My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 853

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 853

Growling, a lion soaked in blood jumped into the venue, pinning down the woman who just rushed in, and started gnawing at her neck. At that instant, blood spread across the floor. The crowd immediately broke into a panic and started screaming.

Sophia was stupefied, as this was her first time seeing a lion biting a human. Moreover, Barney was the only lion on the island.

At the moment, Barney’s fur was covered in blood, and its eyes were bloodshot. With its wild nature ignited, it was now acting like a wild beast from the forest. Its sharp claws were pressed firmly against the woman’s neck.

The blood-soaked woman’s scream cut across the tranquility of the night. No matter how hard she tried to struggle, she was no match for the beast.

“Barney!” Sophia yelled.

Oblivious to her call, Barney clawed at the woman’s body and dug its teeth into her flesh.

“Back off! Back off!” Cooper came to his senses and pulled Sophia away. Now, she could do nothing but watch her lion turn into a human-eating beast.

Just then, another beast covered in blood leaped into the venue and spat something out from its mouth—a bloodied head, which rolled on the ground. It was probably the most frightening sight these people had ever seen in their lives; some guests passed out on the spot.

After making out whose head it was, someone shouted, “It’s Faye’s!”

The Mitchells and the Edwards turned to look at it and confirmed that it was indeed Faye’s head. The beast that was holding Faye’s head a moment ago was the husky that had harmed her before.

“The lion and the dog are eating humans!” The sight was beyond everyone’s wildest imagination.

When Stanley saw his dog jumping into the venue with a human head in its mouth, his legs turned to jelly.

After Judge hurled the head away, it started barking at other guests like a mad dog, making it resemble a wild wolf. Ignoring Stanley’s yell, it kept barking and was ready to bite.

“Judge, what’s happened to you? I’m your daddy!” Stanley tried to approach his dog.

As though Stanley was a threat, the dog growled and went into an attacking posture.

All of a sudden, more than ten bodyguards in black charged into the place and started smashing at Judge with the weapons in their hands. Judge turned around and launched itself at them. Then, three bodyguards rushed over and smacked its head.

Right then, more men in black advanced into the place and started attacking Judge and Barney. With rods in their hands, they were trying to kill those animals.

With her eyes widened, Sophia stared at the sight right before her eyes, but she couldn’t even utter a word. A dark memory from the past sprang back into her mind, and she started tearing up as her mind went blank.

“Stan! Sean!” Michael charged forward. Although he had no idea what happened to the animals, it was apparent to him that the other party was trying to destroy the evidence. If Barney and Judge were dead, the death of Faye would remain a mystery forever.

Justin, who had been waiting outside the door, rushed in and started shooting his tranquilizer gun at Barney. After Barney was paralyzed, Michael ran over with some people to protect the animal.

After Judge was shot as well, it fell to the ground and panted heavily. With its fur soaked in red, it was hard to tell whether it was its own blood or Faye’s.

Gazing at the paralyzed Judge, Stanley fell into a dazed state. Upon wiping his tears off, he lifted the animal off the floor and went to the veterinarian. Fortunately, Cooper had brought a veterinarian along because he was afraid that Barney wouldn’t be able to get used to the climate on the island.

Finally, the situation was under control. Lying on the ground, Barney’s 2.5 meters-long body was bathed in blood, some flesh still hanging on its claws. The neck of the woman who rushed in moments ago was still stuck between its teeth. Blood was still streaming out from her neck, but she was no longer breathing.

On the other side of the floor lay a bloodied human head.

All of the guests were dumbfounded as they had never expected this to happen. While they were approaching the animals, one of them shouted, “Kill these two human-eating beasts!”

Sophia brushed off her tears. Of course, she would never believe that Barney would suddenly turn into a human-eating beast. It was sleeping in the room a while ago, guarded by some men. Why would it suddenly run out of the room and attack Faye?

With her body still trembling, she rushed toward her pet, but someone managed to come to the animal’s side before her.

“No one dares touch my pet!” Cooper growled.

In an instant, Cooper’s men surrounded Barney to protect the animal and fend off those men in black. Meanwhile, Michael’s men had come over with a cage. After placing Barney into the container, they brought the animal to the ship for treatment.

Cooper’s lion has killed humans in broad daylight. I believe he will be held responsible for that. As the groom, Vincent was terrified to see that his wife’s head was right by his feet. However, after his sorrow subsided, his heart was filled with glee. Faye is dead, so I don’t have to tolerate the fact that she’d cheated on me any longer. Moreover, the culprit is my opponent. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Pretending to be sorrowful, he fell on his knees and started bawling beside Faye’s head. “Cooper, you will be held responsible for the fact that your lion has killed my wife! I will not let your lion leave this island today! Come on! Kill that beast!”

As the leader of the Edwards Family, Jordan came forward to stop the chaos, while Sam dispersed the guests. The timid ones immediately returned to their own rooms, and the bolder ones stayed to watch.

Distressed, Sam said, “Let us find out what really happened first…”

While his men were protecting the lion, Cooper snarled at Jordan, “Before we get to the truth, no one shall touch my pet, or I’ll kill him right now!”

Sam was really terrified that Cooper would do anything irrational. At this moment, a few armed helicopters were hovering above the island, ready to drop bombs at any moment. Hence, he hurriedly said, “All of you, please calm down first. Something must have gone wrong in this matter. Let us find out the truth before accusing anyone.”

Summoning her courage, Sandra yelled, “Yes, let us figure out the truth first!”

“Before the investigation is completed, no one can leave this island!” Upon finishing his words, Jordan turned around and went to inspect the crime scene with his people.

Without uttering a word, Cooper turned to look at Sophia, who was sobbing in one corner. It seemed that she had been traumatized. Rushing over, Cooper asked in a lowered voice, “Darling, are you alright?”

With a stiff face, Sophia looked up at her father and cried, “Dad…”

Hearing the way she called out to him, Cooper was heartbroken, but at the same time, he was enraged. He raised his hand to help wipe off her tears, but there was nothing else he could do. Just then, Michael said, “I’ll keep watch here. Leave this to me.”

Cooper gave Michael a look. Although he wasn’t fond of him, he could trust him for taking good care of his daughter.

“I’ll come back soon.” After Cooper left the place to inspect the crime scene as well, some daring guests followed him.

Sandra took a look at the sobbing Sophia and sneered. After that, she also followed the crowd. Countless people have witnessed this act of brutality. I’m sure Cooper will be prosecuted for this!

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