My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 851

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 851

Faye and Vincent came to the venue together. Just like the day before, Faye sported delicate make-up, and her white wedding dress perfectly outlined her curvy figure. Although she was still greeting the guests in a gentle and elegant manner, it was apparent to everyone else that her body was stiff, and she was walking in a strange way.

On the other hand, standing beside Faye, Vincent still appeared to be confident, as though he had no clue what had happened. In reality, the scandal was already taking a toll on him.

They still appeared to be lovey-dovey, but deep down inside, Vincent was burning with rage as he wanted to strangle her on the spot. Despite the fact that he was utterly ashamed of the scandal, he had to go on with the wedding.

Just then, Jordan and Alex arrived at the venue together and headed straight to Cooper.

The island was located on the Pacific Ocean within the territory of Demarca. It was also the property of Vincent and Faye. Since Demarca had been gripped by internal conflicts recently, they had arranged enough troops and firepower on the island. However, they had never expected that Cooper was bold enough to deploy a naval ship and submarines, which were enough to take control of Demarca.

Twenty years had passed, but Cooper remained the mad man who would destroy his opponents at all costs, even if he had to be brought down as well in the process. If a missile was dropped on this island, all of the important members of the Edwards and the Mitchells would be dead. Cooper thought of himself as only one man, so the sacrifice would be worth it.

Even though Jordan and Alex were enraged, they had to pretend to be gentle while dealing with Cooper.

“Hey Cooper, we haven’t met for more than twenty years!” Feigning surprise, Jordan clinked glasses with Cooper.

In an impassive manner, Cooper replied, “It’s nice to meet you again after so many years.”

They were beating around the bush as though they were clueless about what had happened. In reality, they were eager to kill each other on the spot.

Cooper understood that it was impossible for Phantom Wolf to snatch Sophia from the Fletchers and the Winstons without the help of a local in the past, and that local was Jordan.

While people of the older generation were having a chat, the young people gathered in another place.

At that moment, Sophia was taking a rest with Barney under the umbrella. Sarah was very fond of Sophia’s pet, so she kept stroking the lion until its fur was in a mess.

“Oh, my goodness. It’s so cute!” In an envious manner, Sarah rubbed her face against the lion’s fur. In fact, she had kept a lion in Harry’s mansion in Africa, but the animal retained its wild nature. When it was set free a few years ago, it almost killed Faye. On the other hand, Sophia’s pet had been domesticated for a long time, so it was now as obedient as a dog.

With her sunglasses on, Sophia was drinking a glass of juice when she caught a glimpse of Faye and Vincent, who were entertaining other guests, but they did not have the courage to walk up to Sophia. Faye would never dare to go near her.

Just then, a dark figure whizzed past Sophia and charged at Faye, who screamed in response.

It was Judge, who seemed to have figured out the culprit who framed it. The scandal had affected its reputation negatively in the dog model field. As a result, it had to go through the painful process of being vaccinated and almost lost its job as a dog model. Seeing the culprit, it decided that it had to bite her on this day.

Fortunately, Hale, who was beside Michael, stepped on the dog leash in time, thus preventing this ordeal from happening. However, Judge was still barking at Faye like a mad dog, which caused her wine to splash and soak her dress. At that instant, she was hiding behind Vincent in a pitiful manner.

Although Vincent was disdainful of her now, he had to endure this three-day wedding no matter what. As her husband, he chided, “Scarlett, look what your dog has done!”

Under the umbrella, Sophia put down her wine glass and rose from the recliner. As she walked over in her stilettos, her fair skin glowed under the hot sun in the climate of the Pacific Ocean.

Reaching them, she took off her sunglasses and flashed a smile at them. “Mind your language. According to the family tree, I’m your aunt.”

Loathing Sophia as much as he hated Faye, Vincent snorted. “Can you even be considered a member of the Mitchell Family?” She had found out what Faye was like, and what the latter had done, but she never warned me about it earlier. However, during my wedding, she decided to expose the video and made me the laughing stock of the whole world. I’m gonna kill her!

With a frown, Sophia chuckled. “Are you blaming me, your aunt, for not reminding you earlier? Since you’ve bought a car that’s worth a hundred million for her, it proves that you really love her. I thought she’d change! It’s alright though. Now that she has learned her lesson, she will be a good wife and never do anything immoral again.”

“Scarlett Mitchell!” Vincent growled as he was on the brink of losing control. He had tried very hard to calm himself down, but Sophia’s words enraged him.

His growl attracted the attention of the other guests. Although they didn’t go over immediately, they were staring at him, awaiting a good show.

One of the Mitchells immediately rushed over and took Vincent’s arm so that he wouldn’t embarrass himself further. Panting heavily, Vincent composed himself and said through gritted teeth, “Aunt Scarlett, thanks for your lesson.”

Sophia put her sunglasses back on to hide the coldness in her eyes. “Give me your contact number later. I’ll send you more shocking videos of your wife that have yet to be exposed. Don’t worry. I won’t keep any copy.”

Vincent was so incensed that he wanted to kill Sophia on the spot. Nevertheless, he couldn’t do anything to her, so with his eyes reddened, he clenched his teeth and said, “Thanks, Aunt Scarlett.”

Suddenly, Sophia’s voice turned stern. “Vincent, as a member of the Mitchell Family, you have to remember our ancestors’ teachings. You are framed by your opponents not because they’re too sly, but because…” She then poked his chest and continued in a glacial tone, “You are too weak.”

The veins on Vincent’s forehead popped as he gnashed his teeth together. He was known to be a ruthless businessman who had helped save Alex’s business empire. Even if he was a seasoned man, he was still being cheated on by a woman. Never had he imagined before that the woman he was to marry was this kind of person.

He was fooled by Faye and her family members. Before this, she was presented to him as an innocent girl who came from a privileged family, but he could not have expected that she was actually a slut.

“You’re right, Aunt Scarlett.” Vincent was on the verge of tearing up. At this moment, he hated Sophia, but he was more resentful of Faye and the Edwards.

After giving him a lesson, Sophia turned to Faye and shouted, “And you, Faye. I’ve gathered enough evidence to prove that you’ve falsely accused Judge of biting you. Just get ready to go to jail. You will not be spared the consequences of committing a fraud. Hopefully, the Edwards and the Mitchells will still try to save you by then.”

Although Faye was trembling, she still tried to keep herself calm and pretended to be innocent. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The sunglasses had concealed the emotion behind Sophia’s gaze, but her lips were seen curving into a contemptuous smile. “Do you remember that during the freshers’ week at Bayside University, I broke your nose with a punch?”

Faye was startled. Now that she recalled that period of time in her life, she realized that only one person had broken her nose before.

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