My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 834

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 834

Why? Why?! Michael obviously belonged to her, so why did this woman named Scarlett snatch him from her? Did she think that she could enchant him just because she had the same face as Sophia? But there were dogs everywhere here, so Irene didn’t dare to do anything and could only hide in a corner. Sooner or later, Faye would teach Scarlett a lesson! Just you wait!

Sandra saw the opportunity and went toward Linus silently. “Hi, Linus, long time no see. Do you remember me?”

A few years had passed, and Sandra was no longer the ugly duckling who stammered in English all the time. She had now transformed into a white swan, and she believed Linus must be able to notice her.

Linus also saw Sandra, and he naturally remembered her. After all, she was Sophia’s cannon fodder. “Miss Mitchell! I hope that you’re well.” Linus raised a glass to Sandra.

Sandra was overjoyed, but she still stayed calm on the surface, and she inquired after the well-being of him and his pets. Linus had brought a big yellow dog over. His dog was very well-groomed, and with Pourl’s collar on its neck, it looked low-key luxurious. At this time, he was lying silently at Linus’s feet and dozing quietly.

“Wow, this Akita dog is so beautiful. Looking at its coat and appearance, it must be the offspring of a rare dog breed.” Sandra praised the dog enthusiastically.

Linus said, “…This is a Cethosian mutt.”

M-Mutt?! The corners of Sandra’s mouth twitched. The dignified vice president of Michel Group actually had a mutt as a pet?! She had already started this topic, so she had to continue talking about it no matter what. “Mutts are great… What’s its name?”

Linus said, “Its name is Blessing.”

The corners of Sandra’s mouth twitched again. Linus didn’t understand why everyone made such an expression when they heard that his dog was named Blessing. He liked this mutt. It looked fierce but it was cute. Plus, it understood humans extremely well and looked after his home. He had decided to stay in Cethos for a period of time, so he brought Blessing over. Blessing was more obedient and more clever than the other dogs at home. In addition, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with its name. In contrast, celebrities and rich ladies liked to call their dogs ‘Black’, ‘Lucky’, and ‘Lowell’. They sounded high class, but in Linus’s view, the name ‘Blessing’ was a way better name.

Sandra laughed nervously and continued to talk awkwardly, trying to find a common topic with Linus, but it proved difficult for her. “Mr. Linus, what kind of sports do you usually like to do?” It was easy for her to find common ground with him on this topic. She could talk about any sports that he was interested in as she was an athlete.

Linus said, “I’m an introvert, so I usually just play online games at home.”

Sandra responded, “Ahh… haha, I didn’t expect Mr. Linus’s hobby to be so trendy. Mr. Linus, it’s your first time coming to Bayside, so you must try some Bayside cuisine. I know of several restaurants…”

“Oh, I always cook and eat at home. I don’t like eating outside food,” Linus replied calmly.

Sandra pretended to be surprised. “Wow, I didn’t know that you knew how to cook! I wonder if I can have the honor of tasting your cooking?”

Linus frowned. “I’m afraid not. I only cook for my family.”

Sandra was speechless once again. Sophia had been eavesdropping, and she heard Linus trying to end the conversation several times. If Linus didn’t want to talk to others, he would be able to shut them up in a few words; if he was talking with people he liked, he could talk about everything and anything. She felt she had to go save him from this.

Sophia walked toward them with a glass of wine, interrupted their chat, and asked, “Uncle Linus, what are you guys talking about?”

Sandra felt unhappy when she heard Sophia calling him Uncle. She was the daughter of the coal miner. How could she be so bold as to call Linus ‘Uncle’?

But since Sophia took the initiative to come over, she had a great chance to embarrass her. She must teach Sophia a lesson especially in front of Linus so that she would not dare to try to get in good with Linus again. Although she already had a fiancé, Sandra had already regarded Linus as her prey the moment she saw him today!

Sandra spoke ahead of Linus. “We are discussing pets! Oh, yes, I specially brought my cat today to show it to you.” Sandra didn’t like pets, but she had pets. She then asked her assistant to bring over her pet. It was a medium-sized cat which was white with yellow stripes, and it looked like a leopard. It was very beautiful and his eyes were full of vigor. At first glance, he looked like an extraordinary spiritual beast.

“This is my pet, called ‘Lucky’. It’s a purebred leopard cat. Although it looks scary, it’s very docile and has a very high IQ.” The beautiful leopard cat immediately attracted the attention of a group of people, and they came over to look at it. It was indeed a beautiful cat!

While the assistant held her cat, Sandra said proudly, “This cat breed can only be found in one African country, and only 20 cats are born each year. The original owner of Lucky is the prime minister of a European country. We hit it off on our first meeting, so he gave me Lucky as a gift.”

Everyone was amazed. This cat had such an amazing background!

Linus, too, was watching. Well… although its name was lame, it was indeed a beautiful little cat. But he faintly felt that Sandra had other intentions besides just simply showing off her pet.

Sure enough, when more and more people came over to look at Lucky, Sandra asked Sophia, “Scarlett, where’s your cat?”

Sophia knew that she was waiting to embarrass her! If she called over her cat, and her cat was not as expensive as hers, wouldn’t she be looked down upon? She had many cats, and all of them were big orange cats. She had a few imported big orange cats such as Garfield, Sunset, and Scorchy, as well as a few large domestic orange cats.

Sophia held the wine glass elegantly and replied, “Cat? I have a big orange cat. It was there just now, but I don’t know where it is now.”

Big orange cat? How lame! Of course, Sandra didn’t let her off the hook. “Well then, why don’t you bring your big orange cat over and let me have a look!”

Sophia was in a quandary. “No thanks. My orange cat is not worth looking at at all. It’s just a common and ordinary orange cat.”

Even then, Sandra continued to pressure her. “Everyone is here today to bond over pets. You have a pet, so you should bring it over! Hurry up and bring it over so that I can take a look!”

Feeling helpless, Sophia had no choice but to ask someone to find her big orange cat. Sandra and a rich lady sneered, waiting to see Sophia’s local cat. After waiting for about ten minutes, she finally saw Sophia’s long-overdue big orange cat.

Sophia’s ‘big orange cat’ had golden, shiny hair. It was 2.5 meters in length, and it had well-developed limbs, sharp claws, and a thick mane on its neck. When it entered the hall, it opened its mouth and yawned so loud that it shocked the audience.


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