My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 835

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 835

As soon as Sophia’s ‘big orange cat’ came out, the audience instantly fell silent. The whole room was silent as everyone looked at it.

The big orange cat walked briskly behind Sophia. Its golden hair was shining, and it was exquisite and domineering. He was big and had a very toned body. It was evident that it led a very comfortable and great life.

Sophia took her 2.5-meter-long orange cat to the stunned Sandra, and said, “This is Barney. It’s an orange cat. Feel free to touch it if you like.”

Sandra looked at Barney, her face pale with fright. Forgetting her image, she screamed, “It’s a lion!”

This was no orange cat. This was a lion!

It was a male lion, an adult male lion!

Sandra backed away in fright, and many of the guests were also frightened by the ‘orange cat’ and backed away.

Although lions were also cats, the difference between lions and cats was huge!

Sophia rubbed Barney’s mane and smiled. “It’s okay, it doesn’t bite. Don’t scream so loudly. It’s very cowardly, and it’s still a baby.”

As soon as the big orange cat came out, it successfully stunned the audience. After Sophia walked her cat around the venue for a while, she asked someone to bring it away.

Everyone’s exchanges continued, but every time they saw Sophia, they couldn’t help but think of her ‘big orange cat’, and the look in their eyes changed.

A woman who dared to raise such a big ‘orange cat’ was indeed extraordinary.

Frightened by the orange cat, Sandra did not dare to talk to Sophia again and avoided her with her leopard cat.

However, many wealthy people came to ask about the origin of the big orange cat. It had been legal to raise lions and tigers as pets in Cethos for more than 20 years ago, but the procedures were very complicated, and the permit was difficult to obtain. The types that could be raised were also very limited, and few people dared to raise lions and tigers.

Sophia was also the first among the famous people in Bayside City to raise a lion. Many celebrities were very interested in raising a lion, and Sophia also patiently explained the origin of the lion.

Sophia’s lion had been raised by Cooper for two years, and it was one of the few legally bred lions. It was born in Africa’s largest lion-raising circle. This lion-raising circle had been raising lions for more than two hundred years. Barney’s ancestors had been domesticated since two hundred years ago, and now they were as docile as a dog.

It had taken a few months for them to get their permit, so it had not been easy for Barney to come to Cethos.

Michael frowned on one side. Another big orange cat! And this one is bigger than Bubbles!

Bubbles is the size of ten cats, while this lion is the size of one hundred cats!

Raising it will be equivalent to raising more than 100 orange cats. Oh heavens!

Sophia and the celebrities continued to exchange their experiences on raising a big orange cat.

The exchanges went on harmoniously, but Sophia suddenly saw a lot of people coming in from outside. They seemed to be emergency doctors, and an ambulance had even arrived outside.

The doctor came in anxiously, looked around their surroundings, and said anxiously, “Who called the hospital and said that he was bitten by a dog?!”

Someone was bitten by a dog?!

Because today was a luxury pet goods conference, there were many pets present, including large dogs. What Sophia was most afraid of was dogs biting people, so she had already reminded the customers to take good care of their dogs.

Those who could buy luxury goods for their dogs usually could afford to hire an assistant. Generally speaking, there should be no accidents, but once an accident happened, Pourl would be the one responsible for it, and the reputation of Pourl would also be affected.

Moreover, she did not hear any commotion although someone was bitten by a dog. Under normal circumstances, wouldn’t one call for help if such a thing happened? There was also a special medical team at the scene to deal with emergencies. Why did they have to call 911?

It wasn’t until an ambulance came that Sophia knew that there was a problem at her product launch.

“Doctor, over here!”

A girl ran out anxiously and shouted to the 911 emergency personnel who came, “My boss, Miss Faye, was bitten by a dog! She’s bleeding a lot. Hurry up and save her!”

That girl was one of Faye’s assistants.

The assistant led the emergency personnel to the direction of the bathroom. Sophia hurriedly followed, and when she reached the bathroom, she saw Faye with blood all over one of her legs.

Faye’s face was weak and pale, and she cried pitifully as if she was about to die. Then, she was carried away by the medical staff. Her bloody thigh was placed in front of everyone, and she looked miserable.

She lay on the stretcher, crying hopelessly and helplessly.

“Faye was bitten by a dog!”

“Oh my god, how could such a thing happen!?”

The guests started whispering among themselves.

Sophia looked fiercely in the direction she was leaving.

Faye, you b*tch!

Sure enough, she had come to mess up her product launch.

If she was really bitten by a dog, why didn’t she shout for help?

If she was really injured, why did she hide silently in the bathroom and call 911 for first aid? She should have a car herself. Wouldn’t it be faster for her to go to the hospital by car?

Although there were many loopholes, the news of Faye being bitten by a dog at Pourl’s new product launch still spread around. It was said that Pourl’s mismanagement and loss of control on the scene caused the popular star Faye to be bitten by a dog.

This had a terrible impact on Pourl’s reputation.

Even after Faye was carried away for a long time, Sophia still had on a sour face.

The scene was chaotic, and many guests left early. Thus, the product launch ended ahead of schedule. Sophia was busy sending the guests off, and although she was still smiling, she was furious deep down inside.

Michael had been following Sophia. Knowing the seriousness of the incident, he patted Sophia on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay. You know Faye’s secrets.”

If she released Faye’s secrets, Faye would basically have to bid farewell to the entertainment industry.

Cooper was also angry when he saw that his daughter’s product launch had been ruined.

How he wished he could take revenge in her stead, but Sophia didn’t seem to like him interfering with her matters for no good reason. He waited by the side, waiting for his baby to ask for help. On the other hand, he wanted to see how Sophia would deal with this crisis this time.

Irene and Sandra deliberately waited until everyone was almost gone before they came out leisurely to say goodbye.

“Miss Scarlett, if you need legal aid, give me a call. I have a very good lawyer here who I can introduce to you. I guarantee that Faye won’t be able to win against you.”

Sophia said with a cold face, “Please send off the guests.”

Sandra and Irene, who were enjoying Sophia’s misfortune, were sent away. Only some staff and her men were left in the previously lively press conference.

Just now, Sophia was busy sending guests off. The moment she spun around and sat down to take a sip of water, she received a call from Faye’s assistant.

“Miss Scarlett, Miss Faye is in the hospital now, and her thigh was injured very badly. She was bitten by your husky and we have it on video, so be prepared to be sued by us. By the way, if you don’t want the pet luxury brand you just took over to be ruined, you must sign a contract to have your daughter work as a child star under Miss Faye—”


Sophia hung up the phone without saying a word.

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