My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 832

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 832

Faye and Irene, who were shooting the commercial, could also see that there were suddenly fewer reporters.

What was going on?

They immediately inquired about the ins and outs of the incident, and it turned out that Taylor Murray was at the product launch ceremony next door!

The reason they had agreed to shoot this commercial today was naturally to disrupt Scarlett’s new product launch ceremony next door, but they didn’t expect that Taylor would appear in person!

Although he was one of Pourl’s shareholders, he had not been seen attending Pourl’s annual new product launches over the years. Why did he suddenly appear today?

Was it because of Scarlett?

Irene and Sandra both knew the background of Michael. He was the grandson of Mark, and his father was Theo. No matter how bad of a situation he was in, he would never be a kept man.

Did he choose to catwalk during Pourl’s product launch today to create buzz for his comeback?

No way. Irene, who grew up with Michael, could see that something was different this time.

She had heard that Mark recently intended to let Cooper’s daughter, Scarlett, get married with the children of the Fletcher Family. Could it be that Scarlett had taken a fancy to Michael?

In that case, was Michael also interested in Scarlett?

Irene was so angry that her entire face was distorted.

Michael, you would rather fancy a woman of unknown origin than give me a chance!

Sandra also sensed that something was different this time. Michael was Mark’s grandson, and Cooper was Mark’s godson. After Cooper came back, he managed to persuade Anthony and his men in a very short time although he had no support. It was impossible for him to have done it on his own, so he must have received help from the Fletcher Family.

Cooper was very likely to marry his daughter into the Fletcher Family to stabilize his relationship with the Fletcher Family. Did it mean that he wanted Scarlett to marry Michael?

What a scheming fellow…

However, this was also expected by Alex. Cooper wanted to make a comeback, and the safest and fastest way was to marry his ugly daughter to someone from the Fletcher Family. If he could please Mark, he would be able to get the support of the Fletcher Family.

However, Sandra would never allow Cooper’s daughter to marry into the Fletcher Family successfully!

Irene and Sandra looked at each other and reached a consensus. They had only one purpose—to stop Scarlett from marrying into the Fletcher Family so easily and to disrupt Scarlett’s product launch event.

Irene was doing it because of Michael, while Sandra was doing it for the internal conflicts of the Mitchell Family.

But now, the question was, who was going to get involved?

Sandra didn’t dare to go. She was not afraid of Scarlett, but she was afraid of Michael. Although he was a star who was now past his prime, he was still Mark’s grandson, and Mark even personally gave flowers to Michael at the New Year Dinner Gala, which was a great honor!

Irene didn’t dare to take the risk and stir up trouble either.

But right now, the opportunity was here…

Only Faye was not in the state of mind yet. The reason why she promised to come to shoot this shower gel advertisement today was because she deliberately wanted to go against Scarlett. Plus, Nicole was at the event next door and she wanted to prove that she was the superior star, which was why she was here.

Halfway through the shooting, Faye got her makeup reapplied. The makeup artist carefully applied makeup on her face which had stiffened in anger, while the assistant loudly tried to flatter Faye.

“Miss Faye, don’t be angry. He’s just an obsolete male celebrity who has become a kept man. He has nothing to be proud of. How can he compare to you? Let’s post a few more posts criticizing him when we go back! His film hasn’t been released yet, so let’s try to get it down!”

The assistant’s words were heard by Sandra and Irene.

The two exchanged glances, and it suddenly dawned on them.

It seemed that Faye still didn’t know the true identity of Taylor, and the hateful posts on the Internet must have been made by the retarded Faye…

In recent years, Faye had gotten lucky and became a national beauty. She was one of the top A-list celebrities in Cethos, and she was invited to act in many international blockbusters. She felt that she had surpassed even Lucy, so she was extra arrogant.

After all, Faye was from the collateral side of the family. All she wanted at that time was to break into the social circle of elite ladies, so she kept flattering Lucy and Sandra.

Perhaps we should make Faye, that retard, go stir up trouble?

Making up their minds, the two went to Faye with ill intentions…

On the other side, at the entrance of Pourl’s product launch ceremony, a large group of reporters swarmed in but were all stopped by the staff at the door. The event had already started, so no one was allowed to enter.

The group of reporters at the door kept yelling, and suddenly, a few bodyguards in black suits came to fend off the reporters.

The bodyguards then stood in two lines opposite each other and guarded a few gorgeously-dressed women as they came in.

The woman walking in front was the fragrant Faye, who had just finished shooting the shower gel advertisement, followed by Sandra in a black chic pencil skirt and Irene in a satin cheongsam.

The three appeared grandly at the door of the product launch, but they had no invitation letter, so they were naturally stopped by the staff.

Sandra asked, “What? Is Scarlett afraid? Is it because she’s afraid that I will mess up her product launch?”

Hearing this, the staff asked his supervisor about what should be done. The person above responded immediately, and the staff respectfully let them in.

At this time, the catwalk had already begun. There were a lot of people who left the venue just now, so there were some vacant seats. Thus, the next few people who came in were randomly assigned seats.

After sitting down, the three of them searched for their own targets. As soon as Irene came in, she saw Maddie, whom she despised, but she did not dare to approach her because Maddie was carrying a retired military dog.

Sandra, on the other hand, was looking for Linus, but she saw Linus sitting next to Cooper and surrounded by celebrities.

As for Faye, her target was Taylor.

Then, the catwalk continued on. The models invited here were all international supermodels, and they were all wearing intricate L/K branded clothes. Each model was walking a dog, and the dogs were wearing Pourl accessories.

L/K and Pourl had teamed up to create matching fashionable outfits for the owner and pets. This was an ingenious idea, and it was sought after by celebrities after its release.

In the second half of the catwalk, a child model around the age of three came out, walking childishly. Although she was not professional, her walk was full of vigor. Walking a dog, she was very eye-catching the moment she appeared.

It was that lolita who was very popular on the Internet!

Unexpectedly, she was Pourl’s model!

Seeing her walking in the show, Faye’s eyes lit up. She indeed had great potential, and she must find a way to poach her. She had already decided to participate in the next season of ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’, but her child partner’s performance was really unsatisfactory. She had to find the right child star before they started shooting for the next season, otherwise the ratings of ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’ was destined to be beaten by the ratings of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.

After making up her mind, Faye began to scheme…

After walking around the stage with the dog, Carmen was very satisfied with her own performance. Halfway through, she turned her head and walked around again, making the guests laugh.

After Carmen went backstage, it was Harry’s turn as expected.

He attended Pourl’s product launch every year, so unsurprisingly, he came here with his giant poodle again.

It had been three years, and he brought along this dog every time. This year, Harry was still as amazing as ever. Both him and his dog were eye-catching. However, they had been the final act for many years now, so everyone was already tired of seeing them. Everyone just wanted the catwalk session to quickly end, so that everyone could go meet more celebrities.

Unexpectedly, after Harry finished his runway walk, everyone didn’t come out together to end the show. At the end of the T-shaped platform, a slender figure appeared. He walked from among the dark shadows into the brightly-lit area, causing his blurry figure to increasingly look clearer and clearer. The colorful lights above the T-shaped stage shrouded the figure, slowly delineating the outline of his figure, and a familiar face appeared in everyone’s eyes.

The lively press conference turned quiet at that moment.

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