My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 840

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 840

Faye was blinded by rage earlier, but now that Sandra had given her an idea, enthusiasm instantly flooded her. She’s right. At present, I can only retaliate in this manner! After making up her mind, she hurriedly contacted her lawyer to commit daylight robbery by demanding a king’s ransom! It’ll be great if she agrees since I’ll be recouping all the damages I’ve suffered. However, if she refuses, I can continue kicking up a fuss, too!

Meanwhile, when the press conference had ended, Sophia said to Michael, “Let’s go for dinner! My treat.”

My goddess is offering to treat me to dinner? With just the two of us? Michael was inwardly ecstatic, but outwardly, he maintained a nonchalant expression. “Are you sure? Didn’t Dad say to come home early for dinner?” he reminded, sounding conflicted.

Cooper’s love for Sophia was so overwhelming that he’d have eyes on her 24/7 if possible. Despite the press conference on this day, he still called every half an hour to inquire about her. But to be fair, if it were Carmen who’d gone out, Michael, the gray-haired old father, would definitely be pacing anxiously as well.

However, Sophia was already walking away. “It’s fine. I’ll just give him a call. Let’s go to Uncle Sam’s Crimson House for dinner.” Thus, Michael briskly followed.

At home, when Cooper learned that Sophia wasn’t coming home for dinner, his face turned as black as charcoal. Nonetheless, he said nothing, merely asking her to come home earlier.

In Crimson House’s best private room, a candlestick sat on the dining table. As the candlelight flickered, an intimate and romantic air enveloped the place amidst the elegant strains of piano. The two people at the table clinked glasses lightly, creating a tinkling sound. Thereafter, Sophia raised her glass slightly with a single hand and sipped from it.

As they ate, they talked in a low voice, their topics ranging from the stock market to real estate besides also talking about the interesting things Michael encountered during his filming throughout the years. In fact, they talked about everything under the sun.

Sophia listened attentively, interjecting and laughing occasionally. Having indulged in red wine, her petite face was stained with a hint of scarlet, her eyes slightly glassy. Her glazed eyes seemed as though they held an infinite ocean, rendering her entire person immensely breathtakingly.

“How’s the performance of the stock I recommended to you the other day?” Michael asked, raising his glass.

Sophia ordered medium-well steak but found it rather dismal after eating some, so she left half of it uneaten. Jabbing the remaining half with her fork from time to time, she answered, “Not bad. It’s doing good, having gone up quite a bit, so I made a little over ten million. By the way, when are you planning to send Carmen to kindergarten?”

Speaking of their child, the two of them turned solemn. Michael replied, “Carmen is almost two and a half years old, so it’s about time for her to attend kindergarten. She’s definitely going to kindergarten since children need to mix with their peers.”

Then, he lamented, “I raised Nate, but in an attempt to protect him, I’ve never had him attend kindergarten. I employed an early education expert and gave him the best education, yet he’s been isolated since young, with few friends. He doesn’t like talking to people either… It’s all on me.”

Finally, he asserted, “Thus, Carmen has to attend kindergarten. She can’t be too isolated, so I had Hale drop his kid off at our place.”

Recently, Sophia had noticed that Villa No. 8 had seen an increase in the number of children who stuck to Carmen every day. Having so many friends to play with, she wasn’t even interested in coming home anymore. Michael is truly a tender and considerate person!

When she snapped back to reality, she saw that Michael had already taken her half-eaten steak, which she couldn’t quite bring herself to finish yet didn’t want to waste, and he was eating it with relish. “Why did you do that?” Shock inundated her.

However, Michael was used to it. Not only did he finish her half-eaten steak, but he also ate her unfinished fruit salad. “You had a difficult life when you were young, often having no food to eat, so you cherish food a lot. When you go out for a meal, you only order what you want to eat, but you become distressed when you can’t finish the food at times. You don’t want to waste it, yet you find it troublesome to request for takeaway, so you force yourself to finish it.”

For that reason, he then became her recycle bin for unfinished food. He would often be seen eating her unfinished steak, the coriander in her beef noodles, and the green pepper she disliked in her shredded meat dish. Of course, he knew that she loathed wasting food, probably because she was once destitute, at the mercy of others for even a bite of clean and fresh rice in the past. Hence, she was still exceedingly thrifty even after having money to her name, food wastage her pet peeve.

Sophia froze for a moment before she smiled, not knowing what to say in response. When he’d finished her half-eaten steak and fruit salad, she asked in curiosity, with a hand resting on her cheek, “Back then, I was just a pet you bought. Why have you always been so good to me?”

Upon hearing this, Michael knew that Cooper had given her a fake story again. In Cooper’s mouth, he’d probably become a shameless old man who spent 80,000 to purchase her so that he could ravage her every day.

However, Sophia knew that Cooper’s version of events wasn’t true. Michael had always regarded her as family, a fact that he’d never once concealed.

“Bought? Never once have I said that I bought you. I merely offered ten million as bride price to marry you. We’re a legally married couple.”

After he was done eating, Michael suddenly said, “Oh yes, there’s something I’ve been meaning to give you.” He then took out a card from his wallet and slid it over to Sophia. While the card was preserved nicely with a plastic sleeve, one could still tell that it was a few years old. The words Bayside University were printed on the card, while Sophia’s name was written at the corner with a ballpoint pen.

“What is this?” Sophia questioned, curious.

His lips curving upward, Michael replied with a smile, “This is the meal card you used when you attended Bayside University. There’s still money in there, so remember to go and use it when you’re free. After all, you were still thinking about the remaining money when you took your graduation photo!”

After having been poor for half her life, Sophia was done with poverty. Back then, she practically killed herself to get into Bayside University just because Bayside University provided top students a generous meal subsidy. Meals and accommodation would be free of charge, while tuition could be covered with a student loan. This was so perfect for her that it all sounded like a dream.

Although she was already making money when she got into Bayside University, she abandoned the thought of eating all the delicious food out there, going to the cafeteria instead when she could do so since the subsidy issued was in the meal card! When she left upon graduation, she was very much reluctant because she hadn’t yet finished the money within the meal card!

Sophia stared at the meal card while listening to Michael speak of its history, bursting into giggles every so often. Out of the blue, she stood up and suggested, “It’s still early, so let’s go to Bayside University now and finish the money in the meal card. There’s no time like the present!”

Without a word of objection, Michael slipped on his jacket and offered, “I’ll lead the way.”

Since Sophia had declared that she’d be paying, it was certainly a done deal. Anyhow, Michael felt that he was a kept man now, merely waiting for her to foot the bill. As he followed her out of Crimson House like a puppy, he remarked, “Back then, you wholeheartedly hoped that you could make money and support me one day, making me a kept man.” Now, she’s finally getting her wish!

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