My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 861

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 861

After Sophia came back, Michael immediately invited her to go to the movies.

‘The National Treasury Action’ was in theaters for two months. With its superb production and spectacular acting, plus Michael’s beer belly, it achieved a global box office of 7 billion, breaking the record set by Michael himself.

After watching the movie, Sophia immediately started her own business. Previously, Pourl’s reputation was affected because of Barney eating Faye. So, the business had stayed low for these two months. Now that the chaos had gradually settled down, Pourl prepared itself for another round of new product releases.

Sophia took her pair of alpacas and the prairie cat to the store. In addition to customizing outfits, she also had to shoot a series of new promotional videos.

The pair of alpacas were selected by Sophia at the largest alpaca breeding center in America and made for the best pets. They had been cultivated for several generations to have a gentle personality, an elegant posture, a beautiful appearance, and no slobbering. Thus, they were very photogenic and camera-friendly as well. They were truly an aristocratic pair of alpacas, so the videos would surely be great.

The quality of the models would also have a huge impact on sales. Judge used to be the top dog model, but now it was disfigured. It was estimated that it would have to retire for a period of time. Hopefully, this pair of alpacas could support the sales of new products this fall.

It was September now, and the kindergartens had begun to enroll new students. A few days in advance, Michael printed out a batch of test papers and came to Sophia to practice the interviews.

“These are all internal information that I have found out from my acquaintances. It’s regarding the possible topics of this kindergarten’s interview with the parents. Let’s take a look at it so that we have some idea of what to expect.”

Sophia frowned as she looked at the stack of test papers. Raising a child is really not easy! This is almost as hard as the college entrance examinations. Flipping to the first page, she glanced at the questions.

‘Parents, please introduce yourselves.’

‘Parents, please briefly analyze the differences and similarities between family education versus school education. Also, briefly outline your views on family education, as well as the factors that affect the cultivation of children’s characters through family education.’

‘Parents, please tell us about your thoughts of an equal and friendly family relationship with your children and suggest ways to properly guide and help your children through life.’

After reading the topics, Sophia’s face turned pale.

Sure enough, it was an international metropolis. Even the topics for the kindergarten admission were so difficult. Africa was better, for children were just directly admitted after the parents paid the fees.

This stack of topics really gave Sophia and Michael a headache, but the kindergarten was one of the best in Bayside City. If Carmen could get in, they would feel better as parents.

When Cooper came back, he saw Sophia and Michael doing papers in the living room. He peered at the topics curiously and then fell into deep thought.

When Linus returned and saw the test papers, he frowned and then picked up the pen to write his answers as well.

The family spent a few days before finally completing several sets of test questions. Then, they began to memorize the answers.

Each question was harder and trickier than the last, and the topics were all quite strange. There were even questions on the size of the baby’s diapers and the brand of formula milk used. Besides, the parents were even required to list the advantages and disadvantages of the major brands of diapers and formula milk!

Moreover, the kindergarten also needed to know how many sets of matching pajamas there were in the family and how many hours the parents spent with their child per week.

Forming an opinion on the topic, Michael explained, “The current educational philosophy believes that children’s growth should be accompanied by their parents throughout the process and not like how we were raised before. By asking what diapers and formula milk the baby had used before, it was in fact a disguised way of asking how much the parents care about their children.”

He continued, “Children go to school, but parents take the opportunity to go and have fun on their own. The family environment has a great influence on the cultivation of children’s acquired character. I mean, look at Nate… Well, that was all my fault, so I must bring Carmen up well.”

At the mention of Nathan Fletcher, Sophia also sighed. The boy was too cold and did not behave like a little boy at all. A child should act according to their age. Come on, look at Carmen. She’s laughing and running around every day.

After sighing, Sophia hurriedly asked about the diapers and formula milk used by Carmen as well as what Carmen liked to eat, which cat and dog she liked most, and what were the similarities between her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend. All of it was written on a booklet and memorized thoroughly.

In order to improve the harmony of the family and to reflect the importance of Carmen within the whole family, Cooper also went to the kindergarten interview. The family of four was dressed in the same matching outfits. The interviews were separated into two. There was a place for the child interview and another place for the parent interview.

Everyone sat in the waiting area, queuing up for the interview.

Sophia was very nervous, mulling over the questions and answers she had memorized these days.

“Michael, look at me. Do you think I look okay?”

In order to show that the family was peaceful, she had deliberately put on her previous wedding ring, wore a matching family outfit, and slathered some baby lotion on herself, trying to pretend to have a happy marriage and a harmonious family.

Michael looked at her and said, “Yeah, you look great. Relax, we’ll be able to pass this.”

“Number 18! Carmen Fletcher’s parents, please enter the interview room for the interview,” the staff called out for Sophia and Michael, who hurriedly went to the interview room.

The interviewer looked at the people before him and was taken aback slightly. Then, he began to write on the booklet in front of him. The interview had begun.

“Parents, please introduce yourselves.”

Michael could completely finish the introduction with his face alone, but still, he introduced himself. He was the two-time Oscar actor whose movies sold so many tickets that the tickets could wind around Earth several times. He was fluent in three languages, born into a prestigious family, graduated from Bayside City University, and had a perfect resume.

Sophia, too, worked hard to be calm as she bragged about how she was an international socialite who was proficient in five languages ​​and was a young but successful entrepreneur.

After the introduction, the interviewer’s eyes bore into theirs as he asked, “So… Mr. Fletcher and Ms. Edwards, your highest education are only bachelor’s degrees from Bayside City University?”

Michael and Sophia were at a loss for words. Michael went to university after retiring from the military and then started his business right after graduating. However, Sophia fared even worse. She was kidnapped after she received her university degree and had forgotten to engage in further studies these years.

Nervously, Sophia replied, “Y-Yes.”

Under the table, Michael took Sophia’s hand and squeezed it, giving her strength in an instant. She tried to take a deep breath and calm herself down.

The interviewer lifted his glasses and asked sharply, “The fathers and mothers who are here for the interview today all hold postgraduate degrees. I wonder where the two of you think your advantages lie compared to the other parents?”

Sophia became even more anxious. Trembling, she tried hard to stay composed.

This was a question that was not on the test papers. Sophia took a deep breath and started to answer, “Society is the best school. Although I left school, I did not stop there. My achievements are no worse than other highly educated parents. I can bring more resources to my child and let her enjoy a better education.” If we’re not good enough, let’s bring out Carmen’s grandpa!

She added, “My father and uncle, that is, Carmen’s grandfather and granduncle, have 7 doctorate degrees between the two of them, which is surely enough. As far as our whole family is concerned, there is no pressure in terms of academic qualifications.” Carmen’s grandpa is still useful at critical moments.

There were only a few people in their family. With seven doctorate degrees, it was equivalent to each of them having a doctorate. Surely that was enough.

After passing the academic qualifications, the interviewer continued to ask some other questions, all of which were memorized before and were answered perfectly by Sophia and Michael. In the end, the interviewer asked the last question.

“Now, parents, please kiss each other affectionately to end today’s interview!”

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