My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 881

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 881

No matter what was being said, Sophia was Michael’s legal spouse in the household registry. Initially, she pitied Irene and decided to let her off the hook, but the latter was getting overboard.

Look at how she whacked the supporting actress!

The Fletchers might have owed her recognition, but both me and the actress owe her nothing!

Upon seeing the young lady who emerged, Irene’s pupils contracted as she spat out the name that she hated the most through gritted teeth. “Scarlett Mitchell! It’s you again!”

Sophia walked toward the group of actors and helped the actress to her feet. Even though she was nasty with her words, she was a generally kind person.

Sophia did not spare a glance at Irene and instead looked at the group leader while saying, “I’m helping this lady here. If anyone dares to kick her off the Actors Union, they are deliberately going against my wishes.”

The group leader nodded weakly. After all, between Taylor’s wife and mistress, it was obvious that the former had more say…

Irene looked at the woman approaching her—the latter was blessed with fair, supple skin together with clear, beautiful eyes and a face that looked incredibly beautiful without any makeup. On the other hand, Irene could not hide her ugly, vicious expression due to her intense fury. So… Scarlett is actually Sophia. I ironically thought that she went under the knife to look like Sophia. Sophia is indeed alive! No! Sophia is already dead! This person is merely a product of plastic surgery and shamelessly pretends to be Sophia! Even if she’s really Sophia, I will never acknowledge that fact!

Sophia wore the mask again, revealing only her pair of blue eyes. With the baseball cap pressed on her fair forehead, she spoke, “She’s merely making remarks behind your back. Do you have to go this far? Look at you—I can see your wrinkles due to your anger. They look ugly!”

The thick makeup on Irene’s face had faded by that point and clearly revealed her wrinkles due to her angry expression and agitated emotions.

“Huh! Do I have to go this far?” Irene laughed sadistically. “Scarlett, do you have to ask me that question? It’s all because of you! It’s because of you b*tch that I’m in this situation! I curse you to have a terrible death!”

She was hysterical like a madwoman.

“Scarlett, even if you have plastic surgery to resemble her, so what? You will never be able to have Taylor. The only person whom he loves is me. We are together now, but you are nothing!”

Sophia did not want to speak another word to Irene and would not have stood up like that if she had not gone overboard by bullying the supporting actress.

Not in the mood to continue the conversation with Irene, Sophia merely repeated to the group leader, “Remember what I said earlier. I’ll check in two days later. Make sure that nothing happens to this lady.”

With that, she prepared to leave. Seems like this scene can’t be filmed today. I’ll bring Carmen home tomorrow since we don’t need this amount of money.

However, Sophia’s lackadaisical attitude had enraged Irene even more. Irene gave Sophia a chase without giving a thought on how her current look. “Scarlett, stand right there!”

Sophia turned to look at Irene without uttering another word.

Irene said loftily, “Since you’re here, I’ll be honest with you—I’m already in a relationship with Taylor. You won’t be able to intercept our relationship in your entire lifetime! You have no idea how gentle he is with me. Last night, he hugged me in bed as he repeatedly said that he will care for me and love me forever! You are nothing to him!”

Sophia snorted. Irene has really gone insane. Because of a man, she looks like she was infected with rabies. Is it even worth it? Hence, she replied, “Yes, yes, yes, you are the most beautiful and Taylor is your man. I have no plans to compete with you. Are you satisfied now? I’m heading home for dinner now.”

She removed Irene’s hands on her shoulder and turned to leave.

Sophia’s indifference had once again annoyed Irene, making her feel like her attacks had landed on cotton. As Sophia left, Irene viciously glared at the senior actress.

“Chase this woman and her family out from the film studio and never allow them to work here again!”

Just as the actress thought she was out of the hot soup, she fell to the ground in despair once again.

Irene looked pleased with herself as Sophia stopped walking as expected.

She merely wanted to make Sophia angry so they could fight until the end. The Fletcher Family owes me this. I’m sure Michael will side with me after this!

Sophia decided not to join the fight. With her hands in her pockets, she turned upon hearing Irene’s words and calmly addressed the crowd. “I have made myself clear—I will ensure that nothing will happen to this actress. I’m Taylor Murray’s legal wife whereas this woman is merely his mistress. Who do you think has more power? I’ll leave it to everyone to decide.”

Sophia left with her hands still in her pocket.

As Irene was still not satisfied, she chased after Sophia, but was stopped by the latter’s two bulky bodyguards.

She hated Sophia to the maximum while watching her leave. Why can she be so carefree after taking my happiness away? How shameless!

“You’re a btch! Btch, I’ll never let you have Taylor! You won’t get anything! You are forever a b*tch—nobody!”

Everyone thought, Damn, she’s really gone crazy. She’s just a mistress yet she dares to talk to the wife in an arrogant manner.

Sophia was not in the mood to continue the fight with Irene. After all, it was boring to fight with an insane woman.

Since Sophia mentioned that she would not let anything happen to the actress, she lived up to her word and even asked someone to inform the Actors Union.

The main reason why Irene was able to call the shots was because she was Taylor’s ‘mistress’ and everyone was merely respecting Taylor. Now that his wife had showed up, the crowd respected her even more since she was his legal wife. Even if Sophia was not his spouse, her background itself was rather impressive.

Soon, Michael caught wind of what happened in the film studio.

Irene, again!

Irene had recently been showing off her position as Michael’s mistress. He remembered the good deeds that her ancestors had done, so he informed his colleagues to cut her some slack so that the situation would not end badly. What happened in the end was her taking advantage of the leeway to even start a fight with Sophia.

Michael had a feeling that he needed to nip the problem in the bud before it would give him hell in the future.

However, his biggest trouble now was not Irene.

Rather, it was his father-in-law, who was difficult to appease.

He was a stubborn person who was a recluse to everything, be it good or bad, making it impossible to marry his daughter.

Apart from that, Sophia had no interest in marriage as well, but still slept with Michael after he personally approached her. However, as for marriage, she would only consider it after some time. After all, there was still a lot of time in the future. Good times were still waiting ahead of her.

Michael felt that all his recent efforts were completely useless—he had used all of his tactics until he was completely drained, yet he still could not convince Sophia to return to his side.

For the first time in his life, he doubted his attractiveness and looks.

However, he could also understand the entire situation—Sophia was no longer the same person as before. In the past, he was her everything, but now, she was a princess who received all of the love she could get. It also did not help that she did not have a shortage of brilliant men like Michael around her.

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