidentally turned Sophia’s Sirius233 into a homicidal maniac whom all the players wanted to kill, he wouldn’t have cast his pride aside and looked for Joel. He didn’t like Joel at all!

Still, it was extremely useful for Nathan to give up his pride and ‘sacrifice’ himself. Soon, news about Joel holding Nathan’s hand and walking around the training field went around the entire camp. Soon, Faye heard about the news too.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 86

Faye seemed very powerful, but in truth, she was just putting on an act using the Edwards’ family name. To be honest, their family wasn’t even qualified enough to participate in the grand Edwards Family meeting at all.

Nonetheless, her family name was rather useful to dupe unsuspecting outsiders who were oblivious about the exact situation in their family. At the very least, she could use her family name to boss people around and do whatever she pleased in the camp.

She had really rounded up several students in an attempt to mess with Company 49. For example, she was going to order those students to climb over their windows and mess up their dormitory so that they wouldn’t get any points for cleanliness; she was even thinking about getting several people to beat up students from Company 49. However, before she could do so, Nathan had ‘sacrificed’ himself and saved them.

Those people who had been gathered by Faye to get back at Sophia came to protest with her.

“Miss Faye, the General favors Nate more than anyone else in the camp now; if we lay a finger on him, I’m afraid the General will take…”

“It seems like Nate is not an ordinary kid, so how about we just forget about it?”

“Yeah, that’s right. If the General finds out about this, we’ll suffer serious consequences from it! Why don’t we teach her a lesson right after the military training is over?”

Faye blew her top at once. She didn’t expect that an ordinary peasant would dare to climb on top and sh*t on her. “All of you are worthless losers! A bunch of useless losers!”

Faye scolded and chased everyone away, almost exploding with anger. However, there was nothing she could do about it.

She didn’t expect the little boy to be so capable; he had managed to get Joel to hold his hand and walk him around. Not only that, Joel seemed to like him very much!

Since she couldn’t get back at Sophia in the camp, she would wait until the military training was over. Then, she would definitely teach Sophia a lesson!

Since Nathan had ‘sacrificed’ himself, everyone in Company 49 became motivated once more; all of them were eager to get a high score in their military training.

Michael watched as everything happened through the CCTV. He sighed, “My wife is very capable indeed!”

Usually, he had to threaten Nathan so that his son would do something for him; Sophia actually had the ability to persuade Nathan and made him fawn over Joel willingly. She was very capable indeed!

Just then, Harry walked over to Michael cheekily with a laptop in his hands. “Hey Dad, check this out. There’s a petition going around in the gaming world, asking everyone to unite and kill Sirius!”

Michael took a glance at the gaming page on Harry’s laptop.

Recently, Sirius233 had been killing almost everyone he came into contact with in the gaming world. Not only did he kill quite a number of people, he had also massacred about seven to eight guilds which aroused discontentment and anger among people in the gaming world.

As a result, several people organized a grand meeting and called upon brave leaders to unite and kill Sirius233—they had even placed a bounty on Sirius’ head.

All of them pooled some money together and bought a powerful ultimate weapon as a reward for the person that killed Sirius. The campaign was quite grand and very much supported!

Harry pointed at the screen and commented, “Look, that Fletcher kid is here too. It seems like he’s very enthusiastic about the campaign!”

Michael lay back down on the bed. As he read his script, he said plainly, “Make an announcement for me in the gaming world. Anyone who dares to lay a finger on Sirius will have to deal with me.”

Harry was very surprised. “Why? Is Sirius someone incredible that I don’t know about?”

Michael flipped the script over and replied, “That’s Sophia.”

Harry was speechless. Great. Apart from Michael, no one will be able to kill Sirius—that demonic villain—in the video game.

Everyone hoped that the day of the shooting training would arrive faster. Soon enough, that day had come. All of them exclaimed in excitement during the middle of training, and they were all very excited early in the morning.

At eight o’clock in the morning, everyone organized themselves into groups and departed after they finished their morning exercise routine. They had been grouped according to their respective companies and departed for the shooting center at Audistin in cars.

On the way to their destination, there was nothing but rural areas throughout the journey. After traveling for more than an hour in those cars, they finally arrived at the shooting center in Audistin. Then, the students marched into Audistin in an orderly manner.

Although it was a shooting training, they regarded the trip as a holiday. Audistin was closed to the public and opened exclusively for the students today. Still, it was impossible for several thousand people to fit in the shooting center at one go. Hence, the students had to queue up and take turns if they wanted to shoot some targets.

Therefore, everyone decided to split up. The First and Second Regiments took turns to shoot in the morning, whereas the Third and Fourth Regiments would shoot in the afternoon. As they waited for their turns, they could stroll around in Audistin and visit the filming set of ‘Doctor Invincible’.

At noon, they would have lunch at the restaurant in Audistin. In the evening, there would be a meet-and-greet with the movie cast.

It was Sophia’s turn to shoot in the morning. However, she wasn’t very keen on shooting immobile targets; she preferred to go to the hunting ground next door to hunt for living targets.

In her opinion, shooting living targets would be much more practical and effective to test a person’s shooting skills. Besides, she wasn’t very interested in the meet-and-greet with the superstars either; she would rather find a place to play her video game.

After waiting in line for a long time, it still wasn’t her turn to shoot yet. Hence, Sophia gave up immediately.

“Darling, let’s find a place with computers and play video games!” As she said that, she dragged Nathan along to a cybercafé in Audistin.

Nathan’s expression changed abruptly upon hearing that she wanted to play video games. He grabbed her immediately and said. “I want to shoot targets!”

“Okay, okay, okay. Let’s go and shoot some targets.”

Nathan dragged Sophia to the shooting center. After queueing up for their turns the entire morning, they only had time to shoot for about twenty minutes.

At noon, Sophia and Nathan had lunch at Audistin’s restaurant. After that, Sophia walked toward the cybercafé again. Nathan grabbed onto the bottom of her trousers immediately and said, “I want to visit the filming set!”

Sophia had no choice but to accompany him to the filming set of ‘Doctor Invincible’. Automatically, Gemma tagged along with them too.

While they were on their way to the filming set, they bumped into two familiar figures—Sarah and Sean.

Sarah complained to Sophia the moment she saw her. “It’s a trap! They’ve tricked us!”

Sophia was confused. “What happened?”

Sarah asked, “Do you know why they wanted us to come here today?”

Feeling puzzled, Sophia asked, “Why?”

Sarah was very furious. “That production crew is a cheating bunch! They lied to us because they wanted us to be extras in their film. I went there this morning, but I didn’t see Taylor or Ethan around either! They simply asked us to lie down and pretend that we were dead in our military uniforms! Screw them!”

Sophia expressed her surprise. “They can do that?”

However, it didn’t seem to decrease everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to see Taylor and Ethan. Those who went there and became extras in the morning went over again in the afternoon; they heard that Taylor and Ethan would be at the filming set in the afternoon.

Sophia decided not to go the moment she heard that the filming crew was luring them in as extras. She grabbed Nathan immediately and said, “Let’s go, it’s a trap. We’ll just go and play some video games!”

Nathan simply pouted his lips without saying anything, so Sophia gave in to his wish. “Okay, okay, we’ll go and visit the filming set.”

In the end, she still took Nathan to the filming set. Although Sarah kept saying that she didn’t want to go anymore, she still tagged along with them. On the contrary, Sean was very excited instead.

“Oh, I’m going to meet my handsome idol soon!” Sean was on cloud nine. He danced excitedly as his waist swayed from left to right.

Sarah teased him playfully. “You can stop dreaming now, Sean. Taylor and Ethan are a couple, and they’ve already gotten married!”

Sean pouted his lips, looking like he was incredibly upset. “I don’t care! I just want to see my handsome idol! It doesn’t matter if I have to be an extra!”

The group of five people soon arrived at the filming set. Since the set had been cordoned off, they could only watch from the outside. It seemed like they were filming some exciting scenes inside which required lots of extras; they would take a group of students into the set from time to time. The students were very excited as they fought against each other to be the extras.

Standing outside of the cordoned area, Sophia began losing her enthusiasm after being squeezed around in the crowd. She pulled Nathan aside and said, “Okay, we’ve seen the set. Let’s go back and play video games!”

Nathan pouted his lips and was extremely unhappy with Sophia’s suggestion. Right at that moment, several staff from the filming set came out to pick more extras. Nathan then pushed his way through the crowd swiftly, so Sophia pushed her way through the crowd immediately and followed him closely too.

Unfortunately, by the time they made their way through the crowd, the staff had already finished picking their extras, leaving a bunch of disappointed yearning students outside. The students were hoping that they needed more people immediately and would ask them to go in next.

Sophia grabbed Nathan once again. “Okay, okay, it’s time to go now. They’ve finished picking the people they need. We don’t stand a chance anymore.”

However, Nathan refused to leave. He stood there, seemingly very eager to get into the filming set. Sophia had no choice but to wait with him.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 87

Richard and Xyla had come over as well. Richard then spoke to one of the workers at the filming site and said, “Hi there, I’m Mr. Zane’s nephew. I’ve already told him that I would be coming over today. My girlfriend is an acting major, and my uncle has allowed me to bring her over to check the place out.”

Xyla’s family was immensely wealthy; she was preparing to enter the entertainment industry, but she had never joined a film crew due to her busy studies. Since the director of ‘Doctor Invincible’ was related to Richard, he had breezily accepted Xyla into the team.

The two of them crossed the cordons and entered the film site under everyone’s envious gazes. Xyla had even turned her head back to eye Sophia Edwards smugly.

Sophia had no idea why Xyla was being so smug; she was only here for Nathan, and it didn’t matter whether she got in or not.

She just wanted to go back and play some video games.

She craned her neck and tried to catch a glimpse of the film site. It looked like they were shooting some major scene—the kind where scores of dead soldiers littered the field. The students playing background actors didn’t need to be assigned costumes as they were already dressed in their military uniforms.

The film site was chaotic, and there were so many people that she couldn’t see where the leading actor was. Apart from the production crew scuttling back and forth, there were also many people dressed in black suits with sunglasses on their faces. They seemed to be bodyguards.

Sophia felt a sense of familiarity when she caught sight of one of those bodyguards. Judging from the man’s build and the way he was discreetly gaming on his mobile phone, the man looked kind of like… Hale.

Wait, why was Hale here?

She tested the waters by calling out, “Hale!”

Much to her surprise, the man in the black suit turned to look at her!

It really was Hale!

Sophia was dumbstruck. Why was Hale here?

If Hale was here, didn’t it mean Michael was here too?

She recalled how Michael had told her that his job involved running mundane errands for film crews. Was Michael also part of the crew for ‘Doctor Invincible’?

If that was really the case, it would explain why Michael had suddenly popped up at the military camp before vanishing as quickly as he had arrived.

Hale didn’t seem to be surprised upon seeing Sophia there. He made a beeline toward them before pulling the tape away and gesturing for them to enter.

Nathan zoomed in with a whoosh, deathly afraid that Sophia would take the opportunity to go to a cyber cafe if he ran any slower.

Sophia followed Hale into the site and noticed that many of the military students had been tricked into being background actors. They were all arranged into lines as they sprawled on the ground and played dead.

While this group of students with over 20 days of military training couldn’t be compared to actual soldiers, they were still a lot more convincing than the run-of-the-mill background actors. Their acting was quite convincing, but the site still looked like it was just them and a few other supporting actors. The lead actors had probably not arrived yet.

Still, Sophia couldn’t figure out who was in a supporting role or a leading role; she had never seen any one of them before.

Hale led Sophia and Nathan across the bustling shooting location to the studio.

From the looks of it, the studio was the actual key location here. The lead actor seemed to be in there as many bodyguards stood guarded by the entrance of the studio. Outsiders were barred from entering, and the scores of students who wanted to catch a glimpse of the lead actors were all stopped outside.

“My grandfather is Major General Kingsley. Our family has invested over ten million into this film, so what right do you have to bar me from going in?”

“My uncle is the assistant director…”

All the students who wanted to barge their way in using their connections were blocked from entering the studio. It seemed that the leading actors inside the studio had quite the temperament.

Sophia caught sight of Faye and Xyla. Faye was throwing a fit as she grabbed one of the guards and yelled at him, “Why aren’t you letting me in? My uncle is the heir to the Edwards Family!”

Richard politely said, “Good day, my uncle is the director of this film. Are we allowed to enter…”

The bodyguards’ gazes were ice cold; it looked as though they could not see this bunch of students at all. There were even a few titans standing among the guards’ ranks, and these giants were over two meters in height; simply standing there was enough to intimidate the crowd. The students were causing a ruckus, but they still didn’t dare to enter.

Stuck in between the crowd, Sophia couldn’t see anything from where she was. The hulking Hale parted the crowd and walked past the entrance to go inside the studio; he didn’t even need to flash his pass to get in. Sophia tailed him, but she was stopped by the guards.

Hale’s face was blank as he clarified, “She’s a friend of mine.”

Just like that, the guards eased up. Sophia and Nathan stepped into the studio while the sea of students watched in poisonous envy.

Although the students were green with envy, they had no way of getting in at all. Who would have thought that Sophia had a friend who was working as a guard for the film crew? Sometimes, it was more useful to be acquainted with people on the lower rungs of the ladder instead of those at the top of it.

The studio was packed. Filming was in full swing as actors in costumes scuttled here and there; it was a hive of activity. Sophia followed Hale over to a greenscreen set and noticed that the crew was filming here. Just then, a man hanging from a set of wires leaped and vaulted in the air, filming an extremely important scene.

Sophia immediately recognized the man as the lead actor, Taylor. She had seen cast photos of him before, but he had a face full of awfully realistic special effects makeup now. It was such a distinctive look that no one could make out his original appearance. Even so, Sophia could still see that his acting skills were notches above the average actor. His aura as a masterful actor was exceptionally strong.

He was Taylor Murray—an internationally renowned actor, and the first actor from Sophia’s hometown to win an Oscar!

Sophia was excited to be able to set eyes on such a famous actor for the first time, especially when she saw how immersed this master actor was during his scenes.

Hale brought a chair over. “Sit.”

Sophia and Nathan sat down and began to watch intently as Taylor continued filming.

Taylor had not become famous by chance. His enunciation and body language were great, and his magnificence continued to shine through even though his face was obscured by the heavy special effects makeup. His heroic and lordly aura was unleashed for all to see; had the film crew not been there, Sophia wouldn’t have thought that he was acting at all. He was a hero!

There was another actor starring in the same scene as Taylor. He was also caked with makeup that obscured his true face, but his skills and aura weren’t any lesser than Taylor’s. He was probably the other legendary actor, Ethan, who was also another Oscar-winning actor.

Only a major film that had the world’s eyes on it would be able to hire two Oscar-winning actors at once!

What was more, Taylor wasn’t a woman!

Hale finally remembered that Sophia was his employer. In an act of hospitality, he scurried about to look for some fruits and beverages. When he left, the two script supervisors by the side chatted for quite a bit.

“I love this pair. The more I look at them, the more chemistry they seem to have. I heard that they got married in the Netherlands; I wonder if that’s true.”

“I think that’s highly possible. They’ve been spotted together so many times by the media already.”

“Ethan made his debut over ten years ago, but there’s been zero rumors about him other than ones with dear Taylor.”

“I heard that they were comparing their scripts one day, and they made some noises that cannot be properly described.”


Sophia shook her head in realization.

When she took a closer look, the two of them did look like they had very strong chemistry!

Her mind fell into the gutter.

Hale soon brought some cold watermelon and miscellaneous snacks over and placed them on the table before Sophia. As she munched contentedly on the snacks, she watched as these two master actors filmed their scene.

It was fascinating to see two great actors acting alongside each other. At the very least, it was better than being a background actor outside. On the other hand, Nathan seemed to be very interested in this. He would immediately pull Sophia back the moment he saw the slightest hint that she was about to slip away. Even when he needed a toilet break, Nathan would get her to stand watch outside, seeming as though he was afraid that she would run off.

Sophia continued to watch the actors as they filmed their scenes, munching on some fruit at the same time. She had no idea why, but she had the feeling that Taylor kept looking her way.

It must be because Nathan was way too adorable.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 88

All of a sudden, she heard a ‘clack’ from the director. The two actors ended their fight scene in the air and were lowered to the ground from their wires. They seem to be pleased after going over the filmed footage, and flashed an ‘OK’ sign at the director.

It seemed like they were about to wrap things up. After all, they still had to attend Bayside University’s meet-and-greet tonight.

Soon, the two actors left the set, and Hale hastily said to Sophia, “Come.”

While Sophia had no idea where they were going, there was nothing else left to watch now that those two master actors had left; all Sophia could do was follow him.

Hale then brought Sophia along as he tailed the two actors. The moment those two actors exited the studio, they were immediately surrounded by the crowd.

Uncontrolled shrieks came from the students outside. It was unfortunate that their electronics had been confiscated, for they would have whipped their phones out to snap countless pictures.

Taylor and Ethan’s fame was unprecedented. Had they been any other regular actor, the crowd wouldn’t have been as mad for them. Taylor and Ethan were well-protected by the bodyguards as they entered what was presumably a resting area.

When the door closed, all of the students were shut outside, unable to get in. Hale brought Sophia and Nathan into the two actors’ resting lounge through another side door.

Sophia asked in curiosity, “Hale, where are you taking me? I’m not a fangirl of the actors.” Was he taking her to get the actors’ autographs? However, she truly felt nothing for these two actors!

Hale didn’t answer her. Instead, he simply pushed the door open and said in a hushed voice, “You’ll know once you’re inside.” As he opened the door, Sophia brought Nathan into the lounge.

This was indeed the resting lounge for Taylor and Ethan. The two of them were currently taking their makeup off in front of their mirrors.

Several assistant makeup artists and other crew busied themselves by helping the actors to take their costumes off or remove their makeup. With Sophia and Nathan’s sudden appearance, everyone stopped what they were doing and eyed the duo.

Awkwardness filled Sophia’s face. She took Nathan and was prepared to leave when a voice suddenly rang out from behind her. “Where are you going, Chica?” That voice reverberated in that tiny room.

Why does that tone and timbre resemble Michael’s voice?! Sophia jumped in surprise and turned her head back to take a look. The two actors were still in the process of taking off their makeup, and there was no sign of Michael.

She must be going insane! She had been tormented so much to the point where her nerves were frayed—she even hallucinated Michael’s voice!

Sophia smacked her head; she must have been too exhausted from military training to be hallucinating from time to time.

She was about to leave, but someone grabbed her shoulder as soon as she turned her head around. “Where are you going, Chica?”

Sophia immediately caught sight of Michael’s face when she looked back. However, he was still dressed in his costume for ‘Doctor Invincible’.

Meanwhile, Ethan had just finished taking his makeup off. He then removed his wig to reveal a head of obnoxiously blond hair. Wait, isn’t that Michael’s best friend, Harry?

Sophia was dumbfounded. “Y-You guys…”

‘Taylor’ had only just finished taking his makeup off, but there were still traces of cleansing oil left on his face as he stood in front of her. Despite that, she could still vaguely make out Michael’s face.

Michael nodded with a hint of amusement on his dashing face. “You didn’t realize it was me despite watching us film for the entire afternoon?”

Sophia gulped. She truly hadn’t realized it at all! Doctor Invincible was a superhero who was very much in touch with his feminine side; he was the kind of person who had a lady-like touch to his movements even when he was saving the world, so Sophia thought that Doctor Invincible was played by a woman.

She never thought that the pervert, Michael, would be the one playing Doctor Invincible! He was actually a renowned actor!

Furthermore, that blond friend of his who one could tell was involved with the underworld at first glance? He was also a renowned actor too! To top it off, it seemed like they had gotten married in the Netherlands as well.

Sophia’s mind worked a mile a second, and she did her best to quickly regain her composure. She smiled cheekily as she replied, “How is that possible? I can definitely recognize my own husband.”

Michael took the towel that an assistant had offered him to wipe his face. All of a sudden, he pulled Sophia over and kissed her without any warning; he even went as far as nibbling on her lip.

Sophia widened her eyes in shock. Isn’t Michael a renowned actor? Isn’t he a celebrity? Isn’t he gay? Why is he being so flippant and nonchalant about it? Is he not afraid that news of his marriage would be spread throughout the masses tomorrow?

She could tell that everyone was stunned from her peripheral vision. However, they immediately pretended to busy themselves with their own tasks as if nothing ever happened. It looked like they had been trained well.

On the other hand, Michael seemed to be delighted after kissing her. He hugged her and said, “Wait for me. Let’s eat together.” He then headed to the dressing room and changed his clothes.

Sophia found a seat, her face still one of confusion. She was still unable to shake off the shock from discovering that her husband was an internationally renowned actor. Didn’t he say that he was an errand boy for film crews? How was he a famous actor?

That explained why she thought the cast photo of Taylor greatly resembled Michael. She suddenly felt as though her entire body was burning up, and Sophia raised her head to see Harry looking at her with a complicated gaze.

Harry quickly retracted his gaze when their eyes met. At this moment, Sophia felt small; she had a feeling that there was a deeper meaning behind Harry’s gaze.

She hastily questioned her conscience and recalled the two short meetings she had experienced with Harry. She had sent a flying kiss toward Harry’s way the first time they met; he probably hadn’t recognized her then.

Their second meeting was during the night Michael returned. Harry had come to their home for a while before he was chased out.

Sophia suddenly came to a realization when she factored in the news of their marriage in the Netherlands—Harry’s complicated look earlier was because he, as a legitimately wedded man, was looking at an unwanted meddler!

Everyone knew that their nation didn’t allow marriages between people of the same sex, and there were rumors about Michael and Harry getting hitched abroad. Yet, Michael hastily grabbed someone to marry in order to cover up the truth that he was gay. In other words, Sophia was a homowife.

That was why Michael had been unusually furious when he found out that Sophia sent Harry a flying kiss. Was it because he thought that Sophia was planning to snag his beloved? Was that the reason why Harry looked at her with that gaze?

Sophia felt her a chill running up her spine after going over her thoughts, but she still felt relieved. Harry wasn’t a pervert; he was just a closeted gay man. Now that she had suddenly gotten a better understanding of him, she felt that he wasn’t much of a pervert anymore.

Soon, Michael and Harry finished removing their makeup and had changed out of their costumes. Michael grabbed Sophia’s hand and said, “Come, let’s eat.”

Sophia followed them without a word. Michael, Harry, Sophia, and Nathan stepped into Audistin together. The restaurant was currently filled with students, so they couldn’t eat out in the open. They entered a quieter booth and ordered their entrees as well as a few side dishes.

Their meal was unbelievably awkward, and Sophia didn’t even dare to speak; she kept her head lowered as she ate. From time to time, she would glance at Michael before switching over to Harry. Her gaze would also occasionally flit over to Nathan.

Michael was naturally beside himself with joy now that he got to see the little boy after such a long time. He ignored Nathan’s protests and pulled him over. Since he hadn’t seen Nathan in ages, Michael thought that Nathan had gotten chubbier.

It must be because of Sophia’s efforts, he thought to himself. Although Nathan had a sulky look on his face now, he was clearly way cuter than before. It was all thanks to Sophia—that had to be it.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 89
It could be said that all children needed a family. No matter how many babysitters or tutors they had, they would never be able to replace the children’s parents.

Ever since Nathan’s parents passed away, Michael took up the responsibility of being his mother and father apart from his actor duties. In addition to that, he still had many other things to handle, so he didn’t have much time to take care of Nathan. It was great that Sophia had come into their lives, and Nathan seemed to get along with her very well.

Nathan scowled, having completely forgotten about putting on his adorable charm in front of Sophia despite promising Michael earlier. Michael teased him and said, “Nathan, call for Daddy!”

Nathan turned his head away. “Hmph!”

Harry had grown up together with Michael, so he had also known Michael’s older sister, Celine Fletcher, since he was a child. Celine and Michael were twins, and Celine was born ten minutes before Michael. Harry had watched as Celine fell in love and got married; he was even there when Nathan was born. Not only that, he watched as Nathan became an orphan and Michael took the boy in.

Harry teased Nathan as well. “Come on, son—call me Stepdad.”

Along with Michael, they were the Power Trio; Nathan was their child!

Sophia didn’t know about the Power Trio. Her mind fell into the gutter again as she watched this unusual family of three.

She gave a heartfelt sigh as she watched Harry and Michael behaving so ‘lovingly’ with each other. A prince may also fall in love with another prince instead of a princess.

On the other hand, Harry had completely given up on Sophia; he knew that they were just not meant to be. Michael had gotten to her first, and he couldn’t behave badly toward his friend’s wife!

Their meal went by awkwardly. Everyone still had their own qualms, and Sophia felt like a third wheel. Coincidentally, Harry felt like he was being the third wheel as well. Nathan was feeling uncomfortable since he didn’t want to sit with Michael. Instead, he leaned in closer to Sophia.

Michael was probably the only one who was eating happily here.

After their meal, they got up to leave. Sophia took Nathan’s hand and headed to their company, not forgetting that there was still the meet-and-greet with the film crew later tonight.

That was the event that the students were looking forward to the most—the cast of ‘Doctor Invincible’ would be meeting everyone. After being background actors the whole day and not seeing even a strand of the actors’ hair, the girls were eager for tonight’s meet-and-greet.

Sophia hastily slipped away to a cyber cafe during the small window of time between dinner and the meet-and-greet. Having booked a computer, she immediately searched for news about ‘Taylor’ without even booting up her game.

She had never kept tabs on celebrities before; all she knew was Taylor’s name, but she hadn’t watched any of his movies. Moreover, Taylor was a person who kept on the downlow. He never went on any talk shows, nor did he take part in any advertisements. Sophia actually had no idea what Taylor looked like.

She had searched for Michael’s name a million times before, but she had never found anything useful. Who would have thought that face of his would be so famous online?

Oh, what a blunder she had made!

She proceeded to google some basic information about him.

‘A skilled actor, as well as the first actor from his country to win an Oscar. He is known for his performances and his masterful micro-expressions.’

‘His acting skills are so realistic that it is unreal.’

‘The number one sexiest man on the sexiest man list.’

‘As an alumni of Bayside University’s acting program, he has been in the industry for ten years.’

Sophia was dumbstruck.

When Joe found her in Duckburgs, Sophia had been informed that she would be married to an old bachelor. She thought she would be fortunate to marry a man who was younger than forty with a healthy body and a relatively nice face, but she had never expected her husband to be a famous actor.

She reflected on her childhood; her mother died during childbirth, and her grandfather died when she was three. At the age of ten, her grandmother passed away. She then lived with her uncle’s family, but she was kicked out when the house wasn’t selected for monetary compensation. At sixteen, she got together with that scumbag called Richard, and she was kicked out of school in a disgraceful manner when she was eighteen. It was a conga line of tragedy after tragedy.

Was those eighteen years of misery actually leading up to this one fortuitous moment where she met with this wealthy man named Michael?

It was unfortunate that the one Michael loved was Harry. She was a pitiful excuse acting as a homowife.

She checked the time. It was still early; the meet-and-greet would only begin at seven, so she opened a few analysis articles on Michael’s movies.

Taylor had debuted ten years ago, and his star-making role was in a movie that was filmed eight years ago called ‘The Castrato’. It was a movie about a male opera singer’s tragic life. That movie caused a huge stir across the world, and it had apparently made close to ten billion dollars through the box office, keeping in mind that it was seven or eight years ago.

Taylor had also been nominated for an Oscar due to that film, and he became the first and youngest actor from his hometown to win one.

The other Oscar-winning actor was Ethan, also known as Harry.

In ‘The Castrato’, Taylor’s character was sold into an opera company when he was child. At the tender age of eighteen, he became the most famed star of the city. When he was on stage, no one could tell whether he was a man or a woman; his beauty was so great that even the female singers were intimidated.

After several failed relationships, Taylor’s character lived his twilight years in misery, and in the end, he committed suicide in his costume.

Taylor had portrayed an eighteen year-old singer’s glorious years to the end of his life. With his meticulous skills, it felt like he was breathing his role; there was not a flaw to his acting. Had this movie not remained as popular as it was and had been dissected and analyzed to death, Sophia wouldn’t have thought that the younger version of the character and the older version was played by the same person.

The eighteen year-old protagonist was so baby-faced, and the costumes he wore for the opera were elaborate and majestic, bringing out the softness of his grace. He was elegant, and his voice was beautiful. Off the stage, he was a young, bookish man with an extraordinary beauty. Even in current times, this movie would be listed at the top when it came to movies which broke gender norms; it was a classic that couldn’t be surpassed.

Hence, Taylor’s fans affectionately called him ‘Miss Taylor’.

Sophia’s impression of Michael—that of a perverted tyrant—suddenly crashed and burned.

She played some clips from ‘The Castrato’ and watched as Michael from eight years ago portrayed a young fresh-faced singer, his voice pitched high as he sang in his opera costume. Her jaw was slack, and she could tell immediately by his posture and voice that he was no ordinary singer.

Nathan was watching her so that she wouldn’t hop into her video game. She said to him, “Your dad must have been using a body double.”

Nathan didn’t say a word.

She scanned through the articles, and it turned out that Michael had not used a body double in this clip. The clip where the protagonist was singing on stage in ‘The Castrato’ was the highlight of the movie. Back then, it had caused waves around the world. Not only was everyone in awe of Michael’s acting skills, they were also dumbstruck by his singing voice—his singing skills stood out in the realm of film music.

Sophia rewatched that clip several times, her eyes widening as she scrutinized the video each time. At last, she was certain that it was Michael.

“Is that really your dad?” Sophia asked Nathan in disbelief.

Nathan nodded and said confidently, “Yep.”

Her impression of him as a domineering tyrant crashed again.

Sophia scratched her head, not daring to believe it. To her, Michael was the kind of pervert who would bulk buy condoms just for a moment in the bedroom. There was no way that he could be this internationally acclaimed, popular actor that she was reading about online!

She trawled through the information on Taylor available online. He was only fifteen years old when he made his actual debut as the leader of a boyband. His voice hadn’t dropped yet, and he sang age-appropriate pop songs—the kind that was popular during that era. There were also dance numbers that showed their age. Even now, Taylor looked quite youthful in those clips.

After a few years of radio silence, he suddenly made a comeback by stepping foot into the acting world. From then on, there was no more turning back. He acted for ten years and was repeatedly hailed as a skillful actor. When she summed all those years out, he had made his debut in the entertainment industry seventeen years ago.

Sophia watched those old music videos of Michael singing and dancing over ten years ago. She sighed to herself, Time is a cruel mistress, for that youthful boy has become a perverted old man now.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 90

After getting the bombshell dropped on her, Sophia frantically searched for Taylor’s information on the internet. Taylor was an extremely mysterious man, and no one knew about his family background. It was rumored that his mother was Elizabeth Murray, the popular award-winning actress about thirty to forty years ago.

Elizabeth used to be a Broadway singer too before she became a film actress. In fact, she had been a porn actress when she first ventured into the filming industry.

Later on, she repackaged herself, changed her image and starred in many costume dramas, becoming a popular movie icon during that era. However, she retired from the film industry all of a sudden and no one heard about her ever again.

Many years later, Taylor appeared. Every aspect of him resembled Elizabeth so much that her movie fans and Broadway fans felt like they had seen him somewhere before. Nonetheless, they were merely speculations which hadn’t been personally confirmed by Taylor before.

He was seldom involved in any tabloid scandals; the only rumors about him were about his sexuality and his partner, Ethan. They had been film partners for ten years, and they were rumored to have gotten married in the Netherlands.

Then, Sophia’s online searches revealed lots of gay, pornographic novels featuring Taylor and Ethan as well as Taylor and Daniel as gay couples in those stories.

Sophia was very shocked from every piece of bombastic information she received today; she needed time to take in all of that information. Taylor was actually her husband!

She had no idea about Taylor or Ethan’s existence before this. She had been living in her maternal grandfather’s house since she was little, and their household was rather poor. She’d even have to depend on her uncles’ mood to see if she could have a decent meal every day.

Hence, it was just impossible for her to watch television in the house at all. Besides, Sophia was an extremely hardworking girl who studied very hard since she was young. She would read whenever she had time instead of watching television and idolizing any movie stars.

Sometimes, her uncle and aunt would be generous enough to allow her to watch television, but the only dramas she was allowed to watch were some lousy local TV shows which aired at eight o’clock every day.

All the movies which Michael starred in were international blockbuster movies that premiered in large cinemas, so it was only natural for her to not know who Taylor was.

She found herself in a daze all day long until the meet-and-greet in the evening; Sophia realized that she would be spacing out occasionally from time to time.

The meet-and-greet was going to be held on the field of the hunting ground in Audistin. Each company gathered around in a semicircle surrounding the center stage. While the staff members were still adjusting the light and sound system, everyone had already come to book a spot on the field.

Everybody was very excited today. It was the first time they had been so enthusiastic during their military training. Sophia sat with the 49th Company with a blank expression on her face.

She was still in a daze; she couldn’t stop thinking about the video where Michael had worn a suit and sang in a Broadway musical show she watched just now. He is so handsome! How can a man look so handsome? So, how can a man like him possibly like women?

Company Commander Ford walked around the company. Looking at the longing expressions on his students’ faces, he teased unforgivingly, “Look at all of you—with that silly look on your faces, you guys look even happier when you see a man than seeing a meat dish!”

The students burst out laughing following his hilarious remark; the atmosphere was unusually lively and merry.

Just as Sophia was still in a daze, she heard screams from the girls beside her all of a sudden. As several thousand girls screamed at the same time, it sounded loud and deafening as it echoed through the air.

The meet-and-greet had begun, and the casts of ‘Doctor Invincible’ arrived soon enough.

‘Doctor Invincible’ was an international blockbuster with a massive budget. Both the main and supporting casts were experienced superstars, but most of the people who were sitting below the stage were millionaires of Bayside City. To them, these superstars were nothing more than just playthings; as long as they were willing to pay, they could see any superstar they wanted anytime.

However, both Taylor and Ethan were an exception; they had been in the entertainment business for more than ten years, and were extremely popular in the industry.

Hence, it was impossible to see them no matter how much those millionaires were willing to pay. Clearly, the best things couldn’t be obtained easily. Thus, those wealthy students were just as fanatic as the ordinary students when it came to idolizing these two superstars.

Sophia stretched her neck and looked at the cast members, watching as Michael and Harry strode elegantly toward them.

Michael looked cool and mysterious while dressed in a well-tailored black suit. As his lips curved into a warm and faint smile, there was a glimmer of a smile in his eyes too. Standing at 185 centimeters tall, he was a walking clothes hanger which looked perfect in any fashion style.

Placing his hands leisurely in his pockets, he looked casual yet charming. He possessed a natural, award-winning-actor temperament which was put on display the moment he entered.

Following closely behind him was Harry, who had also worn a black suit; his blonde hair appeared striking against his outfit. Although they wore similar black-colored suits, Michael looked mysterious, courteous, pristine and gentlemanly. On the other hand, Harry appeared haughty, autocratic, arrogant and sly. His fans usually described him as the domineering partner!

Even though there was another beautiful, blonde foreign lead actress with blue eyes following them, everyone seemed to have ignored her completely. Screams could be heard echoing throughout the place.

“Miss Taylor, Miss Taylor, I love you!”

“Mr. Ethan! Mr. Ethan!”

“Ethan and Taylor are the best couple ever!”

The fans were so excited and the atmosphere was so merry that even Sophia couldn’t bring herself to sit still anymore. She stared at the duo as they walked out one by one, completely stunned. She was so mesmerized that one couldn’t find anything else except awe and amazement in her eyes. Holy smoke! They are so handsome!

As far as she remembered, she had only seen Michael in a proper suit once—that was when she met him for the first time. When they were at home, he simply ran around the house with his pajamas or a pair of loose boxer shorts.

However, it was obvious that Michael had carefully dressed up for the event today. With his hair styled flawlessly using some hairspray, he looked clean and fresh from head to toe in his outstanding attire. Michael even had some slight beautification done on his face, which appeared utterly charming and handsome.

Sophia swallowed nervously as she stared at Michael quietly. She sat hidden within the crowd, surrounded by the enthusiastic fans. Besides, the lighting around that area wasn’t very good and everyone dressed similarly in military uniforms.

Since she was certain that Michael couldn’t see her or notice the silly look on her face as she stared at him, Sophia was bold enough to keep her eyes glued to him.

Michael and Harry waved at the crowd and greeted everyone. The fans couldn’t stop screaming, and their screams only stopped after they went up the stage. The fans widened their eyes as they held their breaths to hear their idols’ voices.

“Hello! To all my juniors from Bayside University, how are you? I’m Taylor.” Everyone heard Michael’s voice through the microphone. His voice still sounded deep and sexy even though there was a layer of mechanical alteration to it.

“Ah!” A group of fans screamed again.

After the screams had subsided, Harry took the microphone from Michael. He smiled playfully at the crowd and waved to greet them while he said, “Hi, students from Bayside University, how are you?”

Once again, screams could be heard piercing through the night sky.

Michael and Harry were more mysterious compared to other actors; they were very low-profile in the entertainment industry too.

They seldom showed up at public events most of the time, and they did not film any commercials either—even the wealthy students below the stage couldn’t see them very often. Most of them watched their movies while growing up, but it was their first time meeting them in person.

The situation at the fan meeting seemed borderline crazy. The drill instructors patrolled around the surroundings to prevent any tragic commotion or stampedes from happening in case the students went out of control.

The meet-and-greet was divided into several sessions. First, the main cast shared their acting experience with the students, which was followed by an interactive session where the students could ask the cast members anything. There was even the possibility of having a lucky draw and giveaway as well.

The host went up the stage and several guests remained seated. Soon enough, everyone kept quiet and the place became silent.

The host was none other than Xyla herself. Although she studied performance, she was good at broadcasting and emceeing. The host had been selected among the students in Bayside University for this meet-and-greet. Due to Xyla’s relationship with Richard, she had been successfully selected as the host.

Xyla still wore her military training uniform, but she had exquisite makeup on her face; her features were as gorgeous as a fairy’s. The way she carried herself on the stage was excellent, but she still looked inexperienced apart from being nervous. After all, it was her first time seeing Taylor and Ethan too.

Xyla felt extremely pleased with herself. She managed to obtain the opportunity to host the meeting with much difficulty, and she didn’t expect that she would be on the same stage as her idols either. She glanced below the stage involuntarily and caught sight of Richard’s smiley face. She smiled back at him.

Almost immediately, she searched for Sophia’s face among the crowd. As expected, she saw the jealous look in Sophia’s eyes among the crowd. She felt even more pleased with that and began to host today’s meet-and-greet in a calm and orderly manner.

Sophia was jealous indeed. Xyla is so close to my husband!

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