My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 847

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 847

The events unfolded one after the other according to plan. Just when the case with Faye’s tax evasion was finally beginning to subside and the public was on the verge of turning their attention to something else, Pourl made a move to sue Faye for scamming. In effect, they were using the whole ordeal with Faye as an opportunity to market their brand.

Since Faye admitted that she didn’t earn as much as fifty million per month, the fact that she requested a compensation of fifty million from Pourl would be a scam. The list for compensation was done by Faye’s team, which listed out in black and white each of the items that were being compensated for. Compensation for medical bills and mental anguish didn’t even amount to a million, while the rest were all compensation for loss of income. Faye had no way of denying any of the claims, as it was listed out on paper.

The lawsuit caught Faye unawares. It wasn’t until then that she realized she had fallen into a trap. Right after the people from the tax bureau were done with her, the police would come knocking on her door as well. It was all a meticulously planned trap for Faye that was set into motion ever since she requested a fifty million compensation. All Sophia had to do was wait for Faye to fall deeper into the trap.

Pourl set up a social media page just for that single event, on which their first post was the police report they filed against Faye. Of course, she came to know of it quickly. Pourl made sure to keep a high profile; they went as far as to make it live on the web, as if reminding Faye to brace herself. Meanwhile, the police would soon be knocking on Faye’s door, so she quickly gave Vincent and Sandra a call, as it was Sandra’s idea to make the outrageous request for compensation.

The incident quickly alarmed the Edwards and the Mitchells, as they placed a lot of importance on Faye and Vincent’s marriage. As soon as the two main families came into union through marital ties, it meant both families would effectively be considered as one. However, it also meant that Cooper would unscrupulously work against that union, as a union between Alex Mitchell and the Edwards would put him at a disadvantage. In short, Scarlett would be targeting both Faye and Sandra as both were the key to the union of both families, which was precisely why neither family would sit out of it.

Soon, news broke that the Mitchells and the Edwards spent an astronomical amount to hire ten or so lawyers from both local and abroad to form a team that would work on Faye’s case. The intense lawsuit went on for two months, and by the end of it, Faye was determined as innocent. Both the Mitchells and the Edwards spent a lot of money on the case; just the attorney fees alone amounted to an impressive sum. Besides, they wouldn’t have been able to pull through this if it weren’t for their connections.

After the case was closed, Faye gave Sophia a call to gloat. “Scarlett, you should know that both the Mitchells and the Edwards agreed to teach you a lesson. Extras like your father and you should never have returned! Neither the Edwards nor the Mitchells will let you off the hook that easily, nor will you have any chance at winning this feud! Scram back to where you came from!”

However, Sophia mocked, “Thank you for endorsing our products for free. We owe you one for Pourl’s booming business.”

When Faye heard that, she was so furious that she hung up. Meanwhile, Sophia was expanding her business, whereas the marketing team that Cooper recommended seized the opportunity to market the company’s products when news regarding Faye’s case was the trending topic. Their combined efforts helped to boost Pourl’s reputation greatly.

On the other hand, Ivan and his team managed to come up with brilliant designs that swept multiple international awards, which helped to consolidate his status within the industry. In short, Pourl was thriving.

It was within Sophia’s expectations that both the Edwards and the Mitchells would do their best to protect Faye at all cost. After all, Sophia was Cooper’s daughter, while Faye was the daughter-in-law of the Mitchells, so anything she did to Faye was bound to be perceived as a slight to the Mitchells. Therefore, it was no longer just a matter between Sophia and Faye, but also a feud between both Cooper and Alex.

However, she didn’t ask for help from Cooper regarding the matter, as the latter was busy expanding his local business while soliciting the support of other Mitchells. In fact, Sophia preferred to focus on being Cooper’s witty sidekick while working on expanding her own business related to pet products. She liked her career pertaining to pet luxury goods, and would soon be expanding into more areas regarding pets by the coming year.

Pourl’s office and design studio was moved to the second floor of its flagship store. The building was a gift from Sam, but Sophia only held onto a single floor to be used by Pourl, while the rest were rented out. The offices and shoplots in the building were mostly bought off by Cooper, with the branch family being based upstairs, while the local HQ of Michel Group had just moved into the building next to them. After all, Cooper wanted nothing more than to keep watch on his precious daughter 24/7 every day of the week.

On this day, Michale brought Judge with him to Sophia’s shop. As soon as Judge saw Sophia, it began barking. After leaving The Imperial, Judge was sent back to Stanley’s place. The latter just bought a mansion beside the sea, with Sean settling down in another mansion next to his, so they could take over looking after Judge.

Judge became the only doggo in the house, but despite the fact that everybody doted on it, Judge was still feeling dissatisfied. It missed Sophia and Michael since it had grown attached to them and the place that it spent a few years living in. Not only was the orange cat not with it in the new place, neither was Sophia the loli there; both of them were being perceived by Judge as its subjects. Nowadays, the lion had stepped in to seize everyone and everything away from Judge, which made it unhappy, to say the least.

Woof! Judge was barking non-stop. Caressing its head, Sophia asked Michael, “Why is Judge barking so much?”

Michael replied, “Perhaps it’s because Judge wants to come back to The Imperial since it’s now living alone by the sea. Stanley spends a lot of time away from home, so Judge might be feeling a little lonely.”

“But Judge doesn’t want to play with Barney,” Sophia said with a frown.

Judge was still barking when Ivan opened the door to the design studio. Right now, Barney was having its measurements taken inside as Sophia wanted to make Barney an outfit. Upon seeing Barney, Judge quickly cowered behind Michael with its ears flattened. On the other hand, Ivan was slightly nervous upon receiving such a large animal in his studio for the first time, but he quickly got used to it.

Ever since business expanded, Pourl had been taking on other more exotic pets aside from the normal ones, including golden pythons, groundhogs, koalas, alpacas, kangaroos, monkeys, squirrels, ostriches and even giant earthworms. They also had a century-old tortoise waiting outside, as its owner was planning on giving it a golden tattoo on its shell.

In the meantime, Sophia was going through the datas of recent clients to get a grasp on the latest trending pets among the upper class society in Bayside City. However, Michael was watching in trepidation as he didn’t want her getting any weird ideas on buying any other exotic pets, as in most cases, he would end up being the one taking care of them. Therefore, he quickly redirected her attention. “You used to like dogs when you were younger, and you had a dog that you kept for ten years!”

He succeeded in capturing Sophia’s attention. “Oh, is that so? What was the dog’s name?”

Michael recalled Sophia having told him about a dog she kept when she was living with her grandmother. With how smart it was, it helped to find aluminium cans in bins whenever Sophia went scavenging for trash. Michael went on for a while with the story. “You kept the dog with you for many years until it passed away of old age.”

However, the truth was that after Sophia’s grandmother had passed away, she moved into her uncle’s place with the dog. When her cousin bullied her, the dog bit him so hard that it tore off a chunk of his flesh. After that, the dog was beaten to death before being used to boil soup that ended up as nourishment for her cousin.

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