My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 849

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 849

Sophia retorted without hesitation, “I’m sorry, as I won’t be able to come. Still, I wish you a happy marriage!”

On the other end of the call, Faye couldn’t help but chuckle in complacency. “Scarlett, are you worried that you might cry after witnessing my marital bliss?”

Without holding back at all, Sophia snapped, “You’re right! I’m so jealous of you, so I will make sure to ruin your wedding. Also, I will never allow the union to happen, so I will do my best to trash it! Your wedding will become the laughing stock for everyone!”

As soon as she said so, Faye burst out laughing. “Hahaha! Scarlett, you’re too full of yourself! Both the Edwards and the Mitchells placed a lot of importance on the wedding, so you won’t even come close to thrashing it! Haha, I will be sending you the invitation, so come trash our wedding if you can!”

With a nod, Sophia replied, “Sure, just you wait! I will make sure your wedding goes down the drain!” Hanging up, Sophia cast her phone to the side before lying down on the sofa to organize her thoughts. Linus was cooking in the kitchen, whereas Carmen and Cooper were playing with toy blocks while the latter had his hair tied up in two stubs. As Carmen was familiar with building houses with the toy blocks, she could do so with much ease.

Michael never slacked when it came to Carmen’s education. Although she had yet to start attending kindergarten, she could already speak in four languages fluently. She also learned to dive and roller skate, while Michael also took time to go on trips with Carmen on their private jet. However, the presence of family was also important for the education of a child. While Michael had a hard time attending to every single need of the child back then, things were easier now that Sophia and her family were there to help.

As they were playing, Cooper was able to teach her a lot of things, and he was also able to let her practice speaking, so Sophia had it much easier, for all she needed to do was play with Carmen after work.

“How do you plan to trash their wedding?” Michael overheard Sophia’s conversation with Faye when he came for dinner in his pajamas after a shower.

Propping herself up, Sophia smiled before replying, “What will you do if you ever see someone you dislike getting fed sht without knowing it was in fact a pile of sht?”

With a frown on his face, Michael imagined the situation. Well, I figure I would remind him about it only after he ate it!


Faye’s wedding was held as scheduled. The occasion would last for three whole days, which was a feat that shook the entire nation. Before the wedding, Faye’s team already began publicizing it. It was as if they wanted the whole world to know about their wedding, as well as the unbreakable bond forged through the amalgamation of two prestigious families. A lot of celebrities and people of status were invited, and Faye would occasionally post a photo of her in her wedding gown as a means to showcase the progress of the wedding preparations. Meanwhile, all of the publications served to help market her new movie.

Sophia wore a cruel smile on her face while reading through those articles regarding the glorious wedding on the Internet. After that, she made a call. “You can now release all 28 gigabytes of the data.”


During the first day of their wedding, Edwards Island was buzzing with activity. After the three-day ceremony, the guests would be ferried back to Bayside City on a luxury cruise owned by the Edwards. The entire wedding cost hundreds of millions, making it the event of the century. To celebrate the occasion, both the Edwards and the Mitchells had invited a lot of important partners to witness it.

The scale of the wedding was absolutely unprecedented. The entire island was covered with flowers. Also, Faye’s outfit cost a good forty million. Other than the thousands of prominent guests present, they also commissioned a renowned Hollywood director to direct and produce a clip to be showcased during the ceremony. Such was the grandiose of a rich person’s wedding.

The ceremony of the first day ended without a hitch. The next few days would be followed with banquets, cocktail parties, balls and performances. Shockingly, the performers were all world-renowned artists who rejoiced in being invited to the wedding.

While the Edwards and the Mitchells were busy promoting the wedding as the event of the century, a 28 gigabyte compressed folder which contained a ton of incredible videos was being uploaded onto the largest legal overseas pornsite.

All of the videos were of a woman having sex with her face clearly shown. There were a variety of genres, ranging from normal sex to hardcore fetishes. Soon, the female lead was quickly being pointed out as Faye Edwards, the hotshot celebrity of Cethos. All 28 gigabytes of videos were of her having unscrupulous sex with all manner of subjects.

Aside from Faye, prominent figures such as Richard Harper of the Harper Group and another hotshot celebrity called Nicholas Yates were also captured on the videos. Almost all of the younger men and women who were managed by her studio were forced to have sex with her.

The videos were uploaded when Faye and Vincent were exchanging their rings. Such impeccable timing made it obvious that this was an act of blatant mockery. Meanwhile, a bunch of self-proclaimed experts downloaded the videos to determine if those uploaded contents were true. They did such a meticulous job of it, which resulted in them being able to firmly determine that the woman featured in all the videos were in fact none other than Faye Edwards herself.

All of the videos indicated the time and location of filming, with the most recent one being filmed in a bridal shop. It showed Faye—dressed in her wedding gown that Vincent spent a huge fortune on—having sex with a man. According to the officially released material, the gown was worth tens of millions. Although it was Faye who wore the gown, the man who was having sex with her sure didn’t seem to be Vincent.

News regarding the videos were being spread around like wildfire. Initially, they were only circulated on foreign websites, but within a span of few hours, it infiltrated the websites in Cethos. Meanwhile, the wedding of the century was proceeding as planned on the island. After the ceremony in the day, there would be a banquet by night. In the meantime, the videos were being spread onto all major local websites in UHD quality.

There were a lot of similar scandals among female celebrities, which in some cases were deliberately done in order to attain a certain level of fame. However, Faye’s case was different, for it was a stark contrast to her clean public image as seen through news regarding her wedding, which made the scandal all the more shocking and exciting.

In order to get Faye to marry into their family, the Mitchells had spent a lot of money, going as far as to exhaust their connections ever since she was involved in the lawsuit. All the while, Vincent was constantly showing her his support and love. Occasionally, the couple would even show off their love by showering each other with expensive gifts.

They made sure that their wedding was publicly known, and by allowing the world to know that Vincent married Faye, the release of those videos also in effect announced the fact that Vincent was cuckolded through and through. Furthermore, he essentially brought this upon himself, for it was too late to hide the scandal now, not when he had made sure that the wedding was being publicized so heavily!

Due to the differences in time zones, the fact that time was needed for the so-called experts to determine the authenticity of the videos, the hasty removal of the videos due to them being regarded as indecent, and also the isolated condition of the island, a delay in the passing of information was being resulted. Thus, it wasn’t until the next day that the guests saw the videos.

When it was time for the cocktail party in the morning, the guests were already gossiping about it, but none dared confront the newly married couple. It was their wedding after all, so it didn’t seem nice to dump such a scandal in their faces.

In the meantime, Sophia’s private jet landed on the island. As a member of the Mitchells, she figured she should bear witness to the wedding of the century, or else, as what Faye told her, it wouldn’t be complete.

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